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Full text of "The illustrated Gaelic dictionary, specially designed for beginners and for use in schools, including every Gaelic word in all the other Gaelic dictionaries and printed books, as well as an immense number never in print before"

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Vol. 3 

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, a. Immodest, immoral, unchaste. 2 
Jmm Ml -rate, intemperat >. 3 Un^uardid. Gu 
m , immtdtJOg. 

nii-stuam,tchd s.f.inrf. Immo le-ity. 2 Intem- 
peranc . itnmoderatenes-:. 3 Unguardedness. 

miteag, -ei^. -an, sec miotag. 

mi'fagach, o. see rai itagaeh. 

ini.h. -e, -ean, x.m. Obscure or humble person, 
oue of the comm m peoile. pi The common 
people Gac.i m. ag'is m >ith, rach pfasant and 

nil-Uiabhachd. s.f.ind. Inefficiency. 2 Silliness, 
weakness. 3** Meanness. 4** (Jncoineliness 
5(i>M(J) Unbaring. 

Bd-thibh&ehdaeh, -aiche, a. Inefficient, un- 
substantial. 2 Weak, silly, fesble. 3 Un- 
c 'in j ly. 4**Meau. 5 (.D.MO> Unventuresoma. 

m - liabhach 1 is -as, see mi-thabh icnd. 

niKl'iiic-'al achd, e f.i/ul. Feebleness, infirmity. 
'2 I'nsubitantialness. 

nii-thaiceil,** . Feeble, infirm, not stout, un- 
able to give suoport, 2 Unsubstantial. 

Bi.-tnaing, -e, s.f. Thanklessness, ingratitude, 

mi-'.tnin^ea'ach 1, Same meaning's as mi-thaing 

u -thaingeil, -e, a. Unthankful, ungrateful, 
n it easily satisfied or pleased. Gu m., un- 

mi-thairbhe, t.f.inl. Disprofit. 2 Damage. 3 
I'lefficacy. 4 Disadvantage. 

ini-thaiiidn, v.n. Dissatisfy, displease, offend. 
2 Dis igree with. Mh. e ris an Tighearn. it 
il i KiylfAied thf Lord. 

mi thaitneach, -eiehe, a. Disaa;reeable unpleas- 
ant, offensive, unsatisfactory. Ga m., uiisat- 

lui-tnaitnea'lh, -eilh. s.->n. Dis;>lea-:m, act or 
<li-:T)lpasia^ or dimt>iafyiag. 2 State of bscoru- 
iiiff disploasiaij or disagreeable. 3 Oisagroe- 
ing with. 4 Disagreeableness. A'm , 
of ini-thaitinn. 

ini- baitne;i.s, -eis, .. Offence. 

ni-tbaitoieh, v.n. Same meanings as ml-taait- 

mi-ihapaehd, s.f.lnd. Inactivity, slowness.slug- 
uisnness, slowness, unalercnjss. 2 Inexpert- 
uess. 3* Cowardice. 

mi-Miapa>lh, -aidh, -aidhean, s.m. Misfortune, 
mi-ihap. 2 Same meaning-: as mi-thapachd. 

Bii-lhapaidh, -e. a. 1'iaetive. slugg sh. dulU 2 
Nut, stout, infirm. XI>MC) Unforward. Duine 
in., a nrnm. t >lsrArran ; is rai-ttiapaidh (proa. 
juiapaHh i. 'til pityArrai. 

nn-tharohach, -aicue, a. Unsubstantial, un- 
profitable, unfruitful, unproductive, fruitless. 
I'lia ia I uil-j in., thry are a'.t nnprofitable. 

uii-tharMhachd *. /. ind. Unprofitableness, un- 
productiveness, unfrmtf ulness. 

m. tli- an, of mith. 

mithear, -eire, a,. Weak, infirm, crazy. Gu m., 

mi-tlieist, -e, -ean, ./. Calumny, reproach. 

ini-llieisteas,* *eis, t. f. Ill-repute, inisallega- 

mi--neisteil, -e, e. Reproachful, disgraceful, 

uii-theistneas, see mi-theisteas. 

mi-the6ma,** a. Artless, unacquainted. 

iui-theouiaclid, *./. Artlessuess. 2 Sluggish- 

iiiiLhich, a. Tim^ous, opportune. 

Riiihich, t.f.ind. Tune. pr.)per or fit tim *. or sea- 
s'n. Is m.dhuinn fa'bli, it is tunf wf thonld\ 
le .ff : is m. dluiibh iiriijh, it is time ,(/o nho'tld \ 
ii'x-; cha'u naif roiinh a' mh. e, it is W an \ 
tour b'fnre tfi<* prnptr tim- ; air mi. a' dol 
dkachaidh, on the eve of <j 'in; horn- ; is mien- 

idh a bhi liogclli nan gad, (see under gad) ; 

ni'* i leanabh roi-nh 'u mhitaieo, she iva* de- 

liviel before th* tiin*. 
mi-thlac>id, -a-i, s.f. see imothlach I. 
mi*tnlachdar, see mi-thlach Imhor. 
mi-th'ash lmh>r, oire, a,. Ill-favoured, unhand 

som;. 2 Di**;rdeable, unpleasant,, ili<-4,nt- 

ing, contemptible. 3 Unsati factor . 4 1m KT- 

souab'e. 6**(JiiolerL'., angry. 6* Vex.u.j, 

lUichleau, -i-in, s.m Siort, d!vers : on,amu i ?em:nt. 

2 'I'ri.jk, cra c ty deed. 3tt'ia'l mmners. 
ach, -aiche, a. Sportive, playful. 2 Cun- 
ning, crafty. 3 Mischievous. 4 Having bad 

ini-thlus, -uis, a.m. Hard-hearbedness, want of 

tenderness or compassion, want of affectiou or 


mi-thl\iviil, -aila, a. see m'.-thlusar. 
mi-thlusar, -aire, a. Hard-nearted,cniel, unfeel- 
ing, devoi 1 of tenderaess, com xission, fioliug, 

or affection. 2 Cold, as clotues next the ski u, 

mi-thlusarachd, s.f.ind. Harshness, cruelty, 

unkiadness. 2 Coldness of m inner. 3 Uu- 

c-'mfortableness, as of clothes, 
mi-thogarrach, -aieae, a. Averse, unwilling, 

uuinolined, backward. Gu m., unwillinjtii. 
m.-thogridh, -aidh, -aan, t.m. Aversion, unwil- 

ingness. 2 Evil propensity. 3 Lust, 
mi-thoil, -e, *./. Want uf will, 

luctance, backwardness. 2 Ill-will, 
uai-thoileach, -aiehe, a. Averse, uawilling. 2 

{^Discontented, dissati^fiad, displeased. Gu 

m., un>cil'ingly. 

idn. -ai>lh, t.m. Displeasing, aot of 

displeasing or dissatisfying. 2 Dissatisfaction. 

A' m -, of tui-tuo'lioh. 
mi t,hoileach-is,tJ -ais, >-.nt. Discontentednass. 

i-thoilicli, v.a. J)isplease, d.s-atisf/. 

te, a. <k pant pt. of mi-tnoilioh. 

m'-Lh )illteannaci).tt a. Undeserving. 
mi-thoiilteannas.JJ -ai-^, s.m Uadeiervedness. 
mi-thrathaich, v.a. Mistime. 

Lhreorach, . Weak. 
mi-throcair, -e, g. f. Cruelty. 2 Inclemency. 

[McL & D gives t.m.] 

' each, -eiche, a. Cruel, morciless. Gu 

m. , cru'lty. 

nii-tborachas,tJ -".is, s.m. Infertility, 
mi-thruacanta, -ainte, a. Hard-hearted, unfeel- 

chd *./. see mi-thruacantas. 

3, -ais, s.m. Inclemency, uucora- 


mi-thuaraii,(DC) a. Ill-lookin; f//. 

mi-thui.;, a' mi-chuiysinu, v.n. Alisuud^r- 
stand, misconceive. 

56, s.f.ind. Misunderstanding, stupidity, 

want of comprehension, senselessness. 
seach, -eiche, a. Senseless, stap.d, unin- 
telligent. 2* Absurd. 

sinn, -e, s.f. Misunderstanding, act of 

misunderstanding, misconception. A m , of mi-thuia;. 

miciuir,** see miodiioir. 

mi-uaibhreach, -eiche, a. Condescending, hum- 
ble, not proud. Gu m., condes:e.iin)ly. 

mi-iiuigneac:i,** a. Not solicai-y, not secret. Gu 
in., publicly. 

mi-uaiil, -e,s.f. Humility, condescension, waafc 
of pride, ignohleness. 

mi-aallach, -aiche, a. Dull, spiritless. 2 Huni- 
I>l3, not proud. 

mi-a isal. -uaisle [<fc -u.isaile] a. Ignoble, m^au, 
ungnitiii. 2 (jjiidesceadiiig. 

rai-aai.ile, s.f. Meanness. 

2 U 



m a ;, s^o i!; 

r, -e, -ca.i, see nriodhoir. 

, -e. a. s.^d mi- id i >iv. 

-Mch, -eicho, a. se-j m' > l'i >ir. 

. achd, s.f. see miodn >i> ::nrud. 

miuiute. a Ladv-like. 

mi-amhail. -lile, a. l)i< >b; Uent--, r.-b -llious.con- 
tM'.na'-i'jus, uiisu auis-iive, ins'i'ior ii late. 

m ; -iun:itach'l, t. Ois >'"e 1 j;i-j3, robjllious- 
n ;>, disloyalty. insubordination. 

mi in. * ?/. sea mi inn. 

miii ran, -ain, -an, 8. HI. Carrot, parsnip. M. 
goala, a parsnip. 

ach, -aiche, a. Abounding in, or like, car- 
rots or parsnip*. 

rai-urra.n, -aim, 8. m. Dishonour, disrespect, 

eh, -aiche, a. Dislunjuri ig, disres- 
pect," il. 2 Dishonourable. 

ic'iiadh, -ai.lh, s.m. Dishonouring, act 

of diMionouring or disob-jying. A' ua , pr. 
pt. of mi urrAinaich. 

nv-urr imiich, v. a. Dishonour, disrespect, dis- 
oboy. 2 Oisgraca, dJgrad-3., e, soe miodhoir. 

exchd, *./. .see raiodhoircaehd. 

rniiicnara,** see inio Ihoir. 

nvia. (for m iathi) gen.nng. of b3an. 

uinai, n. p>. of b^aa (see mnathan ) 

m,ia"h, (for mnathaibh) of baan. 

rauai'ualachd, sea mnathalachd. 

unaoi, dat. sinj. of bean. Thug e dha a n ; gh- 
ean 'ua mnaoi, he gavt Mm hit daughter to 
wtf' ; inar mhnaoi, as a wife. 

BUftaobih, <fat. sing, of bean. 

mnaoidheil, -e, a. see mnathail. 

m 'alba, gen.sing. of bean. 

mn Ul> ijbh, of baari. 

mnathail, -e, a. Womanish, like a woman, ef- 
f'jmioate. 2 Modst. Gu m, mutes'ly. 

muathaile ich.l, .see mnathalactid. 

lunathalaehd, g.f.ind. Womanliness, modesty. 

mnathan, of bean. \Vora'3n. 2 Wwes. 

mo, puss.pron. My, mine. Mo cheum, my foot- 
ttep ; mo nigheau, my daughter. [Aspirates 
its noun.] 

mo, comp. of mor. Larger, largest. 2 Greater, 
greatest. Is esan a's m., h? isth? greatest,; 
caa inh. orm ihu 's an cii, / do not va'ue yon 
more than a Jog ; de is mo orras' thu ? what 
do I care for you : rha mho a ni mi e, wither 
will L do it ; is m6 e na sin, it in greater than. 
tJia' , c!ia m'no learn d6 a their thu is baap;an, 
1 carf mittrabltj lutle for what you sat/ ; o 'n 
aou a's iugha gus an aon a's mo, from lh- 
Uait to the greatest ; is mo e na gach aon, hf is 
greater than all ; cha mho orm, I don't lik? ; I 
car* not ; gu ma mo a ni sibh, may yo-u do 
rn r >re ; cha iuh6 na thu fein a cjheibheadh e, 
nun* but afi-imd like yourself would </-t it ; na 
's mo agiiH na *s mo, or ni bu mho 'n ni bu mho, 
greater an I greater ; na 's mo na mbe, tatltr 
t't 1 1 I ; (-t) any more than me. In Arran, is 
uio thi 's iiac i 'eil, is a common formula of 
rj;>ly to questions answered with yes or no. 
:ui i Ii n tiie forca of a nv> lifiid or quahfcled 
assent, e.g. in reply to Are youtirel ? ic mrvns 
a " little," tlio on rase d ino seadh, 'a 110 uach 

:,.i.ii-ly us-.jd. 
- m. soe fmodlu 

in . .. t f. Mob. 2 Tumult. 3 Mop, tuft. 

.,* a. liushy, shas?> f - - Mojpy. 3 

m. t.f. vrov. : 

tfirl n:vir. 

a. prog, for tmbagach. 

.i'i, a' mobainn vfc a" mobaiuoeadM 
v.'i. .'1-vkr.jat, abus3, tu*. handlfl rou^'ily. 

... s m. A s->e mobainaaada. Kuuair 
e ;i uih., h<> jot himself rou-ihli/ It'tnll'd. 

mobainnoadh, -eilh, Maltr-jatiug, act of 
abasing. 2 Togftng, rough haadiiu,;. A' m > of mobaion. 

m >a, v.a >!.>/!, yield, give wav. 

mo .-h, mr)i:h [& muiche,] a. Early. Odhu^galh 
na m ii !ne moich, Jrom the awakening of early 

mocti, aiv Early, b'itimas, soon. Eirich m., rise- 
early , moch an dtf, earlu y-sttrday ; is m. a 
dh' 6irich tnu ! how -arly you rote ! m. is an- 
moch, ear'.y and lat? ; in. am inaireaoa, early 
to-morrow ; j;u n\>ci, ear'y. 

mocn, .<r.m. l)iwu,m>ni. O iU'ioch g,i dubh, from 
'lawn till 'Inik ; aun.s a' mlv, ta early dawn. 

ua ) 'h-abac'id,** s.f. t&irly ripoaass.pre'n it/urity. 
,** a. Soon ripd, prezuaLuro, preo-)- 

rnj.-hairoach.CMS) E irly. 

-;t,(M3) s.f. Karii 1.3*3. 

fmichd. s.f. Promotion, advaiL-emaot. 

raoch-eirigh, .<?./. Early rising. Is tu a rinn &." 
nri. ! how early you area-fust ! rinn ivl m., 
th'y ros? early ; dean m., i\s; early. Ipron. 

imch-6iruh, a. Rising early. M. agus ion-Sir- 
igh, ns'ng early ant si' f >:<g 'ale ; bi subiiacli, 
sugiMch, na. , be chfjrfnl, t mpn'ate and jan 
eirly rifr al.i. % 3 to those wlio do not wish to 
shorten days. 

mo chralh ! int. My torimut f 

mo cliraach ! int. Alas ! (my plundering.) 

mo c'ireachadh ! see mo chreach ! 

mocli-ghlaodh, Karly cry. (Jh ia^ na creag^ 
an a mh., the. rocks heard his early cry. 
.j'lthiMtli, s. /. The mor.iiiK. diwd. 2 
(DU) " Morning " i. e. morning dram. '3 a 
m 1 !., in the dawn, early in the >). -iii-tj. 

otocht'nrath, adv. Very early. Biia e ooo m., 
he was here very ?arly. 
ach, -aich-B, a. Early. 

moi, -oid, -an, s.m. Court, court of justice. 2 
Assembly, meeting. 3 Petty court. 4 Baroo 
bail lie court. 5 Court at which pro-sides tha 
a.^eat of landed proprietors, to adjust differ- 
ences among tenant*, and to take coernizanca 
of a.11 abases of any poi-Lion of his employees' 
property. 6 Annual competition hal I ia 
Gaelic literature and music, Ac., un ler tha 
auspices of An Covnann Gaidhealac'n. 7 
Dnconteut. A' dol do 'n mh., goinj to tht 

modaeh, -aiche, o. Holding courts or meeting* 
2** Of, or belonging to, a court. 3 Fond of 
meetings, forensic. 

fmodh. Man. 2 Male of any creatara, 3 
Servant. 4 Work. 

m >dh, a, -an .fe -annan, . A Mtnner, raids, 
fashion, method. 2 Manners, go > I breeding. 
3 Rd.specr,, honour. 4 Mood in gram. 5 Ad- 
dress. 6 pi. Morals, good morals. Duine guu 
mil., an itl-brtd man ; air a' taholh s ;o. tn 
this manner ; air mh. ataidh in a particular 

nud i, a' modhadh, v.a. Train, tamo, as 
a horso. 

m> In idh, -aidh, a.m. Taming, act of taming or 
trainiiiij. A' ra , pr. pt. of rnodh. 

modhall,** a. Mannerly, well-'ired, courtdou-i. 
ii M,.ral, well-princioled. 3 Dal'icat^, mild, 
t Fathionablo, modish. 

m " ic'ad. s.f. ml. Maa-iorliaass, gu > I brjdd- 
m r. > irteo<noe-H, 2 Mort'.ity. 

3 M.I linss. 4**A.l- 




\l OW 

niodhalan-buHhe.J -ain, Yellow ratlle o 
ci-ck's-comb. p iiny^niss rhmanthrcs crista 
galli. [** i-ivss Red-rattle.] 

*. m Lonaeworfe, refl-rattle 

see his-ri ibnach. 

m -dh m, -ain, *. m. The sound of a ba.r>ipe o 
other musical instrument. +2 Childbirth 
m^'lhanach, -niche, a. see modhail. 2 Cere 

nonial, customary. 
IB tdhanaiche, comp. of modhanaeh. 
modhanail, -e, a Kthical, moraU 2 Ceremo- 
nial, (see modhail > 

mndhannan, Ethu-g. means, modes cere- 
monies, principles. Lagh nam m., tht moral 
la tr. 

m'- lhar, -aire, a. Soft, mild, tender. 2 Quiet 
calm, still. 3 Silly. 4 Gentle. 5 Limber 
nvnnerly. 6 Precise. 7 Moving calmly 8 
Mettlesome. An eleann m. nan sruthan liib- 
ach. ? n t*<*till vat" nf tht wnndtrmy stream- 
lets ; oJdlu-he mh., a cairn night 
ir.6dharachd,**s/. Mildness, composedness se- 

tlateness, calmness. 

m^lh-dharah, -.lhnmh,(AF) s.m. Plouh-ox 
tmodh-lann, -lamn, * m. Tabernacle, tenfc 
tmd<i-har<rdii, -aidh, s m. slave oiarket, s.m. Moralizer. 
mo dhoruinn : ?nf. My anguish i 
m odh-saine,** R m. Slavery 
m ^dh-sannta^hd. e f. slavery, 
m-dh-s-^arrach, (AF) Filly or colt of a cart- 

modh-sg^il.J* -e, . Apologue, 
wio.ih-si.-laich, s. m. Remnant of seed left to 

proilncenv;re. '> Mannar of breeding 
mi dbuillchina ' int. Aias ! v my sorrow.) 
niir, -01 si, -an, s/. see mag. 
m:" i gra (> h, -'lich'?, it. seemajach. 
movacii tt -a en, *. m. Raw youth. 2**Shaeey 

f-llow. S**Sha>r,'y creature. 
m )jach, -nic'ie, a. Shaggy, hiiry, rough. M. 
ladhi-ach, tkagtjff and long-toed^ 

' , f. \ndL Shagginess, hairiness, 

pat8-i r /V. 8** Ih'fect in a thread. A' dot 
'nam m \ian, putt'nvj on their foiit-j-ar Ar~ 
ran ; in. bno:;ais, lhe ley of troitmrx ; duiha'cli 
nam m. the namf given to Dnirinuh, Dunvj' 
an by the inhabitants of Trotterni sh . 
fmugan, -ain, Young hero. 
mogunaeh, -aiclie, a. Of, or belonging to. old 
stockings, or 2 boot-hose, or 3 whisky made 
from oats. Am Feavann m., for mcg.iise >ch). 
thf name given to Dniiini h, Dunvtyan, by the 
inha'jilants nf TfOlttrilltk. 
mo^arva.JJ a. Robust, brawny. 
f-no^lt, See ni'.nlh. 
inogiiar, -airo, a. see modhar. 
Htogii-saitn', see modh-saine. 
mo^l-.-sannt iclnl, see tuodh-sanntachd. 
moghul, see mogul. 
mo.;hna, (AF) ..;/<. Salmon. 
mughan, -uin, seo m idnan. 
m.ijjlach, see uio<;ulach. 

moglachadh, -aidn, Husking, act of husk- 
ing, or taking off husks. 13 (AH) The act, on 
the part of fi<h. of going into the nifties of a 
drift*iiet. A' in , pr. pt. of moxlaieh. 
mo^laich, pr. pt. a' mo^laehadh, v. a. Husk, 
takeoff the husks, iinhusk. 2 Knit. 2^AU; 
Got involved in the m ;shes of a drift-net. 
---- te, past p'. of moglaicti. Uusked, strip- 
ped "f the husks. 
o^lakih, a. Soft. 

ofoau-gai-bh, (OR) a.m. Sea-urchin -Gairloch. 
mgul,- nil, -an, Husk, as of nuts. 2 Mesh, 
interstice of a net. 3 Shell, as of fruit. 5** 
Branch. 6**Skin of a boiled impelled pota- 
to. 7**Glebe. 8 Mt-sh, hed'He-eye in loam. 
9 Cluster, as of nuts. 10 (WC) Entanglement 
ma 1e by a confer eel in a herring-net. M. 
nan sul, th>? apple of the eye, tht ey-lid ; 
bha e 'sa mho^ul, he icas hesitatinj, undecided 

BKHpifeha, comp. of m.->gr\ch. 

nio:aiche, cotnp. of tud.-ach. 

OfAio, yn.sinj. A n.tji. of . 

m <ga'< ; AOj A'.dent form of a-icaor, formed of 

a cvlind-r made of heather n>pe.s, bound 

trug.y together, closed at one end and filled 

wuh stones. 2 .see ino^ari. 
m >', -ail, -an. s>c m >^al. 

ach, see mognlach. 

w^a.-i, -ain, -an, *./, Stocking: worn without 

. m>. part to c >ver th.> f.-et 2 Old stocking 3 

Bj-r-h-w, sock. 4 Loose sleve worn over 
.ar.-,th,.r 5 HIGHS--.. 6Lgof a mir of irou 

aers or drawers. 7 (Ac, 1 ) Spirits .ii-iilled Irom 

mogulach, -aiclie, a. Husky. abounding in husks. 

2 Retfcular, formed in m^she.s, as a nt. 3 
Like net-work, 4 Shelled, husked. 5 Plen- 

teous. 6 Brinchy. 
mogulan-trishal, (\VC) s.m. Sea-urchin Pool- 


mogul-Ha, g m. Mesh. 
mo^unn, -uinn, see mop;ul. 

aogur, -uire, a. Bulky, clumsy, corpulent. 

loioeal, -eii, -an, s.m. Broom, 'besom, mop. 

- ach, -aiche, a. Of, or abounding in, 

brooms or m >ns. 2 Like a broom, 
moibean, -f>in. -an, see moibeal. 

--- ach,** a. In tufts, moppy. 

- achadh, -ai.ih, s. m. Act of rubbing, 

scrubbing or washing with a mop. A' m -, of moibeanaica. 

moibrfanaich, v.a. Hub, mop, wash with a mop. 
---- te. iias f pt. of moibeanaich. JElubbod 

or WftMbed with a mop. 

.ibill,* pr. pt. a' moiMeadh, v.a. cf n. Gnaw, 

half-chevv. 2 Mumble, mutter. 
moibl^ach,** a. Gnawing, chewing. 2 Half- 

ohewlnff, nibblimr. 
moibleadh, -eidh, Gnawinfr, half-chewing, 

"making a nup of." 2** Nibbling. 3 Mum- 

blia.', muttering. 
)n.-)ib'eas, s.m. see moibleadh. 
moiblich,tt a' moibleadh, v.a. tfc n.Gnaw, 

half-chew. 2 Mumble. 
muiche, comp. of moch. 
moi.'he, .v./. Earliu -ss. as of the day, dawn. 
u ichead, -id, g.m. Degree of earlinesa. A' dol 

am 111., tirotvhij e.i.7iVr. 
uoid, a*lv. More, themir'. 
,Qoi 1, coin 1 ) of inJ:-. 

jaoid, -e, n.f. Greatness, degree of greatness. 
2 U :i 



2 Height, >-\'.(*. hulk, dimensions. 
r'.a rah. ga'u li-j e. p-'r,ha>ig he will not com*; 
uim-. 1 ".-!/! !>u mh. a dh' iarr na h-Iudhaich a 
mlrtrl'hadh, in cnn*'qii<-nc of Hat, the Js.wt 
i efii-'ilxtillmore tok : Uhim; m. meanmnai'lh, 

of conraif ; bit inh. a ghlaodh e, 
the morif he cried ; cha mh. e sin, it it nothing 
th rii-eater for that. 

m.V'd. gen. sing, of mod. 

m6i 1, -e, -^an, *. see boid. 2 v. see b<5id. 

- each,** *. & a. see boideach. 

-- v.-ha.lh, -ai Hi, s.m. <b see boideach- 


mui.kadh, see boideadh. 
inoidheach, see maigheach. 
nu> dieli, see boidicu. 

-- te, see boidichte. * K ' 

inuidirfadh, a. Out of sorts. 2 Heedless from 


m "idreag, see moighreag. 
moidte, see boidte. 
moigean, -ein, -an, see mogan. 2|f Dumpy lit- 

tle fellow, [mbigean In IP. of firm.] 
moigeanach, -aiche, a. sje moganach. 2 Fat, 

squat, plump, chubbed. 3 Jolly. 
moigh, see muigh, 

- each, see maigheach. 
moigheanar,** a. Happy, festive. 

moighre, a. Stout, robust. 2 Handsome. 3 

moighre, -an, s.m. Stout or handsome man. 2 

t.f. Bouncing female. 
moighreag, sj. Plump girl, fat, plump, good- 

natured female child. 
moil, -e, t.f. Hair matted together. 2 Heap 

cast up. 3 Kind of black worm. 4 see maille. 

511 Swelling caused by hammering on the 

handle or head of a tool, [ft gives moile for 

No. 5.] 

moilcheann, (CR) Suth'd. for muinichill. 
moile, s.m. Impatience 3f. Argyll, (boile.) [M. 

is due to eclipsis.] 
moileadair,** s.m. Molester. 
moilean, -ain, -an, s.m. Plump, fat child. 2** 

Bulb. 3 Little lump or heap. 4(AC) Kind of 

cake made on the palm of the hand. 5**Dim- 

inutire, rotund person. 6* Plump man. 7 

Stout, yoiuifj male animal. 
moileanach, -aiche, a. Plump, fat and of low 

stature. 2 Bulby. 3 Having the hair matted 


moileauach,* s,m. Plump young man. 
nioille, }>rov. forraaille. 

- a< h,** a. Dilatory, tanly. 2 Pampering. 
moilt,** seemuilt. 

m<-iltea, -eig, -an, ./. Woman of low stature 
a:id stout ; term of ridicule. i,**Lusty little 
Birl. 3**Coiuely littlo jrirl. 

nn.'iltcan,** s.m. Hoggn-l. 

muim, -e t -eau, see inaoim. 

moine, gen. mona [A m6ine,] ". f. ind. Moss, 
mossy place, morass, bug. 2 Peafc, turf. 
Cruucii mona, a p.'at-ntack ; poll mona, a peat- 
inuiin ; fold mona, a peat ; ris a' mhdiiie, tnak- 

'II 8. 

moine, poll-mona, a poll-moineach or (jpoll- 
limn K-II.) Names supplied by D. Murray, 
Aberdeen, an dirttingaished by a B. 

barr-fhad, top tin- "fx'tlgi/ marsh when cwt- 

tiiigprat*. (barrfhad y.) 
br inn a' phuill, 8 front of peat-lank. (DM 
clid.-ir a' pbnill. 

' -> in psat-ban*. 
i.-. a /ioi lion </ ptat-banmitripped of the 

.ill, tf upper <-n I of ban':. 

dni'in a' j.huill.y ba<-k of peat-bank. 
earball a" phuiil, lower end oflttik. 
fid*' gliarafdn,t} tevnil tirr,(fiti* thre? 

deep.proK. for fod a' gharaidh. 
fa 1 a' chaorain, or an caoran.8 lowest tier 

in a p-at-bank. 
res, rias.Qr, or ru*%, 8 top turf mwi, 

the s-*'l,j\/ marsh or mots of which the pea * 

erv composed. 
rudhan (an), 8 A/ small h^ap in which ptatt 

are built to dry, after bein-j cut. for a 

month, consisting of' threfp"att and ont on, 

sgrir, (ATI) a peat-bank irith an adjoining 
piece of hea'h-fand on which the ens' p-a'f 
are spr ad to dr>/. 

Whea 12 pea's are plnced !n a circ'e to> 
dry, they aro called tsinn'eanan VI placed 
crosswise are boc^aichean ; peats placed dia- 
gonally (generally in long lines) are air a 
chois bhig ; set two and two diagonally in 
rows they are said to be dafhdid air aon. 
moineacb, see mbinteachail. 

see tnointcaoriil. 

moineag,** -cig, *.f. Dogberry. 

ag. -ak' f -an, s.f. Pea- or bfan-pod. 

moineas, (AF) -eis, s. Female seal. 2 see- 

moine-chai'oe, (DMK) s.m. Kind of peats cub 
witlv a common spade, without the surface of 
the ground having been previously pared 

moineil,(AC) a. Slow. 

moin is, y.m. False delicacy. 2ft Slowness, 
laziness, see mainneas. 3(AC) x.f. Female of 
the grey seal. 

moi'itisuach, -eiche, a. Low. 2 Diffident. " Di- 
latory, sedate, mild, dull, inactive, see imin- 
BeaSHch. 4 Fastidious. 5 (Ao 1 ) Delicate, Lack- 

moiueiseachd, s.f. Tardiness, dilaturiioss, dul- 
ness, inactivity, sedateness, mildnesB. 

m6ine-sluasaid (DMK) s.f. Kin-1 of paats hav- 
ing the same breadth and thickness. 'J hsy 
aro cut by tho operator standing iu the f ci 
of the bank, and pushing' the spade forward 
horizon tally Cai'hness. 

moin-fheur, -fh./oir, s. Waved 
hair-grass, mountain grass, 
coarse meadow-grass aira 
Jlsxuosa. 2 Meadow. 

moingeaMoh, see moineiseach. 

fuioiiigreult, s.f. Connt. 

m''ini<.,', -e, *-./. Vanity, boastinj; 
ooandeuoe. 2 lioa -ling of fa- 
vours foiiforred. 3 Fasi di.).i.s- 

moiid ;,** a. Vain, boasting. 2 
Trusting to. 

moinigea", see meilipeaj. 539. 

moinigil,* -e, a. Fastidious, assuming iudifrer- 
ence, making nice. 

moinse. -an, x.f. dreatpit. 2 Peatmoss. 

moinseach,** a. Abounding in large pit,^. 

uointeach, -eicii, *./. Mossy place, moss, peat- 
moss. ^ Moorland. M. Hath, <jrey i;u.^ ; a' 
siuohal moiaticli, traotlling the moors or tn<jS. 

nioinceach, -t.i hu, <i. see iu6inteachail. 

niouiteacliail, -o, a. Mossy.boggy.marsny, fenny. 

moiuleach iialh, *-./. Dog-iuosi sphagnum. 

itiUi-h, -e, a. Moorish. 
moiutidn, --, n. Mossy, b-jst.u:*-, m.xrshy, moorish., 

nib'iiti i.; ;i.nc8i, uiarshiucss. 

i . -oil, -an, soo in-i'i- al. 
diunt-iin, -i- u -aii, sou moiboan. 




ttoir, ctn.ging mane, of nior. 

moirb ** -ean.s.''. Emmet, ant. 

tn.oirlih, sie moirb 

tooirch'art. -eirt, s.m. Justice. 2**Mercy. 

tnoirc v ieas,**-eis. s.m. Falling sickness.epilepsy. 

Moire ! see Mhoire ! 

nioir^, yn.sinr. ffin. of m^r. 

tn lirea-h 1, see moraireachd. 

tnAiread, -eid, see rueud. 

looir^a-r. -eig, -an, *./. Borer, toredo. 2tJSmall 

shell t'Studfi exignfi. 
moireagad, s.f. aed moirigeachd. 
moireagan. dim. of moirea 
moireal, -eil. an, *. in. Boring iron, wimble, 

auger. 2 see moireag 'deign.) 
moirealach, -aiohe, a. Furnished with augers. 

2 Like an augur 3 Boring like an au jer. 
noir<?amas.** int. fMarry prov. corruption 

of Moire (tha Virgin Mary) or perhaps mis- 

pronuuication of moramas, in' oram.or air nv 

urram, on my ho^onr 
moirear, -ir. -an. see morair 
moirearachd, s f. see moraireachd- 
moireas, -eis, s m Haughtiness pride. 2** 

moireisach, -aicbe, a Haughty, proud. 2** 


moirea^adh.** -aidh, s.m. Epilepsy. 
moirfhear, -ir, -an, s.m. see morair. 
-- achd, see moraireaqhd. 
moirgr-an/CR) e.m. Fat little person West of 


moirnec,(AP) *.f. Small shell fish. 2 Shell. 
roofrnea-s, -eis x tn. Great cascade or waterfall 

2 Volcano. 3 Melte I met U. Mar mh. de 

theine theintich, as a s^eam rf lava. 
moirncxsach.** a. Streamy, streaming. 
moirt,** . f. Dres 1 ', lees. 
nv>irrpa?h .** T. Dirty, having; dregfsi. 
mn'rteal,** -eil, s.m." Cripple. 2**Rafter. 3** 

Mortar, nlister. 

moirtear.** -eir, -an. *.m. Mortar. 
nn:rteis,**.f. Mortice. [Tenon, as given by 

** is wrong.] 
fin >is. s. Custom, maaner. Mois-leabhar, a 

bonk on ethics. 

moiseacb, a. Snouty, sullon, surly. 
m >isean, -ein, -a-i, see muisean. 
moi-^eanach, -aiche see rn'ii^eanach. 
-- 1. seemuiseanach I. 
moislich (CR)f.n. stir (out of sleep) Strathfct.'/. 

m -islich in A*. A rc^ilt CAH) (mosglaich.) 
moit, -e. s.f. Snlkiness. snlleunoss, moroseness. 

2 Pride. 3 Short neck, as of a bird cresting 
up. 4 see moitealaehd. 5* Pretended indif- 
ference al>out a thins; one is very keen fir, 
nicetv about a thinsj onei^ fond of. Goic in., 
a co'-kini if-p '<fthe h?a<l with a short neck; bean 
gun mh., a "-jf> without sufkln-ss. 

moiiealai-h -aic r .e. a. see moiteil. 

laoitealachd. *.fi'nd. Fastidiousness, nicety, 
shyness, daintiness, pettishnes-!. prudery, as- 
suming a'rs r.f importanca. 2 (MS) Toss. 

moiteil, -e, a Snll^n, sulky morose. 2 Pettish. 

3 Proul, gallant. 4 Airy, assuming airs, 
dainty, fastidious. 5 Shv. 6 Prudish. 7 
AfiVctioned. 8* Preterid ; ng indifference. 9 
Boast iug. Maighdeau mh., a sulky maid, a 


nnl., a' rnola^lh, v.a. Praise, extol. 2 
Recommend, ndvise. 3*Exalt, magnify. Mol- 
a'lh m' amniDjv l>t mn soul praise God; 
nholainn dhuit ilol .lac'iaidh, I would retom- 
tn-nl yrt in no J,min; m'io!ainn dhuit na 
bninn a thoirt luat 'or a thoirt as.)/ word I 
reMnnvn I i/ou to t'ik> to i/nur li'elt. 

Biol, -oil & -a, -an, sf. .Shiii^ly bcaob. 2 V DU) 

Shinofle. 3(AP) Flock of birds. 

tmil, -oile, a. Laud, clamorous. 

tniil, -a, s.m. Numb jr. 2 Flock. 3 Assembly, 
gathering. 4 Ball. 5 Heap. 6 Bavn. 

raolach, *. m. (MS) Shaujh^ 2 Rmgh-mireJ 
do^;, poo lie. 

m>tach, -aich3, o. Hiiry, rough, 2 Storm/. 3 
iloarso. Cas mh. Bhraia, Bran's roiiyh. l->g , 
a' mhuir mh., tk? s'onny s*a ; mir fhalluiau 
mhoiaich, lik* a hairy iiarm-n". 

nulachan,** -ain. s.m. TufD of hair. 2 Hairy 
place. 3 Slough, bog. 4 Vessel. 

molaehas, -ais .w. Roughuess, hairiness. 2 

molad iir,** s.m. Applauder, approver. 

molad'i. -aidh, s. ?.. Praising, eulogising, ap- 
plauding. 2 Act of praising or commeudiug. 
R^comni?ndin^, advising. 3 Act of recom- 
mending or advising. 4 Praise, applause. 
A' m , prpt. of m.)l. M. na h-ainnir, tht 
virgin's prais? ; tha e air a dheagh mh., he is 
well praised ; cha mh. do mh., your eulogy is 
no p/Mw. 

molam,** Ist.stny.imp. of mol. 

inolan, -aia, -an, Small temporary stack of corn, 
see molaa. 

niDlanach, -aiche, see mulanach. 

mo laochan ! int. Well done ! (my hero) 

molar, fnf.pass. of mol. 

molcha,(AF) *. Horned owl, sae comUach**- 

m6Miir.(MS) s.m. see molltair. 

m tldair-ims, s.m. Butter-print. 

rno lei read h ! int. Alas ! 

m') leon ! int. Woe's ma ! alas ! 

m >ll, muill, s.m. Chaff, dust. 2**Refuse. 3** 
Station. 4** Frame. Mar mh. air 'fhuadach- 
adh le gaoith, a* cha/ driven by the wind; 
leaba mhuill, a eha/-bed. 

m )lla,(AF) s. Sheep. 

moliaon, -aiche, a. see raollmhor. 

luollachd, s.f.ind. Northern form of millachd 

mollaich, Northm form of mallaich. 

nullar, see mollmhor. 

ni)lldair, s.m. Plasm. 

mollmbor, -oire, a. Cliaffy, aboundiu^ in chaff 

mollsgaid.(VlS) s.f. Negligence. 

each, a. Negligent. 

m Mltair, -eau, s. m. Mould or frame, for cast- 
ing iron or other substance in a molten state 
2** Plasm. 3 Modil. 

molltair, -ean, s.m. Mill dues, multure, miller's 

mollte, past pt. Praised, lauded. 

nulluich, see mallaich.. 

uol-mhdgag, W. of Rons for muile-mhag 

n>l-mhuiliaa,** s. m. Beam which turns round 
in a mill, and sets the whole iu motion. 

nol-olla,** a.m. Ball of wool. 

molraeh,** -aich s.m. Giant. 

n >lt, yen. rnoilte & nuiilt. s.m. see mult 

molta. pctstpt. of mol. Praised, extolled. 

uioltach, -aiche, a. Praising, laudatory, given ta 
praisiug or commendina;. 2 Praiseworthy, 
commendable. 3 Ready to praise 

noltachail, -e, a. Laudatory. 

noltainneach -eichti, a. Recommendatory. 2 

mokair, -ean, see molltair. 
^(CR) s w. Grist, grain to be ground 
Skye. Mar inh. an opar lik? grain in a hop- 

iiol'-ih-ar.(MS) s.m. Applauder. 
noluach,** -aicn, s.m. Marsh, 
noiiiln, seo mo. 
uom'ialdj,* see moid. 

, see uioinuafach. 



a' elite 

nvim -:;irach.** a. ^tafely, noble, pompous. 

I,M> mha.slailh ! int. Alas ! ^Itt. ui> disgrace !) 

nio 'n, see mti "u. 

t*non, -oin, s.m. Truck. 

iiiona. fjen.kinj. of uioine. 

inuiiibh:ui, r.m see monmhar. 

iiioua-bhiiachnill, see muua-l>liuachaill. [ning. 

monach, -aiche, o. see moiiadail. 2*"Wily,cun- 

mu'-aclian, t.vl. Hills, mountains. 2 Moors, 
l better iiionaidhean.) 

m -inadail, a. Mountainous, moorish, hilly. 2 

monai'alachd.Jt s.f. Mountainousness. 

monadh, -ai Ih, -aidhean, a.m. Mountain, moor, 
range. 2 Heath, heathy expanse, desert. 3 
Tolerably level hill-ground. 4(AH) Any hill- 
pasture as distinguished from meadow and 
arable land. fo*"Money. Air feadh mhonaidh, 
Ihroixjh thf moor ; '$ &' mlionadh, on (lit. in) 
the hill ; mullach a* mhonaidh, the highest 
part of the moor. 

monag, see mouog. 

an, (DC) s. m. Little child at the stage 

when he or she goes on all fours. 

monnghair, -e, -can, s.f. see monmhar. 

each, -eiche, a. see mouuaharaeb. 

monaghar, see monmhar. 

monaidh, gen.$in<j. of monadh. 

mo;, air, g>n. *in<j. of monar. 

mo naire ! int. Alas ! (d'.my shame.) Mo naire 
ort f Win ! fie upon you ! 

mo naire 's uio leagh idti, int. Alas ! alas ! (lit. 
my sham-j and my melting.) 

tno naire 's mo mhasladh ! in'. O for shame ! 

monais, -e, s.f. Slowness, dulness. 2 Inatlen- 
tioii, negligence. 3**Sedateness. 4** Gen- 
tleness. 5 (DMu) Sense, coherent talk, said 
of a j.atient. 6 AH) Clumsiness or awkward- 
ness in any iranual work. Am bheil in. aige ? 
does ht talk coherently } Ulack Isle. 

each, -eiche, a. Slow, dull. 2 Inattentive, 

negligent. S^Gentle. 4**Sertate. 

eachd, s.f.ind. see monais. 

mona tir,** s.f. see mninistir. 

TO'Hi'.r, -air, -airean, s.m. Dwarf, diminutive 
person or thing. 2 Small matter, trifle. 3* 
R- 4 Conunn'tibie person or object. 5** 
Mmmiir. 6 Purling noise. 7ff Uproar. f8 
Work. Tha, 's cha b' e m. e, yes, and it is not 
th' i efusf~hf is a great wan or person. 

mo <arau, -ain, -an, s.m. Mote. 2**Dogberry. 

uinim-^. -aisjj, s.f. Chaff. 2 Drosu, refuse. 3 
1'avicle Ar,an. 

mima-scach, -aichc, a. Abounding in chaff.dross, 
01 refuse. 

nion;; mm g, f.m. see muing. f2 Edge, border. 

longach,'* a. Fiery. 2 Red. 

m mifach-mhoar, pi. -aich-mheura, s.f. Hemlock, 
set* uiiiiuiheur. 

ruo!i<,"ine;ich, -eiche, a. Maned. 

monirair,** s.m. Shaver, trimmer, clipper. 

n'0i'j;ar,** -air, p.m. Roaring. 

TYi'i-, : ,. ; teuda--h, (AF) f.m. Fine-crested steed. 

uionUich,** a. Hairy, roiif-h, shngity. 2 Brushy. 

BOiimlmr, -air. -an, s.m. Murmur, uproar. 2 
Jtotraobiot), 3 Complaint, Crumbling. 4 Moan- 
iii),'. Js l.inij m. thonu do 'n ron, Kice't is the 
luij'i u.ji'j of IVUVH to thf Heal. [Sometimes 

ach, -aiche, a. Murmuring, complain- 

iir;. prumbliiiK. 2**Noiay. 

monog.| t. f. Bog- or peat-berry. 2 Cran- 
bmy. s^o muile;ig. 

no ninr ! ** int. Alas ! alack-a-day 1 woe is the 
day ! 

niDinisg, seo monasg. 

naop,* f moip, see mob. 

mopach, -aiche, o, see mabacb. 2 see mobach. 

mi>Hg, see mobne. 

m6r, fa', ,-oinp. m6. 2nd. comp. moid, Srd. coinp. 
niuthad, a. Great, Inrjre, of great size. 2 
Great, many, of gre'it number. 3 Great in ex- 
tent, extensive. 4 Important. 5 Chief, prin- 
cipal. G Noble, of high rank. 7 Tall, of hi^h 
stature. S Proud. 9 Lofty. 10 Familiar, 
much acquainted. 11 Valued, esteemed. 12 
Hard, difficult of accomplishment. 13 Spac- 
i'liis, capacious. 14 Much, in great degree. 

16 Abundant, copious. 16 Mighty, powerful. 

17 Haughty. lS**Heavy. 19**\Vide. 20 Cor- 
pulent, blilky. 21 Vivid, of lightning. 22 
(DC > Notorious for evil qualities, or such as 
are not to one's credit Argyll. 

Duine m.. a grfat man ; slua<:h in., a <.r*at 
or numerous peopl* ; an sluafth m., thf not>i'ity; 
ni m., an important affair ; cho m. as fe"in vis 
a' mhac-mhullachd, as seff -important a.* Lu- 
cifer ; tha iad m. aig a ch^ile, they are gr-at 
chums ; tha iad cho m. aiu a cheile 's is urr- 
ainu iad, they area* familiar as possible ; tha 
e m. ort a dheanamh, it is hard for thee to do 
it : tha e m. leat 'na dheanamh, yon <lon't 
want to be bothered with it ; bu mh. aca fein e, 
they thought much of it thems'lvr* ; is m. a dh' 
fhu.aingeas cridhe ceart mu'm bris e, a icell- 
refjulated heart will sufffr much ere it break ; 
bha 'n dealan m., the lightning was vivid ; 
thachair a bhrathair m. ris, he has met on 
stronger than himne-'f ; eadar bheag is mh6r, 
both small an<l great ; m6r-uisge a' taomadh, 

. a great torrent pouring ; gille m. mhic Eogh- 
ain, the notorious son of Iltigh Argyll. 

mor, adv. Much, many. Is m. learn, / think it 
loo much is m. learn sin a dheanamh, 1 think 
it too much to go that length ; is m. a dh'fhuil- 
ing mi, rjreatly did I suffer ; tha e ro mh., it 
i too biff ; 2 it is too much ; cha mh. a chi e, 
few shall s?e it ; cha mh. math a th* air, it it 
not worth much ; am m. leat ua dh' itheas e ? 
do you grudge what he <'dts ? cha mh., almost ; 
cha mh. nach do bhuail e mi, he almost struck 
me ; cha mh. nach e, 'tis not quite that ; is mdr 
aig' e, an ironical expression meaning little 
does he think of it, or he makes little of it W, 
coast of Ross. 

mor, -a, s.m. poet. Renowned, famous or mighty 
person. 2 Chivalrous person. Co tha coltacb 
ri m. nan cliu ? who is like the mightu of re- 
noirn * am beag is am m., both ijreat and 
small ; cha mh. nach, almost. [Generally mor 
in poetry.J 

mor, see mdr. Mor is the spelling adopted by 
all Gaelic grammars aud dictionaries except 
MacBain's and MacEachan's. MacBaiu'a or* 
thography has been adopted here. 

morabanas,(VVC) -ais, a.m. Murmuring. 

ach, a. Complaining 

morach,** a. August. 

mdrachadh, -aidh, s.m. Enlarging, act of en- 
larging. 2 Exalting, act of exalting of digni- 
fying. 3 Aggrandizement. A' m , of 
moraicb . 

inoraclul, t.f. Greatness, majesty, dignity, rank. 
2 Excellency. 3* Mightiness. Do uih. riogb* 
ail, your royal highness. 

uioradh,** -aiilh, a.m. Augmentation. 

morngau,(WC) -ain, s.m. Lump-suoker (flab,) 

morn gha nach, -aicho, a. Calculons. 

m6i'ait-h, a* murachadh. v. a. Enlarge, 
make greater. Exalt, dij-uify, ennoble, mag- 
nify. Moraichear t' aimii, thy name *//.'! bt 

te, }<ut pi. of mlruich. EnlnrgcJ, t 



m6:--ftil lithe 

K<cal f ed, dig -i'le;', advanced. 

ni6r-a <-3a'in;u-h, -eiche. a. see mor-aigneach. 

mJr-'ii ; jantac'i, see tiiur-ai^n^.TC'i. 

n^iva^eanfachd, *. /. ind. Magnanimity. 2 
Hig :m'n 'el ness. o**Ambition. 

uior-aigne, *. M.'ig'iauinvty. '2**Ambifcion. 

ach. -eiche. a. Magnanimous. 2**Am- 

bitious. 8**lIigVmini<jd. 

a In, -ai.lti, s.m. see m6r-aigne. 

naorai<, -o, a Majestic, magnificent. 2 Uivat. 3** 
Proud, pompous. 4** Powerful. 5** Vain 

m trail,** -e, *./. Triumph. 

m'.r jinn 'DM 1C) s. The day before yesterday 
-Sty. [Used with the article.] 

niorair, -oan, s.m. Lord. 2 Earl. 3 Nobleman 

dearg, s.m. Judicial lord, law lord. 

eachd, x.f.inl. Lordship, title, dignity. 2 


moratach, -aiche, a. see m>>rail. 

1. s.f. Greatness, dignity, majesty 

ma? lifloence. 2 Exc^llenc^. M. rioghail. 
ro>tal inajfsiij ; in. 'nashuil, mnj-'Sty in his 
aspect ; c limit na m., excellent speech. 

moral ta, a. Moral. 

olid, s.f.ini. Morality. 

iche, s.m. Moralizer. 

raoram,** (air m' urram) On my word, on my 
hon iur. 

Dioramas,** Marry, a sort of oath, see m jirea 

moran, -ain, i.m.wll. Great number, multitude, 
many. 2 Much, great quantity. Tha m. aca 
ag i-adh, many ofthm assort ; m. eil?, many 
morf ; m. nitnenn, many thin</<; m. cliuid- 
eachd. much com-finy ; in. eiig, a great tjttan- 
t'ty offish; m. nighean, a r/reat nninhfr of 
daughters ; tha 'in b a^ri air'fa-< 'na mh., the 
f-w huv in-mas'l into a mnltitud*. 

n)6ran, atv. Hy a great deal. M. na's fhaisge, 
a great deaf nearer. 

51,0. Mown. 

ain, *. m . Meadow saxifra?o, fair 
m- ids of France, first of May sax* f raja 
ara.iidttta. 2 Heath-rush, stool-beut, see 

raor-aoibhneas,** -PI^,, s.m. Great joy. 

m 'r-aonach ** -ai -Ti, s.m. Great assdinbly. 2 
Market-place. B**Graat heatb or moor. 

nnrarail. -e, a. Lord-tike. 

mar-beam, 5 s. Mulberry >miru8. 

m >rbhacr>,t -aich, s.f. 'Land liable to sea-flood- 

m jr-bhaile, -bhatttean. s.m. see baile-mjr. 

Diorbhan, -a ; n, s-o borhhnn. 

mo -bhan-diuc,(Ms) s.f. Arch-duchess. 

mor-bhileach, -eiche, a. Broid-brinvn ; I. 

ino'-bhrui Ihueac.ias. -ais, x.m. Ma.,' di.o \\\ -nee. 

moi'-b'iua lh ich, -ait-he, a. Qaviu{ gveat or 
n)i>leq-nliu'.'s. 2 tieroio, ooaqaeritij. 

mor-biiuaidh. -e, -blmadhan, s.f. Heroissn.brir. 
ery. 2 Urjat conquest. 3 Heroic acmeve- 

tiiiorc. s. see tore. 2 (AF) Sow. 

t uorc, a. Great, huge. 

mnvaieh,** v.a. & n. Corrupt, rot, (also morg- 

, a. Corrupt. 

moreaidhe tchd,** s,f. Corruption. 

more is, -ais, x.m. Co- ruption, rottenness. 

morchadh, see nnrbhach. 

m6r-c!iionfach, -aiche, a. Capital (crimmally.) 

morclilaiv** a.f. Magnificence. 

mor-chliabhac 1 !, -aiche, a. Broad-breasted. 

mor-chliui teach, -eiclu, a. Greatly renowned. 

mor-chnam!iach, -aitiha. . Big-boned. 

mor-choinnde,** s.f. Fleot. 

nior-choinneal, -clioinnle, s.f. Flambeau, torch. 

mor-c'iolainnea-.-h, -siche, a. Large or thick 
bodied, corpulent, bulky. 

mor-chridlie, ** s. m. Great heart, generous 
heart. 2 Brave heart. 3 Hi.rh or noble miu I. 

ach, -ciche, a. Great-hearted, gene- 
rous, m^g lanimous. 

mor-chuairr,, -e, -ean, s.f. Great circuit, grand 
tour. 2 Justiciary circuit. 

mor-C'iuan, -am, -antan, s.m. Great ocsan. 

m6rchuis, -e, s.f. Pri lc, pomp, magnificence, 
splendour. 2 Boasthu, vain-glory, a'ribition, 
state, pri le, glory. 2 Exploit Gu'u till thu 
lem.. that you mi.v return with g'-rri; ; cdou- 
aidhdomli., thy gran l*ur shall fail'. 

-?ach, -eiche, a. Proud, pompous, mag- 
nificent, splendid. 2 Ambitious, hi^h-minded, 
haughty, vain-glorious. 3 Powerfal. 4 Her- 
oic. Bu mh. a ch-Him, yrnn<1 w <a his pics. 

ofichd, s.f.iml. see morcbiui^. 

mor-chui--le,** -an, s.f. Artery, great artery. 

iu6r-chuisleach, a. flaring great arteries, arter- 

tuiorcmid, s.m. The highway, (mire-rod, hors^- 

>nordha,(AH) s. see nvrghath. 

niordha, n. see m6r, mora"h, & m6rail. 
chd, s.f. see moravhd. 

mor-dhail, -can, s.m. Great assemMy, diet, con- 
gres*, parliament. M. Bhreatuinn, titeBri- 
ish Parliament ; m. na Gear nailt, the G,T- 
man's Di?t ; m. sha-,art. -a eonclav. 

mordhalach, ** a. Magnificent. 2 Proud, pom- 
pous. 3 Powerful. 4 lirave. 

mordhalaieMMs) v.a. Aggrandize. 

m6r-dham'i,(AF) s.m. Lea ler amon? cattle. 

nor-dheidh, s. /. Aspiration, ardent desire, 
great fondness. 

nor-d^chas, -ais, s.v?. Sanguineness. 

m6r-dhuill(\agach. -aiche, a. Broad-leaved. 

mor'ear, -eir, see morair. 

achd, see moraireachd. 

mor-eavballa,'h, -aiche, a. Jiryul-tailed. 
:nor-earrann, s.m. Great division, see roinn- 

m reiix, int. Certainly. 

SES3&. }"-*. 

;norfhaica. see morbhaoh. 

nor-fhairga, -an, s.m. Great sea, ocean, hij;h- 


nor-fha i !,**.m. Train oil. 2 Great growth, 
uor-fhaar, see morair. 

achd, see moraireachd. 

nor -fiioarrann, s. Givat land, see roinu-ruith. 
mar-flxlaitae. vL of miir-fhlatu. 



m6r -tli orach 

toor-fnlath,, pi. -ailhe & -aithean, s. m. 
Great cb vf. 2 Grander, one of the nobility, 
mor-fiileadh,** j. - <Jr -a fca->c, emulation. 

5UI. Mdr-fhl'adk. 
mor-fhModh, -a. *.m. Great masterwort pmce- 

Uanum ostruithium. 

ftn irg.icn,** -aiche, a. Rotten, corrupt. 
morgaciiadh, see morgadb. 
m ngadh, -aidh. s.rn. ilottenness, corruption. 
inrg tich,** o.a, tie /t. Corrupt, rot, (also more- 


m i.-gan.(AF) *.w. Dog-fl-h. 
fuior^antacli, -aicln, a. M i/iiificent. 

1, x./.uv.J. Mag iifii:ence. 

noorgna, a. see mor. 
morghadair, s.m.. -Jnvilt. 
naorjfhaileaoh,** a iJoastfuL 
mor- r ;hair'ie- o .ciias,** -ais, s.m. Rapture. 
m.rg.>an,(CK> *.. Gravel, shmgle. 2 Bank of 

gravel or shi.igie. 3 Pebbly beach. West of 


mor-ghusge, s.f.ind. Heroism, prowess. 

il, -e, a Heroic, of great prowess. 

mor*bath,i 8. m. Fishing-.^pear, trident. 2 
Large spear, javelin. 

ach, a. Armed with fishing-spears or 


mor-ghlonn, -ghlninn, s.m. Heroism, prowess. 

moi'-^iilonnach, -aiche, a. Heroic, of great prow- 

mor-ghniomh, -a, -ara, s.m. Great deed, exploit. 

ach, -aiche, a. Of great deeds, per- 
forming great deeds. 2 Magnificent. 

TOor-^.irain,** s.f. Abomination, detestation. 

mur-hintiun, -e, -can, s.f. Great or noble mind. 

each, -eiche, a. Noble-minded. 2 

Hign-minded, ambitious. 

eachd, sj.ind. Greatness of mind, 

m-ignanimity. 2**ri.igh-mindedness,ambition. 

m6r-ion.jbnadh, -aidh, -aidliean, s.m. Astonish- 
ment, amazement. M. air gach neach, every- 
one ainazfd. 

m6rlanactui, Labour performed by ten- 
ants for their landlord. 2**Duty. (borian- 
acbd is a better form. The m U due to eclip- 
SH am b .) 

mor-lannachd,** ./. Feat in swordsmanship. 2 

mor-lanuair,** s.m. Powerful swordsman. 

inor-iaoch,** -laoioh, s.m. Hero, champion. 

inor-ietlitromach, -aiche, a. Far advanced in 
tiri-^iiancy (also ii6r-leatromach.) 

m6r-lrtthtromachd,** * /. Advanced state of 

morlo.(AP) t.m. Seal. 

njar-luach,-a. *. m. (Jreat value, great price. 
ii t 'i.-an.-tinn air mh e, 1 would not do it for 
(i g-'rnt rtwnrd. 

finmniaiita. s.m. Woimwood. 

mr-in tnta.J . .Muy>M>rt, see liath-lus.<lh, s.m. (\V i Wolf. 2(AK) Pike. 

mor-nihaor, mbaoir.t.m Lrd-. 

. d. :; ili:;n c install , i nee m->niir. 

moi-inheaumnach, -aicae, a. [iigc-m.n lea, as- 

piring. 2 High-spirited, 3 Magnanim 

raor-mneaninnioLid, s.find. H'gh-iui 
pride. 2 Magnanimity. 

mor-mheaumnadh, see mor-mbeanmnachi. 

uior mtieas, -a. s.m. IJiga esteem, admiration. 
Am m., in h>'jh >>ste<nit. 

,** v.a. Esteem greatly, value highly. 


m6r-mtual,(AF) *./. Whale. 

mor-mniann,** *. Aspiration. 

uior-iiiUiunntir, -e, s.f. Great multitude. 2 Nu- 
merous bousehold. 

mor-mhuirne,** *./. High spirit, mettle. 2 Glad- 

mor-mbuirneacb,**a. High-spirited. mettldiMMM. 
^ Cheerful. Kaeb m., a i>ie:.tlesotne hoi a*. 

mornaich, -e, *. f. Considerable <iuami..y or 

moruan, -ain, -an, s.m. Small timbar dish. 

moruich, see morbhach. 

mor -oicb, see morbh -ch. 

mur-righ, s.m. Emperor. 

morrau, * m. Seakale or cabba.;o r see prais- 
each bhuidne. 

mor-ratb,** s. m. Great luck. 2 Con inuad 
luck 3 Prosperity. 

m6r-roinn, -e, -ean, *./. Province (lit. Great di- 

each, -eiche, a. Provincial, of or be- 
longing to, a province. 

mor-sgoil, *./. Academy., -air, 8. in. Hero, m'ghty hero. 2 
Great distress or trial. Lann a' mh6r-shair r 
ihe sword of the mighty htro. 

mor-sbeisear, s.f. Seven persons. 

moi-.shluagh, -shhiaigh, s.m. Multitude, host. 2 
Congregation. 3 Army. 

. ach,(M8) a. Legionary. 2 Many 


'. achd, s.f. Populousness. 

mor-sboillse,** #./. Splendour. 

mort, -oirt, & muirt, s.m. Murder, manslaugh- 
ter. 2 Massacre. M. Ghlinne-Combaim, the 
massacre of Glencor. A* in, of m.irt. 

mort, pr. pt. a' mortadh [A a' m>rt] v.a. Mur- 
der, massacre, slay, (also murt.) 

ach, -aiche, a. Murderous. 2 Marder* 

ing, massacring. 

achail, -e, a. Murderous, sanguinary. 

adh, -aidh, s.m. Murdering, act oi mur- 
dering, slaughter. A' m , of mort. Na 
dean m., do not kill ; farm xd is m., envy and 

ail, -e, a. see mortach. 

air, -ean, t.m. Murderer, assassin. 2 


aireach, -eiche, a. Murderous, like a mur- 

aireachd, s.t.lnd. Murdering, massacring. 

2 Murderousness. 

mortal,** -ail, s.m. Mortar. 2 Lime. 

mortar, -air, s.m. Mortar. 2 Lime. 

mort-fhear, see mortair. 

m6r-th:oaal,** s. Diet (meeting.) . 

mor-thir, -e, -ean, *./. The mainland. 2 Contf. 
nant. 3** Great shore. Mar n^art tuinne gii 
m., lik' a biliow rolling in i's ttrenith to tht 
main :,hot-e. ["* gives " F lilt' ort-fe*iu a mh. 
l.ii)i Ihioh ! hail, thou beaut *oiis ini>n',iiihl !" 
but tbis saying refers to tba M >rar district, 
incorrectly written M6r-th r' in Gaelic.] 

iach, -eicne, a. Continental, of, or per- 
taim.ig to a continent. 

c?ach, -eioh, s.m. Maiulauder, native or 

i i:i i.ntaiit of tbe 

u-b, -a : cbe, o. Very fruitful, 
aca,, a. L'ai' advaacj.l iu prejf 





mor-thriath, -a. -an, * in. Great prince or chief. 

nior-tlmil," $.m. Deluge. 

1m >ruach, -uaich, *./. Alerrmid, sea- monster. 

nior-uacndaran, -ain, -an, a.m. iii^jh tjovc-rnur, 
viceroy, regent, 

nu-r-uaisle, t.f.ind. High nobility or rank. 

an, The noi-ihty. nobles. 

mor-ua-iul,** a. Noble in birth 2 Most noble, 
of the highest rank in nobility 

niur-nrranta, -ainte, o. Ver> bold, daring .daunt* 
less. 2*'Se!f-cunfideut. Uu m, buldly. 

chd, i J.iml. Great boldness, intrep- 

moi'-uihach, -aicho, a. Big-uildjred. 

fin >-, s.m. Manner, fashion. 

uio's, ndv. Too. Tha a' c)io!iiain mo's mor, the 
tomptimfHt is too great. [The 8 stands for is 
as in " tuille's mor."] 

fmjs:ich, o. Of, or belonging to, fashion or 

mu-ach, -aiche, a Nasty. 2 Filthy. 3 Worth- 
Jess. 4 Insignificant. 5 SonlM, mean, ava- 
ricious, uipgardiy. 6* Inhospitable. 7 Bough, 
bristly. S**0f dmy habits. Ni in., a filthy 
thing ; is tu tha m. ! hutc inhospitable yuu are l 

W<r ag. -aig, -an, s.f. Tawdry, drubbish woman, 
3 Worthless woman. 3 Mean, parsimonious 
or avaricious woman. 

xnosaiche, comp. of mosach. 

, s.f.ind. 2 Filthines^.smut- 

tmess, >ciubbitiess, dirtiness. 3 \VorthU-ss- 
ness, in. igiiifl<-aiice. 4 Avarice, parsimony. 

ad, -fid, s.m. Hotgishaes.s. 

musaiiih, see musaidh. 

niosan, -ain, -an, s.m. Nasty fellow. 2 Sloven. 
3 Worthless fellow. 4 Avaricious fellow. 

mo-an, -ain, s.m. Chaff. 2 

mo.'.g,** see inos^an. 

moxga.'d.tDC) 8. m. Sumph, " a chiel to whom 
Providence has denied &ifk$, without making 
him an indisputable idiot " Jmnes Hogj. 

mosgaid.ft s.f. Sloth, negligence. 

each, o. sumphi.^h, clownish. 

each, -eiche, a. Dull, heavy, slow, 


ni.^gail, pr. pt. a' mosgladh, v.a. & n. Waken, 2 A\\ake, arise from sleep. Mosglaidh 
iad o 'n tug, tl>ey shall auakef. orn death. 

icosgai.i, -e, a. Rotten, musty, carious moully, 
worm-eaten, n.oth-eateu. Fiaclan m. , rotten 

each, see mosouineach. 

i-achd, see mo-gain. 

mosgal,(I U) -ail, s.m. Rt-fuse, leavings. 

nm-Kal.K-h, -aiche, a. Watchful, vigiUnt, at- 
tentive. 2 Active. 8 (WC) Tta&liy, dirty. 

d, s./.ind. Wrttchfulness, vigilance, 
wakffulness, observance. 

mu. galtach, see uios^alach. 

d, see inosf.alachd. 

moi-giiii.t -ain, s.m. MuMiness, rottenness, car- 
icusnesg 2* Dry-rot.. Sffllotten tree. 

ach.ft - Abounding in, or pertaining to, 

ro:ten trees. iftFull of lotten trees. 3 Mu.-ty, 
rotten, carious, mouldy, grey 4 Wurm or 
uiofh-eateu 5 Troubled. CjjRheumy. 

mo ganachd, s f RLeuininess. 2 Wuatiuesa, 

n.o .-j,anid!i ! tn1. Alas ' woe's me ! 

mo'giadh. -aidh, .m Act of wakening, cans- 
iiig toawnke 2 Act ot awaking rising from 
si* ep. i>**Excitation. A' m , ol mos- 

mu-g:idh,./wr.o;'.a of mosgoil. 

movi,inach, -eiche, a. Religiously inclined, 

coarsely, using 

I mosiuineachd, t.f.ind. Devon tnt-ss. 

mosrar-ii, -aicae, o. Caressing coars 
lodaeetit freedoms. 

mosrvlh, -ai.lh, s.m. Coarse dalliance, maudlin 
civiii- i-/.s, indeceut freedoms. 2 Brutality, 
biuial Iic3ntiousness. 

mosraiche,* *./. see mo-iaich3. 

tmota, s.m. Mount. 2 Mote. 

tmotb, .-.7/1. Male of any creature. 

moth,** s.m. Sex. 

moth, " air a' mhoth "n dd," Arran for "air 
bho 'n de," the day before ysterdny. 

mot ha, (OR; Too (good, soon, &?.) Tha e motha 
's tratli, it is too far ly Arran for, tha e tail- 
leadh 's truth CR. 

tmothach, -aiche, a. Fertile, fruitful. 3 Preg- 

mothachadh, -aidh, s.m. Act of feeling, perceiv- 
ing. 2 Sense of feeling, sensibility. 3 At- 
tending. A' m , of mothuich. Chaill 
e a mh., hf lst his sense of feeling ; muinn- 
tir air dhaibh am m. a chatl, people who being 
patt feeling ; duine gun mb.. a senseless -nan. 

MOthftcliftH, -e, a. Seuxiblfi, observant, percep- 
tive. 2 Feeling, kind, considerate. 

nu thrnch, pr. pt. a' mothacha th, jj.o. Perceive, 
observe. 2 Feel, know, UBitanfeu^L M. seo, 
feel this ; mh. siun a ghuth 'ga thr^igsinn, we 
noticed his voice failing ; mh. sinn gun luth a 
inheoir, ice noticed his fingers wMout feeling, 
becomiw /ee.blf ; an do mhothaich thu e 'do! 
stachad ? did you obs^~of him pasting t ; mh. 
iad do 'n rigii, Ituy obtervtd the kinf W.<& 6'. 
2.22 . inh. an s^io'na do dh'fiiearAnn, the- erne 
ofc*" v</ laud - MiD. 1C6.1 ; mh. an i igh.dhuinn 
a' toirt a chlarlheunh a tuach, the king felt 
tts taking fa's s/cord awayW.H. 

eadh, .see mothacJiadh. 

1, a. Discreet. 

m6thail, ../. Loud lowing. 2 Repeated or con- 
tinued lowing -Perthshire, see mod bar. 

mothailoaclid,** s.f. Aj>, 

mothal, -Ail.(DMKj Refuse, partiouhirly 
offish. M. iasg, refuse of fttihW. coatt of 

iuothaiacbd,tt t.f.ind. Feeling, perception. 


mothan, s.m. Bog-violet - pinguicula 
2 ( AF) Steep srass, earning grass. On cows' 
niilk it acts like rennet. 3 (AC) Love-philtre. 
The woman who Rives it goes upon her left 
knee and plucks nine roots of the plant (bog- 
violet,) and knots them together, forming them 
into a " cnach " or ring. It is placed on the 
mourh of a .uirl to make the man who kisses 
her her b; .nd.-man, under parturient women 
to ensure safe delivery, and is carried by way- 
farers to safeguard them ou their journeys. 
It a man makes a miraculous escape, it is said 
of him, Dh'61 e bauine na b6 b a dh'ith am 
in., he drank ihemilk of the guileless cow that 
ate the mothan. 

fmothar, -air, -airein [ & -thraichean, ] x.m. 
Bunch, cluster. '2 Clump of trees. 3 Tuft of 
crass. 4 Green grass. 5 Park, enclosure. 




m6tbar, -air, g.m. Loud or great noise. 2 Mur- | mnadh-bhraighe, see muabhrafghe. 

mur. 3 High or swelling sea. 4 Deep toned muaidh,** a. Shapely, well-formed. 2 Nobl, 
pound, as of a person in a cave. SifEcho. good. 3 Soft, tender. 4 Middle. Loingeat 
Melodious sound. Thug e m. as, hf yaw a\ mh., a well-formed ship. 
most appalling cry; chnala sinn m., ice hfard niuaidh,** s.f. Sound. 2 Cloud. 

a mo>t un'u/'tfily sound. 
mothar, -a're, a. see rnodhar. 

ach, -aich", a. Iligh-soundiig, loud. 

mothararhd, see modharachd. 
moth-chat,, -ait, (AF) s.m. Tom-cat. 
mithrach. -aich. s.m. Damp woody place, 
uio thruaighe ! int. Alas ! (lit. my misery.) M 

thruai h mi ! wot 'g me ! 
moihucnail, see mothachail. 
mothuich, see mothaich. 

. Moth-urach. 

moth-urach, ,. Early orchis orcliit mascula. 

m r . see mnatha. 

mrathan, see mnathan. 

iii'i, prep. About, around. 2 Of. concerning. 3 
On account of, for. Mu'n cuairt, about, round 
about ; mu thimchioll. abovt, around ; 9 con- 
cerning ; nan cboinneamh. oppetto ; mu dheich 

rnual. -ail, s.m. Top of a hflL 
nvial.vch,** -aich, *. m Way, pa*-Age. 2 Cow. 

b 'j s.m. (DMC) Bellowing Uitt. 

mnasga i, (AF) s.m. Shellfish, said to open !ifc 
a boot- Arran. 

- -,((,'R)pf- -ain & -anag, t.m. Shellfish 

like the fresh-water pearl-mussel, about thi 
same length 3 to 4 inches but broader and 
thicker ; its shell is not so dark as that of the 
madadh, and both are smaller than the each- 
an. (brallach in Lewis.) 
muasgau-caol, t.m. Prawn. 
znubran,** -ain, s.m. Corn heated in the mow. 

ach,** a. Heated, as corn in the mow. 

muc, muic, -an, s.f. Sow, pig. 2 Perch. 3 The 
h< ap raised over the mouth of a vessel ia mea- 
suring. 4tt Largo hay-rick. 6* Large ball of 

tmuc, muic, -an, s. f. Instrument of war, by 
which besiegers were protected when ap- 
proaching a wall. It was covered with twigs, 
hair-clotn and raw hides, and moved on three 

muc-abhainn, (AF) s.m. Bear, 
mucach, -aiche, a. Swinish, piggish. 2 Abound- 
ing in swine. 3 Heaped up, as a measuring 
vessel. 4* Dirty. 6 Surly. 6 Stupid. 7 ft 
Abounding in hay-ricks. A' ghra'sg mh., tht 
sioinish mob. 

an,** -ain, s.m. Clown. 2 Piggish fel- 

d,** s.f. SwiuUunees, h gjshness. 2 

Moroseness. 3 Grimness. 

muc 'g, -aig, -an, s.f. Hip, fruit of the dog-rose. 
2 Little sow or pig. 3 ra eiy Cup. Mucagan 
is jgeachagan, hips and haws; m. fh;<iJm, a 
hip of the dog-rose Colonsny. 
mucagach, a. Abounding in hip*, or 2 in little 
mile, al'Outt'ii thousand ;bha iad a'' bruidhinn j sows or pigs. 
mu d' dheidhirn, th,-y wer? speaking about \ iuucaj;-fhiacal^DMC) s.f. Gumboil, boil on the 
you : a' ta'imadh mu a chliabh, pouring about \ neck. 
his brcas; , log leo dol mu chul a" ghnothaich, mucaibh, dot. pi. of muc. 
let them tako a back seat: ciod mu 'm bheil thu H mucaii, -e, a. see mucach. 
what are you about / 6igh mu 'm bht-il mo 
I>hr6n, a maid for whom >s my grief ; m' a cair- 
dean. about her friends. In the Sou'h-icest 
mu is used for pu, as, cha'dh e mu thuath, he 
vent to the north ; tha rau thuath, he is in 
the north 

muc-aiuiilhe,(AF) ./. Sow with yonng. 
niucair, -ean, s.m. Swine-herd. V Swine-deal* 

er. 3** Hoggish fellow. 
---- eachd, e.f.ind. Herding of swine. 2 Deal- 

ing in swine. 

th ; 'uuair a bhitlieas an sgadan mu I mucaiachd, s.f.ind. Swinishness, hoggishneas. 
thuatb, when the herring is in the north ; an ' uuicauta,** a. see mucach. 
tir mu thuatb, th? north country. [One can- ! muc-buioracb, -aich, -an-biorach, s.f. The long- 


not say " tha e eu tuath," although "chaidh 
e gu tuath " is ([uito correct.] Chuairtich e 
mu h-aon agus mu dha. he went round it oncf 
and twice W.S 2.9.1 ; thainig an te mu dheir- 
eadh a mach, the last (female) one came out. 

beaked porpoise. 

Beaked whale, 
muc-bldonag, -aig, 

muc-bhuachaill, -ean, s.m. Swine-herd. 

2 Bottle-nosed dolphin. 

Hogs' lard, swine's 

. f. 


Thus combined with the personal pronouns : muc-bhuachailleachd,** s.f. Swine-herding. 

-------- : ~" ' '.-u-n-ui -------- ,. _..,._ 

umam, about me; umad, about thee ; uim?, 
about him ; uimpe, about her ; um.iinn, about 

muc-creigf, s.f. The fish lump-sucker cytlopter- 
us lumpu*. 2 B.'lian wrasse, see muc-ruadh. 

us ; umaibn, about j/oit ; utnpa, about them, i uauc-disgearuach : (AF) s.f. Fierce boar. 

[Aspirates a noun sing., definite or iudeflnit 

and governs the dative case.] 
mu, for mo. comp. of mor. 
mu. r.,inj. ee mu'n. 
nmabhraigh",** ./. Platform, 
tmuadb, v.a. Form, shape, 
muadh.** -ai.lh, t.m. Form, shape, imag 

.** a. Soft, moist. 

air,** s.m. JKtgue. 

muc-faileag, -an-faileag, see mncag. 
muc-faiim,* s.f. see muca>;. 
muc-fhinn,(AF) f.f. Milk pig, brood sow. 
muc-forais,(AF) s.f. House-fed pig. 
miic-ghaineamli, -eimh, s. f. Sandbank. 2 


muc glasach.(AF) s.f. Fatted pig. 
much, (AC) see moch. 
much, v. a. Quench, extinguish. 2 Smother, 

suffocate. 3 Pross upon, squeeze together. 




4 Quell, pacify. 5 Mutter, hum, sirg in a lo 
tone or voice. Is a rnuchaibh an spiorad, tl< 
not <jt<mcA th' tpiri' ; m. fono, !'/ on air. 

finuoh, -a, e.m. Grief, affliction. 2 Sino \P. 

truuchR.(AK) *. Long-eared owl, see mulchan. 

miu-hach, -aicho, a. Extinguishing, that exting 
ui>iies or quenches. 2 Suffocating. 3 Pros- 
ing or squeezing together. 4 Muttering, hum 

much uiair, -pan, t.m. Extinguisher. 

muciiadh. -aidh, t.m. Act of quenching 1 or ex 
languishing. 2 Smothering, suffocating, oH 
of suffocating. 3 Act of presmjg upon 01 
squeez'iig together. 4 Act of qm> lliug or paci 
fyirr.:. 5 Act of muttering, hum "in,' or .injr 
i'i in a suppressed voice. ii.xti.icUon. sur 
location. 7 (DU) Asthma, [witu art.J A 
m -, of much. 

ni'ichag,'* -ais<, *./. Broom-rape. 

m icii i's,(l>MJv) Motii C'tithn*t 

inucl ag, t.f. The class of plant* knownjas oro- 

muchau, -ain, pf. -an [<fc -ain,] $. m Vent o^ 
chimney, proo. 

ach, (CK;. B'air Atf>ll for ma^anach. 

-teine, (DMC; t. m. Half-extinguish*! 


mucheirigh, see inocheirigh. 

mu choiuneamh, prep, ph.: one. Opposite, over 
against, liha doi-us mu choinneamh a h-uile 
la anus a' bhliadhiin air an baigh, there wax a 
aoof for fve>~y Jay of the yar in the hotm* ; 
tha nirgi<Ml agii.m mu choinueamh a' inhail, 
/ hare m ne;t to inset tile rent. 

muchta, see mcichte. 

Iijuchte, pott pt. of much. Extinguished, 
quenched. 2 Suffocated. 3 Pressed upon, 
squeeze! U^cthc-r. 4 Quelled. 6 Muttered, 
hummed. M. fo bhron, svff<.<ca-ted or oi/prewd 
with gri'f. 

muchthraih. see mochthrath. 

mucUch, -aich, s.m. **!!>. rd of swine. 2ft*./ 1 . 

muclanag, *./. Lard, (muc-bhlonng.) 

5U. Muc-loc^a. 

muc-locha, -tiic-, -an-, t.m. The common perca. 
niuc-loohaidh. see muc-locha. 
ni'xc miiara, -uic-, -an-mara, *./. Whale. 2(A1< 1 ) 

S'-a-hog-. seal. 3 (AF) Porj.oise. 
niticnach,** a. Hoggish, swinish morose. 
d,** *. f. Hogglshness, swinishness, 

m'oraiih, t. pi. Herd or oouder of swiue. 2 

Gammon of bacon. S**Far. 

uadf'.- nlc-, an-rn4h;\, t.f. Thon-h 

muc-sgi:leil,tt ^ee muc-bMorach. 

muc-^tu ilche,(WC) s. f. m 
sa.d t-'hayij b"*?n often xe-su in Loch Maree 
an I n ighbouring lochs by anglors and otders. 
Tha late Air. Banken of Letterewe tii^a, at 
gr^at expense, to <lia n I o<-h na-beiste, near 
Aultbov. to prove the idoirlt.y of one seeo 
tht-re, bub failed. It is thought to be a huge 

muc-shneachda,-uic-,-an-, sj. see muc-sueachd- 

iJb, -uic-, -an-, *./. Monster 


muc-wt^allair",* s.f. Porooise. 

uiucuin, (muc-fiiiiiii) (.AF; x.J. Suoute>l pig or 
other aniiu-1. 

inucusg,** *-.>!. Swine's grease. 

H ud. sen inoJ. 

LUU d", f*>r m'i do. 

tnadach,** a 

lau wraiae labi tu macuMtu. ^muc-creige.) 


amdag,(>lMoD^ s.f Wo/jl-oas^et. about 3 ffc. in 
heignt ma4e of straw. The top part called 
a' giniitf, is usetl for holding the carded wool 
(p.-unlau). wheu spinning, tne uncarded wool 
beiug placed in the bottom part W. of Jiott 
it L'wis. (iuurla; in A rg-ytl Fiona.) 

mudaj;,(AlO *.f. Maw-worm. 

muclaidh,** a UuB-colourud. 
iiudati, -ain, -an, t.m. Covor. covering. 2^00^ 

eriug, as of skin or leatiie-r for a gun. 
uudau-croicne,** t.m Bit of skm to cover the 

lock of a g-u '. 

luuitjiarn, -aira, -an, a.m. Ankle. 
nu dh^ibhinn, see mn dhei.ihinn. 

mu dh^idhian, prep. Of, about, concerning. Mu 
dli^iilhiiin seo, concerning this ; mu m 1 dh,, 
concernin,) me; mu d' dh., about the*; m' adh., 
concerning him ; m' a deidhiun, concerning her; 
m' ar d., concerning us ; m' ur d., concerninj 
you ; m' an d., c&iueriunj them. 

mu dheireadh, adv. At last, at leugbh. 

mu dhoireadh lhail, aclv. After all. 
ii^, -uig, -an, s./. see muig. 2* iSnuMe through 
the nose. 

1111^,** -uig, -an, *./. Mug. 
ach, -aiche.o. SnuSlitig. 2 Speaking through 
the nose. 3 Gloomy, cloudy. 4 Of a gloomy 
countenance. 5 Sullen, surly, morose. 6 
Guttural. 7 Murky, misty. O citul nan sliabh 
m., from behina the mixty mountains. 
uj;ach,* -aich, s.f. se muj;jig. 

mug tg, -ai, -an, x.f Surly, woman. 2 
Suurfliug woman. 

mugaich, -e, s.f. Snuffling voice. 2 Snuffle. 
3 Surliness, moro.seness. 4, pioom. 

niugaid, t.f. Contents of a dyeing- vat. 2 Dye- 
ing- vat. 

mu..a'r, -ean, Gloomy, surly or aiorosa fel- 
low. 2 Snuffling fellow, mnmer. 

- eachd, n.f.iud. lnho->pit.ility. 2 Snuif- 

mu.'a:rle, t. Hunch of nuts Glenmoristun. 
uiugaiach, se muigeauacU. 




mugan, -ain, -an, see mugair. 2 pi. for muig- 
can, pi. of muig. 

mugan,** -ain, s.m. Mug. 

inuganach,(CR) a. Damp and misty (of weath- 
er) Perthshire, (muggy,) 

fmngart,** -airt, s.f. Hog. 2 Hogs' flash. 

muiih, v. a. Kill, destroy, 836 mulb. 

niugha, see rnuthalh. 

ch, a. Gloomy Suth'd. 

raughadh, see mufchadh. 

mughairn, see mugharn. 

mngbairneach,* a. Having large ankles. 

mughard, -aird, s.m. Mug-wort, see liath-lus. 

mugharu,* s.m. Ankle., -aiche, o. see muiteach. 

d, see muiteachd. 

musna, see moghna. 

rnuic, gen. sing, of muc. 

muiceanach. -aieh, s.m. Mean person, plebeian. 

muiceil. -e, s.f see muic-fheoil. 

muic-fheoil, -fhe6l.a, s.f. Pork. 

inuicha,** s.f ind. Earliness. 2 Dawn. 

muieho,* s f Dulness, sadness. 2 Mistiness, 
darkness, gloom. 

muiche, corn/;, of moch, prow, for moiche. 

ad, -id, see moichead, 

muicnis,"* s.f. The rope which ties a basket on 
a porter's back. 

muidh, -ean, see muing. 

muidh,(DMC') v. see muigh. 

mu'dhe, pi. -an & -achau, s.m. Churn. Thoir a 
mh., churn (lit. bring to churn Lochcarron , 
Gairloch & Torridon. 2(CE) Paddle-churn 

ach, -eicbe, a. Of, or belonging to, 


muidheach, -eiche, a. see muingeach. 

luuidheai'han, -ain, -an, s.m., dim. of muidhe. 
Little churn. 

mu dheadh, see inuigheadh. 

muidhaan, -ein, -an, see maidhean. 

muidhe-buana,(CR)s m. Harvest-home A rran. 

muiilhe-lagain, * m Soweas-tub. 

muidse, -aa & -achan, s f. [i. in Badenoch.] 
Woman's comni ,n head-dress, mutch, linen 
cap. [m. in Gairloch where it Is muisde.J 

tnui.2:, -can, s.m Cloudiness, darkness, gloom, 
2 Frown. 3 Gloominess, surliness, disconten- 
ted expression of countenance. 4 Melan- 
choly, sadness, sorrow. 5 Snot, snivelling 6*' Mistiness, smoke. 7 Gloomy sky. 
Cuir m. ort, frown ; torra fo mh., mist-covered 
hil's ; sheall e orm fo na mugan (muigean), he 
looked at m? from under his scowiinj eye- 
brows, [f gives *.f. , McL <fc D gives s.m. 
but yen. sing, -e ] 

tnui<i, v.a. <fe n Quench, smother, suffocate. 2 
Suppress, quash. 3 Become gloomy, misty 
or dark. 

muige, s.f. see muigeachd. 

ach, -eiche, a. Misty, gloomy, dark. 2 

Surly, frowning. 3 Cold, reserved, shy. O 
chul nan sliabh m., from behind the misty 

achd, s.f.ind. Mistines.% gloominess.dark- 

ness. 2 Surliness, gloominess. 3 Smokiness. 

adh, -idh, s.m Act of quenching- or suffo- 
cating. 2 State of becoming dark or gloomy. 
A m , of muig. 

muigean, -ein, -an, s.m see mugair. 2**Mist. 

'ach, -aiche, a. Surly, churlish. 2 Gloomy. 

y Misty. 4 Shy. 

achd, s.f. ind. sse muigaachd. 

muigeas, -eis, -an, s.m. Sour, ^lowny or down- 
cast look. 1 Surliness. 3 Snuffling. 

ach, -aiche, a. Sour, gloomy, downcast, 
-e, a. see niuigeacb. ^ 


inuigh, adv. Out, without, outaide. 2 Super. 
ficially. A m., on the outside ; a ebnm am 
m. is am inach, that, by all infant ; a^air ris 
a bhi an sco am maireach muigb 'R a mien, 
tfll h im to be here, by all m*i/i, to-morrow. 

muigh,** v.a. Fail, falter. 2 Fall. 3 Be defeat- 
ed. 4 Decay. 6 (DM0) Threaten. 

muigh-buan, g.m. see uiuidhe-buana. 

muighe, -an, -achau, see muidhe. 

muigheach,- -eiche, a. see mnidheach. 

,(MS) a. Dareful, darmg. 2 Hnflkh. 

d, see muigheadh. 

muigheadh, (MS).m. Bravado. 2 Menace, c- 
initiation, threat. 

muighear, (MS) 8. in. Bully, tbreatener. (for 
maoidhear. ) 

mtiigbte,** past pi. Changed, altered, (mutate.) 

ach, see mui teach. 

muigire,* s.m. see mngair. 

mui-i-mhonadh,** -aulh, i.m. Mistj mountain, 
misty hill. 

muil, -e, -idhean.s.m. <C- /. see muileid maol * 

5U7. Muilc'ann. 5li8. 

muilceano, -inn, s.m. Ttie plant spiga- or bald- 

money rneum athamtinticnm. 2 Fell wort 

sn-ertia perennis,i* given by sow dictionaries, 

but it is a different plant, and is not now 

foun I in Britain 5. 
mnilcjaunach, -aich*. a. Abounding in, or be- 

longing to, spiguel or b : .Minori<" i y. 
nmilchc'3ann,(CR) W. / ftott-shire for muini- 


muilohear,(CB) E. Pe^-'shire for muiaichill. 
uuiilchill, see inuiuiohiil. 
inuilchinn, -ean. see mui'uchill. 
m lilchir, Perth for ummichill. 
muilcionn, see muinichill. 
muil< ach, -aich, a. Oear. v ilued, belored. 
mivileach'i-mliag, of mu'le-iuhag. 
uiuil.'.ng, -eic, -an, * / CraJib-rry (tit. the frojf- 

berry; vacdnium oxycoccus. 2**Krog. 


{, -eig, -an, s.f. Dear or beloved fe- 

ach, -aiche. a. Abounding in cranber- 
ries, or 2 in little fi\>s<- 

nvtileaan, -inn, pi. -an, dS m'tiluean, s.m. MilL 
m.-bleith, a grinlim-mill. 
m.-l-rachaidh, a mtut-mUl. 
in.-bradha, atjiirrn. (see below.) 
m.-builaidi), a thr'Stiiny-wU. 
m -calcaulh, afiiUinj-itult.. 
m.-cardaidh, a curd nj-mill* 




nn.-'leilLh, a 

ra.-gaoicho, a wind-mill. 
in -.aimhe. a hani.m'il, qiurn. 
m -!in. a lint mill. 
m.-!uxidh, see in. Inadhaidh. 
m -.iialhxi Ih, a fiilUnj-mitl. 
ra.-mine, n mia'-mi'.t. 
m.-si >hai.lh, a saic-mill. 
m.-snaoisein. a *n'i!?-mit!, tnuf'bor. 
m.-ti'>ini-ri-lair,(I)MK) *. m. The old t'irbiae 
mill, with t;io horizontal water-wheel. The 
axle passed ver.icxlly through th> nethar 
millstone aud, there being no gearing, the 
upper stons made only one revolution f >r 
each turn of the \vater-wh u-1. Three of 
these mills were at work in Assynt about 
1860-.% but they were superseded soon after 
by a modern mill. 
na.-ui*gtt, a wat'r-mill. (see below.) 

Air cul a' mhuilinn, behind tht mi'l. 
muilennnach, -aiche, a. Of, or belonging to, a 

muilleannachd, s.f. Occupation of a miller. 2 


muileanu-bra, t.m. Qnern. ("for illustrations 
and names of parts see bra.) The quern was 
formeriy the only mill for corn-grin ling used 
in the Gaidhealtachd. It is still in use in 
many parts of northern Europe aud in Asia, 
and the " two women grinding at the mill " 
(qiurn) may he seen to-day in Xazareth ex- 
actly as they were in the days of Christ. The 
implement consists of two stones, the lower 
being about two feet in diameter, and com- 
monly hollowed to the depth of about six inch- 
es. This hollow is of equal depth and dia- 
meter. Within this is placed horizontally, a 
smooth round flag about four inches thick, 
and so fitted to the cavity that it can Just re- 
volve with ease. Through the centre of this 
revolving fl ig there is bored a hole for convey- 
ing the grain. In me lower stone, in the cen- 
tre of its cavity, there is fixed a wooden pin 
on which the upper stone is placed in such 
ex'ict e^niponderance, that, though then be 
Horn * friction from their contact, a little force 
applied will raa'ce tUe upper stone revolve f<>r 
several times, when there is no grain under- 
neath. On the surface of the upper stone, 
and near the edge, are two or three holes, just 
de;>p enough to hold in its place the stick by 
which ir. is turned round. The working of the 
quern is left to the women, two of whom, 
when the gram is properly dried, sit squat- 
ting on the ground, with the quern between 
them -in<l singing loudly an appropriate song, 
perform their work, on* turning round the 
stone with the handlo placed in one of the 
hol-'S. and the other dropping the corn in 
through the lar^e holo. The law of Scotland 
at cnvjtttd in vain to discourage tho use of the 
quern. In the year 1218 it was enacted ''that 
n ! man shall presume to grind quneit, mais- 
loch or rye, with hand mylnes. except he be 
co npelled by storm, and be in la'-!v of mylnes 
i;uhilk should grind the sam ;n , and in this 
c:i- 3. if a in in grinds at haud-mvln s he shall 
yivy the threttuin measure as maker ; and 
gif uny man coturavein* this our prohibition, 
heshill tyne his hand-mylues perpetual! i?." 
oi. ill ,-aun-uisge, s.m. Water-mill, 


1 Loch a' mhuilinn, mill-pond. 

2 Eas a' mhuilinn, m ; ll-rcice, stream of ioa- 
ter that tiirm the mttl-whrft . 

3 Roth mor a' mhuilinn, th; mill-wheel which 
drives the mill. 

4 Hi I'.hailt, mill-hnpp'r, into which tht grain 
if put toffd tht milf. 

5 ('\*x\n,mUl-dcim>>r with thre* r!,<1gi>8, xtrik- 
in'i th* xpniit nfhnpp'r in cnnitf th? grain to 
fill into the fy?, of thf mi'l. 

6 Suil a' mhuilinn, rye of mill. 

7 Fiacaill a' mhuiiinn, n>t.hrr side of upper 
st'ins and upper si'lf of n'thtr ston*. 

8 Aotroman, screw for inti'taxini or d<>cr*ti9- 
ing pressure of stones on the grain, and thus 
making meal fin? or coarse. 

9 Rothan a' mhuilinn, mill-wheels. 

10 Cnoguisean, no fiaclan nan rothan, cogs on 
milt-ii'h 'els. 

11 An Criathar mor, mill-sieve, with two or 
three hfts, and work'd by water power in- 
tttad of by hand. 

muilear, see muillear. 

muileid, -e, -ean, s.m. &f. Mule. 2 Mullet 

aach, -eiche, a. Mulish. 2 Abounding 

iu mules. 3 Abounding in mullets. 
-eachcl, s.f. Muu'shriess. 2 Bad smell. 

muile-mhag, -aig, pi. -acha-mag, s.f. Toad. 2** 
Froe. Cha b" ann air muileacha-uaag a 
chaidh m' arach-sa, it was not on toads that I 
was reared* saying current at the time of 
the Napoleonic wars and indicating the ab- 
surd contempt that then prevailed towards 
the French. 

mnilichdeann, neighbourhood ofL. Ewe for mui- 

muilicheann, -an, s.m. see muinichill. 

ach, -aiche, a. see muinichilleach. 

muilichinn, -ean, see muinichill. 

each, see muinichilleach. 

muilichinnean, see muirlinn. 

muilionn, -inn, -ean, see muileann & builionn. 

ran ill, nen. sing, of moll. 2 Arran for muinK 

muill, v. a. Prepare, gab ready. 

muille, s.f. see muileid. 

muille, Arran fir muinichill. 

ach,+* -ich. s.m. Puddle. 

an, -ein, -in, s.m. Husk, particle of chaff. 

2 Truss of thrashed hay or straw. [DU hai 
hoard a precocious youth describe the puffs 
out of a smoker's mouth as " muilleanan."] 3 
Little bell. 

anach, -aiche, a. Husky, chaffy. 2 Abound- 
ing in bundles or trusses of straw. 

muillear, -eir, -an, s. m. Miller, 
m.-cardudh, a cnrdinj-milltr. 
m.-lin, a fax-mill? r. 
m.-luadhaidh, a fuller of doth. 
m.-mine, a meal-millfr. 

achd, s. /. Business of a miller. 2 


m'ul-lea^hann,** a. Flat-headed. 

muilleid, soe muileid. 

mail lion, -an, s. m. Million. [Followed by a 
noun in the gen. pi. unaspiraced.] Muilhon- 
an de shluagh an fheoir, millions of the ten- 
ants of the grass. 

muillnean, -ein, -an, see muillean. a. Of, or pertaining to, amilL 

mailnear, see muillear. 

muilt, <jf,n.sin<j. & n. pi. of mult. 

e'ag, -eig, prov. for muileag. 

ean, -ein, -an, s.m. dim. of mult. Little 

wether or ram. 

muilteanach.ft a. Abounding in little wethers 
or rams. 

muiltein, (car a mh ,) s.m. Somersault. 

muilt-fheoil, -fhe6!a, s.f. Mutton. Abjumli. i^ in nr.itcon. 

muime, -aclian, s.f.ind. Nurse. 2 Stop mjshar. 




8 Godmother. 4 Midwife. Fhuair i m., the 
got a nurse. 

ach, -che, a. Novercal. 

-ch\oh, *,/. Wet-nurse. 

-altnun.** s.f. Dry-nurse. 

main, rpn.rin?. of mun. 

mum, s.m ind. Making water. 

mnin, v.a. Teach, instruct, educate. 2 Show, 
point out. 3 lien r. 4* Instruct in lesson of 
politeness or good-breeding. 

mnin, sj.ind. The back, back part of the neck. 
U Fat adhering to the entrails of an animal. 
3** Mountain. +4 The vine, see crann-fiona. 
6 Gaelic name of the letter M. t<3 Thorn, 
bramble. Thog e air a mh. an laoch, he rais- 
ed tht hero on his back ; air m. a ensile, on 
each o'hfr't backs, upon "ach o'htr ; air m. a' 
inhonaidh, on the top of tht hill ; chaidh e 
air a m., h* had carnal connection with her. 

muin, v.a. Mi -turate, make water. 

rouince,** &.f. Collar. 

muincneall, see mninichill. 

ach, see muimchilleach. 

muinchill, -ean, sae mniuichill. 

mutnchille, see muinichill. 

ach, -eiche, a. see muinichilleach. 

muinchinn,** s.m. Headland 2 Sea-coast. 

imiiue, W. of Rots for muinne. 

fmuine, s.f. Whore. 2 Mountain. 3 Thorn. 4 
I'.ramble. 5 The redding. a. Learned, educated, taught. 2 
Of, orb-jonging to, the neck, necked. .3** 
Strong-necked. 4**Thorny. A mharc ghlas- 
mh,, his <jrry stroryj-nwkrd horse so given by 
**, but ghlas-mhningeach, grey-maned, is BO 
doubt what is meant. 

muineach, -eiche, a. see muingeach. 

-adh,** -aidb, s.m. Taking possession. 

muinead, -eid, s.m. Collar. 2 Necklace. 

muineadh, -eidh, see munadh. 

munieal, -oil, -an, s. m. The neck of a person, 
lamhach, of a beast.) 2 The breast. 3**Jaws. 
M. na laimhe, the wrist given by **is a jo- 
cular expression. 

miunealacth.-'iiche. a. Necked. 2 Long-necked. 
3 Having largfs jaw i. 

muinean-Muire,$ Parsley, see pearsal. 

ma in ear, -eir, -an, s.m. Teacher instructor. 

mn\f\e\l, gen.sing. of muineal. 

liming, , -em, s.f. Mane of a horse. 

muinge,** s. Careanet. 2 Collar. 

ach, -eiche, a. Maned. 2 Of, or belong- 
ing to a mane. U Having a long or thick mane. 

mninjjhiall, -a, -an, sj. Headstall of a halter or 

ach, -aiche, o. Having a headstall, 

as a bridle or halter. 

mninghin, -e, -ea-i. see muini'chiu. 

each, -eiche, a. see muinighineach. 

mninicheall, -ean, see muinichill. 

ach, see mumiohilleach. 

muinichill, -ean, s.m. Sleeve. 

each, a. Sleeved. 2** Having long 


muinighin. -e, -ean, *./.Hope, trust, confidence. 
t Assurance. 3 Stay, dependence. 4 Security. 
ft*Fort. fortress. 6** Reliance. Am ra. a 
chosnaidli.d^Dcnrfi'ri;? on his da>'bi labour ; is tu 
mo mh threun, than art my chi-f confidence ; 
m. 'uaaiinn-sm, trust in his nam-t. 

each, -eicho, a. Hoping, trusting, 

confident, relying. 2 Hopeful, sanguine. 3 

eachd,** s.f. Confidence. 2 Hope- 
fulness, Anguin^nM*. 

muininn, *./. a^e muiuigbin. 

mmnle,(CR) <ee mninichill. 
mri imh^ur, -ir, g.m. see min 
muin-na-wia-mine . /. Cloudberry, (lit, the 

gentlewoman's vino,) see oijhreag.' 
muinn, sea muin. 
muinne, -ach an, */. Tallow tripe. 2ftStomach 

rnuinnidh, -e, -can, s.f. prov. for mning. 

muinniim, see muinighin. 

nvii mlexr, -ir, -an, a.m. see muillear. 

mnj.-mte, a. seo muinte. 

mui mtcachil, t.f. Disposition, prov. 

nviinnteanch nl. -aich, simnlv a genitive of 
inuinntir, aUkou;*') Riven in dictionaries as a 
nominative, seo nvnnntireach. 

, a. se'i miiinntireach. 

d, see muinutireachd. 

muinntearas, see mninntirtja*. 

muinnlir, -e A -tr -ach, t.f. cull. & sinrj. People, 
men. 2 Inhabitants. 3 Parents. 4 Relation. 
5 Family, household. 6 Tribe, clan. 7 Ser- 
vants. 8 Farm-hand*. Cha do ghabh a mil. 
feMu ri5,^ix own [relation*] <Hd nnt. receive him; 
m. a' bhaile seo, the -people of this toicn ; in. 
an tai'^he seo, the inhabitant* of tkit house ; 
do mh., /of<r p<>pl?, your rtla'ion-t ; do mh. 
che le, yon.r spouses ptonlr ; 'sann de mh. 
Uidhist a tha e, ht is a nntiv of (fist, or hit re- 
lations art? List p-oplf ; m do dhuthcha, thy 
cnitnfi-ym~n. In sonv-j t'lacs they say " a' mh. 
bheag is a' mh. mhor " for an flvjadhaum 
bheag is an fhe.i'lhainn mh6r," th*, 61/7 on"t 
and the lltU? ones. [These nouns are not pi. 
so the adjectives must be sing., but the pro- 
nouns would be i)l.] 

muinntireach, -eiche, a. Having a numerous 
household. 2 Of, or belonging to, a house- 
held. 3**Kind, friendly. 

, -eich, s.m. Servant, hireling. 2* 

Acquaintance. 3 Follower. 4**Establish. 
ment of servants, household. Run a muinn- 
tireach, 1h* love of her household ; gean mb., 
an old acquaintance. 

d,* n.f.ind. Acquaintance, deal- 
ings, correspondence. Sean rah., old acquaint* 

nmi mtireas, -<ais, t.f. Service, servitude, office 
of a servant. 2* Correspondence, dealing, 
commanication. 8{AO) Covenant. 4tflndeu- 
tnreship. 5**Kindness. 

mninntir Fhionnhudh, The fairies Lewis. 

muin-sheud, s.rn. (^arcanot, onch. 

miainte, past pt. of muin. Taught, instructed, 
educated, z Polite, well-bred. S Beauteous. 

muinteachd, s.f. Disposition. 

muintear -eir, -au, see muinear. 

muin-theud, s.m. Collar. 

muir, -e, *./. pi-ov. for muire. 

mnir, gii. mara, dnt. muir, roc. a mhurr ! pi. 
marannan, t.m. de f. The sea. 2 Sea ocean. 
3 Wave. 4 pi. Large billows. [/.-TO. in Bid- 
fnoch. In Lewis the nom. is/., and the g->n, 
is m A' mhuir, ceann a' mhara.] Le*iu mi 
thar m. thu, I folio wed tkef over thf t*a ; air 
mnir 's air tir, by tfa and 6y land ; a' mil. 
mhor, th- octan ; a' Mh. Dubh, ftf Block Sea ; 
a' Mh. BhnUhe, thf Yellow Sa ; M.-na- 
meadhon-tire, the Mditerramv,n Sao ; airm 
mnra, a nany. 

muir,(AH) a. f. Worry, discomposure, mental 
ttffering, Nach ami air a tha a' mhnir .in 
diugh ! how troubled hf isto-<lay /tha m. ort 
an <tiu^h,a Dhomhnuill, you are in thf dolourt 
1o-<lny, Donild. 

muirbh'cachadh, -aidh, s.m. Amaeem?nt. 

ninirhhleas,;,** K.rn. SLufddity. 2 Ama/.cniftnt. 

muirbbrinn, Scarecrows. 2 Termagant*. 




muir-bhruehd, -an, t. in. Jlightide. 2 ;MM; I throiijr. ill-provided for fa nilv. Mathairna 

s<Ni-\varo on a large scalo. | mnirii-bmn, the 'mother of the. fumUy. 

in'iir-Lh'i;U'haiil,tf i.m. (jivat northern dh er - ! mniricld im-;ich, -eich.i, a. L'aving a numerous 
ioiyin>>i<sy>aciali*. 2 Red-throated diver, see j offspring. 2 Burdensome, bdn^in,; much care, 
leaiva mhor. , 3*Hur i-jd. 4* Hard-pressed. 

imiiriculinn,* see muirlinn. 
muirighean.(MS) s.m. Generation. 2 After aje-i. 
muirighinn,*"_*. /. Noise. 2 Burden, heavy 

i!i'ur-chr>bbh,ch,** -airh. s.f. Squadron, fleet. 

ui'iircheartach,** .m. Kviert. 

frnuir-cbreach,** t.f. Wave. 2 Piracy, sea- 

m urcinn,(CR) s.f. Ankle Svtt'tf. [Oblique 
case tb^i correct num. is luuircuaun ] 

cnuir-dhealbbadh, see U3uii 4 -c-61a.s. 

niuir dlie 

charge. 3 Family. 

each,** a. Burdensoino 

2 Having a 

Mit ir-<lli ruiih Inn. 
muir-dhroi^hinu, s.m. A^rimr>ny--(i 

niuire. n.f. Leprosy. 2* Hurry. 3**Earth. 4 

Mprtjir. 5 Dry scab. C Scurvy, 
tmiiireacb, -eicho, a. Leprous. 

t . -eich. s.m. Lepr. 

lunireach,** -eich, s. m. Sovereign. 2 Sailor 

n arin.-r, marine. [** iays f.J 
muireach, a. Scabious, 
nniivach, -ti<-he, a. Marine, 
nr'ireartian, -ain, g.m. Bulwark, 
nu'iireadh, -eidh, see muire. 
iiniirc-adh, see muirglieadh. 
Iniiiirean,** -ein, m. Woman. 2 Young wo- 
man. [** xives /.] 
ii.ujr, j ann,**-iun, -an, s.m. Fish-spear. 2 Spear, 


nuiireannach, a. Like a spear or dart, 
ji.uiieardach, s.f. I'emale fiprhter or champion. 

'i Dnd'iunti'd female Sar-Obair 
nmirvil, a. Naval, maritime. '2 Like a sea. 
rnn.r-cb'as, -ais, *.m. Hydrography. 
inuiT-fhv;vc v i-l.* /. Fleet, squadron. 

l ** -ail, s.m. Ann of the sea. 
i'j;, s.f. Firth, narrow sea. 
-eidh, pi. -an & -ghean, s.f. Tri- 
dunt. fl-h-spe^r. 
TD'iir-t'headh. -j;b.t'6idh, t.m. Bean -goose anser 

S"jet\tin. [** gives anas an*?r.] 
tnmir-gh ilt, s.f. Mermaid. 
in i iv ht-ji,lh, pi. of muir-gheadh. 
inr.iru'liin-niuire. see inaii:hdean-mhara. 
n>i.irj;hii]-na-tuinnL', see maighdpan-mhara. 
nnurKMineach, -eiche, a. Dull, stujld. 

d, s.f.ind., stupidity. 

niMir-gbinnench, see inuirighinneacb. 
inuirgijieas,** ^i-, s .m. Dulness, stupidity, 
niniruhe, see niuiighoadh. 
muir^rim, t.f. Naval engagement, 
muirichiun, see nmirighinn. 

mniricbinu, Childreu, family. 2 Burden, ' 
eare. 3* Hurry-burry. 4 Inmates or occu- 1 
pants of one house Sai--0lair. i>* Young | 

heavy charge. 3 Poor. 4 Numerous, as a 

m!iirine;tch, s.m. Sea-maram, sea-umtweed 

ammo/ihi^a an-naria <k psantma ai-enaria. seo 

iuuirireaa.5 s. Badderloeks, hen-ware, see mir- 

niuir-!an, -iin, #.m. High-tide, high-water, 
muirlinn,* s.f. Birse.s kind of edible sea-weed, 
muir-tnhaighistir,^ a.m. Large white gull, glau- 
cous, see faoileag mhor. 

inuirn, -e, s.f. Cheerfulness, joy. 2 Delicate- 
ness, tenderness, nicety. 3 Natural affection, 
love, fondness, regard. 4 Respect. 6 Hospi- 
tatity. 6**Caressing, caress. TttGraudeur, 
pomp. 8+t Politeness. 9** Troop, company. 
10* Entertainment with excessive tenderness 
or fondling, as of children. 
'S aim rompa a bha a mh.,how hospitably thty 
were reci--Vfii ; le furbhailt is m., witJi compla- 
cency f/ncf ho*pit iity ; taigh na iBuhn, , .;- 
htnnt of lioainiality ; a thaooh a , hy rrawn of 
hospitality ; le m., on acconnt of dtlieacy. 
muirneach, ->. iche, a. Cheerful, joyful. 2 Deli- 
cate, tender. 3 Dear, beloved, fond. 4 vAC) 
Precious, endearing, prepossessing. 6 Res- 
pectful, showing respect, polite. 6* Hospita- 
ble. 7 Spoilt, as a child. SftGrand, pomp- 
ous. 9**Spinted. 10 "'Pleasant, exhilara- 
ting. Mac- m., a dearly -bclovrd son ; m. uime, 
car?ss>nj him ; an durdail inh., the pleasant 
murmur ; each mor-mh., a ?iigh-8pirited horse. 
muirneachd, s.f. Daintiness. 
nuirne,\dh, -aidh, *. m. Fondling, caressing, 


muimeag, -eig, -an, s. f. Cheerful woman or 
girl. 2 Tender or delicate woman. 3 Dar- 
ling, beloved woman. 4ttCivu or polite fe- 
male. 5 Affectionate girl. 

ach,** a. Cheerful. 2 Fond, affection. 

ate, as a girl. 

muirnealaehd, s.f.ind. Nicety, 
muirneamh,** -imh, s.m. Overseer, 
rauirnean, -em, -an, s.m. Dearly- beloved per- 
son, darling. 2 Petulant person. 3 Minion. 
4ff Polite man. 5tfPompous man. 6**Cheer- 
ful young person. 7**Arfectiouate young per- 

ach,** a. Affectionate. 2 Cheerful. S 

Beloved, fond. 4 Caressing, 
muiruear, (MS)rf.m. Cheerer. 
nuirnich, v. a. ** Burden, load. 2 Caress, 

fondle, dandle. 3 (MS) Joy. 
muirnin, v.a. Caress, fondle, dandle, 
muir-reubaun, -ainn, s.m. Piracy. 

lir-seiK-he.(AF) *./. Tortoise. 2 Turtle. 
mnir-Kgian, -^gein A -iain, pi. -an, s. m. Spout- 
fi>h, razor-fish. 

acii, -aicho, a. Abounding in spout- 
fish. 2 f,ike a spout-fish, 
muir-sgriobhadh, -aidh, s.m. Hydrography. 
muir--ipuinue,** s.f. Piracy. 

adair, see muir-spuinnear. 

uir-spuinni-adh, -eidh, -eidhean, A-. m. Piracy, 
mnir-spuinnear, -eir, -an, s. m. Pirate, sea-rob- 
achd, s.f.ind. Piracy, sea-robbery. 



fmuirt, s.f. Riches. 

muirteachd, . m. General term for the genu 

medusa of naturalists, vu'g.irly called " sea 

blubber." 2 Uunavigable sea. fmuirteacb 

W. f.oast of Ross.} 
muir-tha.-ar, -air, -an, s. m. Sea-spoil, what 

ever goods are found on the sea-shore. 

Sea-ciiance. (juso tacar-mara.) 
muir-theud, ifia, -an, s.m. Cable, 
muir-thoradh,** -aidh, t.m. Product of the sea 
muir-thuil, -tean, s.m. HLjh tide. 2 Inundation 

by the sea. 

muirtis,** Gaelic spelling of mortice. 
nmir-titheachd,* see muirteaclid. 
inuir-tiughiichd, see mu>rteachd. 
muir-traigh, s.f. Low-water, 
muisde, Qairfask for rauidse. 
umiseach,** a, Surly. 

muHeadh, -eidh, -eiilhean, s.m. see muiseag. 
muisea;, -eig, -an, s.f. Tlireat, threateaiag. 2f 

Fear, terror. 3 Severe treatment. Fo 

mhuiseig, diqnfcUd (lit. under threatening ) 
acn, -aiche, a. Threatening. 2 Fearful 

terrified. b*JProne to threaten. 

adh,**-aidh, s.m.Tnreatenitig. 2 Threat 

rnuiseal,-eii, -an, *. m. Muzzle, curb, check. \ 

Muzzle of a plough. 
ach, -aiche, a. Having a muzzle or curb 

2 Like a muzzle or curb, 
mui.sean, -eiu, -an, s.m. Mean or sordid fellow 

2 Ramacallion. 3 The d^vil. 

mmsean, -ein, -an, s.m. Cowslip, palsywort 
primula veris. 2 Primrose. 

ach, -aichi*, a. Abounding in cowslips or 
primroses. 2 Like a cowslip or primrose. 

ni'iiseanach, -aiche, o. Low, sordid, mean, dirty, 

muiseanachd, s.f. Meanness. 

iiiui--gean, s.m. Spout-fish Arran. 

inuis>;inn, -e, -can, */. Gaelic spelling of mntch- 
Isin (pint,) see bodach. 

miiisigieh, v.a. Huah. 

1 muitu, a. Dumb, mute. 

Diuiteach, -eiche, o. Changeable, changing, ir- 
resolute, fickle, unsteady, giddy, volatile, vari- 
able. 2 Feverish. 

d, tj.ind. Changeableness, fickleness, 

variableness, inconstancy. 

muithteach, see muiteach. 

muitse, Gaelic spelling of mutch (headdress.) 
see muitse. 

inul, -nil, -an, s.m. Conical heap, mound. 2 
Bank or heap of sand. 3 Pebbly or shingly 

beach. 4 Axle-tree. f> Axis. 6**Mnltitnde. 
mul,( MS) *.m. The pole. 
mulabhar, -air, s.m. Dwarf elder, see fllodh-a'- 

rn-ilach, -aich, . m. see ruullach. 2 (AF) nee 

mulach,** -aich, s.m. Puddle, water, dirt. X 

mulachag, -aig, -an, s.f. A cheese, the lump, a 

kebbuck. Giulain a' mhulachaig, carry th 

ach, -aiche, a. Abounding iu cheeses. 

2 Shaped like cheeses. 

mulachaa, -ain, pi. -an [ & -ain**,] s.m. see mul- 

nriUyl, -aid, -an, s. m. Sadness, melancholy, 
grief, dejection. Thie math a in., good comet 
out of s&dnes. 

muladach, -aiehe, a. Sad, sorrowful, melancholy, 
enduring sadness, grievous. M. a ghnarh./or 
ever sad ; is m. an gnotha^h e, it in a m 
aneholy busin'ns ; naidhiachd mh., distressing 

muladachd,** s.f. Afflictedness. 2 Pensiveness. 

3 Piteousness. 4**Di .tressing nature or cir- 
cumstances of a case. 

muIadaich.tJ P.O. Aggrieve, vex. 

mulag,** -aig, g.f. see mullag. 2 see muileid. 
3 Little heao, knoll. 
ach,** a. Hilly, knolly. 

mulaid, gen.siny. of mulad. 

mulaidaaoh,* s^e inu'alacb. 

rmi-laiLn'n, adv. Indifferently. 

muiaa, -ain, -an, s. m. Smill stack or rick of 
corn. 2 Little hill, hillock, knoll. 8 Conical 
hillock. 4 Large conical wave or billow. 5 
Little field. e(MS) Knob. M. tomailteach, 
bulky stacks of corn. [* says t4 never applied 
to hay ;" but it is in Argyllshire.] 

mulanach, -aiche, a. Abounding in .small ricks 
or stacks, fall of stacks. 2 Full of lumps. 3 
Hilly, abounding hi hillocks, knolly. 

mulard,** -aird, s.m. see malard (appendix.) 

mulart, -airc, -an, s.m. Dwarf-elder, see fliodb- 

nulbhnch.(AF) s.m. Sea-calf, seat 2 Porpoise. 

mule, a' mulcadh, v.a. Push, butt with 
the head, as a calf or rain. 2 Dig with the 
srout, as a pig. 3*Dive, duck. 

mule,* muilc, -an, s.m. Lump, shapeless lump. 
2 Duck, die. 

mulcach, -aiche, o. Pushing with the horns or 
head, butting. 2 Digging with the snout. 3 
Jostling. 4**Apt to push or butt. 

uiulcadh, -aidh, s.m. Butting, act of bnttiug. 2 
Digging, act of digging with the snout. 3ft 
Stuff, ram down. 4 Snoving, jostling. 6 Push, 
shove, jostle. A' m , pr. pt. of mule. 

mulcan, see mulchan. 
ulcha, see mulbhach. 

mulchan,** s.m. Long-eared owl, see camhach- 

mul-cheann, 4nn, s.m. The pole. 

lul-chu, *.m. The pole, 
mul-dhorn,** s. Fist, 
mulghart,** -airt, s. The pole, 
mull, see maol. 

mullach, -aic.h, -aichean, s.m. The top, summit, 
or upper extremity of anything. 2 Heignt, 
hill, eminence. 3 Height. 4 Roof. 5 Apex, 
ridge. 6*Essence. 7 Puddle, water. 8 Owl. 
9 see mulbhach. 10 see mulchan. 11 Main 
dorsal, portion of plough-beam. M. na beinn- 
e, the ridge of the hill ; air mullach an taiuhe, 
on the roof of th? house ; m. an t-sl?\oightire, 
a most complete rogue ; m. liath, lorn, a grry, 
bleak eminence ; na m., in her tog ; jn. nan 


, the h'iyht of th- tttirs. 
tunliachAil, -e, a. Coronal 
nmllaeh-tlubb 5 -au-h-dhuibh, -ean-dubha, s.m. 

Knapweed c*n'urca myra, sea cnapau- 


mull'tchd, -an, Suth'd for mallachd, 
imiUa-chlach, .'. Pebble. Mu ml 

an R' ch'iolaich. abou' th> u-a'er-u-oni xt-itin 

"f t l >e bfa^hSgtidcuche-nan-i'aol, p. 10<3. 
tnnllalh, -aMh, -aidheau, t.m. Mouid f jr cast- 


mung, -a, -nn, seemuinz. 

mun<aoh,(ACj a. Shufuinj?. 

mungac'i-m^ar,(AC) x.m. Hemlock Lochabfr., AH) t. m. Blustering, noisy, over- 
bearing fellow. 

nvmganachd, sj.ind. Bullying. 

luun-gounin/DU) s.m. SmaiJ painful tumour. 

raunlaichte,** a. Bd-pissed, bo-mired. 

munloch, -oich, -an, s. m. Puddle, foul water, 

I umnmhur, -uir, -an, sea monmhar. 

an, *./. Cover of a chalice, patine. munmhor, see monmhar. 
mullaid, see muiloid. | munn la, see muinte. 

m \\\;\it. a. Wicked. | mun aiilh, sj. Pam, knave of clubs at loo. 

luullan,** -ai i, Mole. 2 Kind of milking ; mu'n s^a-.-h, see mu seach. 

mur, co>ij. If not, except, unless. M. d*an tlm, 
m :l'.ard,(AF) s.m. see m^lard (appendix.) 
lutilldur, -ea,n, see molltair. 
mul-mhagati,** -ain, *.n. Kind of lar^e toad, 

(ra . of muile-mhig.) 

tnul-mhogag, #./. W.ifRot* for muile-mhag. 
tnulp,** -a, s.m. Lump. 2 Knot. 3 Hump. 
ac'a,** a. Lumpy. 2 Knotty. 3 Gnarled, 

- see maol-.sneimheil. 

-- an,** -ain, s.m. Little lumo. 2 Little knot. 

3 Knag. 

-- anach,** o. Full of 1'ttle knots. 
-- s.J.ind. Knobhines^ 
muJ-sneamh, ** s.m. seo iiiaol-sneimh. 

a ^i ' f 

malt, -nilt, t.m. Wether (sheep.) 

U)nU-cr&, t. m. Harrat-bomj after potatoes 
have been secured A rran. 

m.ilt-r^ithe, Tup. 

ni't 'in, mu'u, prtp. conjoined with nr'., pnse, 
or rd. pron., dee About the, th -ir, my, 
whom, which. 2 Conc.Tuinp the, their, niy, 
whom, which. JJ3 adv. Lest. 4 Before, ere. 

mam, con;', cf ado. see mu' m. 

cm 'n, con}. A adv. see tnu 'm. 

M 'n d' thuhhairtiad, ofichum they a**t>-t*L 
[also used instead of " mar a thabaairt iad," 
at ihfij said.] 

rn-iii, evnj. & adv. see mu 'm. 

imi.i, r. soe main. 

n\ ra,* c s^e muin. 

in, -din, s.m. Urine. O&larmuiti, the gravl. 

tunA-bhuachaill,(AF) t.m. Allan-hawk. 2 Cor- 

3 Direr. 

* a. Inoontinnt of urine. 
*, (AC) s.m. Prosperity. 

inunadh, -aiiih, *.rn. Act of making water. A' 
in , . of main. 

n)unarij. -aidh, t. m. see monadh. 2**Ednca- 
tion, instruction. 3 Admonition, discipline. 
manaidh, the ornatn-nt of educa- 

miiaa ih, -aidh, s.m. Teaching, instruction. 2 
Act of teaching or instructing. S Act of show- 
ing ur pointing out. 4**Affabiiity. 5 Goo<l 

bvhaviuur. 6 Education, 

A* m , pr, pt. of 

tuuuar, -a r, -an, .i. Tri3e. 2 Trifling person. 

^ Fact, dee<l. 
munarau,"* a. Insignificant, trifling. 

. t.m.. dim. of inunar. 

tmtinita, s.m. Champion. 

MIU'U cnairt, prep. Around, about. Mu'n cnan-t 

rii.uih, about m-; around me ; mu m' chuairt, 
me ; rau d' chuairt, around thte ; inu 

except you do ; m. d*an sibhse uituroaciuus ex- 

cept ue repent ; m, bhitheadh gu* J do tiiog e v 

cliui^, were it not that he had aopeaUd , m. 

bhith, vn ? "ss. 
mur, for mar. 
mur, -uir, pi. -air & -uirean, . m Wall. 2 Bul- 

wark, rampart. 8 Fortified place. 4 House. 

5 Hill. 6 Palace. 7 Countless numbtr, as of 

insects. 8 see moire. A' caoidh 'aa m - .U'.-, 

wailiny in the ha'.L ; gach gregh bha 'n ar m., 

every dog in ur kcnae ; in.-oilamh, an a.a- 


mur, v a. Wall in. 2 Fortify. 
mura-bhith,* . /. Excuse, pretence, exception. 

Gun rah. sam oith, without tmy rxceptiou. 
mura-blnuichaill,* ee mnir-bhuachaill. 
murach,* -aioh, -aichean, s.m. Down, 

on the sca-slioiv. a (D.VIC) Dicing, s?e 

nmlc-ulh. Feadh nam muraichean, amnj 

thf downs. 

murafh,** a. Walled. 
ii.urachan (AC) s m. Wealth. M. na mara, the 

wfaltk of the set. 
murach duhh,** g.m. Blackmoor. 
uuiradn,** s.rn. Bent. 
-- ach,** s.m. Siren. 
muras (AF) s.f. Murex. purple-fi^h. 2(DC)Any- 

thing c-wt ashore by the sea Uitt. 
-- an, see moireag. 
tnnran, -ain, s. m, Sea-mnram, sea mat-weed, 

sea-bent, see inuirme.ich. 2 Carrot, see 

curran. 3 Sea-reed Colonwy. 4 Rnp ol 

prass, plaited or woven in norse-collar. 5** 

- ach, -aiche, a. Abounding m sea-boni. 2 

Like sea-bo-nt. 
murasfi,** -aisg, e. m. Sea-shore. 2 Marsh. 8 

Sea.-marsh. 4 Quicksand. 
njur-bhuachaill,** -ean, s.m. see muir-bhuach- 

mur biodh,** v. cond. ney. Were it not, had it 

not been. 2 Were it not, had it not that. 
in u roach, -aiohe, a. Sad, sorrowful. 2ttDark, 

ramMy. 3 Gloomy. 
murcan, ain, -an, s.m Lump-fi'h. 
murca*, -ais, s.m. Sadness, sorrow. 2 Gloomi- 

ness. SftModdiness. 
murdachan.(AF) s.m. Mermaid. 
mur-dhroig-hinn, see muir-dhroighinn. 
murla, -uirle, -an, s.m. Coat-of-maiL 2 Conical 

murlach, -aich, -aichean, s. m. The bird king- 

fisher. 2 Woman haying an ugly head of hair. 

[slay. 3**Dog-fiih. 4;AF) Halcyon. 6 see 


_ . _____ . 

''Ima.rr, around him ; mu'n cuairt d-i.arofm'J I murlag, -aij & -aige, -aigeon. *./. Can i >e-shaped 
' ' ' ' 

hhn ; in' ar c lairt, around us ; mu'n cuairt | 
<luinn, around its ; m' ur cuairt, around ymi; i 
mu'n cuairt duibh, around t/rnt ; in' nn'-uairt, 
oi-oi'ii'.t them 

basket to hold the uncombed wool for 'the 
combsr-th : cree.l holds the rolajan of com > 
ed wo !. The basket is soruetime-i eg-sj-shaped, 

rau'n cuairt daibh, a.-ouna \ with a hole at the top to admit thd hand, and 
i is also called " ciarachaii," 

2 W 




mur!aich,(CRi see 

mu.'iainn, see niurVv;. (Sects, 

murlati,* -.iin t.m. U.jly or rouga head of hair. 

2 Dirty, matted hair. S** Rough head or top. 
nrirlaocli, (AF) s. Dog-fish, soe murlach. 
mnrloch, (AF) s.m. Djg-Q-m, se^ murlach. 
Tiiurluinn, sea nmrlag. 

umru,(AO) s m. bar, ing. 2 Maiden, damsel, girl. 

umrrach, -aioh, a. Able, cn.;*.tble. 2 Efficacious. 
3J Rich. 4 Adequate, Tha mi m. air a dhean- 
amh, / am aJrte t3 do it ; ciol an ni a's naurr- 
aiclie ? what is mor* able f 

murrachaii,(MS) a. Adequate. Gu m., adtqua- 

miirracha", -ais, . m. Ability, capability. 2 
cogency, adtrquateness. 3 Superiority, sufli- 

murrachd,* s.f. (MS) Solrency. 2 see murra- 

tin ir-r i lhach, -aich, * m. Orator. 2 Babbler. 

uurruichd,* s f. Handsome present. 2 Spoil on 
til.? set-shore. 

murraiche, comp. of murrach. More or most 

muriaichvj,** s.f. Ability, capability, powor, 
su riciency. 

m'ir-a^,(AF) s.f. Razor-fish. 

tmursana;-h, -aich, s.m. Subject. 

nmrinla,** a. Servile. 

chd, s.f.ind. Subjection. 

murt, see rnort. 

-~ achail,** o. Murdero is, massacring. 

mnrtnchd, sf. ind. Sultry heat, sultriness. 2 
Weariness or dnlaess produced by heat. 

murtalh, -aidh, see uaortailh. 

murtaidh, -e, a. Sultry, suffuoatin;. 2 Languid 
or weary from excessive heat. 3 Murderous, 

Biurtair, -pan, see mortair. 

eachd. see mortaireachd. 

murthail,((JK) ./. Grumbling Perthshire. 

tmnrlill,** a. Dull. 

murusg, -uisg, s.m. Sea-shore. 2 Sea-marsh. 

urns, (m6 's or moth a 's) a. Too much, exceed- 
ing. 2 Exhorbitant. M. Ian, too full. 

mus, con), (i.e. mm an) see mu'in, mu n. Ere, 
before. Mas fhaillinne-idh aran, ere bread 
should failSwifi'd. ; mus tainig an dil' o 
nearnh, before the deluge came from heaven 
R. $, 5. 

turns, a. Pleasant, agreeable. 2 Handsome. 

mu ach, aicho, a. see mosach. 

mu-:iji, see mosag. 

muviifhe, s.f. see mosaiche. 

, prov. comp. of mosach. 

mu-sai Ih, -can, s.m. Dirty or nasty fellow. 2 
Mean, vile fellow. 

musal,(CR) s.m. Evil threat. 

musc'ita, s.m. Nutmeg. 

mu seach, ailv. Alternately, by turns. 2 Laid 
by. 3** In return. 4**To and fro. Uair mu 
seacb, time abovt ; deanaibh mu seach e, do 
(ye) it alti'rnat-ly ; an uachdar mu seach, al- 
ternat-ly up and down , fear mu seach, one by 
otif ; tba 'obair dol mu seach air, his work 
accumulates on his hands ; air^iod mu seach, 
woii'i/ laid by^ 

mu.^, -uisg, -an, s.f. Musket. 

mu-tg,** v.n. Grow mouldy or musty. 

mbfjCi -uisg, -an, t.m. Eye-rheum. 2 Ugly eye. 
'6 Gore of the eyes, 

.- ach, -aiche, a. Rheumy. 2 Mouldy, musty. 

3 Rheum-eyed. 

mu<:ach, -aiche, a. Arm -d with muskets 2 
< >!, or belonging to, mu-kots. 3 Like a mus- 
ket. 4 Full of nm>krls. 

, s./.ind. iJlearednass. 

air,** .?/,. Musketeer. 
raus^ai 1, ./. see mu <j. 
luu-i^aii, s^e mo-gait. 
musgiin, see m ,-ga.n. 
mu-galacb, sea nu-* aiach. 
Luu,<galtach, sea mo .galach. 
- d,** s.f. see mo galachd. 
mudjau, -ain, s.m. see mo-igin. 
mu-gan, -ain, -an, s.m. Hose-iish, tjaper. 2(AF) 
Mussel. 3 (AK) Large razor-ash, 4 e,; m >.<- 

- ach, -aiche, a. Abounding 5 
mu^ganach, -aiche, o. sea rno-gau ten. 
musganaKlid, see mo ginaeh t. 

mu sgaoil.adp. AbroaT. at lar,'e. Cluiidh aleig. 

eil mu sgaoil, he was set fm. 
mnsgladti, -ai-lh, see mosgladh. 
muscar,** -air, s.m. Self-au.Iicieucy. 2 Muster. 
mustar-mhaiol>sfcir,** r.m. Muater-:nasfcer. 
mu-iuinn, -e, -can, s.f. Confusion, tuoiult, hurly- 

burly. [* gires f.] 
mut,** s.m. Any short thiag. 
mutach, -aiche, a. Short, tuick and blunt. 
rnfctach,** a. Mouldy, musty. 
matag, see miota. 
mutitiche, s.f. MouMiness, muslin es^. 
muraire,(AH) s.m. Fellow who likes to act oa 

the sly. 2 Smuggler. 

- ach I, s.f. Uonca&led or hidden deeds. 2 1 

m^itain, gun. smj. & of mutan. 

mu'an, -ain, -an, s.m,. Muff (article of dress.) 
2 Thick glore. 3 Old rag or anything woru 
by time or disease. 4 lingeries glove. 5ft 
Small leather covering. 6**Cover for a gun. 
7* Stump of a finger. 8 -see muda-n. 

mutli, v.a. <& n.^e, alter. 2 Begin to rot, 
decay, deteriorate. 3 Kill, destroy. 4**CJiye 
in exchange. 5** Shift, turn. 6 Diversify. 
Mh. e mo tUuarasdal, he changed m<i uajrs. 

muth, . m. Change, alteration, difference. 
Vicissitude. 3 Novelty. 4 Decaying. 5 Small 
money in exchange for largar pieces. 

mutha, see mut.hadh. 

muthaoh, v. see much. 

mtiuhach, -aich, -aiche.ui, s.m. Herd, herdsmnn. 
2 Cowherd. 3ft M1U contractor. Caillear bc> 
an droch mhuthaich seachd bliadhna 
am miUiich, the bad herdsman's cow is iost 
sfven years before Ihf time. 

muthach, a. Chaaginj, changeable. 

muthachadh, -aidh, see niuthadh. 

nmthaehd,(MS) *./. Fustiness. 

Biutbadh, -aidh, s.m. Changing, act of chang- 
ing, shifting or altering. 2 Altersuion.changd, 
difference, vicissitude, traatdtioa 8 Novelty. 
4 Change in money. 5 Killing, act of killing 
or destroying. 6 Destm.-tio^ perdition. 7** 
Decaying. A* m , pr. pt. of muth. Tha m. 
air, he in cfianjed ; thoir dhotnh m. cruin, yiyt 
me, change for a crown ( five Khilc-inji) ; th^i-l 
a dhreach am m., its fashion shall perish ; a' 
dol am in., perishing, d<?cuyi:ig ; do bhraihair 
lag a' m., thy weak brother p- risking ; air ma. 
doigh, in 9 different manner. 

umthaidh.(MS) a. Fusty. 

muthaidh, fut. aff. a. of muth. 

muthairn, -e, -can, prov. for mughairn. 2 (AC/X 
Little mother, dear little mother. 

each, -eiche, o. seemujhairneach. 

muthalach. -aiche, a. see muituach. 

d, s. see muiteachd. 

muthan.** -ain. s.w. see maothan. 
, niutliar, fu'.pnsf. of muth. Shall be chansrcd. 
'mu thiniv-lnoH. prrp. About, around, coriv^jrn- 
iii^ Mu m' thi..m''ini>ii. a .:it nit ; mu d* 
I th., atiout tim t mu 'th , mboiit him ; tn' a U 

tnu thimchioU 


altnit her ; m' ar t.. a?iout iti ; m' ur t., about 

us ; m' an t., about thnn. 
nm theinn, ale. J3u-iy Arran. A phrase in 

constant use, e.-r. tha tlui mu th-nun, you art 

tmtf ; thft na m^daidh mu theinn, the dogs are 

bitty (bark'nj.) 

muth-iona la -h, -aicho, rt. Inverse, 
muthtach, -aiche, see inuiteach. 
d, . see inuUeachd. 

muthteachas, see nmueachd. 
ma thn.aiream, prep. About (in estimate.) Mu 

thuiiream fi -head la, ahwt ticentj/ davs ; dh' 

f hag mi mu thuaiream seo e, / If/l it here- 


n, nuin. fV ash-trtf ; the twelfth letter of the 
Gaelic alphabet at pre*^ in ns3. N, when 
immediacely prt'c Hied bv (', souri Is li'.ie n in 
Knglish ic in ; nn, when intinodittdty prcc-.'cL'd 
by i', soun Is like gu in I'Veuc'i jpiignf, orn/ 
in English sing. Wh"n preced >d and followed 
by broad vowels, nn ha* a particularly deep 
an I broad sound, which has n:> e ]uivaU>nt 
in Knglish. The m >nosyllabLe an. when the 
a-.'xt woril begins with c or 7, .sounds like aw, 
as, an cu, the doy. Tlie letter n when aspira- 
ted is not followed by h in writing, and a 
distinct! >n between th > pla'n and aspirated 
sounds is n >t generally ma lo in Northern 
Gaelic, although there i-; an apptvc'able dif- 
f-jrenc-s botwwen the n in, nigh do chasnn. 
tra h your fe t. which i< plain, an I tint, in, 
igh e*. chiican. li trashed fits f"t, which is 
asjiiratud, whontheyar- t.orr'ctiy pronounc- 

*n, cent, for an, art. Dh' 61 iad de'n fhion, they 
drank of the icine.. 

*n, cont. for an, r.'l.nron. Mu 'n d'thubhairt iad, 
of whom they tUtffitd, 

'n, cont. (or an, po*$.p,-oit. Le 'n lamhan 's le 'n 
casan. with their hand* and f-'t. 

*n, cont. for an. 'N taigh, ma house. 

*u, cont. for an ? mX-r. particle. 'N d' fha'j; thu 
mi ? have yon Itfi m,> * 

'D, con', for an. f-ai'ticlt. A chrmn g u 'n robh 
eagal orra, hewing th*;/ were afraid. 

O-, is placed between the possessive pronoun" 
ar, ear, and blmr, your, and the noun follow- 
ing when it begins with a vowel. Mar sin 
rum bhar n-aiturichean, so did your forrfath- 

na, gm ring. few. of art. an. Fo ghruaim na h- 
oidhche, under thfgtooM of th> ni;jht. 

na, now.* da', pi. of ait. an.' Air na beanntaibh, 
on the M0wn/at'/M. 

na, cnnj. Than. NA'S fhearr na sin, better than 

na, pron. fulfilling: the function of an antece- 
dent an i relative in English (=^an do, con- 
tract -d.) That which, what, those who, those 
ft hi -h. Mu m, thubhair&'s na rin'i thu, con- 
cfrniny what tkon ha^t said a. id don*; na thain- 
JL r , th'yxe thit canv ; na 's urrai-m mi, that 
vh-i-h I can ; n\ dli' fh.vnjts, thus* that re- 
main, tha' irhich rfma'ns. 

na, a<io. >ot, let uot. Na tig an seo, do not 
comf h >rf. 

na, pro*, fur do 'n. Chnidh e tiabhaile, A went 
to (into) tJi' town BlMfnock, Ac. 

fna, con}, for no. 

na. par i id', Used before preterites of verbs 
(i.e. an do.) Far na tii'od's'ai.- sinn an Lriuir, 
where we IMV buried the titi-ee. 

'n a, c-^nt. fir ana. Fanaibh (ja-'h duine 'n a 
a'te fein, a'ride y fvry man in his own p'ace ; 
*na choigreac'i, ftp b'inrj a, 8tranj"r. 

'11-4, b >fore a potg. pron. for au & ann, prep. Am 
bheil thft 'nad shla/nto ? are yon inh-al'/i .* 
tha iad 'nam fitmii ihh *.ian aghaidh fein, 
they arewiin'8*es ajainst th-mg^lvt. 

na, adv. (i.e. o'n a) Since that, whereas, foras- 
much as. 

nab:\c!iail, -e, rt. Neighbourly. 

nab ich-is, -ais, s.m. Neighbourhood, vicinity. 2 
Ne ighbourlinnss. 

niba^-hd, j>rov. for nabaidheachd. 

nabaidh, -ean, . m. Neighbour. [* ears " a 
neighbour " in the North, and " a North 
Highlander " in the Wtrt.] 

eachas, seonabaidheachd. 

eachd. s.f.ind. Nai^hbourhood.vicinity. 

2 Neighbourliness. 
nkbuidh, see nabaidh. 

nach, pron. int. Who no*, which not, whom 
not, that not. An t-.aon nach ti.c, t'i one 
that will not com? ; suinn nach be6, h>rofs 
th>.it are not living 

nach, adv. <fr con;. That not, mt. A chi >nn n. 
'eilan righ a' toirt fogaraich air an ais,o?cai(S' 
the king <lo"g no' restore fajitivs. 

nach ? n'g.''nteri-.p&rticlf. Nach 'eil fhio^ agad 
fiafcha.-st ? knu't*t thoii not i,"t 1 n. tnmgh mi 
lent ? a-n I not t'> be niti <i with yon .* n. m ith 
e ? is it njt good ? n. tig thu ? will you not 
com," .* 

nad,** s.m. The poster! >r^t. 

'n ad, co>it. for an a I (au do.) 'Nad chridhe, in 
th : i heart. 

fna !a, s. Nothing. 

na iar, -air, -air.eao, see nadur. 

rac v i, -nich?, see t adurra. 

nadmhorrach, a. s^e nddurra. 

uadur, -uir, -uirean, s.m. Nature, constitution 
of the material world. 2 Constitu lion of any 
particular thing. 3 Disposition, temper, mind. 
4 Nature, constitution or (itness of things. 5 
Sinful or depraved nature of min, in a spirit- 
ual sense. 6 Bent, inclination, instinct, na- 
turalness. Obair na luir, the work of nature ; 
do dhroch n.. your la t ti-mp'r. 

ra, a. Natural, according to nature. 2 

Good-mtured, of a g >od natural disposition. 

3 Affectionate. 4 In a s f ate of nature, unre- 
newed by dhine grac\ 5**Humane. Nigi>- 
ean n., an a/^ti->nitf fUwg\tir ; dea:j;h-n., or 
math-n., good-trmp-r.-d. 

rach -aich , a. see nadurra. 

rachd,* 1 . see nadur. 

rail, -e, a., proc. for na-lurra. 

nngair,** a. Comply, handsom;. 
fnaibh,** s.f. Ship. 

t eag,** -eig. s.f. Littlj ship. 

naid, -e, -can, s.f. Lamprey. 2* 'Husband, 
naid'ieaciid, s.f.ind. News, tidings. De dv> n. 1 ? 

what ncics lav t/oit ! droch u. dhuit-se, bad 

intd'.igwf for j/ou. 
fnail,*" a. Another. 
n.ii'l-bJieul,** bheoil, s.m. Bridle-bit, (an ail 1- 


iil<', int. Tnle^d. trnly. Sinp7iaficaR:j, naUe 

fe n ! a c.<mni..m form of aisoveralion. N. fcia 

u.eLl mi diiachaidii, by my sooth I s'.t 


fnilini,** s./. Bargain, covenant, 
uilimh, gen.xinj. <fc of namh. 
naimhde, pi. of namhaid. 
naimhdeach, -aiche, a. ,SIM> na'mhdeil. 
na'iahdoalach, seo nainvid' il. 

i, *./. see ir'ii 

uaimh'lealas, -ais, see 

2 W 




.rai;niidean, p j . of na'n'uaid. 

---- as, see naimhd-as. 

lia mhdea.s, -eis, s.m. (*.f. in Had'noch.) Enmity, 

hostility, mil.ce. ^**Vici >u ,nes, ranco'ir. 6 

Keeuness, eagerness, vehemence. 4* Viudic- 

tiveness, resentment. 
-fnaindean,** -ein, s. m. Valour, chivalry. 2 


f -- ach, a. Valorous, chivalrous. 
f -- ach,** s.m. Valorous person. 
iiaimhdeil, -e, a. Hostile, warlike, like an en- 

emy. 2 Malicious. ii**Uaneorou3, vicious. 

4 Keen, vehement, eager. 
fiia-'ng,** s.f. Mother. 
t - -mV.or, -mhoir, s.f. Grandmother. 
nair, -e, see naire. 
'11 aird, adv. Aloft, up, upward. 2 From balow. 

3 On hi-h. Oha'dh e 'n aird, he went aloft. 
fnaire,** a. Clean, neat, tr;m, tidy. 
naire, s.f.ind. Shame, di-graee, ignominy. 2 The 

feeling of shame. 3 Bashfulnosa, modesty. 

Mo n. ! for aha me ! fy ! gabh u., feel dnhamed; 

gun n. gun athadh, without shame or confu- 

sion of ja:e ; fo n., ashamed ; air bheag n., 


fnaireach,** a. Brave. 2 Generous. 
naireach, -eiche, a. Shameful, disgraceful. 2 

Bashful, modest, shamefaced, sheepish. 3* 

Easily abashed. Ni n., an ignominious thing ; 

tha 'u duine n., the man t* bashful. 
naireachadh, -aidh, s. in. Ashaming, act of a- 

shaming or causi.'ig shame. 2" Abashing, dis- 

gracing. A' n , pr. pt. of nairich. Tha nai 

air mo u., / am ashamed. 
niircachd, s.f. see naire. 
iiairich, v.a. Shame, affront, make ashamed, 

browbeat, insult. 

- ear, fut.pass. of nairich. 

- ulh.fnt.a/. a. of nairich. 

te, past pt. of nairich. Ashamed, made 
Mhamed, a/fronted. 

naii ne,** s.f. Purity, chastity, modesty. 

nai.s,** s.f. Furnace. 2 Fire-hearth in a forge. 

naisti:',(AI-J) s.f. Old inhabitants of a conntry. 

naisg, a' nasgadh, v.a. Burl, make fast, 
5J .Seal. 3 'Deposit, money, pledge. Nai--g- 
eadh each le cairdeas, let the rest be bound by 

tn us;*, -o, -ean, s.f. Ring, seal. 

nais^ear, -eir, s.m. Conjunction in grammar. 

- ,** fut.pass. of naisg. Shall be bound. 
naisgidh, fut.a/.a. of naisg. 

nai.sgte, pa*t pt. of naisg. Bound, made fast, 
secured. 2 Sealed. 

naisii h, v.a. Embellish. 

nai.-inn,* see naistinn. [* gives, Deep and over- 
delicate sense of duty, excessive sense of gra- 
titude, particularly in matters of hospitality 
that puts to inconvenience.] 

fna>ir,** s. Old inhabitants of a country. 
,mai-,neach, -ciche, a. see naistinneacn. 

naisneaohadh,*' s.m. Decoration. 

uai nenchd, see naistinneachd. 

naisjiich,** v.a. Decorate, embellish. 

nai.tinn, -e, x.f. Care, wariness, attention, vigi- 
lance. 2** Circumspection, modesty. S Na- 
tive. 4 (AH) Sense of duty, as in a servant 
towards his master's interests. 5 (DMC) Na- 
tion, trioe. Na bitheadh n. sam bitn ort 
air mo slum-sa, don't put you>'$"lf to any in- 
convenience on iny account ; is beai n. a th' 
onn air a shon sin, / do not feel nny cxc-'.^stve 
s->tS" vf propriety <o rftiirn (hat faomir; n. an 
air- anatiof of the place ; Ian na;stiim, full 

! C"ntinent, sober, temperate. 4**Cosm-iie. 
ft* Feeling a deep senne of obligation. 0*rVr- 
sevt-ringly at. work fr.u a sen<e ot du r y (fo a 
fault.) 7 Showing exc-a ivo hus;>itali y au4 
decency to a stranger from a f 
the laws of such. 

naistinneachd, s.f. ind. Modesty, shaiueface.U 
ness. 2**Continence,sobernes8,temueraU'n^-i. 
a* Deep sense of duty or propriety of the ob- 
servance of hospitality. 4* Too much keeu- 
ness at work from the >ania f-.tsliug. 
Le n. agus stuaim^titA shame facsdwss and so- 
briety ; 'gan sgeadach vdh f^in le n., adorning 
thfms'loea ivith shatne'ticedne*-!. 

naitheas, -eis, -an, s.m. ilarm, injury, mischief, 

ach, -aiche, a. Harmful, mischievous, 


..,,'!, -jicho, a. Caroful, wary, att-utivo. 
it. 2 Modest, shaia i ,-c I. 


tnall, s.m. Bridie. 

nail, (i.e. a nail) adv. To this side, hither, to- 
wards us, from the other side. A mum ' a 
i.all, thither and hither ; thigjadh e a uall, 
Ift him come ooer. 

tiiallod, see allod. 

tnallus, see fallus. 

na 'm (i. e. na + am, particle) con}. If. ^a 'm 
bitheadh, if it were ; na 'm bitheadh nao 
chliu-sa cho maireann, were m;/ praise *o last- 
ing. [Used before verbs beginning with a 
labial. ] 

nam, of art. an. Glac nam bi-ann, th* 
gor.j*. of the hills. [Used before a labial} 

"nain, coat, for an am, in their. 'Nam m^adh- 
on, in their midst. 

'nam, cont. for an mo, in my. *Natn f liearann, 
in my land. [Followed by aspirate.] 

namh, -aimo, see Dauahaid. 

namhach, -aich, a.m. see namhaid. Mar dba 
u., like two enemies. 

aiche, a. see naimhdeil. 

ail, -e, a. see iiaimhdeil. 
as, -ais, s.m. se uaimhdeas. 
namhad, gen.slng. of namhaid. 
namhadach, -aiche, o. see uaimhdeil. 
n4m!iadas,** -ais, s.m. Fierceness, 2 Enmit 
namhaid, gen.infj. uam'nad, pi. ndimhdeau [ 
namhai lean] x.m. Enemy. 2 Antagunist. 
each, -eiche, a. see nairandeil. 

namhaidealachd, xj.ind. see naimhdeas. 

nimhiiideas, -cis, see naiuihdca-i. 

uauihaideil, -e, a. see naiuandeil. 

nan, of an. 

na'n, conj. If. [Used before verbs beginning 
with a vowel or lingual.] 

'nan, cont. for an an, in their. 

'n ami, ? cont. for an ann ? is it i 'N anu mar 
sin a lha e ? i* it like that, f 'n ami rnvr sin ;\ 
dh' aithn midhuit ? is U so that I command- 
ed you ! 

tnaochad, a. Ninety. 

tuaociiadamh, a. Ninetieth. 

nuodn, -see naoi. 

fnao thamh, a. Ninth, (naothauih) 
aodhan,** -ain, s.m. Well, foi.n am. 

na-'gad,** a. Ninety. N. fear, ninety men. 
arnh,** a. Ninetieth. 

fnaoi, y^f. Hip. 2 Man, pors.ui. 

naui, a. Nine. An coaiui n. inioaan, at tha <rx- 
pi*atiun o/ nine mo/it'i*. 

na,i-bliaisteach. -ch, t.m. Has loba^ti-it. 

oi-dwug, a. Niuoteon. N. Ur Ih'-ag. nin-t^n. 
m-n ; u ',ui fir dhoiig thar fhicUeail. thi>-ti/-niuf 
m'ii. [I'lieso wuras aro really man-rait ami 
nciihfi noicns n./r adj*clic-s, although, geue- 
toruied one or the ouur.] 

fiaoidh. see naoi. 

n lO'dhe. see nai>iiihean. 

moMheach,** a. Infantile, like a babe or suck- 

-- ail, -e, a. Infantile. 

-- an, -ain, -an, i.w. Infant, babe. 2 

Young chiM 

t --- duch. -aich, a. Chief, principal. 
uanidhean, -em, -\n. s. in. Infant, babe, suck- 

ling. 2 Bantling, urchin. 3** Kravery. 
-- ach, -aicne, a. see na.> < Infanta. 
acnd, see naoi Iheant.tchd. 

-- ta, n. Childish, cudd-hice infantile. 
-- tachd, g.f.ind. Infancy, childliood. 2 

--- tas. -:iis, s.m. see naoidheantachd. 
DMoid'i-m 1 ' r -a,s.w. Infanticide. 

air, a.m. Slayer of infants. 
i)**mh, yrn -tiny. <l- of naomli, *. 
n 'Oinihios,** *.*. November. 
t -- -- dadh. -ai.ih, .m. Sanctuary. 
tnaomeal, -il, *.w. Prowess, chivalry. 
naoinear, g.rn.coll. Niue persons, [Followed by 

genitive pi.] 
iiiiois-', see naosga. 
n loitheamh,* see uaothama. 
n.ioinh, -aoimh, s.m. Saint. Na naoimh, th- 

Mints. Air sou nan naomh, on account of the 

tut a 's. 
iiaomu, -aoiuibe, pi. na >m':a, a. Holy, pious. 2 

l>ivine. 3 Sacred, consecrated. 
-- a, a. s-e naonih. 
naomhachadh, -aidh, s.m. Sanctifyin ', act of 

sanctifying or consecrating, sanct fioation, 

consecration. A' u , of naomhaich. 
naomhachail,** -e, a. Sanctilicatory, a lorable. 
iiaomhachd, *. /. imi. Holiness, sanctity. 2 

na imhadii,** -iddh, s.m. Sxnetifying. 2 Sancti- 


naomlia^,** -aig 1 . s.f. Coble, see p. 78. 
naomhaich, a' naomhachadh, Hal- 

low. sanctify, consecrate. 2 Canonize. Gu'n 

na-jiuhaioht-ar t'-amtn, thy name b? hallowed ; 

n. e, kt sauctiti.i>d. 
--- te, pait pt. of naomhaich. Sanctified, 

naouih-aithis, -e, -ean, s.f. Blasphemy. 2 Blas- 

phemy against sai'its, or 3,a^aiust holy things. 
--- , v.a. Blaspheme. 
--- each, -eiche, a. Blasphemous. 
noomh-cheannachil, s.f.iiui. Simony, purchasing 

of holy things with money. 
na >rnh-chiste,** s.f. Sacristy. 
naornh-chleachdas, -ais, s.m. Pious habit. 
naomh-chii-srig, v.a. see coisri'4. 
--- eadb, -ulh, s. see coisrigeadh. 
---- te, see coisrigte. 
naomh-dheau,** v.a. Canonize, deify, sanctify. 
amh, -aiiah, s.m. Canonizing, dei- 

f-in. canonization. 
ra.'rnh-dheirc. -e. -ean, s.f. Pious sift, deodand. 

2 Coilt-e'iion made for the poor at church. 
Daomh-dmon, -a, -an s.m. Sanctuary, asylum. 
naomh-ilhiDn ** v.a. Give refuse in a sanctuary. 

2** Take refiiL'e in a .sanctuary. 
----- achil, . /. Protection aforded by 

a sancMiary. 
naornh-dhionta,pas<p<. Prott-cted in a sanctu 

anTih-dhi.intach,** a. Affording an asylum. 2 

Jlavuii; the privilege of protecting, a.sasanc- 


Dmomh-^hnlths, -ais, g m. Habitual piety. 
aia mh-UioM, -e, s.f Sacrileg.j. Am bhei. thu 

n u.i* dos' th'in umtinit xacri/s;e :' 
- each, -eiche, a. Sacrilegious. 

T na'a 

naomh-gh >i lich \** s.m. S\cri!' g'-ms person. 

iiaomh- uhall ichadh, -ai In, s.m. Mlas^h'in.'. 2 
Kla^[ h tiling, profane swearing. 3 blxc>ir- 
munic iiiuti -i 'a'hoiua. A' u , ^ 
naoiuh-mh i . . ..ich. 

uaoinh-mh iliac-hair, -ean, s.m. 
fa'ie swearer. 

naoioh-mhallachd, -an, s.f.ind. Blasphemy. 2 
Excomni'inicarion, anathema. 

naomh mhallaich, v.a. Blaspheme. 2 Excom- 
municate, anath-ma itize. 

te, past pt. Excommunicated. 

naomh-oigh,** *./. The Virgin Mary. 2 Nun. 

naonih-oran, -ain, pi. -an & ^ain, s.m. Anthem,, 
hymn, psalm. 

uaomh-reachd, -an, *. m. The holy or divine 
law, the canon law. 

naomh-riaghailt,** s.f. Ths canon. 

uaomh-shluagh, -uaigh, s.f. coll. Holy people, 

naomh--h6nrachadh, -aidh., s.m. Ordination. 

iiaomh-thaisg,** g.f. Sacristy, v-jstry. 

naomh-threig, pr. pt. a' naomh-thr^sinn, t>.. 

each, -eiche, a. Apostate, aposta- 

each, -eich, s.m. Backslider. 

naomh-thr<$ig;iche, -au,*.7. Apostate, renegade. 

n .loinh-threlijire,* ^ee naojoh-thi'eijiich'*. 

naoinh-thie!gsian, -e, sj. Apostacy, sec-:s^ion. 

2 Actof anostatiziug. 3* Hypocrisy. 4* Infi- 
delity. A' n , pr.nt. of naomh-chreig. 

naoinh-thuideachadh,** s.m. Apostacy. 

naomh-thuisleach iir,** g.m. Apostate. 

tuajn, a. Certain, assured., -air, see naoinear. 

naontach * -aich, ../. Ntuety. 

na'isjx, -ani-sg, s.m. Snipe. 

naosga, s.m. Snipe, see g ibhir-athair. 

naosgach,** -aich, s.m. Snip^. 

naog.u'h, -aiche, a. Abounding in snipes. 2 
Like a snipe. Coire n., a dell abounding in 

naosgair,** -ean, s.m. Inconstant man. 

eachd,** *./. Fickleness, inconstancy. 

na >stramh, -aimh, s.m. see naosga. 

naoth, see naoi. 

naothadh, see naothamh. 

uaothamh, o. The ninth. An naothamh bliadh- 
na. the ninth year. 

naothamh-deug 1 , a. Ths nineteenth. An naoth- 
amh fear deug, the nineteenth man. 

nar, ado. Not, may not, let not. Nar leijjeadh 
Dia ! God forbid! 

'uar, cont. for au ar, in our. 'Nar cadal, in our 
sleep ; 'nar meadhon, in the midst of ua ; tha 
sinn 'nar luighe, we are in bed. 

'nar, adv., prov. for 'nuair, 

'uar, (an bhur) see 'uur. 

nar, -air, s.f. see riair. 

nar,** -aire, a. Asham''d.. 2 Shameful, dis- 
graceful. 3 Feeling affronted. Is n. au guoth- 
ach e, it is a shameful business. 

fnar,** a. Good. 2 Happy. 

n&rarh. -aich<>, a. see naiivach. 

narachadli, -aidh, see naireachadh. 

narachair,** s.m. Affronter. 

naraich, v.a. see nairich. 

oar, see nairichear. 

naraichidh, see nairicuidh. 

nar lichee, see nairi 'hte. 

nard,** s.m. Science, skill, knowledge. 

narrach,** a. Cross, ill-tompered. 

tnas, -ais. s.m. Anniversary. 2 Band, tie (nasg.) 

3 Dta'h. 4 Assem'dy. 

ua'3, comparative particle. Than. Cha b' ur- 




riii'in iln na's ftioarr a dhanam ! i, lie could nut j 
do better ; tl:a Dumhnall na'.s airde na Seu- ' 
mas, D'jnald is taller than Ja<nrs. 

ftta-i, -dis, -au, sj. see neas. 2 (AC) Worth. 

iia-ach, see no>ach. 

ua-ach, see neasach. 

tua-uch, a. .Noble. 2 Famous, noted. 

fuasadh, -aidh, -aidhean, a. in. Fair. 2 Assem- 
bly. 3 Fame, reputation, report. 

casag, -;\ig, -an, .1 Empty shell. 

nasc.iAF) s.m. Chained dog, see nasg. 

nasg, v.a. see naisg. 

nasg, naisg, -an, *. m. [. A in Badtnoch.'} Tie- 
band, wooden collar for a cow, formerly made 
of plaited or twisted birch or othor twigs. 2 
Seal. 3 Deposit, pledge. 4 Store, provision. 
5 Chain. 6 Riug. 7 V AF) Chained dog. 8 
(MS) Air. 9 (DM0) Wooden ring of a sieve 
or fau. 10 (DM0) Film. Tha 'u c-airgiod an 
n.,the money it left in pledge, is deposited as se- 

nas,;icii, -aiche, a. Having collars. 2 Like col- 
lars or tie-bands. 3 Binding, that binds. 4 
Obligatory. 5 "*Chaiued. 6 ** Full of rings. 

Basrah, -aidh, a.m. Biu-iim;, as with a coilar. 
2 Collar. 3 Chaining. 4 Covenant, treaty. 
5 lie, bond. 6**Ooligiug, obligation. 7**oeal- 
in^. 8* Pledging, dupuoiting. A' n , pr. pt, 
of naisg. Coir ort le n. a' cnleir, a rijht to 
thft> by the bindinj af a clergyman wedlock. 

nasgriich,* see na-sgaidh. 

niv.sgaidn, (i.e. a UMgaidh) adv. phrasf, Freely, 
\si.hout price, gratis, as a pledge, deposit; 
or g'ft. Fhuair mi a n. e, / received it free ; a 
n. fhuair sibh, a u. thagaibh bhuaibh, freely 
ye hao j received, freely yio'; tnug e dhomh a u. 
e, he ijaoe it to me as a 'jratuvty. 

nasgaidh,** s.f. Treasurrj, gift. 

.. eachd,* s.f.ind. Freeness, uncondition- 
al freeness, gratuity, gratuitousuess, 

nasnair,** s.m. Surety. 

nasgar,** -air, s.m. Surety. 2 Defence, fortifi- 

nasg chu,(AF) Chained dog. 

natar, -air, s.m. Nitre. 

tnath, s.m. Science, knowledge. 

fnathach, a. Learned. 2 Dark, grey, gloomy. 

uathair, nathrach, -thraichean, *./. Serpent, vi- 
per, snake, adder. Mhaallan u. mi, the ner- 
p -lit beguiled, me ; n. chailtuiun, a harmless 

naihai reach, see nathaireil. 

uathaireag, -eig, -an, s.f. Little serpent. 

natiiaireil, -e, a. Viperine. 

nathair-ghainmheach,(\VC) . f. Sand-serpent, 
fouiid in tnj sand on sea-shore. 

aachair-gun-phuinnsean, (AF) s.f. Snake. 

nathair-lus, s.m. Ground-ivy, see iadh-shlat- 
r,h .linhaitin. 

nachair-in;iara,(DMC,) s./. Sea-serpent. 

uathair-nimhd, s.f. Cockatrice. 2 Poisonous 
>-jrp(!Ut, adder, asp. 

athaIr-thr*jfoaa,(AF) s.f. Small sand-flsh or 
nel. -L Snore- or sea-serpent. 

Dathair-Hffiathaoh, (AF) s.f. Dragon. 
n:uhair-ttmha, s.f. lirazen serpent. 

n;ttnair-uisge.(AF) s.f. llydrus. 

fn-tihan, a. Noble. 2 Famous. 

uaihra-h, gen.smj. of nat/liair. 

iiathraiclieau, of nathair. 

-ne, i-mi'iiat. particle. A certain emphatic ad- 
j Action to the posx.pron. ar, our; placed after 
i hi noun with which the pass. pron. is asso- 
ciated. Ar n-athair-ne (better, an t-athair ag- 
j inne) our ou<n father. 

'n de da, adv. After, behind. 

'n e ? cont. for au e ? Li it ? is it he ? Cha 'n e, 

o, not he. 

hicabuuMh,** s.m. Enemy. 

ieahhan,(AF) s.m. Roy stun crow, raven. 

ueucadair,** -tan, a.m. Crann n., a 
n?ctariii" tre. 

-each,** a. Abounding in nectarines. 
2 Like a neciarne. 

neach, s. m. iitd. Person, any person, one, some- 
one. 2** Apparition. M. sam bith, n. air bith, 
any on*. ; u. eile, another person; gach u., 
evtry one ; n. &iu, someone ; n. no n. 4igin, 
someon" or other. 

hneachd,*' s.f. Tribe, family. 2 Pledge. 

nach'lachd,** *./. Neutrality. 

neachdair, .>.?/. Xectariue (itind of peach) 

|-neachdar, adv. Neither. 2 Outwardly, with- 


fneach larach,** a. Neutral. 
nead. n"l, s.)/?. [A ia Argyllshire.] Nesb. 2 

Circular h.iliow. 

ead tch, -aicha, a. Abounding in nesX 

.ulh, -aidh, Nestling, act of nest- 

ling. 2 Act of :na'ving or bail. ling a njst. 3 

(D17, metaphorically, Sett big d >w,i, nn-king 

at home. A' n , pr. pt. uf le.ulaich. A' a, 

'nam fnebil, imbedding in my jl"h. 
neadaich, pr. pt. a' neadach idh, v. a. N^stld, 

house, lie, as in a nest. 2 Build or in.iko a 

nest. 3* Bed, imbed. 

- te, past pt. of noadxich. Housed or 

lodged, as in a nest, owtled. 
neadan, -ain, -an, s. m., di n. of uea;l. Little 

nest. A n. creachta, her lit I If nrst plan larsd. 

- ach, -aiche, a. Abounding iu little ue^ts, 
n eaoh ? v. Is it ? 

nead-tuogalach.JJ a. Buildiug nesta* 
icag, see eag. 

- ach, see eagach. 

- aich, see ea^aich. 

-- aid,* s.f. Lictle sob or sigh oft repeated, as 

a person before or after weepiug. 2 Suppress- 

ed sighing or sobbing. 
tneal, a. Noble. 
neal,i DAIu) s.m. & f. Terra of endearm int. An 

gabh thu seo, seal ? will you take this, my 

dear fSuth'd. 
ne:d, see neul. 

neallair,** -ean, s.m. Rogue, ramscallion. 
-- eachd,** s./. Roguery, rascality. 
neal-mha.;ag,iCR) s..f. VrotrSltye. 
nearah, neiuih & ue.mhe, pi. -an, s.m. tleavea, 

firmam >at, the skies. 2 The abode of bliss. 

Driiichd ueimh, the dew of heaven. 
neamh, see neimih. t2 see neo. 
ueamnach, a. see neamhaidh. 
neamhach, -aich, s.m. Heavenly being, angel. 
-- d, s.f. Heavenliuess.heavRuly minde<l- 

ness, holiness, solemnity, blessedness, angeu- 


neanihaich,** P.O. Deify, glorify. 
neamuaidn, -e, a. Ueavenly, divine. 2**Celes- 


--- each,** -ich, see nea -ihach. 
--- eachd, see ueamhichl. 
neanihail, see neimhoil. ^** Anii^lic. 
neamhain, -uthua, -can, s. f. see n.-.imhnuid. 

2"** Impetuosity, violence. 3 Activity. A 

cheann-hheart clocha'-a ueamhain, his head- 

piece set ivith stonex an>i prar s. 
-- ,** a. Made of pearl. 
--- each, -eiche, o. see naambnuideacb. 
neamhaird,** s,f. liemissness. 
neambaUohd, see ntimheihvichd. 
neamh ilachd,** /. Aii-elicaln?ss. 
iic-ain.iaa,** -ain, i.m. Raven, crovy. 
ueauiiiantt,(MS) t. 



neamhnad. see slexmh n. 

nramtving -ain, ../. stye on tha eye. 

naanihn.u 1, <e ne .mh-mi 1. 

neamhnni-t, -e, -can, a. f . Pearl. TV nan loma 

dai'ih lualh. a peirl of uia'ty viriuef. 
neainhnui'lvach, -ok-he, n. Pearly, abouudinj 

in pearls. 2 Like a pnarl. 
rteamhuidh, -e, see neamh iidh. 
tnean,** LOT. Inc'n. 2 Span. 3 Wave, 
neanaidh, s.f. Fond name for a grandmother 
neanutag, -aig, see deaantaj. 
neanutngach, -aich, s. see deaimta*. 
neapaicin, -e, -e;>n. f.f. Napkin, handkerchief 

N pora a pocket hanlk'i-chitf ; u. amhaicli, ( 

2 Water, river. 

reapa gin, see neipaicin. 
near,** a. lioori-.h. 
tnear,** s.m. Wild boar, 
'near, corJt. for an ear. 
nrach, o. Happy, fortunate. 2 Prosperous 
Is u. an duina a smachdaicheas Dia, fortun 
ate is the man whom God correcteth* t.f.ind. Luck. 2 Happiness. 3 


ne-irach-l,**. see nearach. 
nearag, -ai, -an. *./. Daughter. 
near-ak,e,**s.m. Place frequented by wild boars 
'nearar, cont. for an earar. 

nearc (AC) s. Mean*. Beannaich dhomh mo n 

'a mo ni, bl'SS to m' my means an.l my cattle 

fnearnadh.** -ai-lh. s.m. Liliening, comparing. 

2 Likeness, comparison. 

neart, tuMrt, s. m. Strength, power, might, en 
er^y, pith, force, vigour. 2 Plenty, abund' 
ance, many, number. 8**The greater part ol 
any t hi- g. *** Valour. 4***\,r^. ( / Mir.-i.cle, 
Le t' u\le n., with aV ymir migkl ; cuir do n. 
ris, anply to it j/wtr whole vigour ; n. air- 
tid. a vds' qnuiitiiy of money ," n. buntata, a 
qreat quantity of potatoes ; n. e'is-j, an abnn- 
immtf of fis\ ; cha'n 'eil n. aigs air sou sin, h? 
has not strength enough to do that ; bha noart 
dhitibh marbh, the fii-eater part of th,in were 
dead ; n?art a' chuitn, th ralom- of his breast; 
n. nan dan, ths striijth of son j. 
neartiii-hadh, -aidh. x.m. Strengthening, act of 
strengthening. 2 Con 'inuing, ratifying. A' 
n , of ueartaich. 

nwmaicli, a' neartacViadh, v.a. Strength- 
en, forti!>, invigorate. 2**Actuate. 3**Con- 
firm, ratify, es^abli-ih. 
neartai.'h -ar, fnt.pass. of neart^ich. 
neartairhte, pati pt. of n^artaich. Strengthen- 
ed, roitiflad, re-inforced. 2** Actuated. 3** 
Confirm-^l. 4 Aiiimited. 
neart ail, -e, a. Emphatic iu gram. 2 see neart- 


nr-artalarhd,* see ncartmhirachd. 
ncar'ar,** see neartmh-r. 
ueartiiinor, -oiro, a. Strong, powerful, able. 2 

Robust, vigorous. 

ne-irctnhora -hd, . /. in/I. Strength, mi-bt, 
powcifulneas. 2 Pithiness, energy of charac 
ter, vitjoro isness. 
narU>r,** see neartinbot. 
tn-Hs,** o. N"ble, geuerous. magnanimous, 
uoas, nise, *./. Weasel. 2 Stoat. 3**Kerret. 4 
*'Hurt, wound. 5**Fortiflod hill. [ttijives 
g 'tt. >i'^7. n % asa "] 

n-a-, adv. While, whiNt. Neas i-i beo m\,whilf 
live: n. a bh i e air f*Ibh,p/M7 he u~as awiy; 
n. a c-hi mi, while 1 ye. [for an fhuaiUi 's ] 
tnf.-rn. n.m. l^rh-nus. 2 Promontory, h >adlari.l. 
<,** t.tu. Tool fur making earthen pots. 

** -ai;/, -an, ,m. Ferret. 
I.** /. Proximity, nearness. 
" *. Ferreter. 

tneasan, -ain, s.m. Next or nearust place. 

neas-bheaji, s.f. Stoat. 

nea.*g. -a & nui*g, -an, see nea-gaid. 2**l'fo 

bond. 3**.Stali. 

neasgaid, -e, -can, s.f. Boil, ulcerous sore, pus- 
tulous sore. 2 Carbuncle, 
neasgaid -chloich, s.f. Stone bile. 

each, -eiche, a. Full of boils, ulcerous 

2 Causing boils or ulcers. 
neasgaid-fhola.5 /. llnem >trb.oid. 
nea.sfraid-gh.)bha,il',|i s.f. llsemarrhoid. 
ncas-^heal,(AF)s./. Stoat, ermine, wliitc weasel, 
neas-mhor, s,f. Weasel. 

neas-iiaui-faar-thirean,(AF) s.f. Ermine, Arme- 
nian rat. 

tneasta,** a. Just, honest, 
neath.** s.m. Wound, 
tueatha, a. Wounding, inflicting wounds. 
fneatha^, -ais, s.m. Manslaughter, 
neich,** a. Good, noble, excellent, 
neid,** s. Battle. 2 Wound received in battle, 
neil, grn.sinj. of neul. [generally nooil.] 
neilean, -aia, -a,n,diin.ot ueul.s.jn. Little cloud, 
neiinh, gn.sinj. of neamli. 

neimh, -e, s.m. Poison. 2 Bitterness, malice, 
animosity, [generally nimh.] 

,** -e, s.f. Brightness, splendour. 2 Stain. 

neimh,** v.a. ifc n. Corrupt, soil. 

Deimheoch,** a. Glittering, shining, splendid, 

neimheacha-'n-iar, (AH) adv. In a confused 

hurry, tu'"iiltuously, helter-skelter, 
ndmhead,** -eid, s. m. Consecrated ground. 2 

Gleba laud. 

rm'imhoadh, -idh, s.m. Poem. 2 Science, 
neimliea'achd, see neimheileachd. 
neimheil, -a'a, a. Poisonous, baneful, viperous, 
venomous, malicious, bitter, n'alignant. 2 
Passionate. 3* Venomously cold. 4*Keen\y 

iimheileachd,** s.f. Painfulness, sourness, mal- 
ignity, veno?nousness. 2 Pas^iunateues-*. 3 
^Greediness in wickedness. 4* Piercing cold- 

tneimhi, Ants' eggs. 
ti3iiuhich, .. Poison. Igc>n3rally ninihich.j 

, *. Ch'irch-land. 
nei nhneach, -eiche, a. see neiinheil. 2** Sore, 


ne'mhneachan, -ain, s.m. Rheumatism, 
eiinhneacha^, -ais, . m. Soreness. 2 Venom- 
ou.sness. 3 Passionateness. 
neiuihneachd, s.f.ind. Poisonousnoss, virulence, 

baneful ness. 2 Animosity, bitterness. 
neimneirne,(AF) . Non-exempt cattle, 
ueip, pi. -can & -CH, s.m. Turnip- braxsica rape*. 

each, -eich .i, a. Abounding in turnips. ii 

Like a turnip, 
ncirt, ffr-ii.nng. of noart. 

neip fiadh i'i. s./t. Wild tiavew bra^tlca cam- 
p'ttris. (illusc. ou p. 6SS.) 
neith, n. Fight, engv^eni 'nt. 
ueo, con', of n;'i'nhklh, occuring in place-names, 
neo-, rtrio. prefix. Prefix implying the negation 
or absence of tha quality expressed by the ad- 
jective or word itself, Glic, wise; neo-ghlic, 

eo.ttadu. Otherwise, else. N. is truagh mo 
charalh, else poor is mi/ condition ; air n., other- 
wise, or else ; n. teichidh mi, otherwise I will 
decamp ; n. theid mi dhachaidh, otherwite I 
will go home. 

eo-abhaiat, sj. Rare occurrence. 
each, a. Unusual. 

eo-abuich, -e, o. Unripe, premature, abortive, 
neo-adhartach, a. Idle, 
neo-adhmhor, -oire, a. Unsuccessful, unfortua- 

551. NKp-jlidlaSn. 
at, haple-is. i**lrglori<>us. 3**Joyless. 

aohd,** *./. Un.suceessfulness. 2 


nvo-a'shmhor, see neo-a<1hmnor. 

iteo-aimwireil, -e, a. Unseasonable. 

noo-ainmeach,** a. Anonymous. 

neo-ai'imneach, see neo-ainmoacb. 

neo-a'Krn'chte, a. Anonymous. 

neo-a ; r-cl as, Carelessness. 

neo-aire, t.f.ind. Heeillessness, inattention, in- 
advertence, unguardednoss. 2 Absence of 
mmd. 3(M^) Aspernatiou. 

mo-'ureach, -eiche, a. Heedless, inattentive, 
careless, forgetful. 2 Inadvertent. 3 Absent 
in mind. 

neo-aireachail, -e, a. see neo-aireach. 2 CDMC) 
Unsympathetic, unfeeling, callous. 

neo-aireil, -ala, a. see neo-aireach. 

n-^o-aireiieachd, s.f.ind. Inconid<3ratenew. 

neo-Mreamhach.(MH) a. Innumerable. 

neo-aireamhchail,(MS) Innumerable. 

nao-airida, -e, a. Unworthy, undeserving, worth- 
less. N. air peanas, unwort.'ty of punishment. 

n^n-Miridueach, -eiche, a. Indian. 

ueo-auHhoire,(VVC) s.m. Carelessness, indiffer- 

neo-airtnealach, -aiche, a. Not sorrowful.cheer- 
f ul, joyful. Ag lingh dhuinn n., whtn we roa 

neo-aithnichte, a. Unknown, undiscovered. 2 
Unrecognized. Rioghachdan n., unknown 

neo-aichreach, -eiche, a. Impenitent, not con- 
trite, obJurate. 2**Not curious. 

neo-aithre ichail, -e, a. Impenitent, obdurate. 

neo-aithreachas, -ais, s.m. Impenitence, obdur- 
acy, hardness of heart. 

neo-altmhor,(M8) a. Horae-bretl. 

neo-aluinn, -e, a. Ordinary. 

n-30-aiuinneachd, a.f. Inelegance. 

rieo-amaisgt;al,(WC) a. Elusive. 

neo-amhalach,* -aiche, a. 81ily and without 
drawing attention. Gu n., unaware, slily ; 
t ha* nig e a stigh gu n., Tie cam^ in unawarts. 

neo-aniharus, -uis, s.m. Uususpiciou^ness, want 
of suspicion. 

neo-ainharusach, -aiche, o. Unsuspicious, iu 
dubitable, unquestionable. 

neo-amliarusachd,** ./. Unsuspiciousness, in- 

neo*ftmhluidh, -e, a. Unlike, dissimilar. 

neo-amhluklheachil, s.f.ind. I'/n likeness. 

neo-ao)haracli, a. Uncaused, unprovoked. 

tteu-obharachd,(MS; &./. Groundlessness. 


neo-aoo-asach, -aiche, a. Unseemly. 2 Of a for- 
bidding appearance, nnbc-cominj. 

neo-aopasachd, e.f.inii. Unseemliness. 2 Ea1 or 
forbidding appearance. 

neo-aoibheil,* a. Cheerless. 

neo-aoibhinn, -e, see neo-aoibhneach. 
o-aoil'hn*Mh, -eiche, n. Not joyful, sorrow- 
ful, sad, joyless, downcast, choerles-*, surly. 

neo-aoibiuieas, -eis, s.m. Sadnesfi,s;'rrow,gloom. 

neo-aoidhfalachd, . f. ind. Unpleasantness of 
appearance. 2 Churlishness. 

neo aoidheil. -e, i. Unpleasant, having a sour 
look. 2 Churlish. 

neo-aona^hd, x.f. Opposition. 

neo aon-fhlaitheach,** a. Anti-monarcl/icnl. 

neo-aou-fhlaiLheaoliail. a. Anti-monarcuicai. 

ueoaon-fhlaitheachd,** <?./. Anti-monarc 'ii.-al- 

neo-aontacliadh,** -aidh, a.m. Di-agreeinj, dis- 
union, dissent ience. 2 Act of dis igr^ing. 

neo-aontachail, -e, a. Adverse, averse, disinclin- 
ed. 2 Disagreeing, discordant, dissuniient. 

neo-aontachas, -als, ?.m. Incongruity. 

neo-aontachd, sj. Incongruity. 

neo-arta,** a. Untilled. 

neo-ar-thaing. a. Independent. N. cho don* 
rium, fvtry bit as bad at f am. 

neoar-thaingeil,(WC) a. Unthankful. 

neo-ascaoin, -e, a. Friendly. 2 Humane. 

ueo-a^laichte/MS) a. Inexorable. 

neo-atha''h,(J)MO) a. Daring, de-speratew 

neo-athachd, s.f. J)e.sparat3noss. 

nao-aih%rrachail, -e, o. Indeclinable. 

neo-atru<ach,(MS) a. Hard-hearted. 

neo-bhacta, a. Arbitrary. 

neo-bhXijiheach, -eiche, see ueo-bhaiiiheil. 

neo-bhai -;healachd, s.f.ind. Unkindness, harsh- 
ness, cruelty, inclemency. 

neo bhaighfcil, -e, a. Unkind, harsh, merciless, 
cruel, not sparing, unfeeling. Gu m., merci~ 

neo-bhallsgail,** a. Home-bred. 

neo-bhaodhalach, a. Unprecariou. 

neo-bhksmhoire, eomp. of neo-bhasmhor. 

neo-bhasmhoireachd, see nf.o-l)h!ismhorachd. 

neo-bhasmhor, -aire, a. Immortal. 

neo-bhamihorachd,** x./. Invnortality. 

neo-bheachdmhor, a. Unobservant. 

neo-bheachdmhorachd, s.f.ind. Inconsiderable 

neo-bheairteach, see aeo-bheartach. 

neo-bheartach, -aiehe, a. Not rich. 

neo-bheariaichte,** past pt. Unharnessed, uiv 

neo-bheathacnail, -e, a. Inalimental. 

neo-bheathail, -e, a. Lifeless, spiritless, inani- 

neo-bheathalacbd, s. f. ind. Lifelessness, wank 
of spirit or animation. 

neo-bheothail, -e, a. Lifeless, spiritless, inani- 

neo-bheudar, -aire, o. Harmless. 2 Inoffansive. 

neo-bheus.ft s.m. Immodesty, indecency. 2 Im- 

neo-bheusach,** a. Immodest, indecent. 2 

neo-bhinu, a. Absonant. 

neo-bhitb, -e, . /. Non-existence. 2 Non-en- 

neo-bhlasda, -aisde, a. Tasteless, insipid. 2 U^ 

chd, s.f.ind. Tastelessness, insipid- 
ity. 2 Unsavouriue'S. 

neo-bhlnfgheach, n. InrtMsiblo. 

neo-TS- c;^, -i>huige, a. Il.irJ, fii'in. 2 Hardy. 
Courageous, not soft, not effcmi iate. 



hte, a. ufa**. 

ne<>-bh'Ji'lb>ach, -eiche, a. Not pretty, uuhan 1- 
vmie, nn--e mly. 

tieo-tihrathanul, -e, see u^o bhrathaiml. 

no bhraih.'urealachd, t.f.ind. Unbrolhurlin >--i 

u-o-bnratha.ireil. -e, a. Unbrotberly. (jiulun 
ii., itnhrotherly conduct. 

nso-bhrathrail, -e, set* neo-bbrathaireil. 

neo-bhngh. -e, . /. In.-sigu ficanci*. unimport- 
ance, 'i Contempt. 3 Ineftic.icy. 4 Want of 
Mihutamv. Chuir aibh an n. aitline Dhe, you 
have mads the command of Goil of no e/ect. 

neo-bhriijhfach, -eiclns, i. Insipid. 

T)ro-bhrijluchte,*' o. Cancelled. 

neo-blmghmhor, a. Unsubstantial. 2 Unnutri- 

neo-bhruAilleanach, a. Gentle. 

d.(MS) if Rest 

neo-bhnairtja^ach, -aiche. a. Inoffensive. 

Deo-bhnairle, a. Undisturbed, untroubled. 2** 
Untempted. unprovoked. 

neo-bhuan, -uaine, a Not lasting, not durable, 
transitory, evanescent. 

neo-bhuanach, a. Gainles^, unprofitable. 

neo-bhuanacbd,** . f. TnuuttorraMS, raomeufc- 
ariness, evanescence. 2 GainleeiMMMt 

-^ dail, -e, a. Fruitless. 

ttto-bhuidheach, -eiche, a. Unth-inkful, discou- 

neo-bhuileachaHh, a. Inalienable. 

neo-bbnnailteach, see neo-bhunaiteach. 

d, see Deo-bhun&itetvcluL 

neo-bbunailteas, see neo-hhunaiteas. 

neo-bhunaiteach, -eicha, a. Unsteady, unfixed, 
changeable. 2 Groundless a Not well found- 

d, * s.f. Unsteadiness. 2 Want 

of sure foundation. 

neo-bbunaiteas, -eis, g.m. Want of steadiness, 

neo-bhuinnigeach, a. Gainless. 

neo-bhuinuigeacbd, s.f. Cainlessnesa. 

neo-bhuntuuineach,** a. Disinterested. 

neo-bhuintmnoach,(M$) a. Impalpable. 

neo-chadalacb, -aiche, a. Sleepless. 

neo-chail, -e, s. Iua;>petence. 

neo-cbairde:\ch,(MS) a. Alien. 

neo-chatrdealachd, *./. ind. Coolness. 

neo-chairdeil, -e, a. Unfriendly. Qu n., in an 
unfritndlft manner. 

neo-chaldachail, a. Untameable. 

neo-chaochl lideach, -eiche, a. UncbangeaMe. 

neo-chaocbUuleachd, i. J. Unchai^geableness, 

neo-caochlaidheach, -eiche, see neo-chaoch- 

neo-cnaocblaidheachd, see neo-chaochlaid- 

no-chaochluidhpach, see neo-chaochlaideach. 

ncwchaomhanUich, -aiche, a. Unthrifty. 

neo-charach, -aiche, a. nesiunles3. 

neo-characi>;ilh,(MS) a.m. Indolence. 

neo-charainh, *.m State of not being pnt up, as 
hair H'm. Kut. 

l)eo-chara-<, -ais, *.m.. Impassibility 

neo-t-baraic-hte, o. Omnoved, unstirred. 

neo-charaidheach, -eiche, a. Immovable, fixed, i 

neo-cl>H.raidheachd, t.f.ind. Immobility, steadi- ' 
ness, fixedness. 

neo-charrn, -eiche, a. Not quarrelsome, 
peaceful, peaceable, quiet, without toil. 

neo-charuichbe, .see neo-charaichte. 

neo-charthaunach, -aich, o. Uncharitable, un- 

neo-charthanoachd, t.f.ind. Uncharitableness, 

neo-cbarthannas, -ais, a.m. see ueo-charltiao 

ach t. 

neochda ; r. see ueachdair. 
neo-che ulaicb,* v.a. Prohibit, 
neo-ch-a.laichte, o. Illicit, unlawful, illepja. 

prohibited, not permitted, 
neo-chealgacb. -aiche, a. sincere, undesiijniiifj 

upright, unf .'igned, candid, not cunning, 
neo-chealgachd, s.f. ind. Sincerity, npriglitnen 

uofeignedness, candour, fairness, un^feotwl 

neo-cheanalta, -ailte, o. Unhandsome, unb* 1 . 

con\ing, inelegant. 2 Indelicate, 
ueo-cheanaltachd, sj. Unhaudsouaenoss, uubt- 


nro-cbeangail,* v.a. Untie, 
neo-cheangailte, a. Unbound, disengage I. fr-n 

at liberty. 2 Absolute. 3(M8) Incolierent. 
neo-cheangailteachd,** *./. Absolutent3ss. 

(MS) Incoherence. 

neo-cheangaltachd, see neo-cheangailteachd. 
neo-ohean^altas, -ais, t. m. Freedom, liberty 

ur constraint. 2(MS) Absoluteness, 
neo-tjheannsachaidh, a. Bateless. 
ne - cheannsaichte, a. Untamed, unconquerable 

U'Testrainetd, unquelled, unappeased, uosub 

ducd. 2 Absolute. 3 DKsolute. 
noo-ohearbach, -aicbe, a. Tidy, neat, trim. 1 

Accurate, exact. 3'Efficient. 
neo-ehearhaiche, s.f. ind. Tidiness, neatness. 
noo-:hearm<'tnta,** a. Botchy. 

ch'l, ** s.f. Clumsiness. 

neo-clieart, -eirte, a. Not true, not right unfair, 

ill-found -d. 2 Unhandsome, unjust, 
noo cheartachd, s.f. Incorrectuess. 
nee-cheartaichte, a. Uncorrected, unadjusted. 
neo-che61mhor, -oire, a. Tuneless, 
neo-chiallach, -aiche, a. Foolish, imprudent, 

2 Mad. 3 Unmeaning, 
neo-chinnte, ./. Same meanings as neo-chinnt- 

n, 1 'i-ch'nnteach, -eiche, a. Uncertain, doubtful, 

fickle, indecisive, precarious, eqitirocal, pro 

Uematical. 2 Precarious. 
ni i <)-chinnteachd, s.f. Uncertainty, whim-ical- 

icy, fickleness, incertitudL', indeci^ivenesH. 
noo-chinntsalas,** -ais, s.m. Apocrypha t ness. 
nuo-chionn->aichte, see neo-cheannsaiohte. 
n-.'o-chiont, see neo-chiontachd. 
neo-chionta, s.m. see noo-chiontachd. 
niO-chiontach, -aiche, a. Innoceat.uublameable, 

harmless, spotless, simple, 
neo-chiontach,** -eich, s.m. Innocent person, 
neo-chi -ntachd, s./.in-/. Innocence, integrity, 

harmlessness, guiltlessness, uprightness, spot- 


m-o-cbiontas, -ais, s.m. Harmlessness, spotless- 

neo-chiosnaichte/'pasf pt. Untamed, unquell- 
ed, unconquered, unappeased. 
aoo-cbirte,** past pt. Uncombed, 
neo-chlaimheinich, (MS) v.a. Unlatch, 
neo-chlaon, -aoine, a. Straight, not awry, not 

squinting. 2 Upright, impartial. ju-t. 
neo-chlaonachd, s.f.ind. Impartiality, 
neo-chlaon-bhreitheach, -eiche, a. Judging im- 
neo-chlaon-bhreitheachd, t. f. Impartiality of 

neo-chl^Mchd,** v.a. Abrogate, discontinue the 

practice of. 

neo-chleachdach. -aiche, a. Unnsual, unwonr,. 
neo-chleach.iainn,* s.f. Abrogation, discoutinu- 

ing the practice of. 
neo-chleachdta, a. Unaccustomed, not inured, 

unpractised, unhabituated. 
neo-cble-ir,** *./. The laity. 




neo-cli!6ireach,** -ich, a.m. Layman 

nio-chli, a. Ni't awkward, expert, dexterous. ! 

Not weak, rn_-tivo. 

neo-chnuHsaci.d,** s.f. Indigestion. 
nt-'O-clmuasaici'te, a. Undigested, unchewed. 
n:;o cliogach, -aiche, a. Immarlial. 
nt:o-choUiseach, -eiche, a. Inconscionable. 
neo-ctioh;ealtach. -aiclie, a Unthrifty, profuse 
neo-choi}:.ilt, a. see m-o-cl.o ; gilteach." 

each,** a. Unthrifty, profuse. 

neo-choigreach (MS) a. Home-born. 
m'O-choigreachail, a. Domestic. 
neo-choimeas;!ch,** o. Incomparable, 
neo-choimeasachd, s.f. Poerlyssness. 
neo-choimeasgach, -aiche. a. Immiscible. 
ueo-choimeas!Ua, a. Unmixed, 
neo-choimhea.-h, -eich^, o. Kind, affectionate. 
2 Affable, not surly, not .stingy, free, not shy, 
not strange, easy of access, frank, generous 
3(MS) Ilom -born. 

as, see neo-choimhicheas. 

neo-choimheartach. a. Incomparable. 
neo-choimhic!'.eas,-eis. s.m. Kindness, affection. 
2 Affability, condescension. 3 Freedom. 4 
Complacency, want of shyness. 5* Making 
oneself at h->nr?. 

neo-choimhlionia, a. Incomplete. 2 Half-strain- 

neo-choimhlk>ntachd, s^. Incompleteness. 
neo-choingheallac!i, -aiche, a. 111-nauired, un- 

accommoilat'.ng, diariblirtox. 'I Perfidious, 
neo-choireach, -eiche, a. Blameless, not blam- 

able, innocent, incalpabte. 
neo-choireachd,**./. Blamelossness, innocence, 

neo-choisrigte, a. Unhallowed, not consecrated. 

2 Not dedicated. 

ne-o-choitcheann u'hd, /. Aiiomalon.suess. 
neo-chon\arach.(MS) a. /vi.lless. 
neo-cliomaraich, t.f. 'l'l<e state of beinsr free 

from obligation or faroor, non-protc-cc on. 
neo-chomas, -ais, . m. In tbiliw, impotence. ? 

neo-chomasach, -aiche, a. Unable, impotent. 2 


neo-choniasachd, s. f. ind. Inc .pability. 2 Im- 

neo-chom!iairli>, s.j.ind. Irr .o'atioa. 
neo-chomhairliehte, a. Unadvise<l. '^"Unresolv- 

neo-chomharr;;iclite, a. Undistinguished. 2 In- 
definite in grammar. 
neo-chomhnard,** a. Uneven on the surface, nob 

level, not plain. 

neo-chomhnuidheach, -eiche, a. Non-resident 
neo-chombnardach.l. x.f.ind. Asperity, 
neo-chorapanta, -ainte, a. Unsociable, uncom- 
neo-chompantas,* -ais, *. m. Unsociableness, 


neo-chomraich, s.f. see neo-chomaraich. 
neo-chomunnach, -aiche, a. Uncomruunicatin, 

neo-chordach,** a. Discordant. 
neo-ch6rdachd, s.f.inci. Inconstancy, 
neo-cbordadh,** -aidh, Disagreement, dis- 
cordance, di^sonano). 
r.eo-chorporra, a. Spiritual, 
neo-chorporrachd, s.f. ind. Immateriality 
neo-choslach, -aiche, see nea-chosmhuil. 
nco-choslacbd, see nso-fhusmhuileachii. 
ueo-chosmhail, see neo-chosmhuil. 
neo-chosmhalachd, see nec-chosmhuileachd. 
neo-chosnihni!, -e, a. Unlike, dissimilar 2 

Unlikely, improbable. 

neo-chomhaileaehd, r.f.ind. Unlikelihood. 2 
Dissimilarity. 3 Improbability. 

n'iO-chosach, -aiche, a. linporouv 
neo-chothrom, -oim, t.m. Disadvantage, want 

of opportunity. 2 Unfairness, injustice. 8 

neo-chothromach, -aicbe, a. Dixadvantageou*. 

2 Unfair, unjnat. 3 Uneven, roii(fh. 4 incoa- 
venient, not opportune. 6 (DMC) Improvi- 

neo-i-hrabhach, -aiche, a. Irreligious. 2 Prof-*ne. 

3 Impious. 4 Not hypocritical. 5* Not aus- 
tere in religion* matters. 

no-chratha'dn, a. l-iconctissible. 

, -aicha, a. .se neo-chreidmheacb. 
d, see neo-chreidnibeach I. 

ueo-chrddimh, s.f.ind. Incredibility. 2 Incred- 

neo-chreidmheach, -eich, g.m. Unbeliever, infl- 
del, scentic. 

neo-chreidmheach, -eiche, a. Unbelieving, infl- 
VI, unholy, atheisti'^al. 

Deo-cnraldmheachit, s.j.itid. Atheisticalnass, in- 
fidelity, scepticism. 

neo-chroidMnniac-h, -eiche, a. Improbable. 

tteo-chriathafrttf, a. Unsifted. 

neo-chriorbnach, -aiclie, o. Endless, infinite, 
everlasting, unlimited. 

neo-chriocrhnacha.,dh, o. Illimitable. 

neo-c'irioc!machail, -e, a. lllimicable. 

neo-chrlochnachas, IHimitednuss, indefini- 

noo-chrioohnacbd,** s.f.irvi. Boundlessness, 

neo-clirijchnaichte, a. Unfinished, nulitnited, 
endless, undone, incomplete. 

neo-chriochnui Ineach, -eiche, see neo-chrioch 

^o-chi lochnuidheachd, t.f. Infinitude, endless- 

noo-chrion, -a, a. Generous, liberal, magnani- 

neo-cbrinnna, a. Injudicious. 

n jo-cbrionndacbd, *./. Imrtrudence. 
eo-chronail, -e, a. Harmless. 

ne'i-chruadal, -ail, a.m. Impatience. 

neo-chruadalach, -aiche, a. Not hardy. 2 Want- 
ing eu^rgy, impatien 1 '/ of fatigue or hardship, 
soft, effeminate. 3* Lubberly. 4 Not cruel, 
not hard-h Carted. 

neo-chruinn,** a. Not round. 2 Not sane. 

neo-cbruiuneil,** a. Awkward. 

ndo-chrumnichte, a. Uncollected, scattered, an- 
gathered, unassembled. 

nfM)-chruthaichte, a. Uncreated, unformed. 

neo-chubbaidh, -e, a. Unsreinly, einm^ot, im- 
roi>er, unix-coming, uufit. 2 Unmerited. 3 
f of- ber3dit.ary. 

neo-chubhaidheaclid, *.J. Inexpodience. 

neo-ehubhn.idheachd, *./. Unsavouriness. 

neo-chui 1,** .<./. Poverty. 
v)-chu!drfach,** a. Poor, indigent. 2 Improvi- 

leo-chuideamach, a. Immatc.rial. 

neo-nhuimhne, t.f. Forgetfulntwa, negligence. 

leo-chtiinihueach, aicbo, o. see neo-chuimh- 

eo-chuim aneachail. -e. a. Forgetful 2 Heed- 
less, careless. 

eo--:huirnir,** a. Awkvrnrd. 
eo-climmseach, -iche, a. Not aiming well. 2 
Kxcessive, inrnoderate, intemperate, exhor- 
bitant. 3 Infinite. 4 Uusuitablo. 6 Dispro- 

neo-chuimseachd, *. / Disproportion. 2 Immo- 

neo-cnuim-sich, v a. Disproportion., -, a. Unconrtly, nncourteous. 
neo-c-hulach, -aichd, a. LOAD. 2 Silly 



neo-chuinachd, r.f.ind. Infirmity. 

ail, -e, o. Infvjrmoim 

neo-chuina 'ail, n. Unshapely, untidy. 
neo-fhmnadh,(MS) . Asymmetry, 
tico-chmnnireachd.* s.f. Deformity, 
neo-cbiunaltach, -aicbe, a. Irretentive. 
nuo-cfiuni.Aiita, -ainte, a. Uncommon, unusual. 

cbd, sj.ind. Uneommonness, rare- 

ue**, novelty 
neo-chiimhnantach. -aiche, a. Unconditional, 

admitting of no conditions, 
neo-ciiunblialacb, -aicbe, a. CapricJous.change- 
able, inconstant, deciduous, variable. 

,(MS) *.i>i Fugitive 

. d, */. Capaciousness. 

neo-chnnbhalas, s.m. Inconstancy. 
no-chiiraidh,** n. Gentle, 
iieo-oliuram, -aim, *.tn. Negligence, carelessness, 
neglect, indifference, inattentiveness. 2 ** 

. ach, -aVhe. a. Negligent, inatten- 
tive, inadvertent, indifferent,, cart-less. 2 
Pnxlinal. 3 (DMC) Irreligious. 

. achd, s. /. ind. Inconsiderateness. 

2 Desperateuess. 

tieo-churanta, -ainte, a. Unwarlike. 
neo-dhaichealachd, s.f.ind. Unhand-someness, 
want of gentility. 2 Improbability, uulikeli- 
hood, absurdity, 
neo-dhaicheil, -e, a. Unhandsome, ungenteel. 2 

Improbable, absurd, unlikely, 
neo-dhaimh, -e, s.f. Inconnexion. 
neo-dhiiiuheach,(MS) a. Alien, 
noo-dhaimheil, a. Alien, 
neo-dhaingneachd, Laxness. 
neo-dhaiit$mcl>te, a. Unbound, unfixed. 2 Uu 
ratified, unconfirmed. SjJDiueugAged, uneu 
g.iged. 4 Unsatisfied, 
neo-dhaonnach, -aiche, a. Inhuman, unkind. 2 


neo-dhaonnaclid, ./. Inhumanity, unkindness. 
neo-dhealbh, -eilbh. s.m. Infertility. 
neo-dhealachaidh, a. Ina'ieaable. 
iteo-dhean,** v.n. Annul, undo, 
neo-dhearbhachd, n.f.inii. Inconsequence. 
neo-dhearcach, -aicbe, a. Inattentive. 

. d, *.f. Inattentiveness. 

neo-dherbha,(MS) a. Precarious, unreliable, 
neo-dheas,** a. Nut active. 2 Not neat. 

achd, s.f. Inconcoction. 

neo-dheisealachd, s.f. DLsaccommodation. 
neo-dheithichte, a. Uusmoked. 
neotlheo'hasach,** a. Cool, 
neo-dhiadbaidh, -e, a. Ungodly, impious.unholy, 

profane, irreligious, 
neo-dtnadhaidhcachd, s. /. Ungodliness, irreli- 

gion, impiety, atheism, 
nec-dhiadhuidh, see neo-dhiatiliaidh. 
net. -dhibi reach, a. Accurate. 
neo-<lhilea.:-, -dhilso, o. Faithless, unfaithful 

disloyal, undutiful. 2**Uurelated. 
neo-dhilae, ee neo-'lhilseachd. 
neo-dVulseachd, t.f.iiui. Faithlessness, nnfaith 
fulness, disloyalty, unfriendliness. 2** Non- 

no-dliioclaiilt?acb,(M.S) a. Indeclinable. 
neo-dhioghaltachl,(MS) *./. Pardonablenesa. 
neo-dhiogbaltas, -ais, s.m. Impunity, 
neo-dbiolta,** pot pt. Unpaid, unrewarded. 

Unrequited, unrevenged. 

neo-dhiougmhalta, -ailte, a. Insufficient. 2 
Not firm. 3 Not firmly bound or fixed. 4* 
Precarious, uncertain. 

.- cbd, s. f. Insufficiency. 2 

Want of firmness, insecurity, uncertainty. 
Not bound or fixed. 4 Want of mental firm 


no >-.lmMnaoh. 

Disubjtlieat to pa- 



ueo-'UUea-nach, -a. eh*!, a 
rents, undutiful, iiT'jvrr 
neo-dhlf-asnas, -ais.s.m. f)isob-jdieuce to parents, 

uudutifulness, irrevereiane^.s. 
neo-dblighcach, -ei^he, a. Uudniifiil. ? Lawless, 
uulawiul, illegitimate. 3 Not hereditary. 4 
JJUnnaturaL 5* Un>lue. Do dhaoine n., tt 
lan'/fss mm. 

neo-dhliijheachas, -ais, a.m. Illegality.^ 
neo-dhoigheil, -e, a. bi--urjfrly, 

neo-rlhreachmhor, -oire, a. Implausible. 

neo-dhuirie, pi. -dhaoitid, n.m. Insignificant or 
unmanly fellow, ninny, a nobody. 2*Decrep- 
id person, useless person. 

neo-dhuinealaehd, *./. see neo-dhuiuealas. 

neo-dhuinealas, -ai- 1 , s.m. Unmanliriess, soft- 
ness, etfemi' afeii'is-!, (.'ti'^nnnacy, covrardico. 

iu:o-dhuineil, -e, a. Cowardly, unmanly, effem- 

i.uo dliurachd, s.f. Negligence, heedleasness. 2 
Insincerity 3 brraoiuteiMM. 

ach, -eichrt. a. Negligent, careless. 

2 Insincere. 3 Irresolute. Gu u,, n?-jli<ji>iit!ij- 

nco-eagalach, -aiche, a. Fearless, bol.t, not 
fearful, unappalled. -J Causing uo fear. 3** 
Not skittish. 

Qeo-eMgnaidh, -e, a. Inexact, inaccurate. 2 Ig- 
norant, unlearned. 3 Foolish, imprudeat. 

ueo-eag-naHheachd, s.f.ind. Folly, imprudence. 
2 Igiirance. 3 ladistinction. 

neo-ealanta, -aiute, a. Uaartificial. 2 Artless, 
unlearned, unskilful, Luexpert. 3 Inelegant. 
4 CMS) Homely. Gun., inartiflcialli/. 

neo-ealautach'l, s.f. Inexpertuess.uriskiJulness. 
2 Unkarnedness. 3* Awkwardness. 

neo-ei I, v.n. Disarray, unclothe, strip. 

Deo-lifoacHd, s.f. Intfficacy, iuefl&ciency, insuf- 
ficiency. 2 Inaipacity. 

neo-<ifeachd;, -aiche, a. Inefficacious, inef- 
fectual, inefficient, incapable. Gu n., inef- 

neo-eignuidneachd, s.f. see neo-eagnaidheachd. 

ueo-ebeamealacbd, s.f. Indiiference. 2 (DMC) 

neo-eisiinealach, (MS) a. Hardy. 2 Plain, out- 

neo-eisleanach, -aiche, a. Healthy, sound. 2 

neo-easleanachd, *. f. Healthiness, soundness, 
freedom from disease. 2 Spiritedness. 

neo-eithirhte, (MS) a. Unperjured. 

neo-colach, -aicbe, a. Ignorant, unac<]uainted. 
2 Not expert, not cunning. 

neo-eufia-ach, -aiche, a. Unpromising, (also neo- 

neo-fuabbarach, -aiche, a. Unfavourable. 2 
Unkind, not favouring. 3 Not fair, unfair, 
averse, as wind. Gu n., ttnfavouru/ily. 

neo-fbaicinneach see ueo-fliaicsiuueach. 

d, see neo-fhaicsinneachd. 

neo-fhaicsinneach, -eiche. a. Invi^iuie. 

neo-fbaicsinrje.ichd, s.f. Invi^ibleness. 

neo-fliailneach, -eiche, a. Indefatigable. 

ueo-fhailneach I, s.f. Indt-fatigability. 

neo-fhalamhaichte, a. Inexhausted. 

neo-fhallainea' hJ, s.f. Uusoundness, unhealthi- 
ness, 2 Uuw holesomeness. 

neo-fhallan, -aine, a. Unsound, unhealthy, nob 
in good health. 2 Not healthful, unwhole- 
some. Biadb n., unwholesome food. 

neo-fhallsa, a. Not false, sincere, fair, real, un- 
feigned, candid. 

neo-faallsall, -e, a. see neo-fhallsa. 

neo-fhaoilidh,**o. Cold (indifferent.) 

neo-fhaoinsmuaineach, a. Uuspeculativo. 


nco-fhasanta, -aiute, a. UufasMonable, uncom- 
mon, ol<i-f .ishionecl. Gu u., unfashional/ly. 

neo-fhasantachd, 8. f. Oddness, uuta.-hiona'ble- 
ness, raresiess. 

neo-fh( j aranta<<,** s.m. Enervation. 

neo fii&n-chuiseach,** a. Disinterested. 

neo-fheinealachd, s.f. Disinterestedness. 

neo-fh:neil, -e, a. Disinterested, unselfish. 

neo-fheumail, -e, a. Needless, unnecessary, su- 
perfluous. 2 Unavailing, useless. Is n. sgriobh- 
arih, it is superfluous to write. 

neo-fhiachail,** a. Valueless. 2 Trifling. 

tieo-Thiachalach 1,** s.f i>a-UMiess. 

imo-fiiiueallachd,** s.f. Coarseness. 

neO-fhior, -a, a. Untrue, faNe. 

ueo-fhios, -a, s. m. Ignorance. 2**\Vant of in- 

neo-fmosrach, -aiche, a. Ignorant. 2 Uncon- 
bcbus, not aware, unacquainted. 3 Not in- 
temgeut. On n., unconsciously, 

nao-fUireaunaoh, see neo-fhirean ach. 

i, see ne M-fiursantacli'l. 

iieo-f.iirra<itach -aiche, a. Unrighteous, un- 
just, wicked, not faithful. 2 Disingenuous. 

neo-fhireant,ichd, s.f. Wickedness, unrighteous- 
ness, sinfuluess. 2 Insincerity, faithlessness, 
o Disingenuonsuess. An u., in unrighttout- 

neo-fliirinneach, -aiche, a. see neo-fhireantach. 

neo-fhirinneachd, see ueo-fhireantachd. 

neo-fMiughail, a. Unworthy. 

ueo-fhiugnalachd, *./. Base-mi ndedness. 

neo-fhlathaileaehd, s.f. Illiberality. 

neo-fhoghainteach, -eiche, a. Infirm, not stout, 


not strong. 

2* Ineffectual, inefficacious. 3* 

neo-fhoghluimte, a. Ignorant, unlearn ;d, rude, 
untaught. N. an cainnt, rude in speech. 

neo-fhogiuuimteachd, *./. Illiteracy. 

neo-fhoghlumachd,s.A.see neo-fhog!iluimteachd. 

iieo-fhoighidinn, -e, s.f. Impatience. 

neo-fhoillealachd,(MS) s.f. Plaiuness. 

neo-fhoillsichte, a. Unrevealed, undiscovered. 

neo-fhoirbhidh, a. see neo-fhoirfe. 2* In non- 

neo-thoirfe, a. Imperfect, incomplete, insuffici- 

neo-fhoirfeachd, s.f. Imperfection, incomplete- 
ness, insufficiency. 

neo-fhoirfidh. see neo-fhoirfe. 

neo-fhoirfidheachd, see neo-fhoirfeachd. 

neo-fhoiseil, see neo-fhoisneach. 

aeo-fhoisneach, -eiche, a. Restless, impatient, 
fidgety. 2 Turbulent. 3 Disturbed, uncom- 
fortable, uneasy, unquiet. 

oep-fhoisneachd, s. /. Restlessness, uneasiness, 
impatience. 2**inrbulence. 3 Uncomfort- 
ableness 4* Disquietude, disturbance. 

aeo-fhonn, -fhuinn, s.f. Discord of sound. 

neo-fhonnrnhpr, -oire, a. Not tuneful, unhar- 
monious, iliscordant, unmusical. 2 Dejected, 
not in humour. 

neo-fh'Jtinmhorachd, s.f. Discordance, want of 
harmony, dissonance. 2 Dejectedness. 

neo-fiiorta-iach,** a. Unfortunate, unlucky. 

neo-fhreag-irrach, -aiche, a. Inapplicable, unfit, 
unsuitable, unanswerable, not fitting, not 

neo-fhreagtirrachd, 8. f. Unfitness, unsuitable- 
ness, unanswerableness. 2 Contrariety. 

nt'o-flirt\a-d;ilach, -aiche, a. Improvident, unfa- 
vourable, difficult. 2* Inattentive, careless. 
Gu n., improvidtntly. 

aeofhrea^dal&chd, a.f.ind. Improvidence, care- 

1, sstiess. 2 **Unfavourableness. 
nro-fhuaighealaich, v.a. Unstitch, 
neo-fhulangas, -ais, s.m. Impassibility. 

n-o-fhuras, -ais, s.m. Impatience. 2 Difficult.*. 

, a. see neo-faiirasda. 

neu-fhurasach, -niche, a Impatient, uneasy. 
n^o-fhurasda, -aisde, o. Difficult, hard, no* 

easy. 2**Not patient, 
nso-ghaisg^anta, -einte, o. Immartial. 
neo-g!iaothar,(MS) a. Windless. 
n9o--haraii, -e, a. Incommodious, inoonyenient. 
iieo-iiu'altach, -aiche, a. Not timid, bold, un 

appalled, intrepid, fearless, 
neo-ghealtachd, s.f. Boldness, intrepidity, fear' 


neo-glieama -ta, a. Single-minded, 
n x>-Khe;>nmnai<lh, -e, a. Incontinent, unchaste. 

2 Intemperate. Luchd n., inttmperate people. 
ueo-glieaumnai Iheachd, s.f. Incontinence, un- 

chasteness. 2**Intemperance. 
neo-ghean, -a, s. m. Disaffection, bad humour, 

hitred, dislike, enmity, 
neo-glieanail, -e, a. Out of humour, peevish, 

morose, infestive. 
neo-gheanalachd, s.f. Infeativity. 
neo-gheaumath,** -aith, s. m. 'Dissatisfaction, 

disapprobation. 2 Disaffection, 
neo-gh^illear, a. Unyielding, 
neo-gheimnidh, see neo-ghuanmnaidh. 
neo-gheimnidlieaclid, s.f. see neo-gheanmnaidh- 

neo -gheur, -a, a. Blunt on edge or point. 2 Dull, 

stupid, simple, blunt in comprehension. 3 

(M!) j*nti-ncid. 4* Not- sour. 
D6o-iiauraiecito, a. Not sharpened. 2 Unfer- 

m 'nted, unleavened. 3 NoLwured. A ran n., 

neo-fjhlea ihrach, a. Hush-id. 

neo-ghlaine, comp. of neo-ghlan. 

n3o-gh!aiue, x.f. Abom n u>len -as, uncleanaess, 

fi cniness, impurity. 2 Pollution. 
I neo-i;ti)ainte, a. Nut sublimated by heat. 

neo-ghlan, -aine, a Impure, abominable, un- 
clean. i > uliuted. Cairbii spr&dh neo-ghlain, 
th' ('.areas? of unclean fa,'<l>. 

neo-ghlic, -e, a. Foolish. unwise. witless.thought- 
le >s. Anam un clirine nan gnioran n.,thou lit- 
tk> soul ofunwig" de-ds .' 

neo-ihlk>cas, -ais, .m In-tipiency. 

neo-.w'i>loicealacbd, s.f. Wisdom, prudence. 

neo-gnloiceil, -e, a. Wise, prudent. 

neo-^hioidhcealachd, see neo ghloicealachd. 

neo-^hloidnceil, see neo-ghloiceil. 

neo-ghloine, s.). seo ueo-ghlaine. 

neo-ghlnaisneach. a. Hush. 

neo-ydluaisn acud,(M8) s. f. Rest. 2 ae neo- 

neo-ghluai?te, a. Unmoved, nnagitated, unruf- 

neo-gh!uasadach, -aiche, a. Immovable, undis- 
turbed, unruffled. Gnm.,M*wot>aMj/. 

lasadaclid, *. f. Imraovableness. 2 

neo-gblutail, -e, a. Abstemious. 

neo-g'nnaichte,* a. Unacciistomed, unpractised, 
abrogated, unusual. 

neo-g mathach, -aiche, a. Not customary, on- 
usual, strang", extraordinary. 2**Idle. 

neo-g 'inathHcnaidh,** a. lmpr.tct'c.ible. 

neo-g mathaichte, a. Unattetupted, unpractised, 
unj-erformed. 2 Kxtraord nary, uucpuimon. 

neo-p:iniomhach, -aiche, a. Llle, negligent, in- 

neo-g luiombacha-i -ais, s.m. Inactivity. 

neo-gn.ireasach, -aiche, a. Inconvenient, unfit,. 
2 Unfavourable, a Immoderate, excessive, 
intemperate. 4* Unnecessary. 

neo-ghoirea^sacbd. s.f. Inconvenience. 2 Iin- 
mod T it<-n -ss, exceis. 

neo-g oirt, a. Not sour. 2 Not sore. 




neo-ghoirteachadh,** -aidh, s. m. Process of 
taking away the acid from any .substance. 2 
Not fermenting'. 3 Not souring, sweetening. 

neo-ghoirtich,*" c.a. Take off sourness, sweet- 
en. 2 Unacidulate. 

nfo-ghoirtichte, a. Unfernaented, unleavened. 
2 Unacidulated. 3 Sweetened, 

neo-gnr.ul, -ai ie, a. Not quick, not sudden, 
slow, sluggish, dilatory, unapt. Is n. e, 
he it slow, slitjgixh. 

neo-ghrad-charach, -aiche, a. Lazy, sluggish, 
in lol< nt. 

neo-ghramail, -e, a. Fla'iby. 

nso-jihra-mhor, -oire, a.Unmjroiful.ungracious. 
2 Graemes*, without grace. Gu n., ungraci- 

neo-ghrasmhorachd, *. /. TJnmercifulness, un- 
graciousn -a*. 2 Gracelessness. 

nso-ghreanntachd, ./. Clums.ness. 

neo-ghrinn, -o, a. Inelegint, un idy, awkward. 
2 >ot showy. d*Coai - se, unmannerly. 4*Un- 

nco-gorinneas, -is, t.m. Inelegance, untidiness, 
awkwardness. 2* Unkindness. 3**Lack of 

fn.-oi !,*' a. Strong. 2 Stout, thick. 3 Penu- 
rious scanty. 4 Wicked. 

neni !,** s.f. Wound. 

neoil. g'n.'ing. <k n, pi. of neul. 

neo-ini h,* -e, a. see neo-inbheach. 

nc;o- : n. he ich, -t-iche, o. Abortive, unripe, not 
coni3 to maturity, premature. 2 ttlnferior. 
3* Under age. Torraichead n.. o premature 
conception ; tha en., he is not of ayf, he is a 

neo-in heachd,* s.f. Prematurity, abortiveness. 

neo-inbhe ifh,** a. Unripe, untimely, not come 
to maturity, not come to full growth. Gin n.. 
an uiitmifly birth. 

559. Jfeoincan. 

neiinean, -ein, -an, s.m. Daisy belli s ptrtnnl*. 
n. oineanacb, -aiche, a. Abounding in daisies, 

daisied. 2 Of or like a daisy. 
neoinean-cladaich, t.m. Thrift, sea-pink, see 

neoinean-greind, Sunflower. 
ne6inean-m6r, g. m. Ox-eye chrysanthemum 

I'M cart hrmum, 

neoinean-puinn^L-in, s.m. Sun-sparge Colonsay. 
neo-innleachd,** s.f. Wanf of ingenuity, unin- 

ventivencss, non-contrivance, 
neo-mnleachdach, -aiche, o. Not ingenious, un- 

inventiTe, not contrivaut, artless, unskilled, 


neo-inntinnearh, -eiche, a. Insipid, 
neo-inntleachd, see neo-innleachd. 

, sea m-o-innleachdavh. 
neo-io h.lnihoii-e, comp. of iico-iochdmhor. 
nep-i 'ch.liiihor, -oire, o. Pitiless, cruel, unfeel- 
ing, inhuman, merciless. 

achd, s.f.ind. Cruelty, unfoolinjj- 

ness, inhuuiiui^y, nurcilessu^s j, pitilessoe.s'*. 
neo-ioch Ir.mac'i. -aiclie, a. Disube lieut, dis- 
loyal, unbecoming a subject, insubordinate. 
d, g.f.ind. Disobedience, in.sub- 

Gu n., 

ordination, disloyalty. 
neo-ijgarra, a. Ilaugiity, arrogant. 


--- cad, s.finl. Haughtiness, arrogance. 
neo-iomaguineach, -eiche, a. Careless, heedless. 
neo-iomallach, -aiche, a. Interminable. 
neo-iomcbuidh, -e, a. Improper, unmeet, unfit, 

unbecoming, inconvenient, unqualified, uot 


eachd, s.f.ind. Impropriety, un.- 

meet ness, unfitness, unbecotningness. 

neo-iomlan, -ain3, a. Imperfect, incomplete, un- 

achd, s.f.ind. Imperfection, incom- 
pleteness, incompletion. 

neo-iorapaichte, a. Unconverted, unchanged. 

neo-iompaidhteach, a. Inconvertible. 

neo-iomrallach, a. Inerrable, accurate. 

d, s.f. Inerrability, inerrancy. 

neo-i;viaiin, a. Dissimilar, uje>|ual, uolike, 
differing. Is m. dl.uit e, he is unlikf you. 

achd, s.f.ind. Inequality, dissimilar- 
ity. 2* Unlikelihood. 

; as, -ais, -;vis,x.m. see neo-ionannachd. 

neo-ionmhuinn, -e, a. Unbeloyed. 2 Unlovely, 
unamiable, morose. 

neo-ionmhuinneachd, s.f.ind. The .state of not 
being beloved. 2 Moroseness, unloveliness. 

neo-ioniKsuichte, a. Illiterate, iguorant,unle;\rn- 
ed, untaught, rude, untrained, unskilful, ia- 

neo-iotmhorachd, s.J.ind. Insitiency. 

neo-iteagach, -aiche, a. Displnmeil. 

neo-iiilmhor, -oire, a. Ignorant, ouakilful, un- 

neo-lnghail, -e, o. Dlegitiuiate, unlawful. 
Gniomh n., an illegitimate action, 

neo-laghalachd, s.f.ind. Illegality, unlawful- 
ness, illegitimacy, illtgitdmateneas. 

neo lamhach, -aiche, a. see neo-lamhchair. 

d, s.f.ind. Inability. 

neo-lamhchair, -e, a. Awkward, unskilful, in- 
expert, clumsy-handed. 2 Handles*. 

; eachd, **./. see neo-lamhcliarachd. 

neo-limhcharachd, sj. Awkwardness, unslcil- 

fulness, inexpertness, clumsiness. 

neo-lan, a. Lank, 
neo-lapacb, a. Unbenumbed. 2 Unenfeebled, 

3 Unfaltering. Gur iieo-lapach do Jtiraich 

'us d' fhonn, unfaltering a,re thy apfxxnance 

and habits (or mood.) Dnanaire, 101. 
neo-lasanta, -ainte, a. Incombu-stible. 
neo-lasta,** a. Uninflanae.l. 2 Uulighted. 
neo-lathaireach, a.m. Absentee, 
ueo-lathaireach, -tiche, a. Absent, inridble. 3 

Apt to be absent. 
d, g.f.ind. Absence of person. S 

Invisibility. 3 Contrariety, 
ueo-leabhrach, -aiche, a. Bookless, 
neo-leanabaidh, -e, a. Not childish, manly. 
ea<-hd, s.f. Manliness. 

neo-leasaichte, a. Uucorrected, unimproved. 2 
Unmanured, undunged. 3 Cnamaiuled. 

neo-leigheasach, -aiche, a Imoieiiicable, incur- 

neo-leithbhreitheachd, g.f.inl. Imp;\riia;ity. 

ueo-liomhta, a. Unpolished. 2(DMGj BlunU 




e ,-liotach, -aiche, a. Not --tainm tii.?, having 
no stammer. 2 Easily pronounced, of easy 

neo-loch lach, -aiche, a. Harmless, 

2 Blameless, unblemished, spotless, unspot- 
ted, fixities*, sinless, unconfcamiaaned. 
Ka -tnh agus n , ho'ii and un>d"inishei. 

neo-ioinnei., -e, a. D. formed. 

neo-loisgeac'i, -eiche, a. Incombustible, not 
burning,, 2 Not hasty, 
keen or passionate. 3**-Not corrosive. 

- . -- d, s.f. Incombustibility. 
neo-'oi -ge tniaoh, a. Deform xl. 3 Uninflam- 

mable. inc.un'mstible. 
noo-loijvear, a.m. Asbestos. 
reo-lvm. a. Gnarled. 
nsJo-luAchmiiorachd, s.f. Worthlessness. 
neo-luaineach, -eiclie, a. Steady, constant. 2 

---- a ^ -ais, s.m. Steadiness, constan- 

neo-Iubadh, -ai'lh, ?. m. Inconformity, unbend- 

ingn iss, unyieldingness. 
neo-iuchdaich, v.a. Disburden, unload, unship, 


- - to, past pt. of neo-luchdaich. Dis- 
burdened, unloaded, lightened. 

neo-lueh'im'ioircaciid, s.f. Inoapaciousness. 

neo-)u.i;hdachai Ih, a, Bateless. 

iien.luthach, -aiche, a. Nerveless. 

neo-mhairsinneachd, s.f. Discontinuance. 

iieo-mhaitheach, -eiche, a. Unforgiving, un- 
relenting. 2(DU) Indifferent to public or 
other opinion, uncouveitioual. v(AU)Stra g'-.t- 
forward, outspoken, downright, bluut, unflat- 

neo-iuhaithf>ana''ach,(MS) a. Unpardoning. 

neo-mhaithteach, sea neo-:nh-iitheach. 

neo-mharbhach, see neo-mharbhtach. 

- -- d, see neo-inharblitacM. 
neo-raharbhtach, -a'che, a. Not killing, not 

d -adly, not mortal, immortal. 2 Not sang- 


--- d,** g.f. Immortality. 
nao-mheadhooafh, -aiche, a. Immediate, with- 

out intermediate cause. 2* Not central, out 

of place, eccentric. 3* Awkward in point of 

-- - - d, s.f. Immediatenass. 2 Ec- 


neo-mhea'lhonaireachd, s.f. Immediacy. 
nao-mhealltach, -aiohe, a.'Not deceiving, hon- 

est. sincere, candid, undisguised, undissemb- 

ling. fair. 
neo-mhoangail, -e, a. Unblemished, sound, 

healthy, whole. 
neo-mhearachdach. -aiche, a. Unerring 1 , infal- 

lible, true. 2* Wise. 

neo-mhearach lail, see neo-mh^arachdach. 
iu'0-;i)hearach lalachd, ./. Inerrability. 
no-mheas, -a, Disrespect, c.nt<?un>t. 
-- ail, -e, a. Disrespected. 2 Contempt- 

ible. aweless. 'A* Disrespectful. 
neo-mh.:asarra, a. Intemperate, immoderate, 

debauched. 2 Excessive, b \voml measure. 

Grailh n., intemperate low, wh<>r-<lnm. 

- --- cud, s.f. Inte nperince, immod- 

eration, debauchery, exces-*, glut. 2 Iuim?n<e- 


neo-mhea<?gach ** n. Ineommisc'.ble. 
neo-mheasijta, a. Unmixed, unmiogied, uncom- 


neo-mheata, a. B >ld, daring, fearless. 2 Stout. 
-- chd, s.f.ind., daring, fear- 

lessness. 2 Resoluteness. 
neu-mhiann, -a, s.m. Inappetence. 
neo-mbin,** a. Rou^h-graiued, unsmooth. 

neo-mhinichto, a. Unpolished, 
n .jo-mhio>ail,** see neo-mh'-^ail. 
nj-.'-mhis^each, -eiche, a. So >or, not addicted 

to drunkenness or tippling. 
neo-mhisgralachd,* g.f. Sobii -ty. 
neo-rmiMgjil,* a. see n^o-mhi g vch. 
neo-inhodhail, -e, a. Kude, unc iKured. 
aao-mbodhalaeha, s.f. Inson-tibiliw. 
n.!o-m:iothachadh, -ai \h, a.m. Ins -n ibil'ty, nn- 

fe.iliugn^.ss, apathy, stupor, c.tllou -nass. 2 

nen-m lothachail, -e, a. InsensibX unf 'eling, 

cal.ous, torpi.l.uofoeliug. 2 Stupi 1. 3(Ali) 

Unmannerly, im-iolite. 
n jo-mhothachalachd,* s.f. see neo-m ( jothach- 


nej-mhothuchadh, see neo-mhothachadh. 
njo-mhuchalach, a. Unquenchable. 

1, */. Un iu?nc!iableoess. 

neo-mhuigheach,(MS) a. Inditlgent. 
neo-mriurrachas, -a's, s.m. Incompetency. 
n io-in ; iuiha(;h, -aic.-h ;,o.(J .Tiain, unchan jeable. 
neonach, -aich-?, a. Curious, surprisin;r, droll, 

eccentric, amusing, strange, whimsica',n ivel, 

rare, capricio'is, imu^'iaJl. SttTriflin^. Ni M., 

a novi or cioinis tldni ; duine n., ad'-o ; lf'l- 

loiv ; is 11. learn, / am turprited ; is n. kit, he 

t'< inks it sti-anyt. 

as, -ais, s.m. Curiosity, surprisingne^, 

drolln^is, ec.-entricity, strangeness, 

c ilniss, surprise, wonder. 2**Prpll per-on. 

N. an ni sso, the strangm'S* ofthisthinj ;'tfoa 

n orm. / <tm surprixtd 

ueoaacnd,** s.f. Admirableness. 2JtOddity. 
neon nl, see sleamhnan & neamhnaxau. 
neonag-in, -ain,.s.m Stye on the eye, see sleatnh- 

nan & neamhnagan. [In Qairloch Icdnad 

neonaphe, com?, of n^onacb. 
oronaid, see neamhnuid. 
m onan, see neoinean. 

ach, see neoinaanach. 

no6nasachd,** s.f. Admirability. 
neo-neach,**.s i .7n.Insigniticant person, a nobody. 

2 (DC) Imbecile Steye. 

neo-neart,** -neirt, s.m. Pithlessness, feeble- 

ar, see nso-neartmhor. 

mhor, -oire, a. Not forcible, feeble, 

infirm. 2 Un warlike. 

neo-neulach, -aiche, a. Cloud' .v?s. 

neoni, s.f.ind. Nothing, non'Mirity. 2 CT 

3 Trifle. 4* Ninny. Thig iad gu neoni, 
shall com- to nothim ; 'nuair a chuala neo- 
ni puth a bheoil, whfn chaos hsard the voice 
of his mouth. 

neoinich,** v. a. Annihilate, annul, neutralize, 
bring to nothing, see nionithifft. 

neonitueach, -eiche, a. Trifling, insignificant, 
valueless, inconsi lerablo. 2 Abortiv. 

adh, s.m. Annulment, annulling. 

d, */. Trifl : ngness, nothiagn -s<, in- 
significance, i<iron<UerAblenos.s. 2 **Abor- 
tiveness. 3 Nothing. 

ne mithich, (MS) v.a. Abolish blank, annihil- 

neo-oileanacb.(MS) o. Bumpkinly, presumptu- 

neo-oileanaichte, a. Untaught, illiterate, un- 
mannerly, imr-al i.jnt, itl-ored. 

n o-oireamhna.-h, a. Incompatible, unbecoming, 
inadequate improper. 

d, s.f. Impropriety. 

neo-omhailleach, see n jo-umhailleach. 

neo-onoireach, see neo-onorach. 

neo-ouorach. -aiche, a. Dishonest, thievish, t 
Ignoble, mean. 

iMp-phairteachd C 

aeo-phairteachd, s.f. Neutrality. 

neo-phairti Iheachd, sj. Incouimun'cability. 

neo-pheacac'i, -aiche, a. Impeccable. 

neo-phearsanta, see neo-phearsautail. 

neo-phearsa'itachd, *./. Impersonality. 

no-phearsantail, -e, a. Impersonil. 

neo-phoile-irachd, *./. Abstemiousness in drink- 
ing or diet, sobriety, temperance. 

neo-phoiti'il. -e, a. Sober, abstemious, tempor- 
al*, not giv-n to excess in eating or drinking. 

oeo-phris, -e, */. Want of value, uselessness. 2 
Disrespect, contemptibleness, contempt. Na 
cuir an n., do not despise. 

oil, a. Abject. 

MO-phroantaeh, -aiche, a. Inimalleable. 

neo-phurpail,** a. Inaccurate. 2 (DMy) Non- 

neo-rag, -raige, a. Flaccid, docile. 

neo-rann-phairteach, -aiche, a. Incommunic- 
-d, t.f. Incommunicableness. 

neo-ranntach, -aiche, a. Blank. 

neor-eisiomail, s.f. Independence, not being in 
one's reverence. 

neo-reiteach, -eiche, a. Irreconcilable. 

is, -ais, s.m. Irreconciliation. 

neo-reusanta, a. Unreasonable. 

neo-riaghailt, -e, -ean, *./. Incongruity. 

each, -eiche, a. Irregular, anoma- 
lous. 2 Turbulent, quarrelsome, heteroclite. 

eachd,* *./. Irregularity, anomaly. 

2 Turbulence. 

neo-riauail, a. Unruly, disorderly. 

neo-riaualachd,** t.f. Contrariety. 

neo-riantanach.(DMC) a. Needless, uncalled 

neo-riatanach, (MS) a. Needless. 

neo-riochdail, -e, a. Inelegant. 

neo-roiunteach, a. Indivisible. 

neo-roiuntealachd, s.f. Indivisibility. 

neorra-tha, phrase, Indeed it is Arran. 

neorra-thaing, see neo-ar-thaing. 

neo-sgailich, v.a. Unveil. 

neo-sgairte. a. Inseparable, not to be divided 
or parted. 

il, -e, a. Dull, spiritless, inactive. 

neo-s^arail, -e, o. see neo-sgairte. 

neo-sgathach, -aiche, a. Fearless, undaunted, 
un-<pp tiled, not timid. 

neo-sgathafhrvs, s.m. Fearlessness. 

neo-sgeadairh, v.a. Undress, disrobe, disarray, 
divest, unadorn. 

te, past pt. of neo-sgeadaich. Un- 
dressed, disrobed, stripped, unadorned. 

neo-sgiobalta, a. Awkward, clumsy. 

neo-sgith, a. Unwearied, unfatigued, willing. 

eil, a. Unwearied. 

iclite, a. Unwearied, unfatigued, un- 

tired. 2 Ceaseless. 

neo-sg.dnnsalachd, ./. Frivolousness. 2 (DMC) 

neo-sgoinnear, -a, a. Heedless, inattentive. 

neo-sgoinneil, -e, a. Flimsy. 2 Drabbish. 3 
Idle. 4 (DU) Lacking in bodily vigour. 5 
(DMC) Sluggish. 

n<:o-sgonnar, see neo-sgoinnear. 

H3o-sgrubach,(DMK)a. Unscrupulous, not hesi- 
tating, not niggardly. 

neo-shaidealta, a. Unshamed. 

chd, /. Boldness. 

neo-shaillte, a. Unsalted, unseasoned. 2**In- 

neo-shalach, -aiche, a. Undeflled, unpolluted, 
clean, cleanly. An leabaidh n., the bed nnde- 

eo-shaltraichte, a. 


Want of desire, 
ambition. 3 Loathing, 


ne'jsn ui.K. -a, g.m. 
ence. 2** Lack of 

nwsnanntach, -aiche, a. Not covetous, unself- 
ish. 2 Unambitious, indifferent 3 Loath- 

neo-shan - itaich,(MS) v.a. Blunt the desire, ap- 
petite or craving. 

neo-shaothrach, a. Idle. 

ueo-iharachaidh, -e, a. Unconquerable, inde- 
fatigable, keen. 

nao-sharachail,* -e, a. see nso-sharachaLlh. 

n-io-sharaichte, a. Unoppressed, unconquered. 
2 Utifatiffued, unharassod. 

n30-sheachach, -aiche, a. Imircinablft. 

neo-sheachanta, -ainte, a. Indispensable. 
chd, s.f. Indhpensability. 

neo-shaachnach, -aiche, a. Avoidless, unavoid- 

neo-sheachranach,(MS) a. Inerrable, infallible. 

neo-sheadhachail, -e, a. Insignificative. 

neo-sh?adhail,(DMC) a. Insi^uificant. 

Untravelled, untrampled 

eachd, s.f. Insignificance. 
neo-sheadhair,** a. Cold (indifferent.; 
neo-shealbhach, -aiche, a. Ill-starred, uulueky. 

2 Averse. 

neo-shealbharra, see neo-shealbhach. 
neo-sheamhsar, -a, a. Hapless. 
neo-sheannsail, a. sec nao-sheannsar. 
neo-sheannsar,** a. Ualucky, ominous. 'S neo- 

sheannsar a' chulaidh," (speaking of the new 

objectionable trousers imposed on the Gael) 

ominous is the article of apparel Donn. Ean, 

p. 1S3. 
--- achd,** *./. Unluckinoss, omi- 

neo-sheargach,** a. Unblasting, unscorching. 2 

That does not wither, unwithering, undecay. 


neo-sheargach, (MS) a. Asbestine. 
neo-sheargaichte, see neo-sheargta. 
neo-sheargaidheachd,(MS) *./. Incorruptibility. 


a. Unwithered, undecayed, un- 


scorched, unblasted. 
neo-sheasach,* -aiche, see neo-sheasmhach. 
neo-sheasmhach, -aiche, a. Unsteady, unstable, 

fleeting, not durable, inconstant. 2(MS) In- 

coherent. 3 (DMC) Unreliable. N. mar uisge, 

unstabl; as leater. 
-- - d, s.f. Instability, unsteadi- 

ness, fleetingness, want of durability, unquiet- 

ness, restlessness, uncomfortablenais, state of 

not being firmly placed. 2 Transientness. S 

(MS) Repugnance. 
neo-shea>mhuidheachd, s. f. Levity, discon- 


neo-sheircealachd, s.f. Intoleration. 
neo-sheolta, (MS) a. Artless. 
neo-sheoltachd, .s\/. Immethodicalness. 
neo-shiolmhorachd, s.f. Fruitlessness, infertil- 


neo-shithealachd,(MS) s.f. Intranquilifcy. 
neo-sh!ainteil,** a. Bad in health, unhealthy, 


neo-shlaminach,(MS) a. Incoagulable. 
n^'o-shlannach, -aiche, a. Antacid. 
neo-shnasmhor, -oire.a. Ill-finished, incompact, 

inelegant, untidy, unpolished. 
neo-shocair, -e, a. Uneasy, unsettled, restless. 

--- , *. Uneasiness, unsettledness, rest- 

neo-shocrach, -aiche, a. Restless, unquiet, un- 

easy, uncomfortable. 2 Hard, difficult. 3 

Not fir. uly placed, unsteady. 
neo-shocrachd,* s f. see neo-shocair. 

shamhluiaheachd, s.f. Matchlossueaa. 2 j neo-dhoilleir, -e, a. Indistinct, not clear, not 




transparent, not brig-lit, dark, gloomy, unin- 

teli ih'.e. 
neo-shoilleireaohd,** s. f. Indistinctness, ab- 

st'iic-i of litflr., uni itoir&ibleness, state of 

be ng dark or not bright. 
ni'o-sLioirMu'achadt), -aidii, *.m. Unsuccessful- 

n ,'ss, st.iu; of uot succeeding or prospering. 
ueo-slioirbh<3adiail, -e, a. Unsuccessful, un- 

prosuerous unfortunate, 
neo-.-hnirbheachaiachd,* . /. see neo-shoirbh- 

neo-shol.irach, -riche, a. Improvident, shiftless. 

On n., improvident^. 

neo-sholaracli,** -aich, s. m. Improvident per- 
neo-shol.a-ach, -niche, a. Joyless, mournful, sad, 

uncomfortable, delight less. 
neo-ho!ia, a. Luckless, unlucky, hapless, un- 

lia i'-y. An tir n. seo, th>'g unlucky land. 
neo->honruirhte, a. Indefinite, undetermined, 

unresolved. 2 Not remarkable, 
aeo-shrianach, -ait-he, a. liitle^s, unbridled, un- 
curbed, unrestrained, uncontrolled. 2 (DAIyj 

stripeless, without stripes, 
oeo-shuaimhneach, -eiche, a. Restless, 
aeo-shnarach, -aiche, a. Not iusignificant, not 

oeo-<hubhach, -aiche, a. Joyless, comfortless. 

2 (DO) Unsati-fiid. Gun cnaraid, n., without 

a f.-ienl, joyless. 

neo-ahulhar,(.M) a . Unessential. 
nx>--hughar, seo ueo-shugf!imhor. 
Deo-shughmhor, a. Juiceless, sapless, arid. 2 

(D.My) Without strength, 
ni'o-shuidhic'ite, a. Unsettled, unsteady, dis- 

comiKMetl, implanted. 
neo-shnidhichtcaohd, ./. Levity. 
neo-shui^-;u-tach, a. Heavy. 
ne-i- huilbliir, -e, a. Morose, not merry or cheer- 
ful, peevish, gloomy, cheerless, unobliging;, 
neo-shirme,** . /. Carelessness, indifference, 

ni'gligt n ie. Na oiiir an n. dtxpise not. 
neo-shuimea!achd, sj. Inattention, negligence, 

neo-shuimuil, -e, a. Negligent, indifferent, iaat- 

tenti ve. 

neo-shulchair,** a. Distant. 
i,eo-shuund,(I)MC)s.m. Dulness, spiritlessness. 
iieo-shunndach, -aiche, o. Dispirited, dejected, 

melancholy, spiritless, morose. 2 In bad 

health. S Backward. 4*Drowgy. GUU..&- 

neo-shusbainteach, a. Frivolous, unsubstantial, 

without substance, inefficient, 
neo-smiorail, -e, a. Spiritless, dull. Daoine n., 

spirirlfti men. 

rieo-smioralachd, s./. Spiritlessness, dulness. 
neo-smuaintealachd, t.f. Inconsiderateness. 
neo-sparragsw;h, -aiche, see neo-shrianach. 
neo-speiseach,(MS) a. Favourless. 
neo-sp^isoil, -e, a. Underrating, undervaluing. 

2 Heedless, careless, inattentive. 3*Unloving. 
neo-speisichte, a. Unregarded. 
neo-shioradachd.(M.S) t.f. Corporeity, 
neo-spioradail, a. Abject. 2 (DMy) Unspirit- 

neo-sporsail, -e, a. Not merry, not inclined to 

merriment. 2 Humble, not proud, not scorn- 
ful. 3 Not prone to deride, 
neo-spraiceil,* see neo-smiorail. 
iieo-stathach, -aiche, a. Null, bootless, 
neo-stdidheachd, s.f. Indetermination. 
nao-stolda, a. Incomposed, restless. 

chd.(DMC) s.f. Restlessness. 

neo-traicealachd, s.f. Want of pride or conceit, 

neo-straiceil, -e, a. Not conceited, unassuming, 

modest, not forward. 

neo-striochdail,** a. Disobedient. 2 (DMK1 

nep-Miruidboll, -e, a. Not extravagant, frugal. 

naotair, a. Neuter. 

n-io-ihabhach, ** a. Futile, pithless, weak, 
impotent, unimportant, immaterial, ineffect- 
ual, unprofitable, unavailable. 

d, s.J. insufficiency, futility, pith- 

less ess, weakness, unimportance, impotence, 

dach, -aiche, a. Ineffectual, futile, 

pithless, unsubstautial.impotent, immaterial, 


dachd.JJ t.f. Imbecility. 

neo-thabhalrteach, -eiche, a. Stingy, niggardly, 
not inclined to give. 

ieo-thacmhor,(MS> a. Aidless. 

neo-thagairte, a. Uncontroverted, unclaimed, 

neo-thairbhe, g.f.ind. Unprofitablensss, unpro- 

neo-taaise,(Ms) y. Apathy. 

neo-tnaisichte, a. Infusible, 
eo-tbaitiun, v.n. Displease, dissatisfy, disagree 
with, disapprove. N. i ris, she did not tatii/y 

neo-thaitneach, -eiche, a. Disagreeable, unac- 
ceptable, unwelcome, displeasing, unsatisfac- 
tory, unpleasant. 

neo-thambaiche, -e, g.m. <k f. Non-resident. 

aeo-tbapaidheaobd, s.f. Inability. 

neo-tharbhach, -aiche, a. Unfruitful. unproduct- 
ive, unprofitable, unsubstantial, g din j .ss, 
abortive, unfruitful, unavaiiabl , unservice- 
able. Fearann n., unproductive land ; ri oib- 
ribh n., with fruitlfas wark*. 

neo-tharbhacha^, see neo-th.iirbhe. 

uoo-tharbhach'l. see neo-thairbhe. 

neo-tharb 'iachdacli.(MS) o. Slignt. 

neo-tharbhaicho, *./. see neo-thairbhe. 

, cotnp. of neo-tharbhach. More 

or most unproductive or uusiib>t:intial. 

neo-thtagaisgte, a. Untaught, unlearn*!. 

neo-theaganinach,(MS) a. Assured, undoubted, 

neo-lhea^amhachd, s.f. Assuredness. 

neo-the;vgmiiriidheachd,(MS) s.f. Assurance. 

ueo-theanntachd, *.''. Lax ness. 

ueo-thearbach, a. Inseparable. 

neo-thearbaidheachd, s.f. Inseparability. 

ueo-lhearuiute, a. Insecure, unsafe, unprotecb- 

neo-tliearuinceach, see neo-thearuinte. 

d, t.f. Insecurity, want of 

safety, unnrotectedm>ss. 2* [ncautiousness. 

neo-th-omi, 'a. Unskilful, inexpert, iguorant. 
2 lutirm. weakly. 3 Awkward. 

neo-thebmadh, soe noo- 

neo-theth,** o. Not hot, co>l, not zealous. 

neo-tliimc-iioll-ahearr, v.n. UuCireumebe. 

ueo-thimchioll-ghearradh, -aidh, s. m. Uacir- 

neo-thimcinoll-gliearrta, p. Uncircumcised. 

neo-thimail, -e, a. Abortive, untimely. 

aeo-tbltixail, -e, a Incoui|>asiouat . 

neo-thlustlachd, x.f. Incotupassionateneas. 

neo-tliogirrach, -aiche, a. Disinclined, averse, 
passionless, amort. 2 Reluctant, a* a person. 
3 Uniuvki.ig. a . weather. 

ueo-thoil, -e, s.f. Disinclination, aversion, un- 
willingness, backwardness, reluctance, noli- 

neo-thoileach,-eichc, a. Di- inclined, unwilling, 

averse, backward, reluct i-.C. 
neo-thoileacliadh, -aidh, *.m. Dissatisfying, act 

of diMatinfyirg or di .ipleosin^. A' n , pr. pt 
of neo-thoiiich. 

Beo-th >ik'acha.-i-inntinn, i. m. Dmatisf vction, 

neo-thoileaehd,** */. Stubbornness, reluctance. 
. 2 Disgust. 
ornness, aversion, 

, . 

perver!rnes, di-i icliirition. 2 Disgust. 
o-thoilealachd, . f. Stubb 

reluctance, disg.ut 

n'-'o-thoih-il,** a. Stubborn, reluctant, perverse. 

neo-thoilich, t> n. Dissatisfy, displease. 

te, p-istpt. of neo-thoilioh. D!ssa f is- 

fied, displeased, discontented, averse. lochd- 
;ira'i n., a infiL'ont -n . 

nc-o-th"i!!tiMn; -ais, j.m. Unworthiuass, de- 
uieiic. ba 1 desert, undjservediiess. 

neo-t,iuiluauac-i, see ueo-thoilltinneach. 

beo-thoilitiumach, -eichu, a. Undeserving, un- 
wortny, m.m Thing. 

nfo-thji', a. see nco-thoinHgMl. 

neo-iaoiui y4vil, -e, a. Foolish, senseless, stupid, 
uninbeUifreBO. 2(i)MO Inconsiderate. 

n -o-Uioirt, -e, s.f. Indifference, uegli:;enc.3, dis- 
inclination. 2 Contempt. 

lK j o-thoirtealachd,** *.J. Negligence, indiffer- 
ence, carelessness. 2 Harm essness. 

neo th >irteil, -e, a. Indifferent, negligent, care- 
less, ina'tentiv;;. 2 Causing no Harm or loss. 

neo-tholltac'i, -aich<?, a. Itaperfarated. 

Xie.o-thoirt-t'ainear,** s. Inat'tenciv -n ;ss. 

neo-thomh iiseach,(Ms) a. Fathomless. 

nvo-thorach. -aicha, a. Unfruitful, unproduct- 
ive, barren. 2 Not pregnant (of VVOMKMI on y. 
3 Pa-t chi d-:. earing. Ris a' mfna >i neo- 
thoraich, t.* iht l>a--ien woman. 

n o-thoracha-', -ai-, y.n. see neo-thoraichead. 

neo-thorachd, * t.f. see n'xnthoraic'iead. 

Beo-thoraiche, eomp. of n-jo-thorach. 

, s.f. Uufruitfuin )ss, unproduct- 
iveness, barrenness. M. do churn, ths bar- 
rtnn'S* of thy u-omb. 

aeo-tnoraioh -ad, t.f. Degree of unfruitfnlness, 
barrenness, ab >rtiveness, or infocuudity. 2 
Female barrenness 

neo-thoraicheas, .m. see neo-th >raichead. 

neo-thraigh^ach. -ticiie, a. luexhaustible, infi- 
nite, thac cannot be drained. 

-j j-thrai hte, * Uuexhausled, undrained. 

neo-thra >ighte, see neo-thi'iigh*e. 

neo-th, -a "had, -e, o. Late. 2 Unseasonable, un- 

neo-thrathalachl, t.f. 

neo-thr^'gsinueach, -eich, a. In.ieftctible. 

neo-thrforach, -aic'ie a. Invalid, week, aidless. 

neo-threoraickte, a. Undirected, uuguLled, not 

nco-throcaireach, -eiche, a. Pitiless, unmerci 
ful, cruel, relentless, call >us. 

.. d, *./. Cruelty, relentlessness, 


neo-ttirtiacanta, -ainte, a. Pitiless, unfeeling 
unc< m. a siona'.e, unmerrii'ul, crueL Is u, a 

't'l'f* in hix tUp.'Ct. 

end, ./. Onfoelingness, uncom 

passjo'iat 'nss, unm rcifulness, 
neu-tliruacanUn, see neo-tuiusalac id. 
ueo-thruauiichte, o. Unadulterated, undefined, 

uiu-.jrfu;)ted, ununl.d, unm.irred. u iv^ 
neo-tinuaillidn, -e, a. Incorrupiib* , 1 

uncoiTupted, un leflK-d, onadaiceratwi. 

:aeti'l, t.f [nc'jrruntiou, undofil- 

eduess. 2**incorruptible purity, 
neo-tnrua-ail. --, SDO neo-thlusa'l. 
U'!u-thru-i a ciit .-,( .1S) a. 1. 
iieo-tlru-isa ach 1, see iiec)-thlas," a r> 'id 
lieo-th'i^i;' t )each, a. ilu |- tlv:ss. -^Is) 

3 l j .-ac -ai.l'j, n >: .ui^na-i u ;. 
eo-thuairpeac;td s.f. ludi.iiurba'.ice. 

eo tliua ; ai ! >ac'i, -oio n, a. Not qn*rrHl*Q0% 

u go, t.f i:ui. \Van f < of s^'n^^ 

^, absurdity, l.ujcof j 


r\c'i, -eich. a. BMMeta*. f lo'.i-ih, stu- 
pid. aninbttlliiceBt, irrailoaal. Ciuneach n., a 
fo i i*i m'ion. 

o- ;huigiinueac'Kl,(MS) s.f. Incomprehen^ibi- 

neo-thi\irseach, -eichc, n. Not sal, not moTirn- 
fal. 2** Not ca-ning s:iJ less. 

iieo-thuislo.-ich, - iche, a. luf .bible, stable, es- 
Labli^hed, noc li 'bla lo stum >!<-. 

ieo-thuisleachd, s. f. lafaltioliity, stability, 

ueo-thuiteamach, -aiche. a. 1 

indeci tuous, un.stum >li '.g, stj.ul/, sure. 
d, g.f.ind. Infallib\eness, firm- 

noss, iufa'slibility. 
)eo-t,huraU, -;, a. Injii'Iiciims. 2 (DMK) Ua- 

invontive, unintelligent, a (DMC) Senseless. 
ie3-u visie, s.f.ind. Illib"rality. 
neo-uailach, -aicne, a. Humble, not vain, not 

concoited, not proud, unambitious. 
noo-uasal, -uaisle, a. Ignoble, mean, unassert- 

ir-j of ra ik, no^ pro'i 1 
n^o-uidheam, -eim, s.f. Dishabille, undress. 2 

Want of prepara.ion, unprepared aess. 
aichte, a. Unprepared, undressed, 

dot r^ady. 

iiao-uireasach, see neo-nireasbhuidheach. 
.i-io-uiveasbiiuidh, -eau, n. m. independence, 

easiness uf circunKtaiic-J'S'ib^nCf of poverty. 
.leo-uireasbiitiiJh^ach. -eicne, a. Indapeudent, 

easy in circumstances, not poor, noi needy 

not destitute. 2(viS) Accurate. 
ieo-ui^ilh,(0)l) a. tlar-lv, capable of bearing 

exposure to wet W. of Kog^xfiirj. 2 (DU) 

Potentially b >ld, appliid to one who would 

" take th.e bull by ine horn*." 
neo-ullamli, -aim ie, a. Unprjparad, not realy, 

not done, (.iu'm fais?h i id >ibh n., that they 

ghaU find you iin>wpared. 
neo-ullamiiachd, s.f. Uupreparedness, unreal i- 

neo-ninhailleach, -eiche, a. Heodlean, carele**, 

listless, inconsiderate, iuatt 'ntive, secure, 

guardiess, without care or thought. Gu n., 

ico-urair *:ichd, s.f. Brac'ti ^h 

ueo-urcliai.leach, -eirho, a. <iuie:, 
harmless. 2 Safe, com'ortable. 3**Not trou- 
blesom?. 4 Innocent). 5**Tame. 

neo-urrainn.ach, -eicue, a. Incapable. 2 la- 

neo-urrain-ieachd, s.f. Incapability. 

neo-urraui tea,** a. Aweiess. 2 Abject. 

neo-urrurach, -aicne, a. O>citant. 

ueul, grg.t.neoil, pi. neoil, neulta & neulan. s.m. 
Cloud. 2 Hue, complexion. 3 Swoon, faiuc- 
ing-fit,. 4 franco. 5 Star. 6 Blem'sh. sti;- 
ma. 7 Nap or wink of sleep. 8 Sight. d 
Glimpse of light. 

Mar a' ghriaii agus n. 'ga ^^aileadh. asthf s't n 
aikl a cloud ovrts'iuloii'ing it ; cha d'f.iuair mi 
n. ca lail, / it id not yet. a ici,nk of s'^'p ; ueul 
b untie, a slight tiny? of ih? colour ofmi'k ; tha 
u. dcxjc'i air, h* has a slight appearance of 
drink ; caaidn e an n., he wn f into a tranc-*, 
ht> fd'iit-'d : a' iiiuthalh nan n., ehnnytnq in 
co'<mr of th? compl'xion; caa d I niair mi na 
cUuirea Hi neul b.iarr cait', / did nif g j t iis 
much ut icould reliro' a c&'s fa-'ntiifss -said 
aftor a visit to an inhoipnable h >u.-*e ; neoil 
diuiblm na Caisxe, tt' dark dnndsof Ent-r 
tli i n.Mii i for a peri .d a week bjior<3 Easter : 
thaiuig neul 'iiam cueauu, / grew giddy 



ni h-ft 

Caithness; mar neul ruiteach, Ilk* a ruddy 
cloud ; air c'nul nedil, behind a cloud. 
neuiach, -aiche, . Cloudy, dark, obscure. 2 

Ghostly, pale. 3 Coloured, 
neulachas, -ais, s.m. Mistiness, 
neulachd, t.f. Mistiness. 

neuladair, -e, -eau, s.m. Meteorologist. 2 As- 

neuladaireachd, s.f. Meteorology. 2 Astrology. 
3 Astronomy. 4**Sneaking and gazing 1 about, 
neulaich, v.a. cf n. Obscure, darken, caver as 
wii-h a cloud. 2 Becoma cloudy. 3 Become 
pallid. 4**Colour, gloss. f>** Assume a col- 
our. N. paircean agus miodair gu has, parks 
and meadows took on th? hue of d?ciy. 
neular, -aire, a. Well-coloured, having a good 

colour, well-complexioned, well-favoured. 
neuUlubh, see uuder neul. 
tuenl-fhurtadb,** -aidh, s.m. Slumbering, 
neuluihor, -oire, n. Cloudy, cloud-bearing, 
neul siila, s.m. Cataract (.of the eye.) 
neulta, pi. of aeul. 
neultach, -aiche, a. Cloudy, misty, dark. Lin., 

a clou iy Ua>/. 

d, *./. Cloudiuess, mistiness. 2 Gloomi- 

neup, -a, -an, see neip. Neupaia, turnips **. 
neuuach, -a che, a. see neipeach. 
ni, adv. Not. Ni h-ea'ih, no, It in not. Also used 
for c*:a. Ni 'u guth mi o neul, 1 am not the 
voice from a cloud. 

ni, pi. 'lithe.nithean & riitheana, s.m. ind. Thing, 
circumstance, affair, business, deed, fact.sub- 
atancj. Ni sam bith (or ni air bith), anything; 
ui d.gin, something ; ba;>g mthe, a small quan- 
tilti : air bheag nithe,a/?/>os<,/o a muUl degree ; 
an Ni Math, God ; air ghaol Ni Math, for the 
love of Gml. 
ai, s. pi. ind. Cattle, neat, nowt. Applied to 

flocks and herds of all kinds. 2ffGoods. 
ni, fnt.a/.a. of dt-an. Shall or will do. Ni e 'n 

giio hach, it will do. 

'u i ? (for an i ?) Is it she ? Cha'n i, it is not the. 
tnia,** s.m. Sister's son. 
t iach, -a, -an, s.m. Champion, hero, 
niadh,** a. Strong. 

,** s.m. Honour, veneration. f2 Champion. 

niadhachd, s.f. Bravery, chivalry. 

fuiadhas, -ais, s.m. Valour, bravery. 

nirtdh-chus, see niadhas. 

mag,* s.f. Squint-eye. 

niatjach,* -aiche, a. Surly. 2 Squint-eyed. 

jiial, -a & neoil, see neul., s. Letter. 

nialach, -aiche, a. see neuiach. 

nialadair, -can, see neuladair. 

liial-eide,** s.f. Mantle of clouds. Traigh nau 

nial-eids, the cloud-covered shore, 
nial-mhagain, Suth'd for mial-mhagain (toad.) 
niamli,** s.m. Brightness. 2 Colour or appear- 
ance of anything, 
niamh,** a. Beautiful, 
n-anih,** v.a. Gild, cover over, gloss, 
niamhachd, **./. Brightness, v Pleasantness, 
niamhail,** a. Bright. 2 Pleasant. 
iiiauiii-ghaire,** s.f. Smile. 
nlamh-hlM,** a. Greeaisb. 
'niar, s.f., cont. for (an) iar. 
niar,** a. Bearish. 

niarach, (AC) Envy. Mo niarach neach aig am 
bi thu, / envy whosoever has thee. [Oialoctic 
form of uearachd.] 

niaraohd, a. Happy Dam /. Ghobha. 2 f.ucky. 
Am foi:ine mu'n iath a" ghlaic, is n. mac air 
am U e, wart on palm is luck to la I. 
uia ira.ih,(CK) a. Grin ling. CLich u., agrind- 

uias, .sea neas. 
faiat,** sea uia'ra. 

niata, a. Brave, courageous. 2ttFierc9. 3 (D(7) 
Inexorabla -Ui-it. 

chd, s.f. Bravery, valour. 

niatal, -ail, -an, t.m. tl33d. 

ui b' fhai le, adv. Longer, f >.rther. (for na b* 

ni-lthuil. Not., no. The Irish and past literary 

form of prts. n j <j. of the v. bi. 
nic, con'r. of nUhean. Used with fjnvile pat- 
ronymics, as, I.uu MacDh6:nhnuill or Domh- 
nullach, but Sine NicDhomhn'iill or Dhoiuh.- 
nullach, which literally translited are John 
Donaldson and Jane Donalds lawjhttr. Tha 
Gaelic nic r>ally " grand-dau^atr," stands 
for ingheaJi mhic or ni mhic. We have record* 
ed in 1566, Nc VcKenze(McLeodCnarters) t. 
nic-cridhe ! int. Term of endearment to a fe- 
male. My dear lassie (lit. daughter of iny 

nicheaa,(CB) pi. nicheanan.*.)/*. Used often in 
emohisis f >r ni. The -an has nut the so. in I 
of the diminiitivo -an ; so it may rapreidno 
niiihe^nn- Perth shire Prououncsd nichina 
in Gairloch-DU. 
fnid, t.f. Manslaughter. 
ni 'd, (for n,i iad) They shall do. 
nid, gen.siny. <Sc of nead. 
fnidhe, t. Time. 

Sh, -e, s.f. Daughter. 2 Niece, 
nigh, pr. pt. a' nigueadb, v.a. Wash, ctaanie, 
purify. 2 Bathd. N. do chas.m,'a5'i your 

nigli-aite,** *./. Bathing-place, bath, 
nigheachan, -ain, -an, *. m. Washing of linen. 
Bean nigtieachaiu, a laundress ; taigh ni^li- 
eachain, a laundry. 

nighea lair, -ean, s.m. Washer, one who wash- 
es, cleanser. 

nigheadaireachd, x.f.inl. Washing, business or 
process of washing linen. 2 Bathing. 3* 

nigheadh, -eidh, t.m. Washing, act of washing, 
cleansing, purifying or baling. A* n , pr. 
pt. of nigii. 

nighean, g -n .df. na h-ighie, (it uighinna) dat. 
nighiun, pi. nigheanna:i, ./. Daignter. 2 
Damsal, maiden. 3 (.Cl^Uninarrie,! woman. 
Applied to an uiimtmed womin all hir life 
in \V. of Rons-shire. [Corruption of injhrait 
" * J 

nigheanag, -aig, -an, *./., dim. of nighcan. Lit- 
tle daugMter. 2 Little girl, young girl. 3 Lit- 
tle wa.-her. N. blieng a' bhrbin, the sorrow- 
ful little leather this is the nviad or water- 
nymph who presides ovjr those about to die, 
and washes their shrou U on the edgj of a 
lake, <fcc. 

nighean-ceile,** *./. Daughter-iu-law. 
nighean-Iomhair, s.f. (lit. Ivor's daug.itir) Ssr- 
peut, probably an error for *' an nimhir "(AC), 
niglunue,** ysn.sinj. of n : gh.-au. 
nighneag, see nigaeana^. 

uigiite, pint pt. of nigh. Washed, cleansed, 
purified. 2 Bathed. A gruai.lh n. le deoir r 
her cheek wa*hid by tears. 

ach, -eiche, a. Abluent. 

fnight/an, -ein, s.m. Soap. 2 Mixture of dung, 

and for washing linon. 
nig'ni In, s.f. U)bin, see bni- ihoarg. 
ui 'gin, i^for ni uiginn) Somethin;. 
nigi.-,'* a. Sore. 2 Sick. 3 Bitter, 
in u-a.'in, No, not, nay, not so, it is not so. 
Ni h-ann m ir tream duinn, not as through 
one ma.'i. 
ni h-e, No, not, it is not so. Reubaibh bh.i? 

ni h-e 



crMhe agus ni h-e b'nur n- x.dach, rend your 
hearts a-i / n-it j/onr jarm n'< 

ni h-oadh, Nay, not. not so, it is not so. 

oi 'in, fur ni mi> I will do or in ice. 2 (for ni 
urn) Not. Ni 'ui f-ii'/n mi, / iviit njtyet. 

Him ', -.. x.m. see neitnh. 

nimh. *./. Dr >p 

Bhuhe, I A P) . Bxjinnt cattle. 

fnimhcitch, see ueimbnefti'h. 

n mhmviiaciid. <e.o ,ie in'i'ieachd. 

uinKii-il. -i>, a. u*e tieun i.-il 

nira')-fhb,'rach ** a, Alexiphanuic. 

'n ii.-h, see n ;i.utneh. 

ni u iir.CA' 1 ) .1. Ven .ra. 2 Serpent. 

uiin Hiiich, -eich<!. a. see neimlieil. Tha a 
sliu I n., h'v *i* is hanfnl. 

nimnneac .an, -ai >. sue neun'meachan. ")i! ich'l, s >o n^irnhneacud. 

ui'nn, for ni rhinne. -ach.** a Pleasant. 

tnioyharach,** a. Constant. 

nioghnag, sue nigheana;. 

ni unhach,** a. Bright, .shining. 

oi >mhas,** -ai, t.' in. Brightness, clearness, 

niom>a, (for ni mise) I shall or will do. 

tnion.** .JH. Wave. 2 Letter. 

uionarh,** a. Pleasant. 2 Speckled, 3 Fork- 
ed. 4 Catching'. 

tnfonadh, -aidh, a.m. Prey, booty, plunder. 

nionadh,** -aidh, s.m. Child-bearing. 

Di'inai, see nigheanag. 

niopHg, -aig, *. f. Gaelic spelling of nippoclc, 
dimrmiive of nip. 

nior, a-lv. Not. never. Nior chtialas, I have not 
hej.-d ; 'anam ni^rthog, who n-wr lifted his 
twl. [Used witb past t nse only.] 

Hio-i, ativ. (a uios) Krom below, uo ( 
the .s.ea'-{er.) Tuoir a iiios, luring up; a sios 
azus a nios, to th* bottom and to lh' fop, down 
an / nn ; thig a nios, come up (Out falbu taas 
go u->.) 

rios. see neas. 

oi >s.* s m. Top, summit. 

nioHjjaM. -e, -ean, *./. s >e nea^aid. 
each, see neasgiideach. 

ni's, (for na i.s or ni is.) Usually precedes an adj. 
to exor-jss the com/', decree. i,see na's.) 

nis. a-lv. <a nis) Now, at this time. 2 Now, 
therefore. A nis, bha >seo rnir isin. no<i\ this 
vat that ira>/ ; thi< a nis. cmn* aloni now ; a 
is 'd a rithis, now and. aj<z>n; nis, '.s fh^udar 
dlioinh innseadh dliuir, note I must, plainly 
tell j/o. 

ni's, cont. foroi, ., ft is, ., (i.e, ni'a,) 

n'se, yt.x'ny. of neas. 

niseiiii, ^'tth'd for tiis, nojp. 

niste, Mui'faft <k otfter partt of IF. coa*' for nis, 


nitear, see nitnear. 

nith. see ni. 'Nuair 'thi^inn dachaidh o 'n 

nith, wften, / iro'i''t comt born* f'oin thi cat- 

tl'Daana : r>, 1U5. 

fnith, i. J. Sla'ierhier, battle. 2 Manslaughter, 
nitho, of ni, a V<ini. 
tui'.heach,'* a. W u- ic . 
nith 'annan. of ni. a 'hiny. 
nit hear, f at pass. > f dean. 
niiic. -a, -an, *./. C? an lie spelling of nntk. 
niucach, -aiche. n. Abounding in noofc*. 
niui^h, corrupt i on >f an diugh by eclipsU. 
niuU .[?] (AC) t.f. lUwn. 
06, 3y no lh. 
no, conj. Or. 2 Nor, neither. 3 Otherwise, 

elst5, if n t. Oiia cox sinn laiT'i no taisrh, we 

will not tmild a hous: at all (UL a housj nor 

a house.) 

nobha, see nuadh. 

tnobii ,i lh, ./. r.m?, season. 

noch, sue na ru. 

uoch 1, a. 8<;^ uoc'id ii l!i. 

nochd, s.f.lwl. Nakedn-s --.. Ohdmh laich iad n. 
an athar, th>u mv-ret fi'ir father's nakel- 
nei* ; m;-n. is mo naire ! my na^&nra a/iJ 
in.v s'crn*' .' 

nochd, fpi. ua nuichd /'^* not good Gaelic] 
. Naked perno-. 

nochd. a, io. (an n -chd) To-ni.^ht, this night. 
An ti i e an n'.tc'i i ? n'i'lh* com' to-night / In 
the Bil-le an nncJid ;this nirht.) is applied ti 
what is now called in English 'ait nisrht, as i<i 

1 Sam. xv. Iri. " what tlie Lor t said unto ma 
this nij;ht." This is like the custom in Hsbrrtvv 
" and the evening and the m^>rni ijj 
were the first day," th^ ovcning before bjing 
counted as belonjjin.s; r.o the dav, and uot tiie 
evening after, as is the pres-int Knsrlish maj^. 

nochd, v a. Show, rete*!. dfsclofta. diicorer. 3 
Pres?n:, offer. 3 S : ri;>. ma'ce nakud. 4 P-ial. 
N. an t-airgio 1, shou 1 t\ mon>/ ; nochda ; lh 
mi dhuit, / tv.l' *hoto yon ; ni m ith co a nocad- 
as dhuinn a uis '! who will now show us any 
gond tinny f 

nochdiich, -aiche, a. see nochhdaidh. 

adh, see nochdadb. 

d, soe noch laidhe-achd. 

nochdadh, -aidh. s.m. Showing, act of showing- 
revealing, disclosing, discovering. 2 Present 
in?, act oi' presenting or offering. 3 Strip- 
png. making bare. 4tf-Kxomplificitioo. 5ft 
Manifesto. 6 (DM0) View. A' n , pr. pt. 
of nochd. 

nochdaich, pr. pt. a* nochdachadh, see nocbd. 

nochdaichidh, fut. a/, a. of nochd. 

nochd aichte, past part, of nochdaich, see 

nodHaidh, -e. a. Naked, bars, exposed. 2 De- 
solate, bleak. 3 Revealing, i Stripping. 5 
(DMC) Visible, apparent. 

,fnt.a/.a. of nochd. 

, (jen.sim. of nocndadh. 

eachd,** ./. Na'cedness. 

nochdam. ltt.ting.imn. of nochd. Let ma dlf- 
close. 2 for n octal Aid h mi, I shall disclose. 

nochd tr, /<. pa<s. of nochd. Shall be disclosed. 

uochd-larach,** -aich, f.m. Laying waste, deso- 
lation. 2 Place that h laid waste. Chum 
an doanamh 'nan n.,to ma*:?. fA*ni a d^^nl^'ion. 

nochdte pntf. pt. of noch I. Shown, ruvealed di.u 
closed, di-;cjvered. 2 Pre ; n.,^ I. offered. 3 
Bare. 4 Shabby, ill-dressed. 5(D..1J) /-".iily 
s ;en. 

nochduidh, see nochdai lh. 

fno'l. s.m. Abbreviation, -i Difficulty. 3 Emor* 
jrency, need. 

nod, -oid, s.m. Note. 2 see nodn. 

fnod, v.a. Understand. 

noilachadh,** t.m. Grafting. A' n , of 
n.")da ; ch. 

nbdacliair,** s.m. Grafter. 

nodadh, -aidh, -aidhean, v in Suggestion, wink, 
nod. 2 see nbdh. 3 (I)U) Bo.lily growth. 
Cha d* thainij; n. air, hrhatn't grown an inch. 

no laich,** a' nodachadh, v. a. Graft. 2 

re, past pt. Grafted. 2 Knotted. 

nodair,** -ean, a.m. Grafter. 2 Abddger. 3 
see udfcair. 

eachd,** */. Circnnti'tancai of abrilg'ng. 

2 Use of abbreviations. 3 see notaireacud. 
nodan,* -ain, * m. Short sl^p. 

no lh,(AC) .. Kn nvl> I ;-i. intelli^; nc\ in" aiv 
tion. C la'n Vii nuJua^am air,//*ai;e .. .m v 
ledje of ,'ctift. 





tiod'i,** a. Noble, excellent. 

n > lha, see miadh. Ur nodha, quite nno. 

tran, see nogean. 
ibhiseach,** -ich, 

s. m. Gaelic spelling o 

noig, -e, -cnn, s.f. The anus. 2* Old-fashioned 

fa':e. 3 Nock (Scots for clock.) 
nui.nean, -ein, -an, s.n. Cup. 2 Wooden cup. 3 

Nogain (.measure of | pint.) 4 (DAIC) Short 

stout fellow. 
noigeanach, a. Snufry. 
noi;;ean-creadha, -ein-, -an-, s.m. Earthenware 

j (1 ' 

npi{;easacb,* -aiche, a. Snuffy. 
uoiii, s.m.ind. Noon, mid-day. Ts eisgaidhe n. 

na madutnn, noon is more iivtly than m-j 

in;. [Most people are more lively after dinner 

than before.] In Welsh it is applied to noon, 

but in Manx to evening:. " Trath noiue 

bhivagha, a fine evening," i* quite a cmtom- 

ary salutation in Ireland. Bia lii n., dinner ; 

tra n., noontitlr. 

n6 ; n-iihorchadh,** -aidh, s.m. Eclipse of the sun. 
noinean, -ein, -an, s.m. see urbinean. 
; -- ach, -aiche, a. see nebineanach. 
fnoin reult,** s.m. Evening star. 
no.r, s.m.ind. see ear. 
HioLs,** o. Excellent. 2 Noble. 
nois,** -e, adv. see nis. (Irish.) 
tibin,** gtn.fina. of n6s. 
no sean, Gaelic form of notions, Trifles, bag- 

atelles Ddin I. Ghobha. 
tnoit, s. Church. 2 Congregation. 
f-noitheiich, a. Noble. 
noil;i,(?) (AC) 8. Greatness. 
Nollaig, -e, -ean, *./. Christmas. La Nollaig, 

Christmas Day. 
Mollaig bheag, -e-bige, -ean-beaga, *. f. New 

Year's Day. 
Nollaig mhdr, -e-m6ire, -ean-mdra, i.f. Christ- 


noiuha, see nuadh. 
nonu, see nunn. 
norra, J s.m. Wink of sleep, nap. 
norradrtich.(MS) s.f. Sleepiness, dozing. 

SJSS^ } aeenorr. 

norp,**#.m. House-leek. 

n^s, -ois, -an, s.m. Custom, manner, habit. 

Cha bu n. do Dhiarmad eagal, D. was not. 

wont to fear. 

nos,** -ois, s.m. Knowledge. 
n6s, -uis, *. m. Cow's first milk after calving, 

chyle, boastings. 2 First of anything. Bheir 

e nos a mhathar as a shron, ht will make the 

chyle drop jrom his nose ; bainne nuis, bfasty 

mi b -Argyll. 

fnos, a. White, milk-white. 2 Pure. 
nbsach, -aiche, a. Usual, customary. 2 Cere- 

monious, adhering to customs, habitual.fash- 

nbsachd.s. /. ind. Customariness, adhering to 

custom, habitude. 

nosadh, -aidh, s.m. Liking, approving. 
pbaich,** v.a. Enact. 2 Approve. 3 Practice, 

make customary. 
nosail, -e, a. see nbsach. 
np>alaclid,** .s-./. Formality. 
no^ar, -aire, a. Juicy, sappy. 2 White. 3 see 

no.siira, see nosnr. 

Do^arachd,** g.f. Custom, modishness. 

nusda,(AC) u.^. of nos. Laws. 

nb-inh.n-,** a. Modish. 
-- ackd,** s.f Mudislmess. 

not,** s.m. Gaelic spelling of (bank-)no-j*. 
nbtachan, Notes. 
ubtair, -ean, s.m. Notary. 

eachd, */. Busiuess of a not vry. 

nothaist, -e, -ean, . m. & f. Foolish peraoa. 
idiot, half-witted pemm. 

each, -eiche, a. n\>r>li$h, idiotical. 

eachd, s.f. Idiot i^m. 

nothaistealachd, see notliaMteachd. 
nuacnallachd,** s.f. Asti n; ihm n,. 
tuuachar, -a,ir, -ean, a.m. </. Companion. 2 

Bridegroom. 3 Bride. 
nnadurra, a. Surly, angry, gloomy, sulky, 
uuadarracli, see nuadarra. 

d. *./. Surliness gloominess, sulki- 

ness, angrin.384. 
nuadh, -ua.d le, a. New, fresh, recent, modern, 


achadh.-aHh, s.m. Renewing, act of re- 
newing runov ii ing. 2 llcnovation. A' n , of nuadhaich. 
nna lhachd, s.f. Newness, freslmess, recentnass, 

modernnuss, novelty, renovation, 
nuadhaich, v.a. Renew, reajyate. 

to, past pt. of nuadhaich. Renewed, 


nualhalachd.(MS) s.f, Recontnesa. 
nuadharra, see nuadaiva. 

hd, see nuadarrachd. 
uuaJhas,** -ais, . m. see nds. 
nuadh-bheath,** *./. Reformed life, new life, 

ainended life. 

nuadh-bhreith,*.-m. Regeneration, new birth, 
nnadh-bhrigh, s.m. Transubstantiation. 
eachadh, -aidh, g.m. Act of tran- 
substantiating. A' u , of nnadli-bhri:jh- 

nuada-bhrighich, v.a. Transubstantiate. 

ua'lh-bhriogh, see nuadh-bhrigh. 
nuadh-chreidmheaeh, -eich, s.m. Novice, youug 

convert, proselyte, 
nnadh-mhilidh, -ean, . m. Recruit, untrained 

nuadh-theanngsnair,** s.m. Innovator. 

eachd,***./. Innovation. 

nuadh-thionnsgantair,** s.m. Innovator, 
nuadh-thiounsgnach, a. Innovating, fond of in- 
nuadh-tbiocnsgnadh,** -aidh, s.m. Innovation. 

nnng,* -aige, -an, s.f. Sunk eye. 
nuagach,* -aiche, a. Sunk-eyed, 
nuaidhc, cnmp. of nuadh. 


nnaidheachd, see nnidheachd. 2** Tidiness. 
Droch n. ort ! woe betide you ; fear-n., a nfivs* 
monger ; paipear-n., a newspaper. 

.nuail, -ean, sea nua'l ftnuallan. 

nuail, v.a. H'^ar, howl. 

nuaimhneach,** a. Fearful. 

nuair, adv. (an uair) When, at the tima, seeing 
that, (lit. the hour.) 

nuail, -a, -an, s.m. Lamentation. 2 Rearing, 
howl'ng. 8 Lowing of cattle. 4 Loud anJ s<-ft 
sound. 5**Muntmr. Shriek. 7 Screech of 
the owl. 8 O, inion. 9 Froak. 10(AC) luu-ui- 
tation, hail. 11 Lou I drawling howl, as uf a 
lion or wild cat. N. NolU.g, a QkrittVMU 
hail; n. gun ghaoid, a tru? sayiiij. 
tall, -aill, *.v. Praise. 
iall,** a. Noble. 2 Famous, 
iiallach, -aiche, a. Howling, roaring. 2 Low- 
ing. 8 Making a lout and soft >ound. 4** 
\\ ailing. 6**Shrill. b**Fl^a^i-h. 
tallach, $ -fetch, a.m. Qoruiun lor p^l well* 
anguls' eyes, birds' oyei, ('> 1 ^ o> o vr.i <.'o*4 
chainoidriis. A sm ill trail, ng \-\ uit \> i h a 
br glu, lilutifiowor .sc:irc-jly i i..^h m li;u.ioCeri 
(.iliU-^t 'J)J on p. 7U1.J 

nil-ill ad 'n 



555 XuaUach 

ninlladh, -aiilh, s.m. Howling, wailing, roar- 
in e. 

U'laM.-m-h,** s.f. Howling, yelling, howl, bel- 
lowing, yell. A* n , pr.nt. of nuallaich. 

, ' nuallaich, v.n. Howl, roar, 


tmaU.ui, -ain, -an, s.m. seenuall. N, thonn, the 
murmur of u-avfa ; n. na pioba, the sound of 
the liarjpipes. 

tch.tee nuallacb. Piob n., a, loud-sound- 

iivi pipe. 

nnallanaich s.f. Continued howling,roarin<j.low- 
ing o" shrieking. N. spr&dhe, the lowinj of 

v*lla*r,(AG) -ean, g m. (lit. rejoicers) Waits or 
carol-singers who went about singing at 
Christina-*, New Year. &c. 

luiallartach, a. Howling, roaring. 2 Lowing. 
S Shrieking, wailing 1 wily. 

nua'lartaich. *./. An exaggerated bowling, see 
n lallanaic'i. 

nna'.l-shuth, -a, -an, s. m. Howling or loud 
voic3. 2 R^ar, howl. 

ach, -aiche, a. Howling, roaring, 


nuallsan,** n. Nolde. eenerous. 

nualra : ch,** s.f. Howling, roaring. 

nuamhanair,** s. Em'n-oi lery. 

tnuar, m'. Alas ! woe 's me. 

iiuar, -air, Woe, gloom. 2 Frown. 

nuar J int. Alas ! alaek-a-day ! Mo nuar ! alas ! 

nuarmnta, -ainte.a. Woeful, sad 2 Sour, surly. 
3 Wild. A nihi.js nnarraota, jrarbh-fhrasach ! 
O f-mwutnouit heavi/ -rainy month .'Oran a' 
Ghfamhraidh, v. 13. 

d, f.f. Woefuln^ss, sadness 2 

Sourness, surliness, gloominess. Sit Wild- 

uuas, adv. (a nuas.') Down, downward (towards 
th- speaker.) Thig a nuas, cvme down (but 
f.tlbb slit, f)o down. ) 

nuas,* s.f. Bottom, ground. 

* nnathaigh, s. Heaven. 

ruatbar, -<iir, s.m. Wedding. a. Surly, gloomy. 2 Fierce. 

nuVhd, <7<n. *inj. & of nochd, (naked per- 
son.) 1*1 >s. 

Kui Ih. r.n. Acquiesce. [With prep. Ie.] 2 (D 
.M!') Mov. N. a dh' ionnstiidh, propcnrl. 

tui 1'iead 1 ',' Ms") s m. Aolttiescenc8. 2 Declina- 
tion, in.-linatiou. 3 Bias. 4 (I) MO) Motion, 
movem nt. 

pui-llwii (kju). vlv. (MS^ Acc^sorily. 

nui'j;, j>r-i>. ,( atlv. fu miig is tbe correct form, 
l.ut gn rnig t!u> usual one.) To, uuto, as far 
as. 2 Till, until. 

ruiin'rir, -e, -can, K. Number. 

earn,** tt. Nnmrvou*. 2 Numerical. 

f;ich.** -fich, s.m., arith- 

rn 'Hci'in, calculator. 

niiiinhn-achadh ** -:iid!i, g.m. Calculation. 2** 
Niini ..erin-r. coraputing. 

miiru r>-c aH,** a. Anthinfitlcii 

iuiuiiidch,** r. Calculate. ~2 Nauib.>r, cora^niLe. 

tnuin, */. Ths ash- tree. 2 Old Gaelic name of 
the letter N. 

tmiiuoan,** -cia, s.m. Dwarf. 

'n uiddli, ado. (an uiridh) see uiridb. 

null, adv. (a null) see a nunn. 

uuallaeh,(AF) s.m. Germ.iudor goose, (lit. roar- 
er or uowK-r.) 

nuna,** s.m. 11 tinner. 

nunn. a /u. (a nuun) Thither, to the other side, 
beyond, over. Thi-irig a nunn, 170 over ; a 
nunn 'a nail, hithtr and thithfr; dh' eubb e 
oirre a nunn n 'cha >bh, hecnlltd k>f ovr to 
his $t<1t>. JNunn is the correct word, null i-r 
merely the northern erroneous dialectic form 
atiala^ous to nail. 

'nur, ale. see 'uuair. 

nur. contr. foraan blmr. 

Sm-uiilh! } foran uindh see uiridh. 
uus, -ins, s.m. see DOS. 

0, onn, qorse, the 13th. letter of the Gaelic al- 
PhaUet now in use. 

6, with a grave accent sounds long and open, 
like o in lord : as corr, excellent ; or, gold; 
toe, a small ; and short, like o in for, as, cor, 
condition. It also has a sound like o in cold ; 
Ion?, as, mor, ffrca'. ; and short, as sodnn, 
gimantt*. O, followed by gh, has a sound, 
t,o which there is none similar in the Euglish 

^e ; short as, roghainn, choice ; loug as, 
rogbnaich, choose. 

O ! int. O ! oh ! Alas ! An exclamation of 
varied signification. 2{t Expression of wish 
or desire, as, O gu'n tigeadh e a inacli ! O 
that he would cr>m forth ! 

o, adv. Since, from that time. O thainig e as a' 
bholg, iincf hf icas barn. 

o, prep. From. O laiiuh mo bhrathir, o laimh 
Esau, from mv brother's hand, from the hanl 
of Eswt Combined with the personal pro- 
nov.ns thus : uam, from m ; uat,./rom thee; 
nai Ih, from him ; uaipe, from her ; uainn, 
from us uaibh, /rom ynn. ; uapa, from them. 
[Aspirates consonants fallowing it, except I, 
n an 1 r, and these are affected in pronuncia- 

o, conj. Because, seeing that, for. 

to. s. Ear. 

ob,(AC) .77i.oib & oibe, pi. ob, s. Spell, charm, 
incantation. Bios i ris na h-ob, she practises 
snc'.ls ; tha na h-ob a' dol as, spells are goinj 
out of use. 

6b, -a, -an, s,m. Bay, creek, harbour. 2(DU) 
Shallow pool. 

fob, s.m. Hop-plant. 2 Fruit of the hop. 

ob, ngobadh, v.a. <k a. Refuse, deny, re- 
ject. 2 Shun, avoid. 3 F.I '!, faint, give over. 
4 Abnpgite. 5 Except. Na i.h 's na ob cui-1 
an leinioh bhig.nntJwr eat nor re/ret th* chi-'d' s 
f.iod ; aui b.ulach ruadh nach obadh dubnan, 
themd'.mg that n'Vr refutes hook the codlini; 
and cod are, a-; a rule, k^en ou any bait, eveu 
stories being often found in their stomachs. 

ob\, see ob. (spell.) -aiche. <t. Negitive. 2** Denying. 3 
**il!'tu>i,i'.r, rejeftiug. 4*"*Shunniujr. 

- ,** -nich, s in. Oh 3 who refuses or shuns. 

obadh. -alia, s.m. ll^fu<in^, act of, 
d'jnxi <'. i-,')ectiag. 2 Refusal, den : al, ivject:- 
iuii. a Shuuniug, act of shunning, uvoiJing. 




4 State of failing, fainting or giving over. 5 

'Provocation. 6**Force. Ag o , pr. pt. of 

Oba^:, -aig, -an, t.f. Hurry. 2 Abruptness. 3 

Confusion. 4 see gormag. 5 (DU) In pi. - - 

Convulsions. Anns ria u-obaga.ii deireanuach, 

KV.fterini the final convulsions. 
obag s (AF) -an, s.f. Witch. 2 dim. of ob, tpell. 

3 (AF) Hobby falcon. 
oba,'a<-h, -aiche.a. Hurried, abrupt. 2 Confused. 

3 Causing hurry, 
obag ig, dim. of obag. 
obagaich,** t.f Flurry, confused anxiety. 2 

obagan, ( pi. of obag.) Witchcraft, charms, 


ob'iulh, see ubag 
obaig,(M4) a. Abrupt. 

ob:u!>,** s.f. Hurry, flurry, confusion. 2 Abrupt- 

obaigeachd, s.f. Suddenness, rashness. 
ob.iin, -e, a. see obann 
obam, vii.sfny. <fc / pi of oban. 
obainn,** a. e obann. 

ob.iiune, s.f.ind Suddenness, hastiness, quick- 
ness, rashness. 2 Frowardness. 3 Nuableness. 
obainne, comp. of obann. 

achd, see obannachd. 

ad, see obainno. 
obair, oibre, pi. obraichean & oibrichean, t.f. 

Work, labour, process of working. 2 Work, 

work performed. 3 Intermeddling. 4 Work- 
manship. 5 Fuss. f6 Confluence. O. do 

nahsuran t\\6\n,the work of your own han-ls ; 

a <lh' aouo., purposelt/, intentionally, chuffing; 

car o., a turn of work, performince ; obair is 

at ho., idle repetition of labour, (doing work 

so carelessly that it has to be done over 


o.-cheardach, smithi/-work. 

o.-cheardail, enjine, machinery, work done by 

o.-chrsadha,** porcelain, china-work, earthen- 
ware, delf, pottery. 

o.-chutnta, a tas'e. 

o.-dhion,* a rampart, bulwark. 

o.-ahloine, nlass-work. 

o.-ghre"H, arras, embroidery. 

o.-iaruinn, foundry. 

o.-inntinn, a theory. 

o.-la, day's work ; 9 a name in Skye/or apot- 
han.yer and chain. 

o.-laimhe, handiwork ; 9 work done by hand in 
conti-ad ; S'i>iction to that done by machinery. 

o -lionain, network, cheqiier-work. 

o.-lin, ii'twork, chequer-work. 

o.-shlal)hruidh, chfiin-work. 

o.-shnaidhte, h<*>vn work. 

o -shnathaM, n"e.'llewnrk, embroidery. 

o.-tharsuinn. nefwork. 

o.-theine, tr*w>rk ; 9 steam-engine. 

o,-fh,-ar.lsil, nfrv'.l' work. 

o.-uxireadair, clockwork. 

o.-nchd, breast-plat? ; ? parapet,breastwork. 
' ;9jft. 


;AH) t..f. Betchiiij, invotunbary act of 

trying to vomit. Generally used with " dio- 
bliairt " or " cur a mach," as, 6. dlobhairt. 

obam, Jst.sinj. imp. of ob. Let me refuse. 

oban, (AC) p'. oban in, s.m. Wizard. 

oban, s.m dhn of ob. Creek, little bay. 

. ;ich. a. Abounding in bays or harbours. 

obann -ainne, a. 8ud U-su, unoxpooted. 2 Quick, 
nitnb! , a-i'.e. 8 II i^h, ha.ty. 4* Pert, m;d- 
d "wi. K ' gal o., xitd<t"n fear ; o. le 'bheul, 
f.txk with hit mouth ; gu h-o., tuddenly 

obannachil, *J. Suddeautias, uuexpecfcednew. 2 

Quickness, nimblKtiess. 3 Ra->hues4, fi^rin?^. 

4 Abruptn-,(. o**Hastine-n of temper. 3 * 

Perlness, imp-rtinence. 7* Bea-line.m COIL 

cerning things not yo i ir own. 
obar,** -air, *.?/. Refusal, denial, 
obar fut.pag.-t. of ob. Hhtll b? refused or il .- 

nied. Cha^u o. leis an ta l| hadh, he thvtil not 

rj?ct the nfttMtfion of d'lityr. 
l^obh, see abh. 

ibhan, -ain, t.m. see uin'iau. 
[obhaiun, see abnaiun. 
obnanach, -aiohe, see omhanach, 
(obhanu,** -:iin'i, see uamhiuu. 
o bharr, pr?n. Q!f , from the top. 
obhnaig,(CR.) v.n. Touch, lued'lle with Psrtk' 

shir*. (Scuts, own.) 
obh pbh ! int. Expression of won.ler, derisioo, 

pain or grief. Och ay t 
ob-obagail,* s.f. Flutter. 
obhraig,(CR)i;./. Church collection Perthshire. 

Gaelic spelling of o/ering. 
obi, see ob (spell.) 
obraichean, n.i>l. of obair. 
obta, past pt. tfc a. Unaccepted, 
obuig,** a. Abrupt, suddeu. 2 Rash, 
obuinn, -e, a. see obann. 

3,**.A Ra<h'ie.3s. 2 Suddenness, 
obuiuneachd, see obanuachd. 
obunn, see obann. 
foe, s.n. Poet, 
tocad, -aid, s.m. Permission, pleasure, will. 2 

Occasion, business, 
focaid, s. see ocad. 
O'ai'leach,(DMy) a. Dnine o., a yood-for-nothiny 

fellow, a " wont-work." 
oc.mvar, -an,.m see ocarair. 
ooairiche, -ean, *.wt. Lender of money, 
ocar, -air, s.m. Interest on monay. 2 Usury, ex- 
tortion. Airgiod air o., money lent OH -Mury. 
ocarach,** a. Usurious, extorbive in m-jn*/ 

matters. 2 Of, or belougin-i to, usury, 
ooarach,** -aich, s.m. see ocarair. 
ocarachd,** s.f. Usuriousness, practice of usury. 
ocarair, -ean, s.m. Usurer, extortioner, 
ocaras, -ais, s.m. see acras. 2 Practice of usury. 

ach, see ocarach. 

ocar-fhear, t.m. see oc irair. 

ocas,** -ais. s.m. Interest, usury. 2 Annual 

och ! int. Alas ! ah ! Och is och eile ! my con~ 

scienc* thrice ovr ! 
och, -an, s.m. Sigh, 
o chich,** adv. Apart, 
ochain I see ochan ! 

ochain nan och ! int. Alas ! and alaok-a-day. 
ochal,** -ail, s.m. Aloan, howl, wail. 2 Moanr 

ing, howling, wailing, 
ochan ! int. Alas ! 

ochan, -ain, s.m. Sigh. 2 Lamentation, 
ochanaich, -e, t.f. Sigbin?, sobbing, 
ochan-i ! int. Woe 's ine ! Arran. 
fochas,** -ais, .m. Itch, se tachas. 
ocha>:,*' -ais, s.m. Mallows, 
ochd, -an, s.m. see uchd. 
ochd, a. Ei^ht. 
och lach,** -aich, s. m. Good key of voice. 2 


ochial,* a. Eighty. O. fhear, eighty men. 
o.ih-lail (gu h-;>-) Eighthly, 
och I imh, a. Eighth. Air an o. bliadhaa, on the 

eighth y.-ar. 

ochdiioii, -aimh, *. m. Four penuyUnds, an- 
eigh:h of a daroch a mea^ire of land, 

\ch,* -aii-h^, a. Octangular. 

- -ich.* -aich, s. m. Octagon, figure of 

eight ai.lea. 



bg ghnaths 

ochl-l h%llach,(AF) s.m. Octopus, 
ochd-bhliaihnach Jf a. Octennial, 
och l-bhileach.JJ a. Octopetalous. 
oehd-c % -aich, s.m. Octagon, 
ochd-deug, o. Ei^uteen. Ochd bliadhua deug a 

<th' aois, tightftn years of a r i?. 
cch<l-dhuilleach.n see ochd-bhileach. 
oehdmhad, . Eightieth. 

to<:hd-mhios, -a, x.m October (lit. 8th. month. > 
ochdnar, *. Eight (of persons only.) [Followed 

by the] 

Gchd-ramhach, s.m. ESuht-oared galley, 
ochd-roiuneach, s.m. Gyrony-of-eiKht. 
ofid-oisueach, -eicha. a. Octangular, 
ovhd-'iisneag, -eig, *./. Octagon, 
cchd-shlisneach, -eiche, a. Octagonal, TT~/) 
h -iv ing eight sides. /Nl/\ 

ech.l-shlisneach, -eich, s.m. Gun having vjV 

an octagonal barrel. 
ochd-shnsueag,$t s.f. Octagon, 
ochd-shuileach, o. Octonocular. 
o cheann, adv. Some time ago, long ago, since. 

[Always followed by a noun of time.] 
eheann treis, adv. A while ago. 
o chi .in, adv. Of old. 

o chian nan cian, adv. From time immemorial, 
o chionn, adv. see o cheann. 
o chionn treis, see o cheann treis. 
ooh is ochain nan och eire ! Interjection of deep 


ot h nan ochain ! int. Alas 1 woe of woes ! 
ochoin ! inf. Oh ! alas ! 
ochbin fhe"in ! int. Ah me ! woe 's me 1 
fochra, Shoes, 
ochras, -ais, s.m. Gill of a fish, 
ochthon, see ochbin ! 
ocraoh, Gairloch for btrach. 
ocrach, -aiche, a. see acrach. 
ocras, -ais, .w. Gill of a fish. 2 rarely Bosom. 
3 see acras. 

acb, -aiche, a. see acrai-h. 

ocrasan, -ain, -an. see acrasan. 
od ! int. Tut ! no ! ay 1 
od, . seeoda. 
od, see ud. 

od' (contr. for o-t-do.) From thy. O d' cheann 
from tin/ had ; o d' sheaniir, from your 

oda,(AC) *. Race. 2 Racecourse. These great 
annual race-meetings were once very popular, 
Th last one was held in Barva in 1328, in brachd, 
N. Uistin 1820, in Benbecula in 1830, in N. b'ail, -e, 
Ui-t in 1S66, and in Harris in 1818. 
odaidh. see oda. 
odan. Lewis for rudan, knuckle. 

554. Odharan. 

odhar-cliu.(AF)* m. Ott-r Svth'd. 2 Wolf. 

odhar-liath, a. Dapple-coloured. 

otlh-mheas,** s.m. Homage, great respect. 

odli-mheasach,** a. Respectful, dutiful. 

odh-mh^asail,"** a Respectable.much respected. 

odhraich, v.a. <fc n. Make dun, pale or sallow. 
2 Bec-'me dun, pale or sallow. 

te, pas'. pt. of odhraich. Made dun, pale 

or sallow. 

odhra-sgairneach, *. t. Young chat or cormo- 

t.>e,(AF) ../. Sheep. 

ofha'cb, (CK) . /. Use, worth Blair Athole. 
Am bheil a ann ? is it of any use or vaiitt .< 

ofhaich,(CR) Bustle, fuss. Ciod e an o. a th' 
ort ? u'hat are vou in snch a buttle about .* 
ir. of Ros<-<Mre. 

ofhaichear,(CR) .. Officer. 

ofraideacb,** -aich. s. in. Offerer, as of a sacri- 
fice. 2 Druidical priest. 

ofi-ail. -e, -e&n.s.f. Oi'fering, sacrific . 

ofrail,tt as ofralaJh, v. a. Offer, sacri- 

btr, big, -an, t.m. Youth, young man. 2 Young 

eg. bi<j<?., a. Younpr, youthful. Bean 6j. a young 

fodh ** oidh, s.m. Mnsic. 2 Point of a spear. 

3 sharp end of anything, 
odha, -ichean, f.m, see ogha. 
odhail,(DMy) s.f. Bustle. Ciod an o. a th' ort? 

why do you bustle tot 
tor1hitl!,**a. Deaf, 
odhan, -aiu, see omhan. 

ach, -aiche, see omhanach. 

acbd, see omlnnaclid. 

odhan n, -ainn, soe a,;hann. 

odhar, -air <fc ui-llire, a. Dun. dun-coloured, 

pale, sallow, drab, dapple, yellowish. 
acb-mlnllach. odhar licli-nihnllaich [*. 

w. in McL & D../. in **.J Devil's bit scabious, 

tot/*; mar sin bha mi 6g, xo u-a* lichen >jonnj. 
see bgtlaehd. 

a. Youthful, young. 2 Of youthful 
aopeaiancB. 3 (.MS) Tmy. 
6';ain, gon.s'nj. of ogau. 
bgair, -eau, see 6iwa 

tk-.e uia-bliallac '. I woman. 2 
ag, s.f. oe brag. 2 Young of the cormor- m 


a-'ch, a. see odliraicli. 

alih,(AH) a. Dark, swarthy. 

an, -ain, -a >, n. in. (J>.\\ -parsnip herade . . 

4dhar-bhan,*' a. .^a luw, 2 Of a darkish white \ b^- 

ogalichd, *./. Youthfulnesa, youth. 2 Conduct 
of youth. 3 Season i f youth. 

ogan'(CR) Suth'd ff>r sog.*n. 

bgan, -ain, -a-i, see bija ricii. 2 Young branch. 
3 Twig, tenliil. 4 Sculling. 5 (M.-s) (Jenu. 
Barr an of iiu, the top of the branch ; ceu 1 bg- 
an aobhich, a hundred jvons young WH. 

bganar-h, -aich, s. m. Young man, youth. 2 
Stripling. 3 Minor. 4 Bouuh, branch, rwiu;. 
M&rbhar an bganak-h, tktir youtht shall t>e 

, see bgala^hd. 

N on -aged. 

ug-b:iean,** -mhna, (&c. as bean^ *. m. Young 

Young wife, newly-married 
(-bhoin &c. as bo) s. f. Youn^ eow, 

~IK'lf 'I'. 

5e-ch'iUaeh,** -aich, *.m. Young boar, grice. 
' n (MS) s.m. Layer. 

fhuin-i, se^ 6.;-_jhnilhd. 
, s.f. Juvenility. 



ogh. One of tha nam^s of the letter o. 

to;n,** -a, s.f. Vir;iu. 

fo;;h, a. Pure. 2 sincere. 3 Whole, entire. 

ogiia, pi. -clian & -ichoau, s.m. Gran Ichild, 2 
jSvpluew. Is ia 1 oghachan peacliar is bratbar, 
th-y ar> se^on.l cona.ns. 

fcghaohd,** *./. \ irgi.ii.y. 

oghan, sea omu-in. 

ach, ed ouihanach. 

oguar, see ptlhar. 

fuglium, -u;m, s.m. The occult manner of writ- 
ii g u^ed by tha aucient Gael ; polygraphy. 
Tiie oguatu alpiiabet was formed on a proto- 
iel'4r,tptHc system by -so many strokes for 
each letter, above, through or below a stem 
liii'-j, wliicn was often formed by the angle of 
a stone monument thus : 

iSSlL M "" 

I I! II :* III 

L F.S N 

J* Occult sciences. 

oglach, -aich, s. in. Lad, youth, stripling. 2 
Alan-servant. 3 Soldier. 4** Vassal. 5 Young 
hero. Ban oglach, a han.hnaid,mrid-s>rvan f . 

- as, -ais, s.m. Farm-service. 2 Servitude, 

Slavery, vassalage. 3** Fourth stage of hu- 
man life, from 34 to 54 years of age. 

oslacuas,** -ais, s.m. Kind of Gaelic verse. . 

Off-losgaon. -ainn, -an, t. m. Tadpole, young 
fros, little fro?. 

ogluichd, see og:uidheachd. 

ogiuidh, -e, a. Awful, gloomy, dismal. 2 Afraid, 
awe-struck. 3 KashfuL 4 Peevish. BftWild. 
6(DMy) Unsteady. Tha 'm bata o., the boat it 

~ eachd, g.f.ind. Fear, dread, terror. 2 

Gloom. 3 Tearfulness, awfulness. 4 Bash- 
fulness. 5 Wildn -ss. 6 Peevi.shuess. 7(DMy) 
Sqaearaishnen, as when a person is ready to 
vomit with sea- or other sickness. Lan o., full 
ofg'ootn; la o.. a <lay of gloominess. 

og-mhadaiiitt, og-mhaidne, s.f. Early morn, the 

each, a. Early in the morning. 

6g-mhaise,** ./. Youthful beauty. 2 Youth- 
fulness. 3 Han(lsomenes^. Co seo 'ua o. ? 
who is thin in his youthful btauty f 

6g-mhart, -mhairt, .m. Young cow. 

Og-ni!!ur.** -mle6ir, s.m. Young branch. 2 by 
afgurf of speech, Young person. Air barman 
o. samhraidh, on the top of the young summer 

Og-mhios, -a, a.m. June. [Preceded by the 
article an t-.~\ 

oji-miinaoi, dat.sing. of 6g-bhean. [Erroneously 
piv^n by **as an alternative form of the nom.] 

dg-mhiiirear, *-.m. Young lord, son of a chief. 

6^-naraoh,*' a. Bashful, as youth. 

p^raiilh, sea oigiklh. 

og-thighearua, -u, s.m. Young lord, son of a 

f-oi, see ai. 

oil>eag, -an, x.f. dim. of ob, (a spell.) see ubag. 

{ibid, t.f. Submission, ubmlieuce. 

o.bne. s.f. Quickness, suddenness, (syncopated 
oiiai me.) 

ach,** -aiche, a. Sudden, quick. 

olbre, y n.shi'j. of obair. 

oibrea 'h. a. 

tlh, -nidh j*. m. Working, act of 

working. 2 Uibu'ir. b Fenn-nt'ng, state of 
fauauaang, fenoua.awiju. 4 .vlixii.'g. up, act 

of nrxiog together. 5 A^i a. ion. Ag o , pr- 
pt. of oibrich. An caocl'a i a : o., the 

it ; is goirt a tha e 
air 'o. ! hmo lard fit i* woik j d ! 
oibreachail,** a. Effective, effectual, operative. 
^tt^^chanical. SULaboiious. 4 Industr'oiu. 
oibrich, ag oibn.-acli:idii, r.a. .It n. Wortt, 
operate, labour. 2 Mix, work to a coiisistfii- 
cy, as liuie or clay, a tf.-ruieut. 4 Effect b/ 

e, -an, s.m. Worker, workman, labour- 

er. O. ealauta, an ingenious work-nan. 

te, past pt. of oiricb. Wrought, accom- 
plished, effected. 2 Operate- 1. 3 Mixed or 
wrought iuto a certain consistency. 4 Fer- 
mduced. O. le obair gureis, wrought with 

oich ! in'. Expression of bodily pain. 

oich,** *. Post in the aruiy. see oifhich. 

oicb.?, see oiduche. 

oiche,** -an, s.m. Counting-house. 

uicti ! oicu ! int. Expression of bodily pain. 

oid'-altruim, a.m. Foster-father. 

oide, -an, *.'.m. Foster-father. 2 Stepfather. 5 
Godfa h^r. 4 Teacher. 5 rarely Grandfather. 

achadh, -aidh, a.m. Instructing. 

oitleachas, -ais, see oideaciid. 

achd, s.f.ind. Instruction, counsel, tuition. 

2* Instruction from evil or familiar spirits, oc- 
cult science. 

foideadh, s.m Massacre, death. 

oidea^'.-an, x.f. Fillet. 

oide-iii,"* -uin, s.m. Dagree of nobility. 2 Lore, 
tenderness. 3 Genovosity. 

oidea--, -eis, s.m. see oideachd. Beul-oiJeaa, 
oral instruction. 

oide-baiatidh, s.m. Godfather. 

oide-ciuil, s.m. Music-master. 

oide-daunsaidh, s.m. Dancing-master. 

oiJe-fo^hluim, s.m. lastructor, preceptor. AT 
n-o., our schoolmaster. 

oide-muinte, s.m. Instructor, preceptor. 

oJde->goile, x.m. Schoolmaster. 

oidiiche, -annan, -au & -achan, s.f. Night, eve- 
ning. 2 Darkness. Beul na h-oidhche. th 
evening; an o. nochd (gen*rallt/ an uochd), 
to-night ; 'san o. dhuibh dhuiich, in the 
pitch-dark night ; r6 na h-oidliche, ai-t nit/ht ; a 
la 's a dh' o., by day and night ; air feadii na 
h-o., during thf night ;meailhon-o., midn>'ght ; 
ineadhon ua b-o., the middle of the nijht ; 
marbh na h-o., th* dead of midnight; o. 
rnhath dhuit, good night to thee. 

oidhcheach, -eiche, a. Nightly. 

oidhcheil, -e, a. Nightly. 

oidhche-mheirleach,** s.m. Night-thief, night- 

oidhcue-nain-baima2,(MMcD) */ Christmas-eve 

fpidhe, see aoidh 

oidheachd, see aoidheachd. 

foi'lheadh, -eidh, s.m. Tragical death. 

oiitheam, -eim, -ean, s.m. Kook. 2 Secret mean- 
ing, inference, idea. 3 Slight decree of know- 
ledge. 4 Hint. f4t>5ensatio!i, feeling. 'Nnair 
a dii'fhosgail e an t-oi'lbean^wAm he expound* 
ed the meaning ; is e sin an t-o. a thug mise 
as, that is the inference I drew from it ; gnuth- 
ach gun o., a tuinq without meaning ; c6 is 
urrainn o. sam bith a thoirt as ? who can 
make any sense of it ? 

ach, -aiche, a. Tractable. 2 Ideal 3 

oidhearp, see oidbeirp. 

ach, -aiche, see oidheirju>ach. 

oidheas,** -tis,ji.i/>uujajn, cuunsdl. 2 Free- 





Oidheirp, -e, -can, $. f. Attempt, endeavour, 
undertaking, trial. Dean o., or thoir o.,make 
an att-^njit ; thug e o. air, he tried it. 

each, -eiche, a. Endeavouring, attempt- 
ing. 2 In.lustrious, diligent, persevering. 

eachadh, -aidh, s.m. Attempting, act of 

attempt inif, endeavouring. Ag o , pr. pt. 
of oidheirpich. 

ich, pr. pt. ag oidheirpeachadh, v.a. At- 
tempt, endeavour. 

-iche, -an, $.m. Attemyter. 

oidhirp, see oidheirp. 

eachadh, see oidheirpeachadh. 

oidhre, *J. see eighre. 

oidhre, -a<-h*n, g.m. see oighre. 

oidhreachd, see oighreachd. 

oidich.tMS) v.a. Rear. 

oid-iuun.>achaidh,* t. m. Familiar spirit. 2 In- 
structor in occult sciences. 

olt'-ionnsaicb,** g.m. Instructor. 2 Guide. O. 
a h-bige, tJie gui<le of hsr youth. 

oifhich, -e, ij. Office. 2 Post in the army. 

toifhiche, */. Water 

oitig, -e, -ean, f. /. Office, situation, post, em- 
ployment. Gl*cadh neach 'oifig, let one teize 
hit office. 

each, -ich, Officer, official. 

each.** a. Official, pertaining to office. 2 

Fond of office. 

eil,** a. Official. 

oifrionn, -inn, see aifrionn. 

dig, gm.ting. of QZ. 

toig,** i.m. Champion. 

fpige, t.f. see eige. 

dige, t.f.ind. Youth, sea -ton of youth. 2 Youth- 
fulness. Cha tuig o. aitnbcart, youth thinkt 
not of want. 

bige, cnmp. of 6j. Younger, youngest. 

ach, -eich, i. m. Stallion, young horse or 


bigead, -eid, .m. Degree of youth. 

bigealachd,* ./. see 6isje. 

bigean, -ein, -an, t.m. Lad. 

dijrail,* -e, a. see 6gail. 

b:g?ar, -eir, . m. Youth, young man. Rogh- 
adh 6igeir, a choice young man. 

bu-fhear, see oi^ear. 

oigh, see aigh. 

bi'ih, -e, -ean, *./. Virgin, maiden. 2 Young wo- 
man. 3 ratWy Stag. 

bigh-chebl, -chiuil, t.m. The musical voice of a 
virgin. 2 Virginal. Na's c^olmuoire na 6., 
inoi-f musical than a virginal. 

foitihe, t.f. Fulness, entireness. 

oigha, see eighe. 

6igheach,* a. Like a virgin. 2 Modest, bash- 

d,*./.in /. Virginity. 2 Virgin modcsiy. 

A' eaoi ih air son m' o., btwailing >mj virginity. 

pigheam, -eim, f.m. Obedience, homage. 

bighean, of bigh. 

oigheann,** oighne, see aghann. 
ach, -aich, ./. Thistle. 

bigheil, -e, a. Maiden-like, modest. 

oishidh,** t.m. Guest. 

oighionnach, -aich, *./. see oigheannach. 

oi. h-mhara, y. Mermaid, sea-nymph , nereid. 

oigb-nair,** t.f. Virgin modesty, virgin bash- 

oitfh narach. -aiche, a. see bigheil. 

pifjhnHach,** a. Liberal, generous. 

buh-nUhean, -ighue, -ao, *./. Virgin-daughter, 
unmarried daughter. 

oighre, ./. ne deign (ice.) 

oighre, -achan, .m. H"ir, heiress. Roiridlibean 
mac, acb 's e l)i i a ni o.. a w-.nan '.nay bear a 
ton, but it it Qo-1 that muk t :h,- heir. 

ofghreaohaU, -e, a. Iahriiabto, hereditary. 
oighre.ich 1, -an. * /. Ufir>hi ; j. 2 1 .titjricance. 8 

Pos-t^-ion, fre hold est.tte, landovl property. 

4 (MS : liarony. Am biiuil o. againn ? ?iao> ive 

an fnferMMdi .< 
oi^lireag, -.-ig -an. . /. Cloud- 

berry, m^un a\n- -strawberry 

rubus chatncein >i us. 

ach, -aichd, a. Abound- 

ing in, of, or bolimgiug to' 


oigiuih,** .n. Stranger. 

oig're, see oi^ridh. 

bi.s;ridh, t.f. coll. Children, youth, 
young folks. 2 of youn 
men. Tlia 'n o. a' crathadh 
an sleagh, the you'h art bran- 
dnhinj their spear*. 

oil, see 61. 556. Oijhnj.j. 

oil, v.a. Rear, educate, nurse, instruct in po- 
liteness. .Mar a dh' oil i a claim, at the rear- 
fd her children. 

oil, s. /. ind. Vexation, grief, pain. 2 Offence, 
annoyance, regret. 3 Spite. Ge b' oil leis, 
(leithe, leinn, ieibh, leo) in spi'e of him (h'r, 
ut, you, them) ; cha'n o. learn ged a bhith- 
eadh tu air do chroc hadu, it were no o/^ncf to 
me though you were hanged / \16 a chuir ga 'in 
b' oil leam-sa ? why should ito/tnd me } ma's 
o. leat sin, na dean a rithis e, if that be an 
o/encf to yo, don't do it again ; tha siod agam- 
sa ge b' oil leia na madaidh aig am bbeil am 
fodar, Ipottf&y that in spite of the dogs that. 
havi the straw Sltyt ; mharbh thu mo thri 
nigheanan.uiharbh uia 's o. leat,.</o haor kill- 
ed my three daughters, evtn though you do not 
like it. 

oil, see saoiL 

oil,** s.f. Learning, education, tuition. Oil- 
t haigh , a schoolh o use. 

toil, -e, -ean, s.f. Stone. 2 Rock. 3 Reproach, 
infamy. 4 Offence. 5 Stumbling-block. 6** 
Frightful precipice. 

uil-athair,** -athar, -athraichean, s.m. Foster- 

oilbiieum, -eim, -an, *. m. Offence, stumM ing- 
block, reproach, scandal. 2 Disobligatiou. S 
Stumble. 4ttBlasphemy. Carraig oilbheim, 
a rock of o/enc'. 

-- ach, -aiche, a. Reproachful, offensive. 
2 Causing reproach or offence. 3 Shameful, 
di>grac 'ful, scandalous. 

-- achd, s.f. ind. Reproachfulness. 2. Scan- 
dalizing, .scandalousness. SttBlasphemy. 

oilbheumaich.ft v.a. Offend. 2 Blame. 

oilbhrfiiuiaiche, coinp. of oilbheumach. 

oilbhiast, see uile-bheisd. 

toilbhreo, Funeral fire. 

to.lcheas, -chis, s.m. Doubt, hesitation. 

f - ach, a. Doubtful, hesitating. 2 Scru- 

foile, see eile. 

oileaDhan,(AF) s.m. Elephant. 

oileadair,* -wan, a.m Professor. 

oileac;,(r).My) -an, a.f. Flat stone, larger than a 
pebble, tortltrowinf at horses, cattle, Ac. 

oil amiMch, s.f. Uuiversity. 

oileamhai>l,* s.f. University. 

oileamuaiu, -e, t. f . see oileau. 

oileatnhnach, -a ch, -ean, see oileanach. 

oileamhn ilch, n. see oiloantoh. 

oilean, -tin, -nan, a.m. see fHean. 

oilean, -ein, -an, s.m. K luca'.i 'n, instruction. 2 
Househ -ild instruction, breeding. 3 Nurture, 
food. 4** Aisln of a church. 3** Uoir-y. 
suckle. l>roch uiL-an, bad 'ire-d'ni ; g'i bra li 
cha iK'aiait-h o. iiul, breeding *ha!.i. n^on 

oilean 7 

for fake the/>. 

oileanach, -aiche, a. Educating, training, in- 
structing. 2 Nourishing. 3 Well-bred. 4 
Educated, trained, polite, civil. 5 see eil- 

oiifHnach, -aich, pi. -aich (t -aichean, s.m. Stu- 
dent, pupil, scholar, academician. 

adh, -aidh, s.m. Instructing, act of 

instructing or teaching. Ag o , of oil- 

d,** s.f. Doctrine, teaching. 2ft Cur- 
ing. 3tt Drilling. 

oilrta laich,* s.m. Scholar, student, pupil. 

oileanaicb, v.a. Instruct, teach. 2 Rear. Sft 
Cure, remedy. 4tt Drill. 

te, past pt. of oileanaich. Reared, 

brought up, nourished. 2 Instructed.taujjht. 
3 Well-bred, polite. 

oileanda, -aiude, see oileanaichte. 

oileanta, -ainte, see oileanaichte. 

oileautachd, (MS) s.f. Scholarship. 

oilear, -eir, -ean, for eilthire. 

ach, -aich, see eilthireach. 2 Nursery. 

adh, -aidh, s.m. see eilthireachd. 

oileas,** -ais, s.m. Custom, use, habit, usage. 

t ach, a. Frequent, usual, customary. 

oileid.* s.f. College. 

oilich,** v.a. Frighten. 

oilire,* s.m. Professor. 

oillbhastair,** s.m. Alabaster. 

oillbheint,** *. Elephant. 


**Liberal person. 

oin 'ach, -eiohe, a. Merciful, compassionate. S 
Liberal, bountiful. 

d,** s.f. Mercy, mercifulness. 2 Liber* 


oingeal, -eil, -an, s.f. see aingeal. 

6iuich,(JM) W. Isles for ainich. Panting, espe- 
cially when struggling hard with an enemy, 
or to get out of a difficulty. 

oinid, -e, -can, s.f. Fool, idiot. 2 Foolish wo- 
man, silly person, stupid person. 

each, -eiche, a. Foolish, idiottcal, of, or 

pertaining to an idiot. 2 Absurd. 

eachd, s.f. Foolishness, folly, simplenes*. 

>inidli,** -e, a. Generous, liberal, magnaui- 

ni^h,** s.f. Prostitute. Air gradh na h-o. n* 
tog trod, cfo not raise a quarrel for a harlot's 


each,** a. Whorish, like a harlot. 

eachd,** s.f.ind. Whorishness, prostitu- 

JMnanid, -e, -ean, s.f. oinid. 
iomiildn,** see oinid. 
imnhideaeh, a. see oinideach. 

d, see oinideacbd. 

iunean, -in, -an, s.m. see uiunean. 2**Pebble. 

ach, see uinneanach. 

inseach, -ich, -ichean, t.f. Foolish w.nnan 2 
Harloc. 3**Idiot. 4 Bagpipe. Cha leanuan 
oinsich e, he is not a fool's choice 
inseachail, -e, a. Foolish, idioticai. 2 Like a 
foolish woman. 3** Whorish. Uu h-o., fool' 

oinseacha*, see oinsealachd. 

oinaeachd,** s.f. Whoredom. 

oinsealachd, s.f.ind. Foolishness, stupidity. 

oinseaun, for craobh-uinnsinn. 

oir, conj. For, because that. Oir ciiuimhnich 
iad, for they rem-'in hered ; oir is I'hearr learn, 
becaus* that I prefer Oir a b' aanas au leith- 
id 'san fiionn, for their lik; were scarce in tk* 
land Rob Donn. 

toir, prep, see air. 

oir, v. Befit, b com?. 

toir, a. Fit, becoming, proper. 

oir, -e, -ean, s. m. Border, edge, margin, hem, 
selndge, boundary, limic, coast. Oir an aod- 
aich, thf hem of the cloth ; oir an t-srntha'n, 
Ihe margin of the brook ; gun o., without a 
border ; air leth oir, sideways. 

toir, -e, -ean, s.f. Furze, whins, gorse. 2 Old 
Gaelic name for the letter O. 

oir, s.m.ind, see ear. 

oir, jjen.sinj. of or. 

s. Elephint. 

oitlmueidh,** -ean, s.f. Balance, weight, 
ui It, -e, -ean, s.f. Terror, dread, horror, detest- 
ation, disgust. Dluth-chritu air g ich cniimh 
le h-o. , every bon<> shaking with horror. 
oillt-chrith, -e, s.f. Trembling from fear or ter- 
ror. 2 Horror. 

each, -eiche, a. Trembling from fear. 

2 Causing to tremble from fear, 
oillteachadh, -a ; db, s.m. Trembling, act of trem- 
bli'ig. 2 Dreading, detestation, horror. Ag 
o , of oilltich. Tha mi air m' o. ris, 
I am sfi.ock-d at him. 

oilltealachd, s.f.iml. Terribleness, horrihleness, 
dreadfutness. 2 Ugliness. 3**Detestableness. 
oillneil, -e, i. Terrilic, dreadful, terriblu, horri- 
ble. 2 Ugly, di Busting in the highest degree. 

oillthaigh, see oi'-th.iigh. 
oillth ;ud,** -theid, -an, s.m. see oil-theud. 
oilltich, v.a & n. Frighten, terrify. 2 Be a- 
fraid, bo horrifinl. 3 Tremble from fear. 4 
K>'g trd with horror, shudder with horror, de 
tos> .. Dh' o. mi ris, / detest him, 1 am hor 
rifed at him. 

te, paxt ;it. Afraid. 

oill'ioil, -e, a. soe oillteil. 
oili>ha.nt,** . Behem >th. 
oil '. oil ! in'. Form of address to an infant. 2 

Expression of derision at finery, 
oil-thaigh, -ean, s.m. School, seminary, college, 

each, see oil-thaigheil. 

eil,** a. Academical. 

oiltheireachii, see eilthiroachd. 
toil-theud,** -th^id, s.m. Cable, rope, 
oi -thire, s.f. see eilthir. 

ach, -eiche, a. see eilthireach, a. 

oil-thireach, -ich, s. see eilthireach, . 

d, see eilthireachd. 

oil-threu'ahach,** a. Valiant, truly braye. 

d, s.f. Transcendant valour., -o, -cau, ./. Loan. 2 The thing lent, 
oin,* s.f. Death-agony. 

oiueach, -ich, *. m. Liberality, geuerosity. 
Clemency. SJjTruce. 4**MerciIul person. 5 | do it ; ciod a tua ' cur oirbh ? what ails you t 

5.57. Oir. 

o'r, ./. Th-3 spindle-tree -et'onirnvit europ&iit. 

oirb i, prfp. proa. On you. 2 Owed by you. S 
The mttter with you. 4 You under the neces- 
sity. Bbeir mi o., / will fore.* you ; beiridh mi 
oirbh, / will cats.h you ; cniribh o. e, put it on 
you ; tha e o. a dhoan.imh, you are ohliyed to 



am bheil dad aig* oirbh F 7a* hranv c'om on 
yov f do you pit** Aim anything .' ua gabhHfbh 
oirbh e, /ato iV not on you. take no h,"d of him 
(or it.) [emphatic, oirbh-se. i see a : r. 
irbheart, -tire, -an. * MI. Hood deed or action, 
exploit. Bu o ilhnit a dheanam't, i were on 
tt' - f nj ehanty m t/cn/ o do if; cha'n o. sam 
bill) dhuit a leittnd a dhfanamh, >t would be 
no act of tharity in you to du the like. 

acb, -aicb*'. o Performing good deeds 

or actions. 2 Charitable. S Great, noble. 4 

oirbbeirteach. see oirbheartacb. 
oirbhidinn. '*./. Honour, respect, veneration, 
oirbti^as * see uirhnearU 
oiil-hidneacb,** a. Honoured, respected, vene- 


oiibhir,** */ Reproach. 2 Curse. 3 Armful, 
oubh-se rmphatic of oirbh. 
toirc Jt *. I apdog. 2 Lapwing, see adharcan- 


Oirceadal, -ail. t.m. Instruction. 2 Doctrine. 
oircean.(CR) Horizon, heavens, only used 
to " tha stoirui air an oircean," said when a 
storm or squall is sen approaching A rran. 
oircean. -ein, -an, see uircean 
oireeart," -eirt, s.m. Hurt, bruise, wound. 
oirceas. -eis, *.w. Mess, 
dirt-heard, -eird, -an, see 6r-cheard. 
oircheas, -eh, -an, t.m. Hly, mtrcy, clemency. 
2 Kindness. 3 Act of charity. 4 Fitness, 

~ ach, -aiche, a. Pitying, merciful. 2 

Charitabl.;, benevolent. 3 Kind, generous. 4 
Needy, in want. 5 Fit, prooer. 

achd, t.f.ind. Charitableness. 2 Need, 

necessity, poverty, want. 3 Fitness, propriety. 
4 see oirchfas. 5** ra-ly Mean. 

aich.(MS) v.a. Aid. 

6ir-chiabh, -a, -an, t.m. Yellow or golden lock or 

ach, -aiche, o. Having yellow or gold 
en locks or ringlets. 

f oirchill, -e, -ean, s.f. Provision reserved for the 
absent. 2 Reward. 3 Conceahnent, ambush 
foirchill, v.a. Carry, bear, 
oircbilleacb.** v. Bearing, carrying, 
oirchind,** '*./. Providence, 
oirchios,'* -chise, a. Proper, meet. 
oirchios, -a <fe -ise, see oircheas. 

ach, -aiche, a. see oircheasach. 

achd, see oircheasachd. 


t ear, -eir, -an, s.m. Treasurer. 

6ir-chisdearachd, ./. Bursary, 
dichisdear-iirds'ioil, s m. Bursar, 
oir-ciineas, -eis, -an, s.m. The foreskin. 
OT-chriadh,** *. China. 

oir-chrios, -a, -an, t.m. Studdml belt. 2 Orna 
inent, such as a necklace. 3**Gold necklace, 
oirc:ie, see oirc. 

dirde, pi. -au [& **6irdnean.] t.f. Piece or lump 
of anything. 2**8plinter. 3** Order. 4** 
Improvement. 0. fhiodha, a Ing of wood. 
birdnearc, t>.. P'lourish. '2 Be fainon<. 
oirdheirc, -e, a. Famous, illustrious, noble, ex 
ceilent, honourable, superb, worthy, glorious 
birdh-jiroeas, -eis. t m. Excellency, nobleness 
hoiiourableuess, worthiness. 2 Splendour 
bri Witness, superbness, lustre. SliRenown 
4* I're-eminence. 6. cumhaehd , the fxctllfnc? 
ofjtflttrr ; 6. an eolais, the excellence of know 

otrdne-ulh,** -idh, s.m. Ordination. 
OM-dnvan, Sj Hnters. 
oireach.JJ -. iche, a. Marginal. 
as, -ais, .;. Pre-eminence, superiority 

n, Statutes, ordinance -. 

. -ais, see ein-aciidis. 2**Aeinbiy. 

oiread, "-id, see i.iread. 

areadh. -idh, .?)). Befi;ting, becoming. 

>ireag. see oighreag. 

oireagail, t,f. Habitation. 2 Waste house, 
deserted house. 

)ireamhan,** -an, s. m. Concord, agreement, 

irearnhnach,** -aiche, a. Genuine. 2 Meet, 
proper, expedient. 3 Accommodated. 

d, f.f. Genuineness. 

om-amhuin,** *. Pertinence. 2 Influence. S 

each,** a. Pertinent. 

oirean, t.m. Selvidge, (borders.) 

)irear,** a. Pleasant, agreeable. 2 Comely, be- 

oireil,** a. Meet, proper, becoming, seemly, 
comely, handsome. 

oirfeid, -ean, t.m. Music, melody. Na uile o. 
na Criosdachd, than the whol' melody of 
Ckrittendam ; o. eagarach, tcell-arrangiql mu- 

each, -eich, s.m. Musician. 

each, -eiche, a. Musical, melodious, har- 
monious. 2 Unanimous. 

eachd, t.f.ind. Harmony, melody, music, 


oir-f headhnach,** o. Having excellent leaders, 
as an army. see oirfeideachd. 

oirgheadh,** -eidh, t.m. Destroying. 

oirghean,** -ein, s.m. Destruction. 

oirghios,** *. Cheer. 2 Mess. 

oir-ghreus, ghre'is s.m. Embroidery, tapestry, 
needlework, tambouring, ornament. 

oir-ghreusach,** a. Embroidered. 

oir-iihreusaiehe,** s.m. Embroiderer. 

oiridh,** see airidh. 

6iridh,** Devices wrought in gold. 

foirior, . m. Day-after-to-morrow, (see ear- 
ar, ear-thrath.) 

oiris, *./. Chronicle. 2 Delay, hinderance. 

toirle, -an, s.f. Piece, fragment. 

ohleach, -ich, t.f. Inch. 2**slaushter, massa- 
cre. Is treasa aon 6. de'u gliille na di 6. 
de 'n nig'ninn, on? Inch of the boy is stronger 
than two inches of the girl (i.e. when growing.) 

6irleachail,JJ -e, a. Inched. 

oirlifr'lv &-V) s. Eagle, see iolair. 

oirlioch,** s. Havoc. 

oir-liou,** v.a. Increase. 

oirlis, Kintvre for orrais. 

6ir-mhianu,** *.m. Avarice, covetousness. 

ach,** a. Avaricious, covetous. 

oirmhid** *./. Decency. 2 Credit, respect. 

foirn, v.a. Appoint, constitute, set, ordain, put 
iu authority. 

foirno tdh, -idh, a.m. Appointing, constituting, 
ordaining, ordination. Ag o , pr. pt. of nirn. 

oirnealta,** a. Elegant, neat, ornamental, 
beautiful. 2 Haying an imposing exterior. 

chd,** f.f. Elegance, neatness, hand- 
someness, ornament. 

oirneim.i,** v.a. Shine with gold. 

oirneis, see airneis. 

oirnn, prrp.pron. Onus, upon us. 2 Owed by 
us. 3 Matter vvitn us. Bli ir e o. a dhean-, Ai* will ma,k> nt do if, tha e o. a 
amh, ice must do it, it is our /.:// to do it ; 
togauiaid o., lf n< bmtir ours'lves, let. us be 
mooing ; na f,'abh.ini.\id o. o, le: t.< not heed 
hhn, Ift us tokens notice of ,'tiui ; thairis o., 
over t< ; a Thixhaarnfc seall oirnn, Lord look 
upon UP. 

oirune r eMphatlCjOn* of oirnn. 




oirp, see oidheirp. 

oirj.., } *. House-leek, see lus-nan-cluas. 

oirpe, -an, see oidheirp. 

oirre, prep.prcm. On her, upon her. 2 Owed by 
her. 3 Matter with her. 4 Over her. 'De 
a th* oirre 'f what is the matter with bur ? tba 
e o. a dheanamh, she is bovnd or obliged to do 
it : 'de tha 'cur o ? iv hat ails her ? Me a tb' 
figad oirre ? how much do*s she owe you * cha 
'n 'eil eagal oirre, she is not afraid ; moran 
uachdaran o., many riders OPT hr ; chai IL 
e o., he had carnal connection with her ; dh' 
eMrich e o., he belaboured her ; togadh i o., let 
her bestir herself, let her be off. 

oirsceart,**>. The East. 

oirthir, -e, -can, *. f. Coast, shore, beach. 2 
Border, frontier. 3 see ear (east.) 4 The 
Eastern world. O. ghaineimh, a sandy shore, 
a sandbank ; bathadb mor aig o., wrecks are 
frequent near a shore. 

each, -eiche, o. Of, or belonging to, a 

coast, border or frontier. 2 Maritime, bor- 
dering on shore. 3 Terminal. 4 Kastern, 

oisbheas,** -an, s.m. Epicycle. 

ach,** a. Like an epicycle. 2 Of, or be- 
longing to, an epicycle. 

toisbbreug,** -an, s. Hyperbole. 

ois-cheum,** s.m. Eminerice, superiority. 

ois-chreidearnh,** -imh, s./. Superstition. 

tpis-chreideimb, -e, s.f. Superstition. 

biseach, -icb, -ichean, s.f. see binseach. 

ail, -e, a. see binseachail. 

bbealar:hd, see biusealachd. 

oiseann, see oi>>inn. [** gives gen. oisinn.] 

bis ;, -e, -can, s.f. see othaisg. 2 see oisriun. 

oisgealachd, see othai^gealaehd . 

bisgean, for othaisgeaa, n.p/. of othaisg. 

oisneach. *. Rifle Sar-Obair. (isneacu.) 

6isgeil, see othaisgeil. 

oi~<in,** v.a. Lie with the face upwards, 

oisinn, oisne, oisnean, s.f. Corner, angle. 2 
JNook. 3 Bevel. Na h-oisnean, the temples \ 
o. an taighe, the corner of the home. 

each, -eiche, a. Cornered. anled, angu- 
lar. Roth o., a bevel wheel ; oibreach o., 

eachd, s.f. Angularity. 

eag, -eig, -an, s.f. dim. of oisinn. Little 

corner, angle, or nook. 2 Angular figure, 
Tri-o., a triangle ; ceithir-o., a quadrangle. 

oisirmeagach, -aiche, a. Having little corners 
or angles. 

oisinuich, v.a. Bevel. 

Toisionair,** s.m. Tabard, habit formerly worn 
over a gown. 

oisir, -e, -ean, R.f. see eisir. 

o,islin.** Charms. 

ois-sgriobhadh,** -aidh, s.m. Superscription. 

oistem, s.f. see eisir. 

foistir, Door, see Clann-an-oi<tir. 

oistric, -e, -ean, s.f. Gaelic spelling of ostrich. 

oit ! oit ! int. Exclamation used to express a sud- 
den sense of heat, or burning. Oit mo ehrdig, 
alas my hand ! 

oiteap, -eig, -an, *./. Breeze of wind, light squall 
or blast. '2t JZephyr. 

ach, -aiche, a. Breezy, squally, windy. 

Gaoth o., a wind that comes in juftx or 

oitir, -e, -ean, s.f. Bank or ridge in the sea. 2 
Shoal, shallow. 3 Low promontory jutting 
into the sea, rock projecting into the soa. 4* 
Links. 5 Headland. O. gnaiueimh, a sand- 

oitreach, a. Innavigable. 

61, ag 61, v.a. Jc n. Drink, pedurm the act 

of drinking. 2 Sup. 3 Absorb. Dh'bladh to 
's cha phaigheadh tn, you would drink and 
not pay ; ag 61 brochain, supping porridge. 

61, oil, .m. Drinking, act of drinking. 2 Ha- 
bit of drinking intoxicating liquors. 3 Drunk- 
enness, inebriation. 2 tupping. 3 Absorbing. 
A o , of ol. Tha e trom air an ol, he it 
a hard drinker ; 's e ant-bl a chuit an dun- 
aidh ort, it i* drink that played the mischief 
with you ; an t-61, drinking dia'tetet. 

tol, v.def. Quoth, said. Dh' ol Fionn, F. said. 

ol:i. s /. ind. Oil. 2 Ointment. 3**Olive. [ 
s.tys never lamp-oil, which is uilleadh, buj 
o'a is always used in Gairloch, L'tcis, <kc. far 
lamp-oil, and ** gives ola chum soluis, oil fur 

ola-bai". sj. Extreme unction. 

olabhar.** -air, t.m. Great army. 

olach, . Rank grass growing near steadings 
where manure abounds, see fb^hlach. 

olach, -aiche, a. Oily. 2 Greasy. 3 Balsamic. 

olach, -aiche, a. Hospitable. 2 see blar. 

olach, -aich, s.m llospiiaule person, one liberal 
of his own. 2 Beautiful person. 3 Terra fa- 
miliarly used in addressing or speaking of a 
person of low rank. 4 Kunuch. 5 Fumbler 
Sar~0bair. 6* Odd fellow. 7* One castrated 
for committing adultery. 8 (DMy) Champion, 
hero, giant. Co dhiubh a th'annad, o. a iha'tj 
iarraidh gleachd no c6mhraig, no b. a tha ' 
iarrai-lh mai:j;hstir ? which are you, a lad lhat 
wants to wrestle or fiyht or a lad that wants a 
master ; b. tapaidh, a kind and brave mm. a 
cotnm^ndablt man ; nach b' e an t-b. e 1 wtiat 
a hero he is ! mar a dh' iobras olach, at a 
hero fftO'S ii'a-if. 

blachan,** -ain, .m. Immoderate drinking. 2 
Drinking-mitch. 3 Car>)usal. 

blachas, -ais, .m. Hospitality, kindness, bounty. 

blnchd, g. f. see olachas. 2* Castration for A- 

obi-chroinn-<la, s.f. Olive-oil. 

oladh, -aidh, *.f. see ola. Obrn olaidb, a cruM 
of oil : uieasgte le h-oladh, mixed with oil* 

oladh-ceireach,** s.f. Cerate. 

oladh-ungaidh, s.f. Anointing-oil. 

ola-fhrois-lin, s.f. Linseed-oil. 

ola-ihnail, sj. Paraffin. 

olaidh, gen sing, of oladh. 

olainn, see ulann. 

each,** a. see olla, a. 

blair, -ean, ^-.m. Imbiber. 

ola-leighis, s f . Balsam 

ola-mhilis, s.f. Sweet o I. 

ola-uan-creaj;, *. f. " Rock-oil," an ointment 
made from a thin film obtained on rocks iy 
the sea, and used as a relief for burns ana 

ola-nan-trosg, s.f. Cod-liver oil. 

olanu, -ainn. s.f. Wool. [sheep. 

olann-mharhnchainn, *. /. Wool from a dead 

blar, fut..p&ss. of 61. Shall be drunk. 

, -aire, a. Given to drunkenness, drunken, 

sottish, bioulous. *2**Absorbent. 

achd, s.t.ind. Flabitual drunkenness. 

ola-rbiu, *./. Seal-oil. 

oiart,'* -airt, -an, s.m. Hone. 

ach,*' a. Pertaining to the office of a hone. 

2 Like a hone. 

folartar,** -air, s.m. Bad snvll. 

olastair,** -ean, s. Carbine. 2 Holster. 

iche.** Jf.T/i. Carbineer. 

olc, uilc, s.m. Mi-k-hi'f, evil, wickedness. '1 Ap- 
parition. 3JJ Hurt, loss, damage, harm. 
Chaidh e chun an uilc,ft w+n' to the mi<cliie.f; 
seachain an t-olc astus s^achnaidii an t-olc tha, 
avoid evil and evil will avoi>i you ; olc na 



cuis gu d*ireadh, put of tk" nil part to th* 
last ; 'H fhaarr au t-olc eol ich. na 'n t-o'c aiu- 
H>lach, the known evil it better t'ia-i the un- 
known evilond is better prepared to meet it; 
cha bhi olc an aona bhliadhna fada 'dol 
seachad, one year's grievance, will soon pat* 

olc, adv. (gu b-olcj 111, badly, wickedly. Is o. 
a fbuaradh tu, you behaoed very badly ; is olc 
an airidh e, it it a pity; is trie fhuair " olc-an- 
airidh " car, oflen " 'tis a pity" has been 

olc, g^n.sing. uilc, a. Bad, evil, wicked 2 
Evil, untoward, unfortunate. 3 Had, incum- 
plete, not good of its kind. 4**MiNChievou-. 
Duine olc, an evil man ; be"isd olc, a w>ck"il 
b'~ast, a wicked person , leanu olc, bad ale ; 
olc air mhath le each e, whether the others 
like it or not ; gu h-olc, sick, vtry badly. 

1st. comp. miosa, 2nd. comp. misde, Srd.comp. 

olcad, -aid, *./. Degree of badness. 

olcadan, (AF) s.m. Owl. 

olcas, -ais, t. m. Naughtiness, wickedness. 2 
Badness. 3 Sickness. 4**Mischief. Air o. 
'saui bheil e, let him be ever to bad ; chual 
thu 'olcas, you have heard its mischief. 

olc-dheanadach, -aiche, a. Maleficent. 

olchobhair,** ./. Pleasure. 2 Avarice. 

o leth mo chuil, phrase, Coming towards me 
from behind my back. 

toll, -a, a. Great, grand, high. 

olla, a. Woollen, made of wool. Aodach olla, 
woollen garments. 

olla, -idhean. see ollamh. 2 see olann. 

olla, o. Woollen. [Though called and translated 
as an adj. by some, this word, which is for 
olna or o'lna. like uiUne. from uileann (elbow.) 
is gen. of olann.] 

ol'abhar. -air, s.m. Great army, great host. 

ollach, -aiche, a. Woolly, fleecy. 

--- ail,** a. Rabbinical. 2 Lettered, literary. 

olla Ih, a. see olla. 

olladh, -aidh, -aidhean, see ollamh. 

-- aich, v. see ollamhaich. 

olladhaichte, see ollamhaichte. 

ollas;, -aig, -an, s.f. Otfal, refuse. 2 see ullag. 

ollaidh, gen.sinfi. of olladh. 

OUaig, Badenoch for Nollaig. 

ollain, for olainn. 

ollamh, -aimh, -an, s.m. Doctor, physician. 2 
Apothecary. 3 Learned man. 4 Chief bard. 
ollamh-diadhachd, a doctor of divinity. 
ollamh ludhach, a Rabbi. 
ollamh lagha, a doctor of law. 
ollamh leighis, a doctor of medicine. 
ollamh arsaidheachd, Antiquary. 

ollamh, -aimhe, o. see ullainh. 

ollamhachd, s.f.ind. Doctorship. 

ollamhaich,** v.n. Graduate. 2 Take the de- 
gree of doctor. 3 Teach. 

ollarahaichte, past pt. Graduated. 

ollamhain, Tbe learned. 

-- , -e, s.f. Instruction. 

-- , gen.sin-j. & of ollamhan. 

ollamhan,** -ain, s.m. Doctor, medical man. 2 
Learned man. 3 Bard of the first order. 0. 

ri diadhachd, a doctor of divinity (D.D.); o. ri 

lagha, a doctor of laics (LL.D.) ; o. ri leighis, 

a doctor of m*licine (M.D.) 
ta, -ainte, a. Learned. 
-- tas, -ais, t.m. Professorship. 2 Doc- 

torship. 3 Superiority. 
ollarnhnarhadh, -aidh, *. m. Instructing, act of 

in-itructing, instruction. Ag o , of oil- 

ollamhnachd, ij. Superiority. 2 Preparation. 

illamhnaioh, v.a. In-itrict. ti-ach. 3 Solemnize. 

t<*, past pt. of oilamhnaich. In- 

stru-jtrtd, taught. 

olUmhrachd, s.f.ind. Professorship. 2 Super- 

, ollauach, -aiche, a. Lanigerous. 
ollanachadh, -aidh, a.m. Preparing, act of tho 
preparing of the dead. 2 Burial. 3 see oil- 

ollauach^t, s.f.ind. Preparing of the dead for in- 
terment. 2 Burial, funeral. 3 oileanachd. 
ollanaich, v.a. Prepare, in ike ready for burial. 
2 Bury, entomb. 3 Solemnize. 4 see oileaa- 
aich A Dma, o. f<5in mi, God, teach thou 
me thyself. 

-Le, past pt. of ollanaich. Prepared, 

made ready. 2, Buried. 3 Solemnized. 4 se 
ollaodach,* -aich, s.m. Woollen cloth, 
ollas,** -ais, s.m. Boast, 
oil-drag, see oll-dreag. 

oll-dreag, -eig, -an. s.f. Funeral pile. 2**Bon- 
fire. 3**lgois fatuus. 
ll-ghaireach, -ich, s.m. Dane. 
toll-ghlor. -oir <fe -6ire, s.m. Bombast, fustian 


full-mhaitheas, -eis, s.m. Great riches, 
oll-thuath,** -thuaidh, *. /. Large axe. 2 Battle- 
blmhor, -oire, a. see 61ar. 

achd, *. see olarachd. 

foloin,** a. Crop-eared. 

oludh,(AF) s. Sucking ewe. 

toluidh,** s.f. Cow. 

oluinti, gen.sitig. of olunn. 

olunn, -uinn, see olanu. 

o m', f >r o and mo. 

omar. -air, s.m. Amber. 2 see amar. 

ach, a. Amber, made of amber. 

aich, v.a. Amber. 

ombra, s.m. see omar, 

fomh, a. Lonesome, unfrequented, solitary, 
omhail, -e, s.f. see umhail. 2 Act of saying 
" omh," to express a doubt or disagreement, 
or to indicate discomfort. 'De" an o. a th 1 ort ? 
what are you grunting about ? 
oinhaill, .s.A Heed, attention. 2 Care. Gabh 
o., pay attention ; ciod an o. a th' ann ? what 
matters it t ciod an o. a th' agad? what do 
yon care t 

ombailleai-h,** a. Heedful, attentive. 2 Careful, 
tomhan, -ain, s.m. Fear. 

umhan, -am, s.m. Froth of milk or whey, espe- 
cially the thicker whey pressed out of curds. 
[* gives omhar.] 

ach, -aiche, a. Frothy, abounding in froth 

of milk or whey. 

achd,** s.f, Frothiness, foaminess. 

tomhnach, a. Terrible. 2 Frothy. 
Tomhn-i-ar, -eir, s.m. Embryo, 
fomna, s.m. Oak. 2 Lance. 3 Spear, 
tomfid, v.a. Obey, 
omoideach, a. Obedient, 
omrann, -ainn, s.f. Share, division. 
o '/i, crmj. -we o. 

o 'n (o + an) O 'n taigh, from home, abroad ; is 
fhada o 'n la, it is long sincet he day broke ; is 
fhada o 'n da la sin, it ii long since we met be- 
fore ;o'n aitoriohibh, /rom their father*. 
Ion, oin, -v.!/i. Advantage, profit. '2 Loan. 3 
Thing lent. 4 Cause, reason. 5 Blemish, 
stain, blot, fault. 6 Reproach. 7 Sloth, lazi- 
ness. 8 Anger, rage. 

ton, -a, a. Kxcellent, noble, good. 2 Advanta- 

ouadh. s^o oufhadh. 
ouagai l,J s.j. Confusion, row, disturbance. 


onii'l. see olnid. 

onHidec'id,( MS) see oinideaehd, 

omir, see onoir. 

ouairich, see onoraich. 

te, soe onoraichte. 

bnar. see aonar. 

aich, see onoraich. 

an, see aonaran. 

on-chu.(AF) Wolf. 2 Otter. 

ones, g.m. Stfnlock Arran. 
nda,** a. Simole, silly. 

ondhreag, -eig, s. f. Meteor. O. uamharra, a 
tfri-ible meteor. 

onfha, see onthadh. 

onfhadh. -fhai.lh, -fuaidhean. s.m. Bi .*t. storm. 
2 Raging of the saa. 8** Furious billnw. 4 
Rage, fury. 5-HNoise of the waves. 6**Storm 
at sea. 7 (DU) Raging banger. 

nch, -aiche, a. Stormy, tempestuous. 

Cuan o., a stormy sea. 

ong, v.a. see ung. 

tong. s.m Tribulation. 2 Chastisement. 3 Di 4 Restraint. 

tong, s.m. Sorrow. 2 Sigh, groan. 3 Healing. 
4 Fire. 5 Hearth. 

tong, a. Clean. 2 Clear, bright. 

ongadh, -aidh, see ungadh. 

tonualar, see ong, *. 

onial,** s. Corner. 

tonn, -a, -an, t.m. Stone. 2 Entire horse, stall 
ion. 3 Furze, gor*?. 4 Name of the letter O 
[** gives oinn as gtn.aing. of 1 & 2 ] 

onnchon, -oin, -an, Ensign, standard. 

onnchu,(AF,).m. Leopard. 

onoid.(MS) .f. Sot. 

onoir, -e, -can, *./. Honour, magnanimity 2 
Respect, estei-m, reverence. 3 Fame, re- 
nown. 4 High rank or place, dignity. 5 Hon- 
esty, integrity. Na bitheadh m' o.-sa air a h- 
aonadh. l<>t not mine honour be united; gun 
o., without honour. 

onoirich, v. see onoraich. 

te, .see onoraichte. 

onorach, -aiche, a. Houourable, honest. 2 Dis- 
tinguished, exalted, famed. 3*"Honorary. 
Ball o., an honorary mnntitr ; duiue o., an 
honttt man ; gu h-o., honourably. 

adh, -aidh, s.w. Honouring, act of hon- 
ouring or reverencing. Ag o , pr. pt. of ou- 

onoraich, pr. pt. ag onorachadh, v.a. Honour, 
reverence, respect, revere. 

te, pott pt. of onoraich. Honoured, res- 

onrac, Arran for aonrachd (solitude.) 

bnrachd, see aonrachd. 

ach, see aonrach. 

an, see aonrachdan. 

anach, see aonrachdanach. 

op,** *. Hop, see lus-an-leanna. 

6par,(CR) Gaelic spelling of hoover (of a mill.') 

opar, (MMcfj) s.rn Mark of travel. Tha 6. air, 
hf is travel-stainrd. 

or, -oir, s.m. Gold. 

to, ag oradh, v.a. Bedeck. 

or, P.O. Gild. 

or. t.f. seeorra. 

or, ora, pi. ora, orfchachan, orrachan & orthann- 
an, (AC) s. Prayer, rhymed prayer, hymn, 
supplication, petirion. incantation. Domh- 
nall beng nan o., lit'le Dt,ald of the titprlim- 
tiont. Or and ob are now used indiscrimin- 

or bhais, dtttih'tptli. 
or blialbh, charm to silence an opponent. 
or ghlas ghuib. ifpefl tn lor.k an *nemy'a mouth. 
or ghonairlh, wounding incamation. 

6r an aiche 

or ghru lairoacbd, 

to tpail 

or na h-Aona, th* Friday gpfll. 

or sheaml-ichais, chirm tn induce one cow to 
lak* to th,< calf of nntttJt^r. 

or stoirm. tpell to ra!$e agtorm to drown a fn; 
tor, a.m. see oir. 2 Month. 3 Voicw. 4 Houml. 
ora. see or A drag. 
ora. a see orach 4 orail. 
orabhar,** a. Bashy, as hair. t.m. KnchaDtment 
6rach, -aicb, o. Abounding in gold, golden, aur- 


- ii.n, -;\\ -an A 6rik'h'au, <. >n. Juw I, 

- d,* t.'.ind. Fict4tiu ornimnf, faoU.^'-- . 
fantastic dress. 2"* Hoarding goUL Tuill'dh 
's a ch6ir de orach Ian, too many ftnteutie .- 
namtnm 01 a*#r/wn' air*. 

oracuil. s. f. Oa->Hc spelling of oracle. 

prad;tii,(MS) jt.m. Hild-r. 

oradh, -aid i, * H Gilding, act of gilding. 2 

Burnishing. 3 Reflection of the sun's raya. Ag 

o . pr.pi. of dr 
oradh, -aidh, s.m Chanting iucantations, 2 

658. Orafoirt. 559. 

orafoirt.5 *. White horehonnd marrubiui* 

brag, -aig, -an, ./. Sheaf of corn set up to dry. 
2 Young of birds in the downy stage, especial- 
ly the swan, shag and cormorant. 

an, -ain, -an, g.m. Marjoram, orgrany on- 

ganum marjorana (f oiiganttrn vulgare. [ill. 
559 represt-nta o. vulgare. J 

oragan, -ain, -an, s.m. see orgain. 

drauanach, -nichf, a. Abounding in, or like, 
marjoram or urgany. 

braid, -e, -ean, s f. Speech, harangue, oration, 
essay, prayer. Rin'i e b., he made a speech 

each, -eirhe, a. Of, or belonging to, speech- 
es or harangues, orator ial. 

each, -eifh, t.m. Speaker, orator, decl;iimer. 

car, -ir, Orator, declaimer. 

ich, v.n. Declaim, liarangTie, speech fy. 

iche, a.m. Harangudr, orator, declaimer. 

orail, -e, a Gold, golden. 2 Gilt. 

brstm, gen.ting. & of 6rau. 

bran, -ain, -an, *.m. Song. 2 Poem. Cha dean 
sinn 6. dheth, we will not make a tong of it. 
6.-)-uachaill.* Eclogue. 

6.-luHdhaidh,***.m. Catch. waulking-3onp. 
o.-neamhaidh, s.m. Hallelujah. 

ach, -a iche, o. Of songs. 2 Fond of singing 

songs, tuneful. 

achadh, -aidh. a.m. CanLation. 

aich, v.a. Berhyme. 

-aiche, -an, t.m. Singer, songster. 2 Bal- 
lad singer. 3 Blue-throated warbler, see 
ceileiriche. Deagh 6., a good ringer. 




orair, -can, * m. Porch. 

6:n. -e, -ean. *./ Tumultuous noise. 

oraLsd, -ean, */ Orange. 

each, a. Full of oranges. 2 Like an orange 

6raisg, t>.r. Vomit Arrati. 

oran-nan-car, s.m. 

orb.iu.** -ain. s.m. Patrimony. 

orbhaire,** t.f. Mercy, go dness. 

fcr-bhann, -ainn <& -oinn, -an, s.m. Gold lace. 2 
Hinge or band of gold. 

ach, -aiche, a. Having gold lace. 2 

Having gold hinges or bauds. 

or-bharr, a. Having yellow hair 2 Having a 
yellow top, tipped with gold. Fait o., golden 

6r-bheart, -eirt, -an, ./. Noble deed. feat. 

ach, -aiche, a. Performing illustrious 

or noble deeds. 2 Magnanimous. 

6r-bhonn, -bhuinn, s.m. Gold piece or coin. 

6r-bhuadhach, -aiche, a. Noble, illustrious. 2 
Victorious, triumphant. 

6r-bhiudhe, a. Yellow, of a golden colour, au- 
burn. Nighean 6., a golden-haired girl. 

6r-bhuidheacb,** -ich, *. m. Or or topaz in 
heraldry. 2 The pure yellow in arms of an 
earl or lord, or sol in that of a king or prince 

ore,* see uircean. 

ore (an), see fore. 

fore, oirc, -an, s.m. Collop. 2 Calf of the leg. I 
Death. 4 Little hound. 5 Hen's egg. 6 Sal 
mon. 7 Whale. 8 Pig-. 9 Cramp, numbness 
10 Prince. 11 Hero. 12 Prince s son. 13*' 

fore, v.a. Kill, murder, destroy. 

orcadh,'* -aidh, t.m. Killing, massacring 1 . 2 
Destroying, destruction 

forcam, s.f. Murder, killing 1 . 

orcan, see uircean & ore. 

ach, see uirceanach. 

6r-cnainnt, t.f. Rhetoric, 

orchai),** ain, s.m. Incantation. 

or-rhasarh, a. Gold-hilted. 

or-cheaunach, a. Gold-headed. 

6r-cheard, -cheird, s.m. Goldsmith. 2 Jeweller. 

or-chiabh, -a, -an, s.m. Golden lock. 2 Gold- 
en-coloured hair. 

ach, -aiche, a. Yellow-haired. 

fcr-chleac, -a, -an, t.f. see 6r-chul. 

or-choilear, -eir, t.m. Golden collar. 2 Golden 

6r chrndh, -rildh, g.m. Grief, sorrow. 

or-chul, -chuil, -an, s.m. Yellow or golden lock. 

orc-iasg, s.m. Torpedo (fish) '2**Cramp-fish. 

6r-ghruag, -uaig, -an, see or-chul. 

6rd, Oird, 6irdean,ft g.m. Log of wood, piece. 

6rrl, utrd, s.m. Mountain of a round form and 
ste.-p. f2 Heath, manslaughter. 

t6rd." a. Bold, valiant. 

6H, uird, pi. brdan <fe uird, [uird in Gairloch, 
<tc] s.m. Hammer. 2 Dog-head of a <run, 
the pm of a cun-lock from which the flint 
strikes fire. 3 Piece, fragment, junk. 4 Stub. 
5 Mallet, mall. f>(MS) Cut, cutting. 7*SIedge- 
hammer. Mar fhuaim uird, like tat noiie of * 
hammer ; ord e'isz, a cut or slice of fish. 
f6rd, -a, -an, t.m. Order, series, 
orda. see 6rd. 

6rdaohadh, see 6rducha<lh. 
onl-'fr. -aig, -an, s.f. I hnmb. 2 Great toe. Air 
6rdai{ran la-mhe dei^e, on the thumb of 
ri : ht han'1 : air ordaig ;-n coise dcise, nn the 
great tn- ,,f t 1 fir right fft ; an 6 an aghaidh 
na jrlaic, thfth'tinb rviaint* th*>pafm, th 
at &'.rif? Ti-ith th^^alm ;o.- 
nan-gad (p. i.63) ; tbug 6. 

bhun a ch'uaise. th> tn of his foot ;;ao* A 
hin> o.- whigitfr to (xt ruck) th? root ofhi's ear, 
a gr iphic p cture of the violence of the throw 
In- v\,i> not only thrown on his back, bu 
his fe. j t flew up in the air, an-l his head so far 
rebou i le I tliat, toe an I ear ra^t ; 6rda^, ->gol- 
ba, fionna-fada, Mac-an-aha, cuibhte.ig (the 
names of the ringers or toes among chiidr-n, 
beginning at the thumb or great toe.) An- 
other rhyme of these names in Arran is "6., 
calagag, fionna-fad, inac-an-ab is cuisteaa:," 
another, " 6., corraij, ineur-meadhon, mathair 
an liidain(or na ludaig,)"&c. als:o, "seoan tea 
lea^an sal)hal, seo an te a ghoid an sil (not 
siol), seo an te a sheas ag ainharc, seo an te 
a ruith air falbh, seo an t^ bheag a b" fheudar 
dhith a pliaigheadh air fad," the last b,:in" 
apparently only a Gaelic translation of tlie 
Scottish rhyme, this is the man that broke tht 
ba--n. this fa the man that, stole the the corn, 
this is *he man that stood and *aw, this is the. 
man that ran awa', and wee peeriwinkif paid 
for a'. 

6rdagach, -aiche, a. Having 1 large thumbs or 
great toes. 2 Digital. 

ordagh, -aigh, -aighean, see ordug-h. 

brdaich, see 6rduich. 

6rdail, -e, a. Orderly, decent, regular. 2 Or- 

6rdair,** s.m. Hammerer. 

ordan, -ain, -an, t.m., dim. of 6rd. Little ham- 
mer or mallet. 2 Small piece, fragment. 3 
Sky? for ord ugh. 

ordan,** -ain, s.m. Generosity. 2 Dignity. 3 
Solemnity. 4 Degree, gradation. 5 Music. 

6rd-bhairnich, s.m. ^Limpet-chisel. 

6rdha, a. Saturnian. 2 Golden. 3 Shining 
like gold, golden. 4 Excellent, precious Sor- 

dr-dhearg, s.m. Redness of gold. 

ord-ladhrach, a.m. Claw-hammer. 

ord-laoch,** -laoich, s.m. Hero. 

6r-dhuilleag, -oig, -an, t.f. Gold-leaf. 

ordon,** see 6rdugh 

6rduchadh, -aidh, *. m. Ordering, act of order- 
ing, ordaining, decreeing, commanding. 2 In- 
stitution, decree, command. 3 Appointment, 
ordination. 4 Arranging, arrangement. A' of orduich. 

ordugh, -uigh, -uighean, s. m. Order, decree, 
command. 2 Order, arrangement, array. 3 
Ordinance, rite, observance commanded. 4 
The liuc-hari-^fe or Lord's Supper, celebration 
of that feasfc. [The pi. " na h-onluighean," 
is very often used in the West of Ross to de- 
note not only the dispensation of the Lord'* 
Supper, but the accompanying services held 
on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday.] 
6. o 'n Taigh-ehuspainn, a decree from the Cus- 
tom House ; cuir an 6., put in order ; nun 6., 
without instruction or direction; an 6.-cath-i, 
fn battle-array; 6.-blair, battif-array. 

ail,** o. see ordail. 

rd'iinh, v,a. Order.onlain, appoint, decree, pre- 
scribe, assign, commaml. 2 Arrange, set in 
array. 3 Give instructions, issue orders. Dh' 
6. Dia, God ordain*<t. 

ear, fnt.pasx. of 6rduich. 

te, paxtpt. of orduich. Ordained, ap- 
pointed, decreed, assigned. 2 Arranged, set 
in order. 3 Ordered, commanded, prescribed, 
orensin, Mnlarth Murarj, 100. for " orung-e-an," 
oranges, in " Pluebus 'dath nan tonn air fiamh 

/. Organ. ()r^aui-.t. 
choise sanas do i org.iin,** s.f. Slaughter. 2 O.gau. 

organ 7 

oman. see ora.'jan. 

or,:anaiclie,(M"v s.m Organist. 

6r-glirua^, -aig, -an, see or-chul. 

ach, -aich, s.f. Yellow-haired maid. 

ach, a. Yellow-haired. 

forgun, s.m. Death. 

orlachadh, -aidh, s. m. Bespewin?. 

br lasta, -laiste, a. Shining or burnished like 

il, -e a. see 6r-lasta. 

or-leathair, **s.m. Paternal uncle. 

or-loinneach, -eiclie, a. Highly elegant, beauti- 
ful, becoming. 

d, *./. Extreme elogance. 

ortn,'n. (air + mi) On me, upon Tie. 2 
Owed by me. 3 Wrong with me. * In iny 
possession. 'De* a th' ai;j' orm ? what -'o / awe 
him f 'de" a th' orrn ? what its ivronj with me f 
a' cur orm, dressing myself ; tha e orm a 
dheanamh, / ain oMifftd to do it ; tlie"id aig' 
orm. he will net th> better of me ; fuirich orm, 
socair onn, softly, leisurely ! 

6r-mhadmnn, -mhaidue, -can, t.f. The break of 
day, morning. 

or-mheas, s.m. Orange. 

6r mheinn, -e, -ean, s. f. Gold ore. 2 Gold 

each, -eiche, a. Abounding in, or 

having g >ld ore. 

orm sa, emphatic of orm. 

torn, -a, s.f. [m.**] Slaughter. 

drna, see eorua. 

ornaich, v a. Adorn. 

ornaid,** s.f. Ornament. 

each, a. Ornamental. 

ornail,** s.f. Upper part of a door-case. 

drnaileK ./. Tissue. 

ornais, g.f. .Naus'-oiisniiss, qualm. 

orp, x.w. Orpine, house-leek 
ted urn telephium. 

orr, g. see orra. 

orra, prtf>. pron. (air+iad) On 
them upon th ;ra. 2 Owed bv 
tht-m. 3 VVronsr with them. 4** 
In their possession. C'jir o. e, 
put it on th">n ; cha'n 'eil ni 
a;am orra,Vj/ ow m* nnthin/t\ 
ch.a'n 'eil sfjillinu o., the'/ hane 
not one penny in their pof^^y. 
ion ; bheir mi-*\> orra a dliean- 
amh, / will m'ike them do it ; 
cio.-l a th'orra P wh-it is wrong 
with them ? how mne?i do they 
owe ? 3 how ar" they d/v&>'i<< .* 

orra,,* -chan, s f. Amulet, enchantment, charm, 
incantation. O.-an-donais, an amulet to tend 
one to themischiej ; orra-bhalbh, on' to pre- 
vent on '' irynt making a def j nce. in court ; o.- 
chomais, on> to deprive a man of hit virility 
especially on thf marria-y-night ; o.-ghraidh, 
one to prevvke unlawful ton"; o.-sheaml ich- 
ai;, on> to mnke one cow allow another's calf 
to -ntck h a r; clriir thu ano.-sheamlachai ; onn, 
you havs duped me hence imposture of any 
kind ; o. na h-aoine,an amulet to drown a foe; 
o. an doaai^, one to send ont's f<*? to the mis- 
chi-i-f. see also or. 

6rraehdan, -ain. -an, see aonraoh-ian. 

orradh. -ai Ih, -aJd>iean, .t. Hhift. 2tt Ex- 
ertion, entleavour. 3** S iperstitious charm. 
Lagh an cridhe 'am ohllaoh le 'etii'l orrach- 
an, in;; heart m-l'ed within in' through her 
ttp'lls ; tha mi air m' o. an draid, 1 am be- 
ivitchtl at prr8?nt. 

, prsp. pron. nee orra. 

orrai Hi each 1.** s.f. Sup'jrstiLioiw ceremonies, 

SCO. Orp. 

^ oscar 

orrai-*. -p, -can, t.f. Squeamishness, nausea. ' 
\Vater-unish. Chuireadh tu 6. air math* 
ghamhuinu, your conduct would mak' a benr 
squeamish ; tha 'n 6. ri m' fhiacail fad an la, 
water-brash annoying me the live-long day. see 
- each, -eiche, o. Squeamish, qualmish. 2 

eachil, see orrais. 

-thi'gMh, see orrais. 

orrar, see orair. 

orra-san, emp^at'c form of orra. 

orrlai-i, see edrlain. 

foirtha, s.m. Music, melody. 2 Melodious 

voice. 8 B.-witchery. 
orrthannau,(MS) pi. of or. Enchantment, 
prruidh, -e, o. see drbhui.lhe. 
or-sgiathach, -aiche, a. Having golden wings. 

2 Having golden shields. Dream 6., a golden* 

shielded people. 

6r-sheud, -a, -an, t.m. Jewel of gold, 
ort, prep. pron. (air + thu) On thee, upon thwe. 

2 Owed by thee. 3 Wrong with thee. 'D6 a 

th' aig' ort ? how much do you owe him .' ro 

inhath an aivi.lh each ort, others well det'rve 

youR. fit* ; cuir o. e, put it on thee ; nach 

cluinri mi o. ? shall I not hear of thee ? ci.i I 

tha 'cur ort P what ails thee .* tba e ort a dhean- 

amh, you <i,v bound to do it. 
ft>rt, s Killing, death, 
orta,* a. see ordha. 
orthi, see or (prayer.) 
6r thaigh,* -eau, n.m. lYeasury. 
:>rt-sa, emphatic form of ort. 
5r-ulhal, -ail, -bhlan, s.m. Orange citrus 

oruin.j *. Bet-ch O'Reilly, see craobh fhaidh- 

bliile. 2 Ash-Z?iW#, seeuinnsean. 
os, prep. Above. ov?r Os do cheann, superior 

to thee (lit. above thy head) ; os (as/ do sheas- 

\tr.h.on the spot (lit. on thy standing) Dtnn /. 

GS, -H &o *, pi. -an, s.m. fe/. Elk, deer, sag. 

Lean thus' an os bhallach, follow thou the 

spotted sta,(>. 

, -a, -an. x.m. Mouth or outlet of a river, prov. 

2 Bar or sandbank in a harbour. 
GS, v.def. .see arsa. 

>sa~h, -ai-lli, -ai'lhean, s.m. see fosadh. 
>sa^, -ai,^, -an, s.f. Bltvst, breeze, jrust, wind. 

O. a' bhals, the Mast of death. 

-aiche, a. Breezy, squally, gusty. 

An, of 
: r>!, adv. Op 

os-i : n!, adv. Opuuly, publicly. 2 Loudly. 

os-allni<(h,(AF) *.m. Klk, deer, stag. 

os in, -ain, pi. -ain A -an, .wi. Hose, stocki;ig, 
the leg of trousers. 2 (DMy) Headless stock- 

osanach, -aiche, a. Wearing base, of hose. Gu 
brogach, o., having thoes and stockinys on. 

d,** s.f. Hosiery. 

asanaiche. -an, s.m Hosier. 

osaun, -ainn. *.m. Deep sigh or sob. [In (Tair- 
loch, osna DU.] 

aich,* s./. Continuous sighing or sobbing. 

2 Heavy blasts or gusts of wind 

osao preasjtch,** s.m. Very long plaited stock- 
ing, onca worn by the women in Brcadalbane 
when iu full dress. 
a. Younger. 

otar.** -air, s.m. Burden, pack. 2 Preferment. 

ak-lw,** e.m. Porter, carrier. 

os barr, Btwidas, moreover, over and above. 
scadi, -aicno, a. Eminent, superior, excellwn*. 

o-tcar.** -air, *.m. Leap, bound. 2 Guest, tra- 
veller. 3 Uuiujus fall. * Champion. 5 Mo- 

ti>n i.,f ihe hand* in{. 
scarach, -aiehi\ a. Hold, IHT- pM. Mv-i^-fir. 
B Renown*!, fvmoax 3 Lou 1, 4Vu-r-e. 5 
0* ludel.e<>ce. 7** 

osi.-H.rac 1 id, t.f.'H'l. Boldness, intrsyidity. 2 
Lomtness. 3 E:nph usH. 4 FK-TC"""*-. 6* 
JJa-^culineiiess, as m a female. C'lndcJloacy. 

oscar.ulh, -aidh, see oscarach. 

ch.l, see cwcarachd. 
oscarra, see oscarnc/i. 
oscurra-lar.n,** -la nn, t.m. Hospital. 
OS C'-ann. adv. Over, aboye. 
os-cheumachadh,** -aidh, s.m. Superiority, pre- 

tTTuru'uce. excelling. 
os-cheumn<uch, v.a. Excl, exceed. 
tiW-ehrabhach,** a. Superstitious. 2 Hyjxxriti- 


o.vchrabh-xdh,** -aidh, t.m. Superstition. 2 

o<? cion-i, s*e os ceann. 

fos-crabhadh, -aidh, t.m. Superstition. 

6-4l, see 6* la. 

6sda, -n. (tai<jh-6sda) g. m. Inn, ale-bouse. 2 

(DU)Ri4bt to sell excisable liquors. A' bhean- 

6-<d'<, the " lady " of ihr inn. a-. Pertaining to an inn. 
6sd;tir, -can, t.m. Innkeeper, host, also fear- 


eaclid, s.f.ind. Offica or occupation of an 

6sdH,dh, see oada. 

6.sda^, -aig, -an, sj. Hostess, female innkeeper. 

bsd-fhear, see osdair. 

^wd-thAigh, see taigh-osdx 

fosgail, see fws;ail. 

t - te, see 

osgaKn, see fosgala.ii. 

6sg.n, -ain, s.m. see othaiscrean. 

osgaracb,** a. Frail. 2 Brittle. 

osgarra,** a. Audible, distinct. 2 Emphatic. ?. 

see oscarach. 
. - clul,** t.f. Audibleness. 2 Augustness. 

3 Empha^i^. 

osgriobhan,** s.m. see os-spnolih^xlh. 
03 losal, Softly, privatoly, quieiiy, underhand, 

secretly, covertly. 
oslabhairt, t.f.iiuL Hyperbole. 
osmafr, -aigr. t.f. Si :h, soi>, sue o*pag. 

- ach,** a. Sighing, sobbing. 2 Panting. 

see ospagach. 

- ail,** t. f. Sigb, sighing. 2 AnhalaUon. 

pauting. see ospagail. 

osna, -ai, t.f. High, .sob, groan. 2 Breezc,hlaat. 
osnacb, -aiche, a. Sighin?, groaning. 2 Blus- 

tering, as wind. 3 Blubbering, as a person. 4 

t - , -aioh, t.f. Carrion. 2 (MS) Blore, yio- 

lent gust of wind. 

-- ail, -e, a. Sighing, groaning. 2 Troubled, 

ounadh, -aidh. -aHhpaa, t.m. Sii;h.sob. 2 Blast, 

breeze. 3**JIair<-f the bead. 4**(Tr(aa. 
osuaich, -e, -ean, *./. Si^hin^, act of ^ighi-ig or 
groaning, conliuued sobuiiig or blubbering. 2 
pi. Sighs, groan*. 3 pi. B'asts of win 1. 
osnaich, pr. pt. a^ o.snach.i.lh, v.a. Si^h, moan. 
osuaichean, of o.-iimich. 
Obnaigh, for a-^niidh, of osnadh. 
os n-iosal, see os iosal. 
osp,* v. see oapaj. 

ai?. -an. t.f. Si^h, sol), gasp, qni^k deep 
2 Png, Lhroe. Osp ivan a' bLai.s, the 
of dcj,lh ; an o. dhtir^annacb, t.'te I'Mt 



. y,a. Hasp, sob quickly. 

-nc ! i -aieh^, a. Signing, sobbing. 2 Uys- 

tericul. pi\,a: to sob. 

ai<-h, -e, *.f. ej o 

-ail -c, ?./. Sighing, act of sighing or sob- 

biri 1 ;. 2 Apt to sigh or sol), 
osp-iirn, see ospas. 2**S'rng.;l^. 

irh, see ospngail & Oaiiaich. 

tos-gri:>>.na-Mi. -aidh, -ai .heau, Epigram. 

2 Sup 'rsciiption. 
t'wrau, -run, x.j.i. Peace. 
o^ta, seo 6 la. 
6~U^f. se^i usda^. 
6itair, se*? o^ola-r. 
ost.U, -a : l, see abitol, 

uun, -uinii, -;in, ./. sea osnaclh, asana& oiagf. 
otar,** -air, *.m. Labour. 
och,* s.m. AVacer, lar^e body of water. 

aig -a i. t.f. Afflatus, 
o.hail, -c, -ean, s f. llurry. 2 Confusion, hub- 
bub, taiuulb. 3 Delight, 
othaini,* s.j. Rirer, se.> a'lhainn. [* says o. j 

used to denote tb.3 largest kind of rivers, and 

ahhninn a secondary river.] 
othaisg, -e, -eau, s. /. ewe, 

dry ewe, cnve teg. 2** in dtrixion. Bashful 


on, s'mplefcon. b* Soft, lubberly praoa. 

each,** a. Like a sheep or hog, abound- 
ing in hoj?s. 2 Bashful, sheepish, 
ealachd,** s. /. Sheepishness, foolish- 


oil,** a. Sheepish, silly. 

:>than. -ain, s.m. see omhan. 

ach, -ak-lw, a. see ouihanach. 

othar, -air, -an, s.m. Abscess, ulcer, intames- 
euce. 2 Aiimont. 

tothar, -air, -an, s.m. Wages, reward. 2 La- 

t , -aire, a. Sick. 2 Wounded, mutilated. 

S Mnimed. 4 Weak. 

ach, -aicbe, a. Ulcerous. 2 Wounded, 

othasg, see othaisj*. 
thra:ch,(MS) v.a. Exulcerate. 
oturas, -ais, -an, s.m. Disease, disorder, ail- 
ment. 2 Ulcer. 3 Wound, 

fothrasach, -aicho, a. Sick, diseased. 2 Wound- 
ed. 3 s<-e otharaoh. 
,** -aich, s.m. Hospital, infirmary. 

6trach, -aioh, -aicaean, t.m. Dunghill. 2 Dirt, 
filth, dung. 3 Drabbi^h, very fat. female 
Islay. 4 Term of contempt, [btrach in Qair- 
loch, .fcc.] 

ail. -e, a. Filthy, dirty, foetid. 2 Drabbish. 

3-HFull of dunghills. 

6traich, g*n tiny, of otrach. 
ibh, dat. pi. of otrach. 

P, the 14th. letter of the Gaelic alphabet' now 
in TH.I, called bith bhog (i.e. 8 of6 b.) 16 
sounds like p in En^liNh, and whon aspirated, 
that is, whm imui<vna6ely followed by h t it> 
sounds 'i:ce/in fool, or ph in pharmacy. 

>n, s.m.i'nf. Jk int. Paya. 

j'b, -aib, -an, sh i.g. rough woolly hair. 2 
lit f;i ,e of fl.ix, oakum. 2 see babag. 

pab, n.a. IJoco.ue snagiy. 2 Bocotue mattad or 
twisted 'ojctner. affBuffet. 

pabach, -aich , a. Shaggy. 2 Full of the refusi 
of H vx. x Nasty. 4 st>e l>aba-ao,i. 
ihivdh, -ai'-lh, -aidlican, ^.r 
uf uccouiinjr olii.g^y. 2 Uccjui'ng 
ii Y 




tangled or twisted together. 3 Overgrowth, 
luxuriance, as of gra^s. 4ft Buffetti. g. A' 
p , of pab. 
pabag,* see babag. 

- ach,* -aiche, a. see babagach. 
pabar,* -air, s.m. Crew. 
pab-cheann, -chinn, s.m. Shaggy head. 

__ ach,tt a. 8 baggy -headed. 
pabhail,* */. see pail-chlach. 
pae. a' pacadh, v.a. Pack up. 3 Get out 

of the house. 
pnc,(CR) t.m. The sheep that a shepherd is al- 

lowed to keep as a part of bis remuneration 

W. of Ross-shire. 
paca, -nnan, . tn. Pack, wallet, knapsack. 2 

Hndget. 3 Mob. A phaca ! /< vilf cr<w I db' 

iobair e am paca, h' sacrificed tht pack. 

p -chairtean, a pack of playing-card*. 
, p.-clbitnhe, a pack of u-ool. 

p.-chon, a pack of hounds. 

p.-mheirleach, a gang of thieves. 

p.-mosach, a vile cr if. 
pacach. -aiche, a. Having packs. 

- adh, -aidb, i.m. & pr. pt. of pacaich. see 

, juicy, toothinj. 

, soe piidirean. 
p '.i Igheal, see paideal. 
pai Ih, a' paidh^adh, v.a. Pay. 2 Rema* 

nerate. 3 Suffer for, atone, make amends, re- 

quire. Paidhidh tu siu fiiatba^t, you shall 

sufffr for that yet. 

paidh, -eau, .m. Same meanings as paidheadh. 
paidbeadh, -idh, s.m. Pay, p.iymsnt. 2 Pay. 

ing, act of paying wages. 3 Remuneration, 


naidhear, -ir, -irean, .m. Payer, sufferer. 
paidhir,** v.a. Pair, couple. 
paidhir, -dhreach, -dhnchean, *./. Pair, coupla, 


paidh-mliaighstir,** t.m. Paymaster. 
- -- cachd, *./. PaynjAstership* 
pai Ihnea^-hadh,** -aidh, *.m. Punishing fi tinjr, 

punishment, fine. 2 Bail, bailing, sf>C'irity. 3 


cearr.(AF) . Turhot, halibut, flounder. 
pacadh, -aidh, s. tn. Packing, act of packing. 

A' p , of pac. 
pacaich, v.a. see pac. v. 

pacaid, -e, -ean, t. f. Packet. 2 Packet-boat. 
3* Ft- male tell-tale or tattler. P. litrichean, 
a pack't of letters. 

- e*ch, -eiche, a. Of, or connected with, 

p-..caig, v.a. see pac, v. 
jwicaigeadh, see pacadh. 
j'cainn,** pr. pt. a' pacainn, v.a. Pack up. 2 

Load. 3 Heap up. 
. - , ./. Packing. 2 Loading. 3 Heaping 

up. A 1 p , of pacainn. 
pacair, -ean, *. m. Packer, one that packs. 2 

Pedlar, packman. 3 Churl. 

- - eacbd, t.f.ind. Pedling, business of a ped- 

lar, hawking. 
racharan-chapuill, s.m. Marsh trefoil, see pon- 


pacarras, -ais, t.m. MASS of confusion. 
pachd, -a, -an & -annan, se pac. 

- - akh, see pacaich. 
-- air, see pacair. 

paclach, -aich, -aichcan, s. m. Armful, packed 
burden, the fill of both arms of hay, straw, <fec. 

pacraMhe,** s.f. Baggage, luggage. 

padhach, -aiche, a. Thirsty. 

padhadh, -aidh, t.m. Thirst. Tha p. orm, I am 
thirsty ; am bheil p. ort 1 are you thirsty f 

padhal, -ail, s.m. Ewer. 2 Pail. 

pag, -aig, -an, s.f. see pdg Rob Down. 

pa^ach, -aicbe, o. see pogach. 

paganach, -aiche, a. Heathen, pagan. 2** 

^ -- , .aich, s.m. Heathen, pagan. 

- -- d, . /. ind. Heathenism, paganism. 

paganta, a. Heathenish. 

- - cbd, see paganachd. 
paghadh, see padhadh. 
tpaghuilleun, see pailliunn. 
paibhil,** *. Flooring. 
paid,* see paidir. 

paideag,** -eig, . f. Torch, made of tallow 
lapped upon linen. 

paideal,(AP)s. Peacock. 

paidearan, s.m. Clustering body, as of berries 
or nuts, garlands. " 'Na paidearan lionmhor, 
cuirneanach, gu briogbmhor, saghmhor, so- 
l&saoh, in numerous clusters, dewy, substan- 


, fine. 2 Bai, bailing, sf>C'irit 
A' p . prj>t. of paidhiuch. 
-ais, * m. Penalty. 2 . liiil, xe- 

curity, pledge. S Insurance. Ann am p. 

Behead pannd Sasuniiach, uiidsr the penaittf 

of 90. 
painhnich, pr. pt. a' paidhneachadh.r.a. Punish, 

tine. 2 Bail. 3 In-sure. 
pai'lhnicbte, past pt. of paidhnich. Punished, 

fined. 2 Bailed. 3 Injured. 
paidhreach, gen. sing, of paidhir. 
--- a Ih, -aidh, s.m. Pairing, act of pair- 

ing or coupling. A' p , pr pt. of paidhrichv 
paidhrich, a' paidhreachadh, v.a. Pair, 

couple, as birda,|&c. 
-- ean, pi. of paidhir. 
--- te, past pt. Paired. [ert. 

piidhte, part pt. Paid. 2 Remunerated, re.iuit- 
paidir, -e, -drichean, s.f. The Lord's prayer. 2 

Rosary, string of bdads used by Roman Cath- 

olics. Tha tuilleadh 's a ph. aigd, he knows 

more than his beads. 
paidirean, -in, -mean, s.m. String of beads, ros- 

ary, necklace. 2 Bracelet. 3 Chaplet. i 

Garlana of flowers. 5 Children's name for a 

string or " sop " of daisy-he.uls. 6 Cluster. 7 

Dangling banch. 8(1X5) Daisy. 9(AH)Corn- 

marigold A rgyll. 
paidireanach, -aicbe, a. Wearing a rosary or 

necklace. 2 Dangling in clusters. 3 Full ol 


paidreag, -eig, -an, *./. Patch, clout. 
paidrean, see paidirean. 
paid rich,* r,o. String together. 
paiilricheao, pi. of paidir. 
paigh, see pAidh. 
pa gheada, see paidheadh. 
paigiite, se paidh ta. 
paighteach, see paiteach. 
pai^hteachd, see paiceachd. 
pail, .see pabhail. 
pail-chlach, -chloiche, -chl%chan, . f. Ston> 

pavement, causevray. 2**Paving-3tone. 
tpciilin, -ean, s.m. Shroud, winding-sheet. 
pailios,* *./. Gaelic spelling of palacr. 
pailleart, -irt, -eartan, s.m. Box on the ear. 2 

Blow on the head. 3** Slap with the p^lm of 

the haud. 4* In Irish, a tune or air on the 

pailleartach, -aiche, a. Apt to strike with the 

band, striking with the haud, ready to stride 

with the hand. 
pailleartaich,** v.a. Slap with the palm of the 

pailliuu, -iuin, -an s.m. Tent, tabernacle, pavil- 

ion. 2 Dwelling 3 Booth, hut. 4**Palaca. 

Deanamtid tn pailliuuan, let us make thret 


-aiche, a. Abounding in teats or 




tub -rnaclos. 

pailm. -i'. -;>m y. Palm-tree (craobh-phailm.) 

p.ulm-chi: ilinh. a.f Palmer-worm. 

pailmjacM, -e;cbe, a. Palmy. 

pHilm-s:;ath, ii h, -an, * in Gourd. 

pailt, -e, a. Plentiful, abundant, full. 2 Capa- 
cious. 4 Copious. 4 Numerous, abounding. 
Tiir p. le ceill. a mind abounding ' know- 
lelge ; b anna;ch sinn gu pailt, Ulei>3 us abun- 
dantly . tha e pailt cho ard riuiu-sa, he iv fully 
as tut I a* / iiw. 

pail tea cud, see pail teas. 

pailteas. -eis, s.i. Plenty, enough, abundance, 
amplitude. Tha 'in p. again, / have enough , 
liu ph., quit? tnough. 

pailteasach, -niche, a. Plenteous. 

paim ileid, ***./. Gaelic spelling of pamphlet. 

pi.iivilei liche. t.m. Pamphleteer. 

tpu'i. .*./. Bread, cake. 

paihd,* .s.-e pun lea*. 

pai i.K-a,',* <.f. Pebble. 

panvieal. il, -a:i, t.m. Panther. 

pain lealach, -aid). t.m. Person laced up like a 
d.uHy. "I Article of dress too tight. 

pamoaeha Ih, see paidhneachadh. 

pai ica -h is, -ah, s.m. see paidhneachas. 

paineil, see pv'tiaeal. 

painich.* v.a. see paidhnich. 
-- : -, see paidiinichte. 

puinn-'al, -il. r.m. Panel, pieces of wood. 

piinnse, -ac '.a i, ./. Paunch. 2 

ptiao9each%n,(M$) s.m. Tripe. 

painnsei'i.OH) .*. Tripe. 

paiimilh,** , Strong, furious. 

pa ? n it-al,** -oil. t.m. Snare, trap. gin. 2(DMv) 
Snare f >r c itching cats, &c., form ;dby a corJ 
iu^idj fascia 1 ; one end to somj fixed object 
while the o: her end terminates in a running 1 
noose wh : ch is adjusted at the aperture 
tkroug-'i which th mirnU to be caught is ex- 
pected to pass. * Panther. 

painntear, -ir, pi. -an & -irean, S.T. Gin, snare. 
2'*Pan hT. 

painntearaoh, -aiche, . see painntireach. 

painntearachi, see painntireachd. 

paiuntin,** ./ Patten. 

painntir, see paiuuoear, 

painntireach, -eiche, a. Wily, ensnaring, full 
of snares. 

painntireach, -ich, *. r. Ensnarer, insidious 

painntiraachd, tj. Ensnaring, entanglement. 
painntirs nlh, -idh, see painntreadu. 
painntirich, see p linntrich. 
painutirichte, see painntrichte. 
painntreadh, -eidh, .n. Ensnaring, act of en 

snaring, inveiglius. A' p , pr. pt. of painn- 


painntrich, c.a. Ensnare, inveijrle, trap, beguile. 
painntrichte, past pt. of painnlrich. Ensnared, 

entangled, inreigled. 
p&inte/* .f. Lace. 2 String to lace clothes. 

r/?77. point.] 
pmti<lh,( DMK) *./. The clay of>hich crockery 

is manufactured 2 Fragments of broken pot- 

tery Caitkn'st. 
paintir. *. see painntear. 
paij>a:i b*n,tt t.m White garden poppy pa- 

power albin na^ioiim. 
paip.^an dubli.J < m. Black pjppypapa^r ni- 

jrum gaticutii. 
paipean ruvdh,} s.m. Com.uon red poppy, see 


paip"ar, -*-ir, -ean, s.m. Paper, apap a r. 2* 
\dvertisH, n >iir [M--T.& D., t, U, and tfgire 

p.-craioinn, >,arc!> [fiipeir. 

p.- Jo n n, brown paptr* 

p -glas, b>-nn:n pfipfr, grey paper. 
p.-uai'th- aclid. a newspaper. 
p.-S'jnobh ndh, writing-paper. 
p.-sugliai Hi, blotting-papfr. 

piipearach, -eiche, a. Paper, papered. 

paip^arachadh, -aidh.s.m. Papering, act of cor- 
tnng with paper. A' p , of paipearaich. 

paip3araclid,tt ".^. Papering. 

paipearachd, s.f. Stationery. 

pa.pea auhe, s.m. Statlmar.l, pr. pt. a' paipearachadh, v. a. 
Pap^r, cover with paper. 

p-npin, -ean, s.m. Poppy, see meilbheag. 

pairc, o. see pairci'-ii. 

paitc, -e, -eau, *./. Park, enclosure, enclosed 

pairceach, -eiche, a. Abounding in parks. 2 
Euelosed, as a park. 

paircaachaclh, -aidn, s.m. Enclosing round, act 
of enclosing, making into a park. 2 Confining, 
act of confining in a park. 3** Forming into 
parks. A' p , of paircich. 

paircich, a' pairceachtdh, v. a. Enclose 
with a wall. 2 Park, form into parks. 3 Con- 
fi le in a park. 

paircichte, past pt. of paircich. Enclosed, form- 
ed into parks. 2 Confined in a park. 3 Wall- 
ed round, 

pairilis, s f.inn. Palsy, paralysis. 

p lirinn, -ean,'* *.?*. Paring of moss-turf, 

pairislench, -eiche, . Palsied. 

pairseil,(MS) *./. Pa-sloy. 

pa:rt, -e, -ean, *./. Part, share, portion. 2 Con- 
nection, interest. 3 Relation, kindred, rela- 
tion -h ; p. i**Confuderacy. P. dtieth, some of 
it , ghabh ea ph., h? took hln part; cha bhi 
cuid no p. agvvm dlieth, / will haoe no connect* 
ton with it ivfialfor. P4 ; rL, with the possess- 
ive pronouns, corresponds in Arran to Eug 
lish luin 1 ?, ours, &c. , e.g. am bheil do 
sa tioram ? tha m > phairt-sa fliuch, are your 
han ^ dry ! min' are wet. 

pairt-dhath'a ;h, -aiche, a. Parti-coloured. 

pairtoach, -eiciie, . Sharing, having a share. 

2 CommutitcftfciBg. 3 Generous, liberal. 4 
Divided into parts or shares. 5 lieaJy to 
share. bJJ Related. 

pairteach, . see pairtichs. 
pairteachadh, -aidh,.77t. Partnership. 2 Shar- 
ing, aci of shariiii, dividing, act of dividing, 

3 Comraanication, act of communicating. A* 
p , of pairtich. 

pairt.-aohail, -e, a. Divisible. 2 Sharing, ready 
to snare, comuiunicatina;, portiouable. 

pairteachas, -ais, s.m Participatioa, partner- 

pairteachd. s.f mi. Bountifulness. 

pairtea'j, Gaelic sp.-Ming of fMrtrirlgf. 

pairtean, pt. of pairfc. 2 vulgarly, Abilities, 

pairtaar,** -eir, -an, g.rn Sh trer, partner, one 
who possesses or recei/es a part. 2 Partici- 
ple in grammar. 

pairte ; l, -e, a. Favouring, kind. 3** Partial. 
3ftParticipi.tiii4. Iriorfilp., humMf and ki mU 

pairt-fhear, -fhir, s.m see (.>airtear. 

pai-rici), P.O. Shire, divid). 2 Communicate, 
impart, bestow. VJ Partake. 

pairticin, -au, a. m. Partner. 2 Abettor. 3 
Distributer, sharer. 4 Accomplice. 5 Par- 
talc "r 6 Associate. 

i pair'idn, -fan, *. (Jac-hc -p-Iling- of pa /'//. 
! p-us, s. /. Slap, blow withiheopju Hand. 2 

I I'vix on the ear ^dr-0'>air. 
i tpais, -e, s.f. Passion, sufteria,'. 

paisd, -e, -ean, *. m. it f. [in. in Badrnoch] 
Cliild, infant, babe. 2 lu W. of Ro<s-sltir9 
2 f -^ 




this word in restricted to a female child, al- 
though fcho term " paisd nighinn " may be 
heard Mi ere (CR) 

p>iind^richas,(MS) -ais, s.m. Boyhood, boyism. 
a^hd, g.f.ind. Childishness, puerility, 

pii4d.mii, nvl. 

pai^Iean, -in, -an, g.m., dim. of paisd Infant. 

paisaran-ch.1t a. Childish. 

pkis-loil, -e, a. Childish, puerile, babyish. 

pai^uan, -pin, -ean, H. m. Fainti'ig tit, swoon. 
Ciiiri ih mi p. ort, I will knock you sensfless ; 
p. bais, a dea-l faint. 

paiseanach, -aiclie, a. Swooning, subject to 
swoons <>r fainting fits. 

paiseanadh, se" panean. 

paisein, see paisean. 

paisg, -e, pi. -ean <fe -ea,chan, s.f. Web or par- 
cel of clo'h. 2 Anything folded up. 3 Fag- 
got. 4 Bunch, as of keys. P. iuchraichean, a 
bunch of keys ; p. shlat, a fag-jot of twigs. 

tpaisg,** s.f. Severe cold. 

pai-!g, v.a. Wrap, involve, fold in. 2 Wrap up, 
fold, roll togrtther. 3 Imply. 4** Swathe, 
swaddle, shroud. 5** Benumb with cold. 6 
Dismount anything. P. do shlat, take down 
and tie up your fishing rod ; p. do ghuana, dis- 
mount your gun ; ph. si i fein, she wrapped 
heisflf ; p. an t-aodach, fold up the cloth. 

paisgeach, -ei'-he, a. Of, or belonging to, par- 
cels, as of folded cloth. 

paisean,** -ein, s.w. Bundle, pack. 2 Sindon, 

s.f. Midwife. 

paisgte, pastpt. of paisg. Wrapped, wrapt up, 
swathed. 2 Folded. 3 Rolled together, 
shrouded, swaddled. 

paist, see paisd. 
- ean, see paisdean. 

pait, -e, pi. -ean & -eachan, see poit. 

pait, -e, -ean, s.f. Hump, lump, swelling. 2 
Thump. 8 Smart blow ou the head. 5 (CR) 
Stepping-stones W. of Ross -shire. i Ford. 
5 Protuberance. 6(AF) Hare. 7(AF) Young 
of any animal. 

a. Thirsty. 2 Parched, 

Humpy, hunchy, having a 

paiteach, -eiche, 

pai beach, -eiche, a 

hump or bunch. 2 humorously, Phrenologi- 
cal. 3 Having protuberances. 

paitearhd, s.f.ind. Thirstiness. 

paiteag, -eig, -an, s.f. Butter. 2 Small lump 
of butter. 3 Periwinkle (shell-fish.) 4 (AF) 
see pait 6 & 7. 

paitcan, -ein, s.m. Gaelic spelling of patten. 

paitir,* -ea'i, s.m. humorously Phrenologist. 

eachd,* s.f.ind. Phrenology. 2 Thumping. 

paitrisg, s. f. Gaelic spelling of partridge. 

pal,<J>U) s.m. Old fish or one in poor condition. 
P. truisg, a poor corf. 

pal as, s. Gaelic spelling of palace. 

palltag,** -aig, s.f. Thump, blow. 

pnlmadair, see falmadair. 

paimair, -ean, s.m. J Rudder. 2 see falmadair. 

panair, see ponair. 

panai reach, see ponaireach. 

panna, Gaelic spelling of pan. 

piuuag,** -ai^, see bannag & bonnag. 

pannagan,** -ain, s.m. Pancake. 

pannal, see bannal. 

p.innan, see bannal. 

panfcair, see pantraidh. 

p uitr aidh, Gaelic spelling of pantry. 

paoic, (OR) ./. Piece, lump, as of butter. 

p.toiteag, see boiteaij. 

Papa, -n & -chau, a.m. Popo. 

pkpach, -aiche, a. Pontifical. 

pipacha, s.f.ind. Popedom, papacy, papal diir- 


papauach, -aiche, a Popish. 
_ -aich, a.m. Papi-it, Roman Catholic, 

Ban ph., a f'-.naf.- 1 Unman, C<tholic. 

a<, -ai , s.m. P>p.ry. 2 

d, s.f. Po>>t,-ry. >. P.. 

pa>a?ias, -an, see papanc>)as 

papar, fla<.l>n>>rh t Qknwquher'. d-c. lot paip^ar. 

] arahal, -ail, Gaelic spelling of pa.ra.ale. 

paracait,** *./. Paroquet. 2 I'arrot. 

paracas, -ais, x.m. Rhapsody. 

paradb, -aidh. s.m. Pu hing, act of pushing 

2 Brandi hi.ig. 
Paraidh, (variat on of Par.i, Patrick, often er- 

ro ieou*ly u<cd l>r Fe>>r) s. Stormy -petrel. 

Lewis. So Ciill'j 1 from its twiog aiw.tys oa 

the water, and thd f=tct that .Sfc. i'^ter walk- 

e<l on the water, also Peadaiveach. 
pavalais, see I'airilis. 

paralus,** -ui', s.jn. Parlour, room to entertain, 
ptra-nau-ceaic, s. Kite, gled. 
parant, s.m. Parent, 
para-riabhaoh,^ #. lioaey-buazard, see clamh- 

an riahhach. 

para-riabhach-nan-c^an-,** s.m. Kite, gled. 
paras,** -ais, see parras. 
pardag, -aig, -an, x.f. Panuier, hamper used in 

mountainous places for carrying things on 

both sides of horses or mules. 

parladh,** s.m. Parley. 

lamaid, -e, -eaa, s.f. Parliament. 

-e-tcii, -eiohd, a. Parliamentary. 

tparn,** s.m. Whale. 

parr, see parra. 2 see para-riabhach. 

parra.(AF) s. Jay. 2 Woodpecker. 3 Jackdaw. 

parracaifc, s.f. see paracait. 

parrachau, s.m. Jackdau-. 

parraist, -ean, s.m. Gaelic spelling of parish. 
each, -eiche, a. Parochial. 

ea -h, -ich, gjn. Parinhioner. 

Parras, -ais, s.m. Paradise, h"aven. A chuid 
de Ph. dha t may he be tnjoying his thart of 
Paradise /a common termination to obituary 

piurasail,** o. Elysian. 

partach, -aiche, a: see patrteach. 

partan, -ain, -an, s.m. Small edible sea-crab of 
a black colour and 3 or 4 in. long and 2 or 3 
in. broad. 2 (CR) Crab smaller than crhb^g, 
with a dark shell reddish underneath aod not 
used for f ood- W. of R<ms-hire. 3 (AF) Crab- 
louse. 4 Tb.3 sign Cancer ( 3a ) in the zodiac; 
'S fhearr am p.-fcuathal na blii gun fhear- 
taighe, better the unnatural crab than to be 
without a husband* sarcastic phrase used 
when a woman consents to marry a diminu- 
tive man the partan always moves nor. fa- 
wise, or against the suu's course. [ But par- 
tan-tuathal is applied to the hermit-crab in 
some parts, whicn would suggest a rich wife 
and a husband who was poor, anil who, Use 
the hermit-crab, occupies a house which is 
another's.] N.G.P. explains the saying as fol- 
lows : two women lived together, one of whom 
stole the other's meal out of her bag, the 
sufferer then put a live lobster (crab) in her 
bag, and the next time the thiaf put her hand 
in she WAS caught; she cried oufc " tha n 
Donas 'nad phuca-sa," (the devil 's in your 
batr,) " tha," said the other, " 'nuair 'tha 
thus' ann," i^yes, when you are there.) 

partanach, -aiche, o. Abounding in, or like, 
crabs or crah-lice. 2**Greedy, rapacious. 

d,** t.f.ind. Rapaciousness, extreme 





pnrtaii-tuathal/ DC) Hermit-crab, 
p - . - <? ba>caid 

i : .sg. * /- Wrapper. 2 Covering. 3 

Swa Idiii g-cloth. see pang 
pa.-g r, (f s.f. see pai^g 

i -a!chi\ a Wrapping, folding up co- 

vering, swaddling. swaitiing 

.* s.f Wrapper. 
i :. -aidh, . m. Wrapping, act of wrap- 

p u^ covering, or folding up 2 Envelope 3 
ng. swaddling, binding up. A' p -, pr. 

pi of paisg Beagan pasgaidh nan lamb, a 

littl* foldinn o.f the hand& 

:i see pasgart. 
past: an. -ain, -an, i. m. Bundle 2 Wallet. 3 

Little group or flock. 4 Volume of a book. 
pasgfuia.-h. -niche, a. In bundles. 2 In little 

groups or flocks. 
prutgar, fnt. paw of pasg. 
pasa"t. -airi, -an, t.m. Basket, pannier. 
pasmiiun, -uinn, -an, t.m. Expiring pang. 
pstaghadh,(AF,) s. Diver (bird.) 
p*t,(MS)r.o Bethump 
paia.lAF) *. see poll. 2* Leveret. 
paiaidh.(CR) Anything big of its kind Arran. 
p.uan, -ain, see paiu 2**Leveret. 8 Cloth 

tied round the ct.eek.s as for toothache CR. 
patautachd,** i./ '\ hickness 
pataran. a. in. Gaelic spelling Ot patter*. 
puh, t.m. see padhadh. 
pUhach, see paiieach. 
patha-1'i, see padhadh. 
tpatuid^.l " Leponnus." 
l>atra*<fea<ih, (DMC) t.m Batter. 
patran,** -ain, a.rn. Pruron 
peabir, -brach, -aichesin, t.f. it m. Pepper. 2 


peabar.i'-h, -niche, a. Peppered. 
p*ab*r-uis^e, see luft-MH-fnOgair. 
peahh-chwu-c,** n-hirc, -chearcan, see peuoag, 
peabh-choile^ch, seo 
pe.tbb-eun, see peubb-eun. 
peabnich.ft a. I'eppery. 
peabrach, ijrn.iing. of pcabar. 
fwabnichadh, -aidh, &.m. Act of seasoning with 

pepper or >pie^a. 2j; State ot rectiiving or ac- 

quiring taste for spice, pepper, <fec. 3 <DMC) 

Kxcitiug, irritating. A' p , of peab- 


peabraich, P.O. Sea--en with pepper or spice. 
peabraict^an, pi. ol peabar. 
peabr;iichr,.-, petit pt. ot peabraich. Peppered. 

3 Spice.t. 
peabb-cun, -eoin, s. m.<t f. see peucag & peubh- 

cboileach. A" giiilan pheubh-eun, carrying 


peac, see peacadh. 
fpeac, ^ic, -ean, s.f. Any long, sharp, pointed 

thing. 2 (Term of a vtgttable. 3 see peuc. 
p*c*ch, -aiche, A. Sinful. 
p*acach, see peucach. 
peucaeh, -aich, * m. Sinner. 
peacicliailh, -aidh, *.n*. Sinning, act of sinn : n,j, 

erring, t Tran-gr-3siion. A' p , pr. pt. of 
peac^.lh, -aidh, -aidhean, t.m. Sin. ELa a' ph., 


p.-biis, mortal *in. 

p.-beag, a peccadillo, 

, or i JUKI s'n. 
iiaha, a^ia'. sin. 
p.-leanainn, fia l wil i>'.n. 
p. -sola, a v-r.ia, sin., a vnialsfn. 
peacag, see peucag. 
peacaich, a' peacachadh, v.a. Sin, trans- 

gress, offend. 

peacfctdheacbd, see peacaireachd. 

peacail, -e a see peacach 

peacair, -va:), s in Sinner. 

eaehd. t.f.m-1. sint'ulness. 2ftSinninjf. 

peacalachd, see peacaireachd 

peacarach/ AF) s.m. Noxi >us animal (sinner.) 

peachdaidheaohd, see peacaireacbd. 

pea cht-arc, see peucag. 

pea-choileaoh, see peubh-choileach. 

pea-choileach. see peubu-choileacb. 

peadaireach.tAC) -ich, s.m. Stormy petrel. 

paalag, -aig, -an, s.f. Pelican. 

pealaid, -e, -ean, s.f. see peallaid. 

pealarach,<AF) s.m. Stormy petrel. 

peall, pill, pi. -an & pillean, m. Hairy skin, 
hide. 2 Couch, pallet. 3 Veil, covering-, co- 
verlet. 4 Bunch of matted hair. 5 Mat. +6 
Horse 7(MMcL) Tarpaulin Lcivis. 

peall, v.a. Cover. 2 Pull asunder, pluck, tear 
in pieces. 3 Clot, mat, as wool 4 Teaze. 

peallach, -aiche, a. Shaggy, having rough or 
matted hair. 2 Having couches or pallets. 3 
Matted * Covered with mats. 5* Paltry, 
trifling. 6 Teazing. 7 Slatternly. 8 Having 
ra^g-ed harness A shiue pheallaich ! thou, 
ihaygy old. aye ! 

peaUach,(AF) t.m. Porpoise. 

pealladh, -aidh, s.m. Covering, acfc of covering. 

2 Pulling, act of pulling or tearing asunder. 

3 Clotting, matting. A : p , pr pt. of peatl. 
Tha 'ghrung air ptalladh, his hair is mailed. 

peallag, -aig, -an, s.f. dim. of peall. Shga;y hide> 
or skin. 55 Little bunch of hair. 3 Cloat. 4 
Little conch or pallet. 5 Little covering. K 
Trollop, ill-dressed or ragged, woman. 7|f 
Little mat or rug. 8 Hassock. 9 Umbrella. 
10 Coarso harness, primitive or ill-kept har- 
ness. 11 Cart-harness* 12 Inferior wool 
Skje. 13* Mat of straw. 14* Bass. 15* Sort 
of under pack-saddle. l6**Coarse blanket. 

peallajach, -niche, a. see peallach. Na toir 
droch mheas air loth ph., do not despite a shaj~ 

peallaid, -e, -can, s.f. Sheep-skin stripped of its 

wool or hair. 2 Little ball, pellet. 3 Fiilip. 

4" Paltry female, 
peallaideach, -eiche, a. Dressed in skins or 

hides 2 Abounding in sheep-skins, 
peallau.ft -aiu, s.m. Tar-mop, 
peallastair, -ean, s.m. see peilistear. 2 (DMC) 

Import iei-nt or cheeky fellow. 
pealUaj, -aig, -an, s.f. Patched cloak. 2 Pall, 
petltag,** -aig. &./. Clod, 
peau, see peann. 
pean a, (Dtl) pi. peanachan, Gairloch form o 


peauac'ias, -ais, -an, see peanas. 
tpeanaid, see i>ean is. 
pjanai leach, see peana-ach. 
peanai.l, -ean, see p j a:ias. 
peamUndeachaiih, -a dh, .-.n. <fe of pean- 

aisdich, see pearn-t.^uc ladh. 
peiuiaisd:Ch, c. see peotnasaich. 
pean tiste, /HI? >>t. Punislied. 
p -aniisteacliadh, (MS) *. I'antalism. 
pti.uiaistich,(.MS/ v.a. Avi-ng-e. 
peanar, -air, see pjiiniar. 

pe.'ina-i, -ais, -.-tn, s.m. Puidslirnent. 2, 
t:meuc, correction 

h, -aich. a. Punisliiiig. 2 Penal. 3 
to pun '-h. 4 An'ioyiii'j. 5 Vengjfal. 

6 Of. or iflaiin;; U, M.. 
peanasAciuulh, -aidh, a. in. Pu.tishing, act of 

]> an 

A' p , pr. pL o 
I, -e, a. see peanasail. 




, a' peanasachadh, v.a. Pun" 
2 Torture. 8 *Anuoy. 4 Avenge. 5** 

rhatis6, correct, 
ppfuia-taiche, -an, t.m. Punisber, chastiser. 2 

pe^nasuichte, past pt. of peanasaioh. Punish- 

H.(, oiiastised, corrected. 

peanasail, -e, a. Actionable. 2 Penal, punish- 
able. 3{J Inflictive. 4** Deserving punish- 

pMua-s-cuirp, s.m Corporal punishment, 
p 'a-ia^da,*" 1 a Penal. 

peanas-ea^lais, s.m. Ecclesiastical punishment. 
P'jang, -am4, -au, 8.' Tenon in joinery. 
pnaun, -a, -tan, s.m. Pen. P. iaruinn, an iron 

peanuagan, -ain, -an, t.m. Pen-case. 2** Pen- 


peannaid/* s.f. Pain, 
peauuair, -ean, s.m. Penman. 2 Good writer. 

3** Pen-case. 

pcannaireachd, *./- Penmanship, 
peannar, -air, see peauuair. 
peann-ite, * in. Quill-pen, 
peann-leac, s.rn. Slate-pencil, 
peauu-luaidhe, t.m. Lead-pencil, 
peannsair,** s.m. Fencer. 2 Pair of pincers, 
peannsal,** -ail, -an, . m. Gaelic spoiling of 

pencil. a>. Of, or belonging to pens, 
peauntair, v.a. Scribble, scrawl. 

eaehd.**. f.ind. Scribbling, scrawling. 

peanntan, pi. of peann. 

peapag, -aig, -an, *./. Squash, pompion, 

peapog, see paapig. 

pearla,** s.m. Ueua, precious stone. 2 Gaelic 

spelling of i>earl. 
pearlach,** a. Abounding in gems or pearls. 2 

2 Like a pearl. 3 Plaited, corrugated, 
pearlaich, v.a. Bedeck with pearls or gems. 2 

Plait, corrugate, 
pearluinn, -e, -ean, t. /. Fine linen, muslin, 

Ciimtiric, gauze, 
pearluinneach, -each, a. Of, or abounding in, 

fine linen, muslin, cambric or gauze. 2 Like 

tine linen, &c. 3 Made of fine linen, &G. 
tpears, see pearsa, 8. 
pearsa, -chan & -nnan, t. m. <k f. Person, any 

one 2 Person, bodily shape or appearance. 

t3 Gaelic spelling of purse. Do ph. dheas, 

ghnnn, activt elegant form , mile p., a 

thousand persons. 
pearsachadh, -aidh, s.m. Personification, act of 

personifying. A' p . of pearsaich. 
pearsachan, pi. of pearsa. 
pear;>aich, v.a. Personify, represent, 
pearsail, -e, a. Personal. 

561. Ptartal. 569. Peasair-an-arbhair. 
pear. sal, -ail, t. m. Parsley petroselinum sa- 

pearsal m6r, s.m. Smallage, wild celery, see 


pearaalach,** a. Abounding in, or like, parsley. 
2 Of parsley. 

tpearsau, -aiu see pearsa. 

pearsannan, pi. ol pearsa. 

peasranta, -ainte, a Personal, personable, of 
good appearance, handsome, portly. 

pearsanta,* adv (gu p ) Personally. 

pearsantachii, s f.ind. Uandsouieuess, portli* 
ness. 2 Personality. 

piiarsantail, -e, a. Personal. 

pearsluibh," *./. Parsley. 

pears-eaglais. -an-, Clergyman. 

peartog, see cearc-thomain. 

pt-as,** *.?. Purse. P. ghadaiche. a cvtpuru* 

peasair, peasiach. peasraicheau, t. / Pease, 
pulse. Eitean peasrach. a grain of peaie. 

peasair-a'-mhadaiilh-ruaitlh, .'. Bird's-foot tre- 
foil lotus corniculat uii. 

-an-arbhair,$ s. f. Hairy yetch, common 

tare vicia fiiryuia. 

56S. Pfotair-bhwdht UGlf. Pcaair-nam-preat. 
-bhuidhe,4\/. Yellow vetchhng lathyrut 


-chapuill, s.f. Vetch, see fiatghal. 

peasair-each, s.f. Bush-yetcb. 
peasair-fiadhain, s.f. Vetch, see fiatghal. 
peasair-gheal, s.f. White pease. 
peasair-Iuchag, s.f. Tufted retch. 
peasair-nam-preas, s.f. Busb retch, 

peasair-nan-each, see peasair-each. 

565. PfOtair-nan-luch. 
peasair-nan-luch, */ Tufced vetch vicia era* 

co. 2 Lentil, chick -pease 
peasair-radain, see peasair-nan-luch. 
peasair-tuilbh. s.f. Heath-pease, see cairmeaL 
peasan, -ain.pi. -an f& -ain**], s.m. Petulant or 

impudent person, varlet. 2 Sorry little fellow. 

3**lmp, brat, puppy. 4**Purse. 
ach, -aiche, a. Petulant, impudent, pert, 

troublesome. 2 Sorry, mean, little. Simp- 

ish, barefaced. Gu p., impudently. 

achd, s. f. ind. Petulance, impudence, 

pertness, barefacedness, impishness. * m. Amatorculist. 

ta,* see peasanach. 

tachd, see peasanachd. 


- 9e pe*,sir. 

*K. pel"*:. -* n . */ Gash, notch. kiV.cranny 
2 Ch;\p on the skin, incision, buritin^ of the 
skin, as with cold. 3 Crevice, a> in wood 

peasg, pr. pt. * peasgadh. ca. dr Notch, 
gash, slash. 2 Become gashed or notched, 
chink. 3 Chap, as the hands, burst m the 
skin with cold, 4tt Irritate, the skia a* with 
nalt water. 

peasgach. -aiche. a. (iashed, cut 2 AbotMKfcnfr 
10 pushes or no'chos. I Chapped, -burst, as 
the skin with old. 4 Causing gashes or 
ootcbe*, 5 Causing 1 the skiu to burst with 

pt-a* ghadaiche, -ean. i. tn. Pick-pocket, cut 

pra-<ir ilh. -aidh. a.m. Gashing, cattin?, act of 
gaining, cutting: or notching. * Sta^e of to- 
coming g;Lshed or noU.-b.t-d 3**Shght in>-isimi. 
4 hur^tiug of the skin. A' p . pr pi of^. 

p*agta. a Chapped. 

peasracli * grn ting, ofpeasair. 

,+t a. Pertaining to pulse or pease 

pev?r,iichean, pi. of peasair. Kinds of pease, 
fields of pease. 

f>eata, pi. -ii fc -chan, i.m. Pet, tame animal 2' 
Spoiled child. a. Petted. 

peatadn, -aidh, -aidhean. s.m. see peata. 

peatag(AF) ./. Plover Dean of Li-*-morf. 

peata-odhar,(AF).m. Cormorant Deanaf Lit- 

peatarnachd.* s.f.ind. Fondling. 

peta-ruadh,1 Puffin. 

p,-athair, -e, -can, s.m. see peithear & pci-hir. 

peathar,* qen. tinj. of piuthar. 

pt-atb achas, -ai3, .m Sisterhood. 

peathraiche, (a ph !) voc.vl. of piuthar. 

an, of piuthar. 

peath-shaileachXAK) *. Pea-hen, see peucag. 

pecoc, see pucag. 

pe^hinn, see peigninn. 

peic, -e, -eannan, s. m. Peck (measure o/ two 
gallons. 2 The resael used f<r this measure. 

p^ic,** ./. Long tail, (see p^uc.) 

peiceajc, -eigf, -an, n.f.dim. of peic. Little peck. 
Cha'n fhaigh Mnn p bracha thoftail, we can- 
not brew a peck of mall. 

p&ceallach,** - Having a long taiL 

peicein, s.m. see peiceag. 

peich, t.o. Sniff with anger, 

peichil,** ./. Sniffing with anger. 2 One twen- 
tieth part of a davoch AH. see note under 

peighinn, -e, -ean, t.f. Penny Scots, one twelfth 
of a penny sterling. 2* Denomination of Ian I, 
equal to a cdta-bdn, jrroat-lan<l. 3 Round bit, 
like a coin. Cha'n 'eil p. ag >m. / haw nnt a 
prnny ; nah-uilep., rvm-y coin ; '?,* gh^arradh 
'na pheighinnean, cittt^n) it into round biis ; 
p. ruadh, a penny steriny. 

The following note us from D.O. 
The system o( land measure which prevail- 
ed in the Western Islfi and tht-n took root tn 
Argyllshire, was neither Pictnh nor Irish, 
but Norse. The unit was the " rrinc"-" land, 
i.e. the extent of land which paid the rent of 
an ounce of silver. Tha word was borrowed 
by (iaelic, and a;ipear-< as rmrwa. Th<? I'-al 
turm was itryja (a.g. Un?xnab ia Noriu Ui-xt 
and In Tiree.) It appe*r i In old ch'xrUjrn an. 
fw/tv7, tfiroung, &<. ThU extent was divi- 
de* I Into 20 parts notmtirms Into only is 
pucii parts l>eing callo.i i>*i ; jfiin>i ; hfiv-e many 
p'.H,r-- names (e.K- Penuymorw, I'l-.iif linm-horn- 
Bch, <tc.^ In gome pl-iojs ?h - p -navl m I wai 
we tujct with 

Lephinmorrt. Lephincorrach, (the 
mland and the rough half pemiyl ind) ; also 
an Kheoirhng. (trie farthinglaud.) A con- 
ventional use of the term ;>*i /hum is met wibn. 
iu Skye the crofting township of Klgol is 
separated by a march dyke from the deer-for- 
est . crofter is responiubttt for the upkeep 
of a specified length of i fie dyke, and it, is call- 
ed the prjttmn of bis croft . similarly the 
part of the shore allotted to each croft for 
seaware is called the p*ijhinn of that croft. 
The full fraciional division of land was carried 
out in Isl.iy thus : 

p a ~ is 

P -3 5r^ '--a 

= -= c ; _ U 



ii T 

Ii Ii 


jz n 

"2 lO 

B U 


C*o O 


o-s a 

I! 3 




peighinneach, -ei^-h, a Full of pence, rich. 
pei^hinneach, -eiche, a. Spoloe I, dappled as a 

hor'-e, pock-marked. 

p^igbin-iich,* >.a. Make ronnd bits, a< c >in. 
pei^iiinn-rioghail.J-e-, tj. Pen- 

ns'royal m*n*Aa pul^gium. 
p-ii d v \, .y. Herpes, shinnies. 
pai!c,(CR) . Large stom-ich, 

as of a cow that has eaten 

its fill Arran. 
ppil^g/* -el:j, tj. see p^ilig. 

2 Flt. 3 Any coarse cloth. 
-- ach.** a. Ooarae, as 

cloth. 2 Like felt. 3 Made 

<.f r.-it. 

poi oajf ich, -alcho, a. Qlreu to 

Ball, bulle,. 

p-llwr, -au, t.m. 
t'i-lMir-i.''h. fA 





i, a tkiuid 

aich^, a. Frivol ou 

peile-astair, sin. Quoit. 2flSiual -fti^ 

set p' 

ileia, -e, -ean, *./. Cod, hinfc. 2 Rn-jr. 3 
Manglrd sht*>p-<kin. 4 Blo>v, slap on the 

Cheek. 5* see peilh;. 

each, -eiche, a. Covered with 


husk. 2 Furnished with bogs. 3 Like a b 14* 
peiloir, ee pailear. 
e;ioh, -wiche, a. Abound ng in balls or 

bullets. 2 Like a ball or t-iUec. 
peil-jjhuin,** *./. Pang, torment,. 
each, -ek-hc, . That bormenietb or 

giveth pain. 

piilig, -e, -ean, . /. Porpoise, sea-ho^. 
peiliocan,** -ain, s.m. Pelican, 
peilistear, -eir, -eiroan, n.m. ^null flit f cne 

used in place of a q-ioit. 2 G*ra* of quoits, 
peilleag,** *./. Felt, 
peillic. -e, -ean, s.f. Hufc or booth built of earth 

and brands and roof id wirh skins, t Fell. 

3 Any very thick or coarse c'otli. 4 Covering 

made of ski'is or coarse cloth. 5*Pit. C(CR) 

Ba-sket of untanned hide. 
efh, eiche, a. Clumsv. 2 Thick, 

coarse. 3 Like felt. 4 Made of felt. 

peilp,** s. Futility, gabble. 2 Insolence. 

each ** a. Futile. 

c-nta,*'* a. Comma nicatinff, gabbling. 2 

Tlufri-h. 3 Insolent. 
peMn. yfii.*in<j of p;a. 

pein, -H, s.f. P lin, punishment, torment, (^ian.) 
piu-dli(;h6, -an, g.m. P % nal law. 
peineHlrach.ft a. Tyranni.-al. 2 Gainful. x.f. Tyranny. 2 Pam. 

p^ a. Painful. 

teachd.rt *-f. Tyranny. 

pejnsilteach, -eiche, a. Rigorous, bare. 2 Ty- 

d, *. f. Rigour. 2 Tyi an ny, cruelty. 

fp'-inn, -e, -ean, *./. see b^inn. 

pt-inneag,* *./. Chip of stone for filling crevices 

in a wall. 

peinnt,* see psinnteag. 
peinnieag,* -eig, -an, t.f. Small pretty shell or 

peinnleal, -eil, -an, s.m. Snare. 2 Straitening-, 

conriuement. 3* Mare. 
- ach, -aiche, a. Of, or pertaining to, 

snares, snaring. 2 Straitening, compressine. 

3 Penurious. 
. ach , -aich, s.m. Slend-r, tightly-laced, 

dandified person. 2 Strait article of dress, as 

' ircl- a->. -I/-' of poi 

p^irr,, <fn , ,t pi ot p,nir. 2 The buttocks. 

[>ein3adh,'* -idh, .n R^-ge fury. 

tpircaal, -ail, t.m. see poirijfiil. 

p*fr-AH, t>r pairilis, pi, :</.-*) Di.tfcracti >n, 
bewi' Isrirnnt. A' cb-xn-n a ohur y\ p. *'g 
dilxi U nno-dora'n. A-'* A.ui 6<-o( d-f,i 
thrn-ijh. rehind of Bn Doran.D^nn. Ba>i, 
p. 97. 

peirean, xjnl. The but.,oeks. 2 pi, oJ peur. 

peir> 3 id.* s.A Ferret. 

peni-iil, .,- & -g-ie, P J. . C an k -.clean, * r. 
ger, p-jril. 2 Urg.-nt u^c-"*sty, t>ro :i \.*<- 
warJ pre licamjat. 4* A^oui^s of J ah. 5 
Kxcrucia'iug raental torturer or corm -rit;. 


-adu, sea pei igi'.L, 2 (DMC) Swoon. S 

(DMC) Severe pam. 

-an. pi. of peirigill. 

eirig leach, a. Pericukus, in. an awkwarJ pre- 

dicamsab. 2 Perilous, dangirous. 
^iri'iHcn,* v.<t. Torture, torment. 

coat, trousers. Ac. 

achd,** *./. Penuriouness. 

Tpeiih-bhog, *./. Gaelic name of the letter 
peiLhireacad,* s.f. Running of mossages. 
peinntealalh, -aidh, *.wiCo)piog, compressing, peif'iear,(MS) s'r.i. Parker. 

straitening, cramping. peithir, -ean, s. m. Forester, t G' 

peinntealta, -eilte, a. Straitened, compressed, S Hunter. 4 Message-boy. 5JTh 

2 Punctual, precise, f>roo. 3 (MS) Stiff. p?i'irich,( AC) see pea(iaire*ch. 

peintealtaohd,(MS) *./. Rig-mr. p^iiseag, -eig, s.f. Peach amyJa'its pe--s ; ca,. 

peinn ealtaicii, (MS) v.i. l-t-ifi i<?. ach, -aiche, a. Abounding in peacues. 2 

peintear,(MSi Mou>e-Lrap. Likea peach. 3 Of a peacn. 

peirceall, -i'! <fe -cle, pi. -an & -clean, s.m. Jaw. p^odar, -air. .m. see feodar. 2** in ridicule^. 

2 The jaw-hone. 3 Lower part of rie fac^. 4 Harum-scarum. 

Corner, nook, anjle. 5 Abdomen, o* Lantern peodarach, see fo6darach. 

jaw, lean, large, lank jaw. pvodarair, s.m. see feodarair. 

ach, -aiche, a. Lank-jawed, lean. 2 ' poofchair, see peirhir. 

Having large jaws. 3 Angb-.|, corn-r.>d. 4 j peubar, r. <k s. Gaelic spelling of pepper* 

**Chapless. 5 Thin-faced. GMun'.iou'ar. a/-h,** o. Peppery. 

f ach,*f.m. Lean, lank, or lantern-jawed pHbh-cheare, -chirc, -an, s f. see peucag, 

parson. j p n'lh-choi leach, -ich, am. Peacock, 

peircle, &en.sing. of peirceall. I pjubh-eun,** -coin, s.j/k. Peafowl. 

p^irlin. a.m. see pearhiinn. 

tpetrne, -an, s.f. Kow, rank. 2 Perch in length* 

- -ac'd, -eiche, a Formed into ran'-cs, well 
ordere-J. 2 J)iTided, inio perchjes, a.- laud. 

peirseal,** *. Suiallage. 
peirsill,** s.f. Parsley. 

mhor, s.f. Smallag 1 *. 
peirteag,** -ei^, -an, s.f. Partridge. 

---- dhearg-cha.sach,(AF) *./. Red-legged 

partri 'ge. 
p<aiitealach,** a. Pert, impudent. 

- - d,** f. ind. Pertne*s, impudence. 
effrontery. 2 Huffl^hnsss. 

p^lr.eii.** o. Pert, impudent. 2 Il'ifRsh. 
p-M-<d,** *. f. Plague. >. Loss. 3 Aiuueut. 4 

pt><\, see Wist. 
pti ;g, #. see peasg. 
pei.-irt.i-r,* -ean, Trifl'ng person. 
ix>is'<ii,** -eil, K.m. Pestle. 
p it,** >-.m. Musician. 

peiteadh,** -idn, g.m. Music. 
pt-ire.ig, -oig, -an s.f. Wa ; stco\*;, short jaclfst* 
2 I>uublt. 3 \Voollon shirt. 

- ach, -nich?. . Wearing a jacket or wai.^ 
coat. 2 Of, or b- 1 longing to, a vest. 

-- -mhuinicbeallaou. >:./. Jacket. 
peitean, -ein, -an, x.m. see prsitea^. LPitean U 
used in Qairloch."^ 

- a*-h, -aich. a. see peioeae;ach. 
peit'^arlach,.** -aich, s m The Old t>aw or Tea- 

t.araent. 2 Sacred hi.story. 
p?ii earlaichte,** a. Versed i:> sacred hist >ry. 



piata.(DU) t.m Poor eater. 

p. ! said to a person who is not. -*u:>u >sd to 
ba taking an ordinary quantity of 

pil), -e, -can, /. see piob. 

pibhinn, -e, -can, *./ Lapwing, se 

eiche, a. Abounding in lauwings. 

! piastaij, -aig, -an, see bi wtag. 
penc,** s. Lonqr tail. 2 Any sharp-pointed pia*tava, Vermicelli. 

thins. 3 Sprouting germ of any vegetable. 
peacach, -aiche, a. Gaudy, showy. 2JjLong- 
Uiie I. 

; . -aig. -an, t.f. Peahen. 2 Peacock. 
Beautiful woman. 

ach. -aiche, a Beautiful, as a peacock. 2 

ding in p-a-hens. 
e, a. Trim, neat, cleanly, 
leach, s >n. se. 
pi-uihdig. see pvicag. 

u'h, >e peuo.tnach. 

pen 1 1,* .m Milk-pail. Gaelic spelling of pail. 
prur. -dire & -a, pi. -an & -4irean, s.f. Pear. 2 

liutiock SVi/' 

ach, -iiichi. a Full of pears. 2 Like a pear, 
peurd, v.a First c\rd m carding wool. 
peurJ\. -an, .m Tuft of wool orf the cards in 

me first car.liun 2 Roll of carded wool, 
peni'tag. -JUR, -an. if. Partridge. 2 see peur- 
da, 3 a Ab'undin? in partridges. 

a. Corrugint, corrugated, wrinkled, 
-aidh, -s.>rt Corrugation, wrmkle. 
1 v Corrugate 
peurlat;.; AF) *./. Partridge. 
p-ui-iMnn. tin. Perry, 
p ui->," v F t drawiinjly. 
p-uvsa, !MC) ,v m. Signal pole, 
peurtag.lf s.J ParLrnl^-, see oearc-thomain. see cearc-thoniain 


pe'irianan,(CR) Slratfisnry for feursann. 
yx]. For words beginning with ph, see under 

11 P- 

Ph\iriseach, -eifhe, a. Pharisaical. 

ail, -e, a. ^e Pnairiseaoh, a. 

Piiairisn^ac-K, see Phairi.>cach. 
P'iarasa-h ft a. Pnarna:cal. 

plpgha ; 1. 
see _' 

pian, p45n, -tan, *./. Pain, pang, torture, tor- 
auguish.trouble, sorrow. 2 Puui->hmjnt. 
[* gives pi.intriidh also for pi.'] 
ptan, / r \' p ; ;in3dh, v.a. Torment, torture, 
VA 11. '2 Distress, aunoy. 3 Punish. Ph. e 
mi /" tor.nrfd in*. 

.ir, -2an, *. m. Tormenter, afflicter. 2 
fun tiier. 

piana In, -aidh. *.n Torment in-j, act of torment- 
in,. '2 Torment, pain, arKi^tion. 3 Annoying. 
4 ^uni bm^af. A' p , of pian. 
pianxil, -o, a. P linful causing pam or torment, 
pia >al.icb.d, s.f.ii^L Paiiifuluess. 

-.>* peamvs. 

pi in ita,(DU) Gaelic spelling of pint. 
p-i-iiK't, pi. of I' 

:i, -aiche, a, Tormenting.oainful, excru- 
ciiiting. 2**Annoying, vexatious. 

idh, -ai Ih, -ai>lh, sea piariadh. 

ail.* see piamach. [ i.ther. 

. air,** -can, *. tn. Torrnenter. 2 Pun 

pi*.n ai-'ii, -em, - .irt. Pitiable object, over- 
wrought, ill-used or distressed person. 

, v.a. see pia.i. 

ce. p"*t. pt. of piantAich. Pained, tor- 

m nted, aniicte I. 2 Annoyed. 3 Punished. 

pi! 1, .<./. 

plan aidh. s.pi. P.i.ins, paugi, 
pia irail, sje pia-n-ii. 
piauL.Jr, see pi vnadair. 
piintalacnd, g.'.in-l. Soreness, 
pi.intaa, of pian. 
piiriag-, se*j cearc-thomain. 
pi i-gach,** a. Ronjih, sha-gy, hairy, 

Nach b' e to am 

u:>u > 

" Like a lapwng, 
fpic, -e. ./ Disorder in the tongue and throat 

of fowls. 
pic, -e, -ean, i./. Pike (weapon.) 2 Pick-axe. S 

*Ni?gardliriess, churlishness, 
pic, -e. -eau, s.f. Pitch. Cdmhdau hidh tu a 

staigh 's a inuigh le pi.-, thou shall cooer it 

wit km and without with pitch. 
pic. pr pi a piceadh, v.a. Pitch, cover or daub 

with pitch 

pic-catha. s.f Battle-axe, balber 1. 
piceach, -eicne, a Armed with j'ikeH. 2 Ilitfh- 

peaked, as a ship. 3 Furnished with pick- 
axes 4 Like a pick axe. 
piceach, -eiche, a Abounding in pitch, pik-hy. 

'2 Like pitch. 4 Asphaltic. 

adli, *.n. Same meaning* as picea Ih. 

piceadh, -idh, a.m. Pitching, act of 

layiug or daubing with pitch. 

A' p , of pic. 
pic-i.-b.lach,** s.f. Asphalt, 
iiiceal, -il, -an. s.f. Gaelic spelling o? ni>-klt 
picflar, -eir, *. m. P^ogue, mean fallow. 2 Pil. 

ferer. 5 Avaricious person, I. churl, 
picear, -eir, -an, s.m. One armed j->i a pi.<e. 2 


aciid, s.f.ind. Digging with a pic'<-axa. 

picearachd, s.f^ind. Kogur-ry, rillany. '3 Pil- 
fering. 3 Avarice, avaricious pr.xclicjA. 
pic l1 d, g. A v. see pic. 
p cich, a' piceachadh, see pic, v. 
pii-il, , f.f. see piceal. 

, v.a. Pickle. 

picillich, see picil. a,. PiekJed. 2 A^^ounding- in 

picleadh, -idh, s.m. Pickling, act of 

A' p , . of piciL 

pas* pi. of picil. Pickled. 

piclig, v.a. see picil. 

eadh, se-e p cleudh. 
te, see picitte. 

pic mheallach, s.f. Lochaber-ax^. 
pic-Uialmhuinn, s./. Asphalt. i**Mortar. 
pige, -ach in, s.m. see pigoadb. 

acb, a. Pertaining Lo earl aeaware jar* or 


adair, -can, s.m. Potter. J. Pottery ;btuit.e.-u ) 

pigeivdh, -i-lh, -idbea-n, *. m. I'kirti^.tware jar, 

pitcher or pot. 

pigfian, -ei>i, -ean, s. m., dim. >( p. .:. Little 
earth i n jar, ptM'ner or p*.6 *J Mni'l {>*(<. tl 
Fra-cment of earthenware. 4 'io^.lly, tiUle 
por<ellied p^r><)'j. 
p : g?in, sPi 1 pig'-'an. 
^ighe, see plheuui. 
pi^h-iann, ./, Pie, pastry 

ach, -aijh , a. Abounding in pies. 


pighem, -e, -ean, see piognid. 
-each, -eiche, a. see 
pighinn,* see pisheann. 

-ean, s.m. KoUin, r^b'a r. d-'ireast. 2 
lines usjd fr pUeadh 4 pigrt/tn. 

a*che, a. Smart- 1 . '.i;u>- i. 
-eir, -au, s.m. Ga.olic ^p^ll n^ of pillar. 

i) a.m. Hanciduess. 
pilig, o.a. Gaelic form vtpeeli'ij, usj.l to express 


pill, -e, -ean, t f. Cloth or skin on which corn in 
wiu7u>wfd. 2 (DC) Chun" or patch of lu-ath- 
er. An n- ?d am p. fiaoich. thr nft> in a pat h 
of htaihrr ; pill-lraihai: n. quern-doth, pill- 
fbasguaidh, irinnoii'ing-cov>*r. 

pill, a' pilltmn & a' pilleaHh. v a <t n 
Turn, cause to turn or returu. 2*"furn aiid 

3 Turn, return, <; bick, come back. 1'hill 
rfa, he ticu got a rfiaps". 

pill-chur.i.f. Sheet holding seed corn when sow 

pilltadh, -irth, *.T. Turning, act of turnm? ur 

returning, return. A' p , pr pt ot pili. 
--- , S.d. tmi. <k pL imp. of pill 
pUleadh-facail, *.>. Contra*! ictionu 
pilleag. *./. see pillean &, p<'allag. 
) ille.un/* lt ptr. sing. tmp. of pill. Let m* re 

turn 2 (for pilli.lh mi) I will return. 
pillvan, -t-in. -an, * Pack-saddle. 2 Clota 

put under a paimel, ruiMeo, p-id. 3 Flas-wk. 

4 pi. of peall. 'S mi *nj pilleiu cubhraiib ciil 
ghorm fraoich, and J rating in a r >ath *f 

pi)leana-h, -uicbe. a. Ot, or pcrlaiuiug to. a 


pitlear,*' fnt. paw. of pill. 
pillin, -ean, see pilieau. 
pillsear,** -eir, .t. Pilchard. 
pillteach,** a. Inclined to return. 2 Returning 

pilltinn, -e. ./. Returning, act of retarnmg. 2 

Return, retro^resfsion. A' p , of piU. 
ptncean.** $.m. Gillj'flovrer. 
pin-chrnn, -chromn, . m. Pine ptnut 2 

Also applied to all the coiufrrcc. 
pinriu, . Stock, " (peen stock " of the gar- 

den matt/nola incfzna. 2 

Wallflower, leaved stock. 

pinn, a' pinneadh, v.a 

see pinnich. 
pinn, yen. ting. & n. pi. of 

pinne, pi. pinneachan & pin- 

neacha, *. in. I'in, peg, 
ep'got. 2 (DU) Steady flow 

ol waXer fron) a small pipd 

or any circular orib'ce. a. AboundiUH; in 

pinneachadli, -aidh_ s.m. Paitening, ct of fast- 

euiug with peg s or Pn- A' p , of pinn- 

pinneadh, -aidh, i.m. Same raenning^ as pinn- 

eachadh. 2 Piercmj; Btinn Dvrau. A' p -, of pinn. 

pinnear,** -eir, t.m. InK'-horn. 2 Penxsase. 
pintie-cluaisein, s.m. Dra^-i"" o f a '.-art,. 
pinne-na-h-aisil, *.m. Axle-pin of a cart 
pinne-na-garmain, s.m. Tlie pin ot tbe l>*am. 
piuuich, v.a. Pin, fasten with pun. nt^'ieice. 
. - te, pastpt. of pmaicii. Pioned. fasten- 

ed with pins. 
pinnt, -eau, s.m. Pint, Imperial liquid measure, 

pint Scots. Slop pinnt. a quart pot ; tri 
atliranrian pinnl, thref-quarttr* of 
e, see pinniciius. 

piimteachadii, (UMC) -aidh, t.m. see binmteach- 


pinntich, see binndich. 
pinteal,** v.a. Paint. 
-- ta,** past pt. Painted. 
piob. -a, pi. -an & -aclian, s.f. Pipe, 1 agpipn. 2 
Pipe, tube, syphon. 3 /fgurattVrly, smoke. 
1 Altan-gleuaaidh, tuning-glide*. 

568 A' 
2 Bsmn, f/rrtft, 
S dnrbac. ***>. 

4 Cupan, cvp ^id^ terrult at top f arontt, 

5 Dos, oi. -an, rfron*. 

6 Feivlao, Seanasair, chanter. 

7 Gaothaiche. mottth-p<i>vt. 

8 M*U bag. 

9 Eibheid, rftd. 

10 Stimair, dro/t. 

11 Sionuach, b+ltowt in an 7nVi bogpip*. 

12 Stoc, gfocJb, that part of eoehof tkfftv* pipft 

to which thf btui it tied. Stoc an Riea'HtiJi, 
thf thantrr-*tudc ; fltoe an do ruh<i*r, the 
big drone-ttock, Ac. 
IS Bonn an fUeadairu #* o} cfcot-r. 

The bagpipe are spoken of in Gaelic in tbs 
singular a' p*ojr>b. 

The use of the bajfp r pe ran be traced to the 
most remote antiquity, although it *eenv, if 
not conip.-ira'iTely modern in connection wttn 
tie Highlands, at least to have held aa^coivi 
place in comparison with the harp in the es- 
timation ot the bulk of the people, until dor- 
ing tbe l*-st f*w eonturios. Tne Gre<^k word 
surnp^onK, v.-hich a^p-iftrs aa nn Aram'C 
1. m-wor.l in Tai iel, iii, 6, i.s tra'lateit "b;*fir- 
P'pe " by every competent fcrasalfttor, lli J 
is uo (lonbt th >t the relfUir'S the arn- 
val af ,ha prtxli^l son's brother in Ue New 
TeMam nt, should l^ rendered " n^w hH el- 
der *<>ri vii. s in tho QeM, and a^ hr c;m<- at>4 
drew nigh to tho house, be hearl bvgj>ip>anil 

pioJi. o.a. Jc n. Ppv p'ay on the p p,-. 2 H'tm*?c. 

piobach, -aichfl, 'i Having pip-. 'i Like a pipe. 
3 Tubulous, tubvilar, fluted. 

an. pi. of piob. 

piobailair, .ean, . m. Pipe-maker. 2 Bagpipe- 


eachd," ./. Pipe-ma-king. 2 

piobadh, aidh, t.m. Piping, act of piping. 

S-|neaking. A' p , pr. pt. of piob 
piobag, -aig-, -an, ./., dim. of piub. Small pipe. 
piobagach.ft a. Abounding in .small pipes, 
piobair, -can, s.m. Piper, bagpiper. P. an aona 

pbuirt, an tndi/erent piper (Ut. a. piper who 



can only play one tune.) 
piobftiraachd, t.f.ind. Art of playing on the bag- 
P !> piping. 2 Act of piping. 3 Bu<ine** 
occupation of A piper. 4 Pipe-tune. 6 Music 
p-cu .ar to the bagpipe. [ Erroneous ! y ap 
pl'd by non-Gaelic p.'aker> to mean croi mo' 
oni\ . but ic means any pipe-iuu.Mc.) For a 
d-tniled account of the articulate IHUMC for 
nierly used liy the MacCrimmon* and other 

pipers' colleges, see canutaireachd. 
Pinb-ill, see Biobali 

piooiu, -ain, -an, a. m., dim. of piob. Sinai 
lnw. 2 Little flageolet. 3 Reed. 4 Smal 
tub'. i> Throat, gullet. 6 Pip in fowls. 

. n pi. of piob 

pioianach, -aiclie, a. Tubular, tubulous. 2 

Kin led. 

pii>aiiia, -ainte, a. see piol>anach., -air, s.m. Badrnoch for peaar. 
piob-cneol, -chiuil, t.m. Pipe-music. 
pioi -fnuail, -an-, t.f. Catheter 
piobhar.** *. m. Searce, sieve. 2 p *Honeycorub 
piob-leijridh. pi. -an-, sj. Cock of a barrel, 
piol'-mhala. pi. -an-mala. *./. Bagpipe. [McL 

A D. gives piob-mhaJaidh j 
piob-mhor, *./. The great Highland bagpipe. 
pio ; --wuin,** t.f Catheter, 
piob-na-comh-sheirm. t.f The union pipes. 
piohr%ich.(M8) v.a. Encbafe. 2 Pepper. 
piob-smonnaich, pi. -an-sionnaich, *./. Bellows- 

pipe. Irish bagpipe. 

pi'H>-t haosgaidhj 'pi. -an-taosgaidh, g.f. Pump. 
pk>'-theannaich, pi. -an-laanuaich, ./. see piob- 


piob-tbombae, t.f. Tobacco-pipe, 
pioo-nisge, pi. -an-uisge, s.f. Water-pipe, con- 

Ptobull, see Bioball. 

pioc, p> a' piocadh, v.a. Pick, nip, nibble. 

i Pinch. 3 Dig with a pickaxe. P. an cohnh- 

each, pinch thestia/yr ; p taingeadh, pick a 


pic, --t, -an, t.m. Crumb, small portion. 2 Nip, 

pinch with the nails or teeth. 3*Piokaxe. 
pioi-^ck, -aiche, a. Pinching. 2 Nibbling. 3 

Pungent. 4**Tauuting. 

piiMch, -aich, t.m. The coal-fi-^h in its third and 
fourth vears Argyll. Z (DU) metaphorically, 
small fellow. 

pioc*ehadh, -aidh, s.m. Digging, act of digging 
or working with a pick-axe or mattock. A' 
p . of piocaich. 
piocadair, -ean, . m. Picker, nibbler, carper. 


pi>ca4h, -aidh, *. m. Picking, act of picking, 
pinching 1 , nibbling or nipping. 2 Digeing with 
a ruAttock. 3 ( (DU) Pecking as a bird. A' 
p , of pioc. 

pux-ig, -aig, -an, ./., cfin. of pioc. Little crumb. 
_ slight pinch. 3 Pair of nippers or pincers. 
4 <mall mattock. 5 Taunting female, 
piocagach, -aiche, a. In small crumbs. 2 Pinch- 

mjr"iighUy. 3 Nibbling. 
piocAi.:li, a' piocachadh, v.a. Work or dig 

witii pick-axe or mattock. 

piocAid, -e, -ean, t.f. Pick-axe, 2 Mattock. 3 
Pincers. a. Having picks, mattocks or 


piooaidh, fnt.a/.a. of pioc. -ean. t.m. One who works with a pick- 
axe or mattock. 2 Nibbler. 3 Piucher. 
pioOBtr,** -can, t.m. Pikeman. 2**Pioneer. 
pior-aireachd, t.f. Working with a pick-axe, 
digging with a mattock, t Nibbling. 3 Pinch- 
piocaireachd, *. /. Business of a pikeman, or 2 

of a pioneer. 

piacairean.(WS) Nippers. 
piocais,( MS) *. Nippers. 
piocas, -ais, *.tn. Scabies, the itch [with] 

2*Herpes, shi'igle^ -i'/ty*. 3 Magpie, 
piocli,* o.a. Wb -eze. 
piocn, s.m. Croup [with art. a?/j.] 
pio-hair,* v.a. Lin-;, a; cats. 2*Caterwaul. 
piochau. -ain, t.m. Wheezing in the throat. S 

One who wheezes in the throat, 
pio-'hanach. -aiche, a. Wheezing, breathing with 

a noise in the ttiroat, or wiih dirficulty. 
piochauaicii, -e, t. J. Wheezing in the throat 

Ciod a' ph. a th' ort ? why do you wheeze to f 
piochdach.** -aicii, t.m. Plunderer. 

,** o. Given to plundering. 

piochradh,* -aidh, s.m. Lining, as cats. A* 

p , of pi'jchair. 
pio.iibaid, -e, -ean. *./. Magpie. 2(AF) Jackdaw. 

3- v DU) Uselens, talkative young woman. 4 (D 

MC) Parrot, 
pio^haideach. -eiche, o. Abounding in magpies. 

2 Like a m >gpi. 3 Garrulous, talkative. 4 

Piebald. ..-'. 

569. Pioghaid ghat. 
lioghaid ghlas.Y, -an-g-, s.f. The great 

shrike or butcher-bird, called bvidvmr by Mac- 

Mbaighstir Alasdair lanint excubitor. 

ioghaid thruisg.(AF) tj. Partridge. 
>!ol, v, see spioi, 
>iolachadh, -aidh, see spiolachadh. 
jiolachair, see spio'.achrUr. 

iotach-ui,** see spiola-chan. 

iolaich, v. see spiolaieh. 
jiolaid. -e, -ean, s^. Pillory. 2 Palace, princo'a 


)klair,* . Gaelic spelling of pillar. 
)iollach, -aiche, a. Fretful. 2 Curious-looking. 

3 Neat, trim, tidy. 4** Hairy, see peallach. 
)k>llachaa, -ais, *.'m. Neatness, trimuess, ttdi- 

ne-ss. 2 Hairine-s-. 
iollachd, see piollachas. 
>iollag, see peallag. 
uollair,** *.m. Pill. 
>iollaiste, -an, t.m. Trouble, rezation, annoy* 


>iollaisteach, -eiche, a. Troublesome, vexati- 
ous, vexing, annoying, teazing. 
ion, Gaelic spelling of pine. 
iouach,* a. Pin^Al. 
>ionail, ** a. Pine&l. An fhlireag ph., thfpin- 

ra.1 gland. 

lionamhuil, see pionaiL 
lionar. *. Pion-tfor?. A' fairthmeadh bhann is 

phionar an am chur grinnis air giireis, hern* 

wing strap* and pinafores when doing orrus* 

tal s*wn workFiMh, p. 4. 
>iona.s, si-e pea ias. 
'ion-chrann, see pm-chrann. 
piounsarach, ' a. Wily, cunning, 
pionnsarachd, t.f. Wiliness. 




pionsfi.** -ai, s.m. Artifice, wil. 

pioradh (AH) s.m. Fierce gust of win!. 

piora-ghruag. -aig, -an, see pioridiiiic. 

pipraid, -e, -ean, see biorraid. 2**Gaelic spell- 
ing of pirate. 3**Tarrot. 

pior-vid^a'-h, -i-.iche. a. s&c, biorraideach. 2** 
Piratical. 3**JLike a parrot. 

pioraruig.ft see piorbhuie. 

each, set; piorbhuicench. 

pioibhuic, -e, -can, s.f. Periwig, wig. 

piorbhuiceacn, -eiche, a. Wearing a periwig 
or \v ig. 

piorr, a' piorradh, v. a. Scrape, dig. 2 
Make a dash at. 3 Pierce. 4 Purr. 

piorrabhac, Uist for piorbhuie. 

piorra l >huic, see piorbhuic. 

piorradh, -aidh, s.m. Scraping, act of scraping 
or di^jg ng. 2 Dashing at. 3 Stabbing quick- 
ly. 4 Pi'jroin*. A 1 p-, pr. pt. of piorr. 

piorradh, -aidh, -aidhean, s.m. Squall, blast. 2 

piorraid, s.f. Parrot. 

pios, -a, -an, s.m Gaelic soellinfj ot piece. Piece, 
morsel, fragment. 2 Patch, bit of cloth. 3 
Coin, piece of money. 

plos.v.a.Gaalic speltug of piece. Cut into shreds, 
tear, lacerate. 2 Patch. 

pios, -a, -an, .s./. Silver cup. 2**Fowling-piece. 
3 (D(J) hmnofOKSly, Wag Argyll. 

piosaoh, -aiche, a. In pi 'ess, morsels or frag- 
ments. 2 In patches, patched. 3 Having sil- 
ver cups. 4**Splmteririg. 

piosach, -aich, see piseach. 

piosadh. -aidh, s.m. Pai-chmg, act of patching 
or sewing together 2 Tearing. 3 (DU)Pmch- 
ing A' p , pr pt. of pios. 
iosag, -aig, -an, sf. Small bit. 


Tpiosaga, s f. Witchcraft 


pioaagaoh, -aiche, a Abounding in small bits. 

piosan. -ain, -an, dim of pios Small piece or 
patch. 2 Sin ill coin. 

piosan, \ch, -aich.3, a. In small pieces, abound- 
ing in small pieces, fragments or small 

piosarnac'',** -aich, s.m. Whispering. 

pip :arnachd, s.f. Whispering. 

tniosarnak'h, -e, s.f. Whispering. 

piostal, -ail, -an, s.m. Gaelic spelling of pistol. 

piostalach, a. Having pistols. 

pfothaid, see pioghaid. 

piothaun, see pigheann. 

piothanuach, -aiche, a. see pigheannach. 

pireas,(CR; .m. Appearance. Cha robh p. ann, 
sai'l of a worthless th'nu; W of ftoss ; brad 
p. birr, a good appearance of crop , p. de 
chreutair, a poor, puny creature, or mere ap- 
pearance oj a creature Svth'd <fc W. of Ross. 
[The Eiig. word (ap)pear&ncf.] 

piridb, -ean, s.f. Boy's top. 2 Whirligig. Scots, 

pischan, Given in Eng. part of McD & Dewar 
under ivh?nev T, evidently meant for piochan. 

piseach, -ich, s. m. Increase. 2 Good fortune, 
prosperity, succes*. 3 Fate. 4 Blessing. 5 
Issue, proieuy. 6**Avail. 7 (.Ms) Improve- 
ment. 8 (MS) Augmentation. [** gives s.f.'] 
P. air do ph. a, us p. an:i ;<d bhroinn ! may 
you s?? your o/.iprin' s o/^pr'.nj and have a 
ywm/ -roj-ny yo^irs If : p ort ! S" us to you ! 
am t.i p. orra? U'ill th'y prosper 'f Is p. a bhil- 
ean sasuiciiear e, in/ (h- increns" of his lips he 
shall be flU'd ; dh oladh e a pmi -hinu ph., he 
would drink his last penny ; bu aidh is p. leat ! 
succe.-s and prosperity be with yon! p. math 
orfc ! I wis l i you good luck, I wish you a good 
match .' cha do shaltair ueach air a ph., no one 
*ver prevented tiis fate. 

phpftohofl, -e, a. Fortunate, prosperous. 2 Pro- 


pi eacb/1, s f. Sam^ m>a-)i 'g^ a-i piseach. 

plseftf, -cier, -'tn, *. f., -ihn. of pios. Patch, c'ou fc , 
raa, fr<-gtn n*; of c'->^, oil or n^w. P. air 
toll i^ o S'n ;i i c:'iri>n a^h p. a r pis>-iii '.s a 
sin .in luiniach. a yub-h on a h'tlt is S'lo'^r, 
but a pa'c.h upon ra'rh r>* tk>.i a rayveJ clo-iit. 

piseng, -iiig. -'iigj in s.f Ivitcen. young cat. 2 
Sorcerr, irirchcr;'fr., dS .''nation. 

}, a. kitten-*. ? Li'ce a 
i'>u, like a wizard or sur- 

kitt. n. 

Kagg xl. 
pis a^aiche, 

3 Sup^r^ti 

In r>g 


in pieces, as cloth. 2 
Eiiehanter, wizard. 2 Su 

' s.m. 
n ; p.. i son. 

ei:i, vl. -'-'in & -an, t.m. Tom '.KiM-.'n. 
i, -ji.iche, a. Ju^^hn^, conjurinv;. 2 


pisea'mach, see pi > : a.rn ich. 
pi.-iirh ( VIS^ v.n. f'.cre'i^^. 
tpisreag, -;;ig, -an, s./. S<:c:-ry. 2 Superstition. 

pit, -e, -CAD', *..'. Hollow, p t. 2 Prefix in firm 
and t ;?nHrii na uss in t*:ctland, meaning a 
farm or poivi >a. 

piteag, -eiii s.f. Eferainatc person. 2 (MS) Hen- 
pe^xed man. 

piteauoa,** n Efwinin ate. 2 F.asch'i.ui.s. lewd. 

chd,** s.f. Effeaiinacy. 2 Lascivious-, Iswdnesii. 

pilhe, see pigheann. 

pithean, sei pi^h^ann. 

pitheannan. pi. of p ; t'iean 'for pi ;!ieannan.) 

plug, -mig, -an, s/. !-*tain' 've n^t?. ({iierulous 
voice. 2 Snrry. in-an a[>u iranc^. 

piattach, 4iieha, a. Having a querulouv.;ic n 2 
liavinga mean or sorry lo-ii;. 

piuirn,(CR}s.n. Bobbin, Gaelic spelling of pirn. 

ptuirneach,** a. Full of 2 Oi, or rela- 
ting to a pint. 

puithair, da' & voc.sing. of piuthn.r. 

piuthar, n^n. s. prathar, da' piutbair. voc. a 
phiutliair ! pi. p -atbr rchrviM. a ph^av.h- 
raiche ! s.f. sister. 'S i mo ph. i, sh' tx mi/ 
sister ; claim do phealhar,f&y sister's r.h iUirtn; 
ogha peathar is hrathar, second cousins. 

pmtbaireil, see piiuharaiL 

pititha.ra.jj, see p'lithrag. 

piutharail, -<5. a. Sisterly. 

piutharabchd, s.f. Si-t^,rliness. 

piuthar-altrum, p j athar-a, p'athra'chean-a, s, 
f. Foster-sistur. 

piuthar-athar, p^athar-a-, peathraichean-a-, s.f. 
Father's sister, paternal aunt. Pi .unarm' 
athar, mv r>a l -"ri;a' aunt. 

piuthar-ci eil'i, p aoliar-ch-, peathraichi-aji-c-, 
f not -ch in /)f. | x.f. Sister-in-law. Mo phiuth- 
ar-cheile. my iist-r-in->i>r\ 

piuthar-iuathar, piiitbav-rn. , pe ithraichi^an-m., 
s.f. Moth T s sister, mavrn il aunt, Piuthar 
mo mhathar, my ma^'rna 1 aua'. 

piuttiar-seanamiiar. po.v iiar-s-, pca* ! lPH.a 
s-, s. ^.Grandmother's sister, grand -iunt. Piu- 
thar mo sh '.in vm'iar.m// graii'hntk<r'l ' >. 

pintbar-seinar, peathar- s-. peathraiohsan-s-, a. 
f. Grandfather's si -it -r. grand aunt, 1'iutnar 
mo sh ann-r, my rjiaii'l r'd'her s tst 'r. 

p urhrag, -aig, -an. f.f,'H>n of pi'ithar. f.ittla 
sister. 2 Conli l-ntial f< u 11 1 or gov; p. 

piu f .hragac'u,* -aicb, s.m. God-ip'n.^. 

plab, v.n. HOP plub. 

plab. -a, -aidhtsan, s.m. see pl'.ib. 2 Siuut. I 
Fillip. 4 Spot. 

acii, -aiche, a. see plubach. 

adaich, sej plabartalch. 




p! "bvlh -aidh,-aidh,?an,i?.ni.< plubadh. 

plal'a : r," i m, Habbl^r. 

pi bur-Mcnd, s.f. Babbling. 

pi i"ar.laieh, -e, /. Soft n >ise, as that caused 
i.y the motion t-f the wi.igs of a bird, flapping. 

plabarta cli, <, *./. Continued soft sound, as of 
water gently beating the shore. 2 Unintelli- 
gible talk, rumbling uoise in speech. see pluo- 

plabraich, -e, 9. f. Flapping or fluttering noise. 
Ki p. rau cbrann-brataicn, flapping about a 

i AI-,* -aie, s in. Mouthful. 

p.acai.l, -e, -can, s.f. Wooden dish. 2 Close tim- 
ber vessel. 3* Fat, broad, good-nalured fe- 

p!:icair,** s.m. Chubby-faced fellow. 2 Glutton. 

pi tcintach,** a. Coarse, rough. Gu p., roughly. 

d,** s.J. Coarseness, roughness. 

pla lar,(CH) s.m. Circular dish made of plaited 
-traw, used for corn 2V. 2 Platter. 

pi ulh, -a, see plath. 

ach.-aicne, a. see plathach. 

adh, -aidh, see plaih. 

p'a^h, see plath. 

plaghadh, see plath. 

p a;b.-an, -em, -an, s.m. Lump of raw flesh. 1 
Fat, plump boy. 

tplaic, -e, -ean, s.f. Fine, amercement. 

pi ichfad,** s. Flagon. 

tplaichid, -e, -ean, s./. see plaichead. 

ph : <i. (MS) Await. 

y>ia d, -e. -ean, s.f. sea plaid-luighe. 

p'aid,* v a. Drill potatoes. 2 Lay out ground in 
plots. 3 Plant, as greens or colowort. 

plaid.(CR) s. /, Said of a person falling his 
whole length on the ground. Flmair e p., anil 
n <cn d' fnuair e p. ! Arran. [spltid in Lorn.}, vt. -an A -acban, s.f. Blanket. 2 Plaid, 
(not UurfcAn-plakL) 3 Coarse tlanuel. 4*Plot 
of ground. Co.a plaide, an undei -peliicoat of 
cuars" 'lann-'/. 

ach. -eiche, a. Having blankets or plaids. 

achan pi. of plaidf. 

plaideag. -eig, -an, s.f. Little blanket or shawl. 
ach, -aiche, a. Having small blankets 
or plaids. 

p.'ii lf-lui;ihe, s.f- Lying in ambush. 2 Ambus- 
c ide. Deanamaid plaide-luigue, let us lie 
in trait. 

- ach,** a. Lying in wait. 2 Like an 

ambush. 3 Fond of lying in wait. 4 Skulk- 
n?, treacherous. 

pla dse, seesplai'tse. 
ac-h, a. see splaidseach. 

.lh, see splaids"adh. 

p ai.;h, -'.', -eau, s.f. Hla^ue, pestilence. 2 Epi- 
'! in c fever. 3 Troubles". me person. 

p Bigii-choiage&oh,** a. Antipe.^tilential. 
1 a ijhf-ach, -eiclie, a. Plaguy, pestiferous, pes- 
,i tifial. 

iachd, s.f. Plaguiness, contagiousness. 

1 '. . -e, a. Pestiferous, pestilential. 2 

minus. 3 Infectbus. 

i ^.jauii teach, s.f. spreading plague. 

ii!it.(AF) *. lUind or slow-worm. 

p iiigii-UHine,'* s.J. 1'be yellow fever [With the 
. a' ph -.] 

I -.-it. a" plaiseadh, v.a. Splash. 2 Daub 

'iirt or mire. 

.li, -eidii, *..-/. Splashing, act of splash - 
i ; .)! daubing \\ith mire or dirt. 

..n, -<-in, *.M. skull. 2 Little head. 

p ai >;e, s- e .-plii l-^-. 

p. a d>t-ach, S'-e >p'aidsech. 

p 'in,* a. Curdled. 

, -aim, -an, s.m. Anything curdled or clot- 

tod. 2 Fat blubber ciieek. 
p' mi icaidti, a. see piamcaidh. 
platnaeh, -aicbe, a. Curdled, thick. 2 Slimy. 3 

Of a d'lil or p ile colour. 4* Fat-cheeked,fair- 

hairod and 

pl.imaic,* v.a. Furabie, miv, handle awkwardly. 
plamo&idh. -e, a. Dooguy, tlaohy. 
plunra-hadh, -aidh. *.m'. Warming of milk for 

curdling. 2 Grumousness. A' p , pr. pi. of 

plamr ai'.-h. 
plauir uch, pr.nt. a' plamrachadh, v. a. Warm 

or prep <re milk for curdling. 2ft Make a soft 

pianaid, -oan, s.f. Gaelic spelling of planet. 

plancaioli.** v. Contabulato. 

plancaid, -e,-ean,./. Gaelic spelling of blankft. 

jac-h, a. Having blankets. 

pla'ig, -fiing, -an & -autian, j.nt. Plack (Scots 

coin 1 * val ie J I. (2 bodies.) 2**Gaelic spelling 

of plank. 3 (DMC; Any small coin, also 

plang ich,** a. Having planks. 2 Like a plank. 

3 Made of planks. 

pi tngaich,** v.a. Provide with planks. 
plangai-1, -e, -ean, *./. Blanket. 

-blian, s.f. White plaiding. 
ghorm. s.f. Blue plai.iirig. 
plangaidich, (M-S) o.a. Blanket, 
plan'ida, -n <% -iche*n, see pLaunta. 
" , see planntachadb.. 

plannt, see planntaich. 

p.a'int.-a <fc plainnt, -aichean, s.m. Plant. 

p'anntacuadh, -aidh, *. in. Planting, act of 

planting. 2 Plantation. A' p , pr. pt. of 


pi inntac'nair,** -ean, s m. Planter. 
pi umtaich, a' planntachadh, v.a. Plant. 

Settle or establish a uoloiiy. 

plannt i.ig, see planufea'clj. 

eaxlh, see planntachadh. 

planmair, -eau, s.m. Planter. 

eachd, *./. Occupation of planting. 2 

Business of a planter, 
planntan, s.m. Set.,* -air, s.m. Choice corn lor seed. 2 

Choice quality of oafcs. 
plaoisg, v.a. see plaosg. 2** Appear. 
ean, -ein, -an, s.m. dim. of plaosg. Small 

or thin husk, 

eanach, -aiche, a. Having a thin busk. 

p'aosg, a' plaosgadh, v.a. fe n. Peel, skin. 

2 Awake, open the eyes. 4 Op^n, burst, un- 
cover, disclose. 2 Burst, as from the husk. 5 
Make a noiso or sound. 

plaosg, -aoisg, -an, s.m. Husk, shelL 2 Outer 
peel or skin of a vegetable. 3 Shell of an egg. 
4 Glimmer, glimpse. 5 Opening of the eye* 
froai sleep. 6 Sound, sudden noisj. Cnobhan 
a's taine p., the xkeMtd nuts ; gus am 
p., to the husk ; p.-tmntata, a potato sk : n. 

ach. -aiche, a. Husky, shelly. 2 Heeling, 

that peels or skins. 3 Hating a rind. 4 Uu 
euvrri <<. 5 Glimmering, d Making a uoise 
or sadden sound, noisy. 7* Capsular. 

achd, s.f. Crustiness. 

plaosgadh, -aidh, a.m. Petting, act of peeling or 
skinning, taking or? the husk or shell. 8 
A>'.a:un, act of awaking or -.)[>jninjp the eyes. 

3 Bursting, art of bursting, a^ from the hus'.c. 

4 Act uf mikin; a noi-e. 5 Sudden iioi-e. 6 
Gliuimdring U^ht. flash, blaze. 7** Appear- 
in-, discovering of one's self. A' p-, pr. pt. 
of pia,..^. 

pla:)s..;ai-L* -e, -ean, s.f. Soft, siupi.l womau. 
pla ( -gtir,*-ean, ./. S.ift. stupid fe low.duhard 
p'ap, UMC) s.m. Fla,i>i::g -jf tue win-^ of a 




bird. 2 Sudden " leap 

plap'.DMC) pr. pi. a' plapail, v. Flutter with 

the wings. 
ail, -e, *./. Fluttering with the wings. A' 

p , of plap. 
plapa<lh,(MS) s.m. Anhelation. 
plapraich, -e, see plabraich. 
plasd, -a, pi. -an <fe -aidhean, s.m. Plaster. 2 

Daub. 3* Poultice, 
plasd, v.a. Plaster, dauh, cover with lime or 

other substance. 2* Spread awkwardly, 
tplasda,** a. Feigned. 
plisdach, -aic'ue, a. Plastering, that plasters. 

2 Having plasters 3 Using plasters. 4 Like 

a plaster. 5 Daubing. 

,** s.m. Plaster. 

adh, -aidh, * m. ,( see plasdaich. 

d,** s.f. Plastering, daubing or smear- 
ing, covering with lime or clay. 

adh, -aidh, s.m Plastering, act of plaster- 
A' p , pr. pt. of 



ing, smearing or daubing 

plasdaich, v.a. see plasd. 

te. past pt. Plastered, daubed. 

plasdaidbean. pi. of plasd. 

plasdair. ean, s.m. Plasterer. 

eachd, s.f. Business or occupation of a 

plasterer. 2 Work performed by a pi xsterer. 
3**Snv'aring, daubing. 

plasdrachadh, -aidh, s.m. see plasdadh. 

plasdradh, see plasdadh. 

plasdraich, v.a. see plasd. 

plasdraichte, see plasdaiehte. 

pl.isdrail,** s.f. Plastering, besmearing-. 

plat,(CR>y m. Corn bag made of plaits of straw 

plat, -a, pi. -an, -achan & -aicnean, *. m. Kin-* 
of cloth made of straw or rushes. 2(MS) Sack. 
3 Plaid of straw or rushes. 4 (DMy) Mat on 
which sheep are killed, ft (MMoL) Any heavv 
covering. Tilg a' ph. sin thairis air, throw 
that covering nvtr him ; p.-eich, straw-doth of 
a park-saddle ; p.-fhasgnai.lh, straw-doth on 
which corn ii winnowed. 

fplat, -a. s.m. Gaelic spelling of p'at*. 

plat,* v a. Thrust in, clap upon. Ph. e a lamh 
air, he dnr>p''d his hand, on it. 

platach.(CR) s.m. Mat of plaited straw for put- 
ting on a horse's back under the crook sad- 
dle w. of Ross-shire. 

plataichean, pi. of plat.. 

platan, -ain, -an, see plafc. 

plath, -a, -an, see plathadh. 

plath. * v.a. Puff, blow upon. 2 Flash. 3(DC) 
Momentary glance. 

. ach, -aiche, a. Glancing, twinkling, mo- 
mentary, transient. 2 Flashing, shining sud- 
denly. 3 In clouds or volumes, as smoke. 4 
Gusty, in gusts or squalls, as wind. 

plathadh, -aidh, s.m 

eye. 2 Instant of time, moment. 3 Beam of 
light, flash. 4 Volume a< of smoke. 5 Gust 
of wind. 6 Swoon. 7** Momentary appear- 
ance of anything, as of lightning. 8 Meteor. 

9* Puff of wind. 10**Sudilen gloom. 
Volume of flame or wind. 

of the heart through pleadh,** -a, s.m. Di % 'g ng. dibbling, spud iin-r 

acb, a. Digging or di-.blin-. 2 Made for 

digging or dibbling. 

ag, -ai;, -au, .s.A Dibble, paidle. 

agac.n, -aiche, a. Workin r with, or n-ino- 

a paddleordibbli. 2 Of. or belonging to. p , 
dies or dibbles. 3 Like a paddle or'dibbie. 

i'i icha-lh, see plead hagaicn. 

p'e ulh igaich, s.f. Act of using a paidle or dib- 
ble, puHlinx, dibbling. A' p , pr. pr. of 
pleadhagaich, u.a.Dig or work with a p.i-Mle or 


pleadhagaichte, of pleadhagaicb. 
plea Ihaicli, see ple;id'i;igaich. 

te, see pleadtiag uchte. 

pleadh ain, gen.sim. Je of pleadhan. 
pleadhair, -ean, s.m. Dib >ler, one who ues a 


pleadhairt,' -e, -ean, s.f. Importunate p^'idon. 
pleadhan, ft a. Paddling. 2 Tnfl n^. 

, -ain, -an, a.m. Little oar, scull. 2** 

Paddle, di ble. SttSmall leg. 4 (OH) Spat- 
tie for turning bread IF. of RtMt-shirt. 
pleadhanach, -aiche, a. Having a little o vr, 
oars, or pa Idles. 2 Trifling 3 Given to tri- 
fling pursuits. 4 see pi -adha;;ach. 

d, s. f. ind. Paddling or >culling 

with a little oar. 2**Diggin;, dibbiiug. 3 
Trifling, pursuing of silly or tririin^ tilings. 
pleadnan-teannacriai lh,* a.m. I5u<k. 
pleadhart, -airt, -an, s.m. Buffet, blow or slap 

on the cheek, 
pleadhartach, -aiche, a. Buffeting, dealing 


pleaghag, see pleadhag. 
pleaguan, -ain, -an, see pleadhan. 
pleanais,** sj. Species of coirse Unan. 
pleasg, -a, -an, s.m. Noise, crai'k. 2 Loud blovr. 
3 String of beads, [g'n.*. <k plisg -DU.] 
p4easg. w.i. Crack, burt*t, break, 
pleasguch, -aiche, a. Cracking, noisy, making a 
noise, thumping, crashing. 2 Ready to '.-rack, 
burs* or break. 

aidh, s.m. Cracking, act of crack- 
inc, bursting. 2 Crashing noise. A' p , pr. 
pt. of pleasg. 

pleasganach, -aiche, a. That cracketh or break- 
eth. 2 That striketh. 3 Noisy, sinking, 
crashing, bursting, 
pleat, Gaelic spiling of plait. 
pleat,' v.a. Plait, f >ld. 2 Patch, mend. 3** 

Wreathe, braid. 4 Seam. 5 Tress, 
pleata,* *. m. Pa r ch .piece. 
pleatach,(AC) a. Flat, broad, even. 2 Wreath- 
ed. 3 Plaited, folded, doubled. Ca.-w.ii p., 
broad ftft, flat fr?t, as in a flat-footed p'raon ; 
fait p., braid'd hair. 

pleatadh/DMC) s.m. Folding. 2 Seaming. 
pleath. a' pleathiinn, v. n. Be,; a tning 

to be paid for. 
pleathainn, s.f. Actof begging a thins; you ar 

to pay for. A' p , of pleath. 
pleid, see bleid. 
pleidear, see bleidir. 2 (DMC) Beggar. 

^. twinkling of the 


pleideil, see bleideil. 

A' p ,pr. pt. of plarh. l'ha ; nig p. oirnn.apu/ j pleideir,* v.n. Plead, beg importunately or iu- 
cam." on us ; am p.. in a ifn'nt ; fhuair "inn ! cessantlv. 


ni:ii --W. of Ross-skirt. 

p dheth, ice had a gtimpte nf it ,- a' p. ra' ar pleigh.t */ Quarrel. 

n-aodann, puffing a ! >ont our fa-en : a' ghrian ' .(CR) <* Fight Prrthshir 

fo ph., the sun itndei' a $<l.i1en doom ; mar ph. 

dealanaich, lik' a rta*h of lig'ttanij. 
plathag (MS) s.f. Squall of wind. 
plathaich.(MS) v.a. Glance, 
plathaigeach, a. Windy. 
pleachd/CR) s.f. Roll of wool ready for spin- 

.a. Revile or abuse with all yo^ir 
pMsgeadh,* s.m. Reviling. 2 Scolding in 
sarcastic manner. A' p , ot pit 
pleiste,** s. Testicle. 

" " v.a. Warm slightly, as milk. 


JJICUU., V.fc*. " . **- i>*ft**l.*J } t*^ 

pleodag,* -aig, -an, s.f. Soft, simple female. 2 

Snow-flake L'ist. 




iar,** t.m. Harum-scarum. 2 Soft, spirit- 
f-llow. 3 see feodar. 

:\ch, see feodarach. 

a r, see feodvr.ur. 

ih, see pleoisg. 

,:\, s. in. & f. Simpleton, booby, 

ch, - -ich?, a. B>>oby-lik-5, silly, foolish. 
., -ei;, -an, s. f. Fjo.ish, silly, stupi I 
worn m., ../. ni. Stupi Uty, silliness 
_', -a ; n, s.m. Dolti,n, stupid b>y. 

plrfbisj'eil, -e, 'i. Ool'ish, sotcnh, stupid. 
i^.(i)J.M) a. Elinltf dogfish. 

pliad, -a, -an, <.rt. Plot of ground, prov. 
,(AC) a. see pleatach. 

plhdan, -an, -an, i. in., dim. of pliad. Little 
of ground. 

p'iidanach, -aiche, a. Abounding in little plot- 
"in 1. 

plia in, -a, -an, t.f. Splay-foot. 2 Bandy-leg. 

pliadh,** v.n. Swa-^er. 

p ia lhach, -aieh.?, a. Splay-footed. 2 Bandy - 
l t? jr ( r-d->'a/-0>a/r. 

. .* -aiche, s.f. Splay-footed female. 

pliadhaiche, s.f.ind. Splav-fwtedness. 

.;r,* -eau, s.m. Splay-footed or bandy- 
i man. 

pliaram, -am, s.m. Babbling, prow. 

pliiramich, -niche, a. Babbling 1 , prov. 

pliath-rod,** -roid, s.m. slipper. 

pliunro'd, see pliath-rod. 

plib-an,** -ein, *.m. Plover. 

piiobair, t.m. Flunkey, worthless fellow. 2(T>C) 
Mean fellow Litmort. Gille pliobair, an un- 

p i >dair,* . .seepliotair. 

ptioghtaire, seepliotair. 

pliona.s, -ais, *.m. Hypocritical smile Argyll. 

puotair, -ean, t.m. Fawner, sycophant, mean 
cr npinv,' fallow, caj'der, flunkey. 

pliofa.r, a'pliooairt, v.n. Cajole, seduce by 

pliotairra hi, s.f. Cringing, mean flattery. 

piiotairt,* t.f. Cajoling, caressing, as a child. 
\- p _ > of pliotair. 

pint, -a, -an, s.m. Clumsy foot or paw. 2 (D 
Mi' in d vision. Hand or foot. 

p!iu'a<.-h, -aicho, a. Clumsy -footed, broad-pawe 1. 
2 (AH) Clumsy *'! benumbed through expo- 
nr^ to cold applied to the tinkers. 

, s.f. Cluindy-f>x)ted or splay-footed fe- 

pliutach, -aich, t.m. Seal, sea-calf, prov. 

l>iintaii-ue, t.f.iiul. Baker-foot. 

pliutair, -ean, .t.m. Clum<y-ftted person. 

pliutaireachd, t.f. ; nd. Clumsiness of feet. 2 
Clumsy walking. 

plobht.(OB) .m. Plump of rain. 2 Soatkd of 
anything falling into watr Perthshire. 
>co>t, plout. 3 (i>C) Shoal of herring:. B' e 
'n s^ailadh e, 's cha b" e plobht dubh an sg- a d- 
ain ! that weu the tight ani not the wan xhtxit 
of herring ! 

ploc, pluic, -an, t.m. Any round mass. 2 Piece 
of earth, larga turf, lar^'e clo<l. 3 Club or 
bludgeon with around or large head. 4 H-ad 
of a pin. 6 Block of wood. 6 Short *tmnp >>f 
a tree. 7 Bun?, stnpp-r. 8 Ml >ci, palljy. 9 
. had. 10 U.mip h'inch. II Oh'imp. 
1 Ch-^c. 13 Pdtato-m.vsn^r. II L'imp.s! 
pr .n 'titory. 15**R!'>c<riad. 18 Blix-k-^-jad 
e I -i c'-c. 17 Bliick-h -a -\~-A nitntmont. 

P.-.-mil-:- 1 \ll iici, a jlvct oj woo.1 p'acfd at 
th.- .'.-t -k nf :h' f.r . 

fJoc, f.a. Strike with a club, blo^k, clod or p-s 
tie. 2 StriKa on the head. 3 Bruue, pauud. 

4 Ram against. 5 Mash, us potatoes, greens* 

plocach,* ir.rn. Boy. lad. 
ocich, -ai-jiie, a. Aboundlvfin pi^es oft-arth, 
turf or c'O'ls. 2 Abxiud.n: in blooks of w wxL 
3 Like a block. 4 Having a lar^e head or end 
Tke a club or b nd^on. f> Havinr olnbs or 
bhiil-jf 'Diis. 6 Having blocks or pull -'.vs. 7 
Humped. 8, swur. 9 H IVKI^ large or 
swol, en cheeks. 10 *Torgi-l. ll'*Fnll-faced. 
An galar p., the yt/'s /, mmpt. 
o.'adn, -aidh, s.m. Suriki ij. 2 Act of strik- 
ing with a block or p -?tl j . 3 Sirikiu^ on tha 
head. 4 Bruisius, act of brui< ; n;, pouridln^ 
or mashing. A' p , pr.p .. of ploc. A' p. a' 
bhuntata, imtski.^j the po'ntot*. 

plocag, -aig, -an, *./. Corpulent little woman. 
ocasach. a.. Thi.;k-set. 

j)lo<:aion,*" v.a. Buug. 


ploc. Shall or will bruise, 

plocaidh, gm.siivj. of plocadn. 

plocair,** s.m. Hauler. 

caireanhd,** s.f. H ig^lin^. 

ploc-a'-inhkis, s.m. Buttock. 

plucan, -iiin, -an, t.m., dim. of ploc. Wooden 
ham Utjr, mall-it. '2 Little clod or block. 3 
seo blocan. 4 Potato-masher. 5 Policeman'* 
baton. P. a' bhais, tht hammer vf death ; p. 
a' bhuntata, the potato-math frWetteoat of 

plocinacn, -aiche, a. Abounding in small clods. 

2 r'lirnbned with mallets or woollen hammers. 

3 Furoisheil with mall block-* or pulleys. 
plocaa-bhuntata, s.m. Potftt.vuather. 
plocanta, -ain&e, a. Stout, sturdy. 2 Hav'n^ 

full or swollen cheeks. 3 Lumpish. 4 Bouud- 
headed. 5 Fall-faced. 6 Blockish. 
placantachd, s.f.ind. Stoutness, aturditie^. 2 
Swelling of the cheek. 3 Fullness of v^age. 

4 Lampishne-^s, blockish ie.-s, doltishuess. 
p oc-cheAnaaeh, a. BeeUe-bea<ied. 
ploc-dubh. see dordalan. 
ploc-laiii*idh,tj s,/. Block of wood, hollowed 

out and furnished with a prwidewn w-.>->f<u 
pestle, having a handle inserted >o>**ris ^ 
upper extremity, at right angles, w :iioh i* 
u.-*e 1 for hailing barley, or pounding bw. for 

ploc-mhalach,** a. Beeble-brawtid, 
ploc-mhaildheaeh,** see ploc-ma;viatOj. 
piod, -a & -nid, pL -ui, s.n*. Ciod. 2 Pool, 
sfeaodiog wat^r. 3 Carna ie. 4 l> unagn. 5 

Fleet of shipping, eop--) 

P. m6r loin^eis, a law lift *f oetA-lt 

a rinn am p. ! what en, n-tff t tfj have 

[** gives both 2 & 5 as t, with ,/* n.in0. -old.] 

plod, v.a. Pelt or strike with a clod or clods. 2 
Scald, parboil. 3 (CR) Ruv>ye clods from 
turnip-land, t* Float, to float. A* 
plodadh n i m iic% tailtHny ''he t><:/. 

plo.lach, -aich, -ai-hiia;, s.m. Puddle, mire, 2 
t+^air for burial. 

p'.da-li, -a ; c!i, a. Ab >un lin ia clols. 

p! ,di>-h -aione, a. Lukewarm. 2 l'arb>)ilmg, 
ihicpa.-b.iU 3 Parboiled. 4 Scnltling. 5 
B'lovaiU, floating, like, or bilongmu to, 
fl.>ac. L T ixge p., l^k'warm uafr. 

i)l> I icuadh,** .y.m. Floatinif, baoyancy. 

i)lo la-- l i.l,**-./.i'i-/. Luic.-warm i-^w. 

p' > ladh, -aidn, s.m. Scriki.ig, ac- of striking or 

' pelting rtth clodn. 1 \ct of parbnimg. S 
Sc\ldi' T , sail I. 4 **l>uoytucy. 5 Jfl >ac. 
6 ft^.nu.tnsj clods frjui turn p-lan 1. -Xfaye. 
7**Kleet. a (All) Jettisoning. A p , pr. pt. 
of piod. 




plodag, -aig, -an, *./. Water grnel, warm posset. 

Deocb phlodrtig, a drink of gruel. 
plod:iicb, ti.a. see plod. 
plodaiclie, s.f. hid. Lukewarmness. 2 State of 

b<Mng parboiled. 

p'od lit eachd,** f.f.ind. Buoyancy. 
ploM^n, -ai'i, -an, a. w., tUm. of p'od. Small 

cJod. i! Wnnll pool. 8**8uiall tt^at. 4 SmaH 

boat of a , see p. 78. 
plodanncf, -;iich", ft. Abounding in little clod*, 

or 2 in 11' tie pool?. 
ploiUr.^chd, v.r.iivl. Paddling in water. 2 

Floativg. 8 **<iudfllin.;. iciie,**f.uu Dai. bier. 
]>louar, s~f plodiniior. 

p!o<'-fheruh,(AlJ) s. )> ad calm. rff-ntri-gheaJ.] 
jlodh,* f.i/i.iud. Anything put Umpuarily toge- 

ther. Y Mc-k p-rs-m that di^s on getting the 

least co'd or injury. 3 Man or anything Lard 

ly hanging together. 
p'odh.-'i g, see pu:6i. 
p!, t-ee pkofcgearh. 
plodtiai.-geachd, see pleoi-g 

jti'Rg, see p'. 6?sgt'8g. 
gv-au, see pleoisgean. 
p!otih;ma'i,* see pieo sg. 
ploilmhur,** a. Buoyant, fio:.tfrg. 
piodraicn, -e, s.f. Stale of bwx.inuig stagnant 

i.*Carn!)gf. 3 Havnc. 4" rttate of lying here 

aud,there{uncartd for. 
ploic.j -e, -ean, s.f. I be mumps [witb the nrt 

a' ph .] 
ploiceach, -eiche, a. Having the mumps. 1 


(ilokxag, -eig, -an, s.f. Plump- cheeked woman. 
Vloi'-ean, -em, -an, *.m. ^i-'m). tb' >-ked hoy. 
l'luictj,nacl>, -ai< b'.tf a. Plump-choked, 
l>ii.;r*'aii,i<-h, -hicit, *..m. see 
I'luirhl. see ploic. 
piviic-hdjach, -re pi iceacb. 
]'!oi'ie, see j.b^te. 
r'.oid < -g s/. Good-natured female. 2* Shawl. 

l.i;]dlli -fi, .-d plcoisg. 

plo db'sgtach, see pifo'sgepchk 
pli-idci^ut: g, .see pltoi-ig-T %. 
jMO.<ih,!rg.-Hi., see plvou-gtoou. 
Ijloi-eacti,' l.A(K) *. -=. Honu.n of anything, 
of a ijjece of \iluth~Caitkrif a. 


gsrtaich, v.n. Palpitate. tt:r-'b, start, part, 

fcai>p. 2 iSi^h, sob. A cbridh' a' plo nail, &i* 

hGrt palpitating. 
plof-g, -oig, -an, see plosgadh. Can ph. air 

dd'.a, lifeless on th? bier. 
plo<{.ach,** a. Panting, throbbing, ga.spim?. 2 

Causing tX3 pant or throb. 3 Like a pant or 

sob. 4 Quick. 5 Bold. 
fOo;. T adh, -aiith, -aidhean, ,t. in. Palpitation. 

quick motion of the heart. 2 Start, throb, 

throb' 'ing of the heart. 3 Sigh. 4 Loud 

sonnd or noise. 5 Life, breath. (5 A^pinuion. 

A' i> of plo.g. Can ph. air deile, u-ilhovt 

aga*p on the slre'chiny board. 
plusjail, s.f. d- ^ f p'osg, see ploffadh, 
p]o..uarijach,** a. yuicic. bold. iJ i untiug. 

P'oigh, GaeUc spelling of Fcots ploy. 
i\,l^\ g, -e, a. Spungy. I ::i.mic. S 

iral-le. 4 i^uick. ;v**l>ry. 
p'u iteuch,* -etche, a. I'ov. ny. 
ploiUag, (DC; s.f. Earuiworui Uitt, 
}'loiteau,(MMcl.) x.m, Downy peat. 
,** a. Quick. 
?, a' \)!ogadh, a' pl.'sgail & a' 

p'os. arnnich,** s.f. Panting. 
p'osgnir,(MS) v. Blow. 
{i.r-gartach, -aielie. o. Breathless, pant/ing. 2 
Throbbing. 3 Quick. 4 Bold. 5 Open. 

p!o--gartchd,** s. 

plo^^aitaich,** v.n. s*;e 

plo-gar aich. pr. pt. of piosg <fc "plosgartaich, 
see plosga Ih. 

plost;at, -ait, t. m. Corn -marigold, 969 bilfl- 

plot, see plod. 

plofn.lh, see p'of'-dh A plnUdb. 

plub, p .pt.. a'pli badh & a' p'uhairt.r.n.Plnmp, 
t til >u<ld<-iiiv iiii.o w.u r 'i Kmit u noise, as 
of li<|or in a OM^k. or of porriurje boiling. 3 
Sprak m-irticulatv'ly nd rapidly. 

plu> -u'l> & -H,-aii, * m Any great and soft nn- 
wic-ldi lump. 2 Sudden pi une. 3 Mound as 
of a .stone fallintj watr. I Noise of 
ii-nior wben movHl in * ca*k not jit^ full. 5 
Noit of porridge boiling. 6 Clumsy, lubber- 
ly ptra.-n V*ii.>und-had. jo)t-h.*d. &' 
Hrn..pan. P chaitatl, a f^mnri' '* tlr*p. 

pl.'.ba^h, -aiche, a. Sounding i_ 3 li.juor moved In 
a Malt-ailed casic. 'I Souti-ung *s a stoue fall- 
in^ into water. 3 8pfakin in(t!tinctly and 
rapiiily 4* Soft and clumpy. &1tPiu0ging. 7 
"* Hound headed, loll hr-aded 

plubach,* -aiche, s /. Soft, lubberly female. 

piubauh. -fc.Uh. *. Act ol (alliue suddenlr 
into watei 2 Act of sounding. H ^i.'itat-dl 
liquor m a half-Gilt d cask. 8 Act of sp^aKmtf 
indistinctly and rapidly. A p , pr. pi. of 

. s-/ 

Mnbit of -p akiny Hi.:i*iiincMy atj-l ni 
pinb^ir. -f.-n. ./. i" ...liv. / <)w^ wtK* ap 
cMst'i cily ;ind r^iidl^. 3 I,u0rft 
heaAlt.) (ellow ft ch"ibby-. r acfd lello 

- 'a'.'J'd. s.f nut ^re 
-- ntach. -h. se plubair. 

- sin. -ruN.* \.iii ^liija 
phiba'rt. t.f. rf- pr pt. nee plnrnnti 
plubdkU.** tj. PaUUlnig 2 Paddlinu noie. I 

pluburtaicb, t^ p.'ubraich. 
plub-chfa-iiii. -elni<n a.m. Lumpish bead. 
---- :wh, aiche. a. Lnnip-hearied. S 

Pull, stup.d 

pluln-ich, aicne. a. Making a plumping noisd. 
i (.iurglmg. gujj'cMr.g zs Pa-iahng or playing 
in i ho waUsr 4 Floundering. 
p'librau b, -e, i.f. Contiuiud n .He as of stones 
falling into water. 'i Padding in water 3 
Coiiuiriiiod cuiM of Agitated wat:.r 4 Gurg- 
iing, gupgling. 6 Speaking mdistinftly. 8 
Plm-jiinj;, floiuidering. P. uan t<inn, the gurg* 
ii*j <>f tJ,e v a-cts , na biic n p., the trout 

pluc, -uic & -a, -au, *. m. Lump. 2 Knot. 3 
Mur-ch. 4 Itimour. SPiuiple.. 6 Bung. 7 
The rot in sheep. 8 U^ad of a pin. ee 
a' phloic. 10** Hunch P.-mhaildeach, butlt- 
pluc, a,- plncadb.r.o.Blow, puff out. Z Stop 

wttn a b'.ng. ^ ivuot. 4 Mate bunchy. 
3iuc. a' p'ucaih.ra. * n. Beat, tnump. 
2 I'clt. 3*Juuibie. 4ftPluck. 
ic-^oh, -aii-liH, a. Lumpy, knotty. 2 Bunchy. 
a Full of tiiraour-j or pimple..-*. 4 Having the 
mumps. (> LU.v ing ti.e rot, as sheep. t>*Jurab- 
Hr;g. ?**Chubby. fe"*Uuncuy. M6n ph., a 
p!inply ti6<-;an galar p., the quinty, t rot in 

plura-lh, -airlh, t.m^ Blowing of th rheeks. 2 
Stale of bi'Ct.-ming knotty or bunchy, 3 Acfc 
of biiiiging, or stopping with a bui.g. A' p , of pluc. 

>lucadb, -^ulh, .m.Beatinc. act of beating or 
thumping, ii 1'elting. A' p , pr.p t. 



plucaieh, v.a. Plus. 

u. s.f.tnd. Lurnpishoess, bunchiness. 


plncair. -eau. *.m Person having a swollen or 
pimpled tacei. 2tf Beater, thumper 3 Chub- 
by laced fellow. 

eaclul.'* t /. Chubbmess. 2 Imperti- 

plucui*.** *./. Flux. 

plucan, of pluc. 

. -aii. [pi- -am & -an."| t.m.. <?nrt of pluc. 

Lttrlti lump 2 Little knof or bunch. 3 Lit- 
tle timi.'iir or pimple. 4 Small bung 5* Lit- 
tle jii'tible of sea. 

ich -niche, a. Abounding in liltl<? l'imp-, 

knots or bunclies 2 Abounding in little tu- 
nvjurs or pimples 3* Wiin a little jumbling 
M sea 

pluc-aodnch.** s Baize 

lilucis. ais, s.m. Diarrhoea 

ach -aiohe, a. Affected with diarrhoea 2 

Causing diarrhoea. 

pinch, n a. Press, squeeze slowlv and tightly, 
compress. 2 Smother. 3**Throng 4** Mouth 
<*henatm 5**Constrin<je 

plocntdh -aidh * m. Squeezing, sc' o< squeez- 
ing, compressing *sq-ueezin? slowly anl last- 
iv M-jhtiy 2 Smothering. 3**i'hronging 4 
*.Mout,hing in time of eating A' p , 
of pliich. ["plii'-h la'lh in Qa< rlwh DU.] 

pluo mhailgheach. -eiche. n Beetle-browed 

pluic. -e. ean. t..f The chiek 2 Blub-ch<wk. 
3 pi. of ploc. 4 Beard. Long iad air a che : le 
Ins n\ pluic. th'ir fn>-^t>t fir'-inii) tvhnlhfr 
with titrf.< ; tha a" bhreug 'nad ph., thn i h>st 
lit. th*} lie is in thy clv.'v ; <lo p'l'.uic^an 
raar na caoran; thy ch "'- like tht roira'i-b*rr>/. 

encli, -eiche, a. Blub-choeked, chubby- 
checked, having larg* cheks. 

"u-h. I'ich, *.tn. Blub-eheeked p -rson. 

each ioh, * f. The toothache. [With the 

art a' ph .] 

phnc?aiv -ein. -an, sm.. dim. of plu-c. Little 
round cheek 2 (AF) Chub (u'sh ) 

ach. -aicbe. a Having little round 

aoh. -aich. t.m. Blub-cheeked person. 

pluiileach. -eiche, a. Club-tooted, splav-footed. 
piuuleiche. s f. ind Distortion of the feet.* v m. Hi : lumpish rnin or beast. 
ach.* -eiche. *.f. Clumsy, awkward fe- 

mal-. 1 lunnish female. 

plumnse tf Swash Gael'c spelling of plungt. 
acb.** a. Plunging 

ag.fDMy) s f Largt^ coarse apron 

plairean -em <tn t m. Flower 

ach. -aiche. a. Flowery. 

piuit.* s.f. Claw. 

plum. -uira. s.m. One who sits stock-still. 2* 

Oead calm. 3if Anything that, stands stock 

*till 4" Hum-drum 

plum, pr pt, a plumadb, v.n. Plunge, sink un- 
der water, ats lead, 
pluma >. Plummet 
pluraacn (DU> . Black and deeo. Lochan p. 

Mhic'-eoid. th 1 ? nami of a small deep lake 

in th^ south side of Loch Kwe. 
plum idh. -a* Ih, s.m Act of falling or plunging 

into water. '2 Plunge, dash A p-. pr pt. 

f plum, 
plunvd4. *./. see pluma. 2 (DU) Little deep 

p;umaich.* v n. Coagulate without yeast, as 
milk 2 Stagnate. 

te. a. Curdled. Bainne p., ciinile.l 

pluuiaid,(CB) t.f. Gaelic spellinj of plummet. 

tosegay. 3 Flour. 

i Plump fm lie. Nach b' e a- ph. i l HMO 

p'nmn xhf, if ! 

plumnnai'Mi, -e, s. f. Continued noise, as c 
stones filling iuro w-irer. -I Da<hui'. 
N;iso of wavos I", Man ing. &(DUtD*rt 
cning. Anns a' ph., m the <ia-k>mn.> or tat 

p!iimastaii-,(AH) s.m. Dull. <ullen, dour 
plumb, -a, -an, s.m. Plunge. 2 Noisa of Auy 

substance fating into. water. 
plum', r. see plum. 

.* t.f. Heavy shower. 

plumba. -idhean, s.m. Plummet. 

pl'tmbach. -aiche, a. Makin,; a noise in the wa 


plumlndh, -aidh, s.m. <k see plumadh. 
p!u;nbais, -e, -ean, s.f. Plum. P. sheargia,. a 

-fh-'atlhain, t.f. Wild plum prunut 

dom -stints. 

-each, -eich?, a. Full of plums. 

-shearg'a, s.f. Prune. 

plutnbas, sea piumbai-). 

ach, see plumbaiseach. 

plunclrainn. -e, -can, s.f. Pillage, spoil. Gaelic 
spelling of plunderinj. 

, v.a. Plunder, pillage, spoil. 

pliir. -uir, s.m. see fliir. ?.**Noset:ay. 3 i 
plurach, -aiche. see flurach. 
pliiran. see fliiran. 

ach, see tturanacb. 

achd. see fluranachd. 

liluranaiche, see fluranaiche. 
pluran-elujg-eanach, see fluran-clnigeanach (in 


plur-an-lochai'i, see flur-an-Iochain (appendix.) 
(iluran-sean^ain. see flu-an-seangain (appendix. ) 
p'ur-na-cubhaig, sea flu!--na-cul>hai! (apoendix.) 
plur-na-gaoithe. see flur-ua-gaoithe (appendix.) 
plur-na-gr^in>, sea flur-na-t;reine (appendix.) 
plura Ih. -aidh, -aidhean, >-.m. Breakins down. 

2t Falling diwn, as of rain, 
^namh, set* prumh. 
pobfil, (_** for pubull] see gallan-mor. 
tpobhlar, -air, -an, t.m. Poplar-tree, 
pohhnai Ih, see pjnaidh. Gaelic spelling of Scots 

pobhuiUeach,** o. Abounding in, or belonging 

to, poplar. 

tpohhull, -uill, -an, s.m. see pobhlar. 
pobull, -uill, -an, s.m. People. 2 Tnb-j. 3 Con- 
gregation. 4 Nation. 

ach, -aiche, a. Laical. 2 Populous 3 

Of, or belonging to, the people. Duthauu pn., 
a populous country. 

achd,** s.f.ind. Populousness. 

poc.D *.TTI. The mumps. [With the art. am.) t 

(DMK) Disease in cattle Caith net*. 
poc. a' pocadh, v.a. <fe n. Put into a bi^ 
or sack. 2 Become like a bag or sac*. nlv> 

poc. a* pocadh, v.a,. A n. Put into a poc- 
ket. 2 Furnish with pockets, alaopdtturh 
poca. -n & -nnan. s.m. Bag, little sack. sau:,i<" 
I (DMy)BUster, P.-saic, a large sack thrown 
across a hort>'s bock, and larqe enough to con- 
tain a la i ; air a' ph., btfwmj. 
poca. -n. -nnan. . m. Pocket. 2 Small bag. 
Li-a'ihar-poca, a pocket-book; airgiod poca, poc- 

poevbuilhcvCR) *.rn. Deer's stomach- Wtsl of 

Ross-g\irt <fc Suth'd. 
pocach. -aiche. a. Having pockets. 2 Like * 

packet 3 ilnvin ', Uf^e pockets or p >\\c\r>< 
pocach. -aich?, a Having hags. -J AbouadiiifiT 

m ba?- 3 Like a ban. 1 Ba*M" I. 
p'jcacbtlb, -aidii, t.m. Act of pnttinj 111:0 




r>afj. 2 State of bncomine: like a bag, bagging- 

A' p , of pocaioh. 
pooachadn, -aidh, s.m. Pocket i'lp, act of poc- 

keting. 2 Act of furnishing with pockets. A' 

?-, of p6caich. 
porachan, -ain, -an, s.m., dim. of poca. Little 

pocaich, a' pocachadh, v.a. <k n. Put into 

a ba? or sack. 
pocuch, a' pocacba-lh. ".a. <f n. Put into 

.- pocket. 2 Furnish with pockets. Ith do 

leo ; r 's na p. rnir, fit as much as y&u like but 

Docket nothing said to boys going to a party 
pdcaid, -e. -can, t.f. see poca. 
--- each, -eiche. a. see pocich. 
-- ich, v.i. Pocket. 
ppt'ain, yn.xinrj. <k of pocau. 
pocair,** s.m. Beggar. 
pocait, set pocai.t. 
pecan, . ain, -an,, ih'm. <>f poe. Little bag or 

sack 2* Little squat fellow. 3 in derision, 

Impudent little fellow. .ain, -an, s.m., dim. of poca. Little 

- -aiche, a. Abounding in little poc- 

pocanach, -aiche, a. Having litlle ba<r<*. 2 Like 

a little bag. Slmpuden', ill-bred. 4**Squat, 

diminutive in person. Is fhearr mathair oh. 

na athair claidhenmhacb, better is a mother 

with a b(ui (full of victuals) than a father with 

tt sword by his side. 
pocai:an, pi. of pocan. 
poenuaa, pi. of p6can. 

po<-an-carbh,(CR) s.m. Sea-urchin Onirfoch. 
pocan-na-buidseaehd, (DMK) t. m Small bng 

containing odds and ends used by witches in 

the practice of their vocation. 
poea-puinsein, s.m. Spider. Ballachulish, Ben- 

ier/och, <kc. 
pocanta, -ainte, a. Like a bag or little bag. 2 

"i'l'iat, thick and short in stature, stumpy, 

pocantachd, s.f.ind. Squatness, thickness and 

shortness of stature, stumpiness. 
poca-salainn,((;R) t.m. Lar>;e grey spider found 

in the open ait. It has white tegs which are 

shorter than those of the " damhan-alluidh." 

In gome places every kind of spider is called 

ptca-#ala>im, the term dtimhan-allaidh being 

considered quite bookish. 
pochd, see p>c. 
p6g. -6ig, -an, s.f Kiss. 

pog. a' po^fadh, v.n. Kiss. P. mi, kiss me. 
pogfccb, -aiche, a. Kissinjr. 2 Given to kissing. 
-------- ,* s.f. Blandishing female. 2 Offerer of 

p6p<idh, -aidh, s.m. Kissing, act of kissing,kiss. 

A p~, of p6g. 
pogafdb, fut.a/.a. of pog. Shall kiss. 

poibleaoh -eiche, a. i^niltr. 2**Plebfiaa, of 

the populACH. 3 Like u rabble, 
poibleaetias,** -ai-, s.m. Popularity. 
fp'iihleag, t.f. Pup!ar-;rca. -e, s.f. Public manifest. 

,* gfK- or pobull. 

tppibligheaohd, s.f (Juurnonwealth. 

poicean, -ein, -an, s.m. 8hott, sijuai fellow, *e 


ach, a. Thick, short, squat. 

poichean, -ein. s n>. Pitlilflss, diminutive fellow. 

2 Little impudent fellow. 3 Lirtle pu. 
poichean ! int. (^11 to a little p -E. Ptrthsh. 
poichidh, s.f. Yonnjr pi s . Am ac thu na poiH,- 

idhean ? have you s?en the yuunj pigs { Eat 


poichidh ! ") (OH) int. Calls to vouri? v\"n~ 
poich ! poich I J E Psrththir*. " 
poigean, -ein, -an, .m.,ri/m. of po^. Little kws, 

smack. Thoir p. cthomli, kiSi rne. 
ach, -aiche, . Kidoiug. 2 Fond o' kL 


poil, Gaelic spelling of pole. 
poilich, see boil ich. 

poillea'lh,** -idh, .m. Boring, pietrir.g 
poineach, see pouach. 
poinfdb, -ean, x.m. see ponaidh, 
poiuireach, see poiiaireach.. 
p6ir, -ean, s.m. Pore. 
puircean.^AF) s.m. Little pig. 2 Por^^e 

ppis,** v.a. Ha 

ul, drag, lug. 

poit, -e, pi. -ean A -eachan, s.f. Pot, cauldron. 
p6it, v. Drink deeply or to excess, carouse. 
- , *./. see poite. 
poit-chama",*" t.f. Pot-hook. 
poit-chreadlia,** s. /. Earthen pot. 2 Potter's 

clay. If the accent be on Jit ea,iha the me;<a- 

in<r is " an earthenware pot," but if on puti it 

signifies " potter j s clay." 
poit-dhubh (a' ph ,) s.f. The " yma 1 " still. 
We are indebted to DMK foi the following 

names of its parts, aiid a drawing from w hacb 

the annexed sketch wa.> made. 


ont? who kisses. 

poga ; . -can, 

----- eachd. s.f.ind. Kissing, frequent kissing, 

continual kissing. 
p6(?an. see p6.ean. 
p6f.Mi.ta, -aiute, a seepbgach. 2 Fond of kiss- 


---- chd, see pogaireachd. 
p6c-<r.aich,** s. Kissm?. 
po-h-lin,(MS) (am) s.m. Gaelic spelling of bow- 


pogta, .see pogte. 
po-te, paxt pt. Kissed. 
poibieacii, -'ch & -a, -an, s.m. Tribe, people, na- 

tion. 2 Toe common people, mob, populace. 

3 Plebehn. 4* Commonwealth. 
" , pi. of pobull. 

570. A' phoit-dhubfi. 

1 An Leid, the fire-place Ross-shire; an Sorch- 
an ,(AH) N. Argpll ; an Teallaich Lorn. 

2 Bod-an-leanna, the discharge cock. 

3 Am Braghad, the shoulder. 

4 An Lionadair, the charger. 

5 An Ceann, the slill-head. 

6 An Gearradan, the connecting pi*cf. 

7 A' Chliath, the worm. A' chaora chrim 
Baiune aig na caoraich nile 's i^ilan aig a* 
chacra chruira, all sheep have milk, but the 

pri f -dhubh 



p.-nan-tnnnag. the tl tick-pond. 

p -a!ainn a scu't pit. 
pol!ac'i.-.CK> s. in. Oo-.l Si/iVd <fc UojfT Rout 

2 Half-sized cod-^'arr. 
pollach, -aiche, a. Lumpish, stupid, prop. 

2 Holed, ho: lowed. 3 Fungous. 4 Porous 6 

(M-.) Thick. 
as, -ais, s. m. Lumpishness, stupidity, 


Little pool, 
3 Gwin ad, 

ttill-irorm (lit. the crooked sheep) has a gal- 
lon -Old l'OTt'(i-hnl (Fiona.) 

8 An -"tann cKith, tf. worm-tub. 

9 Am I'eadim, thr tpont. 

10 An (, the vvirit rw'vrr. 

11 An >j,uda'i, un Bpudau fuar. (Fi>mn) Fead- 
dan, DM) t>if chMtt for fuppl/iiny >h* worm- 
tub icith cold water tor condensinj t?if vapour 
that pass** from the stilt to the worm. 

poite, see poit 

poire, t.f. Drinking. tippling, drinking to excess. 

S** says excess ia easing or drinking. McL It 
>, J, it * give poit,] 

pratencb, -eiohe, a. Drunken, addicted to drink. 

p;i teach, -ei-.'he. . Ilavinar pots. 2 Using pots. 

idh, e.m. Tipping 

, -fig,, >./., (iii/j. of poit. Little pot. 
ach, a. Having or using small pots. 
** -eil, -ealan, i.m. Pottle (-=four imper- 
ial pints.) 

poicoan. see boitean & poiteag. 

ach, see boiteanach & poiteagach. 

po'tear, -oir, -an, f.m. Drinker, bottle compan- 
ion 2 Drunkard, gourmand. 

p.,i ..tMi-,** -eir, ?.m. Potter, pot-maker. 

|-6it' arach, -ak'he, a. Tippling, addicted to 
drinking, drunken. 

d, t.f.ind. Drinking, drinking to ex- 

ress, carousiag, banqueting. 2 Habit of tip- 
phng or drunkenness. 3**vjormandizing. 

pi'itearachd.** #/. PoL-making. 

p-i:-f!ie61a,* s.f. Flesh-pot. 

-fhua'l, */. Chamber-pot W. 'coast oj Ross, 

fbluran, *./. Flower-pot. 

-chfftnaidh, t.f. Fining-pot. 

p-.itidb ! (Cli) int. Call to a pig. 

))OTtigir,(MS) s.m. Phannacopist. 

l> -it-lea bach, t.f. Chamber-pot. 

Inibh, -e, -can s.f. Pot-herb. 

-luibliean,** s.f. Flower-pot. 

-ninuin, t.f. Chamber-pot, Jordan. 

poit, na h-adhairc, s.f. Ludicrous name for a 

puit-phronnaidh, *./. Mortar. 

poit-ruadh/ s.f. Still. 

poi'/-she6mair, *./. Chamber-pot. 

>,* *.f. Still. 

l"l," -oil, s.m. Pall. 

l"li,(l>My) s. Bowl. P. bainne, o bowl of milk. (AF) see polla?. P. na sroine, 

p.i:c])->n,' v .M.McD) s.m. Small clay jar about 16 ! pollaran, s.m. Th<; dunliu -polidna a'.;iina. also 

571. I'o>laj(S.) 

po'lag. -ai", -an, x.f., d>m of poll. 
hole, pit or pond. 2 Dimple. 
fresh-water herring, fonn 1 in lakes in 
and Cumberland. 4 Pollock, lythe. o Whit- 
ing. 6 Pollan, powan, vendac^. 7 (AC)Ooni- 
mortar. a primirive form of hand -mil con- 
sisti-ig of a hollowod-out stonw. The <;rain 
wa-j pia'-ed in the hollow and poun led into 
mt al with a stone pestle. Mnal thus pri'trar- 
ed was called " min-uhronutaidh " (briwd 
meal.) The pollag, which is a more primitive 
form of mill than the quern, was in us* in the 
Outer Hebrides in comparatively rewnt, timc>n. 
8 (Fioun) Nostril -Lorn. 9 (A U) Potato-pit 
left out on the field daring winter and spring. 
10 see pollair. 

- ach, a. Of, belonging to, or abounding in, 
little holes, pits, ponds, dimples, 4o. 

- -cbnotaidh, ArmH for clach-chnofcainn. 

- -soiree, see pollag. 
polla-ghuin^an,** K. Ozoena. 

pollair, -ean, s.m Nostril. 2 Searcher ol holes 

and corners. 
pollaireachd,* t.f. Searching of holes and cor- 


pollairean, see pollaran. 
pollan. -ain, -an, s.m. Piash. 2 (MS) Nostril. 3 

(AF) see polla 1 ;. ' 

t lh inches higii, used hi Lewis for holding! 


polar.** j*. TO. Si'jn. [** gives it for pollair.] 
f.olara Ih, AH) -aidh, s. m. The groove along 

wbi'-h the nail-holes are pierced on a horse- 

pi-ll.** a.m. Pole of land, containing 30| square 


,* v.a. Hole. bore. 

poll, pnill, pi. -niil & -an, s m. Hole, 

Mire, mini, a Dog. 4 Pond. pool. 

La -nant water. G Dark and deep part of 

called Biid-of-the-mud-pits Vtrina avaria'>i- 
Us. Also p'-llairean in Hummer, an(l gille-fead- 

aig in 


pnll-chcamiach, -aiche, a. Lump-headed, jolt- 
beaded, stupid. 

poll-rheannan, -ain, -an, t.m. Tadpole, 
polldacit. -aich, -aichean, K f. Marshy 
po''-aich,* s.m. Fish-pond. 2 Pool where 
fi r h li^*. 

(CR) s.f. Toad FT. of Rost-thire. 

Peat -['it. 2ftPeat-hax. 
(AF) .tn. Rubbine-pool of kiln. 

pit. 2 poU-uihogm*, (Cl 
5 Deep ' poll-inona,* 
t of any ! p >ll-.<uathaidh,(> 

sti\-am. 7 Wet. miry meadow. 8 Nostril.! eeath(sn appendix.) 

Am ;><>Uaibh a, in kit nostrils, 

p -a airoachd.'V 

I>.-a" 1, \abay to anchor ships. 

p - crnchi;, J 

p.-biiiriilb. ru'nn'j-j)lacf of deer. 

p.-crra-lhii. a clay -pit. 

j> -d&mhair, a r.'ttmj-placc for deer. 

\-.- tomhain, adesp poo/. 

p. #:, I a nsh.-i'om1, t a i>oo' where ffth 

!>.- uimhrig. a lan<iing-').a-. 

p.-i.-athair, a 'ann'r't puol. 

f>..marc^cbd a road for s'ltpt. 

p.-ruo u or p -mona, a p-at-moi$, peat-bank, 

pollta, pa*t pt. of poll. Bored. a. Full of holes. 
pdloich, see b6ilich. 
])olt,* B. Nostril. 

poi-ach.J -ak-h, s.m. Roy, lad. 2 (CR) Child up 
to '2 or 3 years Perthshire, [poineach in A r- 

p6naidh, -ean, s.m. Pony, small horse. 2 *' 
Docked horse. [garis. 

ponair, cim. p6narach, t.f.coll. Beans fain vttl- 

- -aiin.ach.J fij.coll. Kidney beans. 

-- -chapull.v l. f. coll. Bo^-beans, buck- 
beans, mar*>h-trefoil menyanthes 



5?*. Pdnair-chaputt. 
ponaiF-churaicb, see ponair-chapuilt. 

each, -eiche, a. Full of beaas, like beans 

of beans. Aran p., bean-bread. 

-Fhrangach, s.f.coll. French beans. 

-r -nan-each, s.f.coll. Horse-beans. 

ponarach, see ponaireacb. 

pone, -umc, -an & -umcean, see pane. 2 {AF 


ponc.uch, see puncaich. 
iimiivtchas. see puncachas. 
.pon.-aireacbd. see puncaireachl. 
ponu r . -a ing, -an it ean. see puao. 

ch, -aiche, see puncacn 

aH, see puncaid. 

aideach, see puncaideacb. 

ail, -e, see puncail. 

aileachd, see punealachd. 

pon;alachd, see puncalachd. 
pon^an, pi. of pong, see punc. 
ponjin.nnan, pi. of pong, see punc. 
pong-labhairt, see punc- 1 abb airt. 
ponsr-Hbhraiche. see punc-labhraiche. 
ponnan.(MS) s.m. Bunch, cluster, group, herd 

aich, v.a. Herd. 

tpont, a. Fierce, vehement. 2 Cruel. 
por. oir. -an, *. *. Seed. 2 Grain, corn. ; 
rop* generally (corn, potatoes, turnips, &c .] 
Ciamar lha 'm p. agaidb ? how are your crops 
progressing .' 

Race, clan, progeny. 4 Pore of the skin. Am 
p. dubh, the wick'd race : drocb ph., baa seed; 
mo pb6ran duintc, my pores stopped ; p. nan 
gearr-mheann,A' race of young kids , p. Dhiar- 
maid, th ract of Dennidthf. Campbells ; p.- 
codiuiil, p.-cochullach, pulse. 
porach, -aiche, a. Full of seeds, grain or corn. 

2 Seminal. 3 Porous, 
tporaiste,** s. f. Pari ;h. 

ach, -ich, Parishioner. 

pore.** -an, *.m. Sow, pig. 3 Gaelic spelling of 

an.(AF) s.m. Little sow, young pig. 

porcanta,** a. Piggish, swinish. 2 Porky, 
pdr-co'-hullach, -aiche, a. Leguminous as 

plants, see luis ra j iligeagach. 
porc-thriath.(AF) Stall-fed hog. 
porfaor. s.m. Porphvry. 

por-neimhneach, -eiche, a. Venomous, poison- 
ous, radically venomous. 
porsan. -air>. -an, s.m. Gaelic spelling of portion. ft Partial. 

aich.u a Portion, give a marriage portion. 

tport,** a. Fierce, vehement. 2 Cruel, 3 Se- 

port, -uirt, pi. -uirt & -an, s.m. Port, harbour. 
2 Ferry, passage. 3 S rait, firth. 4**Gate. fft 
**Fort. t6**Oarrison. t'**liank. tS** Area of 
a place, t^"* House. \ 10**Coiumon food til 
Door. 12(AI1) I5ay Ri port, ttorm'Staytd, 
baile pnjrt, a seaport ton-n. 
port, -uirt, p|, -uirt & -uu, s.m. Tune, tune sung 

or played on a mu.-cic U MI<LI- iment. 2*Favoijr- 
able opportunity. Gabii port air, watch ynnr 
opnortutiin'ti^ ; gabii pjvt, r>''iy a tun* ; p.>rt- 
a-beul, a mouth-tune, ''diddling "an acconv 
panimcnt to a danoe nse.l when a musical in- 
strument is not available. 
portach,t| -ai.-he, a. Full of havens, 
portair, -can, s.m. Porter, bearer. 2 Janitor. 

3 Ferryman. 4 Porter (bsor.) 
eachd, s.f.ind. Bmiaess of a porter, door- 
keeper, janitor or ferryman. 2 ** Porterage, 

portan, -ain, -an, see parta-i. 
portan,(AH) s. pi. Corners of a person's mouth 
Una n deoch a' tilleadh a mach aig p. a 
bheoil, the rf'-infc was. towing back at the cor- 
nrrs ofhifHKmtkAa expres-sion often appliej 
to a sick or dying person. 
portau-tiiKthal, SBJ partau-coathal. 
portas,* -ais, -an,, .Mas "book, 
port-gunna,** s.m. Loop-hole. 
)6*. a' posadh, v.a. Marry, perform Eh* 
marriage ceremony. 2 Become a married per- 
posach," o. Bridal. 

ail, -e, a. Marriageable. 
)6sadh, -aidh, -aidhean, Marriage, wedloclc. 
2 Marrying, ceremony of marriage. 3 Wed- 
ding. A p , pr. pt. of posadh. Tha 'n* 
p. coltacb ris an t-seilleau, tha mil ann 's tha 
gatb anu. marnag' is like a bef. there's honey 
in it and Ihrrp's a sting in it ; toileach air do 
ph., wiilinj to marry you ; la a' ph6.saidh, t/i 
)osaid,(MS) s.f. Posset. 
>6sai<lh,** a. Brivtal. 
)os;\i'lii-h,(MS) v.a. Posset, 
osam, 1st. ptrt.sinn.imp. of p6s. Let me marry. 
2 (for posaidh mi) fat. aff. a. I will marry. 
)6ida, a. <& past, pt. of pos. Married, wedded, 
see poste. 
osda, see posta. 

osde. past pt. of pds. Married, wedded. Fear 
nuadh-phbste, a newly-married man. 
6s-gheall,* v.n. Betrothe. 

adh,* -aidh, s.m. Betrothing, betroth- 
al. 2 Promise of marriage. A' p , pr. pt. of 

oslach,** -aich, s.m. Bunch, tuft. 2 Group. 

ost, a' postadh, v.a. Tramp, tread with 
the feet. P. an- lalhach, tread the dan. 

ast, pnist, pi. -au, -aehan & -aichean, s. m. 
Pillar. 2 Beam, rafter. 3 Post, odice. 4 
**Post in the army. 5ff Leaden slug. 

osta, -chau, s.m. Letter-carrier, postman. (* 
pi. postaichean.] 

ostachd, s.f.ind. Business of the post-office. 2 
Postage. 3 Letter-carrying. Cairt-ph.. a post- 

ostadh, -aidh, s.m. Trampling with the feet, 
act of treading or trampling. A' p , of 
post. In scouring woollen clothes, blankets 
or coarse linen, when strength of arms an<l 
manual friction are found insufficient, High- 
land women put them into a tub with a prop- 
er quantity of water, then, with petticoat* 
tucked up, they commence the operation ol 
posting," which they continue till every 
part of tiie clothes receives an effectual cleans- 
ing When three women are employed, ona 
commonly tramps in the middle, aud thoo- 
ther two tramp round her. 

>staichean, pi. of post. 

jstail. a. Post-like. 

>stan, -ain, -an, s.m., 'Inn. Little pillar or beam. 
2** Little post. M(l>.Myj Little narrow tr.mgtr 
to feed larnb.s from during wintering, also call* 


h tei.lh 

e..l " p.-nan-unn." 
posta-'ftch, -ak-ho, a Having stout legs or sup- 
. ,* -aich, s.m. Thick-set child just b->, 

pinning to walk. 2** Porson with stout lejs 

2 which has prop*, 
poste, past pt. see posde. 
fpota, -an, s. f. see poit. 2 (CR) Hole from 

which peats have beeu cut Skye. 
tjiotadair, see poitear. 
potair, sue poitear. 2 (D.My) Man who makes 

himself a nuisance by always remaining in 

d>ors and so hindering the domestic duties o 

a house. 
f eachd, see poitearachd. 2 (DMy) Habit 

or act of ' Milermg domestic duties by one': 

constant presence in the house. 
t|>o!h, -a, s.m. Bachelor, 
prab, pr fit. a' prabadh, v.a. Disorder, discoin 

pose, put into disorder. 2 Spoil. 3 Ravel. 4 

Kntangle. ft Hamper, cumber, perplex, 
prab,* v. Unfit. 

prab, -nib. -an,>.m. Rheum in the eyes, 
tjirab, a. Quick, active, " clever." 
p f.bach, -aiehe, a. Disorderly, confused, out of 

order. 2 Shiggy. 3 Dishevelled, ravelled neat, 
prabach, -aiohe, a. Blear-eyed, rheum-eyed. 2 


,* s.f. Contemptible female. 

prabadh, -aidh, s.m. Confusing, act of confus 

ing, disordering, disarranging. 2 Botching, 

bungling, spoiling. 3 Ravelling, tangling, en- 

tangl. j ment. A' p , pr pt. of prab. 
praba:;-linn,(DU) sj. Old torn net. 
prabaiehe.JJ s.f.ind. LippiluJ , 
prahair, -can, t.m. Worthless fallow, one of the 

rxbble, untidy fellow.ram^ealhon, contempt! 

ble fellow 
prabal see prabar. 
prabxn. * m Shebeen Sky -. 'Nuair a bha mi 

a' curaaii p. an Cornal, when 1 kept a shebeen 

ni Cornal. 
prabanach/* -aicb, * in. Comely young boy or 


pvabar, s.m. Refuse of grain or seed Sar-Obair. 
pr.ib'ir, f ut. pass, of prab. Shall be entangled, 

as thread, 
prabar, -air, -an, s.m. The rabble, the mob. 2* 

Little people. Am p. purcanta, th? swinish 

ach, -aiche, a. Of, or belonging to, the 


daich,* f. f. Smattering, slight know- 
ledge. P. leughaidh, a sm -it terin<t of reading; 

p chunntais, a smattering of arithmetic. 
in-abarsaich, see prabardaicn. 
prabht.(CR) s. Trick. From Scots prat Perth- 

sh i re. 

ach,(AH) a Flat-fooled. 2 Splay-foot- 
prabhch.i -aich. . m. Sea-ware, tangle, see 

jiiMpx-h. ?** Thr-Tid or hair entangled. 8** 

Anvtlnnn mucli entangled. 
pr:b:.ilii. OMy) s. m Grasping suddenly, at- 

prab-shuil. -*hula, -ean,-.r; Blear-eye, rheum- 

each, -eiche, o. Blear-eyed, having 

rheumy eyes. 

pia'-ta, see prabte. 

prabie, patt pt. of prab. Entangled. 

|>ra<-, Teinds, tax. A term peculiar to 
Sinn of th-,' northern districts anl isles of 
Sc-iil ind for the vicarage dues or small tithe, 
bving a ten'h of the yearly increase of live 
stock, and under local usa.:;es,of certain other 

anicle i of piM luc-.-, pai I i;i l:ind, pnjr to val- 
n-itioD, an i di<ri.i(v (r>. m tho larg.-, or earn 
tithe. [*V". praic.] 

pr.icad.iir, -c:\it, s.m. (>)'U-ctor of til nan. 

- -erich'I, K.f.ind. Coll^cii m of tithes., -e, -ean, s.f. Idle talk, irrjlu^aut, Ian- 

pracvs, -a ; s, x.m. Gallim'iufry, botch-poteh. 2* 
Dispute not easily settled. 3* Noiuciisical 

pradhainn,* s.f. Press of business, urgent bu.ii- 
neas, hurry, flurry. 2 Affliction. 

each,* -eiche, a. Pressed for tinn, hur- 
ried, flurri'd. 2** Ear nest. 

; cachd,** * /. Earnestness, state of 

being in a hurry or great haste. 

praghuin, .f. see pradhain-i. 

praib, -e, s.f. Rabble. 2 Filth, ordure, prov. 

praicleis, (AH) s.f. Lumbsr, rubbish, litter.odda 
and ends. 

tpraidhean, -ein, see pradhainn. 

tpraidhinn, -e, -can, s.f. see pradhainn. 

tpraidhlianeach, -eiche, a. see pradhainneach 

2 Afflicting. 

praidseach, -eich, see proitseach. 

praimh, gen..t. n i. of praui i. 

pramgealas,* -ais, see pracas. [_* gives -ais as 
the nom., and a.f.] 

pramn, gen.mnj. of prann (for pronn.) 

prainnsea.^, -eig, -an, s. J. Miuce collops. 2 
Haggis (taig-eis.) 

prais, -e, s.f. Pot. of a cr -el. 

prais, -e, s.f. Brass. 2 Pot-metal. 3 (CR) Cast- 
iron pot IF. of Ross-shire. 4 Still. 5 see prais- 

praisbhallach, -aidie, a. Strong; or brazen-limb- 
ed. 2** Well-fortified, as with brazen walls. 

3 Strong, as a fortification. 

praiseach, -eich, -eicliean, s.f. Pot. 2 Crucible. 
3 Broth. 4 Pottagj, gruel. 5 see prasach. 
Cas na praiseich a' tighinn an uacluiar, fie 
tt iimn oj the pot coming to the surface sai.l by 
tha landsman on seeing a porpoise tumbling r 
niac-na-praiseieh, whisky. 

praiseacii, -ich, s.f. Brass, i/npudence. 2 Bold 
or lewd woman, bawd. 3 Slut. 4 Crib, man- 
ger, see prasach. Ath-ph., a harridan, an old- 

praiseach, a. Brassy, made of brass. 2 Braz- 

praiseach, -eich, -can, *./. Cabbage brassier 

7S. Pra ; seach-a'-bhal'a. 

-a'-bhalla, s.f. Wall-kale, wall-gjose- 

foot chmonndiuoi mural e. 

-bhaidlie, ./. Sea-kale or cabbage 

bi'ossic.a o'.Tncfd. 

-bra:har. *,/. Go-d King Henry, will 

sp na("h, Kngiish mereify. mercury go-)ie-f.)oti 
<.>!r lt r.n.t;>n>i Romi* ff*,,r-'cii*. (ill. r-7') > 

-feidh.J .f. Pen n v -ores-;, bastard mus- 
tard, boor'a or mithrida^e mustar 




575. Pr'iiseach.lrathar. 57C.P l -aii*ac!i-feid/i. 

piais.a.-h-'fhiadhain.f *. /. White goose-foot 
ch*ii.<rj)o<iium album* 

577.Prais?acfi fiiiadhain.578.Praisrcu-Ji gharbh. 
pnus ach-prharbh. *./. Charlock, wild mustard 

-ghias. . /. White goosefoot, see p.- 
fhia-.lhain. [** gives fig-leaved goose-foot. J 

670. Prais'ach-mh in. 550. Praiseach-na-m&rci ,1. 
praisearh-mhin,5 s.f. Common orache atripitx 

hastata <fr patula. 
-ua-mara.S sj- Sea-side goose-grass 

S81 .Praiseach-na-mara S. 

5SZ, Praiseach-na- 

suceda maritima. - Glass-wort, crab-grass 
taiicornia herbacea. says tli Gaelic namtj 
is used for both these plants indiscriminately. 

praiseach-tragha, s.f. rteakale cmm^a suori- 

piaiseachd, s.f.ind. Brazunness. 

praideag,** -eig, -an, *./. Little pot. 

praisealach.l,(MS) ./. 

prai -g,** -e, s.f. Pottle. 

iscach, -eicho, a. Impudent. 
an, a-.m. Brazier. 

pral, r.n. Ueaecch. 

ack** a. Beseechii.g, craving. 

adh ,** -aidh, .. JJe.jeeeb.irg. 

pramh.-aimh, t. m. .Slumber, uap, slight sleep. 
2 Heaviness, drowsiness. 3 Qiiaf, sorrow, 
dejection. 4*Melancholic dulluesn. [Proper, 
ly bL ar-fyedness hence slumber, .ipplied to a 
dozing condition, an, p. a' cba/hul, also to 
dimness, as, a' cur reuilan fo phrimh.] Fo 
phramh, sleeping, slumbering ; a' tuibhail 
praimh, taking n. nap ; p. chadail, a wip. 

prainhacl), -aich if. Sleepy, narcotic, lethar- 
gic, drowsy, slumbering, dozing. 2 Sad, sor- 
rowful. 3**DiHhearteuiug. 

d, s.f.ind. Si)mm>1eiK.'y, drowsiness, 

lethargy, sleepiness. 2 Dejection, di.-heart- 
enedness. 3 SorroAvfulness. 

prambail, -e, see pramliach. 

eachd, see piamnachd. 

rimhalachd, see pramhaohd. 

1 amban, -ain, .s f .?., dim. of pramh. Slumber. 
2 Gloom, melanciioly. 

prainh-chadal,(MM) s.m. Doze, slumber. 

prainh-clieo, s.f.ind. Slumber, sleepiness, incli 
nation to sleep. 2 Stupidity. 3 Forgelful- 

prasuhtach, a. see prabhtach. 
pramsgal, (DMy) s.m. Worthless .talk. 

fuse of grain, Ac. 
tprann,** -ainn, t.m. Wave. 
prann, see pnnn. 
prannat-g, *./. see prounasg. 
pranutair, -ean, .. see pronnadair 5. 

,* Scribble. 2 Mutter, 
prantair, see prontuixiair 5. 
praonau, see Lraonan. 
prap, -a, a. Quick, speedy, ready, sudden, pro*. 

adh, -8idh,ff.m. Quickness, prop. 

prapag.(CB) t^f. Hay-cock of the smallest size, 

about 18 in. in height. Argyll. 
prapanach, *.n. Child, boy. Gu 'm b' i -<iod an 

t-.suil aluinu bh* aig mo ph. bbidneach, yon 

was the luvtly tye btat tny brantiful (lively) 

child hadFilidh, p. 75. (propairneach. ) 
prap-shuileachd, *. f. ind. Kleare*lness of the 


pras,* s.m. Brass, 
prasach, -aicb, *./. Manger, crib, stall. 2(AF) 

t.m. Fox. P. -each, a hortf -stall. 
prasair,* *.TO. see praisiche. 
prasgan, -ain, -an, a. m. Little herd, flock, 

bunch or group. 2 Group of people, gaug. S 

Mob, rabble, populace. P. ghabhar, a Jloek 

of goal*. 
ach, -aicho, o. In little flocks. 2 Like a 

flock, iifttfull of bundles or groups. I Like a 

ganjj or mob. 
prat, -an, .v.m./nd. Trick, artifice, prank. 2 (OB) 

Tantrum Arran. 
ach,**o. Arch. 2 Pranky, tricky, mischie- 


achd,** s.f. Archness. 

ail, -e, a. Tricky, prauky. 

prath;d,(MS) s.f. Heap. 2 Crowd,. rabble, t 

tpreab, see breab. 


prea' ach 


forrabach. see trenbicL. 

tpre.i'ia lair, see lirt'.tba.lair. 

].reab:tg, s;.e lnvabig. 

preabiil, see brtvibaM. 

preabalr, see breabair & breabadair. 2**Brave 

eachd. see broabadair:>achd. 2**Actir.g 

bravel/. gallantry. 
|>reab n, ** s.j/i. Circus. 2 sec breaban. S**Winc- 
orse. 4*'Courtyar.l. 
ich, a. see breabin ch. 
achd, see breab iuac ; i'l (appx.) 
aiche, see bre;ibanaich >.. 
** v. Crucify. t2 Hold. f3 Stand.stay. 

f4*V.ra-p. f5 Punish, 
preach.' *./ Bog, marsh, moras*. 2**Gra=p, 

bold. 3* Little fen Ar:ij't. Chaidh a' bhd 

*sa p ireach, the cow &tck )' the bog. 
preach, "v.a Speak as withth vo'ce of a bittern. 
ach,** a. Graspitig, greedy, ravenous. 

Gu p., grrtdily. 
air,* -can, s.m. Croaking preacher, mis- 

errvble orator. Am p. gran n 'la bodaich, the 

ugly f'ld rroil-m.7 orator 
ag.(DMy) $./. Any substance tbat, owhirj 

to its consistency, spread* when poured on 

th* ground, as porri-lge, QIC. When a woman 

falls in a heap, it, is said, Thuib i 'n i preach- 

aig air an talamh. 
preacha'n.*" s.f. Bones taken out of pork when 

unking bacon. 

preach-in, -aia, s.m. Mean orator, 
pr-aciian -am, -an. s.m. Crow. 2 Raren. 3 

Kite. 4 Moor-bittern 5 Little leu Argyll. 

b tAK). Jackdaw. 7 (AF) Vulture 8 Any ra- 

venous bird. 

. ach. s.m. see preachan 

acn, -aiche, . Ravenous, vul uriac, 

grasping, grjely. like a kite or other raven- 
ous bird. 2 Qu -rulous, croaking 3 Full of 

little pits, kites or ravenous birds. 
. achd, t.f md. liavenousness, voracity, 

greed 'iioss. 

-ceanmnn, (ceann-fhtonn) Osprey. 

ceirteach, Kite. 

. -cnaimheach. Raven. 
. -cnaimhlitligheach, see p.-cniimheacb. 

-crrtosacti, Vulture. 

gearr, Buzzard. 

ingneacu, Vulture, see fang. 

-nan cearc, Ring-tailed kite. 

pn-alaid,** .n. Bishop. Gaelic spelling 1 ofp.-f. 


preamh. Blair A>holr for pramh (slumber.) 
tpreamh.** t.m. Root, stock, z Tribe, (freumh), a' preasadh, v.a. <Sc n. Plait, fold, 
C'>rrucrate. 2 Braid. 3 Become wrinkled or 
corrugited. 4 Squeeze, crush by weight or 

preas, pris, pi. -an & pris, s.m. Bush, shrub. 2 
Thicket. 3 Brier. 4 Gaelic .spelling of press, 
(cnpoo-vrd.c.ise.) Thi'g i an l;anabh fo a'on de 
tn, preasan. ih thr-w thf chill und'r out of 
t'f shmhs; am p.,i/i a thick"'; cha fleachcar do 
tne-'.dhair inn phnMs your tether has notion? 
round the bus'i said of a person wh ) looks 
wel 1 . Prxaa is not used in Arran where they 
say crnnbh for a garden busli arid loin for a 
wii-1 bush 

p -riirabhsag, a gooi'berryUuifi. 
p-<lhcarc, \ 
p.- ( /a b'rry buth. 
p -n ui-Uearc, J 
p.- Iris, a ltfitwbtr*tnt*iL 
] .-'Irouiiinii, a tti"rn-t)uxh. 
p -f.ii'tnt.ig. a cl'xnl-'frry bush. 
p.-u i.n ros, a ruvoutth. 

p -n-tm-lion'-jg, a c.r<nchfrry bnnh, 
pn-a, -a, -an, *.m. \V*i-in'tl, cro so. 2 Plait. fold. 
3 Corrugation. Tha pivv-vs^n "na aod inn. hit 
fa-e is K- rink '?d ; gun ph., gun mal, without 
wrinkle or spot. 

ach, -aiche, a. Furrowed, wrin'cled, cor- 
rugited. 2 Striped. 3 Plaited. 4 Aoou-.ding 
in bushes. 6 Abounding in presses or cases. 
6 Like a wrinkle. 6 Like a bush. Aghai.irj 
pY, a wrinkled face. 

aohail, -e, a. 

ach.l, s.f. Crispinoss. 

preasadii, -aidh, K.m. Plaiting, act of plaiting, 
orfoldinj. 2 Braiding. 3 State of becoming 
wrinkled or corrugated. 4 Wrinkle. Gun 
smal gun ph., without spot or wrinkle. A' p , of preas. 

nreasag, -a:g, -an, s.f., dim. of preas. Wrinkle, 
plait. 2 Little bush, little thicket. Lan ph.. 
j'-'ll of wrinklfg. 

ach, -aiche, a. Wrinkled, plaited, full 

of wrinkles. 

preasaich, v. see preas. 

proa-'an, -ain, -an, of preas. Little bush. 
2 l ( 'ree-will offerin:jr, 3 Weddiug boon. 

preasnn, n.r>l. of preas. 

preasant, Gaelic spelling of present [" "preas- 
autan " hens' eggs given to landlords by ten- 
ants as a part of me rent m Irish, a wedding 
present. " preasanta," a hen so given.] 

p!va<ar!ach,(MS,) s.m. Coppice. 

preasavnach, -aich, s.f. shrubbery, arbour, place 
f dl of shrub < or thickets. 

d, 8 f. Bushiaess. 

preas-dei'gn^ach.S s.m. J>arb?rry, see barbrag. 

preas-droi^iunn,** s.m Thorn-bush. Mar phreas 
di'oig'uiiui, ii';e a thorn-bush. 

prcas-e.vrnag, seeairue. 


s m. Gooseberry bush ribtt 

preaslach.(MS) s.m Undergrowth, 
preas-mhuca?,* see ros nan-con 
preas-rain^achaidh, s.m Mamie, 
preas-nam-mucag.j *.m. Dog-rose, see r6s-nan- 

preas-nan-airneag, < m Blackthorn, tloe^ 

pmnii* spinoat. 
prpa<-nan-^eur-dhearc, s.m. Barberry, see bar- 

preis-n-m-porm-dhenrc,? tm Blue bramble, 

d'.'wberry bush -rttbns ccesuts Badge of the 

MacXabs. (ill. 6SJ. ) 
preas-tian-geajhag,5s.m. Whitethorn, hawthorn, 

see sgitheach geal. 
preas-nan-smeur,** m. Bramble, 
preas-nin-spi >nt g,^* s.m. Currant-bush 
preas-sliuiilheag. g. .71. Rxspberry, see preas- 

preas-subh chraobh, t.m. Easpberry-ruiur 



. Preat-nangorm- 


p.east,ti,|h,**a Unable to bear cold. 2 Timid 
pttviUjiil.** -ail, -an, s.m. Dizziness, see breith- 

preaihalacb, o. Dizzy, confounded, see breitb- 


adh, seebreithealachadb. (appx.) 

prrathalaich, see breithealaicb. 
pr^isgeadb, s.m. Preaching, 
priarail.** t.f. Hanger, 
priain. see praiuh. 
pub, see priob. 

pribhleid, Gaelic spelling of prtetMC, 
pnbleach.** a., contr. of phob-shuileacb. 
1'i-ic,** v. Gaelic spelling of pric.k. 
pncvadh. * m. Pricking. *2 Stinging 1 . 
priK(-ar,(MS) s.m. Higgler. (Scots, priffger.) 
prignireaclid.** t. /. Chaffery. 2 Higgling. 
lt, prigging.) 
lift, v ft Kry. 
eadh, -idh, t.m. Frying, act of frying. 

A'p-, pr pf. of prighig. 
priginn, " t.f. Haggling (Scott, prigging.) 
primideach, a. Prunitive.ancient, original.radi- 

cal. not derived. Facal p., a, primitive word. 
d,** . /. Primitiveness, originality, 

fpi HID IU. t.f. Firstlings, first produce or offer- 

pnm!, -acban, t.m. Pin, as used in fastening 

clothes. P. reamhar, a blanket-pin ;p.'\a.ruiDi\, 

an iron ptn. 

aoh. a. Abounding in pins. 

ach adh, -aidh, t.m. Act of pinning, securing 

with pins. A' p . pr pt of prinicb. 
pritiri.ichau, -am, -an, tin., dim. of prine. Lit- 

Mrt pin. 2 Pin-case. 3 Pin-cusbion. 1 pi. of 

prinich, a' prineachadb, v. a. Tuck, pin, 

secure with pins 
in, past pt. of prinicb. Pinned, fastened 

or secured with pins, 
priob, a" priobadb, v. a. Wink, twinkle, 

as the eye. Cba do pb. mo sbuil, I did not 

ttetp a ivink. 

pnoi),** t.m. Wink, twinkle of the eye. 
ach,** a. Winking. 2 Having a habit of 

winking, twinkling. 
pnoD.ulh. -aidh. -ean. s.m. Winking, act of wink- 

ioq, act of winking or twinkling. 2 Twinkle, 

wmk. 3 Moment. 4 Glimpse. Bi an seo 

am pnohadb, be here in a twinkling ; p. cad- 
ail, a icirtlc of sleep. 
prtooaicne,** s.m. . linkard. 
priobai I. -e, -ean, * f Trifle 2 Evergreen privet, 

see ras chr-inn-sior-uaine. 
pricioair, -eau, a.m. Worthless fellow, blinkard. 

2 Miser. 

eachd, t.f. Meannes* o spirit. 2. Ava- 

prioi airneach, -icb, s.m. Rousing, any sudden 


pri.ib<irtich, *./. see priobairear-bd. 
tpriobarach, -aiche, o. Urave, heroic. 2 Q-ii-k. 
t d, t.f. Uravery, heroim, gtliaub 


priobarsaich, t.f. see priobaireac'id. 
(iriobhaid, .f. Secret. 2 Secrecy, privacy, 
priob-iosgadh, -aidh, -eau, t.m. Sudden burning 

or sense of heat. 2 Twinkling. 3 Spirklo, 


priob-lua<g*ch.(MS) a. Frisky. 
pi-iob-liiasg;ulh,(MS) s.m. Anxiety, ecstasy, 
pnob-.shuil, t.f. Twinkling eya 
priob shuih-ach." a. Winking. 2 Having tbe 

habit, of win <ing or twinkiing. 
tpri->c, Prick, stin;. 
adh, -aidh, s.m. Pricking. 2 Stinging. J 


tpriodal, -ail, see brio lal. 
priHga-breac,(AF) burgeon, 
prioghaiun,* s.f. Sauce or seasoning in viands. 

2 (Jhoico food. 

ich, v.a. Season, as viands. 2 Feed 

with choice food, 
priomh, o. <k prefix. Prirae.chief, principal, first. 

-abhainn, sj. Large river. 
ach,** a. Principal, cbief. 2 Supreme. 

3 Fond of superiority. 
ach,** s.m. Favourite. 

achd, t.f. Source. 2**Supremacy. 3** 


adh,*' -aidh, s.m. Pnnvite. 

aiinsireach,** a. Antediluvian. 

priombair, -ean, s.m. Premier, prime-minister. 

2 Chief man, noble, cbief. 
priomh-arcal,** -ail, .?. Main baam. 
priomh-athair, -athar, -athraichean, s.m. Patri- 

rch, progenitor, ancestor, 
pnomh-athaireach,** o. Patriarchal. 

as, s.m. Patriarchate. 

priomh-athaireil, a. Patriarchal, 
prionib-bhaile, -bhailteau, s.m. Chief town, me- 
tropolis, capital. 

priomh-bhailteach, a. Metropolitan, 
priomh-bhan-diuc,** s.m. Arch-.luchess. 
pnomh-bbard, s.m. Chief bard or poet, poeb 

priomh-chathair, -chathraoh, -chathraichean, 

*./- Chief town, metropolis, 
ariomh-cheann, -chinn, a.m. Supreme head, 
priomh-ctii.ill, -clieiiio, s.AUi-cao uodurstan.liog, 
supreme or superior wl'idoai. 2 Primary souse, 
as of a word, 
oriomh-chlachair, -ean, t.m. Architect. 

eachd,** s.f. Arcliitecture. 
priornh-chlar, -air, -an, t.m. Autograph, ori^io. 

ach,** a. Autographical. 
priomb-chl^i reach, -ich, s. m. Prims notary, 

proto-notary chief secretary, chief cierc. 
fH'iomh-chle'ir.-iLineachd.** s.f. Employment or 

ofrk-e of chief clerk. 

>riomh-choKas, -ais, -an, s.m. Archetype. 
)riomli-c)ioslach,** a. Archetypal, 
riom i-choslas, -ais, -an, see piioinb-choltaa, 
M'ioinh-chranu, -chroinu pi. -ciiroiuu [<i -curan- 

nan) s. m. Main-m ist. 
priomh-dhiailhair, -ean.i.w. Crmf divine, 
pnuma-tlhiuc, -an, *.m. Archduke, 
priomh-dhra >idh, -ean, s.m. Arch-drui 1. 
prioinh-duuine, -dhaoine, s. tn. Noble, chief, 


priomh diou-sgeith, Greater wing coverts, see 
No. a. p. 32s. 

glais, -eaa, s.f. TUe primiLive church* 


I Cathedral, a Kitablisii id o..u.c 


priomhear, -ir, t.m. soe priom'ia'r. 
priomii-eashaehd.** sou prlo >ih-easl 
priomh-easbuig, -ean, *.m Metropolitan, arch 


each, o. ArohepiscooaL 

eachd. t.f. Archbi.-hopric. 2 Dig 

nity of an archbishop, 
priomh-fhaidb, -ean, t.m. Ancient prophet, chief 

prophet. 2 Primate. 3 Archbiioop. 
priomh-ghineRdas.** -ais, .m. Primogeniture. 

A thaobn cuir priomh-ghineadais, by rijht of 

priomh-ghleus, -a, -an, t.m. Beginning, founda- 

prioinhlaid,* -ean, t.m. Prebendary. Gaelic 
apelliug of prelate. 

each, o. Prelatical. 

. eachd, t.f. Prelacy. 

priomh-laoch, -laoich, t.m. Great hero, hero of 

the tirst order, 
priomh-long, -luing, -an, ./. First-rate ship. 2 


priomh-long-phort,** -phuirt, . tn. Royal resi- 
dence. 2 Principal sea-port or fort. 3 Prin- 
cipal camp. 

priomh-l'iingeas. -eis, -an, t.f. see priorah-long. 
priomh-mhuiiinlir, t.coll. Aborigines. 
priom'i-pUrionnsa, -an & -achan, s. m. Prince- 


pri'im'i-shamhlachail, a. Archetypal, 
prionih-sh.vnhlnilh. Jt.rn. An'lietyjv. 
piionvi-.-di?6l, -ahiuil, *.m. Mart-sail. Thog iad 

am p., 'he- 1 km t'-t th miin--<ait. 
pnomh-shuna,** a. Supremely h ippy, supreme 

ly hk> 

pri ">mh-*honas, -ais, s.m. Supreme or chief hap- 
rnn 'as. 'Se am p. a. hhi 'creachadh, their chief 
hatpin's* 'i to plunder. 

primnh-shlnagh, -shl-.iaijrh, t.m. Aboriginal in- 
habitants of any country. 
pri>iuh-thus, -uis, s.m. Beginning, origin. 2 

Foundation. 3'ple. 4 Elem >nt. 
prioinh-uachdaran, -ain, pi. -ain & -an, *. m. 

Chief ruler. 

achd, *. /. Supremacy, su- 
preme rule or authority. 

priomh-ughtlair, -eau, t.m. Original author, in- 
tpripinh-urlarah. -airahe, a. Ready-banded. 2 

First engaging. 

priompallan, -ain, t.m. Beetle. 2 Noise like that 
of a beetle. 

ach, a. Like a beetle. 2 Making a 

noise like a bWtle. 
prionnia, pi. prionnsan, prionnsaiJh & prionn- 

sach:n, t.m. Prince, 
prionnsai.-h, -aiche, a. see prionnsail. 
pnonn-iacliAil, -e, a. see pnonn-ail. 
prionn->achau, of priuntiHa. 
piioimsachd, t.f. sen pri nnsalachd. 
prntnn-idh, see prionn-^a. 
prionnsaidh,, of prionnsa. 
prioimsail, -e, a. Princely, like a princa, royal, 
authoritative, influenti <l comm niidng reipect. 

e^chd, .see prionns%lachd. 

prionnsalach.U -aicli*', a. l'rinc j !v. 2 Authori- 
tative, commanding respect, mfluenti il. 
pii mnsalaohd, t.f. Pr.nd.jalicy. 2 Princeli- 


prionosan, of prionnsa. 
priount, Gaelic sprjlling of print. 

air, lia^l'c sii-'lliti:; oi" nrin'rr. 

aireacail, t.f. Printer's work, printing. 

prio->an, -aiu, -an, a.m. Prison, gaol. Aui p., in 

prUMaoftCh. -aic'i. t.m. Prisoner, 

, -ai.-hn, a. Very coaliiid.l, within 

narrow 1> niiul-i. 

alh, -aMh, *.m. Imprisoning, act of 

imprl^uniug, (mpri Mmmaut, keeping in bond- 
d\,. A' }> , of priosanaieh. 

I,.?/. Imprisonment, captivity. 

ptio WBaish. a' 'p:-ijai>,\chadu,"w. a. lui- 
pri-o i, iiicarcdrate. i! Take cap i/o. 

, g?n.*in'/. & n.p'.. of priosiiaach. 

*o, pist \:-t Tmoririoued, incarcerated. 

prkmntachd,** s.f. Arcration. 

priosun, -uin, see priosan. 

pris, gen.&iii'j. &n.p!. of preas. 

prb, -t), -ean, ./. PricJ, value, rate, worth. 2 
Respct, e^te-m. Ci'>d a' ph. dt ? whnt in it* 
price t 'ga chur am p., raising it in eitima'ion: 
tha e am p., it is in ftijh estimation ; p. na 
circe, th'va',>t'ofth<>hn;p.a,' phrine, the 
value of iha pin. 

priseachvlh, -aidh, s.m. Estimating, act of es- 
timating or valuing, valuation. A' pr. pt. of 

prisaad'i, -ei Ih, s.m. Valuing, valuation, [ness 

prtsealachd, s.f.ind. Value, preciousness, daar- 

priseau, -ein. -an, * m., dim. of preas. Lictle 
bush. 2 f.ittle thicket. 

prjsean, of pris. 

prlseil, -e, a. Precious, valuable, dear. 

prisich, v.a. Estimate, fix the price, price, va- 
lue. 2 Prize. 

pri-taoil.(CR) *./. Clatter Perthshire. Na leig 
a mhain e le p., do not let it down with a clat- 
ter or swllenty ; thainig e staigh le p., hr came 
rvxhing in. 

pr6,(DMy) o. Croaky, harsh. 2 Stentorian, 
leep, as a bass voice. 3 '.Jhe opposite of binn. 

tproltbafih,** -aidh, .*. i'roof. 

1 'aid. ->. -ean, t.f. Profit. 

each, a. ProfltabM>. 

eii, -, rt. /^^Mitaaeous, profitable. 

ich, v. ProTi:, .-*drantagc>. 

prohliaist, -ean, . in. J'r:.vot. 2 in derision, 
Corpulen'/ or clumsy fellow. 

each, -eiHio, 'a. Of, or belonging to, a 

provost. 2 Co r pul<jnt, clumsy. 

tprobhal, -ail, s.m. ConsuL 
ach. a. Consular. 
achd, sf. Consulate. 

procach, see prog'.ch. 

>rocadair, -tian, s.m. Advocate, procnr.itor. 4 
Man of business. P. righ. a Iciny'.t advocat*. 

eachd, s.f. Procnratorship. 2 I'.usi- 

ness of a nroc^or. 3 Pleading. 4 Importunir.y. 

procaid,( OU) t.f. ConTewation carried on iu low 
tones far the sako of secrecy. 

)roch'lair, Gaelic spelling of proctor. 
:acbd, s.f. Proctorship. 

prng ! (CR.) int-. Call for a horse Perthshire t 
Badtnoch << N. A -yyll. 

rogach,(AF)-'.)rt. Om-year-old stag. Suth'd. 

)rognidh ! int. sen prog, 
ivsh.iiu. s.f. Care. 

each, a. In care or anxiety 

ro^lian, -ui'i, s.m. Drf^>, Icos, s-ilim^nt, re- 
fine. 2(0(1) Mixture of the r-muns of differ- 
ent foo'ls U:<0<1 tO fv.'rtl.l Cll^JS. 

-ach, a. Full of dregs, sediment or lees. 

2 In ciro or anxi 
proi.lhid. sec prob! 

^ probhai leil. 
en, .see prnbh&idioh. 

>roidseach, seo proios^aclv 
>r.)i'ii";'a.ll.ii),** .see pr'.im-;li" 

r )inihidh, -e, rt. Fat, proo. 

roim -)i lilleari, -ein, *. m. 


Drone bee. 




proi'iistear, P'rth for p >\\ ia y. 

pminn. -e, -can, s.f. Di.iner. 2 Meal. 3 Vor- 
aci'.y. 4 <7 j n. of ;>ronn. 

I>ru:iiii8, coin . of pr<>nn. 

aeh,;,A.J) ./. Fi-h of a go >d *i?e. Bha 

D sgi.dan a dh' ias^aioh s'mn an noir p. lagh- 
aoM. t'i hfrri'inj ir" cau'jht last niyhl were of 
a fair 8>,zc. (also b.-oiont-a,-;.) 

' achadh. -aidh, s.m. Dieting. 2 Diet. 

3 Dinner 4 Dining 

p'.-j'nnich, p ".nt. a' pr.nnneach idh, v.n. Diae. 
2 Take a m >al. 

pi- >in listea , sea pr mnasg. 

proinQ-lana, -a, -ainn, -an, s.m. Refectory, din- 
ing room, ea> ing-room. 

proina-lios,** see proinn-lann. 

pr uunte, a. <& past pt. of proinn. Pouaded, 
mashed, pulverized, mauled, bruised. 

proi.mteach, -rich, -eichean, ./. Same meaning < 
as proinn-lann. 

d, f.f. Grittiness. 

proinstear, P>rth for p'-onnusg. 

pro's, -e. s.f. Pnd \ haughtiness. 2 Flatter-/. 3 
Humouring;, eaj-jling. 4 Ceremony, ft N ;a . 
punctilious little female, prude. 6 (DU)Con- 
ccifc. 7**Niceness. Bsati gun ph., a irife 
without pri't. 

prois,** v.a. Tiddla. 2 (CR) Res<>ech. entreat 
urge Perthshire. 3** Flatter, c ijole, put in 
good humour. 

proisdeal, -eil. -an. t.m. Bottle. 

[ivoi<each,**rt. Apt to flatter. 2 Ready to hu- 
mour. 3 Requiring flattery or humour. 

prbisea lh,** -idh, s.m. Flattering. 2 Hunour- 
ing, cajoling. 

pr6iseaji;, -ei 1 ,', -an, s.f. Prude, coquette. 

protseal,** a. see proiseil. 

achd,'L 1'rile, hau.ajh tineas. 2 

Punctiliou-mes-i, niceness, CHreinoniousne-s. 
'2 Humouring flattering. 3 Punculions prud- 
ory or neatness. 

proisean, -ein, -an, s.m. Proud or haughty per- 
son. 2 Puppy, conceited parson. 3**()ne who 
flatters or humours. 4 One who requires to 
be flittered or humoured. 

proiseil, -e, a. Proud, haua;hty. 2 Ceremonious, 
nice, punctiliou-i. 3 Gallant. 4** Requiring 
IVvtt.ery or ctjolrtg. 5 Conceited, foppish. 6 
* Uppish, as a prude. 7*Neat, little and punc- 

proitseach, -i-'h, s.m. Boy, stripling. 2* Good 
lumD of a boy. 

pronaistear, W. Perthshire for pronnasg. 

f>ronastal, seo pronnasg. 

pronastan,(CR) Sleat cf Lrwis for pronnasg. 

pronn, -oiuu & -uinn, The coarsest part of 
oa'.m?al with the seeds left in sifli ig. 2 
(AF) Pollard (fish.) 3 Food. 4 Dinner. 5(D 
My) Ground oats fur sowens. (also p.-c-oirce.) 
Gnabh iad p. agu.s deoch, they too!; food and 

pronn, a* pronnadh, v. a. Pouiu'.. bray, 
ma^h, bruise. 2 V * Grind, pulveme, mi ice. 3 
^iaul. 4 *Mutter. t5 Give, bestow, distri- 
bute. Ged ph. Urn amadan, though thou bray 
a fool ; thug e la air pronnadh 6ir, ht spent 
a day in <li*tributinj gold ; le phu'rt thril- 
panta shiubhlach, 'phronnar IiiUnnhor !<' 
dion, with quneerint, brisk tini'S nta'/fd qnick- 
ly with keenness MacMh. Alnsdnir, Oran an 
t.-&9; crunluath lomara 'ga phrounadn, a 
"crunliiath" being pounced or brokmi-p. the 
continuous sound of the pipe-tune being 
broken into sm ill frai-nents or short notes. 
MvL an Leomh., 10. IS. 

pronn, pruinn 1 , a. Pounded, brayed, mvdied. 2 
** lu fra-meutd. 3 Crisp, brittle, friable. 

4**Smoofch. MuTictrp., mn!t f $ -MW. 
pr nurric'i, -ai'-h >, a. Th it p'un It or breaks into 
fragments, pnlvri<lng,rliyi'ttnf, di*tribntinf. 

2 UeiiKronx. 8 " Drossy." 

- - -, -aich, t f. Anything pounded or bro'c- 
en in *m \.\\ frag u"nfc, " drow." 

pronn idair, -can, t.m. One who maihes or 

poun Is. 2 Mortar. 3 Pestle. 4 Grinder, 

bruiser. 6**llamm*r. 
----- each- 1, s.f. Pounding, braying, break- 

ing into fragments, bruising. 
p'.vninaih, -a ; 'lh, g.m. Pounding, act of pound- 

ing brayin.j, breakiig or mashing. 2 Bruise, 

bruising. 3 Sp'i'H/'riaK, grinding, mincing. 

4 see pronn lal. A' p , of pronn. 
Tpr.mnadii, -aidh, a.m. Distributing, giyiny;, b>- 

stowing. 55 Generosity. 3 D-st,ruc./ion. 
pronn ig, -aig, -an, *./. Sm ill crumb. 2 "Deo is. " 

3 Anythiag minci'l or p-ily^r md. 

- - ash, -aichi, a. In iragni'nts, pulverized' 
2**" Drossv.' 

pionnaich.(MS) v.n. Griud . 
pronual, -ail, a.m. see pron mill. 
-- ach, -aii;h, see uron idaiach. 
-- aich, -e, se pronndalaich. 
pronnan. . pi. Bits, t'mgiuents. P. arain, 

bread crum-'ts. 
pronnan, -ain, pi. -an & -ain, g. m. Fragment, 

bit, splinter. 2 One who divides. 3 Gener- 

ous p Tson. 

---- aeh, -aich",, see pronnagach. 
pronnar, see pronnmhor. 
pronn-,(DU) *.m. Leavings of food, fta^m-^nts 

of any sort, detritus. 

pronnasg, -'iisg, x.rn. Brim (tone, sulphur. 
--- ach, -aiche, a. Snlph-ireoas, brimstony. 

2 Asphalt'c. 

pronnasgail,** a. Sulphureous, snlphury. 
pronnasdnil, Radfnoch for proniasg. 
pron'a>tair, Arrttn for pronnasg. 
pronna j g-ichd,(MS) s.f. Sulphnreousness. 
pronn-bhi i.dh, -bhidh, s.m. Fragments of vict- 

uals. '2**Minf-edmeat. 3 Krigmouts of nuts. 
pronnastail, St rot' h<tpij for pronnasg. 
pronnastal, E<Un?>an' (Hkyt) for pronnasg. 
pronn-chainnt, -e, s.f. Small talk. 
---- each, -eiche, a. Loqaaci >us. 2 

Trifling in conversation. 
pronndach,** o. Pulverizing, bruising. 2Sj>li,i- 

pronn lal, -ail, s.m. Muttering, murnmnn;, 

prumbling, growl, undergone. 2 Low uohij 

or note. 'D^ am p. a bl/ orfc ? what are >-o't 

proiiridal-ich. -aii-h'?, a. Muttering, 

making a low uov->3, grumbiing. 
pronn dalaich, -e, i.f. AJnrmnr, continued nine- 

terin or low sound, prowling, grHmbling 
pronn-ghloir, -e. s.f. Small talk, loquacity, 

tattle. 2 Whisperi.ig. 
--- each, -eieh'sa. Fx>quaciou3, ttxttliu^. 

2 Whispering. 

pronn-gbldrach, oe pronn ghloireach. 
pronn-lios, see proinn-lann. 
pronnmhor, -oiiv. o. Ground, minced, pulveriz- 

ed, in fragments. 
pronnt, st3 pronntach. 
pronn 'a. a. y part nt. of pronn. Pounded.bray- 

ed, ma-hed, bruised, pulverized. 
pronntach, s. in. Meal obtained by pooscti'if 

grain in a atoue mortar still used in som ^ 


pronntachd,(AC) s.f. Prosperity. 
tpronntain, -e, s.f. Provender. 
pronntair, -can, see pronnadair. 
pronnte, see pronnta., -uisg, see pronnasg. 




proiinngach, sw proiim'-ij'ich. 

pn>p. -.1 & -ii'p. -nchHO, g.ui. Prop, support .pill- 
nr. ui'l*r*<'tt<?r, pose. 

prop r>r.7><. a> propadh. P.O., back, 

propach. -aii-h, -aichean. t.m. Saaware, kelp- 
war*, blactc tangle, lady-wrack fucnt vri- 
2 Smart boy, prov. for propafrueach. 


M* brosnachadh. 
. SD brosn-vhail. 
*oe brosnaich. 
-- <.<>, see brosnaichte. 
prosnau, - iin. pi. -aiu & -an, *. m. Company. 

band, group. 
- -aoii, -a-icho, a. In companies, bauda or 

prosnuchadh, see brosnachadh. 

prooach, a. Propping. 

propadh, -aidh. *.t. Propping, act of propping, ' prosnuioh, te brosna'ch. 

supporting or sustaimni. 2 Support, prop, protaijj.t g.f. Trick Ba 

A" p , pr. pt. of prop. 
prop.jdh. fut. aff. a. of prop, 
propainn. t.a. see prop. 
te. past pt. of 

prdtail t o . Proud A nan, see broUil. 
protlwil, see probhai 1. 
prot!iait, see probhaist. 

each, se probhaisteich. 

propairueach, -ich, a.m. Stripling, stout sturdy tpruchlais-, -f, -can, *./. Dt-n, cave. 
l:id. prui'lh ! int. Call to cattla /VrfA. If. Argyll. 

Mull. 2 Call to a cow or calf IF. of Ross. 3 

piop.inach, Argyll for propairneach. 2* Well- 
built boy beginning to run about. Am p. 
a'uinn, th handsom* stripling. 
prpatn,ir^rtchd, $.f. There are two games in 
Uist called by this name. 

1. A game like quoits or pitchers. Two 
*rge stones or props are set up on end at a 
Jistance from each other of about 20 yards. 
The number of players varies from two to six. 
If more than two play, they may do so singly 
or in picked sides Tru only articles needed 
arj the prop* and two flat pieces of stone, as 
nearly balanced as possible, wherewith to 
toss. The game goes by points, a certain 
number, usually 21. beini; agreed on as gntne 
The pointing or scoring, which is not reckon- 
ed in the same wav anywhere else, is as foll- 
ows in Uist.. Three points if you knock the 
prop down fairly, one point if that pitcher lies 
nearer the prop than any otlmr, one point if 
your other pitcher lies nearer than any of your 
opponent's. Thus, if your two quoit* he near- 
r the proo than your opponent's two, you 
have two points ; if only one is nearer then 
you have only one point. la the case of two 
players, both stand at the same prop and toss 
at the opposite prop endeavouring to hit 
or lie as near to it as possible. In the case 
of sides (say, two on each .side) one member 
of each side takes the stones, while the other 
two stand at the opposite prop, and toss each 
his two quoits to the best of his ability. 
These are then in turn tossed towards them 
again by those at the other end, the game 
counting, as usual, in points. 

propatairtwhd(2\or lengail shaighdear f fel- 
ling the soldier.) Game played on the same 
principle as skittles. There are two equal si- 
des of any number, usually about seven, and 
each player has a prop, which he sticks in the 
irround just enough to make it stand. Each 
player is provided with two stones for throw- 
ing at the props. The side which wins the 
toss then starts to knock as many as passible 
of th-iir opponents' props down in this way. 
The first man in the row throws his two quoits 
trying to knock as many down as he can ; his 
neighbour follows, and so on, till all the row 
have thrown their quoits. If they knock 
down all the opposing props, the game is 
theirs ; if not, their opponents start in exact- 
ly the same way to knock theirs down. If 
they sucreed, they win the '4m ; if noc, the 
props are set up again nnd" play recomm-n- 
ces. " Uist Games " in Celtic R-view, AV Jfi. 
propta, past pt. Propped, sustained, supported, 


prortte, see propta. 
prosd'i,* a. Stron ', firm, stoilU 
cy.-saich, a. see 


Call toacalf 4rran. 
pruidh- Pie I int. Call to a cow Badenoch. & y. 

pruidh-dhe* bheag ! int. Call toacalf--3T. Ar~ 

prui ih-tf ! inf. Call to a cM-Perth <t Suth'd. 2 

(MM) Call to a cow near at hand Argyll. 
pruidh-seo ! m'. Call to a calf Mull. 
prujgean ! inf. Call to a cow or calf FT. O//{OM. 
prni-in, g n. of pronu. 
pruiniie, cm/in, of pronn. 
pruinn^an, s.m. Chastisement. 
pruinneasdan.uMS) *.rn. Sulphur. 
pruip, (jf.n.ying. & n. pL of prop, 
prais ! inf. Call to a cow A 
prnhidh ! int. Call to a cow J., ran. 
pruis-o ! int.. see pruidh-seo ! 
prunaistean, Glendal* far pronuusg. 
prunnan,** a.m. Fardel. 

(AH) int. Call to a horse-. 1 

pru-siuch ! int. Call to a horse W. oj Jtost. 

pubaid, see cubait. 

pubal,** -ail, see pubull 4. 

pubull, -uill, -an, s.m. Tent, booth, pavilion, 
marquee. 2 Alcove. 3 Covering. 4$ Butter- 
bur or pestilence - wort, see gall an m6r. 
Shuidhich iad am pubuill, they pitched their 


piibullach, -aiche, a. Tented, full of tents or 
booths. 2 Of, or like tents or booths. Mugli 
p., n tmt a <l fi'ld. 

pub'ill-beannach, s.m. Butter-bur, 


piic, a' puoadh, v.a. Push, jostle, shove. 
2* Fumble, ram, cram. 

pucadh, -aid'i, s.m. 
pushing, shoving. 

Jostling, act of jostliny, 
A' p , pr. pt. of puc. 

pucaid, -e, -can, n.f. Pimple, blotch. 2 Scab, 
itch. 3 see bucaid. 

- each, -aiche, a. Pimpled, blotched. 2 
Having the itch. 3 Scabbed 4 see bucaid- 

- eachd,** s.f. Scabbiness, 2 Itch. 
purail, -e, *.f. see pucadh. 'S ana ort 'th.a a* 

ph. ! how you do push ! 

tpucan, see 

p.ic-tlioll, s.m. Plug-hole of a boat. 

pu'ta,* 8. Poult. 

[>udaeh/ DU) s.m. Young of any bird, except of 
domestic fowl ( yquns: i* ebin.) F.-LUU- 
nai, o dufk'iny ; p.-faoilea^, a younj yull. 

piidar, -air, s.m see fu lar. 

piidarach, see fudarach. 

pudaraich, see fud-iraioh. 

te, see fudaraiclite. 

pudhair,*^ Gaelic form of Scotd pronunciatico 

Mishap, loss, d.ima :-, 
Hurt, sore, uloar, su/ 

pudhar. -air, -an, 
harm, injury. 



pi-aM-v: "Ore W. 
pmlhirach, o. ilunfu 1 , harmful, injurious, 2 

UU'i'rous, having ulcers. 

adh, -aidh, a.m. SJupp'iration. 

pu ihnraieh.(MM) V. Suppurate. 
p;ulharan,(DO) s.m. 1 u.-k stalk of corn found 

occasionally ia a fl ;ld of growing oats U'ist. 

?'iib!eac ! iadh,** -aid'), . m. Publishing. 
puibli,,'h, -e, o. Public, 
tpui'dich, v.a. Puhli h, proclaim, 
puic. -e, -oan, x./. Bri'j\ l''rmair e p., hf ha* 
t>>en brib"d ; cha d' cnu e p. <ilntt 
nothing of him. Also used for put 1 , 
"iic, v.a. Bribe. 

i, -eicho, a. Bribing, giving bribes. 


e p. (ihith, he made 

Receiving bribes. 3 Easily bribed. 4**Like a 


puiceaoh,* -eich, s.f. Female briber. 
pakean, -ein, -an, s.m. Veil or covering over 

the eyes. 2 Game of blind-man's-buff. 3 


puicear, -eir, -an, s.m. Bribor. 

-- achd, K.f. Bribery. 

puichean, -ein, -an, s.m. tattle impudent fellow. 

2 Pithless, sickly, d mimitive fallow. 
puicneaith,** -aidh, s.m. Blindfolding. 2 Im- 


ptiicna-sgreabhal,** *. Span^la. 
puirlue, -an, . f. Pocket. Gaelic spelling of 

Scots pro mnd ition of pouch. P. u:?ireadair, 

a fob; p. briogais, a trousers pocket. 
piii Iseach, a. Flavin? pockets or pouches. 
puilg an,(Cii).m. Little fat parson W. of Ross, 

see builgean. 
P'linc, -e, -ean, see pane. 
tpuinc-iarn, -uirn, -an, see puingearn. 
piling, see puac. 

puingaan,** -ein, s.m. Roll of butter. 
puingearn,** -eirn, s.m. Beam for measuring or 

weighing goods, thu graduated beam, (pung-, 
puJiin3, *. 

<t pi. of pu'ind. 

Urop, spout, stream, see buiune. 

Ool le p.iiune 'na chuaich, Rob Donn. 
puiunsag, -eij, -au, s.m. Common sorrel, see 

ach, -aiche, ft. Abounding in sorreL 2 

Of, or pertaining to, sorrel. 

pujnneagan.-ain. s.m. Sorrel. 

puinneanach, -aich, . TO. Same meanings as 
P'tinnean ten wlh. 2** Bruiser, pugilist, 

puiuneanachadh, -aidh, *. m. Beating, act of 
beating or thumping, thrashing, belabouring. 
A' p , of puiimeanaich. 

puinneanaich. pr. pi. a' puinneauachadh, v. a. 
Beat, thump, belabour, bruise. 

puiuog, see puuc. 

ptn'ase, Gaelic form of punth, toddy. Amp. mil- 
is, guauach, the s>ce't h*ady punch. 

puin/jeat-h, a. Abounding in punch. 2 Of, or be- 
longing to, puuch. 

puinsean, -in, -an, *. m. Poison, venom. 2** 
Term of contempt or disgust. A phninsein a 
tha thu aun ! reptile that thou art ! [puinn- 
s-au is nearer the usual pronunciation, but as 
the bes;. Gaelic Dictionaries give puinsean, 
fehat spelling has be ; en followed here. McL 
& D gives puint'an in the Gael. -En<. part, and 
and puinns'ttn in the Eng.-Gael. part.] 

ach, -aiche, a. Poisonous, venomous. 

2** Baneful. 

pninaaanaohadh, -aith, *. m. Poisoning, act of 
killing by laeaua of poison. A' p , of 


ic i, a' pni'inseanachadh, . a. 
take oft or kill by poison. 

ofpuiaaawwkh. Poison- 

ed, killed hy poi-xm. 
puiTiseatita, a. Poironou*, renoainuo. 
pninicantachd, ./. 8aoi9 maauingg 

an pui 

puinsion, -in, -eau, see 

ai . f.m. PoL<t<mouneKa, venom* 
2 Vindictirea<, resentment. 

ach, see 

puinsionachadh, see pnin ;-anchadh. 
puinsiouaich, see pumseauaioh. 
pnitisionaichte, see puin^ianaicbte. 
puinuonta, see pnnnwaute. 
puintealt.a,** a. Preci se. 2 Pnnctn1. 
puip,(OMu)a. Worthier, nntiUy. Am fear p. 

sin, that worthkf* fe'.inve -3*tk'd. 
puirleag, -eig, -an, *./. Crest, taft. 

aiche, a. Crested, tnfted. 
puirnoach,** -ich, s.m. Hauler. 
puirt, gen. & pi. of port. 
puirbean, -ein, -an, *. m., dim. at port. Sonn,fc. 

2 Little harbour or h%rea. 3 Little turret. 
puis, -ean, s.m. Puss, kitten, little cab. 

puiseas,(DU) s.f. Kitten. 
tpai^g,** .i. Beat, whip, 
puisidh, Gaelic spelling o 
paision, see puinsean. 

puist, g''ig. A of post. 

tp'iibric, 9. Bottle. 

pulaix, -aig, -an, a. f. R -und stone. 2 Ball. 3 

Pedestal. 4 Footstool of a pillar. 5**l'or. 

poise. 6* Large round stxme. 
pulagach, -aiche, a. Abounding in round stones. 

2 Like a round stone or baU. 
pulaidh.(CR) -nean, tj. Turkey. Ooileach p., 

a turkey-cock ; cearc-ph., a turkey-hen W. of 

Ross-nhire, 2 (DMy) Champion, hero, especi"- 

clly in strentb and boriae. 'M Niall Mac- 

Aoi.dh 'na ph. orra, and Neil MacKay a tur 

he y -cock ow*r thrm. 
pulais, ,S*. Suth'd for bulas. 
pula-mhullach,** pulaidiean-m-, s. m. 


pulas see bulas. 
pulbhag,** -aig, -an, s.f. Round stone, sizeable 

round stone. 

pulbhag,** sj. Pollock (fish.) 
pullag, -aig, -an, ./. fPantry. 2 (AP) Pollack. 

lythe (tish.) 

pufpaid, G.ielic spelling of pulpit. 
pampaid,(CR) Arran for cubatd (pulpit.) 
pum ais, (.VI McD) *./. Pimples on the face or 

skin i 


pumpais.(MH) ./. Pump. 

punan,** -ain, s.t/i. see punnan. 

punc, -nine, -an, . m. Point, tittle. 2 Point, 
stop. 3 Article. 4 Note in music. 5 Quirk. 
6 Quibble at law. 7 Aspiring. 8 (MS) Posi- 
tion. OttTone. 10 Point in a debate. Chuir 
thu as mo phune mi, you d*f*tei m>j m-n- 
tion ; tha e fan phuncan, hf is full of quirks ; 
air a" pb. sia, on that point. 

puncach,** a. Pointed, having points. 

puncachadh, -aidh, s.m. PuncfcuUiou. 

ptineachas, s.m. Position. 

punciich, v.a. Point. 

puncaid,* -e, -ean, s.f. Quirk, stratagem. Lin 
dj phuncaide-an, full of quirks. 

puucaid?ach,* -eiche, a. Full of quirks or tricks, 

puacail.(MS) v.a. Adjust. 

puncail, -e, a. Distinct, articulate. 3 Exact, 
ac-urate. 3 Pointed. 4 Punctual. 6 Tidy. 
6* P>usines.s-like in everything. 

punciireachd.s.A Punctuation. s.f. Distinctness, artioalakftaMS. 2 
Exactness, correct nsss, accurrvoy. 8 Pointod- 
nesa. 4 Puuctuali&y. 5 Tidiness. 6* Great 





puncaltus, set puncalachd. 
puncan-dearbhaidh, . Quotation points (" 

1 (DMy) Proofs, tests. 
puncar, -als, i.m. Article in grammar. 
punrglas -ais. t.m. Species of purple grass 
punc-labbair,** v.a. Articulate. 
punc-labhairt, puiuo-, s.m. Articulation. 2 Ac 

cent, accentuation. 

punc-labhraiche,** $.m. Distinct articulator. 
pnnd, see punn^U 
pundglas, -ais, see puncjlas. 
pung, -ninj, -an, se punc. 
pun^ich, nee pun each, 
pungarhadh, -aidh, see puncachadh. 
punguid, see puncaid. 2 (DMy) Stiff, tnactiv 


pungaideach, see puncaideacb. 
punjjail, -e, see pnncail. 
puncalachd, see puncalachd. -atg, -an, *./. Baloon in archittcturr. 
punnan. -ain. -an, t,m. Sheaf of corn. 2 Bundle 
uf hay or straw. 3*Burden. 4**Fardel. 5 
Blast, as of a horn. 6**Bittern. 
punnd, -uinud, a.m. Pound weight.(l H 2 Fold 
to confine cattle that trespass. 3 1 sterling. 
Punnd Sasunnach, .1 sterling. 
punnd, a' puundalh, v.n. Pound cattle, 
punnnaiim. see fii'intai <n. ( <ays, Bail usage 
in beinjj confi-.e 1 in a damp place. 2 State of 
be .'Mi confined na cold place.] 
piu>n'iv'r, -ean, s.m. One who confines straying 
cattle, pounder. 2 (DU) Shepherd paid by a 
district to herd sheep during summer. 

eachd, i.f. Cnfining of straying cattle, 

pounding. 2 Herding; sheep. Tha e ris a' 
ph., he is tngaied as a dittrict shepherd. 
pnnnt, Couch-grass. Benumbment (also funntainn.) 

punt, -uint. see punnd. 

pu.-itain, -e, see tunntainn. 

pupaid, Gaelic form of Scots poopit. 

purgadair, -ean, t. m. Purgatory. 2 Purifier. 

3 Tormenter. 4* The greatest anxiety to get 

freedo-n, or to shift quarters. 

pur nadai reach, -ich, s.m. One undergoing the 

changes and pains of purgatory, 
purgadaireacii, -aiche, a. Purgatorial, 
purgadaireachd, ./. Purification. 2 State of 
purgatory. 3**Chang0.-j of purgatory. 4** 
Doctrine of purgatory 
purgadaireadh, -eidh, s.m. Purgatory, 
purgadoir, see purgadair. 
purgaid, -e, -ean, ./. Purge, purgative, ap?rient 

medicine. P. duine, a dour man (DMy ) 
pur^aideach, -eiche, a. Purgative, cathartic 

cleausing, vomitory. 

purgaideachadb, -aidh, Medication, 
pur^aicleachd.** . /. Laxativeness, frequent 


purgaidicb, v.a. Purge. 

purlag, -aip, -an, ./. Tatter. 2 Fragment of any- 
thing 1 , prov. 

purlagach. -aiche, a. Ragged, tattered. 
purp,* -uirp, t.m. The faculties of the mind. 2 
Full possession of mental powers. Chaill e a 
ph., hf toil hit facttltiei ; u fheadli 's a 
Dhitheas mo ph. agam, while I possess my 
faculties; gun ph., uncott'cted. 
purpaidh.J t.f. Purslane-like orache atriptex 

portulacoides 2 Poppy. 8** Purslane. 
purpaidh.U -e, a. Purple .^uth'd <fc N.Argyll. 
purpail,* -e, a. Collected, in one's senses. 2 
Sound in mind. 3 Punctual. 4 Accurate. 5 
Pointed. 6**Courageous. 7**Active. 
purpaileachd,** *./. Courage. 2 Activity, 
purpais, see purp. 

purp-ilaohd,* . /. Collecrive. 
iioss, full possession of fac- 
ulties. 2 Punctuality, 
purpur, -uir, s.m. Purple col- 

purr, pr. pt. a' purrailh. v.a. 
Push, thrust.drirf, urge, t 
Jerk. 3 Bntt, strike with tha 
bead. 4 Poke. 5 Jostle. 9 
Dash at, as a bull. 
purrach,**a. Apt to push or 
shove, pushing, shoving. 2 

purra-Jair, -ean, t.m. Putter, 
pnrradh, -ai.lh, -aidhean, t.m. 
Pushing, act of pushing, 
thrusting, shoving or driv- 
ing. 2 Jerking, jerk. 3 586. Parpaidh.^ 
Butt, act of butting with the head. 4 Josel- 
in*. 5 Push, thrust. A' p , of purr. 
A* p. la 'adharcaibh, butting u-ith. hit hums ; 
an reithe a' p., the ram butting. 
purraghlas, -ais, s.m. Cat. 
purt.puirt, see port, 
pus, -uis, -can, Gaelic form t of putt. 
pus, -uis, -an, see bus. 
pus, see pod. 
pusach, see busach. 
pusacha?, -aig, -an, t.f. Whining girl, 
pusachan, -aia, -an, s.m. Whining boy. 
uaadh, see posadh. 

usag, -aigr, -an, s.f.,dim. of pus. 2ftsee buaag-. 
nsaidh, see puisidh. 
pusda, see posda. 
>ust' t see posda. 
ut, -a, -an, s.m. The cheek, 
put, a' putadh, v.a. Push, fchrust. 2 Jos- 
tle. 3 Put with the head. 
)ut, s.m. Push, shove. 

>ut, -a, -an, s.m. Young of moorfowl, voung 
grouse vp-)nt.) 2 Large buoy, generally of 
sheepskin, inflated. 3 Corpulent person. 1 
Any bulging thing. Su'h'd. [2i<p't in Har- 
ris and not put.] P. meadhou, a middle t>i>v; 
p suab, the buoy on mi of cable ; p. aais, the 
buoy u'wdjuxt below th? i arrow to pren<nt 
t'" Cfvrm-nia-ra (cahle) lyin-j nn the bottom. 
[** gives j,b>t as g>n. of No. 1.] 
mt.(CR) a.m. Bruised swelling caii.sed by a 
blow, as in flighting. 2 Spadeful of the cas- 
chroin. [I & 2 Iios-$hire.] Thug mi p. air, 
/ mark- .( him ; amp. faaraidh, an ceap fuar- 
aidh, the first turned todof a furrow. 
nta, see p:ut. 

uta,* a.m. Trout North. 2 see put 1. 
iiUcb, -aichs, a. Abounding in younjj grouse. 
2 Of, or belonging to, buoys, like a buoy. 3 
Pro Uu-injj young moorfowl. (bu^-ych.) 
utach,** o. Pushing, shoving, jostling, 
utadh, 3rd. sinj. & pl.imn. of put. 
utadh, -aidh, -ean, s.m. Pushing, shoving, ace 
of pushing, jostling. 2Butting. 3 Piece of 
soil turned over at one time wich a spade. 4 
JtCheck. 5 JtQuick turn. 
uca-fuaraidh,(Cil) s. First sod or spadeful of 
a furrow in delving. W. of Rots-shire. 
utag, -aig, -an, s./. Oar-pin, rowloclc, thole. 2 
Bodkin. 3 Puddin?. 4 Small ride of land. 
5 Haft or hanile of a scythe, 
utagach, -aiche, a. Of, having or pert,iiniu^ 
to, thole-pins. 2 puddings, or 3 small ridges 
of land. 4**Haviu-, r thule-pins, as a boat, 
utagaich, v.a. Provide or furnish with thale* 
pins, as a boat. 

utagaichte, [iast pt . of putagulch. 
_ utagan,** -ain, s.m. Pudding, i>'iclc-pudtliag. 
>utain, gsa.sinj. Jc uf puiau. 




put air, -r>an, s.m. One who pushes or impels. 2 

pu (nil-each (I, *./. Pushing;. '' Dibbling. 

pu'ai), -ain, -wi, s.m., dim. of pa". Young grouse, 
Ir tie poult. 2 (AF) Youi.g animal. 3** 
Yong hans. 

pntan, -aia, -an, i.m. Button. 2 Sny or toggle, 
see bata, No. 1, p. 76. P.-duirn, a sleevt but- 

pnfcan, see pait. 

putanach, -aiche, a. Buttoned. 2 Abounding 
in buttons. 3 Like a button. 

patanachadh, -aidh, t.m. Buttoning. 

putanach'l, tf. Button-making. 

putanaich, v.a. Button. 

puranaichte, pant pt. Buttoned. 

putan jrrirm,{ x.m. Sheep-hit, see dubhan-nan- 

puianta,** a. Shy, as young mor-fowl, coy. 

pu:anta^hil,** tf. Shyness, coyness. 

pntar, fitf.vasJf. of put. 

pnth. x.m. Snort. 2 Puf. 3 Sound of a shot. 
4 Syllable. A' cur putuan as a hr&ta, *fwrf. 
W; with h in no*e. 

pnoiiag, -aig. -an, s.f., dim. of puth. Little puff 
or explosion. 2 i'o-poi-**, grampus. 

puc. aid, (Ficmn) t. /. Revesx in th wall for 
Holding small artir'es -2 Veuiilator in a byrs 
wall, so call t>d because it resembles the recess 
in ahou-e wall. 

pu;i,1f s.f. Marsh-harrier, we clam'i.i.n-loi". 

pmhar, -air, -an, a.m.. Harm hurt. -J Wound, 
^car. 8 Sore, cause of .sorrow. 4 Suppurat- 
ing sore, (ja -tic sp'jlli'ig of Sc-ots prottu ici.i- 
tion of po,vi-. 

'S rha 'ennlai'h f> p'uif.'iar 'an d.jbhar a 
chr lachan C> va<:''an B-ann. Fi!.\<th. . 60. 

pMnnarac'i^dh, -aidh. .-ft- pudlxaraoliadh. 

pi oir (,.l w l *./. Pu.ld^ck. 

tpuirail -ail), -an. Loclc of hair. 

T, frui^, tlle>-tre',) the fifteenth letter of the 
(JatMic a!ph:ib3t. It gt'nerrtlly sounds lik" r 
in ran', m/ire ; as racb, go ; inor, '/rent. If in 
the sam .t syllable r be precadutl or followeii 
by a nal! vowel ( or i, or both.) it has a 
sound to whii-b. thwr^ is n^n^ quite siitiilar io 
English but it resembles that of the Fr ne!i r 
in prairio, a wadou) ; as in iiiridh,wortfiy, fir, 

'r, wmt. for ar, Our. 

'r, cont. for bhur or 'ur, Your. 

r'. cont. for ri, prsp. 

ra. cont. for radh. 

ra. -tha'i, s.m. see rath. 

ra. ailv. see ro. 

T& x.m. (ioin, moving, prop. 

rabach. -aiche, a. Litigious, quarrelsome. 2** 
rMen iful, fruitful. 

rabichas, -ais. s.m. Litigiou^ness, quarrelsome- 
ness. 2** Pl"ndfu]ne*s, fruttfulness. Fear 
ra v iachai, a liti<rions fellow. 

rabaid. Gaelic spelling of rabbit. Cuilean r., a 
youny rabbit. 

- -acn, a. Abounding in rabbits. 2 Like a 

rabair, -an. *.m. Litifrtooa, troublesome, tire- 
some person. 2ff Roarer. 3 Wrangler. Cha'n 
'i'. ann ach r. oglaich, he is but a wrangltr 
oj afettoiv. 

each, a. see rabach. 

each. I, s.f. "ibachas. 2f1 

3 Wrangling. 

rabal," -ail, .m. Noise, bustle. 

ach, a. Noi*y, bustling 1 . 

aciid, tf. Noisiness, continued noise, con 

tiriued bustle. 

rabh,* v.a. Warn, guard. 

rabh, see robh. 

rabhacafr,* -ean. g.m. Nonsensical rhapsodic 
2 Harangner, proser. see rabli'ta : >r. 

rabh: caireachd, J. Rhapsody, proving, h*r- 
anguing.tAikm? nonseme. see rabhdair<-/ < .h' I. 

rabhach, -a'che, a. see rabhachail. 

rabhachail, , a. Warning, admonitory, givinf 
a caution or hint, hinting. 

rabhach,** a. Admonitory. 

rabhachan, -ain, -an, *.m. Warning. 2 Beacon. 
ii AdTorti-ser. 

frabhad, -aid, s.m. Precedent, example. 

rarf.hadair,* -ean, s.m. Spy, scoat. 2 see rablia- 
Chan. 8t|Oiter. 14 see robh. 

rabhadh, -ai Ih, s.m. Warning, alarm, hue and 
cry. 2** Advice, instruction. 3 Adrerti**- 
ment. 4 Example, precedent. 5 Caution, 
hint. 6 (MS) Memento. Thoir r. dha, in/Win 
him, giv him a, hint ; rabhadh ea<rlais, an 
ec^l"gtastieal edict ; a' fa.; hail rabhaidh, revi- 
ving instruction. 

rabhag,(DU) s*. Person full of fun, or fond of 
practical joking. 

rabhagach .\ -aich, s.f. White wafeer-lily, sea 
duilieai-bhajte-bhau. 2tfWeeds growing at 
the bottom of water. 

rabhaic, Arran & Itlat/ for raoic. 

rabhaidh,* v.a. Advertize. 

rabhail,* -e, s.f. Rhap-H>dydeliTered in a drawl- 
ing manner. 2 Mad sa 
manner or gait. 

saying. 3 Drawling 

rabhail,** a Admonitory. 

rabhairt,* *./. see rwithart. 

rabhan, Arran for rabhan. 

rabhan, -ain, -an, x.'tn. Rnap^ody, long and te- 
dious repetition, rigmarole. 

frabhan, -ain, -an, g.m. Spade. 

ral>han, (CR) .. Kind of grass that grows iu 
still water, which sbeep often wade in to eat 
and are drowned. It is sometimes cat f. r 
fodder, rabhann in W. of Ross. Pronounced 
rafan in Rrau Cortntry A heights ofKildoncm,. 

rabhan, a.m. Remains of spate or tide on the 
shore Suth'd. 

rabhanach, -aiche, a. Rhapsodical, tedious. 2 

lahhanach, -u-h. s.m. Rhapaodist, tedious 
story teller. 2**Haranguer. 

r.ibhanachd, sj. Rhap^wdy, harangue. 

rnbhanaiohp.*' s.m. s .-e rabiianair. 

rabh'.n iir,** -an, s.m. Rhap^odiU. 2 Harang- 
n^r. 3 Proser. 

rabhann,(OR) s.m. Gra*s or reed th it grows in 
p.H>ls ai'd i.< cut for fodder. It has ma iy largj 
joints which b irst when dry, and whit* root,-* 
Sfratkconan. 2 Water-lily W. of Roxs-xhir'. 
3 Plant with leaves brancning alternately on 
each sid,; of the leaf-stem and floatin* on the 
water W. of Ra*8~shirr. 

rabhart,** -airt, *.m. Upbrakling. 2 Senseless 

rabhart, -airt, t.m. (AH) Fun, pleasantry, t 
see rabhd. 

ach, -aiche, a. see rabhanach. 

frabhartha, a. Ovemmaine. 

rabh'l, -a, -an, s m Idle or nonsensical talk. 
2 Coarse, tiresome language, vapouring, te- 
dious harangue, uoast. 3 Idle talker. 4 Kan:. 

rabhdavh. -aich'j. a. Talking idly, given bo idle 
talk, uarajujttting. 2 Usiug ooarse or unbecom- 




Inn language. 

rbti truth, S'jarabtid. 

tabh'lair. -win. *.m. Idle, tireouao talker, boast- 
Mr, (fosdip prater,, rap ner. 2** 
K flv. :i OIM wh > usos cotr<e or unbecoming 
UngUAgJ. 4ftKabulist ."> Ranter. 

c<-hd. t.fmd. Habit of talking idly, 

coarsely or t irksomely.' hap<ody. pro-i'i-;, har- 
anguing, verbosity, vapo'imig. gossiping 

rbhdal, -ail, Coarse- jesting. ;ro. 2 Pros- 

ach, aiche.a.Coarsely or vulgarly sport- 

ratihdirach. -aiche, see rabhdaHch. 

rabhla Ih, -aidh, t in. see rablidal 2 Coasting. 

ribh >il, see taobail. 

rac. -ait-, an, i m Rake. 2 Rtnti keeping the 
yard to the mast, traveller, see bata, 24, p. 76 
i_t tjives rac for No 2.J 

rai 1 . aic, -an. * m. Drake. Wort A. 2 Discor 
daut, disgusting music *West. 

ric, * m. Crash, prolonged crash. 2 Prattling. 
3 Gushing 4 Shedding, as tears. 5 Croaking 
noise, as of crows. 

frac, t.m. King, prince. 2**B.*g, pouch. 

rac, v a. A, n., -i- t. see srac. pt. a' racadb. v a & n Rake, harrow. 2 
Quack, as ducKs or geese. 3 Make a crash- 
ing noise. 4 Croak 5 Rehearse, repeat. 

racach, aiche, a. see rAcanach. 2 Crashing 
noisy. 3 Abounding m or belonging to, 

ricadal, -ail, s.m Horse-radish. 2**Wild radish. 
[J gives racadal.J 

ach, -aiche, a. Abounding in horse-ra- 

racadb. -aidh, -aidh, s.m. Raking, harrowing, 
act of raking or harrowing. 2 Quacking of 
ducks or geese. 3 Cra-hmg 4 Noise 
made by the tearing of cloth, (sracadh.) A' 
r , of rac. 

racadh. -aidh, s m. see sracadh. A' r , pr. pt. 
of rac. 

racaid, -e, -ean, ./. Noise, disturbance. 2 Con- 
tinual crashing noise. 3 Discordant voice, 
croaking. 4 Racket. 5*Drawlui female. 
6 Strong blow. Thug mi r. dha 'sa chluais, 
Igaofhima, hard box <~'ii the ear. 

racaidcach.-ft -aiche, a. Bustling, noisy. 

ricail, s f. Quacking, as of ducks or geese. 2 
Continued crashing noise. 3 Discordant 

racain, <jen.ting. <t n.^. of racan. 

racair, -ean, t.m. Lying, talkative fellow, ro- 
mancer. 2 Impertinent prattler. 3 Rehears- 
er. 4 Raker. 5 One having a bar->h or dis- 
cordant voice. 6* Drawling, croaking orator 
or piper. 7* Croaker of a preacher. 8 Loud 
talker. 9 Talkative, lyiuq; person. 
eachd, t. f. Habit of lying, romance. 2 
.Impertinent loquacity, verbiage, rehearsing. 
3 Discordance of voice, oratory or music, 
r-aking. 4 Raking. 

acau. -ain, -an, s.m. Rake 2 Instrument for 
breaking clods and used as a harrow. In the 
H". Jilft, it consists of a block of wood with a 
few teeth, and is used in such places as will 
not admit of the use of a harrow. It is com- 
monly tied to the horse's tail, but not unfre- 
quently it is dragged along the surface by wo- 
men and boys. In W. Rms-nhire it is ap- 
plied to a short heavy rake with a head over 
2 in. in thickness and a handle under 4 ft. in 
length. With it the seed is covered, clods are 
broken, and potato ground, before the tops 
come through, is raked or harrowed to keep 
down weeds CR. 3 Noise, croaking noise. 

4 Crash. 6 Rmlyor crooked stick. 6 Mi 
ihiof, evil, wickedness 7 Howling S Riot, 
noise. Provincial denomination of arable 
land (ceanu-rac-iin.) Nach aun annad ' tha ' 
r. ! haw MiwftftwMM you are lArran. Ira* 
an not r&can in Arran '] 
racan, pi. of rac. Rakes, h irrows. 

ach, -aich, .tn Mischievous person. 

ach, -aiche, a. Of. belonging to or fur- 
nished with rakes or h intl-harrows 2Cr;i*h 
in;,'. 3*"0ro:ikiug 4** Prating 5*Dissonant. 
racan-arbhair,(Fionn) i m. Corn-craik. 
rac-an-ftv>oir,(CR) * in. Corn-craik. 
racanta.** a. Clashing, noisy. 2 Croaking. 3 


racas. -nis, Sail hoop prov. 
rach, for rachadh (would go ) 
rach, def. v. Uo, proceed, move, travel, walk. 

Active Voice 

IND jast, chai'Ih mi, <fec., /, <frc. went. 
/in. lhji 1 mi, dec , /, t {-c will (jo. 
( Although commonly niv.-n by a 
the future tense of rach, thttd is quice a dif- 
ferent word.] 

INTEKKOO & NEO. pott, (an ? uach ? chaj 
deach or deachaidh mi, <fec . 
Jut. (an ? nach ? cha) 

tdid mi, *c. 

SuBJUNcr. past, (ged) raohainn, (though) I 
would (jn ; (<;ed) rachadh tu, e, i, (though) 
thon wovldest ()o,he,sh' would go; (ged) racha- 
maid, (though) we would <jo ; (ged ) rachadh 
sibh, iad (though) you, th'y, iconld go 
,, Jut. (ma) th&d mi, <fec., (if) /, < 

IMPER. 1st. per.sing. racham, let me go. 
INKIN. a dhol, to go. 
PHKS. PART a' nol. poing. 
Used Impersonally thus 
IMFKII. rachar, Lh -ir g^ar, na racuar. 
IND past, deaehas, chaidhoas, an deachas ? 
cha deaehas. 

Jnt teidear, th<5idear, an teidear ? cha 

Am fear a th^id lideng am uiearach 1, the 
man who yor s a syllable, let! ?r, i ant bit, wrong; 
chaidh laithean na seacbduin lomrail orra, 
they got confused about (lost count of ) the, days 
of the week ; chaidh a' chilis 'sa mhuiloanu 
orm, / became hopel?s<'ly puzzled over the mat- 
ter ; chaidh thu gu Dun-bheagain orra, you 
went to the extreme with me He. to Dunvjan, 
a Lochaber saying N.G. P. ; chaidh mi 'iiam 
ched, 'nam bhreislich, / became mystified, 
muddled ; chaidh mi bho obair, bhorath, bho 
fheum, / have becom- v.*ry usdens ; chaiilh ma 
thoirt as rno ghabhail, I have been ditnvpomt- 
ed of my original intention ; chaidh m*i Char 
mo shiubhail, thar mo sgeoil, / have d? Dialed 
from, lost, my road, my story ; chaidh sinn 
thar a cheile, we quarrelled, fell foul of each 
other ; chaidh mi am feirg choimhich, I u<" 
came transported with ra^e ; chaidh iad gu 
bron 's gu briseadh-cridhe, they gave way to 
mourning and heart-jrieviny ; chaidh mi a ri* 
gu m' smuaintean, / reconsidered thinjx, re~ 
viewed matters again ; chaidh e gu mor bho 
'aire f^in, he was no distraught as to be tntrdlu 
himtrlf ; chaidh am bata air chrith, the boat 
began to quivtr; cha deach sin gu m ith diiaibh, 
that di'i not suit them at all, it upset thru* ; cia- 
mar a chaidh dhuit? how did you maii'iji', jet 
on, how did things turn out for you ; raoh uif 
t 1 aghaidh, or rach air a^hart, pruto-rd ; m* 
'a tu a th" ann, is tti chaidh as, if that 
you have sadly altered, you ar? rn.-rely < .'*- /ta- 
doio of your former self ; chaidh o aa uim, u 



escaped from inf. rvaA-nl me : cbaidb an teine 
as orni (he fire 1 kindled (or UKI* tending** wtm 
out : chaidli as daibh, they died, U'fre killed. 
their influents ceased , cha teicl auaiu a mac 
bodau-ti le muiseig. threats wilt it(,> kitt a 
cAii'l'a son , is mairg a rachadh to do mheach- 
aiinas, pity // it'Ao would trutt to ymir dis- 
frrnon or mercies . chaulh Ri.'ih LochlahiB am 
nieinn >i Fe'inne, th' hint) of Loiltlami toegr/'d 
Iff cl'iiwnni / the F-ngaliant , chai'Jn mi au 
<lail. anceami, an seilbb no an tarrumi; na h- 
Oibre, or cliaidh mi an sas amis an ob-ur. / 
xft ahunl th* irorl; . cliaidh again air, J mtn- 
aved it, accomplished it , or / prevailed over 
hiin , cha (&\<l yad air gealladh, ymi cannot 
bind a promts- with a withy ; cha teid fiach 
air beul <1 unite, a dosed mouth don, not run 
in'o il'ht . rba teid plasd air bagairt, a threat 
was no plaxti-r , child h a' bhrog oirre rnu a 
coi-t, the /<tw filti-d her foot, slipped on to it ; 
i-haidh na geinneayau air a' chota, the button* 
were attached to the coat. ; chaidu eom an 
geall caiihrtMtn, the. birds began chorusing ; 
na li-i^heanan n bbidhuhe 'the'id air urlar, the. 
lam'* who dance most elegantly an nijjhean 
a'sdeise 'theid fo 'a.lideadh.tA* qirl who dress- 
es most tastefully ; an la theid clo ur air faicbe, 
the ilay the new cloth or drew m uported in 
public ; theid lad air faoigh. they will goon a 
gfiilfft beggniq expedition ; Lb6id iad air a' 
bMannau;, they will go on a bannock- begging 
Ckrittmiu round ; theid lad air au deirc, they 
u'tll go beijqinrj for alms ; thfeid iad air ch^il- 
idh chuige, their will go on a vitit to him ; 
th^id iad 'nan deannaibh, they mil go. run- 
mnt) fnri.oH*ly ; rachaibh dhacbaidb, go (ye) 
home , thrfid sinn dhachaidh, we will go home, 
n<\ tdirig dliachaidb, don't go home ; cbaulb 
sinn riharhaidh, we icent home an deacbaidb 
e ilhacbaidb ? (lul he go home .* 

racnadh, pO#( tufrj, of rach. Would go. Z 9nd. 
,i- Sid per. sing. & pi. imp. of rach. R. e, let 
lum go. 

trarhail, ./. Winding-sheet. 

ruchainn, 1st. per. sing, patt $ubj. of rach I 
would (jo. 

frachail, -aill. t.m. Winding-sheet. 

raoham. 1st. per. sing. imp. of rach. Let me go. 

rachamaid, 1st. past tubj.ot rach. We 
would go. 2 lit. per pi. of rach. Let us go. 

rachar, used impersonally. Bacbar suas leo, they 

rachd s.f.ind. see reachd. [J gives r&chd.] 

rachn, a.m. & . see rac. 

rachd, -an, see reachd. 

rachdadh, see racadh. 

ra'-hdaid, see racaid. 

racndail. see racail. 

raclnlair, see racair. 

rac i dan, see racan. 

racnd in, -ain, -an, *.m. Tartan plaid worn in 

the shape of a mantle or cloak. 
raehdmhtjr, -oire, a. see reaohdmhor. 
-- acbd, see reachdmhorarhd. 
rache.(AF) (? raitche) . Scent-hound. 
tracholl, -oill, -an, s.m. Winding-sheet. 
rac-rnliara,lAF) *. Salmon. 
rac-mhaii;hreadh,(AF) . Salmon. 
racuis, -e, -ean, tj. Rack. 2 Toasting appara- 


rid, -aid, -an, see r6d. 
trad, -a, a. Ready, furnished 
rndaidh, a. Dark, sallow. Duine r., doroha, 

a allow-complexion.'d man. (also roJ4dh) 
railalreal.** -eil, t.m. nee roilalroal. 
ruittui, -itin, -;in, t.m. Hat. a Ounulng 

K. AriuouluuU, an ennmt. 

radan. of iad 

radanach. -aiclie, a. Abounding in rats. 2 Lik 

a rat. 
radanach. -aiche, a Not affectionate, distmntj 

2 Uissemblifig, uncandid. 
radan-duijh, s.m. JJlack rat. 
radau-uir, (AF) s.m. Mole, 
radan-ui^e, a.m. Craber, water-rat. 

radh, s rn .Saying, act of saying, affirming, at 
expressing 2 Word, eaying, adage, prorerb 

3 Nois.'. 4* Assertion. 6 Speech. Ag r , pr, 
pt. of abair. Tha 'n r. ud fior, that saying it 
true ; tha mi '{jr., / say. \ 

radh, * Settled lutentiou Suth'd. Tha mi air 
r. seo a dheanamh, I intend doing lAu. j 

fradh, past a,T. of abair. Do r. e gacb uair, hi 
said each time. 

radiiad, -aid, -an. see rathad. 

radhadh, -aidb, aidhean, see rabhadh & rogh- 

radhainn. prov. for radh. 

rarihaircin, see raghaircin. 

radhar, see raghar 

radharc, -airc, s.m. Sight, power of yision. 2 
View, prospect. 3 Pupil of the eye Lewis. 
R. mo <i ha rosg, the tight of my (too eye* fatao 

ach, -aicbe, a. Seeing, having tho facul- 
ty of sight. 2 Commanding a good or exten- 
sive prospect. 3**Utwervaut. ** Conferring 
the faculty of sight. 

radmuin>i,(AF) s. Fox. 

rafan, see rabhau. 

ran, -aige, a. Stiff, rigid, not pliable. 2 Stiff, 
benumbed. 3 Obstinate, pertinacious. 4 
Inflexible., inexorable. 6 Unwilling, di.dnclin- 
ed. 6**Tight, as a rope. 7**Toagh. 8**Dim. 
9 Asinine. 

rag, a' racadh, v.a. Become .stiff or dis. 
(ended to stiffness. 2 Be benumbed. 

rag, -a, -acban, s.m. Starch. 2 Wrinkle. S Ma 
luideag. 4 Term of personal contempt, 
Shabby fellow. 

ragnch, -aicbe, a. Wrinkled. Tough, stiff, 
ob^tin-u-e. 8 see luidaagach. 

ragachadh, -aiclh, s.m. Aot of stiffening or mak 
ing stiff. 2 State of heonmiai stiff or rigid. 
3 Toughening, tightening as a rope. 4** 

ragaohail, -e, a. luclininR to stirTntM\ baring % 
tendency to, or causing slirfneaa, boogkow 
or tighinesH. 

raga.lair, -uan, s.m. Stretcher. 8 (DM;) R&ij. 

ra.uadh, -ai.lh, *.m. Qn>wing or beoomiug aUfl. 

ra ich, a' rayacl.adn, 0.0. <k , SLirhn, 
make stiff. 2 BecJmo stiff or rigid. SCordia, 
congeal. S Toughon, tighten, or stretoh, M A 
rop,j. 4 Become tight, .as a rope. 5 Condon- 

t, pastpt. of rHxtuoh. Stiffened, boouBM 

stiff, tightened, stretched 
raguim, ./. Sneosewort (meacan rafaiui.) 
ragair, -eau, a.m. Rxtorttaaer. 2 Violaut a 
3 V illain, rogue, deceiver. 4**Lwtruuieul tor 
tigatening a roi>j. 5** Person with a wrinkl- 
ed faoa. 
rauai roach, -eiorw. a. Violent, uiinc yiolenns, 

*** Kxtartire, 

, tj.ind, Viulonoe. pmoUoe of YIO. 
oo. U Kxtortion, oppre^jOou. 8 
rillainy. 4 l>ceib, Utxwitfuiuoas. 6 


rag -airh, .IH, Lubber. 
ra-bh* -uolio. a. 



tc bheart, -bh-'irt, -an. * in Obstinacy, ft Vil- 

lainous, mischievous or wicked need. 3 For- 

ced work. 
_ __ neb, -aiche. a Obstinate, perverse, 

bpndstrong. 2 Committing mischievous or 

villainous deeds, 
^ __ ;ichd, s.f in<l. Perverseness.obstinaoy. 

2 Mischief. 3 Wickedness. 
_ - as. -ais, -ais, s.m. Same meanings as 

righ,*s.w. Row, rank (Scots, raw =row.ran ! ; > 

2 Raft of wood. R. shaiyhdearan, a rank of 


ra;rha, see roghainn. 
raghacl>i, -aHti, see roghainn. 
ragh-udh.(CR) . Warning W of Rott for ragh- 

adh. (pron. rao'i.) 
raghain, see ro^hainn. 
raghaircin, * m Eyebnght (plant.) 
raghan. -ain. an. s.m. Churchyard. 
raghar. -air. an. s.m Arable land not in till- 

age 2 <>mc/iw* Grazing ground enclosed 

between the arable land aud the open moor 

Per I ti shir* 

rng-bheirteach.(MS) . Mad-brained. 
rag niheirl^-ach. -ich. s.m Arrant thief. 
rag mhumealach, aiche, a. Stiff-necked, stub- 

born, headstrong, perverse. 

d, * / mil. Contumacy, stiff-neck- 

edness, ob-itmacy, stubbornness, perverseness. 

2 Denravity. 
rag-mhmnealas, -ais, *. m. see rag-mhumeal- 


tag-roth. ** s.m. Torturing wheel. 
rag-sheallac'i, -aiche, a istiff looking, awkward, 

on becoming 

rag-slmil, -shiila, -shuilean, *./. Dim eye. 
-- each,** a. Dim-eyed. 
fraib, g.f. Turnip. 2 Rope. 
raiheach,** a. Luo ". 
fribn, see robb. (Irish form.) 


raibhe $ t.f. Radish raphnnut. 
raibhe'.c.* nee raoic. 

il. * f % see raoiceadh. 
raibleachan,** -am. t m Scullion. 
taic-. -e. * f. Impertinence, imnndence 2 
Idle prattling. 3 Gibheri-h. 4 Boast fulness. 

- eal-u-hd, $ Habit of talking idly. 2 

see raic. 

- eil, -e. o Impertinent. 2 Troublesome. 

3 r.ivf-n to idl- talk. 
ra ; chd. -e, see raic. 
fraicn"acli. -ich. f. Queen. 
r^id. 'fx.s ng nf ra>l. 
raide.** s.f. Cunning, slyness. Luchd raide, 

Eoastful speecn, arro- 

idt.-Hchas.** -ais, t.m. 
gant language, 

Report. 4 Irial ol skill. 

?, pride. 2 Saying. 

rnirl-aq;.*' ?]. s f. Mvrtle. 

rai 1-^al i'-h ** a Cunning, sly, insidious 

fraidealaciid, s.f.mtl. lnveniii)ti, readinHf^ in 
devising plans. 2 Cunning, slyness, artful- 

raideil. -e. a. Inventive. 2 Sagacious. 3 Cuu- 
ning, crafty, sly. 

trai Ih, v a. Threaten, menace 2 Appeal, look. 

traidh. s.f. Radius. 

raidh, -e, -ean, s.f. Arhitration. 2 Deci-'on. 
3 Anpeal, entreaty. 4 Threat, thre itetiin^. 5 
Umpire. 6 Good will. 7 Competition. Leig 
gu radb nan daome seo e, sninmt it to the ar- 
bitrati'm nf (hes" in-n ; tha mi-se, a dhaoin* 
uaisle.a' lei^eil a ghuothaich seo q;' 'ur raidh- 
se, / a>>ea,l to you gsiil'riri'ii, m tfnx matter ; 
fear-raidh \ n nr bit rat or , a' raidn air a 
cheile, cnmn'tin-/ with each other , thoir r., 
th.-fa'fn. [*" gives s.m. for Nos. 1 2& 3 J 

raidh,** s.m. Judge. 

raidh, -ean, s.m. Rank, a,s of soldiers (ragh ) 2 
Speech. 3 Entreaty. 4 Intercession. 5 see 

raidli/CR) ./. Boasting, bratr, vain-glory Tha 
pailteas r ann, he is much given to boastinj 
W. of 

rai Ih, -e, -can, s.f. [McL & D gives m.] Quarter 
(of a year.) 

raidhe. s.find. TJmpirage, arbitration. 2"Ar- 

ach,** a. Prone to threat, threatful. 1 


achd,** t.f.ind. Habit of threatening, mi- 2 Circumstance of appealing. 

raidhean,** ein, s.m. Crowd, rabble. 

raidhean, -ein, s.m. Quarterly, as a paper or 

raidheil,* e, a. Challenging, fond of challeng- 
ing 2 Boasting. 

raidheil, -e, . Quarterly. 

raullur, see raoir. 

raidhm, f. Rheum. 

fraidbmheas, -eis, -an, s.m. Dream 2 Romance. 

t ach, -aiche, a. Romantic, fabulous, 


fraidhreach, -eich, -ean, t.m. Prayer, petition, 

raidhu-ach, -eiche, a. see raiteach. 

raidse, -an, s.m. Prating fellow, idle talker. 2 

ach, -aiche, a. Prattling, garrulous, prat- 
ing, verbose, prov. 

ach,* -e'ch, s.f. Chief witch. 

achns, -ais, s. m. Habit of prating, idl 

talk, verbiage. 2 Witchery, enchantment 

raidis,** -ean. *./. Gaelic spelling of radish. 

rnige, y.f.iitd. Stiffness. 2 Ob^t;nicy. 

rjiige, comp. of a. rag. 

raigaad, -eid, X.T. Degree of stiffness or obs- 
tinacy. 2 Tightness, toughness, tenseness. 
Is r. an c6rd an tarrai.ig sin, that pull hat 
mailf the cord tig*>tr. 

raigealachd,** .f. Impetuosity. 

raigealtach, (CR) s. m. Rascal. 2 Rollicking 
fellow Pwth shire. 

raigeann,(DC) .m. Obsti-t^cy, stiffueckedness. 
fist. 2', MS) Slowness. Harshness. 

fraigh, *./. Frenzy. 

raighe, s.f. see ruighe. 2 Rank or file of soU 
diers (ragh.) 

raigheil.** a. Frantic. 

raigionn.(DC) see raigeann. 

raigle, s.f. see r^ili^. 

ar,** -eir, g.m. Ragged, ttitidy person. 

rai^neachadh,* -aidh, t.m. Stiffening, benumb- 

* A. 




ed. A' r , pr pt of raignicl Tba '&o Jamh- 

au air raigneachadh, nut hands are Li-numbed. 
Taiii'iich,* v a. Stiffen. 2 lieuuinb. 
rail, 5*. Oak, see darach. 
railidh. s. Oak, see darach. 
raihi:, se reilig. 
railleach.(AF) Redshank. 
rajlh.lh," 1 */ Fight, fray (rally.) 2 (AH) 

Kt'isterou.s fun or sport 
raimh, gen. sing & of ramh. 
traimh, t.f Brimstone, 
rannhdeas,** -eis, s.m. Fatness, greasineaa. 
raimhe, see reamhra. 
ramihead,* -see reamhrad. 
rannhre, see reamlira. 
ra.migil, -e, t.f. Confusion, prow, 
ranuisg,* t.f. Coarse, vulgar person, 
ram, </<'/i.*ui</. of ran 
ram, see ran. 2 contr. of rainig. 
raincbe.(AK) s.m. Fox. 
raiueach, -nich, *./. Fern, brake filix fcemina 

vidgans. Goisean rainicH, o tuft of fern. 
m ail, -e, a. Abounding in fern, ferny. 2 

Like fern. 
v -an fhaile, s.f. Sweet mountain fern, 

see criui-iaineacn. 

585. Ramtach-Beinn-Ghobhrdaidh. 
Bhemn (hobbrdaidh, s.f. Mountain 

bladder-fern cystopterit moiitana. 
wild only on Ben Ooardie. ] 

Raineach chruaidh. 
chruaidh, . f. The hard fern bitch- 
num spicant. [Preceded by the art 

59ft Rain'etch 
stir,hnm lonchitis. Lorn, 



raineach-mhara,-ich-m-, t.f. The sea-fern (kind 

of sea- weed.) halydris attiquvsaSkyt. 
- -mhdr.J -ich-moire, s.f. Comtubn brake 

fern pteris aquitina. [Preceded by the art. 

- -Muire, -ich-M-, t.f. The lady-fern 

athyrium filix faimina. [** gives Commov 

male fern filix major vulgaris. 
-- -na-mara,ti *./.Sea-fern aspic nium mt* 


-nan-creag, s.f. Polypody, see clach 

599. Raineach-na-mara. 1*5. Raineach-nan- 

raineach-nAn-radan,5 -ich-, t.f. lastrra spinulosa 

and the allied species dilaiata and fcenistcii. 

(ill. 593 is fcemsecii.) 

-rean{iach,-ich-,#.A seer.-noghail, (call* 

ed " reangach " from its wand-like stalks.) 
rioghail,} -ich-, ./. The royal fern 

osmunda r--ff(ili*. (ill. 595.) 
-uaine. -ich-, ./. The green fern a* 

Slenium atliantum w'grum. (ill. 596.) 
ieas,** -eis, s.m. Romance, fable. 

num spicant. [Preceded by the art. an. J 'tineas, see rain'g. R. tir nam fionan trom, / 

-chuilinn, -ich-c-, .f. Holly fern poly -\ reached the land of vines hettoy (with grapei.) 



[An inflection preserved chiefly in the North.] 


596. Raineach-vainr. 
rainfi;,(DMK) *. /. Ring of mealthat forms a- 

round the edge of the upper mill-stone when 

^the mill is grinding Caithness. [reached. 

raimg, past ind. of ruig. R. sinn, we arrived, 

ramitjeadh, past. ind. past, of ruig. R e., it was 


rainn, yen. & pi. of rann. 2 see roinn. 
rainn-an-uisge,* s.m. Eyebnght., g.f. Eyebright. 
rainu-mhill,** v.a. Abolish, abrogate, 
rainnsich,** v.a. Arrange, put in rows or ranks. 

ean, Ranges, rows, ranks. 

te, pant pt. of rainnsich. Arranged. 

rainnt, Gaelic form of rent.Suth'd. 

rainnte,** a. Articulate. 

rain-sgrios,** v.a. Abolish. 

raip -e, g.f. Filth. 2 Foul mouth, prov. 3* 

Debauchery. a. Filthy. 2 Foul-mouthed, 
raj peas, -eis, see raip. 
raipteach, -eich, -aii, ./. Filthy or slovenly wo- 


raipleachag, -aig, -ag, s.f.,dim. of raipleach. Lit- 
tle squalid woman. 

ra'pleachau,** -am, s.m. Scullion. 

rair, see (au) ra rir. 

trais, s. f. Path, way. 2 (DMy) Play. R. a' 
chnilein ri.s an t-seann chu, the puppy't play 
with the old doy. 

raisean, -ein, -an, s.m. Goat's tail, prov. 2 (AF) 
Goat. 3 (AK) Tousy-headed child. ['gives 
raisinu for No. 1.] 

rais-mhaol, see ras. 

raitche,(AF) s f. Bitch, female dog. 

raite, -an, s.f. Saying, word. 2 Aphorism, pro- 
verb, adage. 3*ndle conversation, gibberish, 
verbiage. 4 Arrogant language, boasting. 6 
One who talks idly. 

raiteach, -eiclie, a. Verbose, sententious. 2 
Boasting. 3**Flueut. Mor r., babbling ; beg 
r., ta iturn, quiet. 

raiteach, -ich, .rn. Desultory prater. 

ail, -3, a. Boasting, vain-glorious, arro- 
gant, enailenging. Daom^ r., boasters. 

as, -ais, Boasting, vain-glory, os- 
tentation, pride, arrogance, bluster. 2 Say- 
ing, speech. 3 Competition, contest, emula- 
tion. 4 Lie, report, idle surmise. 5*lnal of 
strength. A' r. air a cheile, competing, em- 
ulatiiig each other ; a raiteachai-i, his lies. 

d, s. /. Same meanings as raiteachas. 

Luchd-r., idle talkers. 

raitealachd,(MS) s.f. Arrogation. 

riiitean,** -t-in, s.m. Pleasure. 

raiteauas, -ais, see raiteachas. 

raith, see raidh. 

raith, v. Threaten. 2 (OR) Scold Perth-shire. 
R e air, he scolded him. 

raith,} -e, -ean, t. f. Common brake, see an 
raineach mhor. 

raith-dorch,'.m. see rath-dorcha. 

raithe, see raidhe. 

acli, see raidheach. 

achd, see raidh eachd. 

raitheil, -e, a. see raidheiL 

laithne, s.f. see raineach. 

r.iitlmeach, -ich, see raineach. 

riiitinn, see radh. 

raitse,** s.f. Idle conversation, boasting. 2 De- 
sultory prater. 

raitseach.(CR) s.f. Strong and lazy young wo- 
man '. of Roxg-shire. 

rails,* v.a. .see rac. 

rallsa.* seeracan. 

rallsadh,* -aidh, -aidli, see racadh. 

ramacii.lair, -ean, s.m. Coarse, vulgar fellow. 2 
Romping, noisy fellow. 

eachd, s.f.ind. Coarse play.romping. 

ramachdas, -ais, s.m. Coarseness. 

ramair,* -ean, s.m. Romp. 2 Blockhead. 3* 
Vulgar coarse fellow. 

^eachd,* see ramachdaireachd. 

ramaiiceil,((JH) a. Romping, noisy Arran. 

ramaiair, -ean, s.m. JRambler. 2 see ramachd- 

ramallag,* -aig, -au, s.f. Puvldle. 

raiuas,** A-.J/I. Rhyme. 2 Romance. 

ach,** a. Kumaobic, fabulous. 

ram isg, -aisg, s.m. Sea-oak, a kind of seaweed. 
Scot*, tangle. 

ramh, -aimh, -an, *. m. Oar. 2**Tree. 3* 
Branch. 4**\Vood. Talamh nan r., the court* 
try of woods. 

1 Cnotau, box, placed on the oar to protect ifc 
from wear. Cladan (All) cleat. 

2 L)rn, handi or ijrip. Ooirneag. dorn-chur c 

3 Luuu, part between theuau^le and bux, 

8 A 2 




4 Seasgadh, part between the box and feather. 

6 Liaiyu, feather, btfrle. 
amh,J s. The family ot plants known as rham- 

nacce individually rhenium*. 
v4uiii,** 0.1. Row a boat, 
ramhach. -aiche, a. Oared. 2 Woody. 3 

ramhach, -aich, s.m. Raft. 2 Boat propelled by I 

oars. 3 Ofalley. 4 Set of oars. 5*'Rowing. 6 

** Rowing-match. Se-rarahach, a xix-oartd \ 

ramtiachadh, -aidh, t.m. Rowing, act of row- ' 

lug 2 Furnishing with oars. 3 Branching 

A' r , of ramhaicb. 
ramhacud, s.f.ind. Rowing, pulling 

2 Branch- 
2 Rower. 3 

ing. 3**Oar-makmg 

ramhadair, -ean, t.m. Oar-maker 
rarrly Traveller. 

ramhadaireachd,** t.f Oar-making. 2 Rowing. 

rarahadh, -aidh, a.m. Rowing. Air a r., rowed. 

raumag,(CR) *./ Root. Cha'n 'eil sion ach au 
r. ana, it i.v all but dead used of animals but 
not of human beings IP. of Ross. [U*d of 
persons also in Gairloch DU.J (freamhag) 

rauihaich, v.n. Row (iomair ) 2**Supply with 
oars. 3**Man with oars. 

rainnaiche, -an, s.m. Rower, oarsman. 

ramhaichte, a. & past pt. of ramhaich. Furnish- 
ed with oars. 2 Impelled by oars, rowed. 

ramhair, -ean, s.m. Rower. 

eachd, s.f.ind. Rowing, employment of 
rowing. 2 Oar-making. 

ramhan, of ramh. 

ramhan, Perthshire for rabhan. 

ranihar, -mhra, see reauihar. 

ramn-braghad,(AH) s./. Forward, or pilot oar. 

ramh-deiridh, s.m. Stroke-oar. 

597. Ramh'dhroighionn. 

ramh-dhroighionn, -inn, *. m. Prickly buck- 
thorn rhamnus catharticug. 

ramh-gualainu, g.m. Stroke-oar. 2 (DMy)One 
of the foremost oars, or oars nearest the bows. 

ramh h-amar,(DMy) s.m. One of the oars near- 
est, the stern. 

raiuhlair, -ean, s.m. Humourist. 2 Noisy fel- 
low. 3** Rambler. [** gives ramlair.] 

eachd, a.f.ind. Play, sport. 2 Noisiness. 


<4inli-lon^, -luing, -an, *./. Galley, boat orves 

el fitted for rowing, (lonu-rainhach, see p. 78.] 

4mhraich,* v. see rearahraich. 2 Come to 

high-water as spring-tide. 3 Beat till one's 

body swells. 

trampair, -ean, s.m. Rampart. 

ran, -ain, t.m. Roar, loud cry, shriek, bellow. 2 
Melancholy cry. 3* Drawling, dissonant roar 
or cry. Thoir r., cry out ; thug e r. as, he 
cried out. 

T^n, a' ranaich, a' ranach & a' ranail, v.n, 
Koar, shriek, bellow, cry out, make a noise. 2 
"Crash loudly. Ged rauadb sleibhtean,tAou0/i 
hills ihould roar. 

tran, s.m. Fro;?. 

tAo,** -ain, s.m. Crumb, morsel. 2 Truth. 

tran,** a. Clear, evident. 2 Nimble. 8 Noble. 

ranach,* -aich, s.m. Cave that gives an echo. 2 
Large ill-furnished house. 

ran ich,(Ctt) a. Hoarse A rran. 

raaaich, s.f. Rjari/i<r, act of roaring, shrieking 
aloud, as with paiu, bellowing. 2* Drawling 
crying. A' r , of ran. 

ranail, s.m. & pr.rit. Saiue meanings as ranaich. 

rantieh -,U s.m. Bel lower, roarer. 

ranan, -ain, -an, g.m. dim. of ran. Roar ot a 
.-.tag. -.i Shriek, cry, bellow. 

randach,** -aich. .*. m. Partisan. (Scots, randy. J 

raudiinaich.** v a - Abrogate, abolish, 
ang, -aing, -an, s. Category. 2 Column. t 
Rank, row, or ler, ran^e. 4 Bank of a river. 
5 Stream. & Wrinkle. 

rangach, -.ticlie, a. In rank-), ranges or rowa. 2 

an ;achai!,** a. Tactical. 

rangachadn,** -aidb, s. m. Tactics. 2 Putting 

in rows, arranging, arrangement, 
angaich,** Put iu ranks or row*, arrange. 
.uigaichte,** pastpt. Put in order, arranged. 

an^air, -ean, s.m. Wranglor, prov. 

randan, see rong. 

randan.** -ain, s.m. Sloth, 
an^an,** of rang. Ranks, rows. 

rang-fo'as,** s.m. Tactics. 

rang-oiloan, s.m. Tucucs. 

rann, -ainn, -an & ran.itaichean, *./. Part, por- 
tion, division, section. 2 Verse, stanza, 
distich, catch, camo, section. 3 Epi^am, 
song, poem. 4 Quatraiu, stave, ft Genealogy, 

Bjdigree, ancestry. 6 Relationship. 7** 
ond, tie. 8**Promontory. 9 Verse of a 
chapter. 10 see reang. 11" Oration, iu poetry t 

ranna, see roinne, gen.sing. of rjinu. 

rannach, -aich, s.m. Songster. 2 Rhymer.bard. 
3 Story-teller, reciter. 

rannach,* a. Belonging to a peninsula. 

rannach, Jj -aiche, a. Distriouted in parts or 
portions. 2 Metrical, in verses. 3 Versifying. 

rannacha'lh, -aidh, s.m. Act or art of versifying, 
prosody. A' r , of rannaich. 

rannachd, s.f. Rhyme, metre, versifying, versi- 
fication. 2 Tale, story. 3. Satire. 

ranuadh, -aidh, -aidhcan, . m. Division. 9 
Bringing to a point, sharpening. 3** Begin 
uing. 4(AH) Continent. C6 g ranaaidheaa 
iiiad ha "n domliain, the ftvf great continents of 
the globe. 

raunadhail,* -e, s.f. Rhapsody, rant, ranting. 
each,* -eiche, a. Rhapsodical. ^Non- 
sensical in oratory. 

rannag, -an, -see reannag. 

rannai.-h, v. a. Compose verses, versify, rhyme. 
2 Bring to a point. 

rannaiche, -an, s. m. Versifier, songster, poeb, 

ranuaicheachd, see rannachd. 

rannaichte, past pt. of rannaich. Made into re* 
ses, versified. 2 Pointed. 

ranna idheachd, s.f.ind. Prosody, versification, 

ranuair, -ean, s.m. Divider, distributor, divi- 
sor. 2 Versifier, poet. 2 Orator, rhapsodist. 

ranuat*-,** -am, s.m. Lowing of deer. 2 (DMy) 
Slime of ti>h. 

, pi. of rann. 

ranudachd, *./. Versification, metre, poetry. 2 
"Extent of territory. 

raundadh,** g.m. Rondeau. 

ranndaichean, pi. of rann. 

ranndar, -air, . m. Murmuring, complaining, 
discontented language, prov. 

rannghall,(CR) s. m. Inferior poetry, doggerel, 
W. of Ros*-shire t Inverness & Argyll. 




tann-le>bhar,* -air, s.m. Anthology. 

raun-mluas, -a, s.m. Scummy of verse. 

raim-phairt. -e, ./. Participation. 2 Participle. 

tann-p ,;iirteach, -eiche a. Partaking, sharing, 
api to su-ire. 2 Communicating. 

WDD-phiirCtfachadb.-aidh, s.m. Sh'trine;, commu- 
nicating. A' r , of rann-phaircich 

rann-phairteachail, -e, a. see raun-puairteach. 
2 Poitiunable. 

rann-phairtich, v.a. Partake, share 2 Distri- 
bute. 3 Communicate, impart. 

rann-pltairticiie, -an, s.m. Partaker, sharer. 2 

rann phajrtichte, pat pt. Shared, imparted 2 
Communicated. 3 Divided into shares or sect- 

ntfinsachadh, -aidh, s.m. Searching, enquiring 
into.scrutimziug, review, reviewing, search- 
ing minutely. 2 Rumrmging. b* Search, 
scrutiny. A' r , of rannsaicb. 

rann-ac-hail.Jt -e, a. Inquisitive. 

rannsachair, -ean, s.m. Searcher, explorer, ex- 
aminer, inspector, reviewer. 

rannsaich, a' rannsachadh, v.a. Search, 
scrutinize, examine minutely, explore, re- 
Tiew, rumraage. 

rannsaiche, -an, s.m. Searcher. 

ranusHicrrdh, fut.a{ r .a. of rannsaich. 

ranns.uchte, paxt pt. of rannsaich. Searched, 
explored, examined, inspected, scrutinized. 

rannsuchadh, see rannsacliadh. 

rann^uich, see rannsaich. 

te, see rannsaichte. 

rannta, past pt. Shared, divided. 

tauntach.a. <k s. see rannach. 

d, see rannachd. 

d,*,d. Extent of territory, juris- 
diction, sphere. 

ranntair.Jt -ean, s.m. Poet, songster. 

ranntair,* s.f. Range, extent of territory, " di- 
vision." Tha 'n r. ioma-chumhann, the rang? 
it limited ; a' tighinn a staigh air an r. ag- 
ainn, mi:ruac.hin<i on our territory (rann-tir.) 

ranntaunan, Title-deeds, deeds of convey- 
ance. '2 Chattels. Sdi--0bair 

tanntar.buth. s.m. Confused dance without sys- 
tern Har-(Jhfiir. 

ranntrach.* -aiche, a. Extensive. 

rannuidhcachd, see raunachd. 

.aunt,** -a, g.m. Rant. 2 Noise. 3 Confused 

rntair,** Gaelic spelling of ranter. 

rantaireachd,** s.f. Noisiness, ranting. Is ann 
ort tha 'n r. ; how noisy vou art ! 

raob.** v a. see reub. 2 Prop. 

ach,** a see reubach. 

raobactid,** s.f.ind. see reubachd. 2 Excess. 3 

raochrl, see raoic. 

raod, -aoid, -an. see rud. 

raod, see reud.m. 

raodach.(CR) a. Kindly A rran. 

raodan, -am, see rmidan. 

ra/idhair, raodhraichean, . m. see raghar. 2 

rani?, -acig, -an, s.m. Rushing, prow. 

rao^uc, -aig, -an, ./. Woman of au Impetuous 

taogha. see rovba. 

raoi^iinaich, see roglmaioh. 

raoic. o.n Roar, bellow 2 Kelch. Mar a raoic- 
eas leomhan, a- a lion roar.--. 

raoic," t.f. Mellow, r ar. 2 Voice of a deer 3 
Belch'nn noise. 4 Sound made by cattle when 
fi':hiing. r>*)Me that a cow gives when 
ured by another. 

raoiceach, -eiche, a. Roaring, bellowing. 2 Fla* 

tulout, making a belching noise. 3 Making a 

hoars" noi-e. 
raoiceadh, -idh, s.m. Roaring, act of roaring, 

bellowing. 2 Belching. A' r , of raoio. 
raoic^il, see raoiceadh. 
rao'ch.leil, see raoicea Ih 
rnoicodich, see raoiceadh. 
raoichd. .see raoic. 
rao chd^ach, nee raoiceach. 
raoiJ/AC) g.j. Sheaf of corn consisting of H 

haiidfuls, each bound with three stalks <* 

corn. 2(1)0) Sufficient quantity of corn, hay 

straw, &c. for a meal for a horse or cow 


raoimeach,** a. Plundering. 
nioinv. j adh,**-idh, s.m. Depredation, plunde? 


raoin, pen sniy. of raon. 
raoine.t s.f. Voting cow that has had a ca'f, or 

even two, but is barren and has the calf's 

share ot milk on her thighs, 
rajin-jadh,** -i Ih, s.m. Triumph, victory. 
raoiuteach, -eifhe, a. Full of plains or fields, 

meadowy, agrarian, 
raouiteati. pi. of raon. 
raoir, <an raoir) adv. Last night, 
raoit, -e, -ean, *./. Indecent mirth. 2 Rakish to- 

ma! i. ottDrnn'ce.-iness. 
raoitealachd, s.f. Prodigality. 2 see raoit. 
raoiteacli.ft a Drunken, 
raoiteil, -e, a. Indecently m^rry. 2 Prodigal, 
raoiteir, ean, s.m. Drunkard. 

eachd, s.f. Drunkeunass. 

raomadh,** -aidh, g.m. Plilegm. 

fraon, v.a. Turn, cha:ig. 2 Tear, break. 

raon, -aoin, pi. -tan, -aichean & raoiijtean, t. f* 

Field, plain. 2 Mossy plain. 3 Green. 4 

Road, way. 5 Hopo. Upland field, down, 
raonach,* -aich, s.m. Plain country, 
raonach, -aiche, see raointeach. 
raouadh.** -aidh, s.m. Way, road. 2 Haunt. 3 

Breaking, teat ing. 4 Changing, 
raonaichean, pi. of raoii. 


rao-ar dearg,? s.m. Ued currant ribrs 
ra.o -ar du''li .s- m KlacK' currant ribfs ninnim* 
raosar g. 1 :! !, <.?/(. Wliit.e currant rilif'S o/o/./j. 
trajt, -a. a. Sudden, quick, 
frap.f AF) -a. -an, s.m. Any creatnro that dija 

f.r its f->od. or draws its food towards it, a* 

cows. 'z**Noise. 

rap,* x.m. fJad h ilfpenny. '' see rop. 
rap-ich. -aiche. . Nasty, filthy. 2 Movenlv. $ 

Drivelling. 4 Koul-mouthe<l. 5(CR) Stormy. 

dirty, of weather W. of Kos-i -shire, Inverness 

d: Arjyll. 



rat ban 

Tapach. -n'che, a. Noisy. 

rapail,(M4) a. Sumptuous. 

repair, -can, s. in. Frothy, noisy fellow. 2** 
Slovenly fellow. b'Woi'tblesS fellow. 4* 
I)rawiing fellow. 

rapaireachd, g.f. Noisiness, habit of noisiness. 
JttFoolish. idle talk. 

rapa reachd.** s.f.ind. Slovenliness. 

rapais, -e, s.f Filth, nastiness, slovenliness. 2 
Drab, careless female. 

rapal, -ail, t.m. Noise, bustle. 

rapal.* ./. Nonaens cal talk. 

rapalach, -aiche, a. Noisy, bustling. 

rapas, -ai, see rapais. 

r' ar. (for ri ar) By or beside our, to our. R' ar 
taohh, to our aide. 

ras, -ais, x. Fury, rage Ddin I. Ghobha. 

ras, -ais. s.m. Shrub, underwood. 2 (AF)Seal, 

rasach, -ait-he, a. Shrubby, boughy, branchy. 

lasach.(MMcD) s.f. Grating pb'ced ag unst the 
wall, in which grass, Ac. is placed for feed- 
ing young sheep wintered in the bourse Lewig. 

tasaclid, *" g.f. Shrubbery, shrubbiness. 

rasaiche,** sj. Gipsy, hussy, rambler, rambling 
woman. Generally used to denote a roving 
lewd woman. 

tasair,** sin. Rambler. 

rasaireachd,** s.f. Rambling. 

rasal, -ail, -an, g.'m. see rasdal. 

rasan, -ain, -an, s.m. Harsh, grating discord- 
ant noise, bickering. 2 Loquacity, constant 
speaking. 3 Tedious highway. 4 Smell. 6 
""Unpleasant monotony. 6** Monotonous 

rasan, -ain, -an, g.m. Brushwood, underwood, 
copse, shrubbery. 2 Rivulet. 

rasau, pi. of ras. 

rasanach, -;ndie, a. Abounding in brushwood or 
underwood, or 2 rivulets. 

rasanach,** a. Tedious, long-winded, loquaci- 
ous. -2 Discordant. 3 Monotonous. 

rasan i ch.** -aich, s.m. Dull, prosy speaker. 

rasanachd,** s.f. Cant, diatribe. 2 Monotony. 
S Tedious verbiage. 

risanaich,** v. Cant. 

rasar, -air, Gaelic form of razor. 

ras-chraun, -ainn, g.m. Shrub. 

ras-chrannach,** -aich, a.m. Shrubbery. 

as-chr:innach. -aiche, a. Abounding in shrubs. 
Made of shrubs. 

hrann-.s\or-uaine,8 s.m. Evergreen priret 

iittrum vnfaare. 
rasd'ich,** -itche, a. Churlish, unpolite. 
ras.lach,** -!ich, <.m. Churl. 
rasdail, 0.1. Rake, harrow, 
rasda:!, gen.siny. of rasdal. 

r isdair,** n.f Great satiety. 

ra-dal, -ail, -;m. g.m. R.ike. 2 Hand-harrow. 3 
Harrow. i**j;atvb>>ne. 5 Fnzziing sound, as 
of tfe<h being fried. 

ras'lal-^h^ad, a.m. Han !-harrow. s-m. Harrowing. 2 Of, or belong- 
ing to, rakes. '3 Tb it can be raxed. 4 Liko 
a rake. 

rasdiUadh. -aidh, g.m. Raking, act of raking to- 
getlier, a.s hay. 2 Gathering. A' r , pi-, pt. 
of rasdail. 

ra^dalaiche,** g.m. One who works with a rake 
2 Raker of hay. 

rasg, -aisg, -an, see rosg. 

rasgach. -aiche, a. see i osgach & reasgacA. 

rasgair,'* Idle talker. 

rasjiaireachd," x.f. Idle talk. 

ra-<gan, Lnvis for rusy;an. 

rasmi'.aol,*" -mhaoil, s.m. Sea calf. 

rastacn, -aicn, -.u. see rasdach. 

rastach,** a. Country. 

rastair, see rasdair. 

ra^uidheach,** n. Rambling. 

rasuidheach'l,** t>J. Rambling. 

trat, g. Motion. 

trath, s.m Fortress. 2 Artificial mound or bar- 
row. 3 Village, town. 4 seat. S 
Fern. 6 Plain, clt-arod spit. TJJResid -n^e. 

rath, -a, g.m. Prosperity, fortune,, in- 
crease, profit, advantage, a;ood luck. 2 (AF) 
Shoal. 3 Surety. 4 Character. 5 Wages. Is 
beag r. abhitheas ort, your success will be very 
precarious ; is bea^ r. a rinn e dho-nh-sa, it 
did very little good tome ; ch-iHIi e bho r., he 
went to pigg and whistle* ; mac-rath, a /udby, 
fortunate peraon ; r. 6isg, a xhoal of fi~h ; i< 
dnilich r. a chur air neacli a dh'anulioin, you 
can't make a man lucky ayainut hit wtli in 
spite of the strong gon ral belief in fate and 
luck, there are several Gaelic proverbs to the 
effect that a man makes his own fate or luck, 
or that one who makes no effort himself cau- 
not have good luck. 

rath, see raga. 

rath, -a, g.m. Circle. 2 Raft 3 see rithan. 

rathach, -aiche, o. Of, or belonging to, circles, 
or 2 rafts. 3 Abounding in circles, or 4 

rathach, -aiche, a. see rathail & rathmhor. 

trathach, -aich, g.m. Hough. 

rathachadh, -aidh, s.m. Prospering, succeed- 
ing. 2 Act of making prosperous. 3 Pros- 
perity, success. A' r-, rathaich. -ais, Success, fortune. 

rathad, -aid, pi. -an & -aidean, s.m. Road, way, 
highway. 2 Path, track. 3* Method. R. 
mor an righ, the public road, th- kind's high- 
way ; as an rathad, out of the wa.y, am'df ; &r 
an rathad, on the way. coming; Z prtmant (of 
women only) , gabh do r. ! be^onr ! luchd-^abh- 
ail an rathaid, wayfarers ; re an rauiaid, the 
whole u>ai>. a. Pushful, diligent. 

rathad-diridh, g.m. Ascent. 

rathad-iaruinn, g.m. Railway, railroad. 

rathaich, v.a. Make prosperous. 2 Hles-j. 

rathaich.(AC) s. Passion. 

rathail, -e, a. Prosperous. 2 Astute. 3 Fortun- 
ate. 4 Famed, well spoken of. Dream r., a 
prorperong peonle. 

rathamhnas, -ais, s.m. Prosperity. 2 Happi- 

rathan, ain, s.m. Bunch. Q Bundle. 3 Strum- 

rathan, -ain. -an, .m. <>ee rothan 2 Sheave 
of the flyers of a spinning-wheel, the grooved 
drum that receives the driving-cord. 



ritha . -am. -an, u.m. Suretv, security. Crmidh 

e :t>i r air, h j becamt surety for him ; theid 

i r. ort. / can assure you (North) ; 

theid mi am bannaibh dhuit. or the'id mi an 

urn.-* ort, or bi'iirnidh mis' thu (Islay.) 

oh. rt. Having pulleys (rothanach) 

rathanas. -;ii-i, $.*. see rich in 

rath-dorrha, s.m.ind. The moon in the wane. 

rath ti'ioire, comp. of rathmhor. 

rathm l <or, -oire, a. Prosperous, successful, for 
tuuate. 2 Noted. 3 Happy. 

rath-<hnlus, -uis, s.m. The space between the 
front ;iml backdoors of a house. 

rath-- >luis, t.m.The tims of moonlight at night. 

rath-t! i.1:il.ucid'i,(CR) s.m Lair, grave-plot 
IV. f lioss-fhire. 

rati. t f Ludicrous appellation applied to 
whisky S4r-O/>ir. 

ratrnit, V in R -treat. 

re. .-../'.in-/ f** gives m.] The moon. 2 Time, 
sea-on duration, space of time. 3 Life, exis- 
tence, life-time. 4**Plan?t. Re nuadh, the 
n'w moon, (g-n-rall'r, an solas ur) ; fad 
r6 's mo la, during my day and generation. 

te. adv. <fc prep. During. Re an !a, during the 
don/ ; re nt bliadhna, all the yfar, durvnj the 
who'.e year ; re an rathaid, alt the way [Gov- 
erns the g -naive case.j 

re see nan & ri. 

rab see re ub. 

c&tbai'h. see reubacb. 

reabail, see reubail. 

reaban, t.m. (MS)Minnow, 2(DMy)The fringe 
of whiskers men were formerly iTi the habit of 
leaving when shaving from ear to ear. 

treab v i,J t>.tn. Wile, trick, cunning'. 

fica'ibaob, -aichd, a. Subtle, crafty, cunning. 2 


reabhaoh,** -aich, s.m. Mountebank, one who 

plays tricks, hence a wicked fellow, a devil. 

2 The D.jvil. An r. thu, devil take you. 
reabhag.(AF) ./. Linnet, titling. 
. mhonaidh.(AF) s./. Mountain linnet, 

meadow pipit, heather liotie. 

-fhraoich,(AF) see reabhag-mhonaidh. 

reabhair, -ean, t.m. Crafty, subtle fellow. 
reabhair,(Cfl) .m. One fond of running about 

Perth s*iir<: 
riabhaireatha.CCR) s.f. Running about Perth- 


reabiiaireachd, t.f.ind. Craftiness 
rfabhrirt, -airt, -an, s.m see reothart. 
/uiihdau. sep reudan. 

treab ilan^-ar.** a S'cippins:. playm?. sporting, 
reabnradii, - ai Ih. s.m. Disporting, as of boys 

flai'lt'iu.jh. i**Skipjting 
reaounn. -uinn, see rr-uliamn. 
treac s/ Woman, damse 
reacar ** o SwUt. 2 Ort Jfiug quick. 3 Hot. 

4 Strong 

reacn f>rov. for rach 
reacnadii see raefia Ih. 

rectia, s m. Law. statute, orriinanc?. 2 Riijht. 
clue 3 loll. 4 Command, power, anth >rr v. 

5 Keeu sorrow. 6 ><ee reachdmhoireachd. 
Dream gun aireamh fo d' r., people wil/iout 
niunfj-T I'liU'r thy command 

teacbd, s />!/. Great vexation, keen sorrow 
'^t'-'juil -.:>b <>r -iigl'i. 3 Knution, tears, shed- 
<lin^ ut t'/ars from vexation or a tee'ingof 
iiKuiL. 4 IA.CI .Htrngvb. toughnesi b ( .\.(;, 
EinuUtio.i. P.nns r. air h- qa< e 'xpr'ssion 
tc, li<* j".-r5u i s;'ha"iigr. am miuiiiieal/i lumv 
(or r.iift^ni'i o'ltxa i<:i) camv tn niu throat; 
tuainiK r. orm. ^m'/'o.t caw upo?j m- , bhrb 
air m> t., mi/ fj.i-e<.q>h b r uKi> <1<>-' t\ 

reachdach -aicue, a. Of, or beuu^iat; to u 1/iw. 

2 Rig'it, lawful. 3 Imperative, giving lair, 
4 Authoritative. 6 Strong, fl 
noyirig. 7 Haughty. 8 Prone to take offence. 
9 Cau-ing dwn sorrow. 10 Strong, stout, 
powerful. ll**Enactive. legislative. 

reachdachadh, -aidh, s.m. Enacting, act of en- 
acting or legislating. A' r , pr. pt. of reachd- 

reach -lachl,** s.f. Legislation, enaction. 

reachdadur, -eaii, s.m. Lawgiver, legislator. 2 
**Ruler, rector. 

reachdadh,** s.w. Legislation. 

reachdairrachd, s.f.ind. Legislation, enaction, 
decreeing. 2 Rectorship. 

reach laich, a' reaclidaehadh, v.a. Enact, 
legislate, ordain, decree, appoint. 

reachdaichte, past pt. Enacted, prescribed by 
law, ordained. 

reachdail, a. Legal, lawful. 2 Ragular. sea 

reachdair, s. n*. see reach hwlair. 2** rareltf 

reachd-air n,** s.f. Court of Judicature. 

rta -hdar, sea reachrtmb^r. 

reachd-chcangail, v.a. Bind by a law or decree. 
2 Stipulate. 3 Article, articulate. 

reachd-cheangail&e, pas' pt. of r^ach I-c'j';angaiU 
Bound by law or decree. 2 Stipulated. 

reachd-cheang-al, -ail,*.. Bindln,; by a law or 
decree. 2 stipulating, act of stipulating, a 
Fixing by law. A' r , pr. pt. of reachd- 

reacbd-dhaingneact^, -eich, -an, 8,m. Decree, 

reachd dhaingneachadh, -aidh, see reachrt- 

reachd-dhaingnich, see roa"hd-cheangail. 

reachd-dhaingniclite, see reachd -cheaueailte. 

reachd-mhathair,** -mhathar, s.f. Mother-in- 

reachd-mh6d, -oid, -an, t.m. Court of law, court 
of justice. 

reachdmhoire, cnmp. of reachdmhor, 
achd, s.f.ind. Vali lity i Stout- 
ness. 3 Rankness. 4 Produc^.ivenesM, as of 
corn. 5 Substantialness, piohtje-ss. 6 Sor- 
rowfulness. 7 Spirit? hiess. 

reachdrahor, -oire, a. Stout, en^rg^tic stronp, 
roliu^t. 2 Valid. 3 Rank, luxuriant full of 
substa"co, substantial, p^thv. 4 Sp ; rit >d. 5 
Sorrowful, tearful. 6 Oomjiiddi.ig 1 . 7 I.n. 
perative. 8 Legislative. 9 Vexatious, tor- 
minting. 10 Easily off ended. 11 Hand <nm a> 
fair. 1^* Productive, as corn. SeaoM dias- 
aa r. agus malh, seusn ears of com, ranis 
anl <joo /. 

achd, g.f.ind. Vexatiousness. 2 Rcadi 

ness to takrt nrWie. 
reac'i l-sh auir^eMch, see reachd-shaor. 
reac 'd-shaor, -shao're, a. License I, 
reachd-thabh;<irteach, -oicbe, a. I--gi<lati-/e, 

lawtriving. 2 Fond of, or pertaining to legia. 

reachd-thabhairtear, -ir, -an, . m. Legislator. 


hvacht, -an, s.m. Man. 2 se;> reachd. 
readui, am, an. s.m. ^erendnn. 
tre.tdaii, am, -an, s.m. Raed, pipe, tube. 
rea'Un ;rh. see n-ada-.i ic > 
ei!->h(.rd, -c iiurd, s.m R 'in of a bridle, 
an, pf. ,f refd-chord. 

readh. see rjadh-g 
rea'th, s,- ra.-i a Ih 
readh,** a foiun. hard Chi^r.ti 

ft-' ico'i'd .hn- a tough, spear. 
readh, see. riadh. 

s Mad oull or ox. 

e sleajh r^ 



freadh-sgaoileadh,** -idh, s m. Flux. 

reafog, -oig, -an, s.'. Linnet. 

freag,** -eig, s./. Night. 

reag-dhall.** a. Purblind. 

reaghlorach,*' a. Resounding. 

real, see reul. 

reall. see reul. 

reallag,(AF)s./. Linnet. 

realt, see reul. 

ream lid, sae rachamaid. 

reauiain, t.f. B ;ginniug. 

reamalair, Perthshire for ramalair & ramacbd- 

frearnh, see roimhe. 

ream b -I, see reamhra. 

ream iad,** -aid. s.m. Bulk, fatness. 

reamhag, see nabiia^. 

reamhMin,*' t.f. Foretelling, prognostication. 

reamhair,** -ean, s.m., 

reamhar, -mhra, a. Fab, plump, fleshy. 2 Pat, 
greasy, oily. 3 Bis, great. 4 Thick, gross, of 
great circumference. 5**Coarse. An soeachd 
nach tigmuShamhuinn, ting gu r mu Fh6ill- 
Brighde th* snow that comes not at Hallow- 
mas will com* thickly at Candlemas ; r. am 
f noil, /oMfeata*. 

freamh-cheuman, Ancestors, forefathers. 

reamhra, cmnp. of reamhar. 

reamhrach, -aiche, a. Coagulative, thickening. 

2 Fattening. 

. . a<lh, -aidh, s.m. Fattening, acfc of fat- 
tening or making fat. 2 State at becoming 
fat, gross, ttiick or large. 3 Grossness, fatness. 
4 Coagulation. A' r , pr. pt of reamiiraich. 

. ail, -e, a. Fattening.having a tenden- 
cy to fatten, or mak* fat. 

__ d, s.f.ind. Fatness, grossness. 2 Suet. 

3* High-water, full spring-tide -[slay. R. a' 
bheathaich, the fatnexs of tht beast ; r. *sa 
phoifc*, suet in the pot ; r. muic-mara, blubber ; 
r. na talmhainn, th* fatness of the earth. 

reamhrad, -aid, s.m. Fatness, degree of fatness 
or grossness. 

reamhraich, v.a, & n. Fatten, make fat. 2 Be- 
come f *t, thick or gross. 3 Concrete, coagu- 
late, clot 

_ . te, past pt. of reamhraich. Fattened. 

fed, made fat. 

rean, ***.'. Span. 

reai g, v.a. & n. Kill, starve or subdue witb 
hunger. 2 Become emaciated or lean. 

reang, reing, -an, s./. Rib, see bata, E 3, p. 73 ; 
see rong. 2 Joggled frame in a boat, see bata, 
C p 73. 3 Wrinkle in the face. 4(AC) Bar. 5 
(AC) Stalk. 6(AC)Bod, pole, wand. 7 (AF) 
Hare., -a, -an, .m. Rank, row, series. 2 Eein. 

3 Kidney. Reauga, reins. 

reangaeh, -aiche, a. Lean, starved, cadaverous. 
2 -see rongach. 3* Full of wrinkles.wrinkled. 

4 Full of strings or fibres. 5 Delaying, lin- 

fering. 6f+Ranked, ranged. 7 Like a rein. 
Like a kidney. 9**Having reins or kidneys. 
10 Ribbed, as a boat or ship. 

Tean^achidh, -aidh, g.m. Starving, act of starv- 
ing with hunger. 2 State of becoming lean 
or emaciated. 3 Putting in ranks or rows. 
A' r , of reangaicn. 

reangadh, see reangachadh. 

re;tng!iich, v. see reaug. 

reangaichte, post pt. of reangaich. Starved with 
huuger. 2 Lean, cadaverous. 

reang'iir, -ean, s.m. Loiterer, lingerer. 2 Wran 

eacbd, ./. ind.. Indolence, lingering, 

reangan, see rong. 

reangas, a.m. Stringer of boat, see bata, Fa, 


reann, see reang. 
freann, -a, pi. -an, [& rinn**,] *. TT. Star. 

Land, soil. 3 Country, 
reanua, Stars. 
reaunach, -aiche, a. Spotted, striped. 

601. Reannaeh. 
reannach, -aich, s.m. Mackerel. 2 Mackerel' 

sky. 3**Strong, robust man. 
r ean nach uaine, s.m. Blue uvickerel. 
r ean nag, -ais, -au, t.f. Star. 2 Starlet. 3 Shoot- 
ing star. R. earhall.tcb, acorn^. 
reannagach, -aiche, a. Starry, studded with 

stars, spangled. 2 Like a star. 
treannair, -ean, s m. Astrologer, astronomer, 
reannan. -ain, s.m., dim. of reann. Little star, 

reann-ghlan,** a. Starbright. Na rosgan r.,tk* 

starbrvfht eyes. 
reann-rai.ieach, &.f. Royal fern, see raineach 

eap.vCR) s. m. Unfcidy person Suth'd. fjto 

Qairloeh riap-DU.] 
reapach, S'tfh'tt for riapach. 
r -ar, (AF) s. Blackbird. 
frjar, g.m. Provision. 
rt;arg(\F)s. Blackbird. 
reas, reis, g.m. Rico. 

*,* s.m. Head of dry curled ha'r. 
reasach, -aiche, a. Prattling, talkative. 2 Har- 

ing dry curled hair, 
reasaa, see reas. 
reasan, see reusan. 

aich, see r!nsanaieh. 

treasart, -airt, s.m. Prawrvation. 2 Health. 

reas bait,** g.m. B^g^ar'a bra*;. 

r.>a>gach, -aiche. a. Stubborn, fro ward, perverse. 

2 Restive, impatient. 3 Ira*ci >la. ^tRongh. 

5 Skittish. Each r., a rtiivc korsr. 
reasgaciid, *.f.ind. Stub ^rnaess, perver^eoess, 

frowar Iness. 2 Irasciblli'.y. 3 Rettiventsn, 
imt>ati>ince. 4** Contuniacy. 5ftR*aghne3B. 

6 Skittishness. 7**Ac!iin^. 
raasgaiehe, see reaiachd. 
roa^gaicheachd, see rea^achd. 

rja<ga-ch -ad, -eid, s.m. Stabbornnes-*, degree t\ 
stubborniirfsw. 2 Coattimacy. 3 Inncicjtlifc/. 
4 Impatienco, restiven*i<. Is r. an t-each aa 
spor, th spur mak'S the hortf more ratio'. 

reasg-shuil, -shula, -shuilean, *y. Blear-eye. 

each,-eiche, n. Blear-eyed. 

reasonta, see reusonta. 

reasuall.(AF) s. Whale. 

treatair, s.w. Clergyman clerk. 

treatas, -ais, s.m. tfiaiuity, hatred. 

reath, . see reidh. 

rea f h, -a, -an, s.m. see nathe. 

reatha, s. see reitb. 

reathaeh, a. see reitheach. 

reathachas, -ais, see reitheacbas. 

reathadh, iVurf litrn form of rachadh. 

reathadh, -aidh, s.m. see reith<cna3. 

reathlan,**-aiu,.. see reidhlean. 

froathream,** &.m. Climate. 

rd-choarcull, -aill, -an, X.IA. tlalo. 

fredhreain, s.m. Climate. 

reibean.(MS) s.w. Moudtaohe. 3 Stickleback, 
bee reaban. 



freibh, see ribh. 

reic, s.m. Sale, auction, selling, act of selling. 

A' r , of reic. 
reic, a' reic. v.a. Sell, vend, 
reic, a' reiceil, v.n. Roar. howl, 
reic-chead,** .. License or permission to sell 


__1 ach.** a. Licenced, authorized to sell. 

reiceach, -eiche. a. Selling, fond of selling, 

trucking. 2 Saleable, 
riiceach, -eiche, a. Roaring, howling. 
re 1C earlair, -can, t.m. Seller, salesman, broker. 

2 Auctioneer. 

. eaohd, s.f.ind. Selling, business of sell- 
in" SjJMerchaudize. 3 Auctioneering. 

reiceadh, -idh, *.m. of reic, see reic. 

re ceadh, -idn. s.m. Roaring, act of roaring or 
howling. A' r , of reic. 

reicealachd.(MS) t.f. Vendibleness. 

reicear. fut.past of reic. Shall be sold. 

s'm. Seller, auctioneer. 

reiceil, -e, t.f. Roarin?, act of roaring, howling. 
A* r , p>\pt. of reic. 

reiceireachd, see reiceadaireachd. 

reic-fhollaiseach,(MS) */. Auction. 

reicidh./uf.n/T.o. of reic. 

reicte, past vt. of reic. Solo* 

reide, see reite. 

reideach, see re'iteach. 

. adh, see reiteachadh. 

rrfideachair, see reiteachair. 

reideadh, t.m. Reaping. A' r , pr. ft. 01 Wid- 

freidh, s.m. Rope. 2 Withe. 

reidh, -ean. $.m. Plain, meadow, level ground. 

reidh, -e, a. Plain, level, smooth. 2 Polished. 

3 Straight, uninterrupted, clear of obstr .ct- 
ion. 4 Free, ex. mpt. 5 Recouciied, at peace, 
appealed, conciliated. 6 Safe, uot danger- 
ous. 7 Keady. prepared. 8 Disentangled. 9 
Unravelled. 10 Harmonious, clear, melodi- 
ous. 11 Ordered, arranged, disposed, in or- 
der. 12** Allied. 13** Regular. Aite 
r., a plain or cleared pine? ; tha. mi r. dheth, 
/ have done with it ; tha iad r. a ms, they OTV 
at peace now ; r. ri l)ia, at peace with God ; am 
bheil thu r. ? are yon prepared ? gu h-6rdail, 
r., well-ordered and harmoniously ; gur., a' lei- 
sure ; fiodh r., smooth wood ; gabh r. a' l>hla r, 
betake yourself to the plain ; fuuair e reidh 's 
e, re")dh 's a' cbuis, he got clear or rid of it, rid 
of the business Arran ; ni mi r. e, 1 wilt ap- 
pease h im. 

tlidh, g'n. sing, of riadh. 

ri dh-bheart, bheirt it -e. pi. -ean. s.f. Concord, 

ach, -aiche, a Harmonious, agree- 

reidh *. m. Hackney-coachman, 

rei Iheachd, s.f.ind. Plainness, state of being 
plain or level, smoothness. 2 Polish. 3 Un- 
interrnptedness, straightness. 4 State of 
beirit; free or exempt. 5 State of bein-; recon- 
ciled or at peace. 6 Safety 7 Readiness, 
state ot being prepared 8 State of being dis- 
entangled or unravelled. 9 Harni'iny, mel- 
ody. 10 State of b -ing arranged or regularly 
disposed. 11 Ready service, ofticiousnesj. 

freMheadli, -idh, s.m. Agreement, asseut. 

rtidnealachd,,.MS) s f. Acconrvnodat.iuu. 

reidheas,* -eis, t.f. Peace. Faigh le r. e, get it 
in iieac', without disturbance. 

rei.ih-fh'Mdh, -a. s.m. Plane-tree. 

reidhir, see raoir. 

reilh-labh.irt, -a>rt. s.m. Eloquence, smoothness 
of speech or utterance. 

reidh-la v .hrach, -aiche, a. Eloquent, speaking 

r6idhleacli,* -eich, s.m. Down. 

re' ; dhlean, -tMn, -an, .v.m. Green, levul pla'n.m^a 
daw. -J** Bowling-green. 3 (All Scope, rang* 
latitude, elbow-room. Air an r., on fAi 
plnin ; chun an r., to the plain. 

reidhlean, -ein. -an, s.m. Wheel of a pulley, see 
ula?, 6, p. 78. 

re'idhleanach. -aiche, a. Abonnlin? in pla ; ns or 
mea'tow^, meadowy. 2 Plain, level. 3 (AH) 
Unconstra-ned, unconfined, unrestrained. 

reidhlic, see re'ilig. 

reidhneach,(AF) s.m. Barren cow Suth'd. 

reidhne-mairt.(CR) s.m Cow that does not givd 
milk and is not with calf IT. of Ross-shire. 

reidh-rain^ach,? s. Polypody, see clacb-rainech. 

reidh-shnasaich, v.a. Anatomize. 

reidhte, see reite. 

ach, see rei teach. 

reidich.(DMy) v.a. Cut oats or barley with a 

r&dicb, v.a. Reconcile, conciliate, appease. * 
Clear away, disentangle, adjust, (see reitich.) 
te, pa*' -pt. ofr^idich. Reconciled, concil- 
iated, propitiated. 2 Cleared of obstruction, 
disentangled, adjusted. 

reige, s.f. Ridgling. 

treighlios. . Church, shrine, sanctuary. 

reil, gen.sinfi. of reul. 

freil,** a. Clear, manifest. 

rdile, -an, s.J. Pebble. 

reileag, see reilig. 

ach, see r^ilie;each. 

r^ilig, -e, -ean, s.f. Grave, bury ing-place. 2" 
Church. 3* Crypt or burying place nnler a 
church. 4* Stone chest where bones dii'j out 
of graves are placed. BiMii Ih <luil ri fear 
fairge ach cha bhi ri fear-reilige, there may he 
hope oj a man at sea, but none of one in the 

reilige, see reilig. 

reiliueach, a. Like a churchyard. 2 Having % 
churchyard. 3 P>elonging to a churchyard. 

reil'eag, -ig, s. f.,dim. of reul. see reultag. 2 

Herb robert, see righeal-cuil. 
ach, a. see reultanach. 

re"iltean, -an, [ **pl. -tein,] s.m. t dim. of reul. 
Asterisk. 2 Little star. 3** Astrolabe. 

reim, Gaelic spelling of rheum. 

reim.(CR) s.f. Wheel of a spinning-wheel. 2 
Grooved rim of a spinning-wheel. 3 Rim of 

reim, -e, -ean.'s./- Power, authority, dominion, 
sway. 2 Way. 3 Progress, order. 4 An or- 
der. 5 Calling out. 6 Troop, band. 7 Even- 
ness of temper 8 Course of life, career. 9** 
Consistence. 10 CR) Self-command, self-con- 
trol. W of Ross- shire. ll**3eries. 12 (MS) 

treitn-bhriafhar, -thran, s.m. Adverb. 

re ; mealacbd, s.f.ind. Sway, authority. 2 Con- 

reimeas,** s.m. Rhyme. 

reinvMl, -e, a. Authoritative, bearing swav. 2 
Persevering. 3 Even-tempered, constant, 
even-minded. 4** Progressive. 5 (MS Rheum- 
atic. 6 (MS) Pituitous. 7 PhloijmaMc. 8** 
Rampinfc. Ste6rn;\dh r., tt"n<lif s frinj. 

reimlif, s.f.ind. Fatness, thickness, grossuesa. 
2 Pride. 

reimheach. -eiche, a. Arrogant, proud, petulau^ 

reinvu-achd,** s.j in<1 Arrogance, forwardness, 
pemla ic^, conceit-edness 

reim^e, -an, s.m. Club, s'atf. 

reimseacU, -eiche, o. Heroic. 


l*im< >nch, -ich, -an, s.m. Coarse, sturdy wo- 

m m. 

i-p'tig -e, -ean, see reang & rong. 
r r.g-an-rui : rj. see lus-aa ,rl''ac. 
reiii^a"h,** -ich, s.m. Ship-timber. 

- ---, -eiche, a. Abounding in, of. or like 

freir, see raoir. 

reir. gen. ( rlat.sini. of riar. 

re : r. a r^ir & do re'ir'* phras*. According to, as, 
like fii. Nil/in bitliinn 'nad r., // / w-re of the 
game rmin : n n* you; ionvvdh grille 6^ am r., 
inn'i'i o, i/',uth fond nf m' ', tua sinn a r. a 
che"il?, ire'ir' vleas'd with each other, on thf 
b*st nf terms ; flea Ih dom* r., a feast worthy 
cfiri'; a r. cuimhne d'lomhsa, to the best of 
vn^i rteo'.lec'ion M' a reir, is of bun used for 
" fr3?,";i.l'-'ig iad m'a re"ir z,th*y set him free. 

ri'irr-' ire,' -V?) s. Plover. 

rpir -chearc,(An s.f. Grouse. 2 Heather-hen. 

re"is -e, -ean, s.f. Race, chase. 2 Span (9 in.) 

3 Run'iingco'irse. Ruith e 'r., he ran his 
ra-. r. d' a theangaidh, a span of his tongue. 

re"isde, Therefore, then. Is lea an t-iogh- 
nadh a r. ged robh teanga'dh do bheoil-sa 
'semn gu binn cliu eibhinu t' fhir p6sd', it is 
littl u-on1er,ther>'fore, that your tongue should 
t>n<i s>ve>tly your husbani's glad praise. 
Ddin I. Ghobha. 

trfisa, (i*n. s>ng. of riasg. Le 'n sr6in ag 
inrraidh nan aiphean riabhachfeadh shliabh- 
chnoc rei-ig, seeking with thrir noses the brin- 
dl"d hinds among the mountain grass, 

re'is-r, Arrest. 2 Seek. 

reipghiobhar,** -air, *./. Prostitute. 

re^ic v ie,** s.m. Rehearser. 2 Romancer. 

relsimeid, -e, -ean, s,/. Regiment. 

-- each, -eiche, a. Regimental. 

treisrneirdreach,** -ich, *./. Harlot, street pros- 

leisgeadh. s.m. Hanging of fish or flesh up to dry 

r^it, see rdite. 

reite -ean, s/. Concord, agreement, harmony, 
reconciliation. 2 Expiation, atonement. 3 
Agreement, contract, settlement, adjustment. 

4 Marriage espousals or contract. 5**Dis- 
entanglfinent. Dean r. be reconciled ; a dh' 
fhnucl>aiun an dean mi r. air son bhur peac- 
aidh, to try if I shall make atonemfnt for 
vour sins. 

r6iteacli, -ich. -ichean, a.m. see reite. 2**Plain, 
aoy level place. 

- -- -ich, see re"iteachadh. Leannbh r^it- 

ich, an iliegi^imat* child Lewis. 

- -- . a. "see reibeachail. 

reitc-achadli, -ai Ih, s.w. Act of reconciling, set- 
tling-, agreeing. 2 Act of clearing, unravelling 
or disentangling, disentanglement, adjust- 
m 'n.~. 3* Putting in order. 4* Smattering. 
6**Harmony. fi*Tnion. 7*^Covenant. A' 
r , of leiticli. R. posaidh, a betroth- 
rn.'xt. ma rri aye -contract. 

t&teacliaii, -e, a. Reconciling, that reconciles 
or conciliates. '2 Ready to be reconciled, fond 
of reconciling. 3 Fond of clearing away ob- 
structions or entanglements. 4 Appeasable, 
arbi. r.ible. 5 That unravels or disentangles. 

re'iiv-i.chair,** s.w. Appea*er, reconciler, coucili- 
atnr, mediator, one who clears away obstruct- 

r&tenclid, s.f.ind. Reconciliation, agreement, 
state of being reconciled. 2 Disentanglement, 
starve of being disentangled. 3 Peace, con- 

feiLear, (MS) a.m. Peact-maiccr, reconciler, ap- 


rditli, -e, see rei.lh. 

rm'th. v.a see reitich. 

re"ith-bheart, see reidh-bheart. 

; aoh, see reidh-bheartach, 

'cache, -ach an, s. m. Ram. 2 Dimmont tup. 
3 The siga Aries (T ) in the zodiac. 

reitheaoh, -eiche, a. Rammish, like a ram. 2 

reith.>achadh, -aidh, s.m. Lining, rutting, as 
ram. A' r , of reithich. 

reitheachan, pi. of reithe. 

reitheacha-s -ais, *. m. RammLshness, tuppish- 
ness. 2 Ramming. 3 RuUui; of sheep. 

reitheachd, s.f. see reibheachas. 

reitheadh, -Mli. *. m. see reitheachadh. A' r , 
pr. pt. of reith 

reiUiean, s.m., dun. of reithe. Young or little 

reithe-cogaidh, pi. -achan-cogaidh, s.m. Batter- 

reithe-slachdaidh, pi. -achan-slachdaidh, t. m. 
see reithe-cogaidh. 

freithe-raobhta, s.m. Battering-ram. 

rnithe-seisdidh, s.m. Battering-ram. 

reithich, v.a. Line, rub, as a ram, 

re'ithleach, -ich, -an, see r&dhlean. 

reithlean, see reMdhlean. 

reitich, v.a. <fr n. Reconcile, conciliate. 2 Agree 
upon, ratify. 3 Adjust, determine, regulate, 
set in order, disentangle. 4 Prepare. 5 Ad- 
just or settle the terms of marriage, be be- 
trothed. 6 Articulate. 7 Appease. 8 Clear 
away, clear. R. an ta'gh, 7714' the hotts" in or- 
der ; re"itichear a' cheisb. the. question, shall he 
determined ; r. thu aite fa chombair, thou hn$t 
prepared a place for him ; r. an snath, disen- 
tangle the thread ; r. an rabhad. clear the ,cy. 

r^ibichte, past pt. of reitich. Reconciled. 2 
Agreed upon, ratified. 3 Adjusted, deter- 
mined, set in order, regulated. 4 Prepared, 
set in order. 5 Betrothed. 6 Appeased. 7 
Disentangled, disencumbered. 

re na h-uine seo, Meanwhile. 

red, see reodh & redthadh. 

reobhart, see reotharl. 

reodh, v.a. A n. Freeze, cause to freeze. 
Become frozen. 

reodhadh, -aidh, s.m. Act of freeing or causing 
to freeze. 2 State of freeziHg or becoming con- 
gealed. 3 Frost. [Used fur ice as well as fro^C 
in Arran.} A' r , of rcbdb. 

reodh-leac,** -lie, s.f. Sheet of ice. 

,** v.n. Congeal. 

reodhta, a. <k past pt. Frozen. 2 Cold, frosty. 

reodhtach, a. Freezing, frosty. 

re6dhtachail,* -e, a. Congea'able. 

reodhtachd, s.f.ind. Algidity. 

re6;lbtadh, -aidh, s. in. Free/.ing, congealing. 
2 Frost. Taigh reodhta'dh, an ice-lnsus* ; 
ollhche reodhta, ; dh, a frosty niyht. 

re6i-lhbe, see reodhta. 

reolaist,* s.f. Doggerel. 

reb-leac, -ic, -an, */. <fc v. see re6dh-leac. 

reomhacl, see romh'id. 

re6n,** -6in, s.m. Span. 

reb-shruth,** s.m. Frozen stream. 

ro6ta,(OR) s. Frost. Fuachd an rebta, tk* cold 
of the. frost. 

re6ta, see reodhta. 

rebtach, see re6dhtach. 

rebladh. see rebdh^adh. 

reouiMh, Stmthtay for roOJnta. Oidhcher., 
frosty ni'jht. 

reotanachj -aiche, a. Stinging. 

d, *./. Stingingness. 

reotanda, a. Stinging 




reoth, see re&dh. 

reotha, see roo'lhadh. 

reothadh, soe re6duadh. 

reothart, -airt, -an, t.m. Spring-tide. 2 The time 
of spring-tide. l.anr., t firing-tide : air>le- 
reothairr,, hn'rjht of winn-tidt ; r. on din^h 
aerus c&ntraigh am maireac'i, un to-day and 
(town to-moroow expressive of too much a:i I 
too little; r. nan eun. the spnnn-tid? of the 
birds also called "r. mor na FelU-Padruig," 
thfhigh sprinci-tidt of St. Patrick's day. At 
that time of the year the spring-tides ara us- 
ually very hi;*h. and large quantities of sea- 
ware are cast ashore, which is occupied later 
on as a nestling-ground for large numbers of 
birds. I f'in. in Argyll-shirt.} 

reoth ta. see reo Una. 

re 'r. (re + ar <fe re+'ur) During our. 2 During 
your. Re 'r la. Curing o\ir day. 

re spal. a<iv For a time. 

reub. v.a Tear, rend, pull asunder. 2 Wound, 
tnanjjle. 3 Abuse. 4*Gore, as a bull. 5 La- 
cerate, pain intensely 6* Tear as with a 
shearing hook or any jagged instrument. 
Reub e 'aodach, he rrnt hit clothes. 

renb, -a, -an, t.m. see reubadb. 

jeubach, -aiche, a. Rending, tearing. 2 Wound- 
ing. Hoeratint;. bruising. 

reubarhd, * Tearing. 

renbadh, -aidh. s.m. Rendinsr, act of rending, 
tearing or lareralinc;. 2 Rent or fissure pro- 
duced by tearing. 3 Avulsion. 4 Wound. 5* 
Goring. A 1 r , of reub. 

renbaidh, fut. a/, a. of reub. Shall tear pr pt . a' reuoladh, v. Tear, mangle, 
[tt gives reabail.] 

reub linn, *./. Robb.-ry, plundering, freebooting, 




;h, -eiche, a. Plundering, robbing, pi- 

each'1. g.f.ind. Robbery, practice of rob- 
bery, plundering or freebooting. 

ear. -an. Sami meanings as reubair. 
renbair. -'-an. x.wt. Robber. 2 Violent person. 

3 Render, terror, bruiser. 

reubair.'ach'l, '*./ Robbery, plunder. 2 Tear- 
ing, lacerating. 

reubal, -ail, x.w. Rebel. 

ach, -a:chL% o. Rebellious. 

ach. -aich, s.m. Rebel. 

aciid. s.f. tad. Rebellion. 

reabaltach, -aic'ie, a. see reubalacb. 

, -aich, s. see reubalach. 

d. see reub.-ilachd. 

reubam. 1st. t^nj. imp. of reub. Let me tear 
2 fut.a/.a. of reub (for reubaidh tiii) I shall 

reuban, seereubainn. 

rubanair, see reuhamnear. 

reuhnr, fut.pass. of reuh. Shall be torn. 

reubhag, -an, see r:aiihag. 

reubta, / n-t pt. of reub. Torn, rent, pulled asun- 
der. 2 Wounded, m in^led, maimed. R. le 
dealMn. wait ti 1 1*1 by lightning. 

reuoh-Ul. -ail. -an, *.m. Tediousness, wearisome 
cer-Tnony, (lilatoriuess. 

reiichd<!;i.-h, -eiche, a. Tedious, wearisome, 
cer monioui. 

rend, see, r -udan. 

reudan. -ain, -an. *.m. Moth, timber-worm. 2* 
Dry-rot in w<Mxl. :}. A K) Weevil. 4** Wood- 
louse. 5 Pedii-ular ins"L't that P its through 
timber and pai);r. 6**Pipe. 7**Roed. 

reu'lau, pi. of rnud. 

reudan ich, -ai<-he, a. Abounding in moths or 
woodlice. 2 Moth-eaten. 3*Dry-rotten. 4 

reudanalch, v.a. Dry-rot. 

----- te, a. A pa.t pt. Moth-eaten. 2 Dry. 

real, reil, r-ultan, ./. Star. 2 Belle. R.-chomh- 

a!llit, planrt ; r. na m^lra 

day-star ; r. scaciirain, a come' ; r. le-vch 

ach, a p/an-t ; r. seasm 

nan reultan, t'arlight. 
reulach, -aiche, a. ee rnult.T>h. 
reula bar. -ean, t.m. Aatronom-.T. 2 Astrologer 

-- eaeud, g.f.ind. Astronomy. 2 Astrology, 


reuladh ** -aidh, t.m. Declaration. 
reulag, -aig, s.f.. dim. >f reui. Little star, bos*. 

S Anterink. 3 S(&r~Arran. 
- ach, -aiciie, a. Glitttr 11-4 with little star-* 

2 Starry, astral. 3 Studded. 
reul-air^iodach, ** a. Studied wut. silver. 

Claidheamh r., a silwr-studdtd sword. 
reuianach,(MS) a. Astr.ft-roii-. 
reul-an-i'ichair, s.f. The dog-star. 
reul-bhad, s.m. Ckuutellatiun. 
reul-bhuidheann, see reul-bhid. 
reul-cliL-arbach, -tan-. *./ Comet. 
reul-chuairt, -ean, ./. Orbi . 
reul-dhealrach, -aiche, a .Star-blazing. 
reul-dhruidh, -ean, s.m. Astrologer. 
each, a. Astrological. 
eachd, s.J md. Astrology. 
reul-eolach, -aiche, a. Skilled in astronomy or 

astrology. Gu r. 

reul-eolas, -ais, s.m. Science of astronomy er as- 

reul-fheasgair, s.f. 

Evening star. 

reul-ghngleach,** a. Sideral, astral. 2 Thick- 
set witu constellations. 

reul-glingleachan, -ein -an, s.m. Constellation, 
cluster or group of stars, as Pleiades. 

renl-ghrialeau, -em. -an. g.m. Constellation. 

reul gri^lea'tach,*" a. see reul-ghrigjeacb. 

reul-iiiil, s.f. Pole-star. 

reul-na maidne, *.AAurora (plant.) 2 The morn- 

reul-sholus, -uis, s m. Star-light. 

reult, -a, pi. -an <fc reilte, see real. 

reulta, pi. of reul. 

reultach, -aiche, a. Starry, astral. 2 Starred. 
Oidhche r., a starry night. 

reulfcag,** -aig, -an, s.f. Starlet. 2 Asterisk. 3 
Stud. 4 Astrolabe. 

reultiigach, a. Starry, abounding in little stars. 
2 Studded. 

reultaich,** v.a. Stud. 

reultaichte, paxt pt. studded. 

reultair, see reuladair 

eachd, see reuladaireachd. 

reultanach, -aicbe, a. see reulach. 

reultan, pi. of reul. 2 dim. ot reul. 

reult-bhuiilheann, see reul-bhuutneann. 

reult-chosgair,** -ean, s.m. Astronomer 2 As- 
trologer, star-gazer. 

reult-chuirt,** *./ 1'ne star-chamber. 

reult-iasg.(AF) *. Star-n':-h. Z**Fisu with shin- 
ing teeth. 

reum, -a, (AH) t. m. Visctious saliva, rh -unx 
secreted in abn .rmal profusion. 2(OU) s^n^'ncy Cha'u 'ell i. 'Q. U I oh nu:it, v >>/.r 
talk ts s*ns't<?ss. 

reiimaU,** a. Phlegmy. 2 Afflicted wich CA- 
tarrh. 3 Rheumatic. 

reumulach I,** s.f. Constancy, por^^ver iacrt 
steadiness. 2 Pblegmttiu 

reumail % e, a. see renneit 

rtiUinhach, .Sfei/cfor frenrnhacn. 

reuinhair,**-eau t.m. Traveller 



rovor. vajrab'>nd. 

reu'iihair aehi,**./ Travelling, wayfaring, rov- 
iug, naming. 

reusa'i, -a n, -a n. -an. s.rn. Reason, causa, mo- 
rive, ar^um.-nr. 

reusanach, -aicha, a. see reusanta. 2 Argumen- 

reus in tchadh, -ai lh, s.m. R.-'asoninij, act of 
r.-asoni'ig or arsnLv,ia'"'iocriation.a i< * | i'nent. 

na'-', r-cv. for ruub. 

ri ma Hi. pt-fiv. for reubadh. 

r.ab i, see rluuh. 

riabhi-'h, -aich, K. f. Common lousewort. 

nab i ich, -aic i, f. m. or grilled person. 
An riibhach uior, the >l f0 'd. 

riabhach, -aiciia, a. Hrindled, greyish, grizzled. 
'> iJr >.vn, drab. 3 Yellow-^rey Arfan. Rb 
r., a grizzl'd cow ; slrag'i r., a brown pfa,r. 

expostulation. A" r . r-r. fit. of rju^oaiich i riabhag, -aig, -an, ./. Lane. 2ttHedgi-3p-*,rn>w. 
reusiimu-hd, .?. f. ind. Rationality, reasonable- j riabhag tch,tf a. Abou tiding in larks or hedge- 

ility. reasonable- 

ness, reason TIM;, avgu'iignt, justness, just, 
grounds. i-on ci'iiHbbMiess. 

teas mnicli, v.a. Reason, argue, ratiocinate, ex- 
postulate, think. 

ieu :an,uche, -an, s.m. Reasoner. 

reu<anta, a. Kndosved with reason, rational. 2 
Reasonable, just. 

reusontai-h I, s 3e reusanachd. 

reusanta-s.** -ai-?, s m. Ratiocination. 

reu-baid.(CR) *./. Groove or bed in the keel of 
a boat to receive the edge of the fliuc.h-bhord 
or eai.rlinn, that is, of the first strake or 
plan'*?. 2 Rascal, beggar's brat, term of con- 
tempt Ar i an. 

reusbanadh,(CR) s.m. Mai-treatment, ill-usage, 
Is tu a rinu an r. &ir,how badly you have beat- 
en him, or ns?d it Suth'd. 

reuson, see reusan. 

reusouta, see reusanta. 

ri, prep. To, implying similarity or likeness. 
2 To, denoting equality of one object with an- 
other. 3 To, implying adhesion". 4 To, to- 
wards. 5 Denoting attention or earuastnsss. 
6 To, in the direction of. 7 To, unto. 8 To, 
implying exposure. 9 To, to be, implying 
possibility. When placed before present par- 
ticiples it changes them into the future pass- 
ive an absurd grammatical statement that 

? asses current. 10 Against, in opposition to. 
1 At, near to. 12 During, whilst. 13 For, 
implying expectation or hope. 14 In, denot- 
ing employment or occupation. 15 Of, con- 
cerning. 16 Up, upwards. 17**Witb. 18 
As, like as. 19* In contact with. 

Cho mm ri miniciono, as toft as kid-skin ; ri 
d' chinas, to your ear ; ri grein' (txposrd) to 
the sun ; ri bruthach, tueetiding the acclivity ; 
a' cojradh ri gaisg^ach. fahtiny with a firro ; 
bhuail e a cha - ri cloich, he dushed his foot a- 
gainst a slon> ; ri saorsainnparhd, employ fd as 
acarpent-r ; ri 'laimh, at his hand; ri linn 
Thearlaich, in the days of Prince Charles ; ri 
la gaoithe, on a windy day ; mar dhuilleig ri 
dolnionn, lik* a leaf in the blatt ; na caomh- 
Hichriiih, (he fri-nds at pmce ; gun duil ri 
pilleailh, ivithout, hope of returning ; an rain- 
each ri turram 'sa ghanithe, the fern whistling 
in th wind ; cho ciuin ri aiteal, as mild as a 
breath of wind ; bha 'n righ 6g ri morau abh- 
intich pleasure 
gainnri d-il na's fhaide, 

we hav not toyo any further W.H. M4;thain- 
ig e gu aoise dnl ricenird, he came of a/jf 
to Ifarn a trad" ; thainig e ri a bheatha fein, 
7t j took hit on'nfif'', cntrrmitted suicide ; uibhir 
ri each, as much as th? / ; beul ri tri mios- 
H.n, n a arly three inontht ; liha e, ri tighinu. he 
irav to corns. Ri in Lewis often takes tho 
place of a^.as, tha e ri bual >dh, strikim. 
Compounded thus with the personal pro- 
nouns : 

Rium, to mi ; riut, to the? ; ris, to him; rithe, 
to hrr ; ruinn, to us ; ruiuh, to you ; riu, to 

t \ int. see righ ! 
ria. ee lithe. 

riab iag-choille,ir /. Wood-lark, see mxe.ig- 

choi lie. 2 Tree-pipit anthuft arboreits. s. f. Mountain linnet s9 


s.f. Tit-lark, see snathad- 

2 Mouuta'n linnet littota mon'.ium. [ 
gives iilandn prattfiisis.] 

riabhaiche, ^.f.fiid. Greyi^hness. 

riabhaichcad, -ei I, x.f. Degree of greyuess, bria 
dledn-w-s, >; or brovrnnedM. 

riabhan, -ain, -an, t.m. .*ee riadhan. 2**Hand. 
some young sl-ripliug. 3 Dappled, speckled 
price. 4 (DMu) Chain of ".Ipc^rine*. 

riabhauach,** n. Haavlsujne, like a stripling. 

riach, see riabhach. 

riach, a' riachadh, o.a. Oat tha surface, 
graze or ploiiih along the surface. 2* (Jut, 
as when flaying a boast. 8 (DO) Rule, aa a 
slate or paper. ii. e air mo chraicionn, it 
(jrazed mu thin. 

riachadh, -ai In, s.m. Act of cutting the surface, 
slightly cutting, grazing or Derate iiuij the 
skin, slight cut or scratch. 'Z(DU) liuli ;g, as 
a <iate or paper. A' r , of fiai'h. 

riachaid, -e, -eau, s. f. Di.itribatfug, diridtug. 
partition. 2**Coutroller. 

friachan, .m. Anytliing g;:ey. 


see rioch lail. 

achd, the young king was a* 
W.H. 1.19 , -clia'n 'eilagainn 

r^-chdaileachd,** s.f.see riociiJalachd. 

riachdaillea.-!,** -eis, s.m. Aocessity, want. 

riachdalas,** -ais. s.m. Cloaraess, /nanift-stnesi. 

riachila.nach, -aiche, a. Necessary, t, 
impure. 3 Fond of sexual 5 
Needy, necessitous, needful. 6 Dutnul, in- 
cumbent. 7 Given to uncioa tineas. 

triacud >.nas, -ais, *.m.NcHsity, want, indigwn- 
ce, misery. 2 Indisponsabie duty. 3**l?oi - ni- 
cation, uncleannes-s. 4 /N ectxwarLis. 5 J^orce. 

riad,(CR) *. Crack, split in wood Blair Atiiok. 

riadh, r^idh, *.m. Interest of aioney. 2 Usury, 
reut, hire. H. aguscalpa,, in'erest <\ml prin~ 
cipal ; taigh-reidh, fl bunk ; airgio*! *vir r., mo- 
nei/ invited for 'nt+rest. 

riadh,** a.m. Correction. 2 aciug. iJ Tamiuv?. 
4 Grief. 5 Kind of capita' (uuialuneut itmoujf 
the Irish Gael. 

riadh, -a, -au, ./. Snare. 2**Rib. 

riadh, Bodenoch for riauih & ruith. 

triadli, v.a. Hang. 2**Oruoif>'. 

riadh, see ria^n. 

riadh, s.m. ROW, dnil, as of jwsafxjes Baden- 

riadhach, -aiche, a. Usurious. 2**Hired, 

riaauadair, -jan, *-.i. Usurer. 

friadhadh, -aidh, *.nw Hanging. A' r , 

of r.a Ih. 

fria lhadh a.m. QaiiuWA 
riadhau. (DMy> '. m. 'i rail, as \vhdn grain or 

meal is escaping fiom a bag while earryini ic. 

2 Halving of hay, aayi.inu; coiiliniKul in aLniif 

line. 4 Stroat. 6 Temporary p;ui.>a^o 1'or 

water to run in. 
riadhaii.(CK) s.m. .Swathe of hay that 

turned with ttierake W. of Jiost-shire. 

aeti riadhau. 

riadh lann 


ffh lh-lann,** -lainn, a.m. Honse of correction. 

Ii;. i.i-mh irtair,** x.m. Hired a -sp.ssiu. bravo. 

ria liainch,** -aicn, t.f. Old maid. 'I Cast-off 

fragu. a-. Re'igious. 

ria-ih, see ria. 'h. 

fii -g.i. -a [& r.igh**.]Dl. -an, s.f. Cro.^, gallows. 

liagliail, pr.i't. a' mi>hlad'i. v.a. Rule, govern, 
rei,cn, re^uiat-i, onle.r, seicl?, dh\>et, arrange. 
RiaghH'dh lamn an dichiollaicii, the Land of 
th" diligent slall govern. 

riajihail, -e, -ean, t.f. see nag-hail t. 

ringhailt, -e, ean, J. Weaver's rule. 2 Rule, 
n-^ul-'tion. 3 Law directory. 4 Mariner's 
OOiapam. fiftFoot-rule. 6 S-.-nse, judgment. 
7** Ascertainment. 8 Government, di-^cHon. 
Is math an r. tain, that is a good law ; ch;udh e 
as a r., h lost his senses ; r. englais, a law of 
the church ; dean r., apportion ; dean r. air au 
annlan, apportion thf sauce carefully. 

- .chearnach,(DM) a. Square, rectan- 

riaghailt-chlaonaidh, s.f. Joiner's beveL 

riasnailteach, -eiche, a. Regular, according to 
rule. 2 Peaceable, orderly. 3 Accurate. 4 
Moderate, sober. 

itaghailteachftdh, s.m. Adjustment. 

tjaghailtearhd, f.f.ind. Orderliness, regularity. 
2 Sobriety, sedatoness. 3 Peacefuluess. 4** 

ria<;hailtear.* s.m. Regulator. 

riafihailteara^hd,** s.J.ind. Administration. 

riaghailtich, v.a. Arrange, adjust by rule, regu- 
late, put in order, govern, apportion. 

. e, corny, of riAghai (teach. 

. te, fast pt. Adjusted, arranged by 

rule, governed. 

tr;a':h?ire, -an, *. m. Hangman. 2** Scape- 
gad' iws. rogne. 

riauhal-cuil, se-j ri^heal-cuil. 

riaghalba. past pt.ol ; l. t**rarely Devout. 

cbd, see rtaghailteachd. 

riaghaltair, see riaghladair. 

riaghan -aiu, -an, s.m. Swing. 2 Exercise of 
-swinging. Sttinill. 4tfGibbet. 5(MS) Sling. 

ria-.rh!uiai:H,tt - Abounding in swings, drills or 

rirghhch, -aiche, a. Regular. 

frioghlacb, -aich, s.f. Old woman. 

riayblachadh, -aidb, see riaghladb. 

riagnladair, -eau, s.m. Ruler, governor, regula- 

ri;>j;hlaiaireachd, s.f.ind. Ruling, governing. 2 
Office or practice of ruling, goveruorship.uian- 
aymnonb, administration. 

riaghladh, -aidh, s.m. Ruling, administration, 
direction, managem'inb. 2 Mustering. A' r , of riagbail. R. air sloigh, the muster- 
in / of hosts. 

ri ' lilaich,** v. Same meanings as riaghaiL 

ri"u r hl;uchte, paxt pt. of riaghiaicb. 

ri gni air, -ean, tee riaghladair. 

riacblaireachd, see nag'iladaiieachd. 

ri iciie, com/), of riicli (f'r r;abhach.) 

ria.;ls, v.a. Handle roughly or unseemly, as a 

tiailsadh,* -aidb, s.m. Rough or unseemly band 
.ing. A" r , of rialls. 

r a. -a, -an, s m. Series, number. 2 Drill, as 
1.1 potatoes, tu nips, &c., prov. 3* Duration. 

rianni," v.a. Drill, aj turniiis, potatoes, &c. 

rianiii, adv. Ever, at any time before. 2 Always, 
(.or with the negative nover.) [Used only of 
past rime.] Au robh r. 'f was thers ever ? bha 
e r. mar sin, hi* wan always no ; mar nach robh 
riauib a leilbid inn, such as never was the 

lik- ; r. in roimhe, still and b-fore, abidinj'y ! 
nah-nil-d iiu; riamh ftga'bh t 09^rymano/yotf 

tii Miih, -a, s.m. Beauty, elegance. 

r am :ai'li, -;'.iclio, see rio'iibaoh. 

riamhadh, -aidh, -ailh^an, x.m. see rioin'iadh. 

riamlng. -aig, -an, s.f. Small root or thread, (of 
friamoag, for ft-ju iihaT;.) 

riamh agak-h, -e, s.f. Fiiamants appearing in 
wound, prov. (for frcumhagaich.) 

riamlar-h, a. see driamlacb. 

nan,(MS) s.m. Appointment. 

rian, -an, s.m. Mode, method, manner, fashion, 
form, 2 Order, ruana^msnt, arrangement, 
adjustment. 3 Regularity. 4 Economy. 5 
So,,ridty. 6 Good or peaceable dispjsit. on. 7 
**8p.-\,n. 8**Oarriago. 9**Sea. flO Road, way, 
path, footstep. 11 System. 

rianacHadh, -aidb, s.m. Adjusting, act of ad- 
justing, arranging, distributing, act of dldtri- 
buting. A' r , of rianaich. 

riarvclair, -ean, s. m. Governor, arranger, iu 
pe.rcargo, representative, director, steward. ' 

rianaich, v.a. Adjust, arrange. 2 Divide, di-i,iri- 

rian-'.iche,** s.m. Wanderer, traveller. 2 Slow, 
lazy, shiftless man. 

rianaicbte, past pt. Arranged, adjusted. 2 Dis- 
tributed, divided. 

rianail, -e, a. Methodical, in j'ist or due ordr. 
2 Econ'<naic-vL 3 Well-disposed, of a mild or 
peaceable disposition. 4**Consistc'st. 6** 
Well-formed or fashioned. tf**Oood-t>mpiW 

rianalarhd, s.f.ind. see rian. 2 Arist 

riau-ath,arrachadh, -aidh, s.m. lnvr.v 

r'an-grein^, s.m. I'be solar systoui. 

dan-roighe, s.m. The Herb Robert, 8 -e ri 

ria;ac l i,(CR)a. Untidy, slovenly. 

riapail, v.a. Mangle. 2 Bungle, "botch, u 

riapalaijn, -aidh, s.m. Ma.nglino;, act of 
ling. 2 Bungling, a<;fe of ban.;!iag or )>otcu- 
in{i. A' r -, of riapaiL 

ria.pailte, past pt. of riapail. Mangled. 2 Bung- 
l>i, 1 ofcched. 

riar, rcir, s.m. Pleasure, will, inclination, dic- 
tate, de.siro. 2* Approbation, aatli4kC^t<Mi 3 
Word of honour. 1(MS) Allotruonb. 6**J'idg- 
ment, decree. Agus ni thu mo r.. and thon 
shall do my it'ill ; dean mo riar-sa, act up to 
my approbation ; mo r. fhAin ! u^-m my u-ord, 
of lionuur ! ma ni thus' a riar, if yml act up 
to his upprobation ; dean thu-a mo v.-$A t t<tiidi/ 
to pl?ait:' mf \ mo r.-sa nach tig e 'n nochd, 
forsooth, he will not come ^-nig'it ; mo r.-sa, 
nach 'eii ! upon my wot'd it is nut so ' ''lia'a 
'eil e Mjirbh a r. a dheauamh, il is not easy to 
please him ;m.>, my desire. 

riar, v. .see r.ataich. 

fnarach, -aiche, a. Submissive. - i**Jleady to 
p! . ase, obiigi-ig. 3 Cunlenl*!, pleased. 4 
Ready to paitiripate, ready to .sharu, di paus- 

riarach,** -aich, s.m. S rvitor. 

riarachatlh, -aidh, s.m. Pleasi'iij, sati-fy : ng. act 
of aai fcf ying. ii Satisfaction. 3 .-u'!\, j -ncv. 
4 DiMttibutiDg, sharing. 5 Act of lUcnb'.u nsr, 
or dii'idin^. G* Attending at (nb\.>.. 7 his- 
tribution of clenie.its at a .--aoramen:. A' r , of riaraicb. R.-Kintiiiii, ta^isf action of 
mind; air a r., distributed, 

riaracliair,** .,-. 7/7. Portiouur. 

ri avachas, -ais, s.m. Same meanings as riarach* 

ria'-achd, s.f.ind, Same nu'ftuinga as riarach* 
adh. R.-inutinn, wnf.'-n in,:- at. 




liaraich. pr.nt, a' riarac-hadh, v.a. Please, satis 
fy. 2 Divide, distribute. 3 Dispense th 
sacrament. 4**Carvo. 5**Dish. R. orra e 
distribute it amunj them. 

riaraiche.ti ~an, s. m. Steward, dispenser o 
food. 2 Economist. 3 Sharer 

riaraichte, past pt. of riaraic v i. Pleased, satis 
fied. 2 Shared, served, distributed, supplied 

riarainniche,(MS) t.m. Administrator. 

riaraiste,** Arrears. 

riarfa,** past pt.* Shared, served out, distribu 
ted. 2 Content. 

riasail, v.a Tear flesh asunder, mangle/'tousle. 1 

- te, pant pt. of riasail, see riaslaichte. 
ria-<an, -ain, see reusau. 

riasant, see reusanta. 

nasg, re"isg, s. m. Moor, fen, marsh. 2 Ley 

ground. 3 Coarse mountain grass (beiteau.) 

4 Sedge or dirk-grass. 5 Place in which thii 
grass grows. 6(DMy) Peat-moss. 7* Land 
that cannot be ploughed or dug on account o 
the dirk-grass it contains, or so hidden with i 
that it cannot be cultivated. 8*Indocility 
stubbornness. 2 (DU) Bog-cotton plant (not 
the flower.) 

riasgach, -aich, s.m. see riasg. 

- , -aiche, a. see riasgail. 2* Turbulent 
riasgachd, (MS) Sterility. 
riasgaidheachd,(MS) s.f. Harshness. 
riasgail, -e, a. Moorish, marshy. 2 Heathy. 3 

Uncultivated, untractable, wild. 4 Haggard 

5 (MS) Scraggy. 6 Indocile. 7**Stiff. 
riasgalachd, s.f.ind. Indocility. 2 Turbulence 

3 Untractableuess. 

ria-iglach, -aich, -aichean, g. f. Mangled car 
case. 2ft Sedgy morass. 3 (CR) Land thai 
cannofc be cultivated. 

rias.'i-shuil, see reasg-shuil. 

--- each, see reasg-shuileacb. 

riaslach, -aiche, a. Tearing, mangling. 2 Apt 
to tear or mangle. 3 Criticizing 

riaslachadh, -aidh, see riasladh. 

riasladh, -aidh, s.m. Tearing asunder. 2 Act 
of tearing or mangling. 3 Criticizing. 4 Car- 
essing. 5 Murdering Dam 1. Ghobha. A' 
r , of riasail. Oganaich 'gan r. fo 

eachaibh, young inen mangled under hortcs. 

riaslaich, v.a. see riasail. 

-- -e, see riaslair. 

riaslair,** a.m. Tearer, mangier. 

riason, see reusan. 

- ach, see reusanta. 

- achadh, see reusanachadh. 
ria^onta, see reusanta. 
-- -end, see reusanachd. 

riaspach, -aiche, a. Confused, disordered, disor- 


riaspaiche, s.f.ind. Coarseness. 2 Confusion. 
riaspau, t.m. Slowness. 

- ach, a. Slow, taking unnecessary time. 
riasplach, see riaspach. 

ria.spiaiche, see riaspaiche. 
riasp.shuil, -shula, -shuilean, 

pruv. see reasg-shiiil. 
-- each, -eiche, a. Blear-eyed, prov. see 

riastadh,** -aidh, a.m. Welt. 
riastaidheachd,* *./. Fornication North. 2 

Wantonness Mac Mhaigh. Aiasdwr. 
riastair, v.a. <k n. Become turbulent or disorder- 

ly. 2 Confuse, disturb, put into disorder, en- 

tangle. 3 Wander hither and thither. 
riastar,** -air, a.m. Insult. 2 Drawing, haul- 


riastradh, -aidh, -aidhean, . m. Turbulence, 
disorder, disorderly conduct. 2 State of be- 
Doming turbulent OE disorderly iu conduct. 3 

t. f. Blear-eye. 

Act of confusing, disturbing, putting into dis- 
order or breeding strife. 4 Act or habit of 
wan lriug hither and thither. 6 Outbreak- 
ing, immorality, eruption Sdr-Obcitr. A' r . of riastair. 

riastraidh,/ ( / a/.a. of riastair. 

riastran,** -ain, s.m. Outrasre, insult. 

ach, -aiche, a. Turbulent, disorderly t 

Of dissolute habits. S^Insulting, outraging, 

achd, tj.ind. Turbulence, disorderll- 

ness. 2 Dissoluteness of manners. 3 Out- 
rageousness, outrages. 

riatach, -aiche, a. Wanton, immodest. 2 Ille- 
gitimate. 3 Foreign. 

natachas, -ais, s.m. see riatachd. 

riatachd, s.f.ind. Wantonness, immodesty, in- 
modest mirth. 2**IUesiitiinacy. S""Outland- 
ishnass, state of being foreign. 

riataich, a. Illegitimate Sdr-Obcu'r. 

riataiche, s.find. IllegitiuiHcy, state of being 
boru in fornication, bastardy. Leanabhr., a 
bastard child. 

riatai'ihaachd, see riatachd, riastaidheachd A 

riatanach, -aicbe, a. Necessary, indispensable. 

riatanas, -ais, s. m. Necessity, indispensable* 
ness. prov. 

riathach, see riabhach. 

rib a' ribeadh, v. a. Ensnare, entangle. 

2 Sep irate seed from flax. 3 Involve. 4*i'ry 
to take away a person who is the guestjof 

ribe, -achan, *. m. Hair. 2 Rag, clout, tatter. 

3 Gin, snare. 4**Impedimeut. 5(MS)Cobweb. 
6*Snare to catch fish. 7* Double rope to keep 
a mad bull. 2* Shag. 9ff Blade. 10 ** Am- 

Ribeachan nan cuinneana, tht hairs of the 

ribeach, -eiche, o. Rough, hairy. 2 Entang- 
ling, jensnaring. 3 Ragged, torn. 4* Cold. 
Reithe r., a roii;/h ram. 

ail, -e, a. En*narin<<, ready to ensnare. 

an,** -ain, . m. Denticulated piece of 

wood, used for separating flax from the seed, 
ribeachan, of ribe. 

ribeachas, -ais, s.m. Tendency or readiness, to 
ensnare. 2 Ensnaring, entanglement. 3 State 
of being ensnared. 

ibeachd, s.f. see ribeachas. 2 Hairiness.rough- 

ibeadh, -idh, s. m. Ensnaring. 2 Act of en- 
snaring or entangling. '6 Process of separat- 
ing its seed from flax, by pulliug it in haudful* 
through a denticulated piece of wood. A' r , of rib. 

, past pass, of rib. Was ensnared. 2 

Srd. pfrs. ting. & pi. imp. of rib. 
ibeas, -eig, -an, s.f., dim. of ribe. Hair, little 
hair. 2 Small rag or tatter. 3 Tassel, friue. 
4 Bunch of anything hairy. 5 Handful uf flax. 
6 Dossil or pledget of lint. 7**\Vhisker. S 
One hair A rran. 9 (Ab 1 ) In St.Kilda, a hair- 
rope once used for rock climbing, or rather 
lowering. Now it is made of hide-thong.s, 
three-ply, covered with sheep-skin or some 
similar material to prevent chafing. This is 
a very valuable and .scarce possession, and 
has been known to form the dowry of a bride, 
beaiiach, -aiche, o. Ragged, clouted, tattered. 
2 Tasselled, fringed. 3 Abounding in hairy 
bunches, dossils or pledgets. 4*Hairy. 
beag-bhroin, s.f. Weeper, white cufflat former* 
ly worn at funerals, 
ibeau, -ein, -au, *.m. Ribbon, ALLet. 2 Saab 




worn by f?male3. 

ribeanach, -aiche.a. Of, or belonging to.ribhons. 
ribear, -- s ir, -an, s.m. Ensnarer, sharper. 

, fut+nau. of rib. Shall b> untai.gled. 

ri'>n, prrv.jtmn. (ri + sibh) To you. afjaimt you. 

J Wich you. 5* MoUttttOf you. 4* . Mastering 

vuu. A' briiidhinu r 

rideilich. Riddled, 
2 Handsome maid- 

glt-achd r., ijtamng with 
is '/ ,>Ii<sting you .' a' cu 

ng j/o 


cur r., mastering you. 

I t > you ; tiiij e r., h will pl'ds* you ; cua 
tig <laU nbn. /io harm -will happen to you. 

ribhvag, see rioblmg. 

- -xichte. see nobhagaichte. 

richeaunak-h,(DMy) s.pi. Ragged skin at the 
bise of ttie nails. 

ribht-id, -e, -ean, s.f. Reed. 2 Reed of a wind- 
instrument. 3 Music. 4 Musical note or voice. 
5* Barb of a hook. 6 (Gil) C -rd attaching a 
buoy to a herring-net. 7**Pipe. 8**Oaten 
pipe. 9**0hauter. 

?ach, -eicho, a. Furnished with reeds, as 

rdeilichte, past pt. of 

si (tad. 
ridsin. (AC) t.f. Queen. 

'n, li^antiful girl. 
rid;iloau ich, see cam-ghla*. 
ridgiuiilea-iaca,1T -aicti, x.w. see cam-ghlas. 
to yon ; a' j ri Hie, -an & -achan, see righe 
u ; c6 tha r.?, who ; ridhe. s^e^ ^JtvVri-c. 

vidheach. -eiche, a. seo righeacb 

rid/iil, ;. pt. a' ridhleadh, v. a. <Sc n. Twine 

yarn upon a reiil. 2**Twirl, hurl, roll. 3 see 

rig tiil- 
ridhil, -e <fe -dhle.jj^.-ean -dhleachan & -dhU-a'i, 

s m. Reel on which yarn is wound. 2**Hurl. 

3 see righil. 

ridhle, gen. sing of ridhil. 
ridhleach, -eiche, a. Having reels. 2 Like a 

a reel, 
ridhleadh, -eidh, s m. Winding. 2 Act of wind- 

iut: yarn up >n a reel. 8 Hurling, rolling. A' 

r , of ridhil. 

2 Musical, melodious. 

2 Mel- 

a wind-instrument 

ribh id-achd,** s.f.ind. Canorousness. 

ribhid, see ribheid. 

each, see ribheideach. 

ribhinn, -e, -ean, s.f. Nymph, maid. 2 Beautiful 

f male. 3 (AF) Serpent. J4 Young lady. 5J 

Queen. GttQueau. R.-shlLh, a fairy ; a r. tr ! 

thott blooming mail ! [Professor MacKinnon 
that it is a mistdk*.' for righinn, which 
^e.sied by righiihean in Irish. In Neil 

MacLeod s poems he has made ribhinn " righ- 

ribiii.iTi-ctir6, (AF) *./. Barren ewe. 

ribiiinneach, -oiche, a. Beautiful, maiden-like. 
'/. i.ady-liKe. 

rili h, v.a. Hook. 

ribin, se riboun. 

each, see ribcanach. 

ribleacii, -ich, -an, *.m. Long string or line. 2 
Anything entangle, i. 3**Kntanglement. 4** 
Kiiuttine>s. 5* i-'rinjje 6 Man in ra^s. 7ft 
Anything iu tatters. 8 Shagginess. Tha 'n 
cord 'na r.. the rop* is quite entaivjlfd. 

ribleav-h,** a. Entangled. 2 Raggetl, torn. 

adh,**-aidh, s.m. Entau^Ling.entangle- 


-d." s. /. Entanglement. 2 Anything 

mtii-h entangled. 3**Knottiuess. 

riblich,* o.a Fringe. 2 Make hairy or 3 En- 

rib -ean.^.m. Man in rags. 

ri'.i'i, j.ast pt. of rib. 

ribti-ach, ** o. Entangling, ensnaring. 2 In- 
vulvinq;. 3 Apt to entangle or ensnare. 
n,H s.m. " Carbunculus." 

fri.-iiead, -eid, -an, s.f. Kingdom. 

}ri clean, -ein. -an, s.m. Dwarf. 

ricus,** i. m. One of the Gaelic names of the 
letter R. 

nd-ag,j -eio;. -an, s.f. Bog-myrtle, sweet myr- 
t-l'', sweet gale, see roid. 

ri-lcal, see ndeil 

rid- alach,** see ridealacb. 
* Ih. see rid lead h. 

ri'^ealair,** .w. Sifter, winnower. 

ridt-alach,** a. Like a rid tie or sieve. 

rideala'lh, -aidh. v.t/i. Riddling. 2 Act of rid- 
<iling or st-pantiing by a coarse sieve, siftiug. 

ridcil, v.a Kiddle, sift, winn .w. 

, s.w. Ri Idle, sieve. Cho tollach ri r. , a* 

full of holts at a n'we. 
A" r , of rideil. 

rideilich,* D. a. Riddle, uift, winnow. 

ridhlean, -ein, -an, s. in. Small reel. 2**LHtle 
wheel. 2 Wheel of any vehicle. & Sheave of 
a pulley, see ulag, 6, p 78. 
ridhiic'iean, -ein, *.. Small reel. 
ridnreadha-hd, *./. Verity. 
ridil, see rideilich. 
ridil, see ridt- il. 
ridir, -ean, Knight. 
r. bed-shlainte, a knight-bachelor. 
r. oighreachd. a leniyht-baroti't. 
r. spleadhach, r. nan sleagh or r. claidbeiuib, 

a kniglit-erran'. 

R. a' Cnlu irain. Kmg'it of th/> This'l' (K.T.) 
R. i'hatlruii;, Kmqht of *t. Patrick (K.P.) 
R. a tihartam, Kni<jht of th* Garter (K.O.) 
R. a' (Jhroinn mhoir, Knight of the Grand Cn/M 

R. Feadhnach, Knight Commander of the Lath 

R. Deorsa, Knight of St. George (KG) a Russ- 

ian order. 
R. Uilleim, Knight of King William (K.W.) 

a Flemish order. 
R. Anna, Knight of St. Ann(K.A.)a. Russian 

R. Aiandreis, Knight of St. Andrew (K.A.) 

a. Russian order. 
R. na Gealaich uire. Knight of the Crescent (K. 

(J.) a Turkish order. 
R. na Rionnaigt: Tuathaich, Knight of the N. 

Star a Swedish order. 
R. na h-Iolairrt Ituaidhe, Knight of the Red 

Eaijle * Prussian order 
R. na h-lolaire Gile, Knight of the White Ea- 

yls& Polhh order. 
R. na h-lolaire Duibhe, Knight, of the Bfack 

Eagle & Russian order. 
R. an Leomhaion 's na Gr^ine, Knight of thf 

Linn anil Sun a. Persian order. 
R. an Lomairt Oir, Knight of the Golden Fleect 

a Spanish order. 
R. an Duin 's a' Ohlaidheimh. Knight of the 

Tower awl Sn'<,rd -a Portuguese order. 
R. Idlair nani Beann, Knight of thf Moun'a\n 

Eagt'iAu order it was intended to esfcal-lislj 

had the Chevalier SI. George succeeded iu 

gaining the British throne. 
[** yjives the above Gaelic names of for.'i^u 
ndireach, -eiche, a. Knightly. 2 



s.f. Knighthood. 2**Knijihtlines4 

ridir .-il. see ridir-eaoh. 
I ridiricu, v.a. Knight. 
I'ridleailb, -eidh, s.ui. see ridleadh. 
I rief, . Lirimstonn 




tit, see riof. 

rift-'id, see ribheid. 

each, see ribheideach. 

rip, see ruig. 

frig, *. Spy. 

rige.(AF) s. Ram. 2 Semi-castrated ram Skye 
Je Argyllshire. 

risean, see ridean. 

rjs>ar, fut.paxs. of rig. 

righ, v. Lay out or stretch a body. 2* Dress 
or shroud as a corpse. A righ, nach robh thu 
air do righeadh ! / wish to God you were 
shrouded .' 

righ, pi. -rean ferighre, a.m. King. An ceud r. 
Tearlach, King Charles 1. ; has R. Seumas, (he 
d-a'h of Kmy James ; r. nan dul, the governor 
of the figments ; r. nan gris, the dixpo.i'r of 
sovereign grace ; A. Righ gleidh sinn 1 Lord 
preserve us ! r. nan uainhann, the king of ter- 

righ ! int. Strange ! 

righbhiun, see ribhinn. 

each, see nbhinneach. 

riEh-bhuth,** s.m. Royal residence. 2 Royal 

righ-chathair, -chathrach. -chathraichean, *. /. 
Throne, 't Metropolis (from the supposition 
that it contains the king's residence.) 

righ-chiste, -an, s.f. Royal treasury. 

righ-cholbh, -chuilbh, -an, s.m. Sceptre. 

righ-choron, -om. -an, s.m. Royal crown. 

righ-chrun, -uin, s.m. Royal crown. 

r\t?h-(larnhna,** a.m. King's heir. 

righ-dhail, -e, -ean, s.f. Assembly, parliament. 
2**Congress of sovereigns. 

rUfhdir, see ridir. 

righe.(CR) a. Stretched, tight, tense. Tha 'n 
cord righe, the cord is tense W. of Ross-shire. 

righe, s.m. Field. 2 Bottom of a valley. 

riah*, -an, . TO. Wrist. 2 Arm. 3 The fore- 
arm. 4 Outstr ;tched part or base of a moun- 
tain. 5 Slope. 6 Summer residence for herds- 
men and cattle, sheiling. 7 Reproof. Bac n.i 
righe, th* hollow or bend of the arm. [McL & 
D gives also for pi. righeachan & righeannan. 
** gives s.f.'} 

righeach.iMS) a. see rioghail. 

righeacn, -ich, -ichean, s.f. t Thong, pinion. 2 
**Arm. S fDMy) Sinew, muscle. 

, -eiche, a. Having strong arms. 2 

Having handsome arms. 3tt Pertaining to, 
or abounding in, sheiling huts. 

ripheacliadh, see rioghachadh. 

righeachau, (for ridheachan & righean,) pi. of 

rifiheachas.ft -ais, s. m. Wrestling at arms' 

righeachd, see ruigheachd. 

rigiieachd, see rioghachd. 

righeadh, s.m. Stretching out. 2 Act of stretch- 
ing. A' r , of righ. Corp a r., to shroud 
a, corpse. 

mhealadair, see riaghlair. 

ri^healair, see ritghlair. 

righeal cuil, s.m. The herb Robert, stinking 
crane's bill, geranium Rohertianuin. 

righeal-rUb, s.m. The herb Robert, see righeal- 

rigiiean, see ridhean & ruigiiean, pi. of righe, 

righeannan, for ridhean or ruighean, pi. of 

rigi.e-mheas, s.m. Cubic. 

righeil, .see riaghail. 

rih-fhalluing,** s. Pall. 

rit-li-flieadhnacli,** -airh, s.m. Generalissimo. 

righ-fheall, sj. Treason. 

iigh-fiieinneach,8.?,. see rigli fheadhnach. 

60S. Righeal-cud. 

righ-fh6innidh. see n<ih-fheadhnach. 

ngh-gtiuileanach.'.AF) s.m. Redshank, see cam- 

righich, v. see rioghaich. Righichidh an Tigh- 
earn gu saoghal nan saoghal, the Lord shall 
reign for ever ami ev*r. 

, s.f. Handcuffs Skye. 

rijihidir, see ridir. 

righil, righle, rlsihleachan, s.m. Reel, a Scot- 
tish dance. 2JJ Yarn-reel. [Righle is also 
used as /torn.] Rigide Thulaicliean, the Reel 
of Tulloch,& form of reel from which females 
are generally excluded.] 

rifhU, v.a. Dance a reel. 

righiun, righue, a. Tough. 2 Adhesive. 3 Elax- 
tic, supple, pliant, flexible. 4 Sluggish, drowsy, 
dilatory, slow. 5**Lasting, durable, made of 
good stuff. 6**Clammy. 7 Vise-id sti*f. 8* 
Rigid, contumacious. 9JTenacious. Cha j dh 
sleaghan r. a bhearnadh, tough xpeurt were 

righinn.** . Snake. 2 see ribhinn. 3'Princess. 

righinueachd, *./. Clot. 

righ-lann, -ainn, -an, *. m. Palace, royal resi 
dent'e. 2**King's court. 

righ-laoch, -laoich.s.m. Princely warrior. 2** 
Respectable man. 3**Uood fellow. 

righle, -achan, g.m. see righil. 

righleadh, -eidh, s.m. Reeling, dancing reels. 
2*Flounderiug. A' r , of righil. 

righ-mhilidh, -ean, Heroic chief. 

righ-mhort, s.m. Reuicide. 

righ-mhortadh, -aidh, s.m. Regicide (act.) 

rigii-mhortair, -ean, s.m. Regicide (person.), s.m. The oak, see darach. 

righ-nan-iasg,( AF) s.m. Salmon. 

righ-nathair, -thrai-h, -thraichean, sj. Cocka- 
trice. 2 Large serpent, basilisk. 

righne, comp. of righinn. 

righneadh, see righuead. 

adh, -aidh, .v.m. Act of making touh, 

adhesive or clammy. 2 Growing tough. 3 
State of growing tough, adhesive or cl..mmy. 
4 Act of delaying, procrastinating or prolong- 
ing. A' r , pr.pi. of righnich. 

as, -ais, s.m. Tuuzhness. 2 Sluggish- 
ness, laziness, drowsiness. 3 Stiffness. 4 
Delay. 5 Clamminess. 

d, s.f.ind. see righneachas. 2** Gift. 

Degree of toughness or 2 


ritfhnead, -eid, s.m. 

riglmeas, -ei.s, see riiihneachas. 2 Tenacity. 

rigiinicn, a' righneacha lh," a.ifrn. Tough- 
en, make adhesive or cUmmy. 2 Uecume 
tough, adhesive, viscid or clammy, clot. 3 
Delay, procrastinate, prulun^ the lime. 4 
Make stiff. 5 Grow stiff. 

te, past pt. of righnich. Toughened, 

adhesive or clammy. 2 Procrastinated. 3 




Stiff ' 

righ-p la.lliun, -iuin. -iuitean, t.m. King's pi- 

vi. ri. '>**r*berni -le. 

ri-ih-pVibtiU, -nill, -an s m see righ-pha ; llinn. 
riu -rain ->ch,? s. f. Royal faxn, see raineach 

r -a-i >c i. 

rij,' i -ra'h, -i, -an, s TH. Royal fortress or seat. 
ri :hre & rig ire in, pi. of ruh. 
ri^'i-s i-::, -e, .?n. Greater bur-reed, branched 

bur-r 'I'd, see sei-g-riiiti. 
rijh-sMat, -ait <k -a, pi. -an, *./. Sceptre, see 

-la'-ri >vh lil. 

rijjh-ih fli -an, s.m. King's house or pil\C3. 
|righ*h?acii. -i-ich. -a-i, s.m. see righeach. 
ri.'h-'.h-! hda : r, ..>an & -theadidraichean, t.m. 

Eriv .>y.a nha;sadur, plenipotentiary, ernoassy. 

(teachd* r-rig'i ) 
ri :h-'ii!lf ia<-h. -<ee cam-^hla*. 

ian.** ,<.?/,. Castrated rant. 
n h-ii n-- ndv. By-and-by. 
r.ll." Ri 'die. 2 Winnow. 
rill'Vilt!,'* -idh, *. m. Riddling, winnowmj, 


H'lean,** -em, s.m. Rid lie, coarse store. 

fiiinh, ', -e in. ./. Number. 

+nmh, v.i. Reckon, compute, number. 

rim i^;ic!, n. SH riomnacn. 

rim i -ad 1 !/* -iilh, *. see riornhadh. 

ti'imhiadh. -i Ih. s m. Pride. 

rimhi'in. s > nb'iian. 

- -.'fh. s.-e ribhinneach. 

rinc.** c.a <k n. see ring. 

rinc.-a -n, se^ rin ;e ich. 

r'nche, AF) >. Kin en. 

r n -a -'i, s m. A * ran Ac. for reannach. 

rm^,* i'.i .{ <j. l'e;ir. 2 Pull. 3 Duice, hop. 

rinnta'-ii ** -eichj, a. Tearing. 2 Pulling. 3 
Par;i <*. \ DiM-ing. 

rincr'"Tlii,** -iMdli, s. in. Tearing. 2 Hanging. 
3 Dancing, <l uu:i. 

ringea!,* s. Circle, sphere 3faui^andL 

ri'ijr,-ir.** -oir. s m. Dancer. 

nnf heal 1 ,** -iU, s.m. Promise. 

rm^h -imhlean,** Chains. 

friiigilnvic i, -eirJi-j. a. se^ ringeach. 

riun pr-p.i*rnn (n + sinn) To us. 2 Against us. 
3 Meil-Hiii'j: wiih m. TMubhairt c r., A- sai'ti 
to * ; in il'e r , 'nth us, tog>tk-T wUh its ; na 
bi r., i('>n>t tne<l'lte m>knt; cuiriilh ia>l r., 
Ihfy ifiU ji 1 ;/ us, the// icili try mir in.'-t f l>', th*?/ 
wit n ''/ to us ; an ^piorad a" cur r., th Spirit 
at'p'iting to tit ; cba tig e r., it wilt not pitas* 
or satisfy ut ; clia tig ui r., no harm will btfal 

rinn, -e, -ean, s.f. Acumen, acuminat ion. 2 Pro- 
ra -ntory, point. 3 Planet (reann.) 4**.vfinio. 5 
'Barb. (i**Nib, 7 **Foot. 8**l'iil 9(M.S) 
Apex. lOttEdg?. ll(OO) of a pin. 12 
**Hee roinu. An irvchdar na Rinne, in thr 
farthest off part so/ the rhinn* or peninsula ; 
Rteh narinnr-, King of th? planets ; r. snath- 
aid, t lie //0<w of a needle ; db' fhalbh an r. di, 
itt it o/, 

rinn. past nut. of dean. Rin iad sinn. they did 
that I* olc a r. thu Iknw badly you ac/juit- 
tfd wr<"'/.' dh' aon rnd 's gu 'n d' rina e, 
d'*p>'tr nf all !> -oiiM do. 

nnn-an-.ung, -ea-i-nan-ro-ig, *. f. Appl -3 or pupil 
of the eye 2 Kyebright, see Ins-n in-lnac. 

triun-biteftrthaf. -aig. -an, ./. Surg on'=i knife. 

nun foiiior, -a, -an, a.m. Sharp .stake. 

-- ;toh. -aicho, a. Sharp-p >i.ited. 

rinnd^ai.' -eil, s. in. KphTj, oxtont, limit", 
bmnrt-iries, territory. Tha 'n r. iomachuiuh- 
a'ln, the intini'l <irie<t are limit -d; Ija'uhar an 
rin nlvil, tin re/ita'- or st'iit-hook ; de an r. 
learainn a th' agad ? wha'. extent of land do 

you posa'ss t a* cheart r,, the very extent 01 

trinne, -an. s.f. Tha understand inoj. 

rinne, -m/j'tat. fonn of rinn, pr'p. pron. 

rinn^ac'i, CR) *. Loose shred-! of skin at the 
base of the finger-na Is Arran. 

riuneich, -eici^, a. Cuspited, p -inted, having- 
asharppiinv. 2 Abounding .n promontorij-s 
or hjid'ands. 

-idh, -aidh, s.m. Sharpening, forming 

inio a p tint, 2 Act of forming into a puiut. 
A' r , of rinnich. 

rinn-iadair,** s.m. Carpjr, spyfault. 

trinnealir, v. Tney did. 

riimea th, >a*t.pasi*. of dean. 

rinneamh,** -eimh, s.m. I'h3 constellations. 

rinn-g-'ie'ir, -e, a Sharp-pointed, acute. 

rinn-gheuraich/MS) v.a. Barb. 

rinnich, v.i. sharpen into a point. 

', -an, s.m. Graving tool. 

te, pust pt. of riunich. Sharpened into a 


triiinrsim,** . Constellation, 

riob,* v. &, s. see rib. 

rioha,* see ribe. 

ch,* see rib >ach. 

chan, pi. of riob. 

ch-1,* s-je rib^aclid. 

dh, -aidh, s.m. <fc see ribeadb. 

rioba*,* saw ribeag. 

a<*h,* see ribea^ach, 

ri tbaich, v.a. see ril)ich. 

riobaid, -eau, . m. 8pendMirift. 

oach,** a. Kxtravagant, prodigal. 

'.-achd,** s.f. Extravagance. 

riobaiM, see ribean. 

riobalac i,* s.m. Hairy, curious-looking, ragged 

rioban, see ri'ean. 
aich,** v.a. Deck with ribbons. 

riobhapr,** s.f. Barb, as of a hx>k. 

a"h. -aiche, a. Barbed, barbated. 

aich, v.'t. Barb. 

a'c'ite, past pt. Barbed. 

rioohai 1,** seeribh-jid. 

-each, see ribheideach. 

triobhar, -air, -an, s.m. Sieve. 2 Honeycomb. 

tri >bh-chlar, -chlair, -an, s.m. Catalogue. 

Tr.obli:a<:h, -aich, s.m. Rival. 

rioblach, a. <b s. se? ribleach. 

alh. se<^ ribleac'iadh. 

d, 396 ribleacud. 

r.oblai''h, see riblich. 

riobta, sae ribte. 

ri >bte, see ribte. 

riobtach, see ribt^ach. 

ri jch,* v.a. see riach. 

ri >chd, -a, -an, s.m LiKenesa, form, appearance. 
2 State, condition. 3 Stead, place. 4 Gno*b, 
spirit. 5 P;rson of wan appjirance. 6 Liel- 
atiresi'.e, proportion. 7* fn^erpretatio-i, ex- 
position. S Hue. 9 (MSI Air. Chaidh i an 
r. !*earraid<i, she assum'd the *hap j of a ha,;-<- .* 
'de is r. de m' aislinj H what is the inter /treta* 
tion of my drttim ? an v. mairbiie, having the 
(tpr).-aranc<> of a d&id ma>i ; a r6ir r. gac-i aoa 
dhinbh, according to ths proportion of each. 

ri 'cVlicii li, -aid i, t.m. Per-wnati'ig. 2 Acb 
of persona' i Hi? or ropresentin^. 3 Substitu- 
tion. A' r , of riochdaich. 

ri ichdaicii, v.a. P^r^onate. 2 iiopre^eut, pour 

-te, part pt. of rioch I lich. 

riorhdiil, -e, a. A<%utl, real, positive. 2 Hand- 
som -, stut -ly. 3 True. 4 Manifest. Gu r., 
glan ac.t'tall'j and really so: dh'innia e dhom-i 
sa e g i r., glan, he told it me as upoii 




riochdail,* s. Skeleton, poor-looking person. 

ri>ch(l-ainm,-e, -Banna i, s.m. see riochdair. 
. each, a. see rioclidarail. 

riochdair, s.m. Representative, substitute. 2* 
Delegate. 3 Plenipotentiary. 

riochdair, -an, s.m. Pronoun in grammar. 

eil, -e, a. Pronominal. 

riochdalachd, s.f.ind. Reality. 2 Comeliness of 
snape or dress. 3|t Portliness. 4 Manifest- 

riocndall, -aill, -an, s.m. Dwarf. 2 Fairy. 

riociid-.bhfiathar, -air, -thran.f.rn Metaphor. 

riucnd-bhriathrach, -aicha, a. Metaphorical. 

riochil-drualbhach, -alette, a. Mosaic. 

ri'xvul-fhacal -ail, -an, s.m. Pronoun. 

riochd-f lisar,** s.m. Agent. 

rio"hdrahor,** -oire, a. Shapjly, proportioned. 

triochos, s.m King. 2 Rule. 

triodh, s.m. ftay or bjam of light. 

riof. vl. -a, -an nan & -acuau, s.m. Reef of a sail. 
2JJSunken rock. 

riogh, see righ. 

rioghach,* ,/. Pinion, string to tie the arm* of 
a prisoner. An r. air an olach, may the fd- 
loto be pinion"/ .' dtuce take the fellow ! 

doghacbadh, -aidh, s.m. Keigning. 2 Act of 
reigning. 3 Reign. 4 Governing, govern- 
ance. A* r , uf rio^haich. 

rio^hachd, -an, *./. Kingdom, realm, empire. 2 
Dominion, sway, government. Is farsuing 
do r. 's gur fial, extensive and ho.>pitablt is thy 

.ail, -e, a. National. 

rioghaich, v.a. & n. Reign, rule, govern. 2*Piu- 
ion, tie. R. e da bhliadhna dheug, he reigned 
twelve years. 

rioghail, -e, a. Royal, kingly. 2** Princely. 3 
Loyal. Lios r., a royal court; taigh r., a 

riogbainn, (CR) a' rioghainn, v.n. Reach 
to, arrive at. An r. thu air ? can you reach 
it t Perthshire. 

rioghair,* -can, s.m. Royalist. 

rioghalach, -aich, s.m. Loyal subject. 

d, s.J.ind. Royalty. 2 Loyalty. 3 

Dignity of port and character. 4 Regal pomp. 
5 Priuceliness. 6 Majesty. 

rioghaun, se<3 ribhinn. 

triotjb-thach,* -aich, *./. Felloe of a wheel. 

rioshlach,** -aich, s.f. Old hag. 

rioglachan,(AF) s.m. Wild duck. 

ringh-bhuth, see righ-bhuth. 

riojjh-laun, see righ-lann. 

ri<>g:i-laoch, see ri^h laoch. 

rio^h-uat'iair, see ri<h-;.athair. 

riogb-phubull, see righ-phaitliun. 

rioiuiuu, -.i, -ean, s.f. Cloud. 2 (AH) Fantasti- 
cally dre-tsed woman, (tf riulainn.) 
. each, ft (t. Cloudy. 

riomb,* *.m. Wneel. 

riomba,* s.m. Semi-circular bay or beaeh. 

riomball,* -aiil, s.m. Circle, halo. R. mu 'n 
ghealaioh, a halo round the moon ; gearr r., 
draw or lie^cribf a circle. 

^ach,* -aiche, a. Circular, circuitous, 

like a circle. 

. \chd,* s.f.ind. Circularity, roundness, 


riomh,* s.m. Costly jewel. 

riomh, see riamh. 

fiijmh, .rn. Reckoning, numbering, computa- 
tion, see rinih. 

f , v.a. Number, compute. see rimh. 

riomhach, -aicu, s.m. Bean, dandy. 

, -aiche, a. Fine, elegant, handsome, 

beautiful. 2 Precious, valuable, cos iy. 3 
Gaudy, conceited. 4 Gorgeous,, superb* & 1 

Fond of. 6 Stately. 7 Regal. De chulaidn- 
^ ean r., of gory/fovs apparel. 

riomhacha 1 ?, -ais, s. m. Fineness, elegance, 
handsomeness, beauty, superbness. 2 Cost- 
liness, praciousuess, valua' 3 Gau(li> 
nejs. 4 Coneeiteduess. 5 Oorgeousuess. 6 

riomh.ichd, s.f. see riomhachas. 

riomhadh, -aidh, s. m. see riomhachas. 2** 
Fondness. 3 Habiliment. 4 Enumeration. 

riomhaich.Jt v.a. Grace, set off. 

liomha'un, -e, -ean, see ribhinn. 

eacti, -eiche, a. se ribhinueach. 

riomhair, -ean. *.m. see riomhach. 2 Counter, 
reckoner, arithmetician. 3 Calculation. 
,** v. Calculate. 

riomhaireachd, x.f. Calculation, arithmetic. 

riom-sa, see rium-sa. 

riumsachan,** -aiu, s.m. Searcher. 

rion, s.m. *see rian. f2 Way, road, track. 
juachas, see rkmnachas. 

frionadair,* see rianadair. 

rionaicli,** v.a. Carve, engrave. 

riouaiche,** -an, s.m. Carver, engraver. 

rionaidheas,** s.m. see rionachas. 

rioiiluas,** -ais, s.m. Career. 

rionnach, -aiche, a. see reannaoh. 

rionuach, -aich, s.m. see reannach. 

trionnachas,** -ais, s.m. Engraving. 2 Sculp* 
ture. 3 Graven work. 

rionnachd,** s.f. Burial, interment. 

rionnvcii-uaiue, see reaunach-uaine. 

rionnadh,** -aidh, s.m. Redness. 

riounag, see reanuag. 

ach, see reannagach. 

rionnaidh,** s.m. Satirise. 

rionnal,** -ail, *.rn. Graving, sculpture. 

rionnalaiche,** s. Graver. 

rionntaidh, see rionnaidh. 

riopail, v. see riapail. 

riopladh, -aidh, s. m. & pr. pt. of riopaiL aeo 

rk)3tal,* -ail, see risteal. 

rireadh, (i. e. da rireadh or a rlreadh.) fAl 
ways da riribh at Poolewf.] Truly, actually, 
indeed, seriously, verily, of a truth, certainly. 
An ann da rireadh a tha thu P are you serious? 
tha e cheart r., h is in real earnest. 

rireamh,** *. Good. 

ris, Form of the prep, ri used before the article, 
e.g. What is now written "ris an duine " 
should be " ri san duine," the s belonging to 
the article. 2ftExposed to riew. 3 In tha 
practice of, in the habil, of. 4 Employed at, 
engaged in. Tha e ris, it is exposed to view ; 
casan ris, barefooted ; leig ris, expose, div\dge, 
reveal your mind to; ris an tornbaca, usinq 
tobacco ; ris an t-snaoisean, utinj snuff ; 'd6 
tha thu 'cur ris ? horv are you employed t 
what, are you enyag'd in? ris a' cblachiir- 
eachd, employed as a mason, engwjfd at mar 
son-work ; ris an am seo, during this weather. 

ris, prep. pron. (ri-t-e) To him ; with him ; a- 
gainst him or it ; equal to him or it. Cum 
ris, do not yi'ld to him or it: is math a tha thu 
a' cumail ris, you match him well, or hoto 
you pfrssvere at it ! or you wear your years 
well look younger than one would expect 
you to at your age ; na bi ri.s, do not mo- 
lest him, do not use or practice ; abair ris, saj 
to him ; theirig ris, fight him, try him ; sin ris. 
be seduced by him ; 'de do ghnothach ris I 
whitt is your business with him ;' thig mi ris, 
1 will do for him, I will finish him, t I wiU 
please him ; cnir r., master him, 9 aild to it, S 
exert yourself; tha dochas, (or duil, or suilj 
a.^am ris, / expect him ; feuch ris, try it. 




liv adv. {I. e. a rU)see rithis. 

rit, *.t/i.m</. Rice. 

tri*. t.f. UUtury. 2 Knowledge. 3 Cause. 

iri-i, -can. s.m. King. 

risd, see ritliis. 

risdicb, Sutk'd for rirhia. 

imeach, -ieh. s.w. Romance. 2 Story-teller. 

iisean,** -eiu, * w. Historian. 

, see ris-san. 

riseil.'CR) v.n. Bustle Perthshire. 

jhgianach. -au-h, $.in. Brave soldier. 

n>ic. s./. Attix. 

tri.Mon, -an, s.m. Historian. 

t . see ris-san. 

n-leadu, i?,a. Rustle. 2 Move things about 
r<rt>i. A' r . of riseil. 

ris-san, emphal. of ri^. 

list, s<-e rithis. 

rnteal, -eil, -an, s.m. see crann-ruslaidb, 

rilh, see ruith. 

frith, -e, -ean, see righe. 

nth. prep.pron. (ri + i) Aga'nst her. 2 Molest- 
ing her. 3 To her. Na bi r., ilo nut molest 
h'f ; na h-abair r., do not. say to ker ; cuir r., 
ina<tr>r her. 

tritheadh, -iilh. s.m. Grove. 

rithiMii, a. see righinn. 

rithis, adv. (i. e. a rithK) Again, second time. 
Ch-i nihallaich mi a riihi.s an tulamh, / will 
not ayain curt'' the earth ; n drasd 's a nth- 
is, noti' and ayain ; a ohjigrich, guil a rituis ! 
stranger, we*p ay am ! 

rithisd, see rithis. 

riihist, see rubis. 

rithistk-h, Dadenach for a rithis. Thoir gaol 
(to d' bhean (mhnaoi) rithistich, low thy wife 

rithinneachd, see righneachd. 

rith-'earg,** *. Extemporaneous rhyme. 

nthunas,** -eh, s.m. see n^husas. 

filhn'ch, see righnich. 

nu, (ri + iad) pr^.prfm. To ihcm, unto them. 2 
Against them. 3 Towards them. 4 With 
them. Cuir riii, vMtna-jt them, a Id to them', 
cum r., kftp up to thrm, supply Ifftn, (to not 
yield to them ; na bi ritV do nit viol st them, 
do not annoy tkfin ; th'g e riu, lie or it wi'l 
pl'ast Ik'm ; cba tig* dud riu, no harm will 
Itffall th'm. 

friubli, S.IH. Brimstone. 

riuglia, see rudha, rudh A rudhadh. 

riCi'lean, see rudan & randan. 

acli, -aiche, seu r^udanach. 

aich, see reuda'iaich. 

riuni, (ri + iui) prep, jn-nn. To me. 2 Against me. 
3 Towards mo. 4 With me. Thnbhairt e r!, he 
gnid to rrv: cura rinm, k-fp vp (o nf, supply m? 
s / i"an',h<ildp to til.*, do not yield loin.*; thig 
i- mini, it vi II j>l -'a *' in-f, it wtll btcoine in>' ; 
na l.i ri nu, do nut tnolfst vie, do not meddle 
vith vie ; ab;nr r., say to m* ; c6mhla r. , nlonj 
with me ; an robh ting-liair a^ad r. ? did you 
exfifct vie J c'na tip: dad rium, no harm trill be- 
fall me ; riiirn-riut, a falte person ; maille r., 
ttgtiker with \w. 

rium-sa, emphat. of rimn. 

iriu-sftn, e'.nphdi. of riu. 

ri>it.. p-ftp.pron. (rH- h.i) To thoe. 2 Agxinst 
tln-0. iTowardt ihee. 4 Wi-h thee. An tig 
e riut ? wi-l it p'.'a*'- ll?<; ? maille r., or comu- 
la r., alo,,g with t'ft ; thft'-hair e r., he s*tt!-d 
<ov, <jiio<t you a " pro)jr dr-iufiii 1 )" ; fear riuiu- 
*i'.it, <i f(tl>'f, duulne-d aLinj person. ; 4 iomail 
.a talmt.a nn e"ibhidh nil r ufc, from the ends 
of the earth I, will era unt't thee ; co a bh;>. r. 
jsho wtti tueddliny with you ? cha tijf iiud r. 

nothing icil'. ha m \i'><i. 

rinllia-.saii, o/i//.'. i/'. (>f riu. 

riut-sa, ewp.'ta'/. of ritit. 

ro, a-/r'. \V-rv' much, exceedingly. Used as a 
prefix to adjectives, and supplying thj n!:\ 'a 
of a superlative. Math, good ; ro muirli, 
v?ry good. The initial consonant of ttio 
ailjectiva following 'n always asfi.-at-l, 
except < \\-h-jn followed by any conson mr. buc 
I, n or r 2 Too much. Tha e ro fhunr, it 
is too cold. 3 Used as ao intensive particle. 
Aira, attention ; ro aire, great attention 

Ro maor, too lary, too (jreat ; is tu an Dia 
ro mlior, Uiou a>t the very ijreat God ; ch i . 
'eil mi ro chuinteach, / am not very siv , iha 
e ro bliochd, he is v,-ry si<k (or poor); cha'u V-il 
e ro Lhogarrach, he u not excetkioely v.'UUn/ ; 
ro sairLfil. very activr ; ro shleamhamu, v>-ij 
slippery , bu ro chaomh learn tighinu,/ s : ioul>t 
very much like to coine& common idiom m 
Gaelic for expressing very much. 

ro,* s.m. Romance, gasoon iditig. Tha e cho 
lao r. 'sa thach'las e, he is as fall of ramanc* 
ing as he can hold -he " draws a long bow." 

ro, (AC) *. Path. 

ro', see roimh. 

ro' seo troimli. 

ro-aire. s.f.ind. Great attention, care or dili- 
gence. Thoir an r. air, take great care of/nui. 

ro-amaiileacb, a. Ridiculous. 

ro-aoibhneas, -eis, -an, s.m. Great joy or.'glad- 

rob, -oib, s.m. Coarse hair. 2 Sha^. 3 Hairi- 
ness, shag;iufss. 4 Slovenliness. 5 Filihi- 
n-ss. 6**soe trap. 7 Gaelic form of robe. Li.- 
bhrat, a shayyy mantle. 

rub, see rpp. 

rob-trh,, a. Roug'n, hairy, 2 Slovenly 3 
Filthy. 4 Not clear-sighted. 5* Shaggy. 6 
ft \Vefc, as weather. 

robng, -aig. -.'in, s. f '. Coarse, slovenly, sluttish 
woman . slut, drab. 

robag,( I)(J) *./'. let name for a littl-i gii-l U ><t. 
2 (i)U; Small, clever child. 3 I WU) Anything 
small. R. p*i-:do, a cl-v^r Wtl* cfcfd : r. i>a- 
laich, a devsi- iitti* boy ; r. eitheir, a litde 

rob tic ie, s./.ini. Slovenliness. 

robaidh-rat'ignd^.OVC) s.m. Robin. 

robail,*" * r. Robb-iry. 

robain, Towering waves, swjlliog, roai'inj 
billows. 3 Hoary rains. Zas-Obair. 

robaiun,** v.a. Rob. 

, .f. Robbery, plundering. 2 see rop- 


robair, -ean, .?n. Gaelic form of robber* 

eachd, g.f.ind. Robbery. 

neach U -ich, s.m. Smart or clever boy. 

robaa, (DC) s.m. Pet namcj for a little boy 

robann, -ainn, see reubainn. 

roban-roid, a.m. Robin, see bru-dheargf. 

frobar-fola.l. s.m. Flnxus sanguinis. 

robh, past form of bi, mad with interr, <(; nrg. 
particles. An robh thu ? were you ? c 1 ait' an 
r. thu ? where were you ? cha robh mi ? / wag 

r bh,** -a, -aohan, s.m. Roll of bread. 

robhalli, -aidh, -aidnean, sen rabliadh. 

ro-bha'crh,** s.m. (ir-'-ic mircy. 

robhainn,** v.a. Roll, roll together. 2 Wallow. 

robhair, see rociiaic. 

robhairt, seo reothart. 

tlMbil T, (I. Rftl. 

roMiar, -air,** a.m. Sieve, 
ro-bhas, -tii-;, Violont death. 

. -ais, -an,.TAK. see rabhns, (npyix.) 



ro-bheagan, -a.n, s.m. Very small quantity. 

robh'd, s. Lump, bitBadtnoeh. 

r<>-'oheus,** s.7/i. Good breeding. 

iv>b-ruadh,(AF) s.m. Robin-redbreast. 

rouuist,** s.f. Custody. 

robunn, -uinn, s.m. see reubainn. 

roc, -oic, -an, s.m. Gaelic form of rock. 

roc, ruic, *./. Any tiling that tangles a fishing- 
hook. 2 Entanglement. 3 Curl, wrinkle, 
plait or corrugation, particularly in cloth- 
waulkinj, caused by drawing threads too 
tight in weaving. 4(AH) Tangle, species of 
seaweed. 5"* The tops of seaweed that ap- 
pear above water. 6(AF) Skate, thornbick 
(fhb.) 7 Fold, plait. 8 AH) Sunken, tangle- 
grown rock. 9 (AH) Hollow, impotent or 
gurijlin,* cough as that emitted by a m vn with 
with a bone or a cow wioh a turnip stuck 
in its throat. Cuiridh tu do cheaau 
an r., you w\ll entangl' yourself ; roc aodaun- 
ach, havhij a wrinkled face. [McL & D gives 
<l?n. -a, pi. -an.] 

roc, v.n. Wrinkle, become wrinkled. 

roc, -a, -an. t.m. Hoarse voice or cry. 2 Hoarse 
souud. 3 Haw. 4tfRook. 5 Cough, retching:, 
prov. [** gives g j n. roic.] 

roc, a.' rbcadh, v.n. Cry hoarsely, utter a 
hoarse sound. 

Rocabarra. s. Imaginary rock in the mythical 
lore of the Hebrides. Like the fairy-flag of 
DuDvegan, it has already appeared twice, and 
when it appears the third time the desiruct- 
ion of the world may be expected. 'N uair a 
thig Rocabarra ris, is dual gu'u teld an saogh- 
al sgrios, when Rocabarra appears again, the 
world it doomed to destruction. 

r6cach, -aiche, a. H jarse.baviug a hoarse voice. 
2 Uttering a hoar ,e sound or cry. 

rocach, -aicne, a. Wrinkled. 2 Curly. 3** 
Crisp. 4**Rocky. 5**Plaited. 6 Dishevelled, 
as hair. 

rbcadaich, -e, s ./. Retching, coughiug. 2 
Hoarse screaming, as of birds of prey. 

rocadh, -aidh, s.m. Act of crying hoarsely or ut- 
tering a hoarse sound. A'r , pr. pi. of r6c. 

rocadh, -aidh, s.m. Becoming wrinkled. A' r ,, of rue. 

rbcaideach,* s.m. see rocas. Jslay. 

rbcail, a' rociadh, v.a. <k n. Tear, mangle. 
2 Corrugate. 3 Becoma corrugated. 4 tf 
Croak, roar hoarsely. 

rocail, -e, s.f. Roaring or crying with a hoarse 
voice, croaking, hawing. 

rbcair, -aan, s.m. Man with a hoarse voice. 

rocair,** -can, s. m. Customer. 2 Common 
unest, ons who haunts or often visits a place. 

rocairdAchi, s.f.ind. Hoarseness of voice. 2 
Habit of speaking hoarsely. 

rocais, of rocas. 

vocal, -ail, -an, s.m. Coarse clothing. 

rbcaiadh, -ahlh, s.m. & see r6cladh. 

rocail, see rocal. 

rocan, -ain, *. in., dim. of roc. Plait, fold. 2 
intricacy. 3 Wrinkle. 4**Stnmbliug-block. 

frocan, -aiii, -an, s.m. Little cottage, hut. 2 
Hood, mantle, clo.ik, surtout. 3 Thicket. 4 

rocan, -ain, -an, s. m. Hoarseness. 2 Hoarse 
voice. 3** Person with a hoarse or rough 
voicj. iffWooden clip for seaweed. 

roontch, -airlia, a. Crisp. 2 Wr.nkled. 3 
Plaited, folded, in folds. 4 Mantled, hooded. 
5 Of, or like a cot or hut. 

ricaaach, -aicho, a. Hoarse, having a hoarse or 
rou^h voice. 2 Hawing. 

roc uiaehd, s. f. ind. Hoarseness^ continued 
hoar .s i) sound.. 

rbcan uch,* ./. Hawing, tiemmiuy. 

roc-aodann, x. Wrinkled fac;. 

ach, -aichi, a. Having- a wrinkled 

rdc.i.s, -ais, -in, s.f. (in. in Badenoch.] Rook 

eorvut frugil'gns. 2% Crow. [ pi. -an in 
roc-eadainiieacii, see roc-aodaunach. 
roc-eudaati, sen r.jc-aoilanu. 

acb, swe roc-aodannach 

rocas-dhearg-chasach. (AF) ./. Choug'i -Sky. 
The chough characteristic uf the arim 
of so many Cornish families, is now almost ex- 
tinct in Cornwall. Tiie autnor remembers hi* 
father shooting one near Countisoury, l>evon T 
about 1S74, and the keeper then rem irking oit 
its rarity. 

rochaid.seo rochuaid. 

roctiall, -aill. s. m. Coverlet. *2 Stumbling- 
block. t3 Fray. 

rochailt,* s.f. Blustering female. 

roc:iair,* v.a. Slaughter. 

trociiar, s.m. Slaughter. 

rocbcaidh,(AF) . Whale. 

rochd, -a, -an, s.m. see ro. 

rochd, see roc. 

rochdaoh, see rocach. 

r6oh<la'laich, see rocadaich. 

rochdail, see rocail. 

roch lair see rocair. 

trochdan,** -ain, s.m. Thicket. 

rochduin,** s.f. Ascent. 2 Arriving at, reach- 

ro* ch^ile, for troirnh ch^ile. 2 for roimh-ch^ile, 
one in a hurry-burr y. 

ro-chriontachd, s.f.ind. Oversaving. 

ro-choill, -e, pi. -an & -llteaa, s.f. Thick wood. 

each, -eiche, a. Of, or belonging to, 

thick woods. 

ro-chrann, -oinn, pi. -an & -oinn, s.m.Stacely or 
lofty tree. 'S biodh dogharrain de ro-chrann- 
aibh 1 'gan couihdacha'lh le h-uaill If. Itosz, 
p. It. Air uieangau ard nan ro-chraiinaibh 
on a high, branch of the stately trees. Rons, 
p. 9. 

ach, -aiche, a. Abounding in stately or 

lofty trees. 

rocuuaid,** -ean, s. Lamprey. 

frochuaidh, -ean, s.f. see rochuaid. 2 Plague. 

i ochuaideach,** a. Full of little lampreys. 2 
Like a lamprey. 

rochuilleach,** a. Terrible. 2 Very dangerous. 

ro-churam, -aim, -an, *. m. Great anxiety, ex- 
cessive care. 2** Vigilance. 

ach, -aiche, a. Over careful. 

rdcladh, -aidh, s.m. Mangling, act of mangling 
or tearing, tiff Croak inj or roaring hoarsely. 
A' r , of rocail. 

rocus, -uis, see rocas. 

rod, -oid, pi. rodan& roidean, s. m. Way, road, 
path, track. 2 J)itch. 3 Perch of land. 4 
Method. 6* Rood of mason-work. 6 (AH) 
Measure of six lineal yards. R6.1 mor, 
a highway ; r. m6r an righ, the fcinj'a- higk- 
way; r. rei In, a plain road ; re an roid, all tht 
way taobh au roid, tht^if ; r. cartach, 
o curt-road. 

r&d, -bid, -an, s.m. Quantity of seaware cast on 
tne shore. **<Jast, shot. 3 (CR) Row or drill 
of potatoes Stye. 

rod, -6ul, -an, s.m. Foaming sea beating again.-^t 
the shore. 2*J<'oain. 

rod,* pr. pt. a' rodadh, v. a. Scarify. 2 Blade, 
coma through the ground. R. do chas, swi- 
ft/ your Juot. 

rO'la<'hd,** s.f. Covering 1 . 2 Fence. 

rbdadh, -aidh, s.m. Scarifying, 2 Jiladini;, com- 
ing through Mi j jjr .mid '-o*^i. lha 'm bua 

rod art h 



' r., tht potatoes art coming through the 

rodaidh, -e, a. Coarse-featured. 2* Ruddy. 3 
Darkish, prov. 4**Rotten. 5**IIaving a rot- 
ten smell. 6**Shrunken. 7 Rough, forward. 

eaehd, s.f.ind. Coarseness of features. 

2' Ruddiness, prov. 

rodail,** a. Prospjrom. 2**Lancin2, scarifying. 

rodair,** t.m. Wayfaring man. 

eil,** -eil, ..J*. Strolling. 2 Wandering. 

rodan, of r6d, 

rodan, see radan. 

rodh." -a, s.m. Water-edge. 2 Water-mark. 

rodha,** see rolatlh. 

ro-dlie"idh, -e. .ean, x.A Great desire, striving. 

ei',H a Very desirous. 

ro-dhoineanta, -eiute, a. Very stormy. 

ro-dhoinioun, -mn, -an, s.m. Severe tempest. 

ro-dhuil, -e, -ean, *./. Eag.jr or earnest expect- 
ation. 2** Jealousy. 3 Earnest hope. 

fro-illunne, pi. -aom-3, s.m. Nublem i'i. 2** Ex- 
cellent man. 3**Oom!H'juer. 4**il-jgii n .. 

ro-dhurachd, -an, s. f. Great, care or diligence. 
2 Strong desire or inclination. 

trodmuin. *.m. Fox. 

ro-earail,** s.f. Importunity. 2 Earnest desire. 
Rinn e r., h? i tried. 

ro-earbsa, */ Entire confi lence. 

ro-eolas, -an,*. H. Familiarity .intimate ac lu.v'nt- 
a nee. 

ro-fhonn,** s.m. Earnest longing, keen desire. 

ro-fhuachd, s.m.tnd. Great cold. 

rog, -oig, -an, *.m. Gaelic form of rogue. 2 Ro- 
guery, slyness. 3 Ihefb. 

rogainn,** v. a. Pluck. 2 Tease. 3 Handle 

,'* s.f. RiHiuh handling. Fliuair e r., 

he got a rough handling. 

rogair, -ean, s.m. see ragair. 

each, see rajjaireacu. 

eachd, see ragaireachd. 

rogh,** s.m. Order, 2 Custom. 3 Wreath. 4 
see roghain i. 

trogh, v.a. Chooso. 

rogha, see ro->hainn. Rogha chelle, the best of 
hiubandx or tn'o'.*. 

roghadh. -aidh, s.rn. see roghainn. B. is tagn- 
adli. the kf*t ami fA' itv.<. 

r&ghail, -e, a. Fond of romancing, 

-e,i.n, Choii-e, opli'in, preference, 
l. action, c'noo^ing. 2 HesL of anything. 3 
Kligiblene.';-). Th<*iri{ d> rogaainu 

bhoa'ach, ijn wfitre you will ; r. da shourtar, 
tlif. b'xt of cedar ; tharruin? i sreang le r. 
beachd, fhsdrtw a xtrinfj icith h?r b*st aim ; 
r. Dam bui. the best of wom'n ; tha sin 's a r. 
a bhi dha, that may b; as it pi mes W.A $.?. h; 
tha sin 's a r. agad, be that as ymi please^ W. 
E. l.M ; tha cliiisb. is r. ann, Ih^re is pick and 
choicf amony them, ; r. an t-sealgair, the bsst of 
marksmen ; an r. air sin. in prejerence to that; 
dean do r. ris, " make a, kirk or a mill of it." 

roghainneach, -eiche, a. see roghnacu. 

rusjhainuich, r. soe roghnaich. 

s.f. iiid. Romancing disposition, 

rojjh .naciia-lh, Snth'J. for roghnachadh. 

rop'iann. ee roghainn. 

roghannachd, seerojjt.ainn. 

rogl'lach.** -aioh, s.m. Choosing or selection of 
.-wldiers. 2 Body of pi.-ke I *oldieM. 

ti'onhlncli. a. Angry, t.-nri'ied., -a ; l, .T/J. El, ction of a prince. 

tro^lnniiar,'* a. Valiant. 2 Very d m^oro-is. 

t : .-air, sm. see rwithar ft ru-'imhir. 

*oguiiacli, -aichu, . Kl giblw i.o ba choson or 

desire.L 2 Opii^nable. 3 Preforabln. 4 

Choosin?. pl-.-king, selecting. An r jgan 
leat seo ? do you prefer th<,s? ii ro^.iuaic t , 
yes ; '* e seo a's roghnaicha learn, 1 t/iin'e t <i* 
is preferable ; cd a 's rog'anaichs leat, whoeo'f 
i/oit nvi.v c.hoof. 

roy 'macliailt, -aidh, s.m. Choasin*. 2 Act of 
ch.)OMU.{ or selecting. SJJPref erring. 4 Sj- 
ieotion, election. 

rojjhm.icii, v. a. Choose, select, pick out. 2^t 
Pi-efor, like. 

e, comp. of rojhnach. 

ear, fut.pass. of roghnaicb. 

te, past pt. of roghuaicU. Chosen, se 

lected, elected. 2 Preferred. 

rog'anuchadl), see roglinachadh. 

roijhuuic'i, see ro^hnaicli. 

.Q, comp of rolmach. 

to, see roghnaichco. 

rogh'iinn, sea roghamii. 

each, s-!e roglmach. 

roy;h-ra lh,** s.m. Apopiitiiegm. 

roi', coat, for roimh & trouuh. 

roi'-ainmicfate, so'i raim'i-aiumichte. 

roi'-aithne, see roiiuli-aitiiu^. 

roi'-aithnich, sne r timli aiLtmich. 

r6ib, :% *./. Fil h. 2 Slovenlin^s. 3 Filth 
a'lout the m nitli. 4 Overgr.wti or squalid 
hoar 1. 5 Circ o of lini-. <5 I'lib^-j. 

r6ibeach, -eiche, *. Filthy 2 Slovenly. 3 Hav- 
ing filth round the mouth. 4 llaviog mover- 
grown or squalid beard. 

roibea Ih, s.m. War-mark on sheep, see comh- 

r6 ! beag, -eig, -an, s.f. Moustache. 

roibean, -ein, -an, s.m , <in. of roib. FilU.inoss. 

2 Filth around the m >utn. 3 SijuaMd lillls* 
heard. 4**Bushy b (> ar 1. 5 Moustache, w'ii<- 
kor. G**Xmall rup3 or cord. 7**AIup. s \V'>.-^. 
Cha b' i po^ an roibiin duibfi i, it wo,; n->t 
th> kiss of the squalid little black beard -Gill. 

acli, -aiche, a. see r6ib?ach. 2 Having 

a moustache or whiskers. 3 Bushy, as a 

beard. 4 Ropy. 5 Aloppy. 
achd, s.f.inJ. see roib. 2 JBushines-!, as 

of aboard. 3 Moppiness. 
roib-fhetisa^ach, -aiolie, a. Having a squalid 


roibho,5 f.m. Sneezewort, see cruaidh-lus. 
fribno,* -an, s ?. J)arr, lance, 
roibneac'i,** rt. Siiarp. 2 Pointed. 3 Like % 

lance or dart. 3 Armed with a iance or dart, 
roic, v.a. Tear. 

, -can, t.m. Banquet, sumptuous but unre- 
fined f.ast. 2 Luxury of the table. 3 Fon I. 

ness for good eadng. 4 Eating greedily, gl'ir. 

tony. 5* Superabundance of the good things 

of life without any of the refined manners of 

good society. ["r&ce.J 
roic, sea raoic. 
roic-chuilm, *'. Carnival, 
roi.-faeli,** -eich^, a. Bellowing, roaring. 2 Rift;- 

in i. 3 Belching. An eas r., the. roaring ca*~ 


rbic'.-acli, -oiche, i. see rdiceil. 
roif-alarhd, s.f.inl. Luxury, luxurioasnoss. 3 

Epicurism, sort of brutish luxury or gluttony, 
roi-.'eil, -e. a. Roaring, bellowing. 2 Rifting. 

3 I* -bliinj. 

r6'C''il, -o, a. Luxurious. 1 Gluttonous, eaMn,j 
vor-iciously. 3 Fond of fat moats, epicurean, 
roio'id, -see raoic. 
trid, . Run f i^t. 
i-oi.l, Giolic f-n-m of road. 2 gen.siny. of rod. 





TOMi, -e, R.A Bog-myrcl,sweet- 

m . rtle, sweet-y; ila m.y/'iVa 

g-\i. [Ba iga of certain sep^ 

uf th3Cam,'b-Hs.] 
roid, -e, -ean, s /. Short rac*. 

b >unca, race bff-ira a leap. 2 

Gal. 3 Force pro lucad by 

motion. Thug e r. a st'iiji, 

lie bounced in or rnsJi >d in; a' 

dol r. do 'n bhail' u I th ill, 

going for a little ivhil' to 1/011 

tow/t; [euro r.,a runninj Leap* 

arunainj lony l j ap. (.cruinn- 

leum, a bound.) 
roi'l-ciiinu, . Head-stretch 

Dzin I. Ghobh*. 

roide, s.f. VVonnwooi, see burmald. 
roidean,** -ein, s.m. Wildfire. 
roideas, -eis, s.f. Running ubjut, frisking, prov. 

alsoruideas ) 
roid-ghuilitneadh,1[ *-wi. Bar-tailed godwit U- 

mo.vd rufct. 

roidli'eag-urchrach, s.f. Cartridge. 
roidh^e,** -au & -aehan, s.f. see roinnse. 
-- ach, see roinnsaacii. 
--- achd, see roinnseachd. 
voidh iea, sae roinn;ich. 
froididh, -e, a. Rotten. 2 Shrunken 
roi c, x. Den, cave Rub Donn. 
roighchd, see raoic. 
roighns, see roghaian. 
roi iii n each, see ro^hnach. 
--- a Ih, see ro^ti-iaohadh. 
roigiinich, see rojihnaich. 

- -- te, see roghnaicbte. 
roil, (j-n n!nj. of rol. 

t6il (!>\I.v) s. slaver. 
roileach, a.. Slavering. 
roilbh,** -e. s.f. Mountain. 

- each,** a. Hilly. 
froile, for ri clieile. 

roiiea*,** -eig, s.f. Church. 2 Burying-ground. 

roilt-aii, -eiu, s.m. JSnout of a sow. 2 (WC) 

Kound piece. B. ini3, a "print" of butter. 
toilean, see roithlean. Roileinean, rollers of a 

roilea iach.** a. Having a snout like a sow's. 
roilea^g, -eisg, -an, s.m. Confused joy or person. 
proo. 1 Confused haste. 

- - a. Confused. 2 Hasty. 3 Frisky. 

4 Confused with joy. 
roi!eiseach,(\IS) a. Remiss. 
roilijf, -ean, *. see reili<?. 2 Froliasome person. 
-- each,* -eiclie, a. Frolicsome. 
roille, a.f. Fawning or too cordial reception. 2 

'1 are. 3 Darnel, rye-^rass, see breoillean. 

- - ac'i,** a A.boonding in, or like d iruel. 
roill Mclian,** -ain, s.m. Rolling stone. 
roi'.!-an, -ei.\, -an, s.ia. Corn-fan. 2 (WG) Fat, 

i hic'x person. 

roille-chrao-*, -aois, -an, Slavering mouth, 

- ----- ach, -aiche, a. Having a slavering 
mouth, prou. 

roilleamas, -ais, s.m. Coarse play, prov. 

- ach, -aiche, o. Given to coarse play. 

ro'U'Hin, sf>e roillean. 

roimh, prep, sea troi>nh & troimhe. 

roi'uh, prr/>. Before, in respict of situation or 
place. 2 Before, in respect of time. 3 Above, 
in profere'ice to. R. na h-ui!e ni, in prefer- 
ea<:-> to ?vru thing ; oo roimh.i a h>hith -adh ea- 
{jal 01 in ? nf whom s'ionld I b" afraid { r. gain, 
in pr,< f-r-'i. -.* to any ; r. do ghnuls, b-'fore thy 
frtc j ; c i / r.,put li^foi'f, pruinvt, dicUt'e : an 
la roiin'.io, the day before the other day ; r. 

sgrio^ th^id uabhar, pride <joth bf/ore a fall ; 
r. an am, brforf tk-> lime. 

Combined thus with the personal orono'in.H : 
rom ; 'am, before me ; romhad, b'forf f ; 
roimhe, before him ; roinipj, b'fors ht>r ; ro'nti- 
ainn. before ns ; ronviaibh, heforf i/on ; r->mpf*, 
before th-m. Iiuich romhad, or g(bh r m 1 1 1, 
ffo fnricarrt ; 9 ijo about your buginfis$ ; C'lir 
romhad, determin*, resolve, in'eml ; tha tun 
'cur romlia<l cur as da, I/D ar* d'i.<nn>.n-l 
to finish him ;chnir rai romham dol dach i! Ih, 
/ was drtenninftl tn QO horn-; am blu-il ro:nhai 
dol dacbaidh 'f do yon intend to unkoiii' ! Ui 
'n gnothach gu math romhad. your wn,-k IK 
cut out, (thf ijusiit'St /< w?lt (t'f^<-- von ) [ V<- 
pirates a consonant foll,iwin<f, aud govern* 
the dative.] 

roimh, -e, ./. Earth, soil. 2 Family buryins- 

roimh-abuich.Jt -e, a. Precocious. 

ead, -eid, s.m. Precociousneas. 

roimh-a-cheile, adi>. Prematurely, too tiastily. 

roimh-ajnmich, v.a. Prenominate. 

te, a. Forementioned, f irecited, 


roimh-ai-oieis. -e, -ean. n.f. Forotellin;. 

roimh-aithn,** v.a. Command, foreordain. 

roimh-aithne, s.f. ml. Foreknowledge, preco- 
ni r ion. 

roimh-aith'ie,*^ *. /. Previous commandment, 
former injunction. 

roimh-aitlimachadii, -ai Ih, s.m. Foreknowing. 
2 Act of foreknowing:, anticipation. A' r , of roimh-ait'tnich. 

roim'i-ai.hnich, v.a. Foreknow, anticipats.fore- 

roimh-ailhniohte, a. A past pf. Foreknown. 

roimh-aitliris, -e, -ean, v.a. Previously rehearse. 
2 Forebode, foretell. 

roimh-aithns, -e, -ean, ,/. Previous rehearsal. 
2 Foreboding, foretelling. 

- each, -eiche, a. Predictive. 

roimh-aom,tt v.a. Predispose. 

adh, -aidh, *.m. Predisposing, pre- 
disposition. A' r , pr. pt. of roimh-aom. 

rohnh-bhacail.-e, a. Preclnsive. 

roim'i-bharail, -e, s.f. Anticipation, presenti- 
ment, preconception. 

roimh-bhasaich.ti v.a. Predecease. 

roimh-bheachd, -an, s.m. Preconception, fore* 
knowledge, presentiment, anticipation. 

ach, -aiclio, a. Precon-aiving, 

foreknowing, looking forward, anticipating. 
2 Giving a presentiment. 

roimh-bheachdachadh, -aiMh, a.m. Proconreiv- 
ing. 2 Act or circumstance of preconceiving 
or preconsidering, preco^nition, anti-ipttio-i, 
foreknowledge. A' r , pr. pt. of roimh- 

roi'nh-bheachdaioh.r.o. Preconcaive, foreknow. 
2 Consider beforehand. 

ro'nnh-bheachdail, -o, a. Provident, cautious, 
foresight ful, prescient. 

ro>mU-bh3ath<i, s.f. Pnj- xist>nci.^athac'adh,(MS) s.m. Antepast. 

roim VbhiMi, -e, x.f. Pre-exis tjic*. 

roim'i-bhlai^, e' roimh-blilasad, v.a. Fore- 
taste. 2 Ante-date, MtidptfcO. 

roimh-bhlas, -ais, -an, s. m. Foreta-tte, antici- 

roi;nh-b;\lasad, -aid, -an, t.m. Forota-ting. Z 
Act of foretasting. A' r , pr. pt. of roi oh- 

ruimU-bhlasdachd,** s.f. Antic : p^t ; on. 

roimh-bhreith, -e, -can, s f. Pr9-jtiljridiifc. 

roim'.i-bhriathar. -air, -t'nran. ".in. A irorb. 1 
Preposition. 3** Preface, pr,aaible. 




roimh-bhriathrach,** a. Adverbial. 2 Prefa 

roimh-chao-'hail, v. Pre-decease, 

roimh-chara la, -aidh, s.m Predisposition, 

roirnh-ch^ik', see troimh-ehSile. 

roirnii-cheum.** t.m. Precedence. 2 Generation 
before or past. 

roimh-chiallaehadh, -aidh, s. m. Presignifica- 
tion. A.' r , of roimh-chi illaich. 

roimh-"hia.lL-iioh, Pra signify. 

roira 1-ehluii'h, -e, -can, s.r. Prelude. 

roiiuh-clin-ia^achadh, -ai Ih, s.m. Premeditation. 

roiinh-e.iomhairleAchadh,** s.m. Premo lition. 

roiuih-cuom lairleachail,** a. Premonitory. 

rnimh-fh'mih*irlich, v.. Preadvise. 

r imh-.-hr .-linioan, -inn, -en j aa, .m. Foreskin. 

roiinh-chr^id, v.a. Presuma. 

roimli chmr, v.a. Precede. 

roimh-i-huK -a, -e;ui, s.f. Prelude. 

roirau-chum'onanl, -ai<it, -an, Precontract. 

acli, -aiche, a. Precontracted. 

roirah-i-iiunii'iil, -H, -eiu, s.f. Premonition. 

roimh-dhealbh, -dhailbh, -aa, *.. Preform. 

rounh-dhilinn'iach, -eiche, rt. Antediluvian. 

, -eich, s.m. Antediluvian. 

roimh--, prrp.nron. (roirah + e) Before him or it. 
2 In fnmt of him. 3 In preference to him. Am 
fear nach s -all roimhe, 'c ivko will not louk be- 
fore h>m ; gh-blip caaral r., h: was afraid of 
him. 4 li'iim'te before it, the indefinable it in 
it is a ..I day. Before, formerly, previously. 
Ch innn'c mi r. Mm, / *aw you before; an la r., 
the ot'ier d'ly, th* farmer day. 

roimhoach. a. R^lu'ivt-'. 

roi nh-ca Iradh, -ai Ih. -aidhean, s.m. Koreuoon. 

roimh^ar, -eir, -eirean, *. m Antecedent, rela- 
tive. 2 Preposition. 

foimhe-cheile, -ee troimh-che'ile. 

roimh-e61as. -ai-!,s.. I'oceknowledge, anticipa- 
tion, praeoffaition, preconception. 

roimii-fheucb, v.a. Precaution 

amn, -ean, f.m. Foreseein^taking 

precaution. 2 Forjtmte. .^ Forecast. 

roimh-nieu'nail, -e, a. !*r jui^te. 

roimh-fhidroachi'lh (MS) s.m. Precog^nition. 

Toimii-fhios, -a, s.m. see r<im i-L61as. 

rachadii, s.m. Anticipation. 

-rachd,>1. ! > resynsioa. 

roimh-fhirinnean, Premises. 

roimh-'jhabli, n.a. Anticipate. 

ail, f.m. Antic'pition. 2 Antepast. 

A' r , pr. pt. of roimh-ffhabh. 

roimh-ph^all,** v.a. Promise beforehand, pre- 

a<lh, -aidh, s.nt. Pre-enK'i.^eme'it. 

t-ainn, -ean, s.m. Promising bef>re- 

hanl.pre-engao;tMnent. A' r-, 01 roimh- 

roi-nh gh'af, r.a. Anticipate. 

rornh-jjhoil'!, ?./. Ante-st 'raach. 

roimhvhoirea^, -ois, s.m. Prerequisite. 

roirah iarr, v.a. Pru-roquire. 

roirnhi >>, s?e roiukflibb. 

roimhid,* ado. see roiruhe. 

romhid-a-che'ile, prov. for troimh-ch^il'?. 

roiuih-iiiic-aolid, t.f.ind. Precedence. A' r , pr. 
pt. of roi'iih-imich. 

roimh-'mich, pr. pt. a* roimh-imeachd, p. n. 

roimh-imiH. v. a. Foretell, predict, tell before- 

e;'c', -eich?, a. see roimh-mnseach. 

carlh, -fcidh. see roimh-innseadn. 

ear, see roimh-innsear. 

roimh-innoeach, -eiche, a. Predictive. 

roimh-innse-ulh, -eidh, s m. Foretelling, pro- 
dictiug. ***Divination. A' r , pr^ pt. oil 


roimh-iunsear, -eir, -an, t.m. Predicter. 

roim'i-ionnsuich, v.. Pre-instruct. 

roimh-laimh, dv. Beforehand, previously. 

roimh-'fc mh, a. .see roimh-laimjieaca. 
each, a. Prelusive. 

ich.(M.S) VM Ante-date. 

roimh-lka, a. Pluperfecc in grammar. 

ror.nh-lathaicii.fiylS) v.a. Ante-date. 

roina.'i-lon, -16ia, -an, s. m. Provision for a jour* 
ayy, via,' icu.u. 

roiuah-luaidhutj, a. Above-c'ted. 

roimh-;nheadh':M-!a.** s.m. Forenoon. 

roiia i-mhealtuinn,** s.m. Anticipation. 

roimh-maeasrachadli, *.m. Preconception. 

roimh-ui'aeasraich, v.a. Preaouceive. 

ronnh-rnheirbheadh, -idh. s.m. Predigestion. 

roimii-inh'mieh, v.a. Preurse, preface. 

roirnh-;iithy, g.p!. Premises. 

roimii-oi Ihirpirh, v.a. Pre-uccupy. 

roimh-6r tacha-lh, -aidh, s.m. Ordering before- 
hand. 2 Act of ordering beforehand. 3 Fore- 
ordaining, predestinating, 4 Act of predesti- 
oa'_4'i. A' r , of roimh-6rduieh. 

roimh-6rduich, v.a. Orler boforehaiid or pre- 
viously. 2 Fore-ordain, predestinate. 
te, pttst pt. of roima-orduich. Or- 
dained beforehand or previously. 2 Fore-or- 
dained, predestinated. 

roimiipa, see roimpe-. 

roidih-ra:lh, -aidh, -an, s.m. Preface, preamble, 
> ich, -aioha, a. Prefatory. 

roiDih-ruitheack, -eiche. a. Precursory. 

roimh-rnithear, -eir, -an, s.m. Fore-runner, 

roimh-niith-fhear, ses roim.i-ruithear. 
nt-si,** s.f. ,Sin, iniquity. 

roim-i-sgri )bh, v.a. Ante-date. 

roimh-s .am-iiachail, -e, a. Prtfi Curative. 

roimh-shca'bhadair, -yan, s.m. P'reposses.sor. 
roimh-sheall, v.a. Look forward. 2 Provide 

roinah-shBallach, -aiche, a. Looking forward, 

forjseeing, cautious, prospi-ient. 
roimh-shealladh, -aidh, -aidnean, s.m. Foresight. 

2 Previous look or sight. 3 Front view. 4 

Prospectus. 5 Cantion, propicieuce. 
roimh-siiealltainn, #.m. Loo Kin.; forward, 2 Acb 

of looking forward. 3 Act of providing against. 

4, precaution. A' v,pf.pi.oi roimh- 

roimh-sheomar, -air, -sheoraraichean, s.m. Anti- 

oiiah -hocrachadh, -aidh, e. m. Pre-establish- 

m --fit. 

oimii-shocraich, v.a. Pre-establish, 
uimh-sma-jiii, -e. -lean, s.f, see roimh-smuain. 
oiiuii-sinaoinexchadh, -aidh, see roinih-smuain- 

icha Ih. 
roim'i-sniaolneachail, see roimh-sniuaineach- 


rojmh->mio : n'ch, v. see roimh-smuaitiich. 
ruimh-atauain, -P, -lean. s.f. Foruihought, pre- 
vious reflecu.)n. 

eachatlb. -aidh, . m. Actofpre~ 

con-i Icrmg <>r an iei t > toin<j, fv)rotb.ought. A* 

r , of roinih-^' 

r tim'i- in ui ri CT, v a. < n. Think beforehand, 

oinih smua'n^ac-ha'l, -e, a. Thinking before- 

hand, pr.vid-Mt, laufcirms. 
roimh-sla'lair,** --in, s.m. Fordstallor. 

each!, s f. ('.ire^iallin;. 

'.jimn-stei'lhio'.i, v.i. Premise, 
oimh-tliagh. v.a. Fove-.-h') >se, pre-elect. 
a ,l ni -ai.lii, s.m. Fore-choosing, i 




Act of lore-choosing or pre-elecbing. 3 Pre- 
destination, pre-selection, pre-election. 

roitnh-tha^hca, past pt of rurali-tha^h. Fore- 
ciiosen, pre-elected, predestinated. 

roimh-thaisbean, v.n. Prelude. 

roimh-^hiachtlair, -ean & -chdraichean, s. m. 

roimii-theagaisg, v.a. Pre-instrucb. 

roimh-thion.j.sgainn, v.a. <k n. Premeditate. 

' -3aeb, -eicha, a. Premeditated. 

ro''i-idh, -aidh, s.m. Premeditation. 
A' r , pr.nt. of rjimh-thionn-.gainn. 

roimn-thrathail, -e, a. Premature, 

roimu-tn uneven, a. & s. Ante liluvian. 

roimii-thuradh, a. Afore-named, aforesaid. 

rounh-uidh : im uon, v.a. Pre-dispjse. 

roiinpf, prep. pi- on. ^roinri + i) Before her. 2 In 
front of tier. 3 In preference to hjr. Gabh 
r., ijo b-fore her, stop h^r progress ; cuir r., 
prompt her, dictate to her. 

roi'iap^-se, rmyhat. of roimp^. 

roimse,** -an, s.f. Pole, stane. 

roimseacb,** a. Like a pole or stake. 2 Of 
polos, y Inactive. 

,** -eich, s.w. Inactive person. 

r6in, g<*>ig. & n. pi. of ron. 

r6 n, -e, -eaa, s.f. A single hair. 2 One hair of 
a horse's tail or mane. 3 Small quantity of 
wool or of any hairy substance. 4** Crest or 
tail of any beast. 5 Hair-cloth. Leud roine, 
a hair's breadth ; saic-aodach rdine, sackcloth 
of hair. 

roiu-ao'lach,** -such, s.m. Hair-cloth. 

roineach, see raiueach. 

r<Hn ;ach, -eiche, a. Hairy, full of hairs, as meat. 
2 Af id 3 of hair. 

. -,** -ich, s.m. Hair, horsehair. 

. -adh, -aitlh, s.m. Stuffing with hair. 2 

Fitting or dressing with hair, as fish-hooks. 
A' r , of roinich. 

. I, s.f. Hairiness 2 Roughness. 

6"neag, -eig, -an, s.f. Single small hair. 2 Small 
quantity of wool or any hairy substance. 

. ten, -aiche, a. Hairy. 2 Bough. 3 Hav- 
ing small quantities of wool or any hairy sub- 

r&in j-chl6imh,(WC) s.f. Bunch of wool pulled 
from the shorn fleoce and given to the poor 
wom^n who frequent the sheep-fold at shear- 
ing time. 

r&iuiuh, ' t v.a. Sluf with hair. 2 Provide with 
nair. 3 Dress with hair, as a 2sh-hook. 

roinn, of rann. 

roi-in, -e, -ean, s.f. Share, portion. 2 Division, 
dividing, class, distribution, proportion. 3 
Svct, dividon, schism. 4 Section in writing 
(.) 5 Pair of c<tm asses. 6 Part of a sworJ 
distinct from th3 p dnt. 7 see rinn. Mo r. 
fiiein, my o<vn shure ; an r. a rinn e orra, 
the division he mcult of them ; r. mh ; c is athar, 
shure and sh*re alikf, ejual distribution ; a" 
t' roinneau, ra<sing divisions or tfcbs ; r. 
da letii, a bipartition. 

roina, s.m.ind. Dividing. 2 Act of dividing. A' 
r , of roinn. A' r. orra, distributing 
among th-^m. 

roiun, a' roinn, v.a. Divide, impart, dis- 
tribute. 2 Deal, a-s cards. R. orra e, distri- 
butf or divi'lf it am r m) them ; roinneadh esan 
ai.; am bh'-il da ch6ba, let him that has two 
coats divide. 
roinn, B. see roinnich. 
roinn, -e, -can, see roin. 
roiun-bhoarra^,** *. Bistoury. 
roi,ui-cuairt,n -e, -ean, s.f. Arch, 
roinne, see roin. 
acu, sue rbiueacb, 

roinneach, -eiche, a. DUcributire. 2 see rim* 

-adh, -aidh, t.m. < of rouinich, sea 


r6inneachadh, see roineachadh. 

roinneachd, see roineachd. 

roinnead dr, -can, s.m. Divider, divisor. 

roinneadh, see roinn. 

roinneag, see rdineag. 

roinneagach, see r6i'iedgach. 

roinnaar, of ruinn. 

roinne-bhaidhe,** s.f. Hair-cloth. 

roinn-gheur, -a & -e6ra, a. see rinn-gheur. 

roin ik-h, see roinich. 

roiunich, v.a. sea rinnich & roinn. 

te, past pt. of roinuicu, see rinnichte. 

roinnidh, fut.a/.a. of roinn. 

romnidh, -e, a. Hairy. 2 Long-haired. 3 Thick- 

roinn-leine. -leintean, s.f. Hair-shirt. 

roinn-pnairteach, -eiche, ct. Sharing, dividing. 
2 Irnjarting. 3 Divisible. 

roinn-puairteachadh, -aida, s.rn. Distributing. 3 
Act of distributing, imparbiag or shariiiii. A* 
r , of roiun-phairbieh. 

roinn-pbairtich, v.a. Share, divide, distribute. > 
Impart, a Partake. 

roinn-phartach, see roinn-phairteach. 

roinn-pharfachadh, see roinn- phairteachadh. 

roinn-ruithe, s.f. Run-rig, division or common 
run. This system of occupying land is ofcea 
sp ken of as m6r-'nrriiiiti, ^griab division) or 
m6r-fh->ara>in, (graat land.) It prevailed, of 
old, all over the British Islands and the con- 
tinent of ! was common in Ireland. 
It is now extinct in England, an 1 obsolete in 
Scotland, except in parts of the \Vesteru Isles. 

roinnse, -achan, s.f. Rinse. 

ach,* a. Rinsing, scouring. 2 Acting 

as a rinse, like a rinse. 

actiadh,** -aidh, *. m. Rinsing, scouring, 

scrubbing. A' r , pr.p'. of riansich. 

ar, s.m. Rin<er. 

roinn5?ich,** v.a. R'nse. scour, scrub. 

--te, pavt pt. Rinsed. scoured r scrubbed, 

roiun-slachdan, see sla^'tdan. 

roinnte, a. & p-istpt. of roinn. Divided, shared, 
distributed. 2 Disagreeing, dissentient. 

roitmtea'.'hadh, s.m. Separation. 

roinntealachl,(M3) s.f. Partibility. 

roipe, see roiinpe. 

roipeach,** a. Extravagant. 2 Drunken* 

roipear,** s.m. Rapier. 2 Tuck. 

rois, see ros. 

rois, gen.xinj. of ros. 

r6is, yfn.sing. of ros. 

rois, a' rois^alh, see froia. 
sc-'al,** s. see roi-=geul. 

roisd, see rdsd. 

roiseachau,** -ain, s.m. Instrument for boiling 

roistal, see rdiseid. 

roiseadh, -eidh, s.m. < of rois, see rosadh. 

roiseag.vVVC) s.f. The pith of the rush used fot 

roiseagan.(CR) Very small and numerous 
potatoes W''. of Ross-shire. 

roiseal, -eil, -an, s. m. Hi.ijh-swelling wave or 
surge. 2ffSurge of a wave. 3 Assault, at- 
tack. 4 Gasconade. 5 Boast, boasti.ig. *6 
Pomp. 7 Force or rapidity of a Vvjssel in mo- 
tion, weigh, impetus. 8**Novel. 9 Lowest 
or basest rabble -Sar-0i>air. 10 *Dispiay of 
ability. 11 Pret'insious fuss. Le r., with an 
oat -illations display ; r. teine, a big, blazing 
Tr j ; r. soluis, a fine bright light or display of 




rdiseal. -eile, a. The lowest, most base. 

1 * v , a . Display, mike a pornoo'is display. 

ach, -aiche, a. Abouoitia ; in high waves 

or surges. 2 Making an ittack or a-sault. 3 
Boastful, boasting. 4 Xailin; swiftly. 5* 
Pompous, ostentatious. 6* Fond of displaying 
ond's feats or ability. 

achd," s.f.ind. Boasti.ig. 2 Pomposity, 


roisean,(DC) g.m. Flail, the striker of which 
is made of strong thick rope, us-l f>r taking 
the grain from c >rn, but not so completely 
as an ordinary flail. The process of using a 
roiAfan is called roiseadh, and sometimes tap- 

roi<ean,(CR) s.m. Tail or train of a skirt IF. of 
Jtnss-8'iirt. 2(DU) Wet or mud on the train 
of a skirt. 3 Wet or muddy train. 3 (DMu) 
Tail of a cow. 4 ( \VC) Tail of a deer. 

roiseid, s.f.ind. Resin. R.- fid hie, vielin-resin. 

each, -eiche, a. Resinous. 2 Covered with 


roisg, yen. <Sc pi. of rosg, see'ruisg. 

rois^,** a. Call tw. 3 Unfledged. 

rois^each,** a. Wise. 

roisgeul, -eil, -ad, .?/. Romance, romantic tale. 
2 Boasting, swelling words. 2 Sentence, ver- 
dict, decree. [**roisjje6il J 

.ach, -aicue, a. Telling romantic or mar- 

vellous tales. 2 Boastful. 

ochd,** s.f. Samt) meaning* as r6isgeul. 

roisg-mheairl.'ach,** S.M. Tory. 2 Burglar. 

rois-iarunu, -uinn, -an, a.m. Roasting spit. 

roisire,** s.f. Auger, choler. 2 High spirits, ex- 

robt, a' rostadh, v .a. Roast, toast. 2 
Parch, scorch. 

rohte,** s.f. Roach. 

rdiste, past pt. of roist. Roasted, toasted, 
scorched, parched. 

roisteach, -ich, -ichean, s.f. Roach. 2 Bream, 

rwstean,** -eln, *.m. Gridiron. 2 Frying-pan. 

roit, Wormwood, see roid. 

roit. -e, -can, s.f. see roid. 

troith, -e, -ean, * /. see roth. 

iroithean, see roithlean. 

mthleach, -eiche, a. Rolling, tossing, unsteady, 

2 Wheely, having wheels. 3** In rolls. 

troithl jachiii, -ain, -an s.m. Circle. 2 \Vnuel. 

roi-'hle:iga ',** -.lin, .'/. Twirl. 2 Lit'/l rjll il 
Circle. 4 Little whijl. 5 Pail ^y jf flVers i i 
a spinning-wheel, th3 grooved drum cnac re- 
ceives the driving-cor I. 

roithljin, -ein, -an, >M. Little WiueL 2 Rim of 
a .vheel. 3 Gro -ved waeel of a pailjy, sjj 
nlag, p. 78. 4 Knee-pin. 5 \V'orm,-v.> ) I, gall. 
6 Trucks of a boat, see 113. p. 7 :. 7,Ms;iAy. 
8 Pulley of flyers iu a spin.iinsi-wneel, tue 
gro >ved drum th it receives ch ; drivia^ 

roithi -anach, -aiohi. a. H. uriag .smill whjjls. 

adh.(MS).>rt. Twirl. 

roiohlear, -ir, -an,.?rt. Wajelwri^iit, cirtwright. 
2* see rolair. 

roithlearachd, *. / ind. Business of a wheel- 
wright or c.irtwright. 2**iioliiug. 

ro ich leas, see roileas^. 

roithleis, see roileasg. 

roithleiseach, see rjiij isgach. 

troithleun, -eio, -an, sea rjithleaa. 

roiDhlich, -e, s.f. Noise of the shrouds of a ship 
in a storm. 

roithre,** s.m. Prater, babbler. 

aclid, *./. Prating, babbling, loquacity. 

rol, see rola. 

rol, v.a. Roll, make into rolls, as h\y, roll toge- 

rbl,(CR) s.m. Long-continued n >ise -Sk-ie. 

rola, -oil & -a, -an, g.m. Volums. 2 Rjll, as of 
tobacco. 3** Swathe or roll of hay or grass. 
4** List. 

rolach, (MS) s.m. Sally. 

rolach, -aiche, a. In volumes or rolls. 

roladh, -aidn, s.m. Rolling. 2 Act of roll'nj, or 
making into rolls. 3 Roll, sw ithe. 4 Vol- 
ume. A' r , of rol. A' r. na criath lir, 
shaking the sitve to separate the husks from 
the corn. 

rolag, -aig, -an, s.f., dim. of rola. Little roll. 2 
Anything small rolled together. 2 Swathe ot 
grass, line of cut grass as left by the scythe. 
4 Rowans, the long roll of wool as it leaves 
the cards for the spinnin^-whejl. 5 Li r tle 
volume. R fheoir, a roll or swathe of hay 
or grass. 

rolagach, -aiche, a. Rolled. 2 In rolls, like 
carded wool or hay. 

rolaj?an,(Dtr) -ain, -annan, s.m. Half-sized cod. 

-truisg, s.m. Half-sized cod. 

r6laich,(CR) *./. Long-continued noise Skj/f. 
R. oraiu, an interminable sony ; naoh aim orra 
tha 'n r. ! ivhat a noise they are making .' 
said of cattle when making a great lowing. 

rolaiK,(DC) -ean, s.f. (variant of r^ihg) One sin- 
gle grave. 

rolair, -ean, s.m. Roller. 2 Ruler. 3**Cylind- 
er. 4**One who rolls ground. 

rolaire.ichd,** s.f. Rolling. 2 Ruling. 3 Em- 
ployment of rolling ground. 

rouus,(DMy) s. Slip-shod way of working. 

rolaiseach,(DMy) a. Slip-shod. Buain r., slip- 
shud r^djiiny. 

rolaist, -ean, s.m. Romance. 2 Declamation. 3 
Exaggeration. 4ttRiS maro l e - 

rolaisteach, -eiche, a. F.ibulous. 2 Gfv;>n to 
exaggeration or declamation. 3 Restless ^of 
children) Suth'd. 

rolan, -ain,** s.m. Roll, volume. 2 Roller which 
turns flyer of sp ; nning- wheel. 

roltach,(MS) K.m Run. 

r6m,* ./. Pubes. 2 Shag. 

r6mach, -aiche, a. Hairy, rongh with hair. 2** 

I Bearded, shaggy. Am fear r., f.'t? hairy cater 

\ r6uiach,(AF) s.m. Hairy caterpillar. 




roma-'nd, see r6ntciead. 

romag, -ai.% -an, *./. Ataolj brose drink of oat- 
HIJ '.Uioiu-y an I wliis-iy 2 jDriak of o atmaal 
aud -^ntk'd. 8 ** Peinala with a 
beard. 4** PuL'ula of a f ^m ila. 

ro.naj;aco,** -a ch , a. II ivi:ig a beard, aa a fe- 
male. 2 H ii'-y, rough, shaggy. 

r6 uaic \-*., comp. >>f rom i -11. 

-, s.f. sea rom lichead. 

romalc'idad, s.f. i nil. ilairiaeaj.roughness.shaK- 

rom is, -ais, -an, s.m. Hairiness. 

romi-sach, .so3 rotnach. 

r.imb.,* see roi.nli. 

ro.uiiad, i>rep.:>ron. rjlrn i + thu) Before thoo or 
you. 2 Previous to you. 3 In your contem- 
plation or iut -mio'i. 4 At you. 5 Of you. 6 
With you. 7 In jpp nici.m -.o you. 6 In pre- 
f< j r"tice to you. Bithidh miser. fhatha;t, I 
will b. ui<sid'.i with, yiu i/etyoa have done 
mj aa ill tun, but I will' pay you otf yet ; i* 
beag tajal a bh' ai^o roranad, little docs he 
drcul you ; 'd6 a tha Ihti 'cur r. ? u> li*t do 
you in'cnl to do } tna tin 'cur iv>,ahi ; u siu a 
dheanam''i, / am d"t^t-mi,n"d to do that ; gabh. 
r., ! !jo about your busin.'s-f, b'yone ! abair r., 
orlabhair r., siy on; am bheil r. dm fiiem a 
mhilloadh ? do yon wan to ruin yourself } 

romhad-sa, empfiat. of romhad. 

romhaibli, prp>P'*on< (roi-nh + sibn) Before you. 
2 la fr jut of you. 3 In preference to you. 4 
In opposition to you. 5 Ujf oro your presence. 
Tha r., you ar* d-'tennimd ; gabhaion r. ! be- 
gone, go your ica / / 

romhaibh-se, emp-'iaticol romhaibh. 

roiiiuaina,** v.a. <& n. Roll. 2 Wallow. 

romhaiuu, prfp.-pron. (roirnh+sinu) Before us. '2 
In front of us. 3 In preference to us. 4 In 
opposition to us. Sheai iad r., they stood be- 
fore us ; irabhaidh e r., hz will oppone us ; cuir 
r., prompt us, dictate to us. 

rom iainn*j, vrnvhat. of roiu iainn. 

romhair,** -can, s.m. Uoller or cylinder for lev- 
elling groun I. 2 Cylindrical rule. 3 One 
who rolls uro'tnd. 

eaehd,*' .s-./. Rolling, levelling; ground. 

romh.un, prsv.pron. (roimh + rai) Before me. 2 
Pric>r to me. 3 In front of me. 4 In prefer- 
ence to in?. 5 In opposition to me. Tna mi 
'cur r., / (>ror,nse ; the"M mi r., / will go my 
way ; 's iomadh linn a chuir mi r., many a 
generation have I put pas'. in*. nnphat. of romham. 

rouiha-i, -ain, -an, s.m. Groan. *2 Wheat, brank, 
se cruithnaachd. 3(CR)Wild talk, raving, 
rig narole, prov 

romhan tich, -,./ Groanin-j, uttering of hollow 
groans 2 Irrational talk. 3 Wild exclama- 
tion, ravino; D<i.ln /. Qhobha. 

ro-mhar,** s.f. Sprinn-lide. 2 Full sea. 

roinhas, -ais, -an, a.m. *ee ro'thaa. 

ro-raheud, s.m. Excessive trreatness. 

ro-mhiann, -a, -an, s.m. Excessive or great de- 

ro-mh;ainach, a. Ex^?ssiv3ly desirous. 

ro-mhoid, -e, s.f. Exca si ve greatness. 

fr i tiliratlh, -aidh, s.>>?. Si^'it. 

romh aib't, see romh :.ibh. 

rom-n,c >is,** a. Yellow an I grey. 

ru-:i >i, pre;>.r>ron. (n> m'l + ivl) Before them. 2 
In front of Ch em. 8 Friar to tb -an. 4 In pre- 
f Tout' i t-> them. 5 In opposition to tliem. 
Dh' iir.ioh iad r., they -c"nt <hi-ir way ; cuir r., 
onpofi- t'tem, th m, dictate to tf<t>m. 
ro;upa-san, emphat. of rom > a. 
rtn, -6in, s.m. Seal, sea-calf. *Fetters for the 
fore feet of a horse Laverary. 3 (Ab') Milk 

whipper or frother. 4* R m of hair on <arae 
5 see roia. Is toigh leinn aa ran ach cha 
toish leinn naidh^achd an roin, we li'k> th- s'al, 
but. not the S'al's nnos which is, that bad 
weathir is at hand ; ron loniil, a cird' of 
hair round the ffothinj-itick ; ionad falaicb 
nan r. slapach, thf hiding-p .ace of the svlath- 
iny s -als. 

frjn, a,. S'.T ng-bodied. 

rouacn, -aich, s.m. Seal-hunt. 2 Saal-huntin^. 

ronach, -aichj, a. Abounding in seals. 2 Shaggy, 
hairy, like a seal. 

ronacnan, -ain, s.m. Fellow resembling a sea- 

ron -n Hi, -aidh, s.m. Club, stake. 

r>n tdurra, a. Very natural. 

ronan, -ain, -an, s.m., dim. of r6n. Little seal or 

roncais, see rongais. 

mg, -a A -oin^e, pi. -an, s.f. Joining spar. 2 
Rung. 3 Any piece of wood by which others 
are joined. 4 Kib or timber of a boat. S 
Staff, bludgeon. Lean, cadaverous-looking 
person. 7 Idle or louuinn.' per.soa. 8 Dronisu 
person. 9* Bandy. 10*H<>op. 
jnsi, -jin*, s.m. The vital spark, life. Cha'n 
'eil r. a:m, he is lifflets. 

rougach, -aicho, a. Of, or belonging to, spars, 2 
bludgeons or slaves. 3 Ribbed, as a boat. 4 
Lean, cadaverous. 6 La/.y, idle, droninj, 
lounging 6 Tedious, linger n.j, delaying. 7ff 
Languishing. 8**Having rungs or spars. 

rongtciiadh, -aidh, s.m, State of oeoming lean 
orm>agTv3. 2 Act of iin^nringor delaying. A' 
r , of rongaich. 

rongaich, v. n. Becom-j lean, bony, meagre or 
cadaverous. 2 Linger, delay, lounge. 3tfr 

rongtichi, s.f.inl. Leanness, ra3^greness. 2 
Idleness, laziness. 3 Loonging. 

ron^air, -ean, s.m. Loiterer, liu^erer. 2 Indo- 
lent, idle or listless fellow. 3 Lean, miagr 
or cadaverous person. 4 Lounge, lounger. 
5**Uoop-driver. 6 Ugly, bi^-noned anun a or 
person. 7 Languishing person. 

rougaireachd,*!. Loitering, lui^ring, de- 
lay. 2 Laziness, idleness. 3 Leanness, mea- 
greness. 4* Tedious.drawling, lounging m tn- 
ner, sluggishness. dronUhness. 5**Hoop-drir- 

rongais, -ean, s.m. see rousas. 

ron^as, -ais, pi. -an A -ais, *. m. Joining-spar, 
rung. 2 Timbers or ribs of a boat, see bita. 
E3, p. 73. 3 Staff, bludgx>n. 4 Bnt, ban ly. 
5 Baluster. 6**Hoop. 7**in derision, Dronish 

rdn-inara.(AF) a.m. Seal. 

ron-mulbhach,(AF) s.m. Sea-calf. 

rou-mullacii, see ron-mulbhacn. 

tronn, -a, -an, s.m. C.iain. 2 Bond, tie. 

ronn, -oiiin, -an, . m Slaver, spittle. 2 Any 
drop of lijuil of a ropy consistency. 3 
Rheum. Piobair nan roan, a nickname for 
a slovenly plpjr. 

ronnach, -aicho, a. Abounding in spittle or sa- 
liva. 2 Ropy, visoo is, ^1 uinous, (of liquors.) 
3 Slavering. 4 Causing saiiNaiiou. 5 (WC) 
see reannach. Rim balgam r. dheth, he 
ma ie it a th<-m> of xtavfrmy *-..//. 

rounach,* -aich, *./. .Slav-'.-in^, "irty female. 
, -aich, s.m. sou ranuaoh. 

rounaouadh, -aidn, s.m. Act or state of slaver- 
ing or emitting -saliva. 'i State of baeomiugf 
ropy. 3 Act of rendering viscous or ropy. 4 
Salivation, slaver. A' r , of ronuaicu. 

ronnaih,** -aidh, t.m Club, start. 
ronuag, -aig, -an, see reaunag. 




tonu.sach, -aich<j, a. see return i>;acii. 

rouuaicu, v.a. J: n iSpii, emit stliva. 2 Become 
rop> ur viscid, 3 iviuue ropy or viscid. 

roa.ian,, $.m. Slavering person, driveller, 

- 'lachd, s.f. Discharging of spittle or sa- 

ilvu. 2 ilabil uf slav-jruig or spitting. 

ronuairi-aciiU, .-./. \V hen u>e ui the bnj- 
pipes necin to be payed with senile in the 
ru inter J/'ir.i//ni<//i. Alunditir. 

rounau, -aiu, -an, n.m. see roun. 

rouii-chr.ios, -aois, -an, s.tu. Slavering or slab- 
bering muUih. 

acb, -aiche, a. Emitting slaver or 


roui.gj,ii, a. tn. Slaver. Seididh Uisdeau piob 
.in n>:.iugai.i, Hiiyfi will blow thejstaot'rinj pipe 
U<.mn. ban p. l$9. 

romi-.ihaiar.t -air, s.m. Rheumatism. 2 Saliva- 
iio i. o Ua aiT.i. 

rouusacuada, see rannsarhadh. 

ro-jiruiK-irceas,** -IMS, s.m. Excellency. Air son 
ro-ou-d.ieirceas edlais, for the excelUncy uf 

tro olaon, -, Crapitalatus viuo. 

rop. ;>/-.pi. a ropadh, v.a. Fasten with ropes. 2 
Enuiugle, ravei. 3* Sell by auction, ittiiivet. 
Itt g-ves ropa for No. 3.J 

top,* u.u. Gore. 2 Tear open a bag with a 
Kiiife. o L'ji out the viscera with a Kuife. 

r6p, -a, -an, Rope. '1 Tow. 3 Collection 
of seaweed floated along for convenience of 
lauding. 3* Auciiou. 4 (AF) Any creature 
that digs for ltd food, or that draws it-s food 
towarus it, as a cow, (also rap.) Cas ropa, 
a hair-rupt iiffd as a stirrup. [tf gives pi. 
rop^icheao. ** gives gen. siwj. roip.j 

ropacu, -aiche. a. Of, or belonging to, ropes. 
v Like a rope. 3 Furuished \vitti ropes. 4 
Made of ropea. 5 Abouuding ia heaps of sea- 
weed. Slovenly, squalid, uuiuethodical, (of 
a person.) 7 Ravelled, a Moppy 9 Entangl- 
ed. 1U ^L)U) Slow. 11* see rounach. 

ropaoh, o. V iscoiu, glutiuous. 

ropadair, -eau, *.w. Rope-maker, cordwainer. 
i**see ropaiuntar. 

eaciid, s.f. Rope-making, cordwaining. 

ropadh, -aidn, *./n. Fastening, aci of fasteuiug 
with rop**. 2 Act of entangling or 3 Ravel- 
ling. A 'r , of i op. 

ropag, -aix, -an, s.f. Slut, slovenly woman. 

ropaiche, t.f.ind. Slovenliness. 5J Sluttishness. 

r6pamu,** *. Sale by auction. 2 see reubamu. 

ear, S.M. Auctioneer. 

ropair/* t.m. Rapier. 2 Treacherous person, 
o Rohber (robair.) 

rdpair, -eau, t.m. Sloven. 2 Fabulist. 3 Auc- 
noue c r. 4(DU) Unmethodical person. 

eacbd, *,l. Slovenliness. 2, Tedious 

rehearsal, uonseu->ical tales. 

r6pal. ..til, .J/*. Rnapsody, vain idle talk, va- 
pouring, vauniiug. Khapsodical. 

ropa n , -am, pi. -an & -am, s. m., dim. of rop. 
i-it.le coid, small rope. 

ropai.acb, -aiclie, a. Aboundine: in little cords. 

rdp-uarraicn,(l>M^) 6. Rope made of twigs of 
bircn twisted togetuer W. coast, of Ros*. 

ro-pnrn, s.f. Gr^au price, great value. 

eaUchd,** *./. Excjlleuce, great worth, 

preciouiness, traascendeiit value. 

roi-cim,* -aim, a. ". Liburality with much os- 
lauc.iuoa, dealing out, excun.siveiy among a 
family, as provisions. I Hospitality. 3 
AOui y to staad fatigue. 

to. aiuaca,* -,'icne, a. LiboraL 2 La->tiuri lou^, 
c u d being capable of dividiug well iu a faui- 

iiy, as provisions, profusely hospitable. 

roramach I,' t.f.ind. Liberality. 2 Extensive 
ustfuin^ss in a 1'am ly. 

rorcual.(AF) s. \Miale. 

rort,** -ojrl, s.m. Ivua, race. 

rorta'lli,** -uidii, * m. Flowing over. 

rorual, see rorcaal. 

r6s, -6is, -an, *. m Rose. 2 Red or rose-like 
colour. 3 Erysipelas [with the article an.] 
[ttgivcs j.n.vinj. -a.J 

ros, -ois, -tin, ,s.?/i. Seed. 2** Linseed. 3 Prom- 
ontory. 4 Isthmus. 5 Peninsula. |6 rarely, 
Science, knowbdge. 7* J *Araole land. R.-liu, 
li-nseeii. (Jha'n 'eil r. again, 1 /too* no know- 
ldge. ; cha d" fhuair mi r. air, 1 did not get 
knoicledjf of him; An r. Mnileacn, the pen,.ii- 
sulu or promontory of Mail. 

ros, a' rosadii, v. a. it- ?i. Shake off seed 
or grain from its stalk, as by wind in au- 
tumn. 2 Be stripped of seed or ^rain. 3 De- 
feat, miscarry, disappoint. f4 Create, make. 
R. e orm, / have bean disappointed in it ; r. 
an lar bracha seo.t/u'syfoor of malt miscarried, 
or went wrong. -a-, -achan, s. see r6st. 

tro.s, a. Pleasant, pretty, delightful. 

rosach, -aiche, a. Rosy, red, as a rose. 2 A- 
bounding in roses. 

rosach. -aiciie, a. Seedy, full of seed. 2 Shak- 
ing off seed or grain from the stalk. 3*Disap- 
pomting, defeating. 

ro.sachd,** n.f. Kuchantment. 2 Charm. 2 

rosad, -aid, -an, s.m. Mischief, mischance, mis- 
fortune. Z Low, mean, d^picable person. 3 
**Fatnity. 4 Buchantmdufc, evil spell. 5 
Charm. Witchcraft. 7* Disappointmeuu. 
8tf Worthless person. 'Ue an r. a rug ort ? 
what the mischief came over yon ? 

rosadach, -aiche, a. Mischievous, hurtful. 2 Un- 
fortunate, untoward. 

rosadii, -aidn, s.m. Shaking, act of shaking 
seeds of corn from the stalk, as by wind. & 
State of being denuded of .seed. t3 Creating. 
4* see rosad. A 1 r , of ros.., 

r6sag,** -aLj, s.f. Rose-troe. 

roaaicli,** v.a. Cover or bedeck with roses. 

rosaid, see roisoid. 

each, see roiseideach. 

rosail, see rosach. 

fro.sal, -ail, s.m. Judgment. 

rosal,(AC) s.m. Schoji, college. 

rosan,** -ain, s.m. Shr.ib. 

rosan,** s.m. Sing-son^. 

ros-au-ceol, s.m. iNightiiigale, see spideag. 

ro.saun,** -ainn, s.m. Roasting. 

ros-au-t-soluis, s. m. Round-leaved sundew 
drosira rotundijlora, (ill. G'J5.) 

rosar.iacli, -ai:h, -oan, s.m. Piace where rosei 
grow, rose-garden. 

rosbach,** a. Bleared. 

rdsbachd, s.f. Blearoduess. 

rosbaich,** v. Blear. 

ro.-bnaii,** -ain, s.m. Apple of the eye., -eil & -eoil, pi. -an,s.?. Rosy mouth, 
rosy lips. 

ach, a. Rosy-mouthed. 2 Rosy-lipped. 

rosblach,** a. Dim-sighted, sand-blind. 

rosblactid,** s.f. Uiumess. 

rosb-shuileach,*" a. Blear-eyed. 

rbs-chraun, -ainu, s.m. Rose-bush or tree. R.- 
garai.lh, a garden rose-tree. 

r6;-chrumach, -aicne, o. Abounding m rose- 
i u-lies. 

r6^-chrayb'i, s.f. Rhododendron. 

rosd, see roi ,L. 

r6sdadu, see 




605. Rdg-an-t-soluis. 

rosdadh, see ror-tadh. 

ro-'ihool, K.m. Highest of a ship's sail*, top-gall- 
ant.s. 2 KuH *f\.i\*Sdr-Obair. 

r6 .lh<\irg, -d > ir je, a lilushin? as the rose. 

ro <j, roisg A rui^g, pi. -an & ruis;, s.m. Eye 
li.l. 2 Eye-las'i. a Th* eye. 4 Eye.s'g'it. . 
Dawn, understanding. 6 Inciti j m.'nt to bat 
tle, war-oda. 7 Prose, writing. Is loin 
an t-suil g-in au r., naked is the ey? that ivant 
an. ei'c a*h. 

roHBach, niche, a. Having large or full eyes. 2 
Having hand.some eyes. 3 Having largo or 
loi>!{ ey-lashes. -1 Angry. 5**Wise. knowing. 

6 Of, or belonging to, eyes or eye-lids. 7** 
"Pawning. 8**Clear-sijihted. 

rosgadh,** -aidh, s in. Eyesight/. 2 Eye-lid. 3 
Kye-lash. 4 Eye. 5 Looking. 6 Observation. 

7 Dawn. 8 Dilution, 
ro^gail, -e, a. Clear-sighted. 
rosjal,**-ail, g.m. Joy, pleasure. Dh' eirich r. 

'nad chridhe. jot/ ros? in thy heart. 

tros<;-catha, s.rn. Speech to an array, incite- 
ment, to battle. 

frosg-dhalladh, s.m. Error, mistake. 2 Blind- 

rosg-fhradharc,** -airc, s.m. Sharp sight, clear 
sight. 2 Vision. 

rosg-fhradharcach, -aiche, a. Sharp-sighted, 

r6*-gharaidh, x.m. Cultivated rose. 

rostlach,**' -aiche, a. Joyful, glad, merry, 

,** -aiche, a. Sharp-sighted, quick- 
sighted, clear-lighted. 

ro-she6l,x.m. Highest sails of a ship, top-gallants. 
2 Full-sail ,^"ar-06air. 

rosj^-shuileach.* a. Sharp-sighted. 2 Having 
Itng eye-lashas. 

rosg-troghad, s. Soft rolling eyes. 2 Full-orb- 
ed eyutSar-Obair. 

ris-lachan, *. Duckweed, see mac-gun-athair. 

rosladh,** -aidh, Assation. 

ros-lin. 5.m. Flax seed. 

rbs-Mairi,$ a.m. Common rosemary, old man 
rosmarinii.K ufiic.inatig. 

r6s-Mairi-fiadhaich, s.m. Marsh andromeda 
llit. wild rosemary) andromeda polifolla. 
[The plant rosemary belongs to a different 
order !abiatof.~\ Badge of Clan Rose. 

ro~-mall,5 s.m. Hollyhock althaea rosea. 

r6>-.Muire, see ros-Mairi. 

ros-.ian-con s.7. Dog-rose rasa caninn. 

ibi or,?s.m. Wood loose-strife or yellow pimper- 

07. Rbs-nan-con. 
) see seamrag-Muire. 

rosp,* s.f. F>lear '-ye. 

rosp-stmilearh. -eiche, a. see reasg-shuileach. 

r6s--ior-gheal,** s.vr. Rosemary. 

ro^t, -a, -acli^n. t.m. Roast, piece of roast meat. 

rost, v.a. .see 

ros'a, .soe r6it *. 

rosia^h,** a. R as(i ig, toasting. 

rostadh,** - udh, g.m. Mishap. 

ro^tadh, -aidh, Roasting, as of meat. 2 
Roa--t. Ft-6il air a r., fl*gh roastfd. A' r of 

rot,(CR) . m. Anything thick. R. maide. a 
thick stick ; r. cai'lich, a corpulent woman 
W. of Rosst'Sh ire. 

rot, -oit, -an. s.m. Belch, belching. 2 Bnrnting, 
as of waves, prov. 3 (DMy) Driving, chas- 
ing, as of cattle, in tha corn or preserved pas- 
ture. R. air a* cliladach, icaveg breaking un 
the xhore, 

ot,(DU) s.m. Lumpish person. 

rotacal, -ail, s.m. see racadal. 

otach,-aich,s.ARush at starting, running.boun'l. 
2 The Oux. 3 Circle of mud gathered by a 
female's dress off a muddy road. 4 Iland- 
rattle, used to frighten cattle from corn or 
grass. 5 Storm -Sitth'ri. 

rotach,(DU) a. Aledinm-sized, stumpy, lump- 

rotadh, -aidh, S.HI. see roodhtach. 
rotadh, -aidh, -aidhean, s.m. Cutting out, divi- 
din a:, prov. 

o'ag,(CR) s.f. Stone not greater than that two 
could be lifted by a man W. of Ro*. B. 
cloiche, a small s on-*. 

otaiche, s.f.ind. Bursting of waves. 

6ta'dh, see reo Ihta. 

6tair, -ean, s.m. Clumpy, awkward fellow. 2* 
Slaver. 3* Sloven. 4 ft Lazy fellow. 

eachd. s.f. Clumsiness, awkwardness. 2 


otal, -ail, s.m. The wake of a ship under sail. 
rotan, -am, s.m. Redness. 
obanach,(PU) s.m. Anything of middling size. 

II. lalaich, a well-grown boy. 
oth, -a, -an, s.m. Wheel. 2**Rim of a wheel. 

3 Halo. Tha r. mu'n ghealaich, there is a ha o 

round the moon; r. a' mhuilinn, the mill-wheel; 

r.-cartach, a cart-wh>>cl ; r. m6r, the driving 

wheel of spinninfl -wheel ; eadar na rothan, be* 

iwtrn iJi e. wheels. 

1 Aiseal, axle, 

2 Bachall, hoop, tyre (iron ring on wheel.) 

Crudha. Cearcall. 

3 Bannan-ciche, nave-bands. 

4 Bas, spnk?. Clar. JJSpog. Tarsnan-rotha, 

(pi.} svokes. 

6 Calrt-cheap, nave. Ccap-chartach. Grub. 
JJCrubh. (,MS)ImUag-rotba. Cioch n 





6 Orann-aisil, axle-tret. 

7 Cuairsgean, f-ltot, Foilea*. Roth, thf fel- 

lor* tg>thtr. Reim. (\VC)Uuairtloan. 

8 Orarauiohe. t/-v; ; /'r a catch to hold the 

whoel \vlien driving ou ste^p gr jund. 
Heam, rim. Roithlean. Ruitnleau. 

10 Tarunn-aisil, lynch-pin pin that keeps 

the wheel on axle. Tarruug-cuibhle. 

11 Slioa, Haiyjt. 

roth, t?.o. Wheel, coil, alio rothaig. 

rotha, -n, a.m. Screw. 2 Vica. 3 see rola. 

rutha'.'h. -aiche, a. Furnished with wheels. 2 
dimmed, as a wheel. 3**Rotular. 

rothachadh, -aidh, s.m. Swathing. 2 Act of 
swathing, wrapping up or shrouding. A' r , of rothaich. 

rothach-trasha, see praiseach-tragha. 

rothadair, -<>an,*.w. Wheelwright. 

eachd.tfs-/. Business of a wheelwright. 

rothadh, -aidh, s m. Wheeling. 2 Coiliug. A' 
r , of roth. 

rot had h, Arran for redthadh. Uiageanan rbdh- 
adh, iciclfi. 

rothaich, a' rotbacbadh, v. a. Twine, roll, 
swathe, wrap up, shroud. 

eadh. -eidb, see rothachadh. 

te, past pt. of rothaich. Swathed, wrap- 
ped tip, shrouded. 

rothaidhs, -an, s.m. Cyclist. 

achd, s.f.ind. Cycling. 

rothaig, v.a. see rothaich. 

eadh, -eidh, s.m. <fc of rothaig.see 


te, past pt. of rothaig. see rothaichte. 

rothair, -ean, s.m. Cylinder. 2 Roller. 

rothaireacnd, s.f.ind. Wheeling. 2 Spinning. 

rothan, -ain, pi. -an, [& -ain] s.m., dim. of roth. 
Little wheel. 2 Little riui. 

ach, -aiche, a. Having little wheels. 

rothar, *. Bagpipe-chanter -Rob Donn. 

rothar, -air, -an, s.m. Cycle. 

rothar-da-chuidhleach, .v.m. Bicycle. 

rothar-tri-rothan, a.m. Tricycle. 

rothas,(WC) -ai*, *. m. Knowledge, acquaint- 
ance. Cha'u 'eil r. agam air, 1 am not ac- 
quainted with. him. 

rot has, see ros. 

roth-fiaclacb, t.m. Cog-wheel. 

rothlag, see r61ag. 

roth lair, -ean, s.m. see rothair. 

rothlas, -ais, t.m. Evolution, 

ro-thoil, -e, * f. Great desire. 2 Great willing- 
ness. Bha r. agam / was greatly dfsirous, 

each, a. Very desirous. 

ru. * m. Rue. 2 Plants resembling rue. 

fru, see run. 

tuadh, -aidhe, a. Reddish, of a reddish colour, 
ruddy. 2 Red in general. 3 Red-haired. 4 Dri- 
ed, scorched. 5* Brown. An tail r., or an dile 
r., the general d'fit.7<? ; ssillinu r., a penny ; 
Seumasr., red-haired James. 

ruadh,* -aidh, t.m. Reddish colour, redness. 

ruadh, -aidh, *./. Deer, hind, roe. 2 Red-d^er. 
^''Strength, virtue. 4(MS) St. Anthony's fire, 

ruadh, -a, a. Strong, valiant. 

luadhachadh, -aidh, s.m. Reddening, act of 
makin red. 'I State of becoming red. A' r , of ruidhaich. 

ruadhadh, -aidh, y.m. Making red or brown. 2 
Becoming red, brown or tanned. 3 Rusting. 

4 Blushing. Mar ghad air r., like a rutted bar. 
Kuadhag, -aig, -an, t.f. dim. of ruadh. Young 

deer, hind or roe. 2 Robin, see bru-dhearg. 

5 (AF) Crab. 4**Goat. An r. a 1 spioladh air 
t' uaigh, the younj roe browsinj on Liiy yrave. 

ruad'iagiil.J -e, s.f. Thrift, 
ruadhaich, a' ruadhachadh, v.a. & n Rod- 
d?n, ra i!je red. 2 Redden, become rod. 3 
Embrown, b 'comj brown. 4;DMy) tixpj-jeor 
poiut out a p -rson. R. e mach mi, h? expns'd 
m*, or pointed mt out. 

-e, (MS; '. Carrot i ness. 
te, pa-it pt. of ru idhaich. Raddenecl, 

made red. 2 Jiecomj red. 

ruadha'g,** f)tn.s>ng. of ruadhag. 

ruadhain,** a. Fusty. 

iachd,***.f. Fustiness. 

ruadhair, se ruamhair. 

ruatihan, -ain, *-.m. Mineral scurf that collects 
on the surface of wells an>l other waters. 2 
Sediments mixing with agitated water*. 3 
Any kind of meat overdone iu cooking. 4 Rud- 
dle, any substance that dyes brown. 5 Lled- 
dishness, brownness, reddish or brown tinga. 
Tha 'n t-iasg 'na r., tha 'n t-arau 'ua r., tha na 
h-uighean 'iian r., thf fish, bread, egys are ovrr- 
eookfd ; biru glan gun r., dear water without 
a brown tinge. 

ruadhan.(AF) s.m. Robin. 

-aille,(AF) s.m. Sparrow-hawk. 

ruadhar, see ruamhair. 

ruadharach, see ru imharach & ruatharach. 

ruadharadh,** -aidh, see ruamhar & ruathar. 

ruadh-bharr, s.m. Rhubarb. 

ruadh-bhiast, -an, s. m. Moor-fowl, prov. 

ruadh-bhoc, -bhuic, pi. -an & -bhuic, s.m. Roe- 

ruadh-bhoinne, see ruadh-bhuinne. 

ruadh-bh6rd, s.m. The plank next to the garb 
in a boat. 

ruadh-bhuidhe, a. Of a reddish-yellow colour, 

ruadh-bhuinne, s. /. Mountain torrent. 2 Tor- 
rent embrowned by being impregnated with 
peat. 3**Flood-water. 

ruadh-chailc, -e, s.f. Ochre, ruddle. 

ea<h, a. Oehreous. 2 Asphaltic. 

ruadh-chreadh, -a, s.f. Rjd clay, ruddle. a. Pertaining to red clay. 

ruadh-ohu,(AK) s.m. \Volf. 

ruadh-laith, s.f. Choler. 

each,** a. Choleric. 

ruadh-thnil, -e, -ean, s.f. Great flood, hill tor- 
rent reddened by the peat in mossy grounds 
through which it passes. 2 The deluge. 

ruag, a' ruagadh, v. a. Pursue, course, 
chase. 2 Put to flight. 3 Persecute, harass. 

ruagach, -;uche, a. Pursuing, that pursues or 
puts to flight. 2 Persecuting, harassing. 3 
Scaring;, dispersing, banishing, like a pursuit 
or flight. 

ruagadh, -aidh, s.m. Pursuing. 2 Act of pursu- 
ing or putting to flight, pursuit, flight, dis- 
persion. 3 Persecuting, harassing. A' r , of ruag. 

ruaguir, -ean, s.m. Pursuer, chaser, hunter. 2 
Auy dislodging instrument. 3 Wed^e. 4 
Latch of a door. 5 Small bullet, swan-shot, 
slug. 6**Kugitive, outlaw, wanl^rjr. 7 Per- 
secutor. 8**B ir, bolt. 9 Any instrument used 
for scaring birds or other" creatures. 10** 

eachd, s.f.ind. Pursuing, hunting, chasing. 

2 Persecution. 

ruagalaiche,** s.m. Fugitive. 2 Gipsy. 

ruaghag, sea ruadhag. 

ruayhan, see 

ruaichill,** v.a. Buy, purchase. 

te, past pt. of ruaichill. 

ruaidh, (jen. <L- voc. sing, of ruadh. 

ruaidh,** v a. Redden, embrown. 

ruaidhe, s. f. ind. Kednes.s, ruddiness. 2 DcfecJ 




in fir timb3r. 3 Erysipelas [with the art. an.] 
4 NVUic-raih Arran. 5 (AFjRash in cattle. 
6* Herpes, shines, 
ruaidhe, comp. of ruaxlh. 
ruaidhie,** g.m. Po.n 1 worn-down creature, 
ruai'lniniv,** *'. Cochineal, 
truaidnneach. -ich, sf. Hair, 
ruaidli-rinn,** Bed points or edges, 
ruaig, (OR) s.f. Shower of r iin P^rllishirt. 
ruaiy;, -e, -eau, s.f. Pursuit, hunt, chase. 2 
FlT-lib, defeat, prec'picat-3 retreat, 3 Perse- 
cution. 4 Scaring a\vav, dispersion, banish- 
ment. ThogUd an r., ike-i Look up th-> par- 
suit ; chuir sinn an r. orr.i, itv th^in to 
flight; gibh iad an ruai.jf, tA-'.y took to.fti-j'" ; r. 
an tuirc, the buar-hnni ; ruaig siounaich.a/jj;- 
ch (tie. 

ruaig, see ruag. 
ruauidh, fut.a/.a,. of ruaig 
ruaille, -an. s.f. Poor, wretched female. 
ru ailpeach, s.m. Alpine rue. 
ruaim, -e, -ean, s.f. Flush of au^er on the face. 

Bffftdd scum. 3 Fi^himj-liuo. 4 Line, 
fruaim, -ean, s.f. Aid. si-tree, 
ruaimeanach,** -icl), s.m. Marsh, 
ruaimhseanta,* a. Jolly, hearty though very 
old. Islay. 

ehd,* s.f.ind. Heartiness of an 

old person, vigour. 

ruaimill,* v.<t. Humble, agitate, as water, 
ruaimle, -an, .<?. /. Bed mu Idy water, dirty 
pool, standing water impregnated with clay. 
2 see ruaim. 

ruaimleacb, -eiche, a. Muddy, as water, turbid, 
agitating. Conadh r., dark ragtMoladh an 
Lcdinhainn. Uu r., muddily. 

,tt s.m. Bed, muddy water or mire. 

ruaimleachadh, -atdh, s.m. Agitating. 2 Act of 
agitating water. 3* Muddiuess of water. A' 
r , of ruaimlich. 
ruaimleachd,** s.f. Muddiness. 
ruaimleadh,* s.m. see ruainileachadh. 2 Water- 
lily Colontay. 

ruaimleachd, s.f.ind. Muddiness, turbidness. 
ruaimlich, a' ruaimleachadh, v. a. Agi- 
tate as fluid. 2ftMake muddy. 

te, past pt. of ruaimlich. 

ruaimueach, -eiche, a. Strong, active, robust, 
ruaimneachd, s./.ind.StrengUi, activity, robust- 
ruain,** .f. Kind of weed which gives a red- 

d\*h colour, 
ruamoach, -eiche, a. Fierce. 2 Froward. 3 


ruauieachd,** s.f. Fierceness, 
ruainiilh,** -e, a. Beddish. 2 Strong, able. 3 

,** a.m. Strong, boisterous fellow. Maol- 

r., see maol-ruainidh. 
ruainn, ** *./. Water in which dye stuff is boil 


k-uainne, s.f. see r6in. 
ruais,* s.f. Bhapsody. 2 Bhapsodist. 

,** -ean. s. in. Clown, sluggish, stupid fel 

low. 2 Noisy fellow, 
ruaisealachd,** t.f. Clownishness. 2 Disorderli 

ruaiseil.* -e, a. Bhapsodical. 2 **Clownish, 


truaitnne, a. Beddish green, grey, 
mam,* -aim, s.m. Kind of plant used in dyeing 

truamb,* -aimh, -an, s.f. Spade. 2JYellow bed 

straw, see ruin, 
ruamhair, a' ruamhar&a' ruamhradh.w.a 

Delve, dig with a spade. 2 see rnathair. 
.ruauihar, -air, s.m. Delving. 2 Act of delving o 

digging; with a spulo. 3 Stirring up. 4 ie 

ruaihar. A'r~,pr.i. of ruimhur. 
ruamharac)i, ** a. l>i;gi"g. delving. 2 Stirring, s.m. Oelvur. 
rua utiradh, -ai In. see rirnnlrir. 
ruim irai In, /(/.'. aff a. of rua nh tir. 
ru imnich,** a. [nlgninr,, .uigry. 
rua'n.iadii,** -ai.lh.s.yn,. Beprojf. 2 Reprehen- 

ruanauh, a. Firm, steadf ist, stony. 2 Fierce, 

ru^ifi.c id, s.f. Fiction, novel, romance. 2 liar- 


ruanaicho,** s.m. B'im incer. 2 Harauguer. 
rua'iaidii,** a. Bed, reddish. 2 Strong, ole. 3 

Chtri table. 
ru tnii Hi,** x.f. Anger. 2 Darkness. 3**Strong 

boisterous fellow. 


60S. Rttanaidk. 60^. 

;-uiai<lh. -,-. Sheep's sorrel -r:rt,"x ncelotfU*. 
The >;e> i d-b .-ai'i'i!* part is ca''i>d sctmh. 
lanail,** a. Lying, false, untrue, fictitious. 

nap ais,* -ean. v./. dig narol'i. 

raar, (I)VIu) Used in the phrase, Mo ruar, my 
tit*mbl* one. Sitth'd. 

ruar, -air, see ruamhir & ruathar. 

ruaracan,** -ain, s.m. Floundering. 2 Grovel- 

ruarach, see ruatharach. 

,** s.m. Lmr, romancer. 

rnaradh, -aidli, see ruat haradh. 

ruashual,(AF) sm. Lamprey. 

ruathag, .see rnadhaii. 

ruatnair, v.a. Rurnnvigo. 2 Make sudden on- 
set, fi-'-ht. 3 see runmliair. 4 (DMy)Kpidem- 
ic. Tlia r. 'sail teagi.lach said whn one af- 
ter another would rail ill anJ the cause was 
not definitely ivnown. 

ruathar, -air, -an, *.. Violent on-vt, fierce 
attack, rush. ? Force, violence. 3 Force pro- 
duced by motion. I Expedition. 5 Skir- 
mish. Misfortune, sudden unexpected cal- 
amitv. 7 Hurried exertion. 8 lurasion. 9 
Pillage. 10 Incursion. 11 Heat. 

ruatharach. aictie, a. Making * sudden or vio- 
lent onset or attack. 2 Having; much force or 
velocity. 3 Unfortunate, bringing a sudden or 
unexpected calamity. 4 Struggling. 5 Skir- 
mishing. 6 Rushiujj. 7 see ruamharach. 

ruatharachadh,** -aidh, s.m lagging-, dolviug, 
stirring up. 2 Bushing, making an onset. 

raathara che,** x.m. Attacker. 

ruathradh, -aidh, -aiilhean, a.m. see ruamhar, 
ruathar & ruarahradh. 

rub, a' rubadb, v.a. Bub. 

ruba, s. Small quantity of wool Skyt. 

rubach,** a. Bubbing. 2 Prona to rub. 

rubadh, -aidh, s.m. Buhbiug. 2 Act of rub- 
bing, friction. A' r , of rub. 
rubaig, see rub. 
eadh, see rubadh. 




riii>iil, a. f. Tumult. I Rambling. 3 (AH) 

Rumbling niisa in the intesti u-s. 
runir, -san, .*.m. R'ibber, one who rubs. 2 Any 

ins:rument with which oni rub* or scrapes, 
truoan, -am, -an, t.m. ft arrel, anker. 2 Rab iar. 
rubin, -ain, -au, t.m. Ruby. 2(DM/^ Ribbon. 
rii baa^, s. wi. Lesser maa-low rue thalictrtun 

rn bhallaidh,} *. m. Rue fern a*pZ*/mm rwfa I 


rubhadh, -aidh, g.m. see rugha-lh 
rubrng,** -aig, ./. Thong of b?mp or flax. 2 

Shoemaker's wax-end. 3*Pulling, snatching 


rubta, ?>a.<it pt. of rub. Rubbed, 
tuc, -uic, -an & -anuan, *. m. Rick of hay or 

corn. 2 Heaped measure. 3 (AF) Sow, pig. 

(also rue.) 
rue,* v.a. Make ricks. 2 Build peats into small 

rucach,** o. Abounding in ricks.. 2 Like a 

rucail, *./. see rocail & ruchail. 2(WC)Noise 

in the bowels, 
rucan, -ain, -an, s.m., dim of vuc. Small round 

bill. 2 Small rick of corn or hay. [also rucan.] 
rucan, see ruchan & rue. 
ruoanach, see rucharnach. 
rucanach,** a. Abounding'in stacks of corn, 
rucas, -aK s.m. Fondness.'keen d?sire. foolish 

tenderness. 2 Arroganc3, pri.lo, forward- 
ness, sauciness. 3 Fawning, fondling. 4* 

Jostling kind of foudmss. 5**Fnsk. Le r. bhi 

'g ad fhdirneadh, with arrojance intruding 

rucasach, -aiche, a. Fond, foolishly fond of any 
one. 2 Arrogant. 3 Fawniu*, fondling. 4 
Frisking. 5 Forward, p^rt, saucy. 

d, s./ nui. see rucas. 2$J Habit of fond 

ling. 3 Fawning. 4 Fondness, foolish fon I 
ness, keen desire. 5 Arrogance. 6ft" Foolish 

ruchail,** .A Hoarse voice, hoarseness. 2 Any 
hollow, hoarse sound. 3 Croasmg. 4 Rum 
( bling. 5 Grunting. 6 Tearing, rending. 
ruchail/CK) v.a. Rummage A rran. 
ruchall,** -aill, s.m. Fetter, 
ruchan, -ain. -an, s.m. The throat. 2**Wind 
pipe. 3 Wheezing or rattling in the throat. 
4 Hoarse 

ach, -aiche, a. Wheezing. 

ruchd, -a, -an, s.m. Grunt. 2 Belch. 3 Retch- 
ing. 4 Rumbling noise. 5** .Mask. 6**So\v, 
pig. 7**Kntrails. 8 Lamentation. 9 see rue. 
ruv-iid, see rue. 

ruchd, a' ruchd til, v.a. Grunt as a sow. 
2 Hetch gr'rxniirjly. 3 Belch. 4 Make a 
hoars noise, shouc, croak. 5 Make a rumbl- 
in: noise, roar, 
truchd, see rio -hd. 
ruchd.** a. Vehement, 
rui-h lach, see rucach. 

rftehdaeb, -aiche. a. Grunting. 2 Belching 3 
Retching. 4 Croaking hoarsely. 5. Making a 
rumbling noise. 
ruc'idadh, -aidh, s.m. <k pr. pt. of ruchd, see 


ru -hdail, -e, s.f. Grunting, as of a sow. 2 Belch- 
111^'. 3 Ret hin^. 4 Humbling noisa. 5 
Hoarse noise. Hoarseness of the voice. 7 
CJruaking. 8 (DMy) Ciiokinjr with cough, 
/'ringing. A'r , pr. pr. of ruch-l. 
ruchd in.** -ain, s.m. Throat. 

in the throat, 
ru -n Ian, see rucan. 
rud, -uid, -an, t.m. Thing, matter, affair, busi- 

nos-s, c tvuni'i'.anc''. - -Sin ill quantity of any- 
ih'ng. 3 i 1 nu of contempt. 4 Memorial 
virile. Ciod a i r. a tha thu 'g radii? w.'iat 
(trr yn>.i.-ti/ini ? r mho-a'ch lyo'inaa-ft/ thing.' 
ag.n r. eiie di^th, an I icio 'h->r 1:11,19; an r. 
iia.'hbni-i d'ir, na bun da, do not md\i',e 
with tcha' d')-* :t,ot co.-icern you ; rud air cuur- 
';i'^nin, ti.ini't'ii-ij ur ot'ttr. 

ru 'a, see rufci. t Age I tip or three-s v iear riia 
in L*wi*, wlurj a young ram i; ,-eithe. 

ru lach, -aic'K-, a. Concjrui'd i.i many things, 
busy. 2 O', m I 3 Ir II. .g. 4 
(Oft) Kindly alt^n.ive. 5 Arrt-ciion ..ce 
Perthtkir*, tij H>>p;table. 7** Particular 
ah.iut small m i.tter.s. 

rudadh, (A(J) a. Obitinate. 

riidail,(OMK) s.f. Uumblmg noise in the bow- 
el -\Caithn^<s. 

rud&innte,' see rndanach. 2 a. Particular, 
snuiiA'liat o.l 1. 3 Done. 

rudan, -aiu,-an, s.m., aim. of rud. Little thing, 

rudan, -ain, pi. -an [& -ain**,] s.m Knuckls. 2 
Pastern the part of a horse's foot between 
ankle and hoof. 3 Ten lou. 

rudau, of rud. Things. 

ru tan,** -aiu, s.m. Little thing. 2 Pudenda 

aiche, a. Odd, quser, comical. 2 
3 Abounding in trules. 4 Particu- 



Tr. fling, 

rii lanach, -aiche, a. Knuckled. 2 Having; or stro ig knuc'tles. 3 Of, or belonging 
to, a knuckl?. -1 Sinewy, stron.j, robust. 

ru lanacha Iti.(AH) s.m,. Fisticuffs. 

rudanacnd, s.f.ind. Pragmtticaluess. 

riulauaich,* v.a. Dress. z(AH) Engage in fisti- 

rudu,s,(AH) t.m. " Push," enterprise. 

ach,(AH) a. Unduly enterprising- A rgyll. 

rudh, ruidii, s.m. see ru. 

rudh, see ru;n. 

rudha, *.7n. Point of land, promontory. 2ttsee 
rudhadii. Feuca am faar thu M r.tdn*. stf if 
t/oit t-a/i weather the point ; cuitidh soo rudha 
seachad, this will t-jroe for om- turn ', mar a' 
chuan air ruadh r., like the tea on a bsown 

rndh-AItpeaoM s.m. Alpine meadow rue t/ia- 

lictnun a'vinnm. 
rudhach, -aiche, a. Abounding in points of land 

or promontories. '2 Blusiuug. 3 Causing 

blushes. 4 Blooming, rosy, ruddy-c. leaked, 
rudha Ih, -aidh, a.m. Blush, erybhemi. ** 

Hanging. Ni nui bha r. air an gru aidh, 

neither was t'fre a blush on their countenance. 
rudiiag, -aig. -an. s.f. Crab. 

acli, -a'cue, a. Aoouuding in crai>s. 

i lhag iil,* *./ 'Tiiffc, siiit'c. 1'ha e^u maoh r., 

he ix pretty thrifty ; g' a r. f&u, to hit own 


rua Ihaglach, a. Tiirifty. 
rudhun,**a. Musty. Brmhd rudhaiu, the 

return f.'o/ii tnestoiii'ich. 
rullian. -ain, -an, *. m., dim. of rudha. Little 

iit*a llan 1 or pronioucory. 
rudha'i. - tin, -an, -see rujjhan. 

ach, see ru?hanach. 
rudhir. seo ruam iar. 
riid.i-b -ag, a.m. see ru-beag. 
rii Ih-bhalUidhJ s.m. see ru-bhallaidh. 
rudh-gnarai In, seo ru-gharai Ih. 
lidfilach, Kintyr'itor ru l:ira,-h. 
rii Inracu,** a. .^jarcai .ig, groping. 2 Scrim- 

n^. 3 Long, straight. 

rulhnch, -ai 'h, s. m. -sea rii l.iraoh idh. 2 
an;, .sojjariior. 




rudhracna Hi, -aidh, s. m. Searching 1 . 2 Act o 
searching or groping. 3 Act of concur n 
things in searching. A' r , pr. pt. of ru In 
r vic'i. 

rudnr ichas,** -ais. s.m Length. 2 Obscurity. 

rudhraich, pr.vt. a' nidhrach & a' rudiirachadh, 
v.a. Search for, grope. 2 Confuse things in 

i<?, pa-tpt. of rodhraich. Searched. 2 

Conf-i> 3d or disordered by .sjaivhiag. 

rug. -a & -nig, pi. -annan, s.m. Wrinkle. 2 Plait. 
3 Old man. 4 On? having a wrinkled face. 

rug, (given l)y gram-Tiara as ptst.ind. of u. beir, 
out it is a different wor 1.) Bare. 2 (with pr- 
position air, either simp'e or compoun led) 
** Caught, overtook, seizrl. R. ia'l clann, 
thej hart 1 children ; r. i uin, she yeam'i ; r. i 
meann, she kid<led ; r. i euil^anxn, s'ie whelp'd 
or cnbhed ; r. i searrach, sht> foaled ; r. i uj;h, 
the laid an 'gg ; r. i uircjauaa, she farrowed; 
r. sinn oirre, ive ovti'took h'r : r. e air bhua-n, 
he laid hoi I of it out of tn>/ hands ; r. a' bhan- 
righ air an ugh, the qit'en seized thtegyW.H. 
1. 19. 

ruga,* s.f. Rough cloth or female. 

rugac'n, -aiche, i. Wrinkled. 2 Plaited. Agh- 
aidh r., a wrinkled fac*. 

>, -aich, *.w. Old man. 

rugadh, 'given by grammars AS past pats. v. beir, 
but it is a different word.) Was born. 2 (with 
the prep, air) Was caught or undertaken. R. 
air, he was caught ; o 'n r. mi, since. I was 

ru<;adh, -airlh, *. m. Greedy grasping of any- 
thing. 2**R'i8h towards any common pro- 
perty. 3**Cheap purchase, good bargain. 

rugadh, -aidh, s.m. Old person, person with a 
wrin ded fae . 

rugaid, -e, -^.-an, $.f. Long neck. 2 Old cow. 3 
Worthless fiinvile. 

each, -oichi, a. Having a long neck. 

rugair, -ean, a. m. Drunkard, tippljr. 2 see 

daclid, s./. ind. Tippling, frequ?nting of 

tavern.s. pr <v. 

ru^anta, -ainte, a. Strong, stout, able, muscu- 
lar, i:** Tough. 3**Ma is of good m-ota!. 

chil, .t.f.iud. Stoutness. 2 Strength. 3 


ru<jh, see ru. 

rugh, s.m. S-nall stack of p^ats SwtA'dL 

rugha, see rudha, rudhadh, rudh & ruadhadh. 

rugharh, -aiche, a. see rudhaeh. 

ru-h i'lh, see ma lhach & rudhadh. 

rughaiv-h, s^o rua lhaicli. 

rughan, -a in, -an, . ?/. Small stack of hay, 
corn or peats. 

rughanach, -viche, ft. Abounding in small stacks 
of hay, orn or peat. 

ru-g'iarai>lh, s. m. Common rue, country- 
man's treacle herb of grace rutagravolens. 

ruih^each, a. see rudhacn. 

ruibn, see ribe. 

ach, sje riobach. 

ruibeag, see rii>3itg. 

ruib -altaich, s.m. ^.unger. 

ruibean, see rioban. 

ach, see riobanach. 

aich, see riobaiuich. 

trnibh, -e, s.f. Sulphur. 

TUibh, se.3 ruith <fe ribh. 

truibhne, -achan & -an, *. f. Lance, spaar. 2 

t ach, -aichne, a. Armed with a lance or 

sp^ar. 2 Of, or belongiug to, a lance or spear. 
3 Strongly guarded. 

fvuibh leaca, ** -ich, s.m. Soaar-man, lan"r. 

ruic,*" s.f. Pieces 2 <.DU) Fu*sy fawnin?. 
maVn,j much of one in a daimmtratiire fcnh 
io;i, the fuss or dem wstra-bion arising ouc of 
sincere pi .-astir;. '< -mn ort tha 'n r. I what 

ruice,**'s./. Reproich, rebuke. 2 D?f>;at. 3 Red 

shad*. 4 ft lush occi-ion^ I by sham\ Narh 

a in air tha 'n r. ? is h j not ign ra>\.fhi proud; 
ruic;ach, a. R 'pi'Oi -h.n^ 2 Rebuking, re- 

provin;. 3"*iixaltin, lift'ng up. 
ruic -an, -i-in, -an, x.m. Pustule, red pimple, acne. 

2 Pirn >ly- faced parso i. prov. 
rmcht-alt,** -eilt, g. Close concealment, 
ruide^ch.** a. U.ib flowing. 

i leag,1f -eig, s.f. Kit i\va.;e, see seagair. 
ruilia^;a, a. Stone-bramble, see caora-bad 

mian i. 

ruid-al, s. v. see rideil. 
ruid 3*1,} -eil, s.m. The herb robert, see rigueal- 


ruidialach, see ridaalac'i.,** #.?n. see ridealadh. 
ruid 1 ilaich, see ricleilich. 

te, see ri l^-ilichte. 
ruiiealair, see ridealair. 
ruulean, pi. of rudin. 
ruiduas, -eis, s.f. Sportive mood, frisking, caper* 

ing, leaping. 

-ch, -aiche, a. Sportive, playful, frisky, 

gamuolling. Bu r gamhainn is laoigh, play- 
ful, were the stirks and calves. 

li l"is, s,f. see ruidoas. 
ruid-^huilbneach,(AF) *. Bar-tailed godwit. 2 

Stunted curlew, (rid-ghuileanach) aee cam* 


ruid'i, see ruibh. 
ruidhe,** s. Dairy. 2 Sheilin;. 
fruidheadh,*" -idh, s. f. Reproof, censure. S 


ruidheadh, -eidh, see rughadh, 
ruidhteach,* see ruiteach. 
ruidhil, see ridhil. 

each, -eichc, see ridhleach 
eadh, see ridhleadh. 
ruidhleach, see riiltileach. 
rnidhlean, see ridhlean. 
rui Ihleas,** a. Very faithfm. 
ruidhlichjan, see ridhleachan, 
ruidhte. see ruite. , 

J'ibwar, see ruitear. 
ruidtitearach, see ruitearach. 

d,** s.f. see ruitearachd. 

ruidhtearaich, see ruitearaich. 

ruidhtire, see ruidhtear. 

ruididh, -e, a. Merry, glad, frisky, cheerful. 

ruilidheachd,** *. f. Gladaess, cheerfulness, 

ruidil, see rideil. 
rui lir, see ridir. 
uig, o. irrej. Reach, extend to. 2 Reach, ar- 

rwe at. 3 Attain to. 4**tlo!d forth, stretch 

out. 5 Border. 6 (wiuh leas) Need, must, 


Active Voice. 
IND. pas', ra^nig mi, &c.. /, <fcc. reached. 

fut. ruididh mi, &c., /, <tc. sha I r*ach. 
INTERROO. <fc NEJ. pant, (an ? ua.-h ? clia) 

d* rainii; mi. &c., did 1, <fcc. (not) reach ! I, 

itc. did not rsach. 
,. fnt. (an ? nach P cha) ruig mi, Ac., 

shall I. ttrc. (not) re ch, I ijv. shall not reach. 
SUBJ. pant. (gsd) ruigi in, (t/ioujh.) I would 

reach ; ;god> ruigjamxii, (though) we would 

reach; (ged) ruigeadii tu, e, 'i, sibh, iad, 

(thoujh) thou wuulisi, ht, the, you, then 

wovl I rrach. 

fut. (m ) rnigeas mi,&c., (0 /, *>'. r?ach . 
IMT. lit. per. .'n;. rui-ceam, M me reach. 
INFIN. a tU'gh'SHchd <k a rnig-ann t" jvocft. 
PUBS. PART, a' ruigh-jadnl & a* ruigsinn, 

Passive Voice. 
IND. past, rA'migeadh. mi, dec., /, Ac. tea* 

r(tc ; 'cu. 

,, fut. ruigear rai, <tc., /, rf-c. '/W 6 raic.V 

INT. & NEO. T)*f, Can ? nach ? cha) d' rainig- 
eadh mi. rtc., was /, d-e. (not> reached t 1, 

,. /"/. (ati ? nach ? cha) ruigear mi, &c. 

/<' / frc.(/jo<; br retched ? I c. shall not bt 

SUBJ. ;)x7. fged) ruijrteadh mi, &c.,{thou^h 

1, it-c. sft <nt id tie rr,chfd. 

,, fut. (ma) ruigear rai, &C., if I, <&c. shal 

If reach 'd. 
PAST PAUT. ru : gte, reach*!. 

R. nn SPO, r?ack here, rxt?nd your hand t(. 
this ; rainig uii air, Ira, -l"d a f it ; an raise e 
*n noclH ? will Itf nrnv to-m./ht .' c ; a fliad' a 
niiyeas tu '} h<c far will you yo ! cha ruig m 
air, / cannot attain to it ;cha ruig thu leas : 
bhi aijf do dhra^n, t/o" nred not trou'/l^ uo'ir 
ttlf , '.s nach rui^eamaid lean a bhi 'feithekmh 
<in<l that ivf didniit r?(/uir* to wail ; ring Tor 
iuad DomhTiull ic;i, g ' Norman MacDonald; 
ciia rui^ tfivuude 'n fh-6il sin Mnn, a, bit oj 
that jl-xtt nut tuft-?. VK ; gach ni air an 
ruiveailh i;i(J, *v>,ijthiiij that the*/ cmi'd S'iZ 
'u'tf. prtp- ( ru rui r, proper ly fa .lut'g) To, u ! As far a~<. Uu r.rt; s'.-o, to ihis place; 
pu r. an Lai -Ji, </. s th,' house. 
ru .g.-eaclia;i. s.m. Half-castrated rain (ridgliug 
<>) o:li -r aiiinial. 

ruiij;e, see ring. 
rui^eaclid,** .f. r 

iMstnite-l. 3 se^: 
- aid, lit. ps 

would reach. 
ruigear, fut. &/. pats, of ruig. 

ratirri. 2 State of being 

-np. of ring. Let me roach. 
pi. pasl tub), of ruig. We 

(Ma) r. e, if it 

ruigeas, fuL eubj. a;t. of ruig. (Ma)r. mi, (if) 

I reach. 
ruign, see righf. 

e, s.f. see ri^ho. 
; each, s^e ri^hea % h. 
ruigneachas, s^o ngheachas. 
*uigheachd, t.f.ind. Reaching. 2ActofreacH- 

iug. 3 Kxtending co, ;irri vrijj at. 4 Attaiu- 

ing ro. fi* Arrival. H M'-n'ul trial. A' r , of ruig. Air dhuinii r., o/i oar arrival; 

a' ruigheachd -tckiiij (his hand) towards 


ru ghoachdail, -e, a. Pc-rb : n -nt. 2 Accessible. 
ndifhesn, -ein, .<. \Voot-r >li ready to spin. 
rirg it'.inas,** -ais, *.?/i. J'ri-ihtiiess. 
tuinh'i-rarieas, <.?n. seo ri^h j-mlias. 
*TI .jf'iinri, *./. <fe prut, of mi,;, see ruigheachd. 
ruig li-ui, a ;e ritiliinn. 
r '.i ,'nn -vu'hd.(MS) ./. see ri^hrieachd. 
rui^iit-a.- 1 !,** a. F',1 ink. 
ruigridh, /c/t/f.CL of ruig. Shall reach. 
ruiginn, Is .prr.siivj.paui xauj. of raig. I would 

re 'oh. 

mi each.** a. see ruit^ach. 
ruir,'hich (tJR) s.f. see rig lich. 
rui^..Mcliaii,** x.wi. C*-rriG^.l ram. 
:ii v .ean,**-t;in, s. m. Ril;lin,', half-castratsd 

-- ach,** a. Of, like, or b<jlon;j;iug to, rid- 

777 rnisean 

I ruig-inn, t.f. Arriving, 2 Attaining. 
3 Arrival. A' r -, /-r.nt. of ruig. 

aacn, a. Accvis^ibhs attainable. 

ru'ut^, pt-*t )>'. of ruig. Ii:ached. 

rui^tjadh, past M/'V. puss, of ruig. (Ged) r. , 

(tkoujh) it should bf i-fiiched. 
ruileag, -ei : ;, -an, s.f. Roll. 2 Polite term for ft 

f ilsrfhood. 

ruim, <7*/i.ji/n.7. of ruin. 
ruhnlu 1 , **;>.'. Reproof. 2 Reproach, 
ruuuneach,** -ich. R.JK. Marsh. 
ruin, g. Yellow b^d^traw yal'unn verum. 
ruin, gen.sinj. < of run. 
ruine, pi. ruintan/*./.tnJ. Secrecy, mystery, 

2 Private iutim itioa. 
ruinean, -eiu, -an, s.m. Darling. 
truinidh, Secrets. 
ruinigil,** t.f. Dangerous navigation, 
ruiui^in, see rninigil. 
ruinn, prep. pron. searinn. 
ruiim, -o, -can, s.f. see roinn. 
ruinn-bhior, -a, -an, s.m. see rinn-bhior. 

ach, -aich.), a. see rmn-bhiorach. 

ruinne, ee loin. 

ruinneach, -eioh-J, a. see rinneach. 

fruinneacii, -i-ich, s.f. Grais. 

ruiuneadh/* -i Ih, a.m. Consumption. 2 Deter* 

sion. cloansin'j;. 

ruinu-ghe-ir, -eire, a. see rinn-gheur. a' ruiuueajhu-dh, v.a. Point, 

ruiunleachadh, (MS) s.m. & of ruiunlick. 


ruinnlich, v.a. Rumple. 
ruinn-ruise, s.m. Male pimpernel, poor man's 

weatherglass, see falrur. 
ruinns, v.a. Gaelic spelling of rinse. 
ruin use, -an, s.f. Lon: stick or stake. 2 Tail 
of an animal. 3 Rump, th.i part immediate- 
ly above the tail. 4 Sc mrge.whip. ftj se 
roinnscar.6*AnyLhintr l<jiij;. " ( ft Draggled skirt. 
ruinnseach, -eich, -eichean, ,ee ruinnse. 

, -ich, -ichrfari, s.r'. lias a or worthies* 

woman, a term of cuntempt. SftTall vulgar 

/ -iche, a. Having long sticks 09 

stakes. 2 Haviiiii a draggled sskirt. 

alh, -aidh, s.m. see r.jiii'is-iachadh. 

ruinnsear,** Gaelic spelling of rimer. 2 Sa irch- 

er. 3U Ganger. 4 Base or worthless follow. 

ruinnsich, v.a. Rinse, scour. 2 Whip, scourge. 

te, pa-it pt. of ruiunsich. see roiun-iichte. 

ruinn-iinn.** Gaelic form of rinsinj. see ruiun- 


uinnte, see roinnte. 
ruintealas, s. tn. Darnel- or rye-grass, sea 

lire >illean. 

ruintean, n. pi. of run. 

ruipleaciian,"* -ain, sm. Gorbelliad fellow, 
ru -rai, Argyllshire for rii-ra 
ruire,** s.m. Knight, chamuion. 2 Lord, 
ach,** -aich, . m. Ckauipion, kuight. 2 
ich,** a. Famous. 

achail,** a. Championlike, knightly. 2 


ich'ts,** -ais, s.m. Lordship, dominion. 2 

Renown. 3 Bravory. 
rui-', -e, -can, s.f. Way, road, 
rui.seadh, s.m. Dash forward, (rush.) 
rui<, -j, -ean, *. /. Common elder xambucut 
nijra. \ Name for the tha letter R. 3$ 

ruisc vinta, see ruisgoanha. 
uis ,.vi I icnd,** *./. Ilastin-jss, rashness. 2 Dis- 
ruisean,** -eia, Luncheon. 





610. Ruis. 

Tuiseanta,** o. Hasty, rash. 8 Disorderly. 

ruiseil,** a. Bash, hasty, precipitate. 2 Disor- 

ruisg, a' rusgadh, v. a. <fc n. Strip, peel, 
make bare. 2 Fleece, shear sheep. 3 Chafe 
the skin, as by friction. 4 Disclose, reveal, 
discover, expDse. 5 Undress, excoriate. 6* 
Gall, denude, unsheathe. 7 Shave. 8** 
Tear, rend. 9 Clip, strip. 
R. am buntata,p<e th* potatoes: r. a" chraobh, 
strip the tree ; r. do chlaidh -amli, itnsheath thy 
sword ; r. e a ghairdean, he made barf his 
arm ; na r. do dhearas do d' namhaid, do not 
reval your dejects to your enemy ; ruisgidh 
brii braghad, tlte bflly will strip the neck. 

Tuisg, gen.sing. <fe of rosg. 

ruisj;, -e, a. see riiisgte. 

truisg. -e, -ean, s.f. Vessel made of bark. 2 
of riisg. Peelings. 

ruisg, s.f. Fray, skirmish. 

fruisg, v.a. Smite, strike, pelt. 

ruisg-ch6mh<lach, -aich, s m. Incrustation. 

ruisg-chomhdaich, v.a. Incrust. 

ruisg^ach,** a. Caustic, escharotic. 

ruisj{ean,(DMy) pi. of ruisg. 

ruisgean, -ein, s.m. Vessel made with the bark 
of trees. 

Fuis^eanta,** o. Fond of fighting or frays, quar- 

ruis-e6rna.(DMy) s. Twelve sheaves of barley 
in a semi-circle instead of six pairs of sheaves 
of oats in a straight Hue Lewi*. WC says 
ten sheaves of barley. 

ruis;>i(lh,/(^.a/.a. of ruisg. 

ru i sn- -hui leach, see rosg-shuileach. 

rutS-*hul,*.p2. Hair of the eye-lids, eye-lashea. 

rii.sgte, a. & past pt. of Naked, bare, ex- 
posed. 2 Stripped, peeled, made bare. 3 
Jb'leeced, shorn. 4 Chafed. 5 Disclosed, re- 
vealed, discovered. 6 Shelled, unsheathed. 
R. agus lomnochd, s'ripped and nakel. 

rui-gteaclid, s.f.ind. ObnoxLousness. 

mil,,* -e, -eau, s.f. Rakish female. 2 Javelin. 

mice, s.f.ind. Gluttony. 2 Ravalry, riotiug. 

rui teach, -eieh*, a. Ruddy, floriil, rosy-cheeked. 

2 Flashing, blushing. 3 Apt to blush. 4 Flor- 
it'erous. 5 Blomny. 6 see ruithsach. Bha e 
r. kf ivns ruddy. 

. d,** s.f. Ruddiness, floridness. 

ruiteachan, -ain, pi. -aiu & -an, s.m. Ruby. 
ruiteachas, -ais, .v.7n. Ruddiness, 
rniceachd,** s.f. Ruddiness, floridness. 2 Fresh- 
ruici-;v,', -sig. -an, s.f. Roe-buck berry. 2 Blush. 

3 Redness, slight tinge of red. 
ruiteagadi, -aiche, a. Blushing. 2 Ruddy. 
ruiteaii,** Fetlock. 2 Pastern. 3 Ankle-bone. 

4 Dirt-grovelling child. 

-uitoar,* -i-an, s. m. Hake, iban loned man, 
draukard. 2 Glutton. 3 Riotous liver, car- 

ouser, reveller, 
ruitearach, -aiche, o. Gluttonous. 2 Revel- 

rous. S Drunken, 
ruitearachd, s.f.ind. Gluttony. 2 Revelry. 

riot, carouse, drunkenness, 
ruidhtearaich, v. Carouse, 
ruith, a* ruith, v.n. Run, race, rush. 2 

Melt, as lead or suet. S Flow, as a stream. 

4 "Speak fast. 5 *Chase. ti *Distil. 7 Retreao. 
8 *Ruu over, look over. 

R. e, he ran ; r. an fhuil, tht blood Jlowfd ; r. 
e as mo dhe"idh, he cha*rd m'. ; a' r. ceud thar- 
ruing : ditttllinij low win*s ; r. orra, run super- 
ficially ovrr them ; r. e instch, it iva$exhauitfA 
or expanded ; is math a r siWi T how well you 
ran ! 

ruitb, -e, .f. Running, act of running. 2 Ra.ce, 
rushing, chase. 3 Flowing, act of flowing as s 
stream. 4 Pursuit, flight, as of an army. 

5 'Fast speaking or talking. 6* Treatment. 
7 Slight arrangement. 8*In line with, par- 
allel. 91, The diarrhoea, flux [with bne ar- 
ticle on.] 10**Army. ll**J.'ro>p. 12 Rate, 
full speed. 13 Dysentery. HtfAverage, ra- 
tio. 15 Course. A' r , of ruibh. 
Esan 'na r., he atfvll speed ; air an r. cheud- 
na, at the same rate ; air a' cheartr., at prr 
cisrly the name ra?;thoir au apn r. dhaibh, 
give them the. fame treatment ; air r. an taijju 
seo, parallel with this house ; thoir r. cladaich 
dhitb, run her aground ; r. na teanga, o com- 
plete scold ; leig r. dha, let it run, let it flow ; 
gille-r., a footman, .runner, forerunner ;r na 
cubhaige, an April fooi's errand ; r. air thcas, 
running to and fro, as cattle in hot weather 
thoir r. orra (or dhaibh), (rive them a slight 
adjustment, make the numbers run is ioui- 
adh uair a thiii? mi air ruith, many an hour I 
spent on runn-iny ; is iomadh nair a thug m 
ruith air, mani/ a time I made Atmrun;is iom- 
adh uair a thug mi air a ruith, many an hour 

1 spent cheuiny him ; ruith air falbh, or ru;th 
leis, running before the wind. 

ruith-analach, -aich, t.m. Breathlessness. 
ruith-chladaich.(VVC) s.f. Running ashore of a 

vessel. Thaiuig r. oirnn, ?t^ had to run a- 

ground ; r. ort ! uad luck to you ! 
ruith-chuim.(WC) a./". Diarrhoea. [With the 

art. on.] 

ruithe, s.f. Dairy. 
ruithoach, -eiche, a. Running. 2 Flowing.fluenL 

3 Moving, on the march. 4 Running. 5 

Slippery, as shot. Uisge r., flowing water. 

, -eich, s.f. Hand-cuff. 

ruitheachd.(MS) s.f. Currency, 
ruithean, ** a. Red-hot. 2 Blazing. 

, -ein, s.m. Delight, pleasure. 

as,** -ais, t.m. Brightness, splendour, 

ruitheanua, The " runs " or quasi-rhymea 

of the old folk-tales. 

ruith-faua.1,11 s.f. Diabetes [with the art. an.] 
ruith-fola, *.m. Haemorrhoids, piles. 
ruith-gu-cladach,ll s.f. Diarrhoea [with art. an.) 
ruithiclje,(MS) t.m. Poster (in in.) 
ruithil, -thle, -thlean, s.m. see righil. 
ruith-iougrach, -aich, Ichor, 
ruithleach, -eiche, a. Flowing, 
ruithleadh,** s.m. Advolution. 
ruithlean, -ein, -an, s.m. see roithlean. 
ach,** a. Having wheels or rims, t 

Having little wheels or rims. 
ruith-leuranach,-aiche, a. Running and leaping. 

2 Rampant, in heraldry. 

ruich-mar.i,(WC) */. Heavy wave. 2 Heavy sex 
ruiumeadh, ** -idh, s.m. Flame. 

ruithteil, -e, a. Lickeroiiu. 



ru gadh 

rnith-suiursadh,** -aiati,*.7.Runnin^ the gaunt- 

ruitnteach, see ruithe ich & ruiteach. 

d, see ruitoacnd. 

fruitin,***. Hucklebon-i. 'J AnkK 3 Pastern. 

ruladh,** - liilh, s.m. Slaughter iog, massajrj. 

ruin. -ii in '. -an -aic'aean, & -anaa i, is. m 
K ' I'll, p'ac . spa-e. 2 Rio u, cham >er. 3** 
Floor. R. ueoi , et, front room ; dean r., m-iki 

rum ich, -aich, -aichean, t.f. Marsh.qua^raire, 
pud lie, slough. 

rum ich idh, -aich, * m. Act of making room or 
enlarvn; a *.pac-). A' r , pr. pt. of rumnch. 

rum icliail, -e, . Marshy, boMjjy. 

ruma ch, -aicheau, $ ./. see rumach., a' ruinacnadh, v.n. Make room, 
en, tr_je a -<p\c', give place, stand a si le. 

rumail/* Convulsion. - 2 Kumbling noise. 

rum ail, -e, a. Roomy, spac-ious. 2 Trunked. 

rum alai-hd.**./'. Spaciousmess, riominess. 

rumoall. -aill, -an, s.m. Tail. 2 Rump. 3 Dock- 
ed tail. 

ach. .aiche, a. Having a large rump. 2 
Pen .aining to a rump. 

rumhir,** -air. s.m. Mine. 

rump.'* see rumball. 

rump ill. -uiil, -an. see rumball. 

ru'i, -uin, pi. [-untan, -unite &] -uintean, t.m. Se- 
cret, mystery, secrecy. 2 Inclinati >n, bent, 
dispos r.on. 3 Regard, love, fondness, de- 
sire, affection. 4 Object beloved, ft Person 
beloved. 6 [ntenLion. puroose, design, deter- 

. mination. 7 Wish. 8**Ac'orl. 

Tha r. an Tig-isam aigan dream d' an easjal 

) e, tli' pnrpot" <>f t.'if Lori i.< with th?m that 

If'-a-him ; Me tlia 'n ad r. ? tchat do you wan * 
*de an r. am bli'*il e dhuit ? how i< h a dispois'd 
towards ifiii ? tha e an r. nan tuagh dhomh. h' 

\ would wish lo i-'it. m-'. down , an r. nam bi >das 
d' a cheile, at tlai /*/-' drawing ; na innis do 
r. do na uh aid t;hlic no docharaiil ghoraeh, do 
no f r'DRa 1 yiitr tinxlne*! to a wiS" 'wmii nor 
to a f'l'il'^'i f.-l."H'l : tiia. a ruin ! yes, inn loo*! 
mo r. a' tig -inn. m>i lovt coming ; cha'n 'eil a' 
bhag de m' r. dhuifc, i/on hane nought of mi/ 
lov ; iir mo riii i, th Ian I nf m>i a^'cHo* ; a 
dh' aon r., of on* mind, muMimoNl ; ma ni 
j thn r. orm agus g'i'in fai^h mi' e, if yon will 

f privately irrnny ivtth m* so that I can gel it; 
thn r. orm. / suppos* or in'end. 

runach, -aich >, a. Beloved. 2 Lovely, partial, 
fond. 3 Confi lent, trusty, trustwortnv. 4 
Dark, mysterious, mystical, secret. 5 Pur- 
p .sing. 

runach, -aich, t.m. Beloved person. 2 Confi- 
dant. S^Mistress. 4 Secret code oc writing, 

adh, -aidh, t.m. Inclining. 2 Act of in- 
clining or wishing. 3 Act of des'gninr, pur- 
posing, intending or determining. 4 Loving. 
A' r , of rurial-h. 

runag, -aisi, -an, /. Beloved woman. 2 Little 

runaich, pr.vt. a' runacbadh, v.a. & n. Incline, 
wish, desire. 2 Resolve, purpose, design, in- 
ten l, determine. 3 Propose. 

- -ean, .m. see runach. 

e,** s.m. C>nfllant. 2 Discreet person. 
3 Beloved person. 

te. ptst pt. of runaich. Desired, wish- 
ed. 2 R.JS lived, fixed upon, designed, defini- 

run-a : mhleis, t.m. Intrigue. 

riinair. -can, t.m. Secretary. 

jaclvl, t.f. ind. Secretaryship, office of 


tru-i-airm T C nuici! chamber. 

fiiin- D ),-i:i,** -am, PreLauo-3. 

run-o'u eir^ ic i, -ic'i, x.m. Secretary. 2 Private 


d, s.f.ina. Business of a secretary. 

run-cue r-maav-'iid,** s'./.i7i/. Secretarysaip. i 
Pri -ace s^c.-i'iar/ship. 

rii'i-di >m lair, -uin-, pL -uin-, -u ntean <fe -uatan- 
d\umhair, A,'/I. Secret purpose or inte.icion. 2 
Mystery. 3 Secret. 4 Private intention. 

>ae.i,** a. My^terijus, m/dtical. I 


run-falaicu, -uia-fh ilaich, .w. Secret love. 

rungas, see 


runnach, see ruraach. 

runuag, see reaiinaj. 

runnsa, s. sae ruintne. 

ru'insau.(MS) n.m. Rump. 

run-phairtsaeh, 1 , a. Comnjnnicative.ready 
to ominu dcite, communicaole. 2 Apt to re- 
veal secrets. 

, -ich, s.m. Partaker of a secret 01 


ru'i-phairfceachadh, -aidh, t.m. Coramunicatins 
2 Act of communicating secrets. 3 Consult 
ing. 4 Act of consulting together. 5 Par 
talcing of a secret. A' r , of run-phair- 

run-phairtich, a' rin-phairteachalh, v.a. 
Com uunicabe or disclose secrets. 2 Delibar- 
ate, consult together. 3 Partake of a secret. 

run-phairtichte, a. & past pt. of run-phairtich. 
Communicated, disclosed. 2 Communicable. 

rinrach,* s.m. see rulhhach. 

riiaraich,* v a. see rudhraieh. 

run-raite, -iiin, ^.-uiu- d -untan-raite, s.f. Re- 
solution, solemn vow, prov. 

run-^h '6mar, -air, -she6inraichean,.m. Council 

runtan.ono of tha pis. of rui. 

rupail,** s.f. Rumbling sound, continued rumb- 

ruparachadh, s.m. ScaudaHzing Suth'd. 

-ra.CcJHJ ado. Jumbled, cjufused, mixed up> 
JK. of Rnss-shirr. 2 Topsy-turvy Arran. 

ruracli.H- a. see rudhrach. 

rurach ulh,tf-\i'lh. a.m. see riidhrachadh. 

ruraii-h, .see rudhraieh. 

riiraich, see ru Ihrach. 

r irgaid, s.f. llhubarb. 2 prov. for purgairt. 

rur^ai leaca,**a. Abouu ling in, or like, rhubarb. 

fi-us, -ah, * m. Knowledge. 2 Skill. 3 Wood. 

ru-<a o. sea ru^al. 

ru^al, in-, pt. a' rudadh, v.a. Search, tura 
over tilings. '2 Scr itch, scrape. 

rusar, sde ra >s ir. 

rusg,** n.ti. :Jeat, strike, pelt. 

ru-i'i, -ui g, -aa, s.m. K <fcer,ial covering, rinrt, 
skia, uus.c. > Bark of a tree. 3 Kiee<n >f 
wojl. 4 S lull. M.*6il 'nan rii^gaiba ban i, 
ctoii'lii in wlii e H'"'.'ex. 

ris.^aca, -ai.-lie.a. Having a cover! nij, as a ri'i'i, 
wionor au>!c. 2 Kluo/. 3 Fleeciu?, tiiafi 
fljece^peils, or takes off t.hc^veri'i'i or husk, 
srrioping. 4 Having m lay rials, as an oui a 
5**Crus acrf.iu-t Hdich.J ga:'b!i-ru3.,ac'a, a 
tkick-Hwl ram. 

rusg i Ih, -aidh, n.m Poeling. 2 Act of p^eU;isr fc 

fl secin :, ir caking off b.3 ba-k or any cov rin^ 

3 Discovering 4 Act o~ disjov-M-in;, discios- 

inj; or revealing. 5 Driving thatch off. 9 

Shelling. 7 Fleece. 8 Husk. 9 Stripping, nn- 

dressing making bar j or n iked. 10 Un- 

shsat'iiiig. A" r , m-.n*. of ruis<j. 

rus^adh, -aidh, s.m. Chafl ig (also fuithein.) R.- 

olwbh, ?toarseafss ; r. air basaibh, fxcoriationt 

3 G 2 



on thf palms. 
rusgail,"* a. Epispastic. 

ru gair, -eau, s.m. Strong 1 clumsy fellow, prov. 
ru-gaireachd, s.f.ind. Ciunasy strength, prov. 

611. liusjan 6. 

rusgan, -aia, -an. s.m., t(in. of ruig; Any little 
or thin covering, as a riad or husk. 2 Piece 
of skin paeled orf. 3 Little fleece. 4 Circular 
dish made of roots, used to measure meal, Ac. 
5 Small uoat m ule of bark. 6 Kiad of bas- 
ket (ill. by M. AleD.) 

ruslach,** a. Scratching, excoriating'. 

rusladh, -aidh, s.m. Searching. :i Act of search- 
ing or overturning things in searching. 3 
Scraping. 4 Act of scrapiug or scraucuing. 
A' r , of nasal. 

fru.soach, 4 a. Undo, clownish, Gaelic form of rus- 

fruicach, -aich, -aichean,. t.m. Boor, churl. 
Gaelic form of rustic. 

rustag,** -aig,, Bear. 

rustau, -aia, -an, s.m. Lump. 2 Hillock, heap. 

rut,* v.a. Rust, corrode Ar ran. 

ruta, rutau, -cliau & rutaichaan, . m. Bam, 

s.m. Herd, rout. 2 Tribe of 

2 Riddling, tup. see ruig. 
*uta,** ) a.m. Herd, 

ruuwih, -aidh, > people, 
rutach, a. Abounding m rams. 
rutachd, s.f.ind. Hutting, 
ruiaidh, a. Surly, butting, bumping, bumptious, 
tutan, -aiu, -an, s.m.dim. of ruta. Little ram or 

riddling. 2 Horn of a roe-buck. 
ruta=>, s.m. Greed. 

*utb,(AC) s. Desire, genesis, generation, pro- 
creation. 2 Prosperity. Car. Oad. 9. 254. 
ruth,** s. m. Chain. 2 Link, 3 (Ab 1 ) Skate, 

thjrnback. 4**Salary, waged, hire, 
rutha, -ciiau, s.m. see rudha. 
rucha, -chan, .m. (Atf)M>idgehog. 2 see sor- 


rutuach, -aiche, a. see rudhach. 
ruthadh, -aidh, -aidhean, s.m. see rudhadh. 
rut'nag, -aig, -an, s.f. see rudhag. 
rnLhau, -ain, see rughan. 
ruthar.ich, -aiche, a. Quarrelsome,. 'fighting, 
rutuarachd, s.f.ind. Quarrelsomeness. 2 Con^ 

tiuued or irequejit tiguuing. 

S s 

, ($m\,willow-tre<>) the 16th. letter of the Gaelic 
alphabet now in use. It has two souads 
1st., .smxll like sh, iu sheet, when, i'i the same 
syllable, it is preceded or followed by ? or i, 
as, bris, break ; seimh, quiet ; sniomh, twine,; 
steidh, foundation. 2nd. broad, like s in sun, 
IAt, in all other situations. Exceptions is, 
am. iprou. iss) ; so, 'A(S, (pron, sho, and ac- 
cor lin'ily spelt sfo in this work) ; sud, yon, 
(pron. shoot, and accordingly spelt siod in this 
work.) 9, when aspirated, is like h in him, 
as, shuidh, sat ,(pron, hooie) ; shrann, snorted 
(hra,wn.aio as ow in brown.) Before I and 
n, sh is almost, if not altogether silent, as, 
shlanuich, heiled ; shniomh, twitted. S, rot- 
Iow3<l by a mate consonant is never aspirated. 
& whan preceded by the letter t with a h-y- 

phen is silent, as an t-.sluaigh, of the people 
(pron. an ilooay.) 'S in expressions such as 
" 's e sej an daine," is itonnded as sh. 

The slender sound of is iieard in Arran io 
iseal (iusal, low,) and treise (treasa, rtronjer), 
esan, (pron. eisean) piseir (p?ase,) uir.sino 
(door-post,) dels (ready.) dilis ^faithful,) fail- 
eis (shadow.) There "is no sound in Arran 
and Kitityrt in the combinations rd and rr, 
as, bdrd, mart, cairt, &c. In rtl, neither * 
nor t is heard as, ceirtle, fairtlich. An 
seo, an sin, an siod, are sometimss pro* 
nounced ant-seo,ant-sin,an t-si^d, and some- 
times ami a seo, anna sin, anna .siod ; ant 
ana an seo, ann an sin, ann an siod. Ini- 
tial r has no inserted (., as, srath, sruth (not 
strath, struth), except str.ic (to tear) strac, 
(to stroke) and strub (a spmt.) Some dia- 
lects, on the contrary, have strath, str6u,<fcc., 
bur, srac and smb. Before/, followed by & 
Blender vowel, as, slishe, sleamhuinn, s has 
its sh sound, :md not, as in soni3 districts, 
its-broad sound. 

's, cont. for a-j;us, 'S their thu, and thnu shalt 
say ; la de na laithean 's am famhair oho 'n 
bhaile, on* any when the giant was from /torn*. 

's, cont. for is, v. 'H i' it is she ; 's e, it is he ; ' 
esan, it is he hims'lf ; 'a mor t' fhacal, o- 
Imitations is thy word. 

's, cotitr. for anns. 'Sa cheo, in the mist, in a- 

Sr', cont. for seo. 

s', cont. for -sa, -san and -se. Thus' for thusa; 
iad-s' for ia.l-san. 

-sa, Em<phatic adjection used in connection 
with possessive pronouns and adjoined to the 
n.iun following them. If the noun is follow- 
e I by an adjective, the s llabie -sa is placed 
after the adjective, thus, do lamh-sa, thine 
own hand ; do larah gheal-sa, thine own 
white hand. It becomes -ne when used in 
connection with ar. oar, as, ar n-athair-ne, 
onr own father ; and -san when in connection 
with an, am, their, as, an ta gh-sau,t/ieir own 

sa, Emphatic syllable used in combination with 
the personal pronouns. It becomes se after 
a small vowel (ne in the 1st. p'-r. pi.) and tan 
in the 3rd. p*r. sin). & pi. Mi, rnise ; thu, 
thusa ; e, esan ; i, ise ; sinn, sinne ; sibh, siba- 
se ; iad, iadsan. 

'sa cont. for anns an. In the. 'Sa che6, in tfu 
mist, in amaz-mint. 2 cont. for aims, prtp., 
and a, pers.pron. 

sa, prov. for seo. (Used as a suffix.) 

fsab, . Strong, able, 

Tsab, s.m. Death. 2 Bolt, bar. 

sabadh,** -aidh, t.m. see sabaid. 

Sabaid, -e-, -ean, s.f. The Sabbath. 

sabaid, -e, -ean, t.f. Brawl, quarrel, flght, fray, 

I^each, -eiche, a. Brawling, quarrelsome, 
eiven to fij;htinji or strife. 

sabaideach, -eiche, a. Sabbatical, of, or belong- 
ing to the Sabbath. 

I_ ..d, s.f. Sabbatism. 

sabaideachd,* s.f.ind. Quarrelsomeness. 

sabaidiche, *. Brawler. 

sib.iil,** s.f. see sabhal. 

Sabailt, s.f. see Sabaid. 

Sabainnd, see ^abaid. 

sabh, s.r/i.sea samh. 

sab-'i -aibh, -an, s.m. Ointment, salve. 2**Spit- 
tie. 3** Bolt, birof a gate. [>abh.] 

aabh, -aibh, pi. -aibh & -an, *.m. .-. iw. S.- t airah, 
ors.-8'rio'.i, a hand-<aa ; s.-dutrn a whip- 
saw hand-sa o ; s.-mor r two-handled aw for 



n e i i A r*w-pt. 
-- . */. see sanah. 

aba r.?t. a sabhkdii, .a. Saw, cut with a 


ab'a^h. -a'oha, a. O', or belonging to, sawa. 2 
Cu.v. g. a* H w. 3 Ol, or beijugi.ig to, omC- 
ine-v- or sdves. 4 lluviu-c healiug oint- 
me :s. 5 Li^e a healing oiutineut. 

gabu ten, -aiche, . see ewmhach. 2**Qu*rrel- 

v'r,* see sabhdair. 
abhadair. -e in, *.m. Sawyer. 
. -- eat- 1 id, * Y.wui. Occupation of a sawyer. 

2 Process oc savriug. 
abhadn, -aidn, t.m. Sawing. 2 Act ol saving. 

A 8 _ > pr.i;t. of sabh, Air ash., taw-n ; 

mu.lea'.n sabhaidh, a tmc-miU ; sloc-sabh- 

aid.i, a ta'j-pit, 

sab i hl v i, -aitih, J.TO. see samh. 2 Quarrel. 
abaaig. v. see sabh. 

- --a ;h, x.rn. see sabhadh. 
-- te, sej sa!>hta. 

abhail. pr.^t. ;\' aabhaladh, v.a. Save, rescue. 2 

Sp ire. 3 Protect, defend. 4 Preserve, use fru- 


sabha.1,** v.a. Store up in a barn. 
sab a;l, jj'n. sing, of svbhail. 
sabimil.** s./. Sa dug, protecting, sparing. 2 

Protection, 3 Frugality. 

exch,** a. see sabubailteach. 
--, see si ihailteachd. 
gibbailich, see aa^hail. 
aabha Ikh, tean, .. Preserver, one wht save 

or rescues. 2 Economist, frugal persons. 
Babhuiliche,** *.m. Frugal man, economist. 2 

abhiiilt, -e, a. Safe. 2 Saved, rescued. 3 Spar- 

ed. 4 Protected, defended. 
-- e, paitt pt. of sto. iliailt. 
- each, -eiche, a. Saving, rescuing. 2 

Sparing. 3 Protecting, defending. 4 Frugal, 

-- eachd, *./. Security, safety, a*-** atate or 

condition. 2 Saving disposition. 
Sabhair, see sabha lair. 

- eac'id, see sabhadaireachd. 
aabhairL-,** .M;isti:f, cur. 
-- an.-AF) a.m. Mastiff. 

abhal, -an & aaiblilean.s.m. Barn, gran- 

- ach, -aiclie, o. Of, or belonging to barns. 2 
Like a barn. 

abhivlach. see sabhailteach. 

aabhalaclid, .see sabhailteachd. 

aabhaLxdh, -aidii, a.m. Saving. 2 Act of Bavins;, 
res uing or spari.ig, salvation. 3 Protect n^, 
defeading. 4 Preserving. 6 Retrenchment. 
6 Preservation. 7 Frugality. A' s , of 
abhiil. la mur an s. sin, that is a great re- 

8abh%iaicb, see sabhailiche. 

-- e,** .>/. Frugal person. 2 Protector, 
preaerver, saviour. 

abhaltachd, ./.inei \ see sabhailteachd. 2 
-ais, .m. /**Parsimony, frugality, 

aabliaa, see samhan. 2;(AF) Mastiff, cur. 3** 

Babhan, -ain, pi. -an & -ain, .m., dim. of sabh. 

Little saw. 
Babi:an, of sabh. 
Babiian.xch.;a. Pertaining to a little saw. 2 Like 

a liUle saw. 

tsabh;is, -ais, see sabhs. 
fsabhasair, -ean, see sab''isair. 
sabhd, -a, -an, Lie, fable, prop. 
abud, a. Strayiug. Cu a., a stray dog ; chaidh 

e *\r s , h> 

b^id-vrh, -AJo<ie, a. Lyiag, fmbuloug, prov, 

bhdA^, -014. -.m, t.f.ind., d'w. of nbtxL, Lit- 

tie lie, lib, prtv. 

bb*iiv^rto:i, -aiche, a. Telliug little lies. 

bluliir, -!^u, .m Liar, finilib, foolWi talk* 

er. 2 KtrolUJr, lounger, 
sab.i laiio ion i, *./. Habit of 1 via*. 2 Ltnjool* 

isti talk, a Si rolling, loungins;. 
sabh-Uuirn. .n. Whip-saw. 2* Hand-caw. 
sabh J ach w a. Healing, llXe a %lve, unotnmi*, 
94bhlach,** -ak-h, .m. Spittle, 
sabhbtdh,** -aidh^.m. Salve, healing ohitment. 

2 Stirring up. as of corn in a barn. 
sabh-m6r,* a.m. Whip-saw, 
sabhs, Baibhse, -an, t.m. Sauce of any kind, I 

* Gravy. 3 (DU) Water in which ftsh has beett 

boiled". S. 6i3g, fah-.i(iu&>. 

bhsHeh, -aiche, a. Of, or belonging to sauce. 

2 Like sauce. 3-Abounding in h'sh-soup. 
sabhsachadh, -aidh,*.m. Seasoning. 2 Acfe of 

se,'is>>nin<4 with sauce. A* s , of tabh- 

saien . 
sabhsaich, P.O. Season with sauce. 

te, past pt. of sabhsaich. Seasoned 

with sauce, 
sabhsw, -e tn, g.m. Sausage. 2**One who makea 

sabhsiireachd,** s.f. Sauce-making. 2 Sauge- 


sabh-.shuil, -aibh-, -aa-, *.m. Eye-salve. 
<a .hstair, see sabhsair. 
sabhuil, see sabhal. 

sic, -aic, pi. -aic, & -an, s, m. Sack, bag. 2 
Burden, load. 3 Horse-load, cart-load. 4 
(DC) Asthma UisL 5 Measure of corn (5 
bushels.) 6**Measure of coals (3 bushels. ) 7 
in dtri-ion, Short, fat fellow. Tha s. air, he 
Aav a<thit ; s., a sack of m^al ; a. -mine, 
a rn'a'.-sai-.k ; s. droma, a back-had, a man t 
load ; s. imric-h, a load of furniture at a flit- 
ting; s. \iis ;e-beitha,a pack-sadd',e with a catk 
of -irftixky on each side ; s.-shrathalr, a pack- 
fa III: 

s ;c, v.a. see sacaich. 

svach, -sri'-he, a. Having sacks or basis. 2 Hav- 
ing many sacics. 3 Like a sack or bag. 4 Car- 
rying a 1 >ad or burden. 5JjThat burdens or 
loa Vs. 6**.Short and corpulent. 

sacaolia^lh, -aidh, s.m. Loading. 2 Act of lay- 
ing on of a burden. 3 Act of pressing into a 
bag. 4 Putting up in a bag or sack. A' s , of sxcaich. 

sacailh, a.m. fc of sac. Same meanings as 

-acaich, v.a. Load, lay on a burden, as on a 
horse. 2 Press or put into a ba 3 ' or sack 3** 
Fill to sati-i y. 

sac lichte, p t*t p'. of sacaich. Loaded. 2 Press- 
ed into a b 15, us grain. 3 Filled to satiety. 

sacaid,** -ean, s.f. i.ittly Lag or sack. 

sacail, -o, a. Like a sack or bag. ^ That loads 
or press'.-s by weight. 3 Heavy, burdensome* 

sacail, s./. see sacachadh. 

Tsacair,** .v.m. Priest. 

sacan, -ain, -an, g.m., dim. of sv. Little sack 
or bag. 2 Little 1 >ad or bur.len. B Trilling 
fellow. 4 Uum-irmnerly or impu fellow. 
f)**Short. corpulent fellow. 

sacanta, -aintu, a. Like a bag or sack. 2 Corpu- 
lent, .squat. 3 Trifling. 4 Impudent 

sacantachd, *./. Corpulency, s<iuatuess. 2 Ina 

mi, -aich, s.m sse aodach-saio. 

sacarbhui^,** s./. A confession. 



ac'iut, Gaelic spi'.li 'g of sac.kbut. 
t iach, v.n. Sack, b3s e;e. 
sun iir. -e, s.f. see sa-nh -hair, 
sichasan, -ain, -an, S,m I- -el, lesser lanuce. 
sichasan ich, -aiche, u.0f,>ir b --longing to.saud- 
oeis 2 Abou idiug in sand-eels. 

sacnd, }*e3sac. 

SUM laciiadn, see sac ichadh. 

.sacu'.lalh, see sacachiln. 

sichdaioh, s -e s acaicn. 

sac Ian, ***.// S.audard. 

8<crij ih,'.l. B;irs*9i luggage. 

B-icraigii. see sierail i. 

sacrail,** s.f. Sacrifice. 

sa'Tarn u 1, -e in, *.f. Sacrament. 

sacr imiideach, -eiche, a. sacramental. 

sacram lind. S3e sacra uaid. 

ste-siiratnair, -thracn fc -e, pi. -ean, ./. Pack- 
s iddl'^. 

sad, -aid, . m. Small dust shaken out of any- 
thing by stri cin* or beating. 2 Smart blow, 
thul, dump. 3 Dislike, aversion. 4 (JM; 
5 see dad. 6 Seel-Leu;tv. 7 (DU) Water 
splashed about, froth of waves. 8 The sea 
breaking over anvthing. 9 Meal-dust. Ghabh 
e s. dbec.h, h? c<mj''i>'d a dis'.ik" to it. 

sad, a' sada Ih, v. a. Shake or brush off 
dust. 2 Beat, thump, fustigate 3(D(J) Throw, 
as peas or stones -Uist. 4 *Dash upon, as 

sada.-h, -aich, *.f. Meal-dust. 2 Mill.-dust. 3 
Saw-dust, t Dust 01 any description. 5 Small 
drizzling ra'n. 

sadach, -aiche a. Of, or belonging to, small dust. 
2 That shaces out, or shakes off dust. 3 
Causing dislike, aversion or nausea. 

sadachadh, -aidti, s.m. <$ pr.pi. of sadaich.Same 
luaaui i^s as sadadh. 

faclich-shabhaidh, s.f. Saw-dust. 

sadadh, -ai Ih, s.m. Brushing. 2 Act of bruah- 
iMg orf dust by striking. X Beatiug. 4 Act of 
beatiiifj or th!im:>ing. f>** Whisk. 6 Sowinj} 
of seed. -W. of Ross-xhire. A' *-, of sad. 
'Ga sh. 'uam shuilean, dusting it in my eyes. 

sad libh, (i. e. an sadaib.i) ado. In haste. 

saddfh, -e, -ean, s.f. Brush. 2 Anything to 
strike or beat oft dust, whisk. 

> v .a m Dust. 2 Beat dust out of cloth. 

te, past pt. of sadaich. Dusted. 2 


sa lanach, -aiche, a. see soideanach. 

sad-bhuiile, -*,n,s.f. Smart stroke, thump. 

sad-bnuilieach, -eiche, a. Giving smart blows or 

sa.lhail,** a. Pleasant. 

sa.lhail,** s.f. Neglect. 2 Delight. 3 Good 


sadha!,**-ail, -an, s.m. Saddle. 
sadnaUnhd, se sodhalachd. 
sadharcan, (AF) s.m. Lapwing, see adharcan- 

lua'-hrach. 2 Grey plover, 
saduich, see sadaich. 
f-sa)th s Labour, tribulation, disease. 

SfSJiiSfi* Roundel, circle. 2 Fold 
of a serpent. 3 Spire. 

lag trt, -airt, -an & airtean, s.m. Priest. 2 
C.inrcliman. Cio I is fhiach s. sun chWireach ? 
of what use is a pri'st without a clerk ? cha 
bhi duthchas aig mnaoi no aig MVt, neither 
a woman nor a priest mvy have any local 
tif S t/igy mutt go where the necessities of hus- 
band or church d'mand. 

aa^art, s.m. Bam with one of its testicles want- 
ing Lewis. 

gagartach, -aiche, ft. 

sajartachd, s.f.ind. Priesthood. 

sagartail, -e, a. Priestly, priestlike, clerical. 2 

rar.'-ly Pious, holy. 
saafartalachd, s.f.ind. Priestlinesa. 
Ksa.'h, saih, *./. Bitch. 
tsagii, v.a. Drink, suok' guzzle. 
-a.,'ii, see sath. 
sagnach, see sathach. 
sa^haidli, -e, -ean, see saobhaidb. 
saghail,** iy. Attack. 

^hain, see samhan. 2 see saigb. 
saghal,** a. Nicj, tender. 
agh Uaehd,** s.f. Delight, content. 2 Volup- 


sagharlachd,** *. /. Del ight.satisf action.conteob . 
sagh'ic-tire,(AF> VVolf. 
Kaghnviair, a.m. Sink, kennel. 
saibh, gen.sing. of sabb. 
saibitiu, see samhan. 

bliir, see saoibhir, a. & saoibhricb, v. 2(MS) 

a. Able. 
saibhir.(MS) a. Lascivious. 

iohif, -eau, n.f. Watarooursa below a road 

for a stream to run through, covered with 

stone lintels, as a s*rer, conduit. 
saPmire, coiwp. of saibhir. 
saibhireach, .see saoibhreach. 
s ubhirda.-hd, see saoibhreas. a. sea saboalach. 
saibtileau. of sabhal. 
saibhiich,(-VI-i -<t- Garner. 
sai >lir<3ach,(MS) a. Auspicious. 
SLiibhreachadh, see saoibnrea.cb.adh. 
saib.ireach-l, see saoibhreas. 
saibhreas, see saoibhreas.,(MS) Auspiciousness. 
saiburich, see saoibhrich. 
saibhrichte, see saoibhrichte. 
saic, 'i^ /. <fc n.n 1 . of sac. 
saic-dhiollaid,** s.f. Pack-saddle. 
.saicean, -ein,-an, s.m. see sacan. ^ 
saic-eideadh, -idh, see aodach-saic. 
saic-eadaeh, see aodach--aio. 

saich.A-.n*. Plenty, enoU4 . Villyful. 
aich,** a. Sated, (satiui. -h) 
saich,(CH) a. Ill, bad in h.-; ilth Pertlithin. 
tsaide, s.f. Seat, cou-.-h. 

.saidealach, s^e soid^altach, . <fc soidealta, a. 
saidealachd, see soidealtachd. 
saidealta, -eilte, see soidealta. 
saidealtach, see soidealtach. 
said-.-altachd, see soidealtachd. 
saidealtas, -ais, sea soidealtas. 

saidh, -e, -ean, s.f. Any nprignt beam, 
post. 2 Prow of a ship or boat. 3 
Handle of any instrument. 4 The 
part of any blade that is inserted in 
the handle. 5 Ohovron in herudr>t. 


Bitch. 7**Mildn3ss. 8**Treasurr. 

9 Edge. 10 Brach. 11 see saoidh- 


saidhbliir see saoibhir. 
saidh-dh'ireadh,* s.f. Stern-post of a boat, see 

. Feur-saidhe, grass kept 


tsaidhiste^s.l Seat, 
ch, s.f. S 
see laidir, 




wood. Cruth sailthea 
figures. 8 jeidaick --m 

-e-va, *./. Willow-tree. 

oaidse, -an, jr./.Sound of a falling body. 2 Crash. 
BaidSi*,(DMK) *. Hurry, haste. Cuir s. ris an 

tfiu3, blow up the fire and add fuel to it ; 

chuir iad & ris a' bhuain, they expedited the 


aidse, s.f. Chives, see feuran. 
sa'ds ach, -eich, a. Making a noise, as a falling 

body, crashing. 
sai is rich, -ich, s.f. Beggar's mantle, prow. 2** 


i* 'sear,* s.m. Heavy, clumsy man. 
saKeir, -eir, Gaelic form of sapphire. 
-a fearach, a. Abounding in, or like, sapphires. 
sai.jeui, -ein, -an, S.HI. Corpulent, little man. 
HUiiemaeh, -aiche, a. see saigeanta. 
wai;eanach, -aich, s.m. see saigean. 
saueauua,** see siigeanta. 
saigeanta, -einte, a. Short and corpulent, 
saigaautach, a. Short and corpulent. Duine s., 

a ihort, corpulent man. 
saigeantacbd, *./. Corpulency and shortness of 

iigh, -e. -ean, t.f. Bitch, female dog. f2 Sharp 

e l<*e, sharp poiat. 3 see sajidhean. Caimh- 

iiiCii an t-s ugh earblach daonu, rftntmber tin 

orown u,tch with thf My tailL. no, F. 199.S, 

100 a 9. 

s ''nf'i-i-hula inch, see saigh. 
* v. see xaitfiiead. 
j.!f. of sa'ghead. 
saigh<leach, -eiciie, a. Arrowy, like an arrow. 2 

Kunmhed with arrows. 3 Pointed. 4*Pierc- 

sii^iideadh, -eidh, s.m. Darting, act of darting 

forward, as an arrow. 2* Popping or dashing 

forward. A' s , pr.pL of saighead. 
eni s 'hdean, of saighead. 
saighdear, -oir, -an, s.m. Soldier. 2 Brave man. 

3 Active, me'tlesome fellow. 4 The sign Sa- 
gittarius ( I ) in the zodiac. 

s.-coise, wtntryman, fool-soldier. 

s.-eachraidh, caoitryman, dragoon. 

&-fairjfe, amarin?. 

s. -ma. a, a marin*. 

.toohlaJdh, n piunter. 

Maif-hdearan dearja, red-coats, a name given 

f/> the ^oveinni'nt sddiers in the risings of 

]7lo and 17*i, in contra-tlisi-inc-ion to the 

supp Tiers of the Stuart causi, who wore gen- 

ur uly known as " saighde iran dabha." 
sai ;h leirach, -aiche, a. Of, or belonging to sol- 

l era. 2 Military, m*rtUl. 
8--ur, r 'idearach<t, */. S idiers aip, soldiering, the 

profession of a s ildier, the army. 2 Bravery, 

heroum. 3 Agility, activity. | saileih -iaOh, (AK) s. Hind, 

sa'uh dear.achd, s.f. Archery. I sail-^hilie, -aa, s.m. Pootman, page, 

flaiiihdeireil, -e, a. Soldier-like, brave, warlike, sailic'i,(.Vl-<) v.a. Heel, as shoes. 

brain* with en/rxv A 

2 The letter 3. 

guirma s., 

tsiil, -e, 
sail,* s.m.ind. 
sail, seetaileidh. 
fsail, v.a. ''alul.;. 
sail, -e, **sil & salach, pi. -ean & -Itean, . f. 

[leel. S. bemue, th* font O f a hitl. 
sail, v.a. Provide with heels, a.s shoes. 
tsiil, s.'. Guird, custody. 
sail-bhrea^.iadh, -aidh, "s.m. Rejoicing. 
sail-bhroiliioh, s.f. Front cross- jeatn of a cart 


siil-bhruth, see sail-bhruthadh. 
sail-bhrAtiia Ih, -aidh, s.m. Bru seen the h"el. 
sail-bhuinn, -e, -ean-b-, s.f. The ;ole. 2 l.owor 

beam of a partition. 3 Loer cross-bar of 
"crann-de Ibhe." 
sail-bhuinn, -e, -ean-b-, s./.Grouadsel, sea bual- 


sailche, comp. of salach. 
sailchead, -eid.s.m. Dirt, degree of dirtiness. 2 

tt Untwine* 3 Deflle.u^ac. 
sailcii -as, -is, s.m. Ba.l tasie. 2 Musty sm'll. 
sai.-cliuach, -aich, -an, s.f. Do ',-violat, see dai'- 

chuach. '2**Pansy. Coille is gui 

wood whfff the violet is bluest. a. Abiuudmsin dog-violets. 

2 Pertaining to dog-violets. 
sail-chuachag, -aig, s.f. Young dog-violet, little 

sail-dhenidh, s.f. Hind cross-beam of a cart 

[sirs. 2 Box of a cart. 
tsaile, *./. Saliva. 
sale, seo sal. 
saileacli, -eiche, a. Pertaining to a heel. 2 see 


sadoadh, see taileadh. 
sailea-,', -eig, -an, s.f.,d : m. of sail. Little heel. 

2 Heel-step. 3 Heel-piece. 
saileag, -eig, -an, s.f. dim. of sail. Little beam. 

2 Little willow, young willow, 
saileasjach, -aiche, o. Abounding ia creeks, bays 

or inlets of the sea. 

sailean, -ein, -an, s.m. Willow Art-an. 
sailean, -ein, -an, s.m. Little inlat or arm of the 

sea, deep bay. 
aileanach, a. Abounding in little creeks or in- 

lets. 2 Like, or of a bay or firth. 
saileanta, a. Brinish. 
t-ailear, -eir, -an, s.m. Cavern, grotto. 
s.\ilear.(MS), Sailor. 
sail .>*<, -ais, s.m Salt water. 2 The sea. 
siiloid, *./. Gaelic form of salad. 

martial. 2' 
sai ;'iead, saighle, -gndean, s.f. Arrow, dart. 2 

Stitch. S. ueimhe, a poisoiK-d arrnw. 
6aiv;head, v. it. Dare forward, as an arrow. 2 Move 


8a : gtieAdach, -aiche, a. sea saighdeach. 
aiigheadair, * TO. Arrow-maker. 'J Archer. 3 

see Haijhde ir. 

e :icii. a. Of, or belonging to, arrow- 
makers, or 2 archers. 
ai^ne id-shith, s.f. Fairy-arrow the popular 

n line for the flint arrow-heads so muc:i 

Itrixel by antiquaries. 
'Saiuheis, -eis, s.m. A^e, old age. 2 Antiquity, 

old nes<. 

sai;heil, -e, a. se^ s6ghail. 
si'ghein, s -e saoidhean. 

siiirhneiu,** -en .v./rv. f/ghtning. 2 Hurricane. 
fai'^ ite.-ich, if. t'ieroiug, cutting. 
*il, -e, -can & o .\ltheau, s./.Beam, joist, log of ] 

8 idiaii, pi. -lean, sej saileau. 

Siill, -e, s.f. fatness. 2 Fat, blubber. 3* Suat. 

greasH. 4 Pickle, brine. Saill nan dublian, 

ih" fat of the kidneys; filleaa saille, eollopt of 

g-iill, a* sailleaih, v.a. Salt, season, cure 

or pickle with salt. 

saiileach, -eiche, a. Having fat. 2 Fat, corpu- 
lent. 3 Greasy. 4* Full of suet, 
sailleach, -ich, s. sea seileach. 
sailleachan, -am, -an, *. m. Saltiag-tub. 211 

? iilleachd,** *./. Fatness, fat. 2 Greasiness. 3 


nailleadair, -ean, s.m. Salter. 2 Fish-curer. 
--eachd, s.f.ind. Process of salting or 

i- irin; with salt, 
sailleadu, -idh, s.m. Salting, act ofsaltin'. 2 

Pinkliiig. 3 Salt, saltness. A' s-, pr. pt. of 


78 1 

sailleann. -inn, s. m. Weaver's paste, used to 

smonthe tlie thread. 
sailU'ar, -ir, -an, s.rn. Halt-cellar, tub or cask. 2 

Cellar for storing salted tish. 3ft 

, a, see sailleir. 

, fut.pass. of saill. Shall be salted. 

ach,** a. Of, or belonging to, a salter or 

achd,** s.f.ind. Business of a salter or 


s&illeil/* a. Unctuous. a. Fat, fed. 2 Greasy. 3 Corpulent. 

4 Lusty, 
sail hn hor, -oire, a. Fatted, fat and full. 2 

Greasy. 3 Pickled. 
UMom.l s.f. Flat foot. 
saiHte,;. d: past pt. of saill. Salted, seasoned, 

pickled. 2 Salt, tasting of salt, briny, .burn 

s., salt-water. 
saillceacb, see saillte. 
d, s.f.ind. Saltness. 2;M8) Brine. S. 

t' uisgeachan, the sattnest of thy wa(?rs. 
aailm, -e, -ean, s.f. Decoction. 2$ Oak-bark de- 

coccion to staunc'.i blood. 3} Consumptive 

pectoral. S. uchil, aprc/oral <jivfn in a case 

of consumption, made of rose leaves and su- 

, gen.ging. A of salm. 

dharaicb,** s.rn. Decoction of oak-bark. 

eachd,** s.f. Psalmody. 

ucnd,** s.m. Oiu '.me lit of which fresh 

butter and healing herbs are the principal 

sail-mhullaich, ij. Upper cross-bar of crann- 


sail-spiorad,** -aid. s.m. Guardian spirit, 
sailteacliadh,** s.rn. Tracing or following foot- 

sailtvachd, see saillteachd. 
sailbeaii, of sail. Heels. 2 Steps, footsteps. 

3 Vestiges. 

sailteart. -eirt, seesaltairt. a. see saileach. 
sultheach. -ich, -iciieau, s.f. Big, fat or lusty 

sailth.'ach,** a. Beamed, joisted. 2 Like a beam 

or joist, 
sailtht-an, pi. of sail. S. a sheomra, the beams 

of hit chambers. 
sailchean-mais, \ Stots of a cart, see p. 

uriair, / 152. 

sdltich,** v.a. Provide with beams or joists, 
sailtich,** v.a. Follow by tracing the footsteps, 
sailtichean, Hatches of a ship. 2 Steps. 
sailt ; chte,* pott pt. Provided with beams or 

j 'isis. 
saiiLiclite,** past pt. Heeled, provided with 

&12. Saimbhir. 

heels, as 
sail-uriair, s. f. Summer, the central beam of a 

floor that receives the joists. 
tsaim, a. Rich. 

sa inhhir,? s. Samphire o-ithm'tm maritimnrn. 
saimh, -e, s.f. Luxury, pleasure, delight, ei<e. 

2 Sensuality, y Penca.pfiaoeAilna^quietrwss. 

stillness. 4**Joy. 5 Quiet spot. An iear an 

s. shuainc, th / in profunwl rtpn*". 
saimh,** a. Quiet, still. 2 Mild, pleasant. S 

Sweet. Ri oidhclie s., on a quiet nii/tt. 
t*aimh,?.p/. Twins, pair, brace, couule. 
saimh, g a n.sini. of samh. 

bhreitheach,** a. Twin-producing. 

saimh-bhriatiiar, -air, -thran, .s. m. 

word or speech. 2 Smoooli laiuu 
saimh-bbriathracb, -aiche, a. Flatteriug, caj 1- 

as,** -ais, s.m. Cnjoling lung- 

sa mhche, comp. of simlrich. 

ad, -eid, s.m. Degree of tranquility. 

saimh -ch^al'j, -caeilg, *./. Hypocrisy. (..McL <Ss 

D giv^s sairnh-cheil(j as nom.] 
saimli-chealgach, -aiche, a. Hypocritical. 
saimhe.J .f. Luxury. 2 Sensuality. 

ach,** a. Luxurious. 2 Foud of ease or 


fsaimheach, -eiche, a. Pleasant* 
saimheachas,** -ais, s.m. Luxury. 2 Fondness 

pt' ease or pleasure. 
<aimheachd, s.f.ind. Love of pleasure. 2 State 

of luxury or pleasure. 3 Luxurious habit, 
saimhear, -ean, s.m. Sensualist. 
saimh-ghrio<,** v.a. Allure, entice. 

ach,** a. Alluring, enticing. 

saimli-ghriosadh,** s. m. Enticement, allure- 

saimhiche,** s.m. Votary of pleasure, 
sahuhiche, comp. of samhach. 
saimhich,(MS) v. Allay, 
fsaimhin, -ean, s.m. Bait, allurement, 
saimhneachadh,** s.m. Yoking, coupling, 
saimhnich,** v.a. Yoke, couple. 

te, pastpt. Yokd, coupled, 
ighe, Lovers of plea-ure. 
saimhi-i,iieach,** a. Easy, sacislied, content. 2 

d,** . /. Ease, satisfaction. 2 


saimh sealair,** -ean, s.m. Counsellor, 
saimir, *./. Trefoil clover, 
aiu,** a. Sound, healthy, 
t-sain, v.a. Vary, alter, change, 
tsain-chreach,** a. Healed, suiind. 
saindrean,** s.m. Seat. 2 Society, 
saineas,** s.m. Diversity, variety. 2ttSedition- 
t.saine, s.f. Variety, variation. 2 Soan Iness. 3 

Sedition. 4 Discord, 
saineil,** a. Graceful, beautiful, handsome. 2 


sain-fhios, -a, -an, see saivis. 
sainis,ft -e, -ean, see sanas. 

each, -eiche, see sauasach. 

saimiAAC) 8. Coveting. 

siinnseal, -eil, -an, a. m. New year's ftift. 2 

ach, -aiche. a. Belonging to a handsel, 

orNjw year's gift. 2 Sending New > ear's 

fii t'. 
aich.ftpr. pt. a' sainnsealachadh, v.a. 

Give a New year's gift. 
aiche, -an, s.m. Giver of a New year's 


saiunt, see sannt. 
samntreabh, see ralntreabh. 
sainre,"* s.f. licddi^h purple, colour. 



9 Flesh cl mr. 

anintreabh.** x. Pam'Iy. house. 
saip-H,- v AH) */. Full meal. 
K iip iir, s^f sapair. 

;-. M-) s. Slid*. 
uir. '!'ii.*ini. it /i.;^. of sir. 
s;, i r.>",** ./. Sieve, 
sa rbh. igh, -e, -can, g. f. Attribute, [also sar- 

i.hrign.j, -clieille, x.f. Good sense. 
sairJcal, -HI, -an. neo sar.lail. 

ac'h, see sard liieaoii. 

sa ; r 61 \s, -;ii-i, Great skill. 

Fair-f >i:.-. see sar-f'iios. 

SA i-.glniom'i. -a. -ara, s.m Noble action. 

sai-d .{ s.m.( f .**) GarJeu sage, see atrriir-liath. 

saisdeaeh,** ft. Of, like, or abounding iu, sage. 

s.ti drt bh-'a^f,** s./. Smill garden sage saivia 

htr'.fntlt major vulgar is. 
sai- If oiiuuic, s.m. Mountain-sage saloia al 

fftiUdtt-coitlp ? Wood-sage inter iumscoro- 

dwa. [** ^ives saivia, 

nasty, u-iolean, polluted. 2 Troubled, agita- 

ted, .s i fluid. (Juan s. nau garbli-th/>mi, */t* 

troit'il.'d billowy ocran ; fuil sh., polluted orjotil 

salachalh, -ailh, Defiling, act of defiling, 

polluting 1 , rendering uncl-an, sullying, soiling. 

2 Filth, defilement. 3 Adulteration. A* s , <>f salaich. 
salachar. -air, -an, ft.m. Filth, fllthiness, gros*-, na-tiness, imparity, corruption, dross. 2 

-- .ichd. it.f.ind see salachar. 

salag,** -aus -an, s.f. Heei-piece. 

-- fin, (Oft) K.?/i. Pyrosis, water-brash Loch- 

broom ()' Lewis. 
I salaioh, a' salarhadh, v.a. Defile, pollute, 

sully, concamin tto, spoil, soil, make dirty. 

!Sh. th:i am paipaar, yon soiled tht paprr. 

- te, part L of salaich. Defiled, polluted, 
soil"d. contaminated, spoiled. 

salaid, Gaelic furm of ralad. 
salainn, >j>m.gin<j. of salann. 

- -each, -eich.i, a. Abounding in salt, salt- 
ing. 2 Oommuuicating a salt taste. S Brin- 

- enchadh, -aidh, s.m. Salting, act of salt- 
ing, pickling, seasoning. A' s , pr. pt. of sal- 

ich, a' salainneachadh, v.a. Salt, 

. Saltde-coille. 
ai -dd-fiadbain, see aisde-coille. 
siiir >icii. see sathach. 

Siii:h. -ean, S.JM. The backbone. 2 Joint of the 
neck or backbone. :>**Mu!titude. ^Pierc- 
ing. 6**Space. 6**Hal't. 7**Treasure, a- 
bundance of money. 8 see sath. 9 (AF) see 
rm of bees. 

sa gn. 10 pi. Stages. 11 swarm 
:iiili,** a, Vulgar, vile. 2 Cheap. 

saith,* s.f. Bellyful, satiety Islay. 

saitlieach, -eic : te, a. see sathach. 

saitbeanbil, s./.ind. .Satiety, repletion, gorman- 

di/.ing 1 , frequent stuffing. 
aithuan, JJ -in- -an, .m. Stake or pole driven 

into the ground. 
saitheas, -eis, s.m. Vileness, badness. 2 Cheap- 


eaithich, see sal La ich. 
- te, see sa'haichte. 
saithte, see sathta. An sleaghan saithte 'san 

ieirg, their spears thrust in the plain. 
Baic.-se, see saUde. 2 (AH) xj. Hatch of a ship. 

'San loingeas daraich a 1 crionadh, dh' oilte 

fion air an saitse, and their oaken ships decay- 

ini,H'iiie was drunk on their hatches Ian Loin 

p. On. 

sal, 51^/1. sail & saile, s.m. Tb.e sea. 2 Sea- or 

silr.-water. A' leum thar an t-sal, bounding 

V'i- the *-a. 
sal, sail, s.m. Filth, impurity. 2 Mud. 3 Dross, 

refuse of anything. 4 Dust. 5 Spot, blemish. 

6 scum. 7 Coom of a wheel. 8 Wax of the ear. 

9 Will,,w, s:e seileach. 10 (AF) E^a;s of the 

moth. ll*.Slimy dirt. Air s. an raoin, on the 

il'is' of thf p'a>H. 
alach, -aiche & sailche, a. Foul, dirty, filthy, 

cure or season with sait, pickle. 

icbte. past pt. of salaiunich. Cured or 

seasoned with salt. 

salami, -aiuii, s.m. Salb. An Fhaire Shalainn, 
the Sait S^a; poil-salainn, a salt-pit. 

ach, see salainneach. 

an, -ain, -an, a.m. Salt-pit or -pool. 2ft 


salann-fuail, a.m. Sal-ammoniac. 

salann-tia-groide, *.?n. Alkali. 

salann-tatnaidli, s.m. Horax. 

sal-bhodach, s.m.. Dustman. 

salchadh, -aich, see salachalh. 

salobar,** .see saiachar. 

sal-cluaise,**s.w. Cerumen, ear-wax. 

sal-chuach, see ^ail-chuach. 

sal-faciul,(AH) Distasteful and offensive 
memento. Dh'fhag e sal-faclid glau aig a 
cliaraiil, he yave his friend a fin? memento at 
pa r inf) (ironically. ) 

fsa'.l,** -aill, s. in. .Bitterness. 2 Satire. 3 In- 
vective, lampoon. 

Dalian, -ain, s.m. Singing. 2 Harmony. 

.-aiklair, -e, -draichean, s.f. Chalder, Scots mea- 
sure of 16 bolls. 2 Chaldron, imperial mea- 
sure of 36 bushels. 

sahn, sailm, s.f. Psalm. 2* Anthem. 

salmaoh, -aiche, a. Siiijiingprnlms. 2 Abound- 
ing iu psalms or psalm-tunes. 3 Like a psalm. 

salmailair, -ean, s.m. Psalm-book, psalter. 2tf 
Psalmist. StJSongster, chorister. S. chraoibii 
dhluth-dhuillich, the sonytiter of the leaf y tret. 

eachd, s.f.ind. Psalm-siDgmg. 2 The 

office or business of a clerk or precentor. 

salmair, -ean, s.m. Psalmist, songster, precent- 
or, clerk, cnorister. 

each 1, see salmadaireach 1. 

tsalt, -ailt, -an, s.m. see suit. 2**Colour. 

t-saltair, -ea:i, s. m. Psalter. 2 Psaltery. 3 
Chronicle. 4 Salt-monger. 5** The title of 
certain Irish traditional records, as, S. n 
Tearab racli. 

saltair, a' saltairt & a' saltradh, v.a. <fc n. 
Tread, trample. 2 Tread, walk. 

saltairt, ./. Trea ling, acr. of treading or tramp, 
ling. 2 Act of treading or walking. A* s , pr. 
pt. of saU air. 

sallrachadh, -aidh, s.m,. see 




ealtrachd. (MS) s.f. Insult. 

saltraich,** s.f, Trdading, trampling. 2 Con tin 

ued trampling. 3 Tramp, tread, 
saltraich, v. see saltair. 

te, past pt. of saltraich. Trodden un 

der foot. 

aJlnidh,/Kt./. a. of saltair. 
t*am, s. Rest, ease, 
fsam, Sun. 
saman, *. m. Wood-loosestrife.yellow pimper 

nel, see seamrag-Muire. Mid Highlands. 
MUieaich,** v.a. Sprawl. 
sanih. -aimh, -an, s.m. Common sorrel nimex 
acelosa. 2} That part of the sheep's sorre 
(ruinex ar,etosella) that, bears seed. 3 see seam 
rag. (ill. on p. 785.) 

samh, -aimh, -an, s.m. Stiuk. 2 The suffocatin, 
smell occasioned by excessive heat or close 
ness of air in a room., 3 Clowuish or rustii 
person. 4 Savage. 5 (AC) Flock, fold, herd 
ti(AC) Fish. 7 Giant, strong petson, a god 
S rarely, The sun. 9 The sca-tfwM'rf. 10 (A 
F) Pig. S. eisg, fish odour ; s. trom e'isg, 
sfroni/ smell as ft om a large body of fish at sea 
samh, (AC) a. Fat, rich, productive, 
samh, s.m. Surge, agitation of waves on the 
sea-beach. 2 Crest of whitened billows Sdr 

gainh, -aimh, see saimh. 
samh, 8'je sabh. 
samhach, -aiche, a. Abounding in sorrel. 2 

Rustic, clownish. 

samhach, -aiche. a. Quiet, still, calm, serene. 2 
Peaceful, undisturbed, at rest, easy. 3 Silent 
4 Mild, pleasant. 5 Peaceable, peaceably 
disposed. Feasgar s., a calm still evening 
hithibh s., be still ; fan s., kc"p ijuiet. 
samhach, -aich, -aichean, s.f. Wooden haft or 
handle of any instrument, as an axe or ham 
mer. 2**Shaft. 3+*Kdgeof a weapon. 4* Axe, 
hatchet. Chaidh an tuagh bharr a s., the axe 
n'ent off its handle ; s. sgeln, the haft of a 

samhachair, see samhchair. 
samhachan,** -aiu, Soft, quiet person. 
Mttiiadh, -aidh, s.m. Wood-sorrel, see seanirag. 
satrihadh, -aidh.s.w. Edge, as of a hatchet, 
fsamhadh,** -aidh, s.m. Congregation. 
samhadh-caora, s.m. Sheep's sorrel, see ruan- 


samhaich.(MS) v.a. Helve, furnish with a han- 
dle, as au axe. 

samhaicheadas,(MS) -ais, ?.m. Quiet. 
samhail, a. see samnuil & sambach. 
samhailt, see sainlmilc. 
samhain, see saitnh. 
Samhainn, see Samhuinn. 
samhaircean, -ein, -an, s.m. Primrose. 
samhaisg,(AFj s. Heifer. 

samhaltau, -ain, -an, a.m. Emblem, hierogly- 

ach, -aiche, s.m. Emblematical.having 

emblem^ or hieroglyphics. 

samliau, -ain, s.m. H&\in)unipertissabina. 2 
(AC) Female dog, bitch. 3 Little giant. 4(A 
F) llr)rse. 5 Large river trout Fdilte tia 

samhanach,* -aich, s.m. Savage, giant, monster. 
Chuireadh tu eagal air na samhanaich, you 
would frighten the very i>ava<jes an Islay say- 
iug ; Miharbhadh e na samhanaich, i( ivould 
kid ih" aavag'S said of something very over- 
j.-oweiing or unwholesome N.G. P. 
samii-aii-nithreach, -fich, s.m. Punishment. 2 
Sore produced by rubbing off the sidu in one's 
sit; -p. 3* Caus'j of regret. 4* Object of re- 
fer d. 

samharcan,*' -am. *.w. *ee sambaircean. 
tsamhas, -ais, -an, s.m. Deiigiit, plea-sure, satis, 
faction. 2 Ease. 

t ach,** a. Causing delight or pleasure, 

2 Agreeable. 3 Causing satisfaction. 4 Uu- 
disturbed, at ease. 

t aiche,** s.m. Suttler. 

samhchair, -e, s.f. Quietness, tranquility, rest, 
repose, ease, atraxy, calmness, composure. 

each, -eiche, a. Quiet, tramiuil.peace- 

ful, undisturbed. 

eachd, g.f. see samhchair. 

samhla, see samhladh. 

samhlach, -aiche, . Likening, comparing. 2 
Embleirnticat, typical. 3 Ghostly, spectral. 4 
Allegorical. Dath s., copying ink ; fasgadh 
s., a copying press. 

adh, -aidh, s.m. Comparing, act of COMI- 

paring or likening. 2 Comparison, simile, im- 
a^e, type, analogy, emblem. 3* Lajiug som ;- 
thing bad to one's charge. A' s pr. pt of 

ail, -e, a. see samhlach. 

an, seo samhladh. 

as, see samhladh. 

samhlachd, t.f.ind. Comparability, state of 
being comparable. 2 Affinity. 3;MS)l;r,ui<;h6. 
samliladair, -eau, s.m. Imitator, 
samhladh, -aidh, -aidhean, s. m. Appearance, 
shape, form, resemblance, likeness. 2 Patient, 
sample, copy, antitype. 3 Appariliou, spec- 
tre, t;host. 4 Proverb, by-word. 5 Example. 
6 Allegory. 7 Act of " evening." 8 Resemb- 
ling, comparing, comparison, analogy, simili- 
tude. 9 Slender person. S. na h-altaracri, 
the pattern of the altar ; s. naiu briaihar tal- 
lain, the form of sound icords ; baoth-sh. nnm 
marbb, the dread apparition of the d<ad; ia 
trian suiridhe s., to be evened, or couplid in 
conversation as a likely match, is a third of 

samhlaich, a' samhlachadh, v.a. Compare, 
liken. 2 Allegorize. 3 Assimilate, r< su-mblu. 
4 v.n. Lay to oue's charge. Na s. an leithid 
sin not lay such things to m</ charge. 

te, past pt. of samhlaicb. Likened, 


amhluchadh, see samhlachadh. 
amhluich, See samhlaich. 

te, see samhlaichte. 

amhlurh,** a. Brisk, active. 
ainhna, gen.sing. of Samhuina. 
mhnach,* s.f. see samhnag. -2 Deer-park, win- 
ter park. 
amhuachan,(AF) s.m. Large river trout. 

hnadh, see Samhuinn. 
amhnag, -aig, -an, s.f. Bon-fire or torch kindled 
on Hallow-eye. 2 (AF) see samhnachan. 

ach, -aiche, a. Having many bon-tires or 

blazing with bon-ftres on Hallow-eve, 
amhnaich,* v.a. Winter. 

inihnan, -ain, -an, Large river-trout.prov. 
for samhnachan. 
amhnas,** -ais, s.m. Anger, 
amnra, seestmhradh. 
amhrach, -aiche, see samhrachail. 

ail, -e,a. Summe;-ii<ce, of,or belonging 

to, summer. 2 Jirinsjiag summer, 
amhradb, -aidh, -a-dlit-an, a.m. Summer. Seom- 
ar samhraidh, <i suininsr par. our ; iaigli-sa:na- 
raidh, a sionmsr-houM ; toiseacu an t-samii- 
raidh.f/if' beginning of summer ; 2 the muntli 
of May. 

iamhrag, -aig, -an, s.f. Clover, trefoil, sham- 

ach,** a. Abounding in trefoil or sjam- 





runhraidh, g -n.sin/. of samhradh. 

sainnrail, -e, a. see samaracnail. 

gimhvi. see samhsadn. 

si.nhsacli,** o. Abounding in, of, or like sorrel. 

taamhs ulh, s.m. Sorrel see<l. 

sam .CAClt) s.m. Thud. 2 Very stout person. 

samhthach, see samhach. 

Barnaul I, -mnla, -ean, .V.JTI. Likeness, image.copy, 
iv>emolance, match, represautation. 

saimuul,** a. Like, as, such. 

samiiuilt, -e, -eau, x.f. (i.e. mac-samhuilt, son 
of th' image.) Precise resemblance, image, 
apparicion. 2** Sle.ider person. S. aiume 
orm^a, unrecognized by me you have the ad- 
vantage of me. Bha s. aithiie aige air an 
duine, or bha e 'deanamh s. air an duine, (he 
knew that ue ought to know the mau, but 
could noc recall wno he was) Arran. 

Samnuinn, g j n.sing. Samhna, *./. ilallow-tide, 
tne feast of All-souls, 1st. Nov. 2 The month 
of November. [Preceded by the art. an t-.J 
O Bhealltaiun gu S.,//ow May-day to Hallow- 
tid- ; siubhal na Samhua dha, mat/ lie neoer 
return .' i. e. may he pass as Hallowmass 
passed ; coltas na Samhuiun, like about Hal- 
loivtide& deprecative kind of remark applied 
to the weather in su.umer when cold and wet. 

sa i,man, -ain, s.m. see seamrax-Muire^. 

aamplair, -ean, s.m. Copy, pattern. 2 Example. 

sampull, -uill, -an, s.m. Example. Ball aaui- 
puill, an object or example. 

sunrag, see seamrag. 

's an, contr. for auns an. 'S an taigh, in the 
huuse ; tha e 'staigh, it is indoors. 

's an, And the. 

s in, emphatic adjection, see note under -sa. A 
chnid-san, his own property ; 'eich-san, his 
1* ten Ito/'S'S. 

tsaii, a. Holy. 

tsan, v.a. Release, dissolve. 

tsmudn, -aidh, s.m. Releasing, dissolving. 

sanarc,** -airc, s.m. Red orpiment. 

Bauas, -ais, -an, s.m. Whisper. 2 Advice, sug- 
>;i'Stion, warning, hiut, alarm. 3 Secret. 4 
Greeting, salutation, salute. 5 Knowledge 
science. 6 Etymology. 7 Notice, 
VcTU-semeut. 8 MaiK, proof. 9 Low sound. 
10 Peace. 11 Augury. 12 Glossary. 13** 
Private sign. Bhair e sauas le 'chois, he will 
y t v? a f'int with hia foot ; mar sh. do gach Ur, 
as a teaming to every country. 

tsu;ias, -a.s, -au, s.m Dictionary. 

aiiasach, -aiche, a. Warning, giving hints or 
cautions, hinting, whispering. 2 Allusive. 3 
xirceciug, saluting. 

san.isaich,** v.a. Allude. 

e, s.m. Etymologist. 

Binasail, -e, a. see sanasach. 

air, -ean, s.m. Suggester. 2 Monitor. 3** 

anaian,** -ain, s.m. Glossary. 2 Etymology, 
a Pr.vate hint, low whisper, warning. 

aiche.** a.m. Etymologist. 

f.-anct, (.ia'jiic form of LaMu sanctuf. 

fstiiccair,** a.m. Sanctuary. 

ban l.i.i, see 

g uinadh,** -aidh, s.m. Loodeuing, looseness. 2 
-e i.iratin^. 

sa ii.d.ig, see .sacliasan. 

sanm, -ainat \ -a, s.m. Inclination, desire. 2 
*,oVetuusncfed, avarjce, t;reed. 2 Ami>itu>u. 4 
*l.ust. TIIH s onu, / int'iid ; s, gnioinii, in- 
cuna inn to work ; s. jiiui^indh an don- 
as dua, hop.-l-ss greed ill L/etidet ; ea^i o du' 
fi.ii itn dun.' u s., h^ that iia'-'S cooeiousn^ss ; 
ina tna s. sin air, if he h'i# a deire for tual ; 
< all. a' mhillteir, from the am'niiun nf ihe 

d ttrogrr. 

sanutac i, -aiche, a. Desirous, keenly d'-sirous. 

2 Cove: >u<, greedy, avaricious J Lustful. 4 

** Ambitious. Du^ne s., a covetous man ; a. 

air boannachd, yre->dti of <jain. 

- .** -aich, a.m. Covetous man. 

idh, -aidh, s.m. Coveting, covetous- 

ness. 2 Act of coveting. 3 Lusung. 4 Lust, 

desire. Air s.dha, after he coveted. A* s , of sanutaich. 
stnutachd, sj.ind Covetoasness, greediness. 2 

Ambition. 3 Lustfulness. 
sanntaich, pr. pt. a' sauntachadh, v.a. Covet, 

desire, loni for. 2 Lust after. 3*lncline. Ma 

sh. Lhu, if you inclined or covted ; saunla ch- 

idh e gu mor, he wUl cov -t greeJily. 

--- te, past pt. of sanutaicu. Coveted, 

desired. 2 Lusted after. 
sanntair/ -ean, a.m. Covetous man. 
sanutalachd,(MS) ./. Avririciousiiess. 
sauntuich, see sanntaich. 
.sant, s.m. Squelch. 
sautair,** f.m. Stroller, lounger. 

- eachd, *./ Strolling, lounging. 
.sanuis,(DC) s.f. Uist for sanas, s.m. Thig an 

t-s. os cionu biiird, the whisper gets above 

san us, see sin as. 

- air, see sanasair. 

saoban,** -am, a.m. Swing. 2 Swinging or wav- 
ing to and fro. 

- ach,** a. Swinging. 2 Lite* a swing. 

- achadh,** -aidn, s.m. Springing, as on a 

- achd,** s.f.ind. Jactation, swinging, as 
on a rope. 

-- aich,** v.a. Dandle. 2 Swing. 
-- aich,** s.f. Swinging, as on a rope. 

- aichte, past pt. of saobanaich. 

saobh, -aoibn, g.m. Dissimulation, hypocrisy. 

saobh, -a & -aoibhe, a. Silly, foolish. 2 Mad, 
deranged. 3 Wrong, erroneous. 4 Unfortun- 
ate. 6 Dim, blind. G} Apt to err. 7*Eddy- 
ing. S.-shruth, an eddy-tida. 

saobn, a' saobhadh, v. a. Turn aside or a- 
way.uns.ead, lead astray. 2 Infatuate, charm, 
amuse, o Go aside, go wrong, err. 4 Dissem- 
ble. 6 Prevaricate. o(MS) Imprecate. Sh. 
iad, they erred. 

sa >bh ich.frt a. U.ssimulating. 

sa,oi>hridn, -aidh, . -in. Turning aside, act of 
turning as de or misleading. 2 Infatuation, 
act of infatuating.* 3 State of becoming silly. 
* Act of gom; wrong. 5 Dissembling, act of 
dissembling or prevaricating. 6 Imprecation. 
7 Fooiis.mcss. 8 Error. 9 Amusement. 10 As- 
servatioii. A' s , of saobh. 

saob iai Ih, -ean, s.f. Taeden of a wild beast. 2 
Litter and den of a fox. 

saobhad, a. Er.onuous Dain I. Ghobha. 

saobhal, 3uLfi'd. for saogaal. 

.saobu-aoradli,** -aidh, s.m. Superstition. 

sa-ooa-onainat, -e, -ean, s.f. Foolish or imperti- 
nent talk. 2 Prattle, gabble. 

--- each,, a. Prattling, gabb- 
ling, talking foolishly. 2 Fond of idlo or tool- 
ish ta'k. 

s loo.i-ciiar, -chuir, see saobh-ghnothac!i. 

saobh- :ni ill, -cheill, s.f. Nonsense. 2 Folly, 

h,** -aiche, a. Fooiisn, nonsensical, 

, -an & -achan [**-choiricheau,]s.m. 

-- --- ach, a. Har'ng wMrlpooIa. 

sajbii-c'hoiulirada, s.-e s lOJii-chaiuut. 
saoba-cnomhi'.iideich.-eiche, see saobu-chainnfc- 

saobh ch 6mhra i d each 



each. -aidi, s.m. Hvpocrite. 
saobh-chrabhach, -aiche, a. Superstitious. 

Insincere, false-hearted, hypocritical, 
gaolih-chrabhadh, -aidh, -aidhean, x.m. Super 

stition. 2 False devotion, hypocrisy, 
saobh-chrabhair,** s.m. Hypocrite, 
saobh-chreideach, see saobh-chreidmheach. 
saobh-clireidiche,** s.m. Superstitious or credu 

lous person. 2 Heretic, 
saobh-clneidimh, s.m. Superstition. 2 Hetero 

doxy, heresy. 3"* Wild opinion, 
saobh-chrei'hnheach, -eiche, a. Superstitious. 
Heterodox, heretical. 

- , -eich, *. m. Superstition 

person. 2 Holder of heterodoxy or heresy 

saobii-c'ircMdmheachd, *./. see saobh-chreidimh 
aobh-fhaidh, -ean, s.m. False prophet. 

eachd, s.f. False prophecy. 

saobh-ghlbr, -oir, s.m. Vain-glory. 2JJsee saobh 

ach, -aiche, a. Vain-glorious. 2 sei 

saobh-chainn teach. 

sajbh g-hnothach,tt -aich, -aichean, s.m. Job. 
saobh-l<%h, t.m. Quack. 

saobh-mhiann, -a, -an, s.m. Foolish or vain de 

sire. 2 Dishonest or iniquitous wish. 3 Fals< 

appetite. 4 Punctiliousness. 5 Idle ambition 

saobh-mhiannach, -aiche, a. Desiring vain 

things. 2 Having iniquitous wishes or de 

sires. 3 Having a false appetite. 4 Punctili 

ous. 5**Foolishly ambitions. 

saobh-n6s, -6is, -an, s. m. Bad habit. 2 Bac 

breeding. 3 Anger, indignation. 4 Foolish 


aobh-nosach, -aiche, a. Having bad or vicious 

habits. 2 Unmannerly, ill-bred. 3 Angry. 4 

Morose, peevish. 

saobh -sgeul, -*ge6il, s.f. Idle talk. 2 Romance, 

fiction. S**Improbablo fiction, 
saobh-sgeulach.-aiche.a. Telling tales or roman- 
saobh-s^eulachd, -an, *./. Idle tale, fiction. 2 

Telling of tales, 
saobh-sgt'ulaiche, -an, s. m. Teller of fictitious 

tales, romancer, novelist, 
saobh- jjriobhadh, -ai<lh, -aidhean, *. m. Bad 

writing. 2 Libel, libellous composition. 
saobh-s^rio'ihair, -can, s.m. Libeller, 
saobh-shcadh, see ^aybli-siieagh. 

ach, see saobn-snea^hacb.. 

saobh-sheagh, -a, -an, s.m. Equivocation, 
saobh-sliea.-liach, -aiche, a. Rquirocal. 
aobh-tfhnith, -a, -an, Eddy, eddying tide. 

1 Contrary current. 

saobii-shruthach, -aiche, a. Abounding in eddy- 
ing tile*. 

saob.t--maoin, see saobh-smu'iin. 
saobh-hinuain, -tean, *. m. Vain or foolish 
thought. 2 Wicked or dishonest thought. 3 
Whhn. 4 False conception, idea or conceit. 5 
tt Distracti on. 

saobh-smuaineadh, see sa^bh-srauain. 
saod, -aoid, s.m. Care, attention. 2 State.trim, 
condition. 3*Prospjrous condition. 4 Hope, 
expectation. 5 Track, journey. 6 Good hu- 
mour. 7 Expedient. StrActivity. 9J Inten- 

Cuir s. air. put it in a likely or progprronn 
condition ; 'de 'n s. a th' ort ? how do you do ? 
gun s. air dol as, irithoitt an fasptdifnt to ex- 
cap/-; feumaidh sitin s. a chuir air, we must de- 
vise an expedient to acc<r,npligh it, or we must 
put him. in good humour. 

saodach, -aiche, a. Careful, attentive. 2 In good 
condition. 3 In good health, strong. 4** i 

Driving, as cattle. 

sapdachadh, -aidh, a.m. Driving. 2 Act of drir- 
ing cittle to pasture, or to a restinst-placi fjr 
the ni^ht, 3 Conducting,jruidiog,ten Uti.;. 4 
**Taki(igcxre of. A' B-," ofsaodaicb. 

saod^ich, a' saodachadh, v.ct. Drive cnt!e 
or flocks to pasture, or to a resting place for 
the nisjht. 2 Conduct. 3 Tend, take care of. 
4 (MS) Run. 5" Coax away in good humour. 
[t gives saodaidh for No. 1.] 

saodaichear, fttt.pass. of saodaich. 

saodaichte, past part, of saodaich. Driven to 
pasture, or to a resting-place for the night, as 
cattle or flocks. 2jTended, taken care of. 

saodail.tta. Active, careful. 

saodar, see saodmhor. 

saodhan, *.m. see saoidhean. 

fsaodh, s. Pain. 

saodmhor, -oire, a. In good condition. 2 Well, 
in good health. 3 Prosperous, successful. 4 
Attentive. 5* On good terms. 6* Well-plan- 

saodmhoireachd,** s.f. Prosperity. 2 Good con- 
dition of health or fortune. 

saoduchadh, see saodachadh. 

saoduich, see saodaich. 

saogbal, -ail. -an, s.m. The world, a world. 2 
Age, generation. 3 Life, lifetime. 4 Means, 
wealth, substance, riches. 5 Business of life, 
occupation, pursuits. 6 Subsistence, living 

Feadh an t-s., throughout the icorld ; fad do 
shaoghail, during your life-time ;s. fada dhuit! 
long life to you ! droch sh., bad times ; mo 
chuid de 'n t-s. ! my darest dear ! (lit. my 
all) ; ma gheibhmi s., if I live ; ma bhitheai 
s. agam, or ma gheihh mi s., if I live ; gu i. 
nan s., henceforth and for eoer ; an saoglml 
salach, the deceitful world ; air son an t-saogu- 
ail, for the u-hole universe ; c' aic' air an 
t-saoghal am bheil e ? where in the world it 
he ? cha bu sh. dhaibh am beatha tuilleadh, 
their life was life to them, no more ; cha 
mhath an s. an t-sealg, hunting is a poor liv- 
ing ; curam an t-saoghail u-orbUy care. ; air 
fad an l-saoghail, or air feadh an t-saoguail, 
throughout the world. It is said of anyone 
who is prospering in the world, Tha '11 .s. aiga 
air sheot, A<? hat Lhe world by the (a^-DMK. 

aoghalach, -aiche, a. see 
aoghalachd, see saoghaltachd. 
saoghalan, -am, t.m. Old man. 
aoghalta, -ailte, a. Worldly, of the world. 2 
Devoted to the world, covetous. 3 Impious, 
ungodly. 4 Secular. 5 Terrestrial. Long- 
lived. Foghlum s , worldly wisdom. 
aoghaltach, -aiche, a. see san<;halua. 
saoghaltachd, s.f. Love of worldly things, con- 
formity to the ways of the world, worldli- 
ness. ! Longevity. 
.oi, see saoidh. 

\oibh, -e, a. Foolish, senseless. 2 Peevish, 
morose 3** Mad. 

aoibh-chleasachd, -an, s/. Buffoonery. 
aoibtiir, -e & -bhre, a. Rl:h, wealthy, opulent. 
'^Plentiful, pretty full. C6ta s., a pretty-full 
coat, an ?a*y coat ; bliadhna sh., a pl'iuifid 
year ; duine .s., a rich man. 
saoibhneach, -eiche. a. see s lolbh. 2**Joyle<s. 
loibhneas, -eis, t.m Dulness, heaviness, pee- 
vishness, sorrow, moroseness, joylessn j .ss. 
loibimeasach, -aic i, a. Ciusm; dulness, hea- 
viness, sorrow, morosen-;>s3 or joyL.-'ssru-s-i. 
voibhreach, see saoibh^r. 2 Enriching, fertile, 
saoibhreachadh, -aidh, s. m. Kurichiafj;, act ol 

saobhraas, -ea, t.m. eat, opuence, affluence 

oreaca, -a, s. m. urca 
making rich. 2 Prospering, state of 
ing, prosperity. A' s , pr.p 1 . of saoi 
oibhraas, -eia, t.m. Wealth, opulence, a 


2 Pr.Mperity.success. 3 Plenty. 4(M3) Blisa- 
f nines-. 

S.VM* 'Invasion, see saoibhir. 

BHoibhreasaich.OIS) v.a. Klate. 

Sai'i 'iiricii, a' -aoibhr -achvlh, .a. & n. 
Enrich, make rich. 2 see soirbhieh. 

, te, past pt. of saoi'lhricu. Enriched, 

made rich. 

Bioibhsgeul,** -sjj"6il, t.m. Fable, [also saobh- 
s^.-nl with hyphen.] 

aoidh, -ean,.Tj*. G >o 1, worthy or dwarving per- 
son. 2 "Righteous in in. 3 Generous, brave 
or mapnauirnuns tu;vn. 4 Warrior, hero. 5 
Learned man, mm of letters 6 Tutor, pre- 
ceptor. 7 (AF) Mars. 8**Nbl-..-mui. 9 s^e 
sa -idhean. 10** Worthy. Saoidheau Mhanuis, 
^f (inns' warriors. 

a 'idh, -e, a. Good, worthy, deserving. 2 Gene- 
rous, brave, magnanimous. 3 Godly, pious. 4 

tf44h.(CR1 *.m. Tub Arran. 

aao do,** s.f. HAV. S. I6in, ineado>r-hay; muinn- 
tir na saoidh, the hay-makers Feur-saoidhe, 
natural hay that yrowt on alluvial soil not 
m~attoH'-hay (DMK.) 

aoidh-dana, t.m. Poet. 

toidh-dhearg. *./. Sainfoin (plant.) 

8ft->idheadair,** -ean, t.m. Hay-cutter. 2 Hay- 

eachd,** ./. Hay-cutting. 2 Hay- 


aoidhealachd,** t.f. Generosity. 

6/5. Saoidh an. 
aoidhean, -ein, -an, *. m. The coal-fish, saithe. 

Named according to its age as follows : 

1st year, Siol or siola^an. 

l ml. year, Cudaig, cndainnor saoidhean. 

3rd. year, Sraala-;, cuideanach or saoidhean. 

4tn. year, Saoidhean or piocach. 

5th. year, Saoidhean dubii or saoidhean mor. 

6th. year, Ucsa or ugsa. 
[1st. year, Cudaig ; 2nd. year, Smalag ; 3rd. 

year, Saoidhean ; 4th. year, Saoidhean mdr ; 

after 4;h. year, Ucas Lewis, (DMy.)] 

liu uiliath a' cbudaig far nach faight' an saoidh- 

ean, the cuddy is good when no saithe citn be 

got. The young saithe is called cuddy in some 

parts of Scotland, and podly in others. It is 

titlock in Shetland, Raasay people are uick- 

named " na saoitheanau." 
tsoidnean, of saoidh. 
eaoi -Iheauach, -aiohe, a. Abounding in coal-fish 

or s tithe. 
Baoilhean-dul>h,(AF) . 7n. Coal-fish in its 5th. 

year, iu s >me places erroneously called lythe. 
aoidhean-raor, see saoulhean-dubh. 
sa-ndhear,** *.m. Hay-maker. 
* toil, -e, -ean, t.f. .Seal, see seula. 
aaoil, a' saoilea Hi, v.a. see seulaich. 
aaoil, a' saoil-sinn, a" saoiltinn, & a' saoil- 

a>.:lulaiun, v. n. Think, suppose, imagine. 2* 

Seem. Sh. mi, / thought or ima-rin-d ; nn s. 

thu ? do you think ? sh. e gur e namhaid a bh' 

Min. hf thoiwht h" wan an tneriiy; nach s.thu ? 

do you not think ? shaoileadh duine, on? would 

t"i>otf ; ma shaoileas tu.iV you think or ju j ; 

c ait' an duac-i e, saoil thu ? u-fi/re do you j 

tttiiJe he has- gone t 

Moilaeh'laina, - an, ".m. Supposition. 2 Think- 
ing. t-iou^'ht, refl. cvio.i. Proo. A' s , erf 


sao leadh, -aidh, t.m. & of saoil, see seul- 

saoil'.vun, v. " M->th ; !r<s." 2 lit. per. ting, imp, 

of sa >ii. f<efc mo think. 
saoile .r,** fiil.tat-i. of saoil. 
saoilidh.** fn .a/.a. of s loii. 
saoiln^as, -eis, -an, x.?. Op nion. supposition. 
saoiis-iauach, s$e si >i sinnjach. 
saoiNinn, -e, *. f. Tiiiukin^, act of thinking,sup 

posing, imvginiug or judging. A' s , 

Of S (O.I. 

sauilsinniaci),** a. Deducible. 2 

saoilsinneas ** a.m. Deducement. 

saoil te, see gjulca. 

sajilii:in, -e, see saoilsiun. 

taodtinn-as, -eis, see saoilneas. 

saoim^aoh,** a. aee s >inieach. 

d, see soiuK'achl. 

saoine 1, a. Well-seasoned Dd'n f. Ghobha. 

sa 'i-oileanta, -einte, a. Well-trained, educated. 

2 Well-br-d. Ea?h s. sith-fhada, a well-train' 

fd, bound in-t sffd. 
saoir, gen ninj. of saor. 
aoire,* *./. Cheapness. 
saoire, cwnp. of saor. Na 'n s., cheaper. " 
.saoire,** Festivals, holidays. 
sajiread, -ei I, a.m. Degree of cheapness. A* dol 

an s., qtttlnj cheaper and cheaper* 
saoilreal,* -eil, s.m. Freestone. 
sioirghean,(MS) t.m. Liberality. 
saoirse, *./. see saorsa. 

ich,** -aich, s.m. Freeman. 

ach, -aiche, see saorsachail. 

achd, see saorsachd. 
ii sinn, see saorsaiun. 

saoirsiuutachd, see saorsa inneachd. 

saoirsn^,(.VlS) *. Allowance. 

saoirsneachd, see saorsainneachd. 

saoiih,** see saoidh. 

saoith, see suitb. 

saoitheag, see subhag. 

.saoithealachd, see saoidhealachd. 

saoitheil,** a. Expert. 2 Generous (saoidh). 8 
Skilful, 4 Learned. 

saoithreach, a. see saothrachail. 

saoithreach, s. see saothraiche. 

saoith'reach, in Mackintosh's G. Proverbs la tot 
soradh, grudging. 

saoithreachadh, see saothrachadh. 

saoiihreachail, see saothrachail. 

saoithrich, see saothraich. 
-- e, see saothraiche. -ais, *-./. Vexation. 
Ghabh e 8., he took offence. 
- ach,** a. Peevish. 
-- achd, t.f. Peevishness. 

saor, -aoire, a. Free, at liberty, not enslaved. 2 
Uucotnpelled, unrestrained, free from engage- 
ments of any kind. 3 Permitted, allowed. 4 
Freed, set at liberty, delivered. 5 Exempt, 
clear. 6 Free, gratuitous, not purchased. 7 
Free, liberal, frank, not parsimonious. 8 Free, 
unrestrained, unrestricted. 9 Cheap. 10 Free, 
famdiar, unreserved. 11 Free, without ob- 
structions or impediments. 12 Kasily split or 
broken, as wood or stone. 13*Abaolute. 14 
15 Ran -ionied. 

Sometimes used before its noun, as, saor- 
thabhartas, a frf offrnni. BuntaLa s.. cheap 
potato,-* ; claim na mna sioire, lh" childr.i oj 
ill" fr.-e tvu'iian ; s o 'u mui innan. fr.^ f>-om 
th? oath ; s. o 'M alladh s'.n, />> '// that asper- 
sion ; i>heir mis' a nvich sa.>r thu. / sltaLl taki 
you out free of exi>fnss ', oh.-ir mi dua t;u a., 

2(WC) Offence. 




1 thnll rjivfJiim' freely ; clach sh.. // '-stone ; 
uine sh , yard, ion, holidays; saor chairtealan, 
frrr hulgings. 

iaor, a' saoradh, v a. Free, deliver, res- 
cue, liberate. 2 Save, redeem. 3 Except. 4 
Acquit, ft Set at liberty, disentangle 6 Cneap- 
en, make cheaper. 7 Au.solve. 8*Pur^e. 9 
(AH) " Ship," as an oar. 10* Free of asper- 
sion or calumny. S. am hoireann tch seo, 
clear this woman (from scandal); cha sh. 
un thu, / w>l'. not acquit you ; s. do raimh, 
"ship," or ta'ce in your oars. 

or, (jfii. <kpl. -aoir, dat. pi. saoir, s.m. Carpen- 
ter, joiner. Tuagh an laimh an t-saoir, an axe 
in the carpenter's hand. 

s.-bhataicheau, a boat-builder. 9 a thip's car- 

s.-chairtean, a cartwrirjht. 
S.-charbad, a coach-fntiiler. 
S.-chlach, a stone-mason, s'one-hewer and pol- 


s.-chuidhlean, a whe'lwright. 
s.-fheuna, a cartwrliht. 

s.-lninge. a fhin-build"r. 9 a ship's carpenter . 
s.-mhuilnean, a millwright. 

Isaor, -aoire. a. Noble. 

laor, con). Except, save. Saor odhUhis, exr'pt 
two, persons, xave two persons ; s. o na dh' ith 
na h-6ganaich, exctpt that which the young 
men h.tve eaten. 

gaorach. -aiclie, a. see saothrach. 2**Freeing, 
ransoming. 3 Exempting. 4 Cheapening. 

jaoracha Hi, -aidh, s. m. Cheapening, net of 
cheapening or making cheaper. 2**Freeing, 
setting at liberty, ransoming. 3 Acquittal. 
A' s , of saora ; ch. 

saorachd, s.f. Freedom state of being free, ac- 
quittance. 2 Cheapness. 

saoradair, -ean, s.m. Liberator. 

saoradh, -aidh, s.m. Freeing, act of freeing, de- 
livering, rescuing, liberating, liberation, free- 
dom. 2 Deliverance, rvscue. 3 Saving, act of 
saving, redeeming, redemr.tion. 4 Acquitting, 
act of acquitting or absolving. 5 Act of<lis- 
entangling or setting at liberty, emancipation. 
6 Cheapness. 7 Discharge of a sol. Her. 8 Ran- 
soming. 9*Kxemption. 10* Absolution. 11 (D 
Mu) Oath, imprecation. Fnrea<;air e leis na 
saora'dhe-m bu mho, he answered with thf 
stroni"st imprecations Suth'd. A.' B t 
of *aor. 

8aoray;au, sre sndharcan. 

^aoraich, a' saorachadh, v. a. Cheapen, 
make cheaper. 2 Rescue. 3 Acquit, set at 
liberty. 4 'Affranchise.. 5** Ransom. [ft 
gives s. for Baothraich.1 

e,tl~ see saothraiche. 

te, past pt, of saoraich. Cheapened, made 


sapranacn,** -aich, s.m. Free man, freed man, 
fndependant man, burgess, citizen, denizen. 

saoranacha-lh, s.m.. De:ii/.a .:nn. 

saoranachd,** *./. State of beiiiji free, contlition 
of a treed man or hurg*ss. 

saoradh,tt -aidh, s.m. Freeing. 2 Cheapening. 
3 (MS) Answer. 

Baoranaich,** see ^aoraicb, 4. 

saor-bhataichean, ./<. liua; -builder.shipwright. 
2 Ship's carpenter. 

saor-ctiairtean, s.m. Cartwright. 

saor-chlach, Mason. 

saor-chlann, ./. Fr IMU-II. 

saor-diomas, -ais, s.m. Unrestrained 

saor-niridheach, -eiche, a. Free-hearted, can- 
did. 2 Unbetrotheu. 

saor-chridheachd, s.f. Candour, ingenuousness, 

saor-c'iuairt, -e, -ean, n.f. Circulation, free cir. 

cutn^ou. S. na fola, the circulation of tht 


saor-c.midhlean, s.m. Wheelwright, 
saor-.lhail,** g.f. Acquittance. 2 Cheapness. 8 


saor-dhalach,** a. Cheap. 2 Free, 
saor-dhionadair, -ean, a.m. Volunteer (soldier.) 
saor-dhuais, s. Premium (i i commerce.) 
saor-fheuna, s.m. Cartwright. 
saorijan, s.m. Peewit Arran. 
saor-inntinneach, -eiche, a. Having an easy 

mind. 2 Having freedom of thought or liber- 
ty of cons -ience. 
d, *./. Ease or quietness of mind, 

2 Liberty of thought or of conscience, 
saor-inntinniche,** *'.m. Free-tliinker. 
saor-loingeis,* s.m. Ship-builder, 
saor-luinge, s.m. Ship-builder. 2 Ship's carpen. 

saor-mhuilnean, s.m. Mill-wright. [saor-mhuil- 

saorsa, s.f. Liberty, freedom. 2 Deliverance. 3 

Redemption. 4*Cheapness. 5* Abatement. 

S. o 'n olc, frffdom from evil ; s. an ni se<>, 

th* cheapness of this thing ; is mor an t-suim 

air an do cheannaich mi an t-s. sej, great is 

the sinn with which I purchased this freedom. 
saorsach, -aiclie, see saorsacliail. 

adh,** -aidh, s.m. Cheapening. 

ail, -e, a. Free, unrestrained. 2 Giving 


-d, see saorsa. 

2 see saorsainneachd. 
saorsadh. -aidh, see saorsa. 
saorsaich,** v.a. Affranchise. 2 Cheapen, 
saorsaiun, see saorsadh. 

eachd, s.f. Carpentry, joiuery. 2 Of- 
fice of a deliverer or redeemer. 3 State of 
being redeemed or saved. 

Some terms used iu Joinery : 
Fiacaill, dove-tail. 
Fiodh grobte, grooved timber. 
Glaodhadh, glueing. 
Grobadh, grooving. 
Ite, feather. 
Lociadh, planing. 
Peang. tenon. 
Tarr-pheanj;, mortice. 
Tattiadh, splicing. 
Truain, screw. 

saorsanaeh, -aich, s.m. Helper at work. Z Fre6 
labourer, uuhired worker, off Free man. 

saor-shealbhadair, see saor-sheilbhe'idair. 

saor-sheilbh, -ean, s.f. Freehold possession. 

eadair, ean, s.m. Freeholder, one 

having a freehold possession. 

saor-thabuairt,** *. f. Giving frealy or volun- 

ear, -ir, -an, *. m. One who gives 

freely, voluntarily, liberally or gratuitously. 

saor-thabhanas, -ais, -an, s. in. Free gift, free- 
will offering. 

saor-thiodhiac, -ean, see sa ir-thabhartas. 

saor-thoil, -e, s.f. Free-will. 

saor-thoileacli, -ich, x.m. Volunteer. 

saor-thuirbheartas, -ais, s.m. Free gift. 

saor-thoirt, see saor-thabhairt. 

saor-thuis, -e, -eau, s.f. Frankincense. 

fsaoth,-aoith,./. Lat.our. 2 Tribulation. 3 Pun- 
ishment. 4 i Msorder, rlisease, evil. 6 Prince. 
6 Life, existence. 

fsaoth, v.a. Castigate, punish.. 

saothach, see .-oicheach. 

saothach, a. Casti^atury. 

sajthachan,** -aiu, see s^iitheachan. 

saothadh, -aidh, s.m. Castigation, exculpatingr, 

'saothail,** -e, a. Laborious, toilsome. 2 Pains- 





Rothalr, gen. -thrich [saoUhreach,**] -thraich- 
e*n. t.f. Labour, toil. work. 2 Travail, p:vins 
of child-bed. 3** Ado. 4** Mervic* .work, 
drudgery. Is s. leis. hf thinks it -t /,a/ - </ mat- 
ter ; s. I'hloiune, travail, labour of child-bed ; 
Le moran s., with much toil ; deanaibh s., la- 
bour, toil ; abh s., bestow pain*, toil for it; 
luach saothraeh, what it is worth nne'is while 
or pains ; cha'u fhiach dhuit do sh., it is not 
worth your while ; air bheagan s., without 
much trouble ; taileamh mo shaothrach, the 
mult of my toil ; an a., in (treat travail, la- 
bour of child-bed ; a dlf aindeoiu do shaoth- 
rach, in spit' of a' I your labour. 
aochair, [saobh-thir] s. in. False-land, side- 
land, low promontory covered at high-water, 
the similar bink between an Eilran Tiorain 
and the maiuland. 
Baorh iir,** *. n. Punisher, torturer. 2 Diseased 


aothair-dhamh/AF) s.m. Labouring ox. 
aotnaireach, a. see saotharach. 2 (MS) Ad- 

saothaireachail,** see saothrach. 
saotharach, -aiche, a. see saothrach. 
notharcan, **%,'. see sadbarcau. 
Baoth'irgan, see sadharcan. 
aothmhor,** a. Toilsome, laborious, grudging. 2 

achd,** *,/. Toilsomeness. 

Baoth-phort,** -phuirt, s.m. Imposthume. 
Jiothrach.-aiche.a.Laborious, taking great pains, 
bestowing much labour. 2 Difficult. 3 That 
co^tsmuch pains or labour, toilsome. 4 Ser- 
Baothrach, s.m. Labour, fatigue, work. 2 gen. 

of s inthair. 

Biiothrachadh, -aidh, s.m. Labouring, act of la- 
bouring, bestowing pains or care. 2 Working, 
plodding. 3 Toil, tillage. A' s , pr. pt. of 

sa c.hracbuil, a. see saothrach. 
8a uiraich, n. Labour, work, bestow pains. 
2 Plod, o Labour, till ground,, as soil. 
4, MS) Manufacture. An ni a shaothraich mi 
air a shun, -what I toiled for ; sh. mi a nuas, I 
put myself to the trouble of coming down ; thug 
thu orm saothrachadh, you put me to the trou- 
ble of coming ; s. am. fearann, labour the 

- e, -an, s. m. Labourer, workman, 

working-man. 2 One who takes much pains 
plodder. 3 Churl. [ McL& D gives nom 
s i jthraich, g j n. -e, s.m.] 
Btoihruicii, see saothraich. 
Siipair, . (Jaelic form of sapphire. 

each,'* a. Pertaining to, or abounding 
in, sapphires. 

sii'thfir, -ean, s.m. see sapair. 
Bar, An augmentative prefix, expressing a erea ( 
(lfrt?e oc any quality. S. chothrom, an <-x 
cellent opportunity ; s. phaisgeach, a comulet 
hrro ; s. cliu, a dog, every inch of him; s 
shiaodair, a mosf abandoned villain ; '' Sa 
Oonir nain bard Uaidhealach " the Beauties o 
(f t ieli<: Pu'trtj -a. well-known collection of O 
poems. [Always placed before its nouns, anc 
aspirates a all aspirable consonants, i.e. all ex 
cept s, followed by any consonant except I, n 


sat-, a. Excellent, matchless. 2 Noble, brnve. 

Bar,** v.a. Apprehend. 

air, -air & -a, s.m. Hero, brave warrior. 2 Wor 
thy, excellent man. Cha robh eagal air si 
riamli, a trurlifro n*.v?r kn"tv fear ; chnalas 1 
B. a ghuth, a hero heard his voice ; a saar 1 


ar, -Air, s.m. Oppression, violence. 2 Distress, 
difficulty. 3 see saradh. 4 Stoppia;e, hinder- 
auce, prevention. Cuir s. 'san obair, put ct 
stop to the work. 

ar, -air, -an, ./. Tick, sheep-louse. 

ara, see s<ir. 

ir-ab,* s.m. Chief abbot. 

ar-abuich.** a. Quite ripe. 

arach/AF) s. Salmon. 

arach, -aiche, a. Abounding in sheep-lice.lousy. 

'.rach, s.m. see sarachadh. 2 Opposing-, putting 
a stop to. 

arachadh, -aidh, s.m. Oppressing, ace of op- 
pressing, distressing or doing violence to any- 
one. 54 Harassing, wearying, fatiguing. 3 
Wronging, act of wronging or injuring. 4 Act 
of rescuing violently or illegally. 5 Oppress- 
ion, violence. 6 Strait. 7 Fatigue. 8 Infringe- 
ment. 9 Perplexing. 10 Conquest, victory. 
11 Extortion. A' s , of s&raich. 'G 
am sh., oppressing or harrassing m. 

arach ail, -e, a. Oppressing, using violence. 2 
Harassing, fati^uiog, wearying, wearisome, 
burdensome, oppressive, tiresome. 3 Wrong- 
ing, injuring, that injures. 4 Onerous, re- 

quiring pains or trouble. 

ai ai-hair,** s.m. Oppressor, harasser. 2 Con- 
queror. 3 Extortioner. 4 Infrin^er. 6 One 
whoreS'-ue* violently or illegally. 

aradh, -aidh,-aidhean,s.m. Xrrestment for debt, 
distraining. 2 Obstacle, opposition, impedi- 
ment. SttConsumption. 4 Broaching Sar- 

arag, -aig, -an, s.f. dim. of sar. Little louse. 

arag.** -aig, s.f. Gloss. 

aragacli,** a. Lousy. 

araich, a' sarachadh. v.a. Oppress, dis- 
tress, use violence. 2 Harass, weary, fatigue, 
vex, trouble. 3 Wrong, injure, deal unjustly 
with one. 4 Rescue violently or illegally. 5 
**0onquer. 6 Put to trouble. 7* Burden. 8* 

.araiche, -an, s.m. Oppressor. 2 One who har- 
asses, wearies, fatigues or troubles. 3 One who 
wrongs or injures. 4 One who rescues violent- 
ly or illeg illy. 

sataichte, pnst pt. of saraich. Oppressed. 2 
Wronged, injured. 3 Harassed, wearied, fa- 
tigued, vexed, troubled. 4 Rescued violently 
or illegally. 5**Conquered. (J Perplexed. 7 
'Exhausted. 8* Beaten, 
ar-bhan,** s.f. Excellent woman. 

^ar-bheachd.** *./. Good thought, deep thought. 

sar-bhnille,** s.f. Heavy blow. 

sar-bhuilleach,** a. Heavy-handed. 2 Giving 
tie, ivy blows. 

sar-'-hliu.;MS) *.m. Acclamation, 
ar-chumpach, a, Well-shaped. Na laoigh 6ga 
sliosrach, direach, sar-ciiumpach, the yonnj 
ylosn.1. we' l-st, shapely calo>*. Bonn. Ban, p.60. 

sardail, -ean, *./. Sprat. 2 (AF; Sardine. 

sardai!each,**a. Abounding in, or pertaining to, 

sar- iho'-har, -air. -an, s.m. Excessive hurt. 

sar-dhniue, pL -dhaoine, t.m. Excellent man. 
[For ttie difference in meaning between duine 
and/*ar, see duine.] 

sar-fhear, -fhir, *. m. Excellent individual, 

sar-fhios, -a, s.m. Certain knowledge. Tha s. 

agam, I know quite well. 

rach, -aiche, a. Having complete or per- 
fect knowledge. 

sar-ghoileach, -eich 1 ?, a. Insatiable. 

(1,'i. In^atiableness. 

sar-laoch,** -laoich, a.m. Great hero. 

sar leat 


's e 

sar leat, for soraidh leat. 

.iir-lion, v.a. Increase. 

ear-mhaise, s.f. Great beauty or handsomeness. 

aci, -eiche, a. Exceedingly ii"autiful. 

sar-mhaith, a. Exceedingly &ood, excellent. 

Bir-ogan,** -ain, s.m. Exoelleut young woman. 

sar-nu'h,** s.m. Czar. 

samcha.lh, -aidh, see sarachadh. 

saruchail, see .sarachail. 

saruich, see saraioh. 

te, see saraichte. 

sar-uinhal, -aile, a. Very obedient, very submis- 

eas. -ais, s.m. Straits, difficulties, adversity. ? 
Confinement, bondage, restraint, custody, 
durancw. 3 Hold, grasp, grapple. 4**l)is- 
tress, trouble. Tha e 'n s , he nt in cut'odti ; 
air dha bhi an s., having happened to be in 
durance ; is mafh au s. Uiu fhein an sin ; you 
yourslf a.rf tve'l 'rjiial to that ; tha thu daonn- 
an an s. an rud-eisjin, you are always bug// at 
sotne'hin;/ ; an s. teaun, in sore trmible ; tha 
ua balaich an s., t'ie hoy* ar' fight in-j or wr-xl- 
liwj ; tha 'n crodh an s. a che"ile, the cattle are 
pushiri'i rach of for. 

sas,*~ a. Fast, laid hold of. 2 Straitened. 3 Dis- 
tressed. 4 rar.'ly. Capable Tha'n cas MI an 
s., their feet are fatt (cnxnared) ; chiidh an 
snaihad an sas 'nam chois, the nredt* piercfd 
my foot ; chaidh e 'n sas (ia Suth'd cha' 'sas,) 
he stuck fatt. 

sas, -ais, -an, s.m. Instrument, engine. 2 Means. 
3 Cause. 4** Arms. 

gas, r.a. Lay hold of, sieze upon. 2 Fix upon, 
adhere to. 8** Grasp, grap'ile. 

sasach, -aiche, a. Apt to grasp, lay hold of or 
fasten upon. 2 Satiating, .satisfying or glut- 
ting. 3 Satiated, glutted^ 4**Uf a grasping 

sasachadh, -aidh, s.m. Satiating, act of satiat- 
ing, fiili'ig or cloying. v^'Greediness A' s , 
pr. pt. of S'lsaieh. A* s. na feola, satisfy inj 
thelittts of th -flesh. 

sasichd, f.f.ind. Readiness to grasp or lay h >ld 
of. 2 Abundance, satiety, cioyment, suffici- 
ency, repletion, saturation. 3 Greediiu-ss. 4 
ft Bonds, fetters, res.raint. 

sasadh.*" -aidh, x.m. Satisfaction, comfort. 2 
Content. 3 Sufficiency, fu n -ss. 

sasag, -ai.s;, -an, *./. Straw-chair, a rude chair 
made of twisted straw. 2 Vessel, sea bra No. 
12, p. H'J. [OMy says s. is the Jarg-j nasket 
into which the meal goes tlirougli tne hand- 
sieve, the coarsa or bran lefi in the s.eve 
beiuu emptied into the rusgan ] i> OVC}Cush- 
ion made of straw. 

sasag, s.f. Kind of basket same shape as the 
rut/fan (which see) but of a ditterent size 

sasagach, -aiche, a. Having straw-chairs. 2 Of, 
or belonging to, straw-chairs. 3 Clumsy awk- 
ward. 4 Corpulent, thick-set. 

sasaich, a' sasachadh, v.a. Satisfy, till, sa- 
tiate, cloy, glnt. gorge. 2(MS) Bestick. 3** 
Saturate. 4*Jmproperly used for sas, as sh. e 
orm, he attaclc,-d in* t<> r >t\ and mil. 

~ te, pail pi. of sasaich. Satisfied, filled, 

satiated, sated, cloyed. 

sasamh,** s. m. Pleasure, satisf.iction. 2 

easda, saisde, a. Kasy.comfortable, satistied.hav- 
ing peace of mind. 2* Saucy, contemptuous, 
y**Grateful. 4*'At leisure. **Kuf-miuded. 

sasdach, -aiche, see sasda. 

d, s.f.ind. Ka,siness of ciicnmstances, 

comfort, peace of mind, contentment. 2*Sau- 
ciness, pnde. 3** Indolence. 

sasdadu, see sasdachd. 

sasdadh, see sasrta. 

sas;las, -ais, S'\) sas lachd. 

sas-:iihnrt, -mhoirt, s.m. Massacre, revengeful 

ach,** a. Massacring, murdering from 


adh,** -aidh, a.m. Massacre, reveng.-ful 


air,** a.m. Murderer, revengeful mur- 
der -r. 

sas; a, past pt. o' sfis. Fixed, fixed upon. 

sasta. a. Neat, !i mdsome, elegant. 

si.s.icnadh. s w sasach idh. 

sasaich. see sasaicii. 

sa:.i,(M<') (JatMo, drove. 

sa:h, -aich. tt >n Plen'y, g. oat abundance, tn 
ou-j;h, as of HIMC or drink, surf it, till, <-itie y. 
(Jha u itti a sh. ach a i cu, nn' hu>. <\ d<j >>a ' t 
hi* jill ; te.tnn-sain, Jnll-frd ; i< mor s. *' 
ctioin ^liortaichle, /r.-'itt it the gorgt of a Jam~ 
i*hl do~i. 

Seaclid 8;{'.d.Min, sat.h bradain ; 
s-?ach 1 bra 'ain. s loi'i ; ro:n. s. nmic* mara bhig ; 
s-acnd iniican-in ira b:agi, s i.oiin'im cro : 
seactul cioniiMia c - o s. mi.>l-mhuir a* chutin ; 
8CV--H hei-ringx, a foil in-a 1 . for a ta'nion ; 
s>feen siflitinii. it fall ine'i! j'm-a sea'.: 
xt'veu s -a'.s a f it'll in'ai fur a fmad ichnte ,* 
frorn s.nall ichal'-s a full m>-aljor a larg white; 
seven whales, a full nt,fa( for a tm'.l wh <.'*; 
sevn bull what -s, n full meat for Vie L-oiui/ian 
or the Ufa. [I'h's proverb only apply tig- 
uratively to the Cumpararire am.mnt of fo'nl 
required to satisfy diifiTr-nt sized tishc'S for no 
whale could swallow anything nearly so laiga 
as a s -.a I. 

Bath,** a.m. Stab, thrust. 2 l j us v i. Fear t<>;r- 
eadh nan s. 's ^arra'.lh nan cria-nh, a man to 
giv? thrusts with '.(.. siroid an I a.' Oi-n't 
through with ilCUai,dh na fir a dh' t>l (,ol<l 
piobairaachd, i 

sath,('Jll) x.m. Ill, in th ; phrase " chad' thubh- 
airt e m ith no s., h> said neither good nof lYI 
A rran. 

sath. a' saihadh, v t n. Thrust. 2 Transfix. 

3 Pusii, sijueeze. \** Stab, pierce. Sh. e 
'dhul)i:aiii annam, h?, tfamftxtd his clutch e* in 
me : sh. e ami e, />' thrust it into him or it ; 
sathar slea^h troimhe, he shall b pi-rc'il 
thrwtgk K'ith a spea>- ;s. a staigh e, pux>i it, in. 

saihach, -aiche. a. iViding, sitia ing. 2 C.ius- 
inj; satiety, eating to s.itiety. S Satiated, fill- 
ed, satisfied, as with f**od or drink. -tttOorpu- 
lent. 5 Thrustmjr, giving thrusts, s^abbi,!-;, 
piercing, s. a.-ius acrach, fail and hmijry ; a. 
builleanach, giving thntsu and blow*. 

sathach, sde sniiheach. 

sat.hachadh, see sas>chadh. 

SiiLhadh, -aidti, s.m. Thrust. 2 Push. SStnb. 

4 Fierce. 5 Act of thrusting, pushi/ig or scab- 
bing. 6 Piercing. 7 (DU; Thrust with acas- 
chrom, spade or peat-kuife. A' s , of 

ath. Thug e s., he gavs a thrust. 

satnaich, see sasaich. 



fsathail, -e, a. see sathach. 

sa har, see sith. 

satti-oide,** s.m. Preceptor. 

Sachuiru, -e, s.f. (i.e. I>i-sathuirn,) Saturday. 

Sathuirn, see Sa'hairn. 

For words beginning with sb, see under 


sc, For words beginning with .vc, see under sg. 
Scot-bhaurla,** *-. Broad Scots. [Not a go.xt 


sd, For wor Is beginning with sd, s--e undt;r it. 
's e, (ior is e, he or it i*'.) Used in answer t 

'8 e 



questions, as, An e seo e ? 's e, is this he f 


e, p j rs.p'-on. He. 
-*-, ^n phut, particle, see -sa. 
e. a. -SIK. se taighean, six housfs. 
KM, a s^e se. 
*ib,(OU) a.m. (m .mosyllahle) Great quantity 

<>f r-l taKuu ac one meal. 2 The repletion 

or -urfeit, resulting therefrom, 
eab. i-.a. cj- n. see siab. 2 sea seap, 

eii, sc-e >e u>a"h. 
se-ibadh, see seap ullu 
eabair, 8--* seipair. 

eachd,** see seapaireachd. 
*ahn,* v.n. Stray. 

,** a.m. Quit! of tobacco. 

itch, -niche, a. Neat, trim prov. 

achas, -ais, .m. Trimness, neatness, prov. 

616. Seabhetg. 

r, -ale, -an, s. /. Peregrine falcon fdlco 
pr grlnni. Cearc-sheabhai<;, a fowl paid of 
old co the falconer of the lord of the soil as a 
yearly tax. Is duilich s. a dheanamh de 'n 
chiamhan, the carrion kite will make a bad 
arabbag. ai, -an,*./. +The spleen. 

- ach, -aiche, a. Abounding in hawks or 

falcons. ~i Like, or pertaining to, a hawk or 

- ail, -e,-. Falcon-like, hawk-like, fierce. 
- air, -ean, s m. Falconer, 

- aireacud, s.f.ind. Falconry, business of 

a. falconer. 

-- :MI,** -ain, .m. Call of a hawk. 2 Place 

where hawks are kept. 

stab i-.t-,lhearg-chasach,T *. f. Red-footed fal- 
c>i fnlco rufipsg. 

-fneasgair.lT . /. Hawk-owl, see seabh- 

8t;Mbiiag-^itearr,?./.Ger-falcon, see 

eabiag-2horna,1T s. f. Peregrine falcon, see 

s^ai.n l i(,'-,.h'jrra-an-fhraoich,ir *./. Merlin hawk, 

*:r m irneal. 
P-'.IIH -..ochlannach,1T./.Icelaad falcou falco 


^-m-i6r,T see glas-sheabhag. 2 see gearr- 

s'n'-abu tg. 
e.<b:n ,-mhdr-bhan,1T gee seabhag - mhor - na- 

vil- :. 

s -.. bi'.a^-mhor-ghorra,^! see seabhag. 3 see seabh- 

- -mliiir-na-s-ilge.T ./. Ger falcon falco 

.-.. t.hHi-itaii-uis^ag.l i.f. Hobby falcon, see 


e&bfi v;.nvwflge,f . f. Peregrine falcon, see 

S i L>hfl,' 

8<'.-bh \gv.iaiic!ie,1T *.f. Night-hawk, see sgraich- 
eajj-ji'lh.clie. 2 Hawk-owl tumi 

seabhag-riabhach,1T *. /. Goshawk, see gla> 

seabhag-sealgair, see seabhag. 

seabhaid, -a, -ean, s. f. Error. 2 Wandering, 
going astray. 3**Rane. Air s., astray. 

seabhai I, v.a. Wander, go astray. 2 Run hith- 
er and thither. 

each, -eiche, a. Wandering, excursive. 2 

Apt to wander or go astray, straying. 3 Err- 
ant, erratic. 

eachd, s.f.ind. Habit of wandering. 2 

Aptness to wander or go astray. 3 State of 
being astray. 

seabhaidich, see seabhaid. 

e, -an, s.m. Wanderer. 

seabhais, see seaohas. 

seabhaiseach, see seabhasach. 

d, see seabhasachd. 

seabhaltrach,* a.m. Straggler. 

seabhas, -ais, -an, S.JM. Wanderinsr. 2 Fatigue, 
weariness. 3**Labour. 4**3trolling, stroll. 

8eabhas,((JR) S.JH. Meaningless talk, nonsense. 

.ach, a. Meaningless. 

seabhasaeh, -aiche, a. Wandering, straying. 2 
\Veary, fatigued. 3**Laborious. 4**Discur- 
sive. 5**Meaningless. 

seabhasachd, s.f.ind. Wandering. 2 Aptness to 
go astray. 3 Weariness, fatigue. 4** Labori- 
ousness. 5**Stale of being astray. Tha mi 
sgith le s., / am tired of ivandtring. 

fseabhrach, a. Certain, sure, true. 

seac, a' seacadh, v.a. & n. Wither, cause 
to wither or fade. 2 Scorch, dry, parch. 3 
Wither, become withered, fade, decay, waste, 
blast. Tha e air searcadh, it is withered. 

seac, -a, a. Withered, decayed, shrivelled. 2 
Blighted, scorched, dried, parched. 3 Sapless, 
without substance. Meanglan s.. withered 
branch s. 

s-ac, s. Blight. 

seacach, -aiche, a. Withering, causing to with- 
er. 2 Apt to wither. 3 Withering, fading. A 

ssacachadh, -aidh, see seacadh. 

seac achd, ./. ind. State of being withered, 
dried up, .scorched or parched. 2 Dryness. 

seacadh, -aidh, s.m. Withering, act of withering* 
or causing to wither. 2 State of withering or 
fading. 3 Scorching, act or s~ate of scorching 1 , 
drying up or parching. 4 Wasting, state of 
was. ing or decaying. 5**Scorchiu^ h^at. tt** 
Scorched or withered part. A' s-, pr. pt. of 
seac. Air s. nan raon, on.the withered surfacf 
of the upland fields ; air s., withered. 

seacaich, v. s^e S3ac. 

.oaichear, fut.piss. of seacaich. 

seacaionte, p mt p f . of seacaich, see seacta. 

seacai'lh,(l>J) a. Withered. Buutata s., a icith- 
er^d po a, <>. 

s-at-a.reachd.(MS) s.f. Dryness. 

fseacamii, -aimu, -an, s.m. Helmet, headpiece. 

seacanta, -aiute, a. see seacach & seacta. 

seacanbnchd, s. /. see seacachd. 2 Aptness to 

S3ac I. see ssachd A seac. 

seac iach, see seacacn. 

s j aod ulh, see seacaun. 

s^acdaich, see seacaich. 

seacdaicnte, see seacaiclite. 

sea c.i, -a, -an, s.m. Turn, alternation. Fa s., or 
mu s., alter iidteiy ; gach aon mu seach, rtc4 
one alternately. 

seacti, ado. Past, gone by. 2 Away, aside. :i 
In comparison of. 4 In prefer jnc to. Cnai'lli 
emu s^ach orm, / missed it ; it did not occur- 
to m> ; tin raise los sin uile a thoirt leara, s. 
a bhi 'fagail pairt dheth 'nar deidii, I intend 
a D 



to tak r all this with me, rattier than leaoepart 
behind vs ; deb-gre*ine a chaidh a., a sunbeam 
that has rjon' by. 

seai-h,*" v.a. Shun, pass by. 

eacii, prep. Past, beyond, farther than. 2 
More than, rather than. 

S an dorus. ptst the door ; cha t&d e s seo, 
he will nnt pass this, or here ; s. aon eile, ra- 
ttier than any on? tine , s. leig^il da dol seach- 
ad, rnlhfr than he should pats by ; do aon 3. 
aon, to one more than to an ; s. a cheile, 
(>n- from another , 9 oar petit the nthtr ; (ear s. 
f -ar. on" man more than another; cha'n aithne 
rthonih non seach a cheile, / do not know one 
frum ihf other; s innsaadh air, rather than. 
injorm anain*t him, cha tid e s. am built; 
seo. he. H<ill not <jo l>eyon<l this viflcge; s. e fhi;i 
a mhilleadh, rath*r than a-itoit ktmttlf;lh* 
sinne gu math dheth s. MIMgh bochd n in 
Innsean, iff are well ny in comparison tn the 
poor people of the Indie* ; fear mu s., man by 
man, on* by one, each in rotation ; uair mu s., 
tim* about ; grathuinn mu s., while about ; a 
la, still alive ; am bheil e seach la fharhast, ? 
is he still alive t Suth'd. seach is used as a 
prep, in two ways as Seach u'n iarradh iad i. 
geeini that they ivould look for her -and, s. iad 
'ga h iarraidh, rather than that they should 
look. for herC'ltlc R'View, xii. 357. [Follow- 
ed by tbe nom. case.] 

seachad, adv. By, along, on, onward, forward. 
2 Aside. 3 Out of the way. 4 Past. 5 Be- 
yond, more. 6 Gone by. 

A' dol s., pausing by or along ; a' dol s. air t' 
ais 's air t' aghaidh, not catling, pasting and 
repotting; au la a dol s., the day panning ; a' 
cur s. na h-uine, pasxiiuj the time : cuir s. seo, 
put this by ; s. oirnn, past us ; na cuir s. orm e, 
do not pyl it by me, ? give, me the option (of re- 
fusing i.t) ; cha chuireadh e olc seachad orm, 
he. would always chaig" me with ivrong-doiny ; 
thig e s., he will come past me ; leigidh 
sitm sin s., we will let that pam , cuir s. air- 
gipd, hoard mon"y ; theing s., pass by ; cha'n 
'eil s. air fichead ann, there are not more Llian 
trventy in it; s air mile, more than a thousami, 
more than a mile , tha e tleich bliaiihna agus 
s., he is more than ten yeart of a<je ; is math 
s. e, it is as wll to be done with it ; it it well 
to have it. laid by ; tha e deich bliadhna agus 
s., he < more than tenyears of age ; labbair 's 
an dol s., tfjeak inputting. 

seaehad ! int. By with you ! away with you 1 

seachad, a' seachadadh, v. a. Hoard, lay 
by . f2 Deliver, surrender. 

seachadach, -aiche, a. Hoarding, laying by, fru- 
gal, parsimonious. 2**Traditionary. 

seachadachd, s.f.ind. Hoarding, laying by. 2 
Disposition to hoard or lay by. S Frugality, 
parsimony. 4 Tradition. 

seachadadh, -aidh, . m. Hoarding. 2 Act of 
hoarding or laying by. t3 Tradition. A' s , of seachad. 

seachadaioh,** v. a. Put aside. 2 Avoid. 3 

eeachadail, -e, o. Past. 

seachadas,** -ais, s.m. Tradition. 2 (MS) Pre- 
teritcneas. S. dhaoine, the traditions of men. 

eeachaid,** a' seachaideadh , v.a. Lay by, 
store, hoard. 2 Deliver, surrender. 

-each,** a. Laying up, storing. 2 Fru- 

gal. 3 Delivering, surrendering. 

eachd,** t.f. Disposition to hoard. 2 

Frugality. 3 Hoarding. 

cachain, a' seachnadh, v.a. Avoid, shun. 
2 Spare, dispense with. 3 Want. 4 Lend. 5 
Abstain. 6 Stay, prov. 7*Keep at a distance 

from. S. aii t-olc, avoid evil ; au H. thu seo ? 
can you tpare or digp?n** with thit? mholaiua 
dhuit mis a sheachuadh, / would adviu you 
to ke'a wa' ann.->' l-nrjt't. 

seach tin,** Idle tales. 3 Allngory. 

seachauite, a. pa*t ttt. of seacham. Shunned^ 
avoided. 2 see .seachania. 

, comp of seachtata. 

ach, -eiche, a. see seachanta. 

fseacham, prep-.won. Beyond row, past me. Br*~ 
phatic, seacham-sa. 

.jeachanm-inntinn.iCR) *. Gratification, satis- 
faction. Thug siod s. gu leoirdha, that tat>,- 
fted him fullt/. 

suachanta, -ainte, o. Shunning, avoi liug. 2 Tu 
b suunned or avoi le<l. ;i Shunned, avoideiU 
4 Unlucivy. 5 Allegorical. 6 Dismal, omi- 
nous. 7 Bvitable. 8 \Vanlaring, .straying. 
9* Avoidable, guarded ughiusC. La s. na 
bliadnn.i, Cfiilil-Tinag day ; la s. na seachJ- 
uiu, Friday. 

seai -ha nf ach, -aic^e, a. see seachanta. S air 61, 
giKtrd-'it ajii-nst 'irinik'nn'st 

seachantachd, s.f.ind, .Shunning', avoiding,. S 
*Aviidabl.;ness. 3 Un luckiness, ujj{iropitl* 
ousnss. 4 Tend MJCV Co wander. 5* Contin- 
ued precaution to avoid. 

.-.eacharaii, -ain, -an, see seachran. 

seach.'itio, see -.eachlacn. 

.seacli-biiviathar,** s.m. Allegorical saying. 

seachd, v. ifc a. see seac. 

9ua<-hd, a S jven. Re sh. bliadhoa, during 
s-'yfjj yrars ; gabhaidti tu uan sachdaibh iait, 
thou s.ta't tah- them in wen* ; seachd fir 
fhichead, i't^nty-sown men ; s. s^ith, complete- 
ly lirsd. Mnotild be teac-syith.]~ 

seachtlach, -aiche, o. see seacach. 

seachd achadh, see .seacachadh. 

seachd.idh, see seacadn. 

seachdaich, o.a. see seacaich. 2 Arrange in se- 
vens, *eptimate, septuplicate. 

seachdaichear,/<t. pas*, of seachdaieh. 

seachdaichte, past pt. of seachdaich. 

.seachdain, see seachdum. 

each, see seachduineach. 

seaohdadaireachd, see seacairea^hd, 

seaehdamh, a. The seventh. [7mh.] 2 *. Th 
seventh [>art. An s. la, the seventh day. 

seachdamh-deug, a. The sevenceenth. [17mh.] t 
s. The seventeenth part. An seachdamh- 
taigh-deug, the teventeenth house. 

seachdaran,(;VlS) s.m. The bear (constellation.) 

seachdarran,(MS) s.m. Pleiades. 

seachdtleug, a. Seventeen. Seachd craobhao 
deug, seventeen trees. 

seachd-dubailt,** o. Septuple, sevenfold. 

seachd-fillte, a. Seven-fold. 

st-achd-nllteach, a. see seachd-nllte. 

seachd-mhios, -a, *. m. The seventh month, 
July. [* gives " September," but the seventh 
month is always understood to mean July now 
in spite of the literal meaning of the name. J 

seachd-inhiosach, -aich, s.m. Child born in th 
seventh month of pregnancy. 

. , a. Born in the seventh month 

of pregnancy. Leanabh s., a seventh-month 

seachdnar, t. coll. Seven (applied to persona 
only. Followed by the ) 

seachdran.ft -ain, s.m. The Pleiades. 

seachd-reultach, (an t-) s. see seachd-reultan 

seachd-reultan, (na) *.pl. The Pleiades. 

seachd-rinn, see seachd-reultan. 

seachd-searbh, a. Nauseating, utterly disagree- 

seachd-shlisneach, a. Heptagonal. 

~ , -eich, -ean, t.f. Heptagon^ 


seagala -h 

each t-ihli-m-a*, -eitf, -au,.A ifeptagjn. 

eacn-l-ii >na, AO) Tne seven elements (fire, air, 
eariii,, ice, wind and lUh nin r ) 

ftch |-:M lobhach,* sej s -a-hd-shli-H e-;h. 

fceac'idua-i,** -;<in, s.m. Fold. 

Mach.lui'i, -o, -ean, s.f. Week, seven days. S. 
bh<-'adM-nad-5ja I, ro-intion w <vfc ; 8. bho "n 
diugh, thin dan xe'ennifht (forward*) ; s. gus 
an de, iiest-rdai/ t*'fnni<jht Cpaxt time) ; u-iir 's 
an t-s.,'oncf o week ; s. inu seach, <?* a';r><, 
a wffk in rotation ; gach dara s., o-r.y aft->r- 
ntc u'ft'k ; s. na luaithre, rmbtr wek ; 
eeo anus c. anu seachdain, in a icrrk's tim*.. 

eachduineach, -eicbe, a. Weekly. 2**Heb lom- 

8each-iabhair,v.. Allegorize, speak allegorical- 


each-labhairt, -*,s.f. Speaki j allegoric'illy. 2 
Act of speaking allegoric illy, allegorizing, 3 
Allegory. A' s -. of seach-labliair. 

geich-:ablrach, --liche, a. Allegor cal. 2 Speak- 
ing allegorieally. 3 Prone to speak allegori- 

eacn-Iabhradh, -aidh, -aidfeean, s.m. Allegory, 
allegorical speaking. 

eacnlach, -aich, *./. Cow that ha been two 
vears without a calf. 2 Heifer that continue* 
barren when of the age to have a calf. 

caching,** s.f. Park. 

eaclilainih, -a, a Remaining, " bydand," the 
motto of tne Gordon liignlanders. n*In store. 

, -e, s.f. That which has been presar 

Ted or saved, savings. 

eachlan, -ain, s.m Any insignificant worthless 
tiling. 2 Warr.-n. 

soach-laoiha.-h, -aich, -aichean,*. see seachlach. 

sench-laidh,** v . Lie apart, lie aside. 

. e,** .)/. Lying apxrt. 

ts j achmhal,-ail, -an, s'.nt. Forgetfulnesi, obliv- 
ion. 2 Digression. 3 Partiality. 

fseachmhalla, see seachmhalhr'h. 

eachm'i illach, -aiche, a. Forgetful, oblivious. 
2 Digressive. 

Beach-mliallachd,** *. f. Oblivion, forgetfulness. 

eachmh-inntin'i.COR) s.m. (Jratification, satis- 
faction Suth d. (seachdamh-inntinn) 

fseachn-ab, -a, s.?n. Prior. 

seachntch, -aiclie, a. Avoiding, shunning. 2 

fseaciinach, -aich, see seicneach. 

alh, Same meanings as seachnadh. 

A' s , pr. pt. of seachnaich. 

echnadh, -aidh, *. m. AvoKling. 2 Act of a- 
voiding or shunning;. 3 Lending. 4 Act of 
lendi"g. 5 Wanting, missing. 6*Sparing. 7* 
Act: of .-.paring. A r s , pr. pt. of seachaiu. 
eachn-iicti,** pr. pt. &' seachnachadh, c. a. 
Avoid, shnn. 2 Mies. 3 Escape. 

eachnaicnte, pcul pt. of seachnaieh. Avoided, 
banned, t Len^. 

achnair,** s.w. A voider. 

tseachr ten,** a. Dirty. 

eeachrain, v.n. Krr, go astray, wander. 

, gen.iiivj. of seachran. 

senchran, -ain, -an, s.m. Wandering, going as- 
tray. 2 I 'ran stress: on, error. Air s., a<tra'i, 
of t of one't course ; s. a' mhiann, the icauder- 
ing of dettre ; ino sh., t// frror. 

eschran, -am. Wandering. 2 Aot of wan- 
deriug, guing astrav or erring. 3tf L'ratisgress- 
ion. A' 8 , fr. ut. of saachram. 

8eacfirtiia>:n, -aiclie, a. Scruying, g >ing astray, 
warideiiiitf. 2 Apt to wander or jjo astray. 3 
Misleading, cmsing to waiivler or stray. 4 Kr- 
rin<, siunin K '. 5 Apt to err or sm. tJ (Jauaiim 
to err or sin. 7 Wrong, erroneous. Fri- 
vate, uufi-o.juenLei. Uutuad a,, a Uy-ruaJ. \ 

ilh' imioh an luch'l-turuis air rathadaibh s. 

th> trcivlltra u'alk'd through by-way* ; reulta 

s. ii'iin-ifrliti sfiirs ; com't*. 
s^-achra -;iich, .?. Wanderer. 
|8ea^hraiiacliadh,(.MSi s.m. Bearing in hand. 
seachnnacnd, s.f.ind. State of beina astray. 2 

Aptness to stray. 3 Error, proneness to error 

or sin. 
seachrauaich, -ean, . m. Wanderer, one who 

sprays or is strayed. 2 One apt to go astray. 

3 Sinner, one that errs. 
; seachranaich, v.a,. Bewilder. 
I svach-rathad, -aid, -an, t.m. By-way. 
---- a<?h, -aiche, a. Abounding in bj 


seach-i6d, -oid, see seach rathad. 
se icti-rudach, see sench-rathadach. 
fseacht, see se ichd. 
tseac itar, see seaclidnar. 
xeach'themii, see s. j ac-thinn. 
s^ac-mharbh,-: 1)U) a. Completely dead, in a con- 

Uitiun of rigor mortis. 
-- ,* v.a. Kill outright. S. e i, he kill- 

ed h*r outright. 
seac-thinu, -e, -can, *./. Severe illness, disease, 

mortal .sickness. 2 Consumption. 
--- , a, Mortally sick. 2 Severely indis- 

pose' I . 
seac-thinneach. -eiche, a. Severely ill. 2 Labour- 

ing under a chronic illness. 2 Consumptive. 

3 Causing a severe or wasting sickness. 4 

Mortally sick. 
seac-thinueas,** -eis, s.m. Severe illness, mor- 

tal sickness 
seachuin, see seachain. 
seacta, past pt. of seao. Withered, dried 

shrivelled, parched. 2 Wasted, decayed. 
s&i>l, -a, -an, s^e seud, se6d & seada. 
t-ead, s.m. Likeness of a thing. 2 Sat. 
sea I, s.m. Way, road. 
seada / AF ) x.w. Deer. 
sea.lair,** Dolt. 2 Sneaking fellow. 
seadaire ich, a. Sneaking. 
seadaireachd,** s.f. Sneaking. 
fseadal, -ail, s.m. Short space of time. 
fsead-gabhla, s.m. Increase. 
seadh, int. Yes, it is, just so, just as 

you say. 2 Yes, indeed, truly, furthermore. 

S., a i'hitfhearna ; ye*,Lord ! s. gudearbh.y?*, 

jutt to ; seadh, seadh ; just so ! truly ! really . 

ma seadh, if so, if it be so, likewise : Moire s., 

yrs, indeed, by Mary it * so. 
seadh, -a, -an, .m. seeseagh. 
Kseadh, -a, a. Strong, stout, able. 
fscadh, -a, s.m. Strength. 
fseadh,** Esteem, prize, value. 


seadhach, -aiche, o. see seaghach. 
seadliachadh, see sea?hachadh. 
seadhacnail, see seagliachail. 
se idnactias, see seagtiaohas. 
seadhaich, see stMgiiaich, 
saadliail, see sea^h .ch. 
sea Ihalachd, .see seagMachas. 
seadhau,* -ain, s.m. Rogation. 2 (DMy) Puff* 

ing with exertion. Thu;; siod s.ort HAaft 

made you puff I 
soadhar, see .seagtiach. 
- -trachd, stje seaghacha^. 
sjadhinhor, BOO s-jaghaoh. 


2 Saw. 

saafaid,(AK) i. Heifer. 
switntul,** a. Sixty. 
rieagtid, sod suacnlaut). 

k. Klttiwake-Jo/'tw tridadylu*. 
ail .m. Rye na a/* cerrale. 


a. Abounding m r>e. 



tain ing to rye. I Mftll'hadiail, -e, a. Inheritable, 

eagh, -a, -an, t.m. Meaning, sense, purport. im- i sealbhachas, -HIS, i.m. Luckiness, state of being 
port 2 Discourse, dialogue. 8 Sense, under- J lucky, fortunate or prosperous. 2ftStock. 
standing. 4 Cause, reason, purpose. 5 Es- ; Malbkachd, *./. see sealhhachas. 
teem, value, msp^et. 6 Crop of a bird. I)e sealbhadair, -ean, *. m Possessor, owner pro- 
prietor. 2 Occupant. 

eachd, sj. Ownership, possession. 

sealbhadh,** -a.dli, t.m. Possessing, inheriting, 

2 Possession. 
sealhhag,$ -aig, -an, a. /. Common sorrel, see 

is s. dha ? what is the purport of it ? a. na lice 
seo a dh'fheoraich, to enqui rt into the import 
of this toinbston* ; gabh s., pay att^n ion. 

[Seadh is the form used in the Bible and 
in the dictionaries, but seagh is better.] 

seagha,** a. Curions, ingenious. 

seayhach, -aiche. a. Discreet, sensible, prudent. 

2 Weighty, important, having much meaning. 

3 Sagacious. 4 Fit, proper. 5 Courteous, 
respectful, of gentle manners. 6** Attentive, 

seaghacha-lh, -aidh, x.m. Act or sfate of signify- 
ing. 2 Holding forth, showing, importing, 
meaning. A' s , of seaghaich. 

seaghach.(AF) a.m. He-goat. 

seaghachail, -e, a. Implicatire. 

seaghachas, -ais, Sense, intellect, under- 
standing. 2 Sagacity, acuteness, penetration. 
3 Courtesy, gentleness. 4 Attentiveueas. 

seas;haich, v.ct. Signify, import, imply. 

seaghail, -e, a. see seaghach. 

eeajrhalachd, n.f. see seaghachas, 

seaghar, -aire. see sea^hacb. 

seaghas, see'seaghachas. 

seaghas,** -ais, s.m. Wood. 

seaghlan,** *. Column, post. 2 King. 

seaghlan,** s.m. Old man. 2 Infirm person, i 
Pithless person. 

seagh lanar-h,** a. Infirm, stiff. 2 Columnal. 

seaghmhor, -nihoire, see s^a^hacb. 

seaghmhorachd, s.f. see seaghachas. 

eeagh-suiridh, -a-, -an-suiriilh, *./. Lo?e-token. 

eeagsaid, see seasaich. 

sea^uil,* see seagal. 

seal, -a, -an, a.m. While, space of time, season 
2** Glimpse. 3 Course, turn. 4 Spot. 6 see 
seul. 6 (MS) Mean. Car s., or re a, for a 

sealach, -aiche, a. Momentary, of short contin- 
uance, transitory. 

sealacha/CR) Seals. 

fsealadach, -aiche, a. Alternate, by turns. 2 

Bealaidheach,** a. Transitory. 

sealaidheachd,** s.f. Transitoriness, alternation. 
2 Vicissitude, change. 

senlan, -ain, -an, s.m., dim. of seal. Little while. 

2 Halter or rope for execution. 
Bealan, -ain, -an, s.m. Sheep-louse, tick, 
sealanach, -aiche, a>. Abounding in sheep-lice 

or ticks, 
gealanach,** -aich, t.m. Executioner. 2 Villain. 

3 Meagre man or beast. 

seal mach,tf a. Of <hort duration. 
sealanta,**a. Rigid, 
sealantas, -ais, s.m. Rigidness. 
8ealHstair,(DC)*./. Uist for seilisteir. 
gealbh, seilbh, -an & -ean.s.w. Possession. 2 In- 
heritance. 3 Cattle, drove, stock. 4 Field. 

5 Luck, good luck. 
Pretence, colour. 

6 (AC) Corn. 7 rarely, 
Gach s. a th' ajram, every 

sealbh;igach, -aiche, a. Abounding in sorrel. 

Of, or like sorrel. 
sc,ilbhag-na-noclha, s.f. Wood-sorrel, 


617. Sealbhag-namfiadh. 
sealV.nasr-nam-fia.lh,? s.f. Mountain sorrel oxy 

rict reniforinis. 

sealbhag-nan caorach, s f. Sheep-sorrel, 
sealbhaich, pr.v*. a' sealbhacbadh, r.d.Possess. 

inherit. 2 Enjoy, own. 3 Gain, acquire, 


sealbhaiche, -an, s.m. see sealbhadair. 
sealbhaichear, fttt.pass. of sealbhaich. 
sealbhaichte, past pt.\ot sealbhaicn. Possessed. 

2 Won, acquired. 

sealbhaidh,** s.f. Encounter, encountering, 
sealbhan, -ain, -an, s.m. Herd, drove, number of 

cattle, or of small cattle (sheep, goats, dc.) 

2 Multitude, company. 3 The throat, throttle. 

4(AF> Tocher, possession of cattle. 5 Little 

possession, little inheritance. An s. a cheilo 

air uchd an each other's throats on 

the breast of the stream ; bha e s. uairean aui 

seo, he u-eta h*rt teveral times. 
sealbhanachadh, -aidh, s. m. Act of seizing by 

the throat, throttling. A't , of sealbbV 

an aich. a' sealbhanachadh.fl.a.Seize 

by the throat, throttle. 

te, pant pt. of sealbhanaich. Seiz- 

ed by the throat, throttled, 
sealbhar, -aire, see sealbhmhor. 
sealbharach,** t.m. Prosperousne^s, propitious- 

nes.s, good luck. 2 Possession of property, 
sealbharachd, see sealbhmhoraclid. 
sealbb-dhlighe, s.f. Inheritance, 
sealbh-ahlacadair, -ean, s.m. Impropriator^ 
sealbh-ghlacadh, -aidh. s.m. Occupancy. 

living creature I possess ; fhuair e s. he got pos- j sealbhmhor, -oire, a. Having many or great pos 
tesvion; fad-sealbh, infeoffment ; thoir fad- sessions, rich. 2 Prosperous, enjoying pros- 
sealbh. infeoff ; gu 'n gleidh an S. mi 1 for- perity. 3 Lucky, propitious. Ge,d a bhith- 

ttinr preserve me ! s. chaorach, a stock of 
sheep ; s. chrodh, a possession of black cattle. 

ealbhach, -aiche, a. Fortunate, lucky. 2 Pros- 
perous. 3 Possessive. 

sealbhachadh, -aidh, s. m. Possessing, act of 
possessing, enjoying. 2 Act of acquiring or 
winning property, inheriting. A' s , 

inn cho s. ris, though 1 were possessed of at 
much property as he. 

sealbhmtiorachd,.'i.Ainti. State of being wealthy 
or rich. 2 Wealth, riches. 3 Prosperity, 
state of being prosperous. 4 Fortune, good 
luck, propitiousness. 5 State of being lucky 
or fortunate. 6**Possessiou of property. 

seal-ooise, t.m. Foot-board or treadle of spin- 





pi'. iit. a' sal,i!.o. <Se n. Hnnt, chase, fowl, 
'-I Lay snares for, lie in wait. 3* 
narrowly. S. dhomh sithionu, hunt 
r iso/i for m*. 

eaU, -dl,', pi. -a&-an, t. f. Hunt, hunting, 
fov in-, hiwkinjr, th^cnase. 2* Mi It of swine. 
S Spleen of man or beast 4 Bellyacne. Is an ob;tir an s., thf chase is joyous 
ocr n nation. 

enlsraoh, -aiche. a, Hunting. 2 Hawking. 3 
Foi'l of himcing or fowling. 4** Having 
8'>'ce i. spVn -tic. 

ealjrad!i, -:iMh, t.m. Same meanings s sealg. 
A' s ,p.p'. of sealg. 

8ea^4;i<r.^. f. Com -ion sorrel, see sarah. 

eaig.iir. -ean, Hiwiter, huntsman. 2** 
Fowler, falconer. 3 Sportsman. 4 Gamekeep- 
er. f> Forester. 6 Falcon, see seabhag, 7* 
Sneaker S. a theab, ou unsucc&spd hnnifr. 

eealgaireach,** a. lake, or pertaining to, a hunt- 
er or huntsm in. 

Bea'^airra'-hd, s.f.ind. Hunting, hmwkinir, fowl- 
ing '_' Bu*ines* of a hunitsm'iu , gamekeeper, 
h;iwker or fowler 3* Watching narrowly. 

e-Ugairm6r, (an), a.m. The constellation Orion. 
The cri'>s .Orion's bt-lt 1 ) is made up of three 
star-; of a good second magnitude. A' bhiod- 
ag, (the dirk), is slung from two of these ; it 
show.- as three small stars with a larger one 
at the end of the sheath. An sporan, is sus- 
pended from the other, and Am breacan- 
guailne is blowing away on the breeze to the 

Be.ilji-bhata, -aite, -aichean, s. m. Hunting pole. 

sealghag, Lewis for senlgrxg. 

seal-ioiuairt, -e, -ean, t.f. Temporary conveni- 

senl-iomairteach, -eiche, a. Affording temporary 

seall, a" sealltainn, v.a. See, look, behold. 
2 iCR> Show W. of Roes. Seallaidh mi dhuii 
e, I will shon' it to you ; seall orm, look at me; 
Dia s. oirnn ! God hav:' mrcy on us ' am fear 
naeh s. roimhe, seallaidh e as a dhe"idh, Jif 
who will not look before him must look after 

call ! int. Look ! see ! behold ! S. an gai.sgeach 
treun a' teachil, s?e thf conquering hero coin**: 

eellach.ft a. s e < ing. viewing. 

tealladli -aidh, -ai Ihean, t.m. Sight, spectacle, 
yie\v. 2 Coiupa 1 ^ of vision, extent to which 
one can see. o Sinht, eye-sight, power of vi- 
sion. 4 Look ca^t of the eyes. 5 Sight, gliince. 
<J VftiM, drt-am. 7**8upernatural sight. 8** 
Short while. t?l Cell. 10(MS) Air. Fear- 
allai Ih.a *>>.>r; s. cuil, a back-look; s.-ta 'iMi, 
a iidflot>k,nid" y'auce ; le s.-taoibh bu inhor 
an aire, -with side looks th*y waiched a'ten- 
tiwly ; s. annas.vch, or s. nosarh, a rar-e- 
$ho v .' s. g"bhiach, a miuhit ; a' dol as an t- 
seallad)i. </OM.V out of suht ; as mo sh., out of 
my xijfht ; s. nan sul, -'i/'sight ; areiran t-seall- 
ailh s'eo ui-e, msm-iUn.i to nil this vision; s.- 
cuil, a ud'k look, looking behind ; cl.aill e a sh., 
he lott his eyr-tinht ; fad mo shea laidh, the 
rxt'ii uf m.'/ vietC. 

ealUvan, -a'in, -an, t.m., dim. of si-alladh. 
1'eep, gl ancf. gl.mpse, view. 

seallnm, ltt.perttity.imp of seall. I>t me s^e. 

Beall-fhios,** .in. Ocular proof ? certainty. Tlia 
s. again air, / am quite certain oj it. 

seallan. see sealain. 

eea -rnara, . S ( . a oe from which the tide has re- 
c-^'lyrl. j(l)Ms) The per o I of about s>x hours 
/if Howinif to ebb and vice v:rsa. A' d >i do 
*n t-sca.-mara. juinj tu look for uhtlks, sea- 

ware, <frc. 
sealltach,** a. Looking, gazing, staring. 2 Ca 

tious, circum>pect. 
sealltainn, s.m. Looking, act of looking, seeing, 

viewing. 2 Observation, view, 
-'ach.tfa. C treful. 

sealtuidh,** s.m. Sheltie, Highland pony. 

fsealtuir,** s.m. Sword. 

fseahiidheachd, 8..f.ind. Course of time. 

seam, -a, -an & -annan, s. m. Hook, peg, pin 
2 Mote. 

seam, a' seamadh, v.a. Forbid, prohibit. 
2 Knjoin, warn, caution, b >dge. 

seam, s.f. Entreaty, earnest petition, request. 
Is ionvulh s. a thug mis' air, many an earnest 
request I made. 

seam,** s.m. Mote, atom. 2 Any small object 

seamarh,** a. Warning, hinting, winking. 

seaiua'lair,* -ean, s.m. Petitioner. 

seamadh,** -aidh, t.m. Caution, warning, win. It- 
ing. 2 Act of warning or cautioning. 3 For- 
bid-ling. 3 Act of forbidding or prohibiting. 
A* s, pr. pt. of seam. Tha mi a' s. dhuio, 
1 give you warning ; thug mi s. dhuit, I gave 
you warning. 

seama-guad,* t.m. Shuffle, quibble. 

seamaide.J s. Blades of grass. 

seamair,* sj. see seamrag. 

seamair Mnire, see seamrag Muire. 

seaman, -ain, -an, s.m. Litcle stout person. 2 
Small nail riveted. 3**.Pm. 4**Nail. [also 

ach, -aiche, a. Stout. 2 Jolly, cheer- 

3**Rivetted, ae a nail. 

ai-h, s.m. One sturdily indifferent to the 

rights of others. S. balaich, a rough, churlish 
bulli/ini character. 

seamanach.(AF) s.m. Wasp. 

seamanach'l, s.f.ind. Stoutness. 2 Jollity* 
cheerfulness. St+Inattentiveness. 

seamann,(AF) s. Small snail. 

seauiar, see sebnmr A seamrag. 

seamasan,* -ain, see seamsan. 

ach,* aiclie, o. see seamsanach. 

achd,* see seamsanachd. 

achadh, see seamsanachadh. 

aich,* see seamsanaich. 

B imh, -a & seiinhe,a. Peaceful, quiet, tranquil^ 
calm. 2 Mild, modest, gentle. 3 Sin ill.slim, 
slender, tender. 4* Enchantment to mako 
ou'- friends prosper. [**seamh.] 

seamhach, -aicne, a. see seamh. 

d, s./.inrf. Peacefulnesp, tranquility,. 

qui^-Diiess, uiildness,m'>desoy,genLleness,c:ilnk- 
ness. 2 Smallness, thinness, slimness, tender- 
ness. 3 **CVnvliness. 

seainhaich,tt pr. pt. a' seamhachadh, v. n. B 
qu i t Calm, tran()U'llize. 

ie.iniha.idh. -e, a. Discreet, prudent. 2{JSleu- 
der. i>**StiLttle. 4 see soamn. 
eac)id, s.f. see seHiniiHchd. 

semihiil, -;\ <. see se m laitlh & seamh. 

-eamn;i,lachd, ses seamiiach.l. 

-.e-iui'ias, -ais, s,m. Good luck, chance, prosper- 

ach, -aiche, a. Fortunate, lucky, pros- 

achd,***,/. Luck. 2 Continued guol 


air,** g.m. T.ucky or fortunate m^u. 

ar,** u. I.ucky, fortunate. 2 Bn.ii>in<i. 

good luck. 3 Boding go. >d luclc. Gu s., /'<:- 

seamh-mhea,** s.w. Mellow fiuic. 

e.nnhrag.** -a ; g. s.f. Sra ill nnil. 2 Small peg. 
lil, -e, u. see .-eain.ia.-iach. 



eamhsail,* -e, o. Fortunate, lucky, 
jeamh^aiaebd,** *. Foriunatene^s, luckiness, 
seauiiisar, -aire, a. see seamhasach. 
seamlach, -aim, -aichean, s. f. Cow that gives 

milk without her calf beside her. 2* Cow that 

allows another cow's calf to suck her. 3 Im- 

pudent.troublesome fellow. 4 Silly 

easily imposed upon, 
seamlachas,* -ais, s.m. Imposture. Chuir thu 

an orra-aheamlachais orm, you duped me. 
seamlachadh,* aidh, *. m. Dnping, imposing 

upon. A' s, of seamlaich. 'Gam sh., 

duping me. 
seamlaich,* v.a. Je n. Dupe, impose upon. 

618. Seamrag (*.) 619. Seamrag bhim. 
eftmrag, -aig, -an, t.f. Shamrock, trefoil, clover, 

Breac le seatnragan is neoiueanan, studded 

with clover and daisies. 2 Wood-sorrel oxa 

lit acetosella. 
^ ach, a. Abounding in shamrock. 2 Per 

taining to shamrock. 

seamrag-an-deocadain, see seamrag-an-deocain 
seamrag-an-deocain, (AC) t.f. Four-leaved or 

five-leaved shamrock, see seamrag-nam-buadh 
eamrag bhan, s. /. White or Dutch clover 

trifolium repens. [This name is never applied 

to wood-sorrel.J 

vVt octc//n 

ig bhuidhe, *. f. Yellow cloyer or hop 

til trifolium porcumbens, 

690. Seamrag bhuidhe. 

seamrag chapuill, . /. Red clover, purple tre 

foil tri folium pratense. 

seamrag coig-bhileach, see coig mheoir Muire. 
seamrag chrd, s. f. Common speedwell, se 

lus chre\ 

seamrag dhearg, s.f. Purple clover Colonsay. 
seamrag gheal, *./. White clover -Colonsay. 
seamrae Muire, #./. Wood loose-strife or yello) 

pimpernel lysimachia nemrum. 
seaiarag-nam-buadh, ./. Four-leaved clover. 

691. Seamrag chapuVl. 695*. Seamrag Muir* 
(AC) Five-leaved clover. 

seamrag-nan-each, *./. (AC) Four- or five-leaved 
clover, see searnrag-nam-buadh. 2 Knap- 
weed, hard-heads Colontay. 

seamrag-nan-searrach,(,AC) see seamrag-naiv 

seamsag,** -aie:, t.f. Small nail or peg. 2 Wood- 
sorrel oxalis acetosella. 

seamsan, -ain.-an, s m. Hesitation. 2Delay. 3 
Sham. 4 Quibble, to gain good time or ends* 
quirk, stupid evasion. 5 Laziness, indolence. 

ach, -aiche, a. Hesitating. 2 Delaying. 

3 Lazy, indolent. 4 Evasive, tricking. 5* Ab- 
surd in the extreme. 

achadh, -aidh, *.n. Tricking, deceiving. 

A' s , of seamsanaich. 'Gam sh. air 
an doigh sin, tricking m* like that. 

seamsanachd,* s.f. in/I. Evasiveness, quibbling, 
quirking. 2 Shamming habits. 

seamsanaich,* v.a. & n. Shan*. 2 Shuffle, e- 
vade. 3 Coax one out of his right. 

, -e, * /. Hesitation. 2 Delay. * 

Laziness, indolence. 

sean, 1st. comp. sine, tiul. co7p.sinid, Srd.comp. 
sinead. Old, aged, ancieut. C' ar son a dh* 
fhasas iad s. ? why do they become old .* an & 
sruthan sin, that ancient stream ; o sh., an- 
ciently, of old ; fhuair e bas 'na sheann duiue, 
he died an old man ; cha sean do m' shean 
agus cha 'n 6g do in' 6g tha, you are ne-ither 
old with my old not young with my younq 
i.e. as you are not related to me I will havei 
nothing to do with you. [Sean does not as- 
pirate a word following if if begins with d, 
* or t. It is pronounced and spelt seann when 
preceding a noun beginning with d, s,t, I, n, 
or r, but spelt fan and ,. renounced ttann 
when placed before a UOUB beginning with 
any of the other letters.] 

fsean, -a, s.m. Supper. 

fsean, s.m. Prosperity. 2 Happiness, 
sh., squander. 

sean, -a, -an, s.m. see seun. 

, v.a. see seun. 

seanacach, -aiche, a. Sagacious* 2 Knowing, 
crafty, wily. 

seanacaidheachd, *./. Sagacity. 2 Craftiness, 

sean vcar, -air, a. Sagacious. 2 Old-looking, 
old-fashioned. 3** Prospective. 

achd, s.f.ind. Sagacity. 


2Oldness of 


seanacas. see seanachas. 
seanach,** a. Crafty. 2 Lucky. 
seanachadh, s.m. State of becoming old. A* 

s , of seanaich. 
seanachaidh, -can, s.m. Reciter of tales or gt<w 


les ! AHtiquaiian, one skilled in ancient or 
mac ;" i i ;'.<>i X 3 Historian 4 Recorder. 
keepiT of records. 5 Genealogist. Bha e- 'na 
gh., he nut a. n-corfcr. 

p-u-h, -eiche, a. Versed in tales, his- 
tory or antiqui ties. 2 Fond of, or reel. ing, 
tales or antiquities, 3 Like a reciter of tales 
or stori >=. 4 Ski'.l.'.l in genealogy. 

eanachar, see s >a car. 

aehd, Be,- seanacaraehd. 

aeanachas, ais,-an, s.m T.Uu, story, narration 
2 Conversation, discourse, talk. 3 Speech, 
language. 4 Tradition, chronicle, history. 5 
Ahisrory. 6 Anti inities. 7 Genealogy, 8* 
Biography, 9* Talk about eld etories, Tha 
droch sii." li^e./)" cv had lamjuag?; cron sean- 

ean icliasach, -aiche, a. Abounding in conversa- 
ti in. talkative, hiring many tales, narrative. 
8 Of, or b^loniing to, speech. 3 Conversable. 

4 Skilled in history, genealogy or antiquities. 

5 Fond of reciting tales, stories or genealo- 
gies. 6 Traditionary. 

eea'iachiiail, see seanachasach. 

seana-cheann, -chinu, t.m. Wise or experienced 
person. >. Lu<iicrou*ly applied to extraordin- 
ary intelligence or sagacity in early youth. 2 
Precocious person. 

ach, -aiche, a. Wise, sagacious. 2 

Experienced. 3 Precocious, [ness. 

aeanachd, s.f. ml. Antiiuitj, ancientness, old- 

aeanachd see seunachd. 

aeanachrionia.* a. Long-headed, wise, sagaci- 
ous. 2 Experienceil. 3 Precocious, old-fash- 
ione.l, too wise for one's years. 

aeanadair, see seun^dair. 

eachd, see sennadaireachd. 

seanndh, see seunadh. 

aoanaith, -aidh, -aidhean, Senate, synod. 

aean uar,(CR) a. see seanacar. 

scan i-arr;i, -aire, a. Old, old-like. 2tfSagaci- 
ous, wise. 

chd, x.f.ind. Old appearance or look. 


eana ghille', -an, s.m. Old bachelor. 2 Youth 
arrived at the age of puberty. 

achd, s.f.inil. Bachelorship. 

eana ch, pi. pt. a' seanachaUh, v. n. Become 

eauaiche,** t. m. Senator, member of parlia- 
ment. 2 Member of a synod. 3 Antiquarian 

seanaid,** *,/. Synod. 2 Senate. 

each, a. senataL 2 Synodal., see seunail. 

jiean.uiiireas, -ei", s.m. Decree. 

Bfan-aunsir,** * f. Olden Lime. 

eil,** a. O!d-f ishioned. 2Anti]ue. 

seanair. -pan, (. m. Grandfather. 2 EldMr. 3 
Ancestor. 4 Presbyter. 5 Member of Par- 
Ham nt, senator. 6 uMS) Aldernnri. 7 An- 
cient bard, a** Druid. S. an t-seanair, a, 
nrrat yfa 1 prandftt'fifr.,** -eicb, * m. Presbyterian. 

, -eiche, o. Senatorial. 2 Presby- 

d, s.f. Presbytery. 2 Presbverian- 

i*m. S 5th. stage of human life, from 54 to 84 
years of aj;e. 4**Hird-catchiug. S'^Ancestry. 
(J (MS) Primogeni ure. 

seanait,** see seanaiil. 

seanalair,* -ean, s.m. General. 

seanamhair, see seanmhair. 

seanan, see seunan. 

seanan,(AK) s.m. Kite. 

seananach,** -aich, t.m. Wasp. 

sean-aois, -e, t.f. Old age. 'Na s., in her old 


sean-aosach,{MS) a . An.,io. 

sean-ar ** *.?. Old land. 

seanar, s. m. Six. [Applied only to oersons 
and is followed by the yen. pi] S. mhac, six 

seanaras?.** -aisg, s.m. Proverb, old saying. 

.-ean as, -ais, x.w. Cicely. 

seanas, see s-jun. 

seanas,** -ai-i, -.-,*. Shortness of sight. 

ach,** a. Geuealogical. 2 Stalled in gen- 


seanasa'i,** -ain, s.m. Etymology. 

->>ean atbair, -athar, -athraichean, *.m. see sean- 

each 1. see seanaireachd. 

ssan-bhean, mhna. dat. -mhnaoi, -mhnath- 
an, K.f. Old woman. -2 Often applied to the 
oldest wiman in a village. An t-seau-bhea.i 
bhochd, pv'tic.a'.n%m> f>r Irelanl; 2 name of 
a patriotic Irish son i. 

sean-uheanachil,** s.f. Anility. 

seanc''iaiflh, -ean, see se 

seanchar, -aire, see seanachar. 

seanctias, -ais, -an, &te saanachas. 

ach, see seanacnasich. 

sean-cliearm, see seana-che inn. 

ch, *e seana-ciieannach. 

sean-chomharra,** s.m. Old token. 2 Monu- 
ment. [** gives sean-chomhar, gn. -air.] 

seati-chuim'mi, s.f. Tradition. 2 (Teneaiogy. 

sean-chuiiuhneach,** a. Tradii.ional. 2 Geuea- 
logical. 3 Having old acquauitanceship. 

seanda, *<m seanndaidh. 

seandachd. s.f.inl. see seann-lachd. 

seandaidh.* o. see seann la?dh. 

seand tid'ieachd. see seanndachd. 

seanfhaeal, -ail, -an, s.m. Old saying, proverb^ 
by- word, adage. 

seaafhaclach, -aiche, a. Of, or belonging to, pro- 
verbs, proverbial. 2 Fond of proverbs. 

sean-fha-anta, a. Old-fashioned. 

seaii-fhasantaclid,(.M.S} s.f. Antiqueness. 

sean-fknar,** -fliir, s.m. Old man. 2 Elder, t 
Presuycer 4 Dotard. 

achd,** ./. Presbyterianism. 2 Do- 
rage. 3 Senility. 

seani?,(AC) s Roebuck, deer. 

seanir,** o.a. $ M. Make or grow slender or slim. 

seaug, -a, a. Slender, lank, slender- waisted. 
slim. 2 Hungry. 3 Lean, hangry-lookfor, 
gaunt. 4** Small-bellied. 6* "Nimble, agile. 
A ciioin sh., hit lean dogs ; a s. chorp, her slfn,~ 
der body; each s.. s&teach, o small- t>ellifrl t 
snoriifi.'} ,-its'd ; cha tuig- an sathach an s., f/t* 
wetl-fed do not uiulrntan-i the ffelinjs o/ ths 

sean^ach,** a. Slender in body. 2 Slim. S 
Causing bodilv' sleii'lerness. 

s^an^acha Ih. -aidn, s.m. Act of making slender 
or attenuating. 2 Scate of bjcomi'ig siemler. 
3**Redac;n^ in shapa. A' s , of seang- 

seangachd. s.f ind. Slenderness. 2 Leanness. 
3 Hungry look. 

seang.iicii. iir.nt a' seangachadh, v.a. tfrn.Mako 
slender or slim. 2 Reduce in bodily bulk. 
3 lifcom stvn ler, tiro w gaunt. 

seangaicn;e, pas f . pt. of seaugaich. Made slen- 
d*!r, attenuated. 

tseangal, a. Wise, prudent. 2 Shrewd. 

sean-an, -aiu,p? & -ain, s.m. Ant, pismire, i 
Mean fellow. 3 Cross fellow. 4 Cloven stic\ 
placed on the tail of a dog sufering from 
rabies. 5 m dtrision, 31>-nder parson. 6 J 
Small yellow clover trifolium minus. Imicri 
chum an t-seangan, go to th- ant. 

seang inach, -aiche, a. Abounding iu ants or IB 




2 Small yellow clover. 3 Like an ant. 4 Of 

sea'igalachd.(MS) s.f. Slenderness. 
fseangan-mhathair, s.f. Great-grandfather's or 

or great-grandmother's mother, 
seangant, a. Wily. 

sea'igarra, -airre, a. Old-ltee, having an old 
appearance. 2 Becoming old. 3 Sagacious. 
4* Withered in person. 

searig vrrachd, g.f.ind. Oldishness, old appear- 
ance. 2 State of becoming old. 3 Sagacity. 
seang-bhoc,(AC) s.m. Roebuck. 
seang-fhiadh,(AC) s.m. Roebuck, 
t&eanghain, s. m. Conception, child near the 

dm* of its birth. 
seau-ghall,(OU) s.m. Wiseacre, 
sean-ghille,* see seana-ghille. 

achd, see seana-ghilleachd. 

sean-ghnalhach,(M.S) a. Antique. 
sean-sgeulach,(MS) a. Antique, 
sean-gliin, s.m. & f. Child begotten in old ajye. 
sean-lith, s. Happiness. 

seanmhair, -ar, -airean, s.f. Grandmother. 2 
2 Aged mother. 3 In some places applied to 
a brood sow. Am fear adh itheas a shean- 
mhair, faodaidh e a h-eanraich 61, hf that eats 
his grandmother may sup her broth. When 
Farquhar the leech had tasted the " bree " of 
the serpent, his master, who knew that bis ap- 
prentice now had his eyes opened to see the 
secrets of nature, and his ears to understand 
the language of birds, threw the pan at him 
in wrath, crying, " Ma dh' 61 thu an sugh, ith 
anfheoil," if you have uppedthe juice, eat the 
jbdk N?G.P. 

seanmhathair. -arach & -ean, *. f. see sean- 

seanmhor, see seunmhor. 

seann, o. Old, aged, ancient, antique. [Al- 
ways precedes its noun, see note under scan.] 
seannach, -aich, *.m. see sionnach. Cha mhair 
an s. ri shior ruith, the fox cannot hold out a 
chase for ever. 

seannachaich,** v. Play the fox. 
seanuachail, -e, a. see sionnachail. 2**Meagre. 
seannachan,** -ain, s. n. \Vily fellow, term 
of personal contempt. 2(AF) Young or little 

seannail,** a. Sweepy. 
seannda, a. see seannclaidh. 
seanndachd,** s.t. Antiquity. 2ffSeniority. 3* 

Ai^ed appearance or look, oldness. 
seanndaidh,** a. Old, antique, old-fashioned. 2 

eachd, see seanndachd. 

seann-duine,** s.m. Old man. 2 The oldest man 
in a village. Na seann-daoine, the old men ; 9 
men of old ; tba e 'na sheann duine, he is an 
old man. 

seann-ii6s,**s.m.Old custom, old habit or usage, 
seann-nosach, -aiche, a. Old-fashioned, fond of 

old customs, retaining old habits, 
seanu-radh,** pi. seann-raite, *. m. Old saying 

a lage, proverb, 
seann-raite,*.^. Old sayings. 2 The Book of Pro 


seann-raiteach, a. Proverbial. 

seanns, see seamhas. 

seannsa,** s.m. Luck. 

seann sail, -e, a. see seambasach. 

eeannsar,** a. Lucky, prosperous. 

eannsair, *. m. Chanter. 2** Dron of a bag 

pipe. 3 Pipe. A' gleusadh 'sheannsairean 

tuning his pipetDonn. Ban. 

aeannsaireach, a. Supplied with chanters. 

. d,** *.f.ind. Chanting. 

eannsalair,** s.m. Chancellor. 

eachd.** s.f. Chancellorship. 

eann-sgeul,** -sgepil.f.m. Old tale, legend, 
seann-s^eulach, -aiche, a. Legendary. 2 Arc'ia*. 
ological. 2 Of, or belonging to, old tales or 
legends. 4 Skilled in old tales. 5 Foud of re- 
citing old tales or legends. 

eann-sgeulachd,** s.f.ind. Old tale, tradition, 
legend. 2 Archaeology. 

eann-sgeulaiche,** *.m. Archaeologist. 

eanntach'l, see seanndachd. 

3aun-talamh, -aimh & talamhainn, s-.n*. Fallow 5 
field, land long unploughed, " old lea." 

eann-Tiomnadh, -aidh.s.m.The Old Testament. 

eann-turach, -aiche, a. Well acquainted. ?; 
Frequenting a particular place, 
seanta, see seunta. 

eantaidb, a. Senile. 2**PrimevaL 3**Primi- 
eachd,** s.f. Primitiveness. 

eanntur, -uir, -an, s.m. Old acquaintance. 2 
Old acquaintance or familiarity. 3 Frequenb- 
er of a place. 

eap.(MMcD) s.m. Gaelic spelling of shape. 

seap, v.a. <Si n. Flinch. 2 Sneak, slink. 3 Dr<*g 
or draw off privately. 4** Pursue closely. 6 
**Crouch. Sh. e air falbh, hf slunk away. 
seap, -a, -an, s.m-. Long tail. 2 Animal's tail 
hanging down, as a dog's when cowed. 3 
Stealthy, skulking. 4 (DU) Slow person. 5* 
Skulking or slinking out of battle. Nach b' a 
tu an s. ! what a slowcoach you are ! [Jseap.) 

seapach, -aiche, a. Having a long or hanging* 
tail. 2 Tawdry, slovenly. 3 Sneaking, slink- 
ing. 4 Sly. 5 Clandestine. 6**Crouchinz. 
7**Flinching. 8 (DU) Slow. 

eapach,* -aich, s.f. Sly, slinking female. 2 s.m. 
Sly, slinking fellow. 

seapachas, -ais, s.m. & f. Tawdriness, slovenli- 
ness in dress. 2 Habit of sneaking or slink- 

seapachd, s.f. see seapachas. 

eapaclh, -aidh,.s.m. Flinching, act of flinching. 
2 Act of sneaking or slinking. 3 Act of drag- 
ging awav by stealth. 4**Crouching-. A' s . of seap. 

eapail, Gaelic spelling of chapel. 

seapair, -ean, s.m. Sneaking, slinking fellow. 2 
Mean, sheej'ish fellow. 3 Crouching- fellow 
4*Poltroon, deserter. A sh ! thou slinking f el-* 
low ! cha'n fliuirich ach s., none but a i/mfc- 
ing fellow will stay. 

seapaireachd,*/. mcl. Habit of sneaking or slink- 
ing. 2 Meanness. 

seapaiche, s.f. see seapachas. 

seapan, see seipeinn. 

sear, s.m. see ear. -aich, s.m. Six-months old beast. 

searadair, -ean, s.m. Towel. 2 Hand-napkin. 
3* Drudge. A' brath a, a dheanamh dhiom, 
meaning to make me his drudge. 

sea-ramhach, see se-ramhach. 

fsearb, seirb, s.m. Theft, larceny. 

jsearbaid,* s.f. Boat-thwart.; 

suarbh, v.a. <Se n. Sour, embitter, acidulate. S 
Grow sour. 

searbh, -a & -eirbhe, a. Bitter. 2 Disagreeable, 
intolerable. 3 Grievous, distressful. 4 Sour, 
pungent, acrid, tart. 5 Disgusted. 6 Sharp, 
severe, harsh. 7 Sarcastic. Measan searbh A, 
bitter fruits ; tha e s., it is pungent or acrid ; 
gnothach s., a disagreeable business ; tha mi 
s. dheth, I am disgusted icith it; 'nuair a bu 
sh. learn e"isdeachd ris, when I found it in- 
tolerable t listen to him. 

searbhach,** a. Causing sourness or bitterns. 




2 sharp, severe. 

rbhchadh,** -aidh, t.m. Act of making bit- 
ter. 2 State of becoming bitter. 3 Act of 
mtking or growing sharp or severe. A' a-, of searbhai.-M. 

wrbhachd. tJ.faA. Bitterness, acidness, sour- 
ness, t Harshness, severity. 3(MS; Gall. 

, -aid. t.m. Degree of bitterness, sour- 
harshness or severity. A' dol an s., 
growing more and mnre sovr. 

narbhadh. -aidh, s.m. see saarbhachadh. 

aarbhadair, -em, see searadair. 

e*rbliadas,(MS> -ais, t.m. Gall. 

efcrbhadas, -ais, t.m. Bitterness, sourness. Z* 
Disgust, dislike, displeasure. 3 
ness. 4 Harshness of taate or sound. Piob 
ri s., a pipe making a harsh sound. 

eirbhag,(.CR) *./. Smxll-pale-green.sorrel-tast- 
iug trefoil growing in cool, shady places If. 
/ Ross-shirs. 

Benrbhag, -aiu|. -n, s.f. Bitter draught. 2 Re- 
fuse of liquids. 3 Acid. 4* Pickle. 5*Bit- 
ter, sircastic female. 6 (AH) Toil, travail, 
Struggle, difficulty, tough job, perplexity. 

"623. Searbhay mhilit. 

searbhag mhilis,?*./. Woody nightshade, bitter- 
sweet solatium dulcemona. 

Bearbh iich, pr. pt. a' searbhachadh, v.a. & n. 
Make bitter, embitter. 2**Acidulate. 3 Be- 
come bitter. 4* Disgust. 5 'Tease. Sh. e 
mi, hf disgusted me, teased me or embittered 
mv liff. 

Beari.haichte, past pt. of searbhaich. Embit- 
tere.i, made bitter, become bitter. 2*i'eased. 

enrbhaia muc, . Endive, see eanach-ghar- 
aidfi., see .searbhachd. 

uearbhan,** Oats. 2 (WG) Disgust. Chuir 
e s. orua, hf disjusred me. 

earbhau, -aiu, a.m. Tribute. 2(DU) see searbh- 

searbhan-muice, see eanach-gharairlh. 

earbhaata, -n. s.f. Servant. 2 Maid-servant, 
indoor or {outdoor. S. Mhic Dhdmhuuill 
J)lmibti, (Lochiel's servant^ a name applied 
to tiioscs dry easterly winds which often pre- 
vail in September, and are such a go 1-send to 
the f.trmor whose harvest is late. The origin 
of the connection with Lochiel is not clear. 

end,* Service. 2 Office of a 

maid servant. 3** Handiwork of a female 

svariihas, see searbhachd. 

nearbhas.ichd,** ./. Sourness, bitterness, asper- 
ity. 2 Harshness, severity. 

earbh-bhriathar,** -air, t.m. Bitter saying. 2 

earbh-bhriathrtch/* a. Bitter in language. 2 

searbh-chainnteach, -eiche, o. Maledicent. 

d,** s.f. Maledicency. 

searbhdaich.* v. see searhtriich. 

-te, see searbhaichte. 

searbh-dharach, -aich, *.m. Cirrus. 

searbh-ghloir, -e, *./. Vain-hoastini;, vain-glory. 
2 Raillery, sarcastic language, cacophony. 
eachd, t.f.ind. Habit of boasting. 

searbh -ghl6racn, -aiche, a. Boasting, vain-gior 

searbh-ghuthach, -aiche, n. Absonous. 

searbhlachd. s.f. see searbh ichd. 

searbh-luibh. s. /. Wormwood, see burmaid. 
Formerly used instead of hops to increase the 
intoxicating quality of malt liquors. Cbuir e 
air mhisg mi le searbh-luibhean, hf made me 
dnrnfepN with worm-cool. 

searbhos,** -ois, t.m. Deer, roe, stag. 

searbh-radh,** pi. -raite, *. m. Bitter saying, 
sarcasm, cacophony. 

searbh-raiteach,** o.iiifcter in language. 2 Sar- 

searbhla, past pt. of searbh. Soured, embitter-, 
ed, acidulated. 2 Pickled. 

searbhtach.** a. Causing sourness, embittering, 

searbh-ubh U,** -ubhlan, t.m. Tart apple, crab- 
apple, coloqui itida. 

searb6s, see searbhos. 

scare, -eirc, see seirc. 

fsearc, v.a. Love. 

searcadh, -aidh, see seargadh. 

searcag, -aig, -an, s.f. see seirceag. 

searcail, see seirceil. 

searcall, -aill, a.m. Flesh. 2 Delicate meat, 
best part of flesh-meat. 

searcan, -aiu, -an. s.m. see seircean. 2(AG) see 

searcoll,(AF) s.m. Flesh of the woodcock. 

seardair, see searadair. 

tsearg, *. Consumption. 

searg,* a. Dry, withered, shrivellsd. 

searg, -eirg & -a, pi. -an, s.m. Trifling.insignifi. 
cant or puny man or beast. 2 Person or beast 
shrivelled with age or infirmity. 3*Shrivelled 
or decayed person. 4 (DU) (an t-searg) Dis- 
ease common to sheep. 

se,ir, a' seargadh, v.a. Jc n. Dry, wither, 
fade, scorch, cause to dry, wither or fade. 
blast with heat, drought or cold, decay, 
shrivel. 2 Fade, wither, pine away. Sh. na 
lusan, the herbs u-ithmd. 

seargach, -aiche, a. Fading. 2 Causing to fade 
or wither, bla.stiusr, scorching, withering. 3 
Apt to fade wither or become blasted. 4ff 

seargachadh, -aidh, s.m. & pr. pt. of seargaich, 
see seargadh. 

seargadair, -ean, s.m. Languishes 

searg tdh, -aidh, s.m. Withering, act of wither- 
ing or causing to wither, fade, decay or pine 
away. 2 Blasting, as of corn. 3 Scorching. 
4* Fading, pining. A' s , pr. pt. of searg. 
Air s., withered ; tha 'n duiue sin a' 8. air 
falbh , that man is pining away. 

sear-aich, pr.vt. a' seargachadh, v.a. & n. Same 
meanings as searg. 

ear, fat pass, of seargaich. 

te, past pt. of snargaich. 

seargair,* -ean, *. m. Pining person, withered 
or puny person. 

seargan, s.m. see searg. 

searganach, -aiche, a. Withered, dried up. 2 
Causing to wither, that withers. 

searganach, -aich, s.m. Person of shrivelled ap- 
pearance. a. see searganach. 

seargta I 

leargte, past pt. of searg. Dried up, withered, 
faded, consumed, blasted, shrivelled. Fraoch 
8., withered heath. 

learmasr, W. of Hogg for seamrag. 

jearmaid, see searmon. 

learmon, -oin, -an, ,*./. Sermon, discourse, lec- 
ture, pleading. Cionnas a ni iad s ? how can 
they pi-oach ? a. Abounding in sermons. 

learm machadh, -aidh, s.w. Preaching, act or 
business of preaching. A' s , pr. pt. of sear- 

seavnionaich, a* searmonachadh, v.a.&n. 
Preach, perf >rm the act or olfice of preach- 
ing, lecture, discourse. 2 Harmonize. 

gearmonaifiie, -an, s.m. Preacher. 

learmonaichte, past pt. of seArmonaich. Preach- 

searn,** v.a. Loose, untie. 

,** a.m. Youth, stripling. 

fsearnach,** a. Dissolvent.. 2 Separable. 

fsearnadh,** -aidh, Dissolution, separation, 
loosening. 2 Yawning.stretching of the limbs, 

searpan,** -ain, s.m. Order. 2 Custom. 3 Swan. 

searr, -a, -an s.f. Sickle, reaping-hook. 2 Scy- 
the. 3 Saw. 4*+Phial. [** gives s.m.] 

searr, pr. pt. a' searradh, v. a. Cut, hack, as 
with a knife. 2 Reap, mow, shear. 3 Slaughter, 
kill, make havoc, massacre. 4** Yawn. 5** 
Stretch the limbs. 

searr, (AF) s.m. see searrach. 

jsearrach, -aich, *. *. Foal, colt. 2 (DO) Colt 
till housed Uist. 3 Filly. [A Gael consi- 
ders it a bad omen to have a back view of the 
first foal or young of any grazing quadruped 
of that season he sees in any year.] Deich 
searraich, ten foals ; camhail le 'n searraich, 
camels with their foals ; cnunnaic mi s. 's a 
chulaibh rium, / saw a foal with its back to 

searrach,** a. Edged, pointed, sharp, like a hook 
or scythe. 

searrach-ruadh.(AF) s. Buzzard. 

searrachach, -aiche, a. Abounding in foals, colts 
or fillies. Ctnre s. uanacn, a ddl ivhere foalt 
and lambs abound. 

searracnail, -e, a. Like a foal. 2 Slim, small. 
3 Sender-footed, as a foal. 4 Abounding in 

searradh, -aidh, s.m. Cutting, act of cutting or 
hacking, as with a knife. '2 Reaping, act of 
reaping or mowing. 3 Slaughtering, act of 
slaughtering. 4 (DMy) (searra'th) Stretch of 
the leg. A' s -, 'i>r. pt. of sjarr. Fichead 
trofdh searradh ah fheidh is troidh tbar fhich- 
ead s. a' mliial-clioin, twenty feet the deer't 
bound ani twenty-one the greyhound' t. 

searrag-, -aig, -an, s.f. Bottle,flask, phial, stoup. 
2 Leatheru bottle. 3**Cup. 4 (Bundle of hay. 
This is simply a translation of cue English 
phrase "a bottle of hay." (cearmag fhedir.) 

searragach, -aiche, a. Of, or belonging to, bot- 
tles or phials. 2 Like a bottle or phial. 3 
Full of bottles or phials. 

searragaich, s.f. Pilewort, *cole-wort ranun- 
culus ftr.aria. 

searragaich,** v.a. Bottle, lay up in bottles. 

te, past pt. Bottled, laid up in bot- 

searra^-ph6caid,* *./. Flask. 

uearr-fhiacall, -aill, -an & fhiaclan, *. /. Sharp 

searr-fhiaclach, -aiche, a. Having sharp teeth. 
2**Having teeth like a sickle. 

sekrr-shuil, -shula, -ean, s.f. Squint-eye. 

searr-shuileach, -eiche, a. Squint-eyed. 

)2 seaigach 

sears.J v.a. Gaelic form of charg*. 2'Brandish 

sear.sadh,** -aidh. s.w. Charge, as of a gun. 

searsaiim,** v.a. Charge or load a gun. 

sear8a-mach,(GR) *.m. Notice to quit Perth- 

searsanach.J -aich, s.m. Sheriff-officer. 

searthonu.** -uinn, s.m. Chief poet. 2 Prince. 
3 Art. 4 Knowledge. 

seas,** s.m. Plank for stepping into a boat. 3 
Bench made on a hay-rick by cutting off 
part of the hay. 

seas, a' seastrah.w.a. & n. Stand. 2 Main- 
tain, support, defend, 3 Continue, endure. 4 
Profit, avail. 5*Stop. 6**Lust. 7**Stand by. 
SftCause to stan.l. An s. thu 'uam fhiauuis ? 
will you stand in my presence; co a sh'ea <as tu ? 
who wili support you ? s. an coir, maintain 
their rijht-i ; a dh' aindeoin co a suea>adh 
tu, in defiance of a'.l lhai will Ink* your part ; 
cha'n urrainn mi seo a shea.iamh, / can'iot 
endure this ; seasaidh mis' thu an coir 's an 
eucoir, / will support you, right or wronj. 

seas ich,* -aiche, a. see seasmhach. 

seasacliail,** a. Ascititious. 

sea-sai-has,** s.m. Truce. 2 Sitting. 3 Standing- 

seasa-lh, -aidh, sae seasamh. 

seasaici, AK) s. Barren cow, barren cattle. 

seasnidn, fut.aff.a. of seas. 

seasai'ih, (AF) see seasaich. 

seasaimh, see seasamh. 

seasaireachd,* s.f.ind. Penance in church. 

seasam. Ist.pers.sinrj.imp. of seas. Let me stand. 

2 lgt.sinn..fut.a/. of seas. I will stand. 

seasamain,** Gaelic form of jessamine. 

seasamh,** v. Stand. 2 Rise up. 3 Stop, en- 
dure, last. 

seasamh, -airah, s.m. Standing, act or posture 
of standing. 2 State of enduring or continu- 
ing. 3 Maintaining, act of maintaining, sus- 
taining, defending. 4 Stability, firmness. 5 
Station. 6**Footing. 7**Cessation. 8 Last- 
ing. A' s , pr pt. of seas. 'JNa sh., he slant- 
ing ; 'na s., the standing ; cha hni s. an droch- 
bheart, there is no stability in mischief ; s. 
chlaidbeimh, standing on one's head ;dea.Q s. , 
stand up ; air droch sh. chas, on uncertain 

seasamhach, see seasmhaoh. 

seasamhachd, see seasmhauhd. 

seasaothar,** -air, s.m. Seat in a boat. 

sesamh-clai(lheamh,(AH) s m. Act of standing 
on one's head. 

seasda,** s.m. Defence. 

r,** -air, s.m. Defence. 2 Peace, rest, re- 
pose, comfort. 3 Pallet, pillow, place where- 
on to rest. Sdr-Obair. 

seasdan,** -ain, s.m. Shout. 2 Hunter's crv. 

seas-dubh, -duibh, -au-dubba, *. m. Ink-stand. 

seasg, -a & sj;su;e, a. Barren, uuproltnc. 2 
Yielding no milk, dry, not giving suck. 3 
Addle. Ni sain hith s. 'ua<l thir. anything 
barren in thy land ; ciocha s.'as^a, dn/ 
breasts ; ni mo bhios e s., neither will he be bar~ 
ren ;crodh s., barren cattle, cattle that yield 
no milk. 

seasg,* s.m. Barrenness. 

seasg,* s.m. Sedge, water-sedge. 2 Burr-reed. A' 
buain s., cutting sediie. [** fctt (J'n. se ; -<?.] 

seas^ach, -aiche.a. Causing barrenness. 2 Bar- 
ren, see seas?. Beinn sii. nam fuaran, the 
barren mo ant ain of spring*. 

seasgach, -aich, s.m.cotl Cows giving no milk, 
farrow cattle, barren cattle. 2 Readv place. 

3 (DMK) Bachelor. 4** Dry cow. "5 (DU) 
(an seasgach, s.coll.) Young cattle kept on the 
hill all summer. 



eagacha, -is, see seasgaiche. 

easjj.ichd, .f. Barrenness. 2 Herd of barren 

Beasgul. -aid. i.w. Degree of sterility. 

r-*tfadh.(MMcD) . m. The part of an oar be- 
tween tiie box and foathtr. 

BH&s s 'mich,** t.f. Barren c >vf. 

das.naicne, *./ nti. Barrenness, sterility, state 
of being barren. 

8 a <.,' .iche, coinp. of se*s-ach. 

SJHsicair, -e. a At ease, in easy circumstances, 
qui*t, comfortable, snug, warm, dry and soft. 
2 Shelterjd, protected. 3 Etfiminate. 4* 
Settled, still, as calm weather. Bi s., be quiet; 
fan s.. kp <}ai' f . 

eatgair, -e i, .m. On3 in comfortable circum- 
stances, cosy person. 2 Lazy person 3 Ef- 
femimte person. 4"*Shc;lter 5'*One who 
threshes corn by the b ilk. Is s. thu ri fuachd, 
thou ar> a shelter in tht cold. 

e a*gureach. -eicha, a. see seasijair. Gu s.,coro- 
forta^l^ tn'tjlu. 

seisuaireachd, . /. inrf. Comfort, ease, quiet- 
us nug'ies<, tranquilicy, paace. warmth, 
cosiness. An s , at fat* ', luchd na a., people 
in ftny circumstance*. 

95. Seic. (ill. by 

geas.ari, -ain & -a, -an, * m. Shock or handful 
of Cleaned corn. 2** Gleanings of corn. 3 
Truss of "leaned corn. 4 Moorish ground, 
fenny country ft** Land tha' has been glean- 
ed 5 Reed-grass ariinrto r>hrar)". 

seasganach, -aiche, a. lu handfuls or shocks, as 
glea-ied corn. 2 Abounding in gleaned corn. 

, aich, * m. Bachelor. 

d,** s.f. Celibacy. 

seasija-m, see seaman 

ach,** a. Marshy. 

?a!jar,** -aire, a. Soft, effeminate. 2 Still, 
calm. 3 Comfortable. 4 Dry and warm.snug. 
, also sea^gair.] 

M*fbh6, -bh iiu, *./. Barren cow, heifer. 

seas^ cliorp,** -chuirp, *. m. Barren body. 2 
Co'i-aitutiontl barrenu -ss. 

seass-choipAch, -aiche, a. Barren, farrow, un- 

seasg-chrodh, s.f. see crodh-seisj. 

seasglach,** -aich, s.m. Barren cattle. 

seasglaicli,(AF) 8. see sea.sglacn. 

seas-gnrian, -ghr^ine, . n. The solstice. 2 
Equinoctial line Sdr-Obair. 

se-isirach, s^e seasgach. 

Brtasita. a. Juic^less. 

easmhach, -aiche, a. Firm, steadfast. 2 Fixed, 
established, tirm, constant, durable, persever- 
ing, enduring, steady, settled. 3 (Md)Agree- 

able. 4 Positire, in grammar 5 (I)U) Re- 
liable. Daine s., a man of his word , aite- 
c6mhnuidti 8., a fixfd abfi.'.? ; bilhidh gach 
fKcals., wry H'O'-d shu'L b" rstnblish',1. 

seasmliachd, g.f.iml. Firmness, steadiness, sta- 
bility, sieadfastnr-ss, consia.icy, durableuesa, 
2 Settled st uc, as of wen .'her. 

seasrach," 1 * -aich. *.v. Lad, youth. 

seasunta,** <i. Prosperous 

seasuntachd,** x.f J'rost)erity. 

seat,*" -a. s.m. Satiety of food, bellyful. 2 
Quran, (seid.) 

seathadair,** -eari, g m. Skinner. 

seathadh, see -eathamli, 

tsealhadh,** -aidh. * . Skin, hide. 

seaihaid, g f. Sucking ewe. 

se.uhnnh, (6mh.) a,. The sixth 

seathitmh-deuji, a Th' % . sixteenth The sub- 
stantive is placed between Iho cii-ipo'i it 
pans, as, an t-sealhamti chearc deug, in,- n .: 
t*rnth h'ii 

seathan,(CK) s.m, Panting, hard breathing I'lia 
8. air, he ts panting, fit is out of brenih. - If. o/' 

tseathar, a. Strong, able. 2 Good. 

tseathar, -air, s.m. Library, study. 

ach, a. Divine. 

seath-bhaist, -e, -ean. *./. see seab'i list. 

seath-bhaisteacti, -eiche, a. see seabhaisteach. 

seathnar, see seanar. 

seath-bho, -bhuig, s.f. Marjoram, see ora^au. 

tsecc, a. now seac. 

secel, -eil, Gaelic spelling of thekrl. 

se-chasach, a. Six-footed. 

se-chearnach,** a. Hexanular. 

se-chearnag,** -aijj, *./. llexangle, hexangular 

fsed,(AF) Standard of cows or cattle by which 
prices &c. were determined, i.e. one milch 
cow Sed bo dile, a i/aitdarci made up of dif- 
ferent kindt oflivr stock. 

tsegh,(AF) . Wild ox, buffalo. 2 Moose, elk. 

seib, #. Buck-bean, see ponair-chapuill. 

seic.(MMcD) s.f. Bag of eight pecks for hold- 
ing grain or meal, made wholly of reeds or 
siowan luachair. A rope was rove through 
the handles when full and the mouth brought 
close together. It was like a 2-boll bag of 
meal iu shape Lewis. (ill. 626. 

seic, -ean. s.m. Flier of a spiuning-wheel, the 
part armed with teeth by which the thread is 
conducted to the reel, (also teic.) 

seic, -ean, s.m Rack of a stable, manger. 

seic, -e, -ean, t.f. see seiche. 2 Bag made of 
hide ot skin 3 1'he peritonium. 4 The exter- 
ior or interior membrane surrounding tha 
brain. 5**Sack-wme 5**Bone. Mam-seic, 
a ruiiturf. In Argyllshire, peritonium is sic, 
and rupture mam-iic. S. an tairbh, the skiti 
of the bull ; a dn' amdeoin do sh., in tpitt of 
your skin 

seiceach,** a. Having a thick skin or hide. 8 
Of a skin or hide. 

seiceal, -eil, -cle &-clean, s.m. Heckle for dress- 
ing Max. 

seicean,** .m. Membrane that covers the in- 
testines. 2 Pellicle. 3 Film 4 The skull. 5 
The pellicle of the brain. 

seiceanach,** a. Filmy, having a pellicle. 

seich, see seiche 

tseich, t.m Combat. 2 Adventurer. 

seiche,(Ab') s, Selling cattK 

seiche, -an, -eannau [<fc -eachan,tt e.s;. Gair'och. 
I)U] *./. Hide, -skin. h. eich, a horn's skin; 
s. m urt, acow't skin 

seicheach, -eicue, a. Of, or belonging to, hides 




[\VC gives s<5id for 
n a tna 'n t-seid! how 

or sk''ns. 2 Like a hide or skin. 

seich -adair, -ean, s.m. Skinner, currier. 

seich >a laireachd.ft s.f. Spinning. 

seicnearnach,* -aici ),*./. Tan-work. 2 Cube. 

seickim,** x.m. 8hohem-wood. 

seicil, s. **#ra.ce. 2ftll.'clcl i i f >r flix, flaxcomb. 

seicil, a' saic'.eadh, v.a. Dress or comb 
flax. 2* Beat or scold lustily. 

seicilte, past pt. of seicil. Heckled. 

seicle. s. Flior of a spinning- wheel, (also seicle) 

seicleadh, -aidh, a.m. l>rd<sins, act of dressing 
flax. A' s , pr .pt. of seicil. Lion air a 
dtiea<?h sh., Hac well dressed. 

ieielear, -ir, pi. -an & -eirean, s.m. Flax-dresser, 

,fut. pass, of seicil. Shall be combed or 

dressed, as flax. 

achd, s.f.ind. Flax-dressing, hackliag. 

8'icilte, pastpt. of seicil. Dressed (of flax.) 

Sak-ne, -an, s.f. see saic. 

sdcneach, -eic'i, s. m. Sbouc or corpulent man. 
i Stomachful, full meal. 

seid, -e, -ean [& -eacha'i**] s.f. Tympany, swell- 
ing ot the body from flatulenc ;. 2* Swelling 
in a person from luxurious livhv? and deep 
potations. 3 Full m -al. 4 Baliyfui, surfeit. 

5 Be I spread on the floor, ptllet, shakedown. 

6 Truss of hay, gra^s or straw. 7 Bench or 
form to sit on, made of grans or heath. S* 
Voluptuousness. 9 Load. " 

Nos. 5, 6 & 7.] Nach ami 
thf f'lloio it pttf'd up! fiiuair e a sh., h' got his 
fill ; 'na luidhe air s., sleeping on a pallet ; s. 
luachrach, a bed of rushes ; sop as gachs., a 
wisp from evrri truss. 

seMd, a' seidea.lh, v.a. <k n. Blow, as the 
wind. 2 Breathe, breathe upon or into. 3 
Blow, drive away by blowing. 4 Pane, puff. 
5 Flatter, swell by flattery. 6 Inflate. 7*In- 
stkate, prompt to evil. Sh. e is sh. e, it blew 
an I it bliv it blrto in'o a hurricane ; in tus* 
a tna 'ga sheideadh, it ii you that instigate 
him; sh. e an cuinueinibh a shrdine anail na 
b"a'./iia, h a brfalhfd into his nostrils the breath 
tifiif' ; s. sna^ a' phiob. p'ay the pipes. 

s6;d. -ean, x.m. Blowin:f, pu^f. 

eeideach, -eiche, a. Swollen by tympany. 2 Fat, 
cnpilent. 3 Having trussj;j of i;rass, hay or 
on tne grou 
grass or heatn. 7 Lasy, md>'ent. [WC gives 
s^iduach for Nos. 3, 4, 5 & 6.] 

aeMd ^ach, a.m. Snorting. 

s^i'lvach, --'iciie, a. Blowing, that blows. 2 
Kotsterooi, stormy, win ly. blustering. 3 
Fi-itteri <r. blDwing up by fl ittery. 4 Inflat- 
in;. h Pu'Bng. 6MS) I'uscian. 

S^id-adh. -i In. A- m. Blowing, act of blowing. 2 
Ace of breftthing up.jn or into. 3 Act of blow- 
in; away or driving away by blowing. 4 Act 
of panting for breath. 5 Breathing. 6 Act of 
flattering or .swelling by Hattery. 7 Inflating, 
act of inflating. 8 Storm, blast, wind. 9** 
Puffing. A' s-, p>: pi. of said. 

seideag, -eisj, -an. s.f. diin. of seid. Little bed 
.o > read on the fl >or. *J Small banch or form 
made of grass or neathwr. 3 Small truss of 
grass, hay, or straw. 

sei'lMg, -el.-, -an, s f. Light breeze, gentle 
blowing. 2 s-?^ s-iudajf. 

seid^aga-M, -eiche, n. Having sm ill b?da spread 
on thf ground. 2 Having .itnall forms or 
r> -nclies of grass or heather 3 Having small 
trusses of -jrtss. hay or straw. 

s^id agach,** a. Blowing gently. 

ee"ideari, -ii i, .> m. Hlowp.pj 2**Blowing. 3 
Blow, puif, p'nting, ai'helacion. 

4 fiike a truss. 5 Having bads spread 
groun 1. Having beaches or forms of 

tseidean, -eiu. s. m. Quicksand. 

s^ideil, see s^idi-a In. 

seideir,** s.f. Cidir. 

- each,** a. Abounding in cider. 2 Of ci- 

seidhir, pi. -dhrichean, s.f. Gaelic form of chair. 

2* 'Chaise. S. reidh, a hired chaite ; 8. dip 

laimh, an arm-chair. 
seidhre, <j*n. & pi. of seidhir. 
seidhreach, s.m. Settee. 
seidhrichean, pi. of seidhir. 
seidich, v.a. & n. Aspirate. 
s6i lien,** s.r. Blowing, panting. 
of seid. 

seidir, -ean, s.m. Lumpish fellow, corpulent or 

clumsy fellow. 2 Lazy, inactive fellow. 
s&dir, -ean, g. m Swell, puffed up fellow. 
seiilireachd, s.f.ind. LumpUhness, stupidity. 2 

Corpulency, cium->iueds. 3 Laziness, inac- 


seidirueach, -eich, s.m. see seidir. 
- - -<t, see seidireachd. 
seidrich, v.n. Snort. 
se"idrico,* s./. Hissing of serpents. 
sei Irich, s.f. Snorting of a horse. 2 Blowing. 

breathing hard, panting, anbelation. 3**Blu- 

ternig, as of wind. 
s^dnch,** a. Asthmatical. 
s^idte, past pt. of seid. Blown. 2 Blown & 

ray. 3 Putted up by flattery. 4 Inflated. 5 

"Blown up. 
fseign, -ean, s.f. Hawk. 
tseigheann,-xinn,*.m. Champion, warrior. 
tsjjghear, -eir, -an, s.m. Falconer. 
fsekjunean, -ein, s.m. Hurricane, tempest. S 

seilbh.(CR) *. f. Herd of cattle at grass, (not 

used of a drore in W. of Ross-shire.) 
seilbh, -e, -ean, s.f. Poss?ssiou, property. 2 

Herd or drove of cattle. 3 Farm-stock. 4 

Propinquity.nearness. 5 see sealbh. Gabh s., 

take poseession ; rach 'na sh., take him or it 

m hand. 

seilbheach, -eiche, see sealbhach. 
seilbheachadh, -aidh. see -jealbhachadh. 
seilbheachail, -e, a. Possessive. 
seilbheadair, s.m. Abider. 
seilbh-ghabhail, see sealbh-ghabhail. 
seilbhich, v see sealbhaicu. 
--- te, see saalbhaichte. 
seilche.(AF) s. Tortoise. 2 Turtle. 
seilche, comp. of salach, see sailche. 
seilcheag, -eig, -an, s.f. Snail. 2 Slug. S in (te- 

ntion, Inactive person. 
--- ach, -aiche, a. Abounding in snails. 2 

Like a snail, snailish. 
an,**n.p. of seiicheag. 
8eilcheag-chlaiseach,(AF) */. Striated snail. 
seile, -an, s.m.ind. [Y.] see sile. 2(AC) Placen 

ta. after-birth of a hind. 
seileach, ** see sileach 
seileach, -ich, -ean, s.m. Willow salix. 2 Wil- 

low copse. 3 Place where willows grow. 

Slat seilich, a willow switch, (ill. 626 is saliz 

alba -white willow.) 
aeileachan,^ -ain, s.m. Mountain willow fpilo- 

bium montanum The older name rilig was 

retained as well as seile&chan in Glm'yon 

and elsewhere, one of the hills in that glen 

being called Creag-eilig from the plant, (ill. 

seileach-an-t-3ruth, s.m. Babyloinan willow 

salix babylonia. 

seileachau-buidhe, s.m. see lus-na-siothaimh. 
seilea.-iian-Fran^ach s.m. Bosabay epUobiutl 

august i folium, (ill. 6:.) 
Kileaak-Frang ich.JJ .. ^ronoh willow ialix 



MS Seiieach. 6*7. Stittachvn 

69S Seilfachan-Franvach. 699. Seimhean. 
seileachd,(MS) s.f. Defluxion 
Beileach-geal, s.m. Sallow, 
seilearh ui.sge, a.m. Osi^r Colonsay. 
seileadac-h, -aich, see ^ileadach. 
aeileadach , -aich. x.t/i. Pocket-handkerchief. 
geileadan.* -see s-ileadach. 2 Spitting box. 
ee'.lea^, -eig, an, g.f. see bileag. 

ach, see si'eagach. 

seileanu. inn, an, see sealan. 

ach, -aicti, see sealanach. 

seilear, -ir, -an, s.m. Cellar. |_" gives seileir as 


a ,-h, -aiohe. o. CeMared. 2 Cellular. 

Sei'ear-bid'i tf s.m. Pantry 

sei'ear dihhe.* s.m. Spirit cellar. ? Public bouse 

geil^ar s in. Under cellar. 

se.lear lair,* * m Vault 

aeileifheag, see <;eilrj,eag. 

seueid,"* s.f. I'.ellyful, surfeit. 2 Big belly. 

geileir, see s<'ilear. 

each, see seilearach. 

eeilg,* -e, s. f. Hunt, chase, Hunting. 2 Venison. 

3 What is hunte 1. Lurau ua seilge, the huntt 


, gtn.tinn- of sealg. 

eilich. sfe sil;co. 
eilicheag:. *ee seilchea?. 

acn, see s^ilcheagach. 
seilule,** s f. >>nail 
seilulh, see sell cheag. 
aeil sdeir. -can. a.m. Yellow iris, sedpe, yellow 

wa er-flag. see bo^-insj;e. 
eihs leir-naii gubhar, m. Great wood rusb 

eilisdei reach, -eielie, a. Abuunding iu yellow 

iris, yellow water-flag or sedge. 
sell lean, -ein, -au, t.tu. Bee. heath or field- bee. S 

Teasing request or repetition. 

8 -achaidii, o fietd bfe. 

s.-iiioinhain, a di one or idle bee. 

s.-lunndach, ariron* bee. 

s.-mor, a hwnble bee. 

s.-niiuh, a hornet. 

s.-se'mhid. a snail. 
seilleanach. -a'che, a Full of bees. 2 Teasing, 

importunate. 3 Capricious, flighty 
seilleanachd, s.f tint. Caprice. 
seilleann,(AF) * Ked, sheep-louse, ticlc, sea 


- acb. see sealanach 
seilliunn,** -uinn, s.m see sealan. 
seilrniger,(AF) * m Imperfect ram. 2 contempt- 

uoitsly. Useless man. 
seilt,** *./. Dropping 2 Drivelling, slavering, 

mucous salivation. 
seil teach,** a. Slavering, causing 

seilteachd,*' .f. Infirmity of slavering, course 

of salivation. 2Oozmess 
seilticbean, s pi. Scrofulous sores. 
seil uisge. *. Leech 
seim, -e. s f. Squint. 2 Squinting. S. shuil- 

each, tquint-eytd. 
Tseiin. -e, s.f. Publishing. 
seirmeachd, s.f. ind. Sonorousness. 
seimh, -e, a. Mild, tranquil, placid, smooth, 9 

Affable, gentle, soft, kind 3 Delicate. *** 

Comely 5** rarely Little. 6**Single. 7** 

Quiet. 'San fhairue sheimh, in the calm sea : 

s. gu'n robh do thanih. toft bt thy repose ; gu 

s.. quietly, sojtly ; na's seimbe, more mild. 

(also seamb.) 

siimhe, sf.tntt Mildness, pentleness.quietness. 
calmness, smoothness 2 Kindness 3** Soft- 

ness 4**Peacefulness. 
seiiuheach. -eiche, a. Making calm, producing 

calmness 2 Quiet, cairn, mild. S see seimn. 
seimheachadh, -aidh.i.m. Calming, act of calm- 

ing. quieting or soothing. A' a , pr. pt. of 


sennt'.eachd. s.f. see seiuihe. 
se!mhea!achd,(.MS) t.f. Dispassion, coolness, 2 

seimhean -ein, s.m. Bog-rush tchtxnus nigri- 

seimheanachd,* t.f^nd. Indulgence in ease. 2 

Chambering. 3 Effeminate con<ivict. 
seuiihich. v.a. A: n Calm, make calm or placid-, 

smoothe 2 Become cairn. 3 Adorn. 4 

Soothe. 5 Grow kind, soft or gentle. 

te. pas: pt. of seimhtcb. Calmed, stilled. 

-eimhide, an. s.f Snail 

seimhidh.l AFi ./ Suail, slug. 

>e-mhiilh. a Subtile. 

*en,:h tn'ieas,** s.m Mellow fruit. 

seimiloar, eir. an. t.m see similear. 
-- acli. aiche, a. see similearaco 

-- aich v a. <ee sinulearaich. 

-- aichte.pait pt. of semiilearaich. see simi- 

<eme. see sine. 

semeach.* s.m. Pad, donkey. Cha mb6 orm thu 
na s mo air s. a mhathair. / care as littie for 
t/ou ns a 'lonkry cares for h\& mother. 

semg. *ee sean.c. 

seiaiolach.(AF) s.m. Nightingale. 

seinn. a' seinn. v.a. tfe n. Sing, chant. carol. 
'^ Plav on an instrument. S Ring as a bell. 4 
Report, pr.>nm gate, proclaim. Na h-e.iin a' 
seinn, the btrd* >v.trbl>ni: sh. e an fhuidhall, 
hf p'ayfd upon tht n>hn ; air a' c'llirsa-'h. n 
the harp ; s. au clay, ring the belt - 

seinn 81 

. an clag Ar</itll ] ; air a sh. feadb na 

duthcha, reported through the country ; drocb 
sh., badmnody, bad church music. 
teiun, -e, *./. Singing, act of sinking. 2 Act of 
playing upon a musical instrument. 3 Ring- 
ing, act of ringing, as a bell. 4 Reporting, act 
of reporting, spreading a report. 5 Warbling. 
La s. do chluig, the day of thy bell-ringing 
(funral.) A' s , of seiiin. [* give.* 

seinneadair, Irish inflection of seinn. 

seinnea.-n. Is' smi imp. of seinn. Let me sing. 

seinnear.** fut. pass, of seinn. Shall be suug. 

Beimnbh, 2nd. imp. of seinn. 

St'iuriira. (for seinnidh mi) I will sing. 

seimilean. (CR) Kincardm'-on-Oykel die Creich, 
Suth'd for seil lean 

seinnlear, CR) Rugart for seillean. 

seinnsearachd, see .sinnsearachd. 

seinntig, v. Gaelic form of Change. 

emse, "s. Gaelic form of chanje. Taigh seinse, 
a chan-je-htnis". 

Be p v.a. (k n. see seap. 

se ; '*ealach,*' a. Having chapels. 2 Of, or relat- 
ing to, a chapel. 

seipear, see seapair. 

seipeil.J ./. Gaelic form of chapel. 2**Sepul- 

seipeinn, -ean, t m. Choppin, quart (liquid mea- 
sure.) [** seipinn.] 

seioeinneach,** a. In chooins. 2 Containing a 
chopin. [** seipmneach 1 

seipeireachd, see seapaireachd. 

seipinn. see se peinu. 

seirbh. see searbh. 

seirbhe, coinp. of searbh. 2 see searbhachd. 

seirbheachd. see searbhachd. 

seirbhead, see searbhad. 

as, see searbhadas. 

srirhhe-ciud.** . Dissonance. 

ee;rbhi3. -e, -ean. t.f. Service, work, labour. 2 
Advantage, profit. 3 Use. S. chruaidh. hard 
or grievous tervice. 

seirlihiseacb, -ich, t. m. Servant, employee. 2 

seirbhiseach, -eiche, a. Performing work. 2 Use- 
ful, profitable, advantageous. 

ee'rbhiseachadh. -aidh. s.m. Serving, act of serv- 
ing or acting as a servant. 3 Working, act of 
working A 1 s , pr pt. of seirbhisich. 

eeirbhiseachd. s.r ind State or condition of a ser- 
vant. 2 Business of a servant 

seirbhisich, pr pt. a' seirbtmeachadb. v.a. *erve, 
attend upon, as a servant. 2 Work, perform 

eeirc e. s.r Love, affection 2 Benevolence, 
charity, the Christian virtue. btf Beauty. 
Ball seirc. a beauty spot. 

seiroeach, eiche, see seirceil. 

seircealaehd. *./ ind. Loviugne*s, charitableness, 
amiableness. benevolence, kindiiness. 

eeirceag, -eig. an, *./ Beloved female. 2 Bene- 
volent female. 3 Mis. less, sweetneart. 

eeircean. -ein, -an. s m Beloved person. 2 Bene- 
volent person. 3*"*Jerkui. As se a rug i, the 
b'lovtd (choice) one of her whu bore her Song 
oj Solomon. 

se rcean-mor,5 I tn. Burdock, see suiricheao- 

eeir--ean-suirich, .m. Burdock, see suincheati- 
*uirich. '2 Cleavers Coionsay. 

se rcear , see se i re ?an . 

seirceil. -e. a. Affectionate, loving, fond. 2 
Benevo ent, charitable. 3 Dutiful. Gu s.. 

t^eircin. -e, -can, *./. Gaelic form of jtrkin. 
eeirdean,** -ein, s.m. Pilchard. 2 Sardme. 

seirdin, see seirdean. 
tseire,**8./'. Food. 
seireacan.(AF) t.m. Silkworm, 
fseireach,** a. Liberal of food. 
seirdeanach,**o.Abounding in pilchards, 

a pilchard, 
seirean, -ein, -an, * m. Shank, leg, particularly a 

spare or slender leg. 2 One having spare or 

slender legs. 3iOR) Ankle Strathtay de Loch 

Tay. 4(M8) Pastern. 
s^irean,(AH) . m. Wheezing noise made la 

breathing by an asthmacical person, or by a 

person running hard, 
seiruauach, -aiche, a. Having small or slendet 


ir^. g?n.sin(j. of searg. 

tseirg, . Red clover see seamrag-chapuill. 
seirge. comp. of searg 
seir -e. g.f. see seirgeachd. 
seirgeaehd. sj. Witheredness, dryness. 
sen ,jan. -em. -an. s./ Wituere.l or snrivellei 

person. 2 Sickly or consumptive person. 3** 

Shrunken form. 4**Jerkin 
seirgleach s m. see seirgean. 
seirglidh. -e. a Withered, wasted. 

,** t.m. Withered person. 

seirghdheaehd, sj.ina. State of being withered 

or wasted. 

seirgne, see seirgneach. 
seirgne,** a. Sickly 
seirgneach. -ich. -ichean. t.m. Sickly person. 

one worn down to a skeleton. 2 Skeleton. 8 

**Consumptive person, 
seirgmche. *ee seirgneach. 
seiric.** a. Strong, able, 
seine, -e. s.f. Silk, superfine silk, 
seiriceach,** a Silken, silky, 
tseinceau,** -ein. -an, t.m. Silk-worm, 
seirguiche. see seirgneach. 
seirm. -e, f. Noise, musical noise, noise of mu- 
sic. 2 Music, melody. 3 Skill, dexterity, art. 

4 Manner, appearance, attitude. 5*Tune, tone, 

*trim. 6 M Feal of bells. Cuir air s., attvnr, 

tun a , tnm . am bheil an clarsach air s. ? ic the 

harp in tune ? 
seirm, J P. Ring, as a bell. 
8einn,(AC) v. Follow. Bitheadh e soilleir no 

doilleir ri seirm, let it be bright or dark (for 

ut) to follow 
seirmeach. -eiche, a. Making a musical nois. 

2 Musical.melodious, sweet. 3 Skilful, skilled, 
seirtneadair,* -ean. s.m. Precentor 2 Tuner. 
seirmeil, -e. a. see seirmeach. 2* In trim, tua- 

ed, attuned. 3* In a business-like mauner. 
'irs,* seeseurs. 

seirsealach, -aiche, a. Strong, robust, [tseirs- 
ealach ] 

, -aich, t.m. Strong, robust man. 

d, t.f.ind Strength, vigour, robust- 

seirsean. -ein, -an, t.m. see se*irsea!ach. 

ach, aict). * m. see searsanach. t** 

Auxiliary, unhired workman 

seirt,** -e, t.f Strength, pov\'er. 

seirteil.*" a. Strong 

seis. ean. *.m. Anything gratpful or pleasant 
to the feelings or senses 2 Suifioiencv.on iiih. 

3 One s match or >nial. 4 Knend, co')r>a > 
ion. 5** .Satisfaction, 6** Treat, *.it.rwuu- 
ment. 7*~*C>mpiny 8** Anything th^t a^rwes 
ill or well wuhone. 9ff Plea-ure, delij-hs.. 
Chad' fhuair Kionn a sheis nainh, l<\ n-vr 
met h>s mat.,h ; th<t do sh. an taic riut, your 
match -I >n contact unth you; barr.vchd sa an., 
more than hts match. 

s ^is. -e?n s. m . Tane, musical air. 2 Nntte, tu- 
muli, bustle. 3 V AC> Dirge. Seis-biiais, deatli- 

gfl3 . 

to (URl rm. Hum or buzz made by wild bees 
in th*ir nest when disturbed- W.of Ross-shirt. 
K\VC) Anv hissi IR souud. 
f9eis, -e, -ea'n, t.f. Skill, knowledge. 
is (MMcD) *. Kind of chest, see ciste-chaol. 

riia v. W. of Rost for seMst. 

Slsd -ean *.m. [i.f.'M Siege. 2 see stab. Cuir 
s., fe##iM;fosh., im/frr a si^*. 

g&sd, ?/r.j>t. a' se"isdeadh, v.a. Besiege, invest. 2 
Straiten, reduce to difficulties. 

a&sd, -e, -ean, t.f. see se"id. 

sejbdeach, -eiche, a. Besieging, investing. 2 
Straitening, reducing to straits or oifflealtias. 

--d.** s.f.State of b-ing beiieged, siege. 

S Act of reducing to straits or difficulties. 3 
Act of surrounding or besetting. 4**Frequent 
or continued besieging. A' s , pr. pt. of 
seis I 

itetatlh, -idh, t.m Besieging. sie<e. 2 Act of 
reducing to straits or dt Acuities. 3 Act of 
surrounding or besetting. A' s , pr pt. of 

Biisdear,** *.m. Besieger. 

Meisdeil, a. Mild. 

eisdeil *t -e, a. Of, or belonging to, a siege. 

seisdichAMS) v.a. Beleaguer. 

seise,* see seis. 

seiscac'i, -eich, -ean, s.m. Timber couch or ob- 
long wooden chair to lean upon, sofa. 

eiseach, -eiche, a. Pleasurable, agreeable. 2 
Satisfying. 3 Cheerful, delightful. 4 Libidi 

s6is"ach,** -eiche, a. Noisy, tumultuous. 

8e:s-achadh, -aidh, s.m. Act of satisfying, as 
wirh food. 2 Act of entertaining or treating 
3 Matching.act of matching or being suitable. 
A' s, of SMsich. 

eis-ac.hd, t. f. Sufficiency, 2 Entertainment 
treat. 3** Pleasure, delight. 4**Seusuality. 

s&si'U'h I, ***./. N-nsiness. 

fseis >a Ih, a. The sixth. 

eisean. -ein, -au, s. m. Kirk-session, a petty 
c Hire in the kirk, con^is in^ of the minister 
who presides, the parish schoolmaster wh< 
a.-cs as clerk, and the elders, the lowest eo 
clesitscicil court. 2 Court assizes. 3 Session 
of a college. Cuir air an t-seisean, nunimo) 
before a kirk-^ssion. 

ach, a. Pertaining to sessions or assizes. 

geis -ar, s.col . Six persons, see seathnar. Eii 
t-adli s. ghleusta, l-t six active men rise Ma 
M!<a'q't. Alatdair. 

s^iseil.** a. P'.easaot. 1 Humane. 3 Mild. 

tst-is.-ilbh, s.f. i'alk, discourse. 

8eisi(,} s.f. Sedge, bog reed carex. 2 (AC) set 

S rlS. 

.i.f. Dryness. 

s f .i-if-ach,**a. Sedge, abounding in bog-reeds. 
8*isg--acn, see sea-^aich. 
st-ibg'-'ad,** -eid, s.m Barrenness, 
iwisg-ann.** -einn, s.m. Fenny country. 2 Ex 

tended marsh. 3 Bog-reed. 
Beisg-nia laidh, s.f. Upright bur-reed sparga 

niwn simplex. [**Greac bur-reed spfrganium 


Beisg-m!ieirg,5 see s 'isg righ. 
eisg-righ, s.f. Brancned bur-reed, bede-sedg 

\ianium ranwsum. 
seisich, a' seiseacha Ih, v.a. ik n. Satisfy 

as with food. 2 Entertain, treat well. 

Matc-i, cause to fit. 4 Match, suit. 
eiMchte, pasi pt. of seisich. Satisfied, as wit 

food. 2 Entertained, well treated. 3 Match 

*-d, tilted- 4 Matching, li ting, 
eisir, see sc-isjar. 

i, see s.-isi-mada,idu. 

fjSO.S-itj-madaidh. fiSL S'ssi-rl jh. 

seisreach, -ich, -ieh^an, *. /. Plough with six 
horses. 2 Team of horses. The ti?am was re- 
duced successively from six to four, and then 
to two, and the word keeping pace with the 
reduction is now applied e.g. in A rran, W. of 
R<ss Lorn,< a pair of horses. The ?ix-hor-9 
plough was in use in Ireland about 1000 A.D. 
and was employed in Scotland till a compar- 
atively recent; date. It was also in use in 
England in the lifetime of persons now liv- 
ing. The wooden plough continued in use 
well within living memory, but that was pro- 
bably of an improved type. The horses were 
yoked abreaso in the same manner as in th* 
four-hors^ ploughs used in Sutherland and 
Caithness in the middle of the 12th. century. 
The elder-wood was considered superior to all 
other kinds for making the working parts of 
a wooden plough. S. fearainn, a plonghlanl. 

seisreach,' AF) s. Allowance of milk for six par- 
sonsone gallon. 

seisreadh, see seisreach. 

seisreimuCR) *. f. Carncate, plough-land, 
ith one ploug 

h iu 

mu!;h land as can be tilled wi 

seist, -ean, s.m. Melody of a tune. 2 Chorus or 
refra'n of a so'ig. 3 Tune, ditty, 4 Sneer. 
Oran air an t-seisb cheudna, a song et to the 
sa>ne t<ui''. 

seist, -em,** s.m. Bed, couch. S. luachrach, 
a b'd nf rush's. 

seistea.-h, -eirhe.rc. Melodious, sweet, as a tune. 
2 Having m-mv tunas or ditti j s. 3 Fond of 
singi-ig tunes or ditcies. 4 Sneering. 
' t, see seid. 

seit^ach, s-;e se"ideaeh. 

siite.ich,** -eiche, *./. Wife. 

AF) s.m. Silkworm. 

seithe, see seiche. 

s'hhir, -thre, -thricheftn, .?./. see seidhir. 

s^itrich, -e. *./. sae seidrich. 

tseo, .?n. Substance. 

seo, dsm. adj. This, these. An duine s., thi 
man ; an nigh^an s., thi* nirl : na daoine s., 
ths* men. [Genorally spelt so, but as teo re- 
prest>n s the modern pronunciation and is the 
old form, it is us^d in this work.] 

seo. nmn. & inf. H^re.see here, take it"., used in 
h in ling or offering anything to another, also 
used in a tdre-ssin ; one when a thins,-- is about 
to he done or atrem^^d. [Generally so 'It so, 
but as s j o represents the modern pronuncia- 
tion, ;md is ih'i old form it. is used in this 

Seo, sn, falbh fiiai I, "<>;n-. com.? W ut go ; 
rinn nii mar sj >. / a:'ed thu* ; c' ar saa Sdo2 
why go ? uiar soo, in this <na,niur 

gluais as an seo ! leave this place, be off ! ; mar 
seo i mar siod, in this way and that way; gna 
an seo, till now ; gus an seo bu treun e, till 
now he was vatiunt ; o 'n am seo, hencefor- 
ward, hence ; seo a^ad e ! here you h.aoe him 
(or it) ; thoir a seo e, take him hence (or away); 
seo mar a ni thu, thus will you do ; an seo 's 
an siod, here and there. 

seobhaj, see seabhag. 

sebbhgan, for seabnagm Oran namfineachan. 

sebc, -eoic, -an, see sebcan. 

seocach,** a. Plumed, plumy, as a helmet. 

seocail, -e, a. Active. 2 Portly and tall. 3 
Having a proud gait. 4 Precocious. S. air 
mo chasa i, active on my feet. 

seocair,* -ean, s.m. Portly fellow. 

sebeair.(MS) s.m. Falconer. 

seocalachd,* s.f.ind. Portliness and tatlness. 

sebcan, -ain, -an, s.m. Plunii of a helmet. 2 
Helmat. S. air 'aguaulh, a plume (or veil) on 
his face. 

seoc-da-ieig,** . Kind of clasp-knife. A cor- 
ruption of the name John de Liege its invent- 

seochaidh,(WC) a. Lazy and canny. 

seochlan,-ain,-an, s.m. Feeble person, one who 
performs any service feebly or awkwardly. 2 
Pithless fellow. 3 Old man. 4ttStaggering 

acb, -aiche, a. Feeble, pithless. 2 Per- 
forming any service feebly or awkwardly. 3tf 

acud, f.f.ind. Feebleness. 2 Performing 
of any service feebly or awkwardly. 3 Pith- 
lessness. ^{Staggering. 

Bebd, -bid, s. tn. Jewel. 2 often figuratively, 
Hero, valiant man, chief, warrior. f3 (AF) 
Cow as property, i Cow with calf. 5 (AF) 

Bebd, see seud. 

eo t-ghabhta,(AF) *.m. Cow with calf. 

sebg,(AF) *./. Little falcon. 2 Merlin. 

sebtf. p f -pt. a* *ebg.tdh,v.a. .Swing to and fro. 2 
Dandle. 3 Jog. 4** Shake laterally. 5**Hob- 
ble. 6 (OR) Fly Arran. 

ach, -aiche, a. Swinging anything to and 

fro. 2 Dandling. 3 Pendulous. 4 Shakiug. 
5 Vibrating. 

adh, -aidh, s.m. Swinging, act of swinging 
to and fro. 2 Dandling, act of dandling. A* 
9, of sebg. 

sebgain, see sebg. 

seogal, -ail, see seagal. 

seb^an, -ain, s.m. Swinging or pendulous mo- 
tion. 2 Hobbling. 

sebganach, see sebgach. 

-d, s.f. Sanu meanings as seogan. 

seojanaich, -e, s.f. Same meanings as sebgaa. 

tsebid,** a. Strong. 

sebid, gen sing. & of sebd. L** gives it as 
nom. too.] 

sebighn, a. Bare, superior, out of the common 
order, eccentric Sar-Obair. 

eebiu, *. Feast Suth'd. 

seol, -oil, -an, *. m. Method, mode or way of 
doing a thing. 2 Way, means, opportunity 
3 Aim. 4 Direction, instruction, guidance. 5 
Expedient. 6**Shawl. Air s. eile, by an- 
other method ; gun s. air dol as, hav'mj no 
icaii of escape ; aus. ceart, the proper m-thod; 
s. labhairt, a manner of speech, an idiom ; air 
an t-sebl seo, in this manner ; cuir s. air, ar- 
ran)*, inakt preparation, s't in order , thoir 
s. dha, direct him; s. f eichidh, a way to escap"; 
cha'n 'eil s. air biadh fhaotainn, there is no 
wa'/ofytlinqfondW.H., 1. 17. 

sebl, siuii, siiiil, s.m. Sail. 2**Ship. 


Braigh-sb., a top-tail ; chunnaic sinn s., w 
taw a, sail ; a. -mullaich, top-gallant ; s. 
sprebid, a jib ; s. beag toisich, a jib ; priomh- 
sh. or a. mor, a mainsail ; a. toisich, a fort- 
tail ; siuil dhalla, topsail and jib ; s. uachdr- 
ach, topsail ; s. meadhonach, a mainsail ; m* 
anam mar sh. 'san doinipnn.w/ soul lik? a sail 
in the storm; crann-siuil, a mast ; thog iad 
an siuil, they hoisted their sails ; a. ciun, jib. 

[Gaelic names not marked are from DMy.] 

1 Am pic, an coise. gaff 

2 Lubach. Cainb-a'-mheurain,(AH)criTyZ. 

3 Sg6d thoisich, clew. 

4 Bonn, foot. 

6 Ceann, head. 

6 Taam, luff. 

7 Ceanglaichean, reef-points. 

8 Crann-ssbide. Slt-bhuinn,(AH) boom. 

9 Ball toisich. Cluas an t-siuil.(AH) tacit. 

10 Ball deiridh. Leud deiridb(A.ii)ajterleech. 

11 Sgbd dheiridh, clew-piece. 

12 (MMcD) Corse, the part between upper 
reef-points and yard Lewis. 

13 (MMcD)Durino; very bad weather when tha 
end of the yard is tied to the foot of the 
mast and the point of the yard hoisted, it 
is called a' chrois Lewis. 

sebl, a' sebladh, v.a. Sail. 2 Navigate, 
guide a vessel. 3 Float. 4 Direct, guide, 
conduct. 5 Instruct. 6 Point out, show. S. 
an rathad dha, show him the way ; sh. sion, 
we sailed. 

tsebl, -oil, -an, s.m. Weaver's loom. 2 Bed. S 

seblach, -aiche, a. Having many sails. 2 see 

seblach, JJ -aiche, a. Guiding, directing. 2 Will- 
ing to guide. 3 Having many expedients, in- 
genious, shifty. 

seoladair, -ean, s.m. Sailor. 2 Steersman .navi- 

"each, -eiche, a. Nautical, 
achd, s.f.ind. Sailing, act or process of 
sailing. 2 Seafaring life. 3 Art or business 
of a sailor. 4 Navigation, steering, sailing. 
Bha s. cunnartach, sailing was dangerous. 

sebladh, -aidh, s.m. Sailing, act of sailing. 2 Act 
of guiding or navia;atinii a ship. 3 Directing. 
4 Act of directing,teaching, pointing or show- 
ing. 5 Instruction, direction. 6** semi- 
metre of a verse. 7 Floating. A' s , 
of sebl. 'Gam sh., directing me ; air 9., afloat. 

seblaid, s. f. Pier, haven. 2 Passage for ves- 
sels -Dainl. Ghobha. 3 Anchorage, harbour 
Sar-Obair. 4(DC)l (< airway in the sea (fist. 

seblaireachd, Same meanings as sebladaireachd. 

seblam, 1st. sin-j. imp. of sebl. Let me sail. 

seblaim, Irish form of fut. a/, a. (for seblaidh 
mi) I will sail. 

seo las, (DMy) *. m. Passage for boats cleaned 
of stones. 

sebl-bhacadh,** s.m. Embargo. 

sebl-bhat,** -aichean, s.m. Pilot-boat. 

sebl-bhat,** -aichean, s.m. Goad, staff for driv- 
ing cattle. 

se6l-chrann, -chroinn, t.m. Mast. 

sebl-chrannach, -aiche, a. Masted, having a or masts 2 Having high masts. 

sebl-choi-j, *. Footboard or treadle of spinning 

sebldair, see sebladair. 

sebllairt, a.m. Phrase in gram. 

sebl-m ira, -uil-, pJ. siu'l-mn or -an-m-, t.m. Side 
oiirrdns. 2 v *l'ide. 3(\VC) Ebb tide. 4(WC) 
Full tid-3. Fad an t-siuil-mara, tht whole time 
of the tide. 



eol-meadhou, *.m. Mainsail. 

. acl), see se6l-meadhon. 

eblta. a. f pa*-' pt. of s.-6l. Instructed, direct- 
ed. taught, guided. 2 Methodical, <et in or- 
der, arranged. 3 Ingenious, having expedi- 
ents. 4 Pnid-nt, wise, cautious. 6 Cunning, 
crafty, artful, wily, rt Skilful. Gu ., .'</, 
pnitientlif ; buiueamaid gu s. , / us <-iedi **- 

eeo'ltachd, f.fJnd. Method, arrangement. 2 In- 
genuity. 3 Prudence, caution. 4 Craftiness, 
wilinr'ss. 5S.u.uil.u>8<, skill. 

si-oifaich -. AC) s.t/i. Cuoning man. 

seo It air (Ms. a.m. Lazier. 

eeol' -'-liara'.'li. -aicne, a-, liisinuative. 

.."-rna gaad. see aeama-^uacL 

ti-um iir, ."<. >i>i/. of seonrir. 

e'achd. >ee seo-ua la.reT.ehd. 

seomilta <:. >e.; so'nalt.a. -air [& -mracli not a good form.]jM. 
-miaich-as *.w. The aj.artmmt or division 
of a h .us ; among the poorer Highlanders 
consi U-red the pnooipal OQ6, " ths room." 
!i Chain- er, room. 

agnai Hi, s.m. Front room. 2 Ante-chatn- 


'- -aoidheachd.Jt t.m. linin-room, ban 


-and ichai In,** *.m. Vestry, robing room. 

-araieh. *.nu Nursery for children, 

-biadli'MMid,* a.m. D.ning-room. 

-heirl, Front rooiu. 

-l.idh. *.in. Larder. 

-cadail.* .in. Bedroom. 

eiojine. x.m. Xutscry. 

-cui'leacinl,* S.T/J. I >ra wing-room. 

-c-iiil,* *.. Back room. 

-cul.iMh Vestry. 

-di uiihair, *.. Ccnsnlting TOOK. 

.jili>li>. s.m. l)n ssmg-ruom. 

-fc6'a. Larder. 

giK.tiiaicti. *.m. Business-roora, office. 

'Icabhraichean, Library. 

lea;^.ch. .s- f. Bedroom. 

-luidl'e. s.n. Bedroom. 

-marsan'ac'id, x.m. Simp, ware-room 

-indid. s.rn. Court-room, court of justice. 

-niuMaich. *.- Upp-r room, garret. 

-samhrudh, .s-.m. --Mimmer parlour. 

-s u ileara-h'l, *.m. S;u I 1 . 7 . 

-sui.i'ie. s.-./i. Siitiiig-r OIH. 

tao i!i. .i*. Ante-i-hamber. 

-tui^icn. PB>! s.binar-raob i. 

seoina .icii. -aic n 1 , u. Havi'i many rooms or 
chambers, 'i Cellular, vasou'ar. 

d, s.f.iml. see se<)inradaireachd. 

e6 nracii, se 'seotinrac'i. 

tomrndair, ean. a.m. Chamberlain, treasurer. 
'.'. Intiigu. r. r;.k->. chamb^n-r. 

c.ichd, *.f. Oitice of cham 1 erlain or 

tr asuer. >. Chamberin .. rakishuess. 

seomraic ican, j>t. uf seomar. 

6e.mailn.** -aidli, . in. Augury, sorcery. 2 
Driiidi-in. Martin --ays that S-imaiiih is the 
name of a waier-sjiirit which the inhabitants 
>f Lewis ii6 .'d to propitiate l>y a cup of ale in 
tin- folluwing mann-r. They came to the 
churcn of St. .Mulway, each man carrying his 
own |>roYigine. Every family gave a pack of 
male, and the whole" was brewed into ale. 
(> ie of tlmir tiumb.-T was chosen to wade into 
tlie sea up to ni waist, carrying in his hand 
a cu|i filled witli ale. When he reached a 
|>r-.)|'er ilepth, tie >t<>od and ciivd aloud "Seon- 
ji ill, I (j ;v ^ th'i: thii c'u. of ale, hoping that 
th.U >viit bis(^. ..>! as to send us plenty of 
caw are for eniicliii.g our ^rouud during the 

coiidnjj year." He rhen thr.^w th al* into 
the sea. Tnis cen j m >ny was perfann-'d ;n cht* 
nijjnr-time. On his c uuing to land, tlitjy atl 
rt-paireil to church, wh^rn toore was aoaii'lle 
boratBC on the altar. Tilery thoy stood e ill 
for a time, when, on a signal given, th-rau t.n 
WHS put out. ;ind straightway they adjour:ied 
to the fields where iho n.glit wa> sp-uc 
mirthfully over tho ale. Nexc m)rnin^ c,.ey 
returned to thoir resneccive hOiiu<. in th oc- 
lief t hat they h id insured a plentiful crop for 
the next season. 

seoni-sa >bha. seesaonadb. 

seora-Jt, s Prou. 

seorbh. see s-arbh. 

s-i.npan.(.MS) a.m. Politk-ian. 

seorsi, -chan, sin Sort, kind, genus, species. 

se6r.sach.ft n. Aruiinding in .sor; -. 

H.ln, -,ii Hi a.m. Arran^.n^, act of ar- 

ra iging or classirying. A' s , -/- of seorj- 

65?. .SV6;v-a cdinnick. 
seorsa coinnich,? s. Mossy cyphel chfrlerfa 

s<d'>>d?s. [Plentiful on Bn Lawers."] 
sebrsaich, pr. pt. a* seorsa -hadh, r. a. /rrange, 
classify, sort. 

te, past pt, of sebrsaich. Arranged, 

ssfo-sda, see seorsa. 

st-ot, -a, pi. -aichean & -achan, s.m. Short tail, 
stump of a tail that remai-is after docki-ig. 2 
Enrurabra'.ice, impediment. 3 Lean b.-asr,, 
"shot," rejected animal, the wort beast. 4tf 
Refuse of sheen. 
seot, -:'.a. <{; n. Sprout, as greens. 2 Pick the 

best. Sh. an cal, tkegr>n* sprmitfd. 
seotach. -aiche, a. Having a short or docked 
tail. 2 Kmbirrasscd. eni-umbered 8 Untidy, 
slovenly, i Lazy, indolent. 5 Dull, 
seotaiche, s.f.ind. Untidiness, slovenliness. 2 

Laziness, indolence, slotn. 
seotair, -ean s.m. Slovenly or untidy fellow. 2 
Lazy fellow, drone. 3 Loung"r. 

eaehd, SlovfcnUuess, untidiness. 

2 Laziness indolenef. 

seotal, s.m. Small r^c -ptacle in .stock of spin- 
ninj-wh :el in which iha first filled pirn is 
kept till the other is rea ly for beina; reeled 
with it. It is also used for other purposes. 
(s'mttlf.) 8 (DU) Small box-shaped compart- 
ment wi h a lid, in one end of a trunk or 
chest, for kn. ping papers, &c. 
jeotaoaeh'l, Same meanings as seotaiche. 
seotauta, -ainte, a. see seotach. 
chd, see seotaicne. 

, -aitr, -an, s.f. see seabhag. 
eothan,(CR) Arrnn for seachan. 
se-ri,ithaack,(C'R) .?/*. Ciimmer, six-qu \rter-old 

sheep JK. of Rou-sk ir. 
<e-ramnacl),* -aiche, a. Six-oared. 
,* -a'ch, *. t/i. Six-oared galley, fe- 

s j .rg, seo Btsavg. 
aeseau, s.m. Dawn. Bha mi air uio 



na maidne, / wan up at dawn Lewis. 
ae-shiisneach, a. Hexagonal. 

,** g.m. Hexagon, cube. 

se slilisneag, -eig, -an, s.f. Hexagon, hexagonal 

Beth, (i.e. gu seth) adv. Severally. 2 Moreover, 
also, likewise. 3 (with a negative preceding) 

sedv.MS.) * Purport. 

se-tliaobhach, s.m. Cube, hexagon. 

, a. Hcxaaronal. 

senbh, see seabh. 

seubnas,* -ais, s.m. Wandering, as beasts. 

seuchd, -a, -an, s.m. Mantle, Covering, tunic. 

send, pi. -au& seoid, fjn. Jewel, precious stone, 
2 Darling. 3 Reward. 4*Thing, nothing. 5 
llero. 0** Instrument. 7** Way, path. Cha 
'n 'eil s. math air, it is n>t worth anything; 
gach s. a th' again, eotry thing 1 have; cha 
bhi s. orb, nothing will he wrong ivifh you ; &. 
suiridh, a love-token ; mar sh. ghointe, like a 
destructive instrument ; seudan oir is seudan 
airgid, jewels of gold and jewels of silver. 

seudach, -aiche, a. Abounding in jewels, jewel- 
led. 2 Like a jewel or precious stone. 

adh, -aidh, g.m. Adorning-, act of adorn- 
ing with jewels. A' s , pr. i>t. of seudaich. 
an, -ain, -an, s.m. Jeweller. 2 Jewel- 
box. 3 Jewel-house, museum. 

seudag, -aig, -an, s.f. Little jewel, charm. 2 Ex- 

ach, -aiche, a. Abounding in little jew- 
els. 2 Like a little jewel. 

seudaich, a' seudachadh, v.a. Adorn with 
jewels, garnish, bestud. 

te, past pi. of seudaich. Adorned with 

jewels. a. Abounding, in jewels. 2 Pertain- 
ing to jewels. 

seudair, -can, s.m. Jeweller, 2 Cedar-tree. 

eachd, s.f.ind. Setting of jewels. 2 Mak- 
ing of jewels, occupation of a jeweller. 

seud-Chaluim-Chille, s.m. St. John's wort, see 

seud-ghlasaidh, -an-g-, s.f. Loekeb. 

seud-lann, -runn, -an, s.m. Jeweller's shop. 2 
Casket. 3 Jewel-house, museum. 

seudraidh, s.f.coll. Jewels. 2 Collection of jew- 

fseughal, -ail, see seula. 

seul, see seula. 

seul, a' seuladh, see seulaich. 

seula, -n & -chan, s.m. Seal, stamp. 2 Impress- 
ion of a seal. 3 Any mark or impression. 4 
Resemblance, likeness. 

seulach, -aiche, a. Sealing. 2 Having seals. 3 
Like a seal. 4 Of seals. 5 Sealed. 

adh, -aidh, s.m. Sealing, act of sealing. 

A' s , of seula ich. 

seulaich, pr. pt. a' seulachadh. v.a. Seal, mark 
wir.h a seal. 2 Mark.bestow a mark. 

ear, fut. pass, of seulaich. Shall be seal- 

-te, past pt. of seulaich. Sealed. 

seulta, past pt. of seul. Sealed. 

seum,* see seam. 

seumadair,* see seamadair. 

seumaich,* see seam, v. 

heumalair, see seumarlan. 

seumar, sea se6mar. 

seninarlan, . m. Factor, Gaelic spelling of 

achd, s.f. Factorship. 

Seumaaach,** .m. Jacobite. 

seumas ruadh.1l s. m. Puffin .Earra. SJ (AF) 

aeuu, v. a. Def erxd by eachautm^ttO, d Avoid, 

shun. 3 Forbear, r.-frain. 4 Refuse, deny. & 
Cross, make the sig.i of the cross. 151'ess. 
7 Make sacred. 8 Conceal. 9(MS;Admonislw 
10**l'ef^nl from the power of enchantment.- 
ll(MS) Recant, ^h. na h-o-ghean, the maid 
ens fo< bore ; sh. a' ghealach i fiSin fa neulaibh, 
the moon concealed herself nnd" a cloud. 

seun, -a, pi. -an & -tan. *.m. Charm for protect- 
ion, spell, charm, amulet. 2 Protec. ion. 3 
Denial. 4 Sign of the cross. f>**Prosperity 
good luck. 

seunach, -aiche, a. Of, or belonging to charms 
or enchantments. 2 Like a charm or amulet. 
3 Having magical power or virtue. 4 De- 
fending by enchantment, or 5 from enchant- 
ment. 6 Concealing. 7 Apt to conceal one'* 
self. 8 Denying, ap;, to deny or refuse. 9 A- 
voiding anvth n*;a* if enchanted. 10 Forbear 
ing. 1 1 Conjuring. 

d, xJ.ind. The power of charms or en- 
chantment. 2 Defence by enchantment. 3 
Defence from enchantment. 4 Sbabeof being 
defended by enchantment. 5 Refusal, de- 
nial. 6** forbearance. 

seunadair,-oaB..m. Charmer, one using charms 
or enchantments 2 Conjurer. 3**One who* 
refuses. 4 Defender from enchantment. 

eachd,>l. Using of incantations, 

conjuring, enchantment, charming. 

seunadh, -aidh, -aidhean, s.m. Act of defending 
by charms or enchantment. 2 Defending 
from enchantment, charm-ins;, augury, druid- 
ism. 3 Act of avoiding anything as if defend- 
ed by incantations. 4 Denial, refusal. 5 Act 
of denying or refusing. 6 Hiding. 7 Act of 
concealing. 8 Sense, intellect. 9 Meaniug, 
10 Blessing. 11 Forbearing. A' s , of 
seun. Tha mi 'jram sh., / am crossing my- 
self ; cha ghabb mi s. no aicheadh, / will be 
neither refused nor denied. 

seunail, -e, a. Happy, prosperous, fortunate. 

2 Like a charm or incanoatiou. 3 Happy, 

prosperous. [or lucky. 

seunalachd, s.f.ind. State of being prosperous 

seunan,(i.?. breac-sheuuain) Freckles. 

seunas,* -ais, s.m. Beauby-beeth. 

seun-hholadh,** -aidh, s.m. Stench. 

seun-Chaluim-Chillfi,(AC) s.m. St. John's- worb. 
(St. Columbia's charm.) 

seumnhoire,** comp. of seunmhor. 

seunmhor, -oire, a. Enchanted. 2 Having ma- 
gical or enchanting power. 3 Using charing 
or enchantment. 

achd, s.f.ind. Magical power. 2 State 

of being enchanted. 

seunsail.(DC) a. Risky, open to the influence 
of enchantment. Uisi. 

seunta, a. <k past pt. of seun. Enchanted de- 
fended by enchantments or charms, charmed, 
bewitched. 2 Defended from enchantment. 
3 Avoided as being enchanted. 4 Blessed, sa- 
cred. 6 Concealed, hidden. 6 Denied. 7 
Fortunate, lucky. 8 Auspicious, in a super- 
stitious sense. 

seuutachd.Jt i.f.ind. Inviolability. 

seunta-, -ais, *. in. Charm, enchantment. 2 
Magical power. 3 State of being defended 
by charms or enchantment. 4 PropitiotM* 
uess, iu a superstitious sense. 5** Denial, 
ooneeulmem.. o**Steuch. 

seup, v. see sen p. 

amirs, v. see scars, 

Stiusar,* -air, g.m. Acme, parfeotlon, height or 
utmost point. An s, a' uhlulch, tn th.' heart 
or iKul't 1 .^, of the (A/7, 

s u-uMcli,* ..-licho, u. Mottloaauid, iu Li^ii oou- 
UiUou, tilt u hoixo. 

's fheudar 


' fheudar, v. impert. A def past. It behoveth. 
:-. mint t>e, it n.ust be so. See also ei^in. 

j"i;a, see ngath. 

Rgab, Gaelic form of tcab. 

sgiib, see >gap. 

Bgabach. -aicho, a, Scabby, scabbed. 

fsgabadh, -aidh, see sgapadh 

ugabag. -aig, -an. *.f Cow killed for winter pro- 
visi 'ii. - Beef prov 

an, of b^.tbatr. Beeres. 

ggabaiste, -an, *.m. Anything pounded macera- 
ted or hashed 2"*Kubbery felony, rapine. 

[** /) 

. ach, -eiche, a. Pounded, bruised, hash- 
ed. 2**Ci'tnmirtinjj robbery or rap. ne, feloni- 
ous. Gu s , f'lonionxly 

achadb. -aidh. *. tn. Pounding, act of 

poundinpr, Uea ig dowu, mashing. A* s , pr. 
pt. of sgabais.ich 

szabaistich, p : pt a' sjr > b:\i-steachadh, v. a. 
" Beat down, pound, nnsh. 

te, f-ast pt of sgabaistich. Beaten 

down, pounde i, ma-h *d. 

sgabnll, -aill, -an, s. w. Helmet, beal-pieco, 
hood. 2**Guard for the shoulder used by tiie 
ancient Caledonians. x**Scapuiar. 4**Caul- 
dron. [* gives s.f. fr No. l.J 

. ach, -aiche. a. Wearin;; a helmet hood or 

headpiec^. 2 T.i*e a helmet. 

;ich.** -aich, t.m. Wardrobe keeper. 

sgabar,** a. Thi-i. 

sgabard, -aird, -an.s.ra.Gaelic form of scabbard. 
' Uruaill.) 

ach, -aiclie, a. Having a sheath. 2 Like 

a sheath 

sgabh, -aii.h. t.m Snw-d'ist. 

ach, o. Abounding in saw-dust. 

sgubhaiste, s.f. Good. f2 Advantage 

fjrabhal,'** -a I, -an. *./j. Scaffold. 2 Booth, hut, 
snop. 3 Screen covering the entrance to a 

sgabhal,** -ail, -an, *. m. Cauldron, kettle. 2 
Baking-tronga. 3 Larire bowl. 

sgabhrach, -aich, t.m. Club-footed man. 

, -aiche, a. Club-footed. 2 Splay- 

d, s.f. Infirm ity of a club-foot or splay- 

agabhrag, -aig, -an, ../. Splay-footed woman. 2 
Club-footed woman. 

cfjabhraichf. s.f.hid. Club-footedness. 

s^abull, -uill. see sga^all. 

."g :<.bu11ach, s^e sg-tballaob. 

's gach. And each, and every 

's gach. In each, in e>ery. \S gach am, ctlicai/x, 
at every UVM. 

gad. -aid, -an, . m. Loss, ruis'-hanee, misfor- 
tune, urief, wos. ruin. 2 see sgat. Mo s, ! 
U'Ot't me ! iny ruin .' 

sgadadh. -r>idh, *.rn. Scissure. 

i^ad'in, -ain, s m. Herring oivp >a Jiai'enjus, 
s. bleac, pair or thoticn htrrtnj. 
s. blia. see s. bleac. 
s. garbh, large herring, " aleun/e." 
8. gearr, fprttl. 
s. goile, gut-pock herriny. 
s mi'&rlannach, pilchard, see seirdean. 
s. sliseach, pilchant. 

g.'danach, -aiche, a. Abounding in herrings. 2 
Like a herring. 

sga'larlarh, -aich, *.m. Set of low persons, 2* 
A'tvthing scattered I sgaitartacii J ] 

spaf.** Gaelic form of fkif Cock-boat. 

egi-.-iir, -ean, s.rn. f'our-iijeous, sto it or brave 
man. '> Hand-iom .uin. 3 Scolding inan. 
*t*Hold hoarred mi i. 

jafal,** Gaelic form 01 tea/aid. 

sga r -i Id,'" -aiid, <ia"ln - form >'f sccLt'mld. 
sgafai'lach, a. Sca'fol.le I, havin/'la-cn, v.a. Krect scAttoIita. 
8if.-i.fall,** -aill, *.w. Gaelic form of .<ca/ld 1 

Booth hut, sh,iM. 

ach,** . Sc itt'olded, full of scaffolds. 

achadh,** -aitlh, g.m. Act of erectiug * 


achd, **.<. Scaffolding. 

aich,** V 't Krect a scarfoM 

snafait,** Gaelic form of xca/oid. 
sgafanta, -aiute, sees^alirra 

s.** -ais, s.m. Boldness. 2 State of being 

in jj od snirits. 

sftafarra, airre, a. Sp'rited, manly, )>rave 'i 
liandsom 3*+ Hearty. 4**Aclive, alert 5 
*V T t'hpin,-nt in spit-en. 5* Venomous IM -*<\il'l- 
irig 7*iim[>haticaUy speaking. 8** In good 

-hd, Manliness 2 .Spirited iiciss. 

3 Handsomeness. 4*\'eiiemence of speech. 5 
*^ua!ity of sc keenly, 

>gaf i-c,* s.f. Scol in^ fenvile. 

s-'g. a* sgagidh. ' a. <jt n Split, cause to 
split or crack, as fr in neat. 2 Crack, shrink. 
3**Cuap. 4 Kilter, strain. 5 Wiuuow. 6 Be- 
com 1 , lean or starved. 7 Burst. 8 Cleanse 
9* Chop. 

nch. -aiche, . Full of splits, chink* or 

cracks. 2 Full of chai>s. 3 Apt to spU; or 
crack, as the surface of anything. 4 Causing 
to split or crack. 5* Chinked, cracked. t> 
Filter;n;, straining;. 7 Winnowing. 8 Lean, 
emaciated. 9**Cleansiutf. Teas n. sarahraidn, 
thf. crackin i h-a' ' sum-nf.r. 

sgagadh, -aidh, * m. Act of splitting or crick- 
ing. 2 State, of crvclcing, chinking or burs 
ing. 3 Act of tiUvTitu; or straining. 4 \c of 
winnowing. 5 State of becoming lean or ema- 
ciated. 6 S[>lit, as on the of anv-- 
thinij, chink, cranny or crack. 7**Cloaa4ing. 
8**Filtering. 9**Filter. 10**Winnow. A 1 
8, of -'BTai. 

3gag;iid, -e, -ean, s.f. S'>Ht, crack, as on the 
surface of deal, cleft, fissure. 

each, -eich<>, a. Abounding in snlits, 

cracks, clefts or fissures. 2 Causing splits, 
cracks or clefts 

S}ia^ai(ih,(DMy) a. Ins ; p/'d. lasg s ,, a taxteleu 
f'skoiif n'it'ifr fr*sh iwr stale. 

s<>av;a.idh, of s^ag. Shall split, & 

sg-i-aJr.* s.m. Poltroon, coward, one that chinks 
at appearanje of dang.-r. 

eachd,* s./.inl. Cowardice, unfounded 


s.^agait,** see 


e,* 4 d. Split, crocked, burst. 2 Clean- 
sed. 3 Filtered. 4 Winnowed. 
sgajjai teach, see S'^atjaideach. 
sj;ai;ta. p-ist p'. of sga<r. Split, cracked. ? Fil- 
tered, strained. 3 Winnowed. 4 Become leaa 
or emaciated, 
sgaifean, -em, -an, see sg:iipean. 

ach. -aiche, a. see sgaipeanach. 

a-hd, see sgaip.'an ichd. 

** *-./. Stern of a ship 

v.n. liurst thro^mh i-ating too much. 

,* s f. Notorious belUuil. 

sgai^luiean,** -em, s.m. Hand-winnow, winnow- 

sgail, -e <fe -each, pi -can & -eachao. s f ^hacle, 
hlutdow, 2 Veil, curtain, covering, mas'^-, 3 
Kxaiuple, pattern 4 Ghost, sp3Ctra. 5 l >r e- 
tence. (> Uower. Fo s. do sgeuhe, n / / t if 
of thy u'iny , an sgaileach^u, their cur- 




tains ; s. a' bhais, the shadow of death. 

- . 'A sgaileadh.w.a. Shade, oversbade, 
d.trkeu, cover, as with a cloud. 2*Spr inkle. 
3' 'Eclipse. ;$* Approach. Cha -s. seo air, 
this u'i'l tvit c<> >\e ti'dr tit thiny ; cha dean e 
s. air, it will no' gn near if. 

ts<iail, -a, s f. .Splendour, brightness. 2 Flash. 

sgaii- iiiothan, -ain, -an. s.m. Arbour. 

S";.ii!-rei';e.-ean-, * f. Mask, visor. 

sjraiic. -e. -*>an, a. f. Sin u-o knock or blow. 2 
So- 1 ml of a blow, report of a shot. 3 Good 
full draught of any liquid. 4 Bumper of any 
spirituous liquor taken before breakfast, dram, 
" mornincr." see under friochd. 5 Baldness of 
the head." G Pate Da'ut, 1. Ghobhtt. 7*" Loud 
momentary, smart report. Tarruing 
s air, fftveliim a smart blow. 

sgai c.* v.a. Pelt. 2 Beat in a masterly manner. 

Si/ailceach, -eiche, a. Bald 2 Giving .smart 
blows. 3 Making a loud and sudden report. 
4 Drinking full draughts or bumpers. 

-- d, Sleekness, smoothness. 

Sgai'ceag, -eig, -nn, s. /. dnn. of sgailc. Slight 
knock. 2 Low sudden sound 3 Small bump- 

Giving; smart blows. 2 

Making 1 a loud and sudden report. 3 Smart, 
activo. 4 Passionate. SftElasuc. 6**Kxplo- 

chd, .find. Smartness, agility. 2 

Passionateness. 3tt Elasticity 

sgailcear.'* -eau, a.m. Bald-headed man. [sgail- 
cire *1 

sgailcearra, a. see sgailceanta. 

-- 'chd, see sgailceantachd. 

sgailc-mhullaich,* s.f Dandruff. 

sg.iilc-sheidev s. f. Dram taken in bed before 
rising in the morning Sar-Obcttr. 

s:.'ai'e, ach. pL -an & -achau, s.m. see sgail. 

sga le ** *./. Printing type. 

strail-'ach, -eiche, a Shadowy. 2 Affording a 
shade, shading. 3 Veiled, covered. 4 Ghost- 
like. unsubstantial, spectral. 5ff Full of 
ghosts. (3**. Masked. 

sgaileich.* -eich, s.m. Veil, curtain. 

-- adh, -aidli, see sgaileadh. 

-- ail. (MS) a. Subtile. 

er or draught. 
sgailceaata, -einte. <*. 

<n'/.Shadiness, darkness. 2 State 
of being veiled or masked, y Sprinkling. 

sgAileadair, -ean, s.m. Any object that shades, 
masker, shader. 2 Mas^uerader. 

sgaileadaireachd.l-t s.f. Shatling-. 

s^aileadan, -am, -an, s.m. Bower. 

sg-aileadh, -eidh, s.m. Covering, act of covering. 
shading or obscuring. 2* Sprinkling. 3 Shad- 
ing, shadowing, veiling, masking 1 . 4(MS)Air. 
A s , pr. pi. of sgail. An s. a' lugha, tht 
lfa*t sprinkling or &kade ; neul 'ga s., a cloud 
vftlinrj it. 

ggaileag, -eig, -an, s.f. dim. of sgail. Little 
shade or shadow. 2 Thin shade, veil. 3 Para- 
sol, umbrella. 4 Arbour. 5 Cottage, booth. 
6 Awning. 7** Fan. S^Little dish. 9**Plate. 
10(CR) Passing shower IK. of Jloti-*hirf. 

-- an, -am, -an, sm. Fan^ 2Jt Umbrella. 

sgailean, -em. s.m. Same maning^ assgaileag. 

- ach, -aiche, a. Shady, veiling, like a 

shade or veil. 2 Like an umbrella, or parasol. 
3 Full of arbours. 4 Like aa arbour. 5 A- 
bounding in cottages or booths. !,ike a cot- 
tage or booth. "** w;ir,-,<r *. 
9** Like a fan. 

- achd,** s.f. Shadiness. 2 Shadowiness. 
3 Filminess. 

sjttileanta, -einte, o. Vain. 

lOtt Full 

Stt Full of fans, 
of umbrellas or 

<gailean-uis<je, s.m. U.ubrella 

^uailear, -eir. -an, see 

s.m Arbour 
j, s.f. Sunsbad.', pnrasol 

.sgailich, v. see -gail. 

te, pa*t. pt. of sgnihch Veiled. 

shaded, covered, ob-"cnre I. 

strail-ionad, aid* -an, m. Bowet. 

sguill.(DU) &. HalcF patch. 

sgailleag', eig, -an. . f Smart Wow slap. 2 
Quick ami loud .sound. 3* Smart sUp on t'le 
cheek. 4**.Slap with tin pilm of tiie hand 

sgail leagach, -au-h-v t. Giving smart slaps or 
blows! 2 Making i loud! and sudden sound 
3** Striking with tne puini of the haud, sUp- 

sgailleas. -ei3, * m. Oisdiin 

ach, -aich .-, a Dis-laiuful. Gu s., dit* 

dam ful I ij 

achd,** * f. Disdainfulness 

fsgailp,** -ean, &f. Den. ca.o 

- each,** a. Abounding in deal or cave*. 

sgailt, v. see sga'd. 

e jxtst pf. Scalded 

each,** a Scaldins. 

ean, se^ s,joiltt(an<. 

sgaillteil,"* . Calid. 

s-ail-thaigh, * m Pyrch. grotto. 

sgail-uisiie, s.f. Umbrella 

sgain, a' sgaineadh, v.a. & n. Burst, burst 
asunder, cleave, rive, rend. '2 to burst 
pr rend asunder. S. e, it burst ascn;/**-,. 

S'ai"^ s Complete bellyful, surfeit. 

sg.iindeur.** -eir, m. Division, dissension. 

sgame, s.m. see .sgaim-adlv. 

sgaineach, -eiche, see sgain-teacb. 2ttRending. 

sgaineadh, -idh, s.m. Burs mg, act of bursting 
or causing to burst. 2 S'ais of bursii.ig or 
bursting 1 asunder. 3 Ren ling, act orslac.i of 
rending asunder. 4 Rent, cleft. 5 Splitting, 
cleaving, ti Burst, split. 7**.Sally, attach. 
8**Flaw. 9 Laceration. A' s , pi: pt. of 

sgaineadh, 3rd. ptr.siwj. <Sc pl.imp.ol sgain. S,e, 
lei it burst. 

sjiainne, -an, s.m. see sgaineadh. 

sgainne,** s. /. Sudden irruption or sally. 2 
Attack. 3 Flaw. 

sgainneal, -eil, -an, s.m. Scandal, reproach, cal- 
umny. 2 Slander, false reproach, 3 Disgrace, 
matter or canse of reproach. Thog thu oirnn 
s., thou has' ralumntatfd us. 
ach, -aiche, a. Calumnious, raising cal- 
umnies or false reproaches. 2 Disgraceful, 
shameful, reproachful, slanderous. 

richadh, -aidh, s.m. Calumaiating, act 

of calumniating or raising scandal against one 
slandering, reproaching. A' s , ot 
sgainn^a aich. 

-achd,'* s.f. Abusi renew 

sgainuealaicu, pr. pt.. a' sgainnealachadh, v. a. 
Slander, calumniate, raisj f ilse reproaches 
against one, scandalize, reproac i. 
te,* of s^amnea'aich. Cal- 
umniated, accused of anything scandalous, 
scandalized, reproadied. 

sgainnearacli. -aiohe, a. Scatt.-rin^. dispersing. 
2 Having faults or blemishes. 3** Scaring, 
persecuting. 4 see sgarmir. 

. d, s.f. Abusiven^s. 

sg.unnearadh, -aidh, *. m. SJ.-mtt"-rin(C, ac& ot 
scattering or dispelling. L Sc.iri ig. 3 Per- 
scenting, persecution, 4**Suddt:n dispersion. 
.V s , ' or. pt. of sgain dr. 

-g,iinn_'arc, -out. -an, s.f. (5ispM--i >n, scatter- 
mg. 2 (yontesC. e.i.tiag ;m -iiu. :i**S\v!u ;. 4 
Persecution. 5 Trial of strength. I<'aiceimiJ 



a. glan, let Htn<tfair trill <>f g'rengih. 
g iiiiuearcach, -aiohe, a Scattering, dispersing. 
^ ('ontenilin;. struggling. 3**Persecuting. 4 

fiumiir, v.a <k n. Scatter, disperse. 2*Stroll. 
3*P,TSv'cute. 4(MS) Abase S. sibh iad, 
you dispersed them. 

gamnir, e, -can. */ Blemish, fault. 2 Scat- 
tering.' dispersion. 3CMS)Shame. 4 Persecu- 
tion. 6(MS) Prate. 6 see suamneal. 
., each, -eiche. see sgainnearacb. 

icb, Vilify, abuse 

te,. past pt. of sgainntr. Sctttered, dis- 

egainnteach. -ich. -ichean, s.f Corroding pain. 
l Pain occasioned by excessive fatigue, as in 
walking 3* Rheumatism. 

ail.* a. Rheunvttic. 

gamte, past pt. of sgain. Burst, burst asunder. 
2 Rent, rent asuuUec. S. o cheile, burst asun- 

.- ach, eiche, a. Causing to burst, rend or 

split. 2 Apt to burst,, renJ or split. 3 
Chmky. 4 Bursting, splitting, cleaving, tear- 
ing asunder, riving, 
sgaip, see sgap. 

ean, -em, -an, s.m. Dwarf, ninny, term of 

personal contempt. 

eanach, -aich .'. a Dwarfih, ninnyish. 

eanachd, s.f. Dwaifishness, ninnyism, futil- 
ity, trifling talk. 
gaipte, past pt. of sgap, see sg ipt*. 

ach, a. Generous, lavisii. 2(MS) Rife. 

achd, *./. Diffusiveness. 2(MS) Rifeness 


*gair, see sgar. (dry. 

sgair, *./. Any place where a thing is laid to 
sgair,* -e, -eau, r.f. Stitclu 2 Seam. 3 Splice. 

t Nails, see ta rnjnean-sgair. p. 77. 
egaird, -e, s.f. Flux, loosen ---s, diarrhcea. [with 
the art. an.] 2** Loose stool. 3**Skit. 4 
rarely, Smock. 5(DMK) Scree, shingly slope 

each, -eiche, a Affected with flux, di 
arrhcea or-dysentcry '2**Habitually loos* in 
the bowels. 3 Squirting, pouting, sprinkling 
4 (DU) tivtaphoricaUit, Worthies, contempt 
ibla person. s.. a u-or'hlets wretch, i- 
miuig a bha laogb matu aig bom egamleich 
a, skitttrrng cow has ofu-H haJ a yooct catj. 

eachd, s / *nd. State of being affectec 

with flux, diarrhoea or dysentery, 
gamleadh, -idh, *. m. Squirting, syringing 

pouring, sprinkling 
sgairdean, ein, -an, x.m Trifling or naety per 

son. a term of contempt, 
j-ainlear.** s.m One H (Hit-ted with weakness 

o! the bowels. 2 Squirt, syringe, water-gun, 
gaireab,** . Lavishnfss. 
sgaireach, see appendix. 

stsaireacn, -eiche. a. Prodigal 2 Cold and 
windy, threatening rain, as weather 

, -eich, s.m Pr..tli<jal. 

f d, *./. (,'rvin.;, -briefing 2 Creaking 

*gaireag,(CK) s.f. Passing shower- W oj Ross 

gaireag. t.f. see sgarbh. *? see seagvir. 3 

Young scart. one-year-.)! 1 gull. isg4 reaj }. 
g.iireag.^l -eig. -an. *. /. Lesser olack-headet 

4ull la,i us (nt i'!--. 
utMiream.'CK) s.m. fdl.' Ulk S*/#. 
g^ireanaich.(A(.;. s.f s.iund of thu flapping o 
ings. An sgia^han a' s , ihftr tnnyt ftofipitvj, 
gaireap, -a, s f. Lavislme .s, profusion, prodi 
>:ality. 2 Weather with whistling wind 
thr.Mtenin^ rain. 3 Su Men skirl, as of baj 
j>i[e. 4 Extra vag^Dce. 

ach, -eiche, o. Lavish, profuse, extrava. 

gant. Gu s., lavitih'y. 

gaireapail,* -e, a. Whistling, gusty and threat- 
ening rain. 

gairg.cAF) s.f. Scorpion, see sgairp 

gairg,** s.f. Stony, gravelly bottom. 

igairiup, see sgaireap. 

igairn, -can, s.m. Howling of dogs or wolves. * 
Loud murmuring noise. 3 Noise of stones 4 
**Shriek. 5 soe sgairt. B' fhad chluinute an 
8., thfir howhnn was heard ajar off. 
sgairueach, -eiche. a Crying aloud, shouting d 
Shrieking. 3 Howling, as dogs or wolves i 
Making a loud murmuring noise. 6 ttRum- 
bling noise 

. -ich. s.m. Continuous heap of loose 

stones covering a hill-side 2 The sound >if 
such stones falling along a steep and rockv 
hill-side. 3 Continued howling. 4*Deserteil 
quarry. 5 Great number of stones, like a de- 
serted quarry, on a hill. 6tt Large heap of 
stones. [No's. 4 & ft, *./-*] 

, -eiche, a. Abounding in heaps of 

loose stones. 2 Like a rocky hill-side covered 
with loose stones. 

sgairneil, -e, s.f Shrieking, crying out. 2ttsee 

t-sgairnigh, -e, s.f. Separation. 2 Broken pieces. 

sgairp, -e, -ean, s f. Scorpion 2 The sign Scor- 
pio (1H,), in the zodiac. 

sgairpeach, ** a. Like a scorpion. 2 Full of 
scorpions. 3 Of scorpions. 

gairt, *./. Flux Dam 1. Ghobha. 

sgairt, v. see egairUcii. 

sgairt, -e, -can, s.f. Loud cry. rour or shout. 2 
Stinek. 3 Strength, vigour, activity, bustle 4 
The midriff [with the art.] 5 Diaphragm oc 
caul covering any of the intestines or viscera. 
6 Energy, business. 7 Appearance & Author- 
ity. 9*Smart bree/.e. JO War. 11** Tuft ol 
trees, shrubs, branches or bushes 12**biuih. 
Dean do ghnothach le s., do your bvsinrx- 
u-\>.h fiifi-yy ; le s. de ghaoith tuath, with n 
xmart breeze of northerly wind : 8 an ctnlbj, 
the caul of tlietr hearts , thaimg e le s.,/i* cam* 
tetth a bustle. 

each, -eu-he, a. Tiiat bawls aloud, shout 

ing. 2 Shrieking. 3 Acrimonious. 4 Roar- 
ing, clamorous 5 Active, bustling. G ila . 
in:i a caul. 7 Like, of, or belonging to, a caul. 
8** Having a large caul 

eachailh, -anlh,< TH. Slum ting, act of shout- 
ing or crying. 2 Shrieking, act of slin 'kuij 
or roaring 3 Bustling motion. A' s , pr.j>'. 
of sgairtich. 

eachd,*./ Same meanings as sgairteach- 

adh. Na tannais a' s . the sp'ctrea shrirktnj; 
s gru.ur, ft picrctny shnrb or cry. 

eadh,** -eidh, . m Shouting, roaring. 

bawling, shrieking. 2 Bustling noise. 3 * 
liustling moiion 

sgairte falaich, see sjarta falaich. 

sgairtealachd, s.f.tml. Vigour, liveliness, acti- 
vity. 2* Half s'ormy weather. 3 Boldness o/ 
manner. 4 Vigoroasuess. o"* BusLlmg m.ui- 

sgairtear, -ir, -an, s.m. Crier, one who cries or 

aehd,tl-*. Business of a crier. 

sgairteil, -e, a. Bns'c, vivacious, lively, vigor- 
ous. 2 Loud, shrill, sharp 3 Bustling, ai-ti? -, 
energetic. 4 BoKl in manner. 5* Breez>. 
Duiue s., an en^ry'tic person, an la s., the hatf- 
stormy or blowy day. 

sgairtich, pr. pt. a' sgairteachd & a* sgairteach. 
adh, v.a. Shout, cry aloud, utter a loud and 
piercing cry, shriek. 


fsgMisto, * m. Robbery, rapine, 
sgait, n.f. sae sgat. 
snake, s-e >gaithte. 
stjaite, -an. x f. see sgaiteachd. 
sg.iit.t *. Pickle. 

sgaite,** s.f. Short angry rebuke. 2 Cut. 3 
Snarl. 4 in (tuition. Short-tempered person 
Th-.ig e s orm, he rfbulctd in- angrily, he 
snarled Q> in*. 

sgaiteaeh, -L-iche, pi -a. a Sharp, bavins a 
Keen edge, i Cutting that cuts 3 Keen, 
piercing 4 Satirical, using cutting; words or 
MCter language, cynical D Stormy boister- 
ous, b Destructive 7 Active, lively 8 A 
bounding in skate (fi>h ) 9 lake a slcate 10 
Biting, as a don. 11** shabby 12 (D.MK) 
Penetrating. 13**EnrgetJC 14**Angrv Gun 
na s.. o pew trat m i rjtin ; mar cblaKlheaml) 
s., lib? a aharp sword . gu s.. rharpti/. cuttinv 
ly gaoth s.. a piercing icind . camnt s , cut- 
tiny 'tinfiuajf , iathauln bilean dearg daithte. 
tea:u; udhs.. loin, ghearrta, red lips may sur- 
round a imttr, cutting tonyuf. R.61 
sgaiteachas, -ais. 8. in Same meanings as sgait- 


sgaite achd, *./ ind. Sharpness, keenness of edge 
2 Sharpness, keenness, as ol cold. 3 Bitter 
ness of speech 4 Raillery. 5 Storminess, 
boistwrousness. 6 Liveliness, activity. 7 As- 

suaiteag, -eig, -an, s.f. Little skate. ', 
sgaitear, -eir, -an, s.m. Cynic. 
sjjaitean, s.w., dim. of s<*at. 
sgait h. .f. (AC) Roof -tree, 
tttgailh, s f Flower, 
^aithcan, -em, -an, s m., dim of sgath. Small 

>ha low. 2 Small shade, parasol, 
siiaiihieach, see siaileach. 
jjgaithte, past pt. of sgath Lopped off, cut off, 

pruned. 2 Bitten. 3 Slung. 4 Destroyed. 

sgaiuehead,** s Acrimony., *.m. Man, hero, ciiampion. 2 Scorching. 

sig-al, -a, -an, * m. Shriek, yell, loud shrill cry 

2 l>l;ist. sound of high wind. 3 Appearance of 

the sea in a squall. 4 Howl of a dog when 

hurt ; or when huntim:. t5 (AK) Calf 6"* 

Skirl of the bagpipes. 7 see sgaladh 8(DU) 

Out' of speech, crying, <Vc. 9 (I)U) Spell 

of any form of activity. 10* Sudden, quick 

cry. S. a chnilein, the howl of his do'j , s. 

gaoithu, a squall of wind ; s. air caineadh, air 

iomradh, air ilheadh, &<:., a sp*-ll of scoldiny, 

rowmij, eating, <kc.Gciirloch. [**T r a-y 

sgal, -ail, v.m iMeal trough. 2 Baking-trough 3 

sgal, pr pt a' ssal.uih, a' sj^alart & a' sgalart- 

aich. v n Howl. give a shrill cry ,squall, shriek. 

'2 Shriek or sijudal suddenly. 

8j;ala, -n, t.m. Ill-shaped hood or tunic. 

tgaiach, -aiclie, a. Loud, shrill, sonorous 2, yelling, lkowlmj>. 3* Shrill and 

saar;i 4*"Apt to .shriek, howl, yell or squall. 

sgaladh, ** -aidh, s m. Meal-trough, kueadiug 

trough. 2**l.arge bowl, kettle, cauldron. 
Bgalng, -aig, -an, s.f. Workman, farm-servant. 
2 Pxmgnman. b^'Slave. 4tt Rustic, [s.m 
McL & D.J 

ach, -aiclie, a. Having many inal>; firm 

servants. '2 Of, or belonging to, a male farm 
servant. 3HRustic. 

a..has, -ais, s.f. The occupation of a male 


achd,**s/. Slavishness. 

Bgalaiche, s m. Man ready to raise a hue and try 

against his neighbour. Sat'-Obcm: 
Bualaictiean, Gaelic form of scal't 
e{falaid, e, -can, s.f. Shallot aiU 

sualain, Scales for weighing 2**Weight8. 

lair, -ea'i, s m. Squaller. 
sgalais,* *. /. Jeering, gibing, continuous jeer- 


scralan -ain, -an, a.m Stage, scaffold. 2 Hut. 
"3 Rostrum 4 see sgaileau 
sgalau .** -din . Gooiet 2 Knee-pan, 
ssiiilanach, a Abounding in stages scatfolds.Ac. 
sgaianca. aiute a Loud, shrill sounding, sono- 
rous Piob s.. a loud-sounding pip* 
-end. s.f ind Loudnes*. shrillness of 

9 >U(ld -i'MOroUS'l -!>$. 

sgalar.(AF) *.m. Hounds' cry wtien hunting. 

sgalart. see sgalartaich. 

aich. e. ean. ,f Shrieking, act of shriek- 

ing or yelling 2 Howling, act nl nowlmg. d 
Howl 4 Yell. A 9-. pr >/.*of sgal. 

sgalartaicho. -an, s.m. Beliower 

sgalb, see sgy>ib 

sgalbiiail.;CR) s.f Continued barking of a do 

sgalcairneach. -eich, s.m. see sgailc. 

sg.Ud. >;.a. Scald, burn with hot water. 2 Wash 
with hot water 3 Pain, torment, torture. 
ach, -aiclm, a. Seal-ling, that, scalds or 
burns. Painful, tormenting, causing torment. 

tsgaldacli, -aich. s m Stubble 
alua'lh, -aidii, s.m. Act ol scalding or burning 
with hot water. 2 Act of washing with hot. 
water. 3 Act of tormenting or torturing, 4 
Anguish, torment A' s-, pf. pt. of sgald. 

sgaldruth." s.m Fornuator. 

sgaldta, past pt of sgald. Scalded, burnt * i \\ 
hot water 2 Washed with hot water, 3 Af- 
flicted, tormented. 

gal-fhar, see sgal-fhart. 

sgal-fhart, airt, -an, s.?. Howl, loud barking, 
see sgaiartaicb. 

aich, -e, s.f. see sgalartaich. 

sgall, -aill, -an. *. in. Baldness. 2 Scall, scab*. 
3 JUald head -Dam 1 Ghttiihu. 

sg.ill,** v.a. Scald 2 Trouble, disturb 

sgal la,* s. f Old bat 2 Large wooden dish 
cut out of a tree. 

sgallach, -aiche, a Bald. 2 Troublesome. 3 

an, -ain, t.m Bald headed person. 2 

Unfledged bird. Scots, scaldie. 

d, s.f ind. Baldness. 2**l'roublesome- 

ness. 3 Disturbance. 

8^-alladh, -aidh, s.m. & of sgall. Jsee ggald- 

f.sgallagacb, -aich, s m. Bird-seed. 

sgal laid, -e, -can, s f see sgallais. 

sgallais, -e, -ean, s.f. Insult, contempt, derision* 
mockery, ridicule. 2 Flattery, Ri 8., d*rid- 

sgallaiseach, -eiche, o. Insulting, showing co.i- 
tempt, deriding, mocking, ridiculing, oppro- 
brious. 2 Given to mockery. 3 Flattering. 

adb, -ai<lh, s. in. Deriding, act of de- 
riding, ridiculing or insulting A 1 s , pr. jit^ 
of sg dlaisicli. 

d,* s f. Practice of ridicule. 

sgallaisich, pr. pt a s^allaiseacliadh, v.a De- 
ride, ridicule, insult. 

t, e p ( nt pt. of sgallaisich. Derided, ridi- 
culed, iusulted. 

-*galld. see sgald. 

-tchan, see sgallach an. 

adh, -aidh, see s;a!d idh. 

sgalldiin-,(MS) s.m. Brawlnr. 

eacha, */. Bad language. 

8gai!t. see .s^aiu. 

a, a Uald, bare 2 see sgaldta. 

ac-h, see s^aldach. 

|34ili>an./ v CR) s.m. Cuaff Lewit. DMy. say* *- 


31 5 


off oats only calgan is the barley 

gam -aim. t.m. Spot. 2 Spot on linen. 


njramal. -ail, t.f. Scale. 
-- . -ait. -an. *. ?. Exhalation, effluvia 

Phlegm. 3*~8cum. 
-- ach, .aiche, a. Scaly. 2 Aboundin 

egamh, -aimh. 


Lobp of the lungs, lights 
[,._*] S.-eighe. fil>-dst, filings. 
sgamh.** *.n. Wry mouth. 

astonishment 2**Dtffunatimk 3 Sudd-n dis- 
| p^r-iou. 4 Asto.iishmeno. 
3 Iron- Sganir. -aoi^, -(.u, t.m. <L- f. Foolish, fickle or 

giddy vuuiijj woman. 2 Giddy or unsteady 

person generally. 
ach. -aicne, a. Giddy, inconstant, volatile, 


achas, -aia, S.HI. see sgaogachd. 

sgicgachd, s.f.ind. Giddiness, levity, volatility, 

sgaog ig. -aig. -an, e. f., dim. of sgaog. Giddy 

-ach," n.-Having good lung.". 2 Of longs 

ag ** -ais:. s.f. Wry mouth. 

amn.prpt. a' sgamhnadh v.a. Build up 

corn Of hay in a barn. Gairloch. <&c 
sgamhan, -ain, -an,* rn. The lunjs. th" Ifghts. 2 
Livor 3 Dolt, blockhead. 4 Refus-. dro^a 
5 Appellation of extreme contpmpt. 6 Villain 
ous person. 7 Corn or hay built u-p in a barn 
e.-coirce, va't buili up in a, barn. 
s.-porna, barley ,, ,, 
s.-fhe6ir. hay ,, ,, 

jramhanach. -aiche, . Having large or xtroner 
lungs. 2 Pulmonary, of. or belonging to lnne< 
or lisrhts ; or 3 liver. 4 Roan, drab, of MX 
colour of lights. Aodach, s., roan-colovrea 
ggamhanach. (DMy) *. m. Feeble man whose 

breath nhnr+em at, a. little exertion. 
seanihanaich^'seR sgartlia'iaich. 
egamhar. -air. ..m. Sa \v-dust. 
ugamh-chnnim 1 '. -e, g.f. see sgamh-ghalar. 
egamh-chriilhe,* S.T/?. Caul. 
agatnh-ghalar, -air, s. m. Consumption in tlio 

isgamh-ghlonn. x. m. Vile prank, vicious deed, 

shabby action, 
egamhnadh. -ai Ih, s.m. Building up of corn or 

hav in a barn. A' s-. pr.nt. of svjamhainn. 
ugamhnaidh, fut. n r .a. of sgamhiinn. 
gann, -ainne, x.m. Multitude. 2 Herd, drove. 
SttSwarm of bees. 4*Parcel. S. fhiadh, a 
herd nfd'fr. 
gBTin, -ainn. -an, .'.m. VTomhrane. 2* Hand. 3 

Multitude, swarm, [s.f. *] 
ach,** a. Mpmbranous. 2 Filmy 3 Swarm- 
ing, in swarms or multitudes. 
Bgannal, -ail, -an, t.m. see sjrutineal. 

ach, a. see sgainnealach. 

sgannairt/AH) s.f. Wreck, ravages, devata- 

tion A rtji/ll. 

egannan, -ain, -an, f.m., dim. of sgatin. Little 
herd or drove. 2 Thin membrane, caul or 
film, pellicle. 3 Gristle 4 Reticle. 5**Grouo 
of people. **LittIe parcel, s. saille. a ca>il. 

ach.** a Membraneous. 2 Reticular. 

fann-wriod.(AF) .in. Herd of cattle, 
sgftnrarh. ** a. Diep^reffMT, scattering, scaring, 
routing. tprriMng. 2 Like a dispersion 
rout or persecution. 3 Persecufini,-- 
ganr.idh, -ni<lh. . in. Surprise, fright. 2 Dis- 
persion from fright or terror. H Act of disners 
ing or terrifvinu; into dispersion, scaring. rout- 
ing. Tatter n-:, disp 'lliri'/. I Rout, confusion. 
5**Fnghccnng of cattle. 6*Persc-cution. A* 
s , ?)t- ;,f. of sganraich. A' s. tloiuionn, dts- 
jtflUnq the stttrm. 
Bganrnich. v. f. Scare, affright. 2 Disperse 

through fear, r-mfr, scatter. 3** Persecute. 
te, punt pt. of s-anraicii. Scared, af- 
frighted. 2 Scattered or dispersed through 
f^ar. routed, 
eganraidh, for sginraichidh, fut. a/, a. of sgan- 

i lea. 

t.f. Dispersement through fear or 

6'. r ao;:aiche, ./i'nd. see sgaogachd. 

sgaou;a, -ain, -an, s. in. dim. of sgaog. Giddy 
-- achd, see sgaogachd. 

sgao'l, pr lit a* ajtaoileftdh, v.a. & n. Stretch 
out. extend. 2 Scatter, disperse, spread. 3 
Enlarge, dilate, expand. 4 Dismiss, send 
away, five leave of departure. 5 Divulge, 
publish. 6 Loose, dissolve, untie. 7 Unsew 
8 Be unsewed. 9 Unfold. 10 Be unfolded. 
11 Destroy. 12tt Fray. 13** Dishevel. S. e 
a lamhan, hr extended his hands . s. iad feadli 
an t-saoghail, thpy disposed t!irouyhnnt tlm 
world ; s. e an sgoil, h? d<snnx<!"d th* sjf t anf. ; 
s. an t-sreari^'. untie thf curd ; s. e an 
eachd, he divulged the news ; cuir fa sg.i i , re.- 
IrvKf ; s au ea^lais, tt>e congregation dt>-persfd. 

sgaoii,* x.m. Liberty, freedom. ' Mu s., at liber- 
ty ; cuir nin s , s^t. sail, wfti'j't anchor. 

sgaoile, .see -igaoilt-adh. 2**Scat-tered state. 3 

-- ach,** a. Causing to spread or scatter. -2 
Diffusing. 3 Dishevellii'.ji, loo.senirig, unfold- 
ing 4 Divulging. 5 Diffuse. 
<gaoilea>lh, -idh, K.tft. Spreading, act of spread- 
ing. stretching out, extending. 2 Sea' tering, 
act of scattering or dispersing, o Disp;-?rsijn. 
diffusion. 4 Dishevelling. 5 Knl,:rgii!g, act 
of enlarging, dilating or expand; ;;. (j Dis- 
missing, aci of dismissing, sending a\v;<v or 
giving have of d-p.i,rturj.' 7 Act of divulging, 
revealing, promulgating or publishing. 8 
Loosing, ace of loosing. 9 Dissolving. 10 
Untying. 11 Uusevying, act of unsewing. 12 
State of being unsewed. 13 Rent in cloth or 
lea> her. 14 State of being unfolded. 15 La- 
ceration. letfl'Vaying. 17**Destroying. A' 
s-,pr. pt. of sgioil. Theab e s., he nearly 
burst (with ian,jh'er) ; bu chian ar s., far a- 
part we-r-' we dispersed. 

g.ioilear, fit '.pans, of sgaoiL Shall be spread. 
gaoilidh, fut. a/.a. of sgaoii. 
gaoilte, past vt. of sgaoii. Spread, stretched, 
extended, expanded. 2 Dispersed, scattered. 
3 Dismissed. -t Divulged. 5 Loosened. 6 
Dissolved. 7 Untied. 8 Unsewed. 9 Dis- 
hevelled. 10'DU) Cuirms., a 
banr/n<>( sort-ad. 

gaoiltea'.-h, -eiche, a. Spreading, that spreads, 
scattering, that .-catters. 2 Divulging. sproad- 
ing abroad. 3 Diffuse, liberal, profuse, boun- 
tiful. 4 Scattered, in a scattered state wide, 
spread. 5*U ngttArded, imprudent. 6 Apt to 
loosen or dislodge. TftFr-iyiuu. 8**Ap.: to 
spread or scatter. 9-* Apt to divulge. Caiun: 
s , iingitai-d"d i>xp>-*Kion* ; diffuse- language ; 
fear b' fh;id s. cliii, a man o/ widely-spread 
fam-> ; dume s.. a le-lierou* man. 
--- , -eich, -ean, sf. Ground on which to 
spread anything to dry, e.g. peats or nets. 
-- ail, -e, a. see sgaoilteach. 
-- d, s.f. ind. State of being spread or 
scattered. 2 Tendency to spread or scatter. 3 
Readiness to divulge or publish abroad. 4 
State of being divulged. 5 Diffu.seness, liber* 


81 fi 

ality, bonntifulness, profus"n"ss. 

sraoiltfcA^,** -eig, s.f. Sueet. 2 \Vinii n<4->heet. 

sgaoini, -e, pi. -eau & -annan, a.f. Fright, sud- 
den terror, alarm. 2 Starting or sudden move- 
ment frc;m fear or terror. .*S'>m: 'nhness, as 
of a horse or beast. 4* Terr-r from false alarm. 

sgtoimeach, -eiche, a. Apt to be fruhtened. 2 
Restless, unquiet. 3 Terrified, timid, skit- 
tish. 5 Causing to start. 

d, t.f.ind. Aptness or readiness to 

be terrified. 2 Timidity, skittishuess. 3 Rest- 

sgaoiraealachd,* see sgaoinmarachd. 

sgaoimear,** a. Timid. 2 Skittish. 

sgaoimear, -eir, -an, s.m Coward, timid fellow. 
2 Restless fellow. 3 Any shy creaturp. 

achd. s.f.ind Cowardice, timidity. 2 

Shyness. 3 Restlessness. 

pgaoimeil. see sgaoimeach. 2* Skittish. 

sgaoimeiche, see sgaoiineachd. 

sa,aolar,** a. Coy. 

achd,** s f. Coyness. 

sgaoll, -aoill, s.m. see sgaoi>n. 

air, -ean, a.m. see s;a >i 'near. 

air, -e, a. see sgaoime ich. 

aireachd. see sgaoimeach'l. 

mhor, -oire, a. see sga imeach. 

inhorachd,"* *./. Timi lity, shyness. 

sgaoman uisge.(CR) s.m. Light shower Loch- 

sgaoth, -a, -an, s.m. Swarm, great number, mul- 
titude. 2 Flight of birds. StfFlock. [fffn. 

ach, -o.iche, a. In swarms or multitudes. 

aich, v.a. An. Crowd. 

sgaothan,** -ain, Chamber-pot. 

sgap, a' sgapadh, v. a. Scatter, spread, 
disperse. 2 Squander. 3 Afflict. 4*llack, 
hash. 5* Distribute profusely. 

sgapach, -aiche, a. That scatters or disperses, 
scattering, sproading, squandering, diffuse. 2 
** Apt to scatter, spread or sinander." 

sgapadair, -ean, s.m., on who scat- 
ters, disperser, disseminator. 2* Hasher. 

SgKpadb., -aidh, s.m. Scattering, act of scatter- 
ing, dispersing, spreading or routing, dispers- 
ion. 2* Hacking, hashing. A's , pr. pt. of 
sgap. A" s. raise, hackini down clifese. 

. , 3rd. pen. siny. tf pi. imp. of sgap. S. 

e, let it scatter ; s. iad, let thrtn scatter. 

, past pass, of sgap. Was scattered or 


sgapaidh, fut.a/.a. of sgap. 

sgap ur, -ean, see sgapadair. 

eachd,** s.f. Scattering.dispersion.rout- 

ing. 2 Extravagance. 

s<jap-litir, s.f. Handbill. 

Sijapta, past pt. of sj;ap. Scattered, dispersed, 
routed. 2 Squandered. 

sgaptach, a. see sgaipte.ach. 

sgar, a* sgaradh & a' sgarachdainn, v.a. 
Separate, disjoin, sever, dkunite. 2 Tear a- 
suuder, pull asunder, split. 3 Torment, afflict, 
harass, gall. 4 Divorce, part. 5*Secern. 6** 
Unfold for drying. 7**Wour.d. 

Sgar, -air, -an, s.m. Knot on the surface of wood, 
i- Fissure in wood. 3 Seam or joint, as in a 
boat. Tairnean sgair, seaming nails ; s. an 
droina, or s. an leigeil, rebate, see bata, A 3, 
p. 73. 

sgara, see sgaradh. 

sgarach, -aiche, a. Knotty, having 'knots or as- 
perities on the surface. 2 Having fissures (of 
wood.) 3 Separating, disjointing, severing, 
disuniting, schismatic. 4 Tearing -asunder. 5 
Tormenting, harassing, gallirg, atiJicung. 6 
Distinguishable Dain 1. GhoU.ta. 7** Wound- 

I '"g 1 

! sgarachduinn, s.m. Separatinij, act of *e? arab 
ing, disjoining, severing, disuiiilint;. 2 Act of 
tearing or pulling asunder. 3 Wounding. 4 
Haras-ing, ft* Separation by force. (5**Ois 
sension, diviMon, faction, schism. Tha s. 'nut 
mensg. th>r' are diviion.-s among i/ou. A' s 
pr. vt. of sgar. [v./.*j 

sgaradair,** .m Separator. 2 Tearcr asunder* 
3 Harasaer, tormentor. 

eachd,***./. Separation, schism, separ 


sgaradh, -aidh, *.n>. Same meanings as sar- 
achduinn. 2 Faction, divisou. 3 Shed of the 
warp in weaving. 4 Mark, as of a blow. j> 
Torment, woe. 6* Ruin. A' s , pr. pt. of 

-.(MS) -aidh, s.m. Aperture. 

Vint. Imprecation, expression of ill- 


sgaraa;,(AF) see <*gabag. 

suarail,** o. Separable. 

8g;ra!t,***/. Table-cloth. 

sgarar, fut.paag. of sgar. 

sgarbb, -airbh, pi. -an ife -a ; rbh, . m. Cormo- 
rant, snag p'tiilacrocorax carbo. 2** Kit tern, 
see corra-ghrian. 3**Heron. 4** Shallow wa- 
ter, ford. Trod nam ban. mu'n s. 's an s. ;iir 
an loch, th" women, dispu'iny who gkall hav 
the scart, and the scart'out on tke lo<-h i.e. dis- 
p.iin<r of the hare before it <a caught. 

sgarbh,** v.a. \Vade. 2 Cross a rivr by a ford. 

igarbh-a'-bbothaiu, see.-garbh-aivsguiuaiu. 

syarbhach, -aiche, a. Abounding in cormorants% 
2 Like a cormorant. 3 Of a coimorant. 

sgarbhau,** -ain-, *. m. Little cormorant. 2 
Young cormorant. 

s^arbh-an-sgumaln.'J -airbh-, ./?.. Shag, green 
cormorant phalacrocorax crisbantut. 2(A*) 
Crested scart. 

S{iarbh-au-uhd-Khil, see sgarbh-an-sgumain. 

sgarbh-buill, see sgarbh. 

sgar-bhoc,** s.m. Senrvy. 

ach,** a. Scurvied. 2 Like a scurvy. 

sgard,** v. Squirt, pour, sprinkle. ' 

sgard, see sgaird. 

ach, see sgairdeach. 

adh, see sgairdeadb. 

sgardach, -aich, Bunch of furze or thorns- 
placed before the tap in a mash keeve. 2 
Vomiting. 3 Squirt. 

sgar dair, see sgairoVar. 

sgiirdan, (,CK.) .v ?. Scree, continuous run, of 
stones on a hill-side H'. of Ross. 

sgarlaid, -e, s.f. Scarlet colour. 
o. Scarlet, 
ach, . Scarlet. 

sgarmaicb, s. f. Flux of stores on a hill-side 
Badcnoch. (sga'rneach.) 

sgarnal, -ail, sea ^gainieil. 

sgarrag.(AF) *./. Skate, r.iy-fish. 

igarrthach, -aicn, s.f. '1'emporary shower, flying 
b>ast of foul weather. 

sgart, see sgairt. 

sgarta, past pt. of sgart. Separated, disjoined, 
dihuniied. 2 Pulled or torn asunder. 3 Af- 
flicttd, tormented. 4 Galled, harass- 1. 

sgarta falaich, (AC) . Rift, rent, ck-fc, care, 
recess in a rock in which to hide or shelter. 

sgarthanaich, -e, s.f. Dawn, twilight, day-spring 1 . 
Bha e an seo 'san s., he wan here at dawn. 

sgat, -ait, -an, s.f. Skate (fish ) [.v.m.**] 

Tha a' iuhe6ir an deMdh na .sgait, hiifnnen 
are after the sk/ite >aid of a b-id piper. Tho 
saying originated with a young piper, who- 
was beiii'i instructed at the pi >er's collie at 
Boreraig in Skye. Uavin; had skate to din- 
ner oue day, which he di l not apptove; of. 


sgeachasr Muire 


an I p :ivin- afterw trj.-! : n !i,-tVivn iy, 
a-i.e i what was wro i; with him. " Inesri'e 
at cl:s t) HIV Hngr-rs," was Mix ivply. M* 
c'leannaic eas tu ia ? ceaiitiaich ia s '-t ^'R -. 
if >ii)', i,ny ft>\. linn xtn'-- Th; II >.'li;an I p ; 
judioe-i against cerai;) AMI! tish ire 
sk-m --times very a'isiir I Th* skate is mo-st 
unjusclv undervalued bv the native* of the 
western covsts of .Scotland N.U. P. 

sgira. sei sgat. 

-- ch. a. Abiun'l'n? in skates 

siiit ghUs, s.f L-irctf s>?t tirev >kate L'wit. 

gAth -a. ..-in, Shadow, shade. 2 Pretence 
3 Disgust 4 Fri'iif. fear, dreal. apprahen- 
sion. 5 S>\-e. account 6 Nearn -9^. propi i- 
qni-v. 7 Ba-h ulne<s. timidity S(AO)ses 
s-i'>: h. 9*^.i^lt-T. protection. 10** \VH. cover- 
ing. Tha mi fo s.. / i n./,aio( : tin thu 
'cur s. orm, ?/o>/ mik' in? fl tgnenrn'th : s. 
Phe", t'.-e far of &od ; 9. an tai^'li, the sh>!t->>- 
of t*>' house ; fo s. do -geith. mrf*r <ft<> covrt 
of ih" ipinfi ; air s. spoimie /" decency's sak; 
lia dh' fhnilin^ e airim s<;ath-sa. what h suf- 
f->r d on m>i ar.cnnnt : gnu 3.. without (ir'ad ; 
air s., for thf sake of ; on pretence of ; a' gabh- 
j)il s., taking fright 

avh. -a, -an, s.f. JIurdle. Z Door secured by a 
hurdle. Proo. 3 Threshed or scutched flax. 
4 \Vattled dour, larff" bundle of rods tied c'lose- 

ly together aud used as a door, 
again, a' sga f h & a" sgathadh, v.a. 


off. prune, cob "off. Z Destroy. 3 Bite, sting. 
4 Injure, hurt, do harm. 5**Curdle. S. an 
ceann dhsth, chop off his head ; s. na meang- 
lain, chop off the twigs. 

ga'h, -a, s.m. Consuming, destruction, waste, 
havoc. Z Damae by cattle. 3 Tow, thirds, 
the short part of lint called brairds. 

sj;a!h, see sgathadh. 

ggitbach, -aiche, a. Pruning, cutting, lopping 

Ri.-'-e-ing. 1U (AH) "Shipping" or taking 
in (of >a:s ) Air s. gun iochd, ct down with- 
ovt pita ; nach robh s. de thalamh 'san (hradn- 
rac. (.'fit t'ifi-e n-as no trace of land in night ; 
9 ramih, thinp'ny of oars ; cha d' fhuair s. 
nach d fhuiling nair. they ntver met with lot* 
who did not s<ijfer biame. A' a , pr. pt. of 

sgaLhaii.(CR) s.f. Fright Sky. 
sgatha?, -aii;. -an, s.f Trefoil in flower. 

ach.** a. Full of trefoil in flower. 

sgatha? fhiadhain,i.rCotton-sedj;e, see canach. 
, v.a. lliscourage. 2(.MS) Awe 3(.MS) 

sj,itiiair. -eau. a.m. Spruce fellow, beau. Z sea 

eaciid, s.f.inl Cutting down, lopping 

off. as of branches, 
ssrathiireich *./ Timidity, fear. 

s./. Urabrosity. 
sgathau. -am. -an, t.m Mirror, looking-glass. Z 
*"G;; s ' s'.ock. Is math an s. suil raraid. a 
frt?ni'# ?ye is a pood mirror ; a reidh-gnorra 
lith m vr s. , h'f smooth. bUf pools like mirrors. 
s. balgach, a convx mirror 
s.-comhiiard, a plant mirror. 
s. toljacli, a concav mirror. 

ach, a Abounding in mirrors. 

sjatharra, a Hewing, lopping, pruning, cutting 


sxath bhard, -aird, .m Satirist, lampooner. 
ac'id. s.f. Satire, ribaldry, lam- 
pooning. An s. a bu chruaidhe gu leir, the 
k^en a st satire of all. 
sgat.h-fhras.(CR) s.f. Passing shower W. of 

Roas-xhire ( A njijUshire. 
sitath-latm, -lainu, -an, s. /. Booth, cover, tent, 

shed, shop, nenUiouse. 
syath-thavyh, -can. Porch 

"off. 2 Biting, that bites or stings. 3 That 
jur'?s or hurts. 4 Destructive, destining. 
Wasteful. 6 Pernicious. 7 Doubtful. 8** 

ggaihaoh, -ait; ho. a. Shady, shadowy. 2 Cover- 
ing, sh 'kormj*. 3 Tinnd, fearful, afraid 4 
Basiiful. f>< sottish. 7 Aghast,. 7(MS)Hack- 
ward. 8** Causing fear. Tha 'n t-each a 
nhuailear 'sa rheann s., the hone struck in the 
h>-"< will tie timid. 

g 'thacM,** -aich. -aichean. t.m. Fencn made 
of Utt Branches lopped off . 3 (CR) 
Lopp ngs of any wood except birch IF. of 
fitiss-shirf. 4* Hurdle or great bundle of twigs 
to scr/e as a portable pL>reh at a Highlander's 
door. (,/.*] 

- , -aich, s.m. Drink of water and milk in 

equal proportions and the sour thick milk un- 
der toe en-am that was-kept for but ter.churu- 
t-d into a froth- Gasl.Soc.Inn xiv />' 

an, #. rn. Tail. Feumaidh fear na h- 

aona bha car d' a h-oarball, no a s. tn' a 
thorn, lt<e. man who ha-i unlif one com miiti 
tiris' /?> tail round /tiv fist i.e. look well af 
ter her. 

. ;\s, -ais. s.m. see <?ath. 

Si.-n'hachd, s.f ind. Timidity. 

lf.i.t!>adair, -t-an, s m. CuLter, lopp'r off. 2JJ 

P.I ickamiJhs chisel for cutting ii.m. 
sgathu'lh (;H) .v. M. Drawing straw for thatch 
in;. V(l)My)Cuitinii the roots oft Mi-i l> irlej 
slit-aves for thatching purposes L?n<>* 

, -;idh, t.m. Lopping off, severing, acl 

of lopping orf or [irunin- 'L Hiting, act of 
\>v ing. 3 Hurtm ,', act of ljurtin : or injuring 
4 Segment, slire I ;"> Incls.on. puncture. (>" 
Destruction. 7**Loss. a**Skirmi3hing. 9* 

githmhor, -oire, a see sgathach. 

sgathmhor, see sgathach. 

BgaMita, pa-it pt of s^ath. Pruned, lopped off. 

2 Bitten, stunsf. 3 Injured, hurt. 

e. poetic for s^iath. 2* S3v; sgeith. 
sneach. -eich, -an. s.m. see s^eachag. 2 see 

ggit beach. 3** Bush. 4**Bust. 

s.ohaor. whitethorn. 

a.-chubhraidh, swe't-briar. 

s.-mhadi-aidh, don-rns. 

s.-spiouna n, (g j n. -ain.) gooseberry-buth. 

;tacang, -aig, -an, *./. Hawthorn-berry. 

it-achagach, -aicha, a. Abounding in hawthorn 

berries. 2 Like a haw. 3 Pertaining to haws. 

Mios s., the month of hawthorn berries. 
sgeachagaii n. pt. of sjteachag. Haws. 

eai-iiug Muire, s.f. Bur-marigold bidens cer- 


633. Sgeaokag Muirf. 



screen ach ,is 

egeachanach,** a Bushy, bnmb'y. 
egeachracli, -aiche, a. Fall of bashes or thorns. 

2 Prickly. 3 Of briars or bratnotas. 
sgeachradh, -ai'th, -aidheau, s in Prickle. 2 

Briar, bramble. 

sgoach -spionnaii.** -ain. s m. Gooseberry-bush, 
sgead.** s.w. Speck, white spot 2 Ornament. 

ach.*~ o Fond of dress. 2 Speckled. 3 

Skv-coloured. 4 Cirrocumulated. Neul s., a 
cirrocumulus cloud 

sgeadacn.* -aich. tin- see sgeadas. [s.f.*] 
adh, -aidh. s.rn. Clothing, act of cloth- 
ing. 2 Dress, clothes. 3 Adorning, be Pek- 
ing, ornamenting. 4 Oniam-iuc 5 Dres^m*; 
6 Dress, clothe*. A' s , pr [>t of sgeadaich 
S. gu ledir, fiiong't r>f prnnm-nt. 
sgeadachail.** a Orn.imsncal 2 Beautifying. 
3 Fond of ornament, fond of dress \ (jallant. 
sgeadachair.** s.m One who adorns or beauti- 
fies, uarmsher, decker. 
sgeadachd, s f. Drapery 2(MS) Honour, 
sgeadnich, pr. pt. a' sgeadachadh. v. a. Dress, 
clothe. 2 Dress, garms'i, adorn with dress. 
3 Conjugate 4**Accomplish. 5(MS)Rlason. 
6(M-S) Prank. S. an teme. mikt up the fire ; 
s an lampa, trim ih* lamv 

ear, fat pass, of sgeadaich. S. na 16in, 

thf meadows shall br adoni'd. 

te, past pt of sgeadaich. Clothed, 

dressed. 2 Adorned, ornamented with dress. 
3 Conjugated. 4 Accomplished, 
sgeadas, -ais, -an, c m. Ornament, gayness of 
dress. 2 Decoration. 3 Spottedness.speckled- 

ach, -aiche, a. Having a gay dress; 2 

Fond of gay dress. i>*'Ornamental. 4**Spot- 
ted, speckled. 

achd,<(. Dres*, gaudiness of dress. 

2 Fondness or irav dress. 
sg^afag/ v *.f. Filip. 2(DMy) Slight bite of a 

dog, or little cut by a knife ou a person, 
sg^afard, see sgeafag. 
titjeal, seesgeul. 

achd, ee sgeulachd. 

sgealag,** -aig, see M(eall&X. 

ach,** a. see s^e i.llaguch. 

pgealan, see sgeallag. 
sjjtalanach, see sgeallagach. 
Mkealb, -eilb, -an, s.f. Splinter, broken fragment 
of wood, stone or any hard substance. 2**CIiff. 
:>**Sherd. Air sgeilb creige, on thf fragment 
of a rock ; chaidh am bata 'na sgealbaibh, the 
t>oat went to tplinten. 
sgealb, a' sgealbadh, v. a. $ n. Split. 2 

J>ash into pieces or fragments, splinter, 
liecome pieces or fragments. 4 Fritter. 
Tear. 6**Snatch. 

ach, -aiche, a. In pieces, fragments or 

.splinters. 2 That breaks into pieces. 3 Ha 
ing a tendency to break or disunite into frag- 
ments or spliiiters,3plinterin(r,sinashing,cleav- 
ing, rending, snatching. 4**Smastied. 

-adh, -aidli, s.m. Act of splitting or dash- 

ing into fragments or pieces. 2 State of fall 
ing into fragments. 3 Splintering, smashing, 
cleaving. 4 Plucking, snatching. 5 Fragment, 
rent, splinter. A' s , pr pt. of sgealb. 

s-jealbag. -ai;;, -an, s.f, <iun of sgealb. Small 
piece .r fragment. 2**Liale rock. 3** Pinch 

ach, -aicne, o. Abounding in small frag- 
ments 2 Bieaking into splinters. 

6sealba<:aidh,(DMK)s. f. The forefinger Loch 

ssealbair. -eaa, s.m. Splitter, one that splits or 
breaks anything into pieces. 2 Stout young 

eachd, s.f.ind. Act of splitting or dash 

ing into pieces 

u'calb-chreag. chreige, an. * f. Splintered c\ 
shelvy rock or cliff Airde nan s., the phin,' 
dei of the splintered cliffs f*.m. Mcf. A !).> 

ach. -aicrn. a Abounding in rug 

ged or shelvy rocks or cliffs. 2 Full ofspliu 
tered rocks or cliffs. 

2ealbta, past, pt of sgealb Dashed in pieces 
sgeallag.J -aig, s.f. Wild mustard, charlock 
napsix arvfiistx. [s.m .McL & D.] 

ach, atcb, *.m. see sgeallag. 2 Quantity 

of wild mustard. 

ach. a. Abounding in wild mustard. '* 

Having a kernel. 

szeallag meilte, t. f. Mustard-seed., 
;;eallaii. -am. s.w see s;eallag. 2**Kernel. 

ach, see sgeallagacn. 

8geallag-bhiiachair,(nC) s f. Mushroom Uist t 

see balg bhuacuaill. 

sgealp. -a & -eilp, -an, s.f. Slap with the palm 
of the hand. 2 Sound of a blow so given. 3 
Quick, sudden sound 4 (D.MK)Sharp report, 
as of a pistol Caithness. 4 s^e sgealp. [*.m. 

,* s.m. Tall, lively man 

,* sm. Shelf 

, va. Strike with th; pilm of the hand. 

ach, -aicht!, a. see sgealbach 2**Striking- 

or slapping with Lho ptlm of the hand 

adh. -aidh. Striking, act of striking with 

the palm of the tiaud. Scots, skelp. A' s , of sgealp. 

arra, a. Loud and shrill. 2 Emitting a 

loud and shrill souud. 3 Forcible. 4ttEl*s- 
tic. 5**Smart. as a report. GtfAgile. Piob 
s. MhicCniimein, MacCnmm<)ris luud-soiniil- 
iny pipes; braidhe s., a smart re-port; cainnt s., 
loud and articutat' utterance. 

arrachd, s.f. mil. Loudness and shrillness 

of sound. 2**E!asticity. 3**Smartness as of 
a report. 4ttShrill sound. 

sgeamalain,(AH) *./. Harum-scarum, loquacity. 
2 Loquacious person. 

sg^amh, -a. s. m. Severe or cutting language, 
abusive words. 2 Disgust, antipathy. 3tt 
Scolding. 4 Speck on the eye. 5* Thin skin, 
membrane. 6* in Irish, Polypody. 7 see 

sgeamh,** v.a. Reproach. 

sgeamh, -a & -eimh, s.f. Polypody. 

ag,* s.f. Small slice. 

ail, -e, n. Satirical. 2 Disgusting. 3 

Comely. 4 Using severe or cutting words. 5 
see sgreamhail. 

sgeamhair, -ean, s.m. Satirist. 2 One who uses 
cutting words. 

eachd, *./. ind. Satire. 2 Trouble- 
some talk. 3 Habit of using cutting words. 

S2eamhaltrach,"*-aich,s.w. Person that does any- 
thing furiously. 

sgeamnaiiacii,* -aich, s.m. Macaroni. 

sgeamh-dh;iraich,-a-, s.f. Oak-turn polypodi ton 

sgeamhla, see sgeamhladh. 

s^eamhladh, -aidh, -ean, s.m. Sudden fright, 
alarm. 2 Skirmish. 3 Keen appetite. 

sgeamnaidh,** a. (Joncinnons. 

each'l,** s.f.ind. Concinnity. 

sgeamh-nan-clach *. /. Polypody, see clach- 

sgean, -a, x.m. see sgeun & sgian. 

sgean, -a, s.m Cleanliness, neatness. 2 Polish. 

tsgeana, tjeii.suij A; of s^ian. 

sgeanach, see sgennach & sgiauach. 

sgeanach,* -aicii, s.m. Chop. 

sgeanach.iil, -e, a. sea sgeanail. 

sgeanachas, -ais s.m. see sgeunachas. 


u lh, se>s -if -una h 
aig, -an, . /. Sp.cies of edible sea- 
iea lag. sea sgeunag \' sgian.ig. 

geanail, -e. a. Clean, neat. tidy. 2 TCrisk, live- 
ly -Ddi/i /. Gho',ha. 

geainlachd. $ J.ind N-itn'ss, rlea-ilin >ss. 

g-an unh vil. a. *e* s ea-.a'l. ft o K;i direirh. 
tana, gi< s., a '>at ; ;M ifiYfc, f/iiu <*.td uM pol- 
ithfd, iJ'inn. /Jo i. 5th ed. p. 75. 

*g<-ann, -a, -an, m. Stare, gazing upou any- 
thing, ularintr. 

igeann.* tj. Cleanliness 

,v.n. Stare, a7.e upon anything, glnre. S. 

e orm, hf stared at w s as luilean *na 
c'neann, hit fyt glurt I in Aiv A^a ' 

ach, -aiche, a. Staring, gazinir, glaring. 2 


adh, -aidh, .m. Staring, act of staring or 

gazing, gaze, glare. A" of sgeanu. 

aeannag,** -aig, t.f. female. 

tf ean nail,* a. NeUly clean. 

geannair, -ean, .m. Star^r, gazer. 

e^eap, -ip. pi. -an & -aich ;an, s.f. Reehive, skep. 
2 (MMoD) Straw basket; for holding grain 
when sowing, always slung the suoul- 
der by a straw rope Lcrmfc 3 Hand winnuw- 
r. S. sheilloan, a ttraw beehive, [yen. sgeapa 

geap.* v.a. Gaelic form of tkip. 'Pass over. 

ageapach, -aiche, o. Aboun'iine in beehives. 2 
Like a been ire. 3 Of, or like, a basket. 4 
Abounding in baskets. 

geap fhriaisg.OKMy) / Small basket made of 
stalks or "c'liaiagan," f o f taking home lim- 
pets to bait the -unall lines. 

g -ap mh6r.(DMy) *./. Large basket ma le of the 
sam^ mvteritls assgeap fhnasi. bui with a 
stouter cord attached, for carrying fish from 
the rocks, potatoes, &c. Iftst, LfWU. 

ss;eapaichean. s^eap. 

sgearach.** a. Happy. 

g.'earach,* -aich. *.m. Anything scattered. 2" 

sgearadh,** -aidh, .m. Staga-play. 

sg^araich,* v.a. Scatter. 

sgearail,*' o. Happv. 

eachd,** ./. Happiness. 

ggeath, see sgeith. 

ach,** see sgeitheaeh. 

ssreath-chosg, see sgeith-choag 1 . 

Hgeathrach, see sgeitheaeh. 

sueathraich, see sgeitbrich 

sj;er, voetical contr. of sgeMthe, gen. tintj. of 

sg-iig, e, t.f. Mockery, derision, jeering, scorn, 
ridicule 2 Taunt. 3 Buffoonery, w.tggery. 
S.-fhiacaill, a Msxm? 

tteis. a' agaia;eadh, v.a. Mock, ridicule, de- 
ride, taunt, scorn. 

sgeigeach, -eiche, o. Mocking, deriding, ridicul- 
ing. 2 Taunting, scorning. 3 Having a pro- 
minent chin, or 4 a be.ard of strong sr.rtiiht 
hair Sitth'<l. 5 Prone to mock or ridicule, 
scornful, taunting. 6 Waggish. 

. -ich, t.rn. Mocker, derider, buffoon, 

zany. wag. 2 Irony. 3 Taunter. a-Mrner. 

pigealachd, i.f.ind. Mockery. taunMn'j;, satire, 

gf^igear, -ean, Mocker, wag. bufoo-i, lam- 
pooner, banterer. 21T Gander, see ganra lh. 

sgeiljearachd, *. f. ind. Mockery, derision, buf- 
fn -nery, waggery, wag.^ 2 Habib of 
mocking; or deriding. 

geiijea*. -is, t.f. \V ig^ery, buffoonery. [* gives 
sgr igjis as nom.j 

a-iach. -..ohj. a. seesg.-iueil. 

eg-d, , a. Me >r -,ich u , -.cornful, nDcking 1 . 

given to raoc'cery or deri-i >n, jeering, jib njj, 
uiu, scorning, burlu^4uo. 
ir aa<) sgoig 

s.,". j g 'ir-*i:iid. see .-sy vg^arasht'l. 
sgei.ij!!. fnt.a/f a. of s^eig Shall or will moc'c. 
syji ;irn,* set? sjjeig-vir. 
sgeil.(CR) s.f. Loud and rapid utterance, gib- 

bl9. Naci) aim tha 'u s. air do theangiUh ! 

what a ya'tble you are ma/ciny. 
sgeil. ff'ii.tinj. & n. pi of sg.iul. [also sgeoi!.] 
sgtMl,** -a. ./ Misery, pity, calamity, disaster. 

Mo s. ! aiis ! 
Rgeil, s.f. Ganlic form of skill, see sgil. 2** 

Sh'jllin^ grain. Fear gau. s., ainan without 


sgeilb,* see gilb. 
sgeilc,** v. n. Crack, make a crackling sound 

--- ,(CB)s./. Crackling sound. 2**Smart ex- 

plosion. 3**Loud report. 
sg'ilcsarra, a S ip.jld, "lastic. 2 Active, liv^- 

ly, sudden, quick. 3 Giving hvrd blows 4** 

Smart or loud, as a report or explosio i. 
--- . -chd, f.f.intl Suppl-jnt-ss, elas ioitv. 2 

Activity, quickness, iivetiness. 3 Sudd !im-;s.s. 

Crackling. 2"*Knac<n 1 g. 
, s.f.i/id. Misery, pity, calamity. [** jjivea 
^eil, -e.] 
s^eileach, -eiche, o. Calamitous, ruinous. 2 

JMtiible, pitiful. 3 Painful. 
sg^ileidh, -idn, see ageile. 
sgeileaa, -eis, -an, ./. liill, baak. 2 Thin face. 

3 i'alkativeuoHs, garrulity, prov. 
sgeileasach.-aiche.a. Thin facod. I Loquacious, 

garrulous, prov. 
, -aich, i.f. Loquacious, ga,rul>us 

worn in. 
sgoiU'id, -e, -ean, s.f. Skillet, small boiler, "gob- 

lot," aiueapan. 
sgeileil, seo sxileil. 
sgeileit, see sgeileid. 
-igeilm, -e, s.f. Boisting, vain-glory. 2 Prattling, 

vain or j^ie talk. 3 Ntmtu -ss of dress. soravo- 

nance in lie i- 

ness. 4 Ra/or- or thin-lipped mouth 5 Taste. 
ety. 7 miUen 

8**Chatttjrer. 9 I3riu;htness. 10 ft 

. - 

fl Dec rtn ov. propri 

tin - a scold nsi. prating, impertinent 


Wuth maiiefor scolding 11* Prater's moutn. 

l-**Tal '-telling. 13** Tell-tale. ll**i up-sr- 

ti"ent prater 15 1-oquacious, forward girl. 

16 Forward or impertinent talk. 

s^ilm,. f. Joiner's chisel Sn'h d. 

s^eiimeach -eiche, a- see sgeilmeil. 

sgeiimsach,* -eich, */. Prating, vai.i, silly wo- 

sg*ilm-*a?.tt -e'g -an. */ ChUtjring woman. 

g>ilmear -eir eirean, *"* Foolish iioaster. 2 
Prattling tellow. 3 N^atly-dressad person. 

sgeilmearra. a. see gjceilmeU. 

chd s.f. see sgeilmeileachd. 

sg^ilmMl. -e, a. Bo-isting, vain-glorious. 2 Pra- 
"ting, <riven to idle lanjau;e. 3 Neat, tidy, 
trim in dress 4Pijuait 5 TattUng, impa- 
tiently <r.\rrulous. OnicV. nmi>l. 7 Drijfhf 
8 (-VH) Cavalier 9 B-a'ii*h. 10* Havin; a 
pert, prating offic'ms mi)Utb or expression ot 
countf'nvn"'\ 11 rUublinsr. 12 Addicted to 
forward or impertinent talk. 

lg(eilmeU<>achd * Habis of boasting- - 
Habit nfpntin^r. 3 Neatness or tidine~ "f 
dress 4 ( MS > Plausibleness. 5 Gnrrul ()tls 
nes< talkativeness. 

*./. hupertinont prattle or gar- 





Bg'Pmrich,***. Chatter. 

s^ims;. .. /. i>il. Surprise, sudden attack 
Tiiaini^ iad oirnn 'nan S'*ailnne, they attacks 

ach, -oiche, a. Attacking or coming upo 

one unawares. 
8<jeil'nsich.(MS) v a Bicker. 
mseitp, . it- v. se ; sirealn. 
ej^iip, -H, pi. -ean & -each in, *.f. Shelf or cliff 

or a rock. 2 Shelf in a keepinr place. 
8e''peich, -eiche, a Shelvy, furnish id with 
s telvps. 2 Abounlmg in cliffs or rocks. 

- -an. pi. of sgeilp. 

egsil-th -achiair, -oan, s.m. see sgeul-theachdair 
sg m.** s./. Foam. 

s^eimh, -e, s.f. C -meliness, beauty. 2 Persona 
oh j <janc\ 3 Ornament, handsomeness. 4 
Scheme. 5 Draught, schedule 6(MS)Honour 
Sheas iad 'nan s., they stool in their beauty 
s. an n:io nhachd, tfi*bea".t'/ of their holiness 
s. ard. h^h bloom, (jood plight or habit of body 
sgeimh.** v.a. Adorn, beautify. 2 Make' a 

draught or scheme. 3 Skim, scum. 
ach, -eich% a. Handsome, graceful, ele- 
gant, blooming, ornamental, beautiful, fair, 
lovely. 2 Like a schema or draught. Maise s. 
an caoin-shrurh, the exquisit* beauty of their 
fair forms ; s. mar a' ghealaich, fair as the 

'^achaih, -aidh. *. m. Adorning, act of a- 

dornin,', ornamenting or beautifying. 
eaclid, s.f.ind. Beauty, comeliness, grace- 
fulness, ornament, elegance. 2 State of being 

ealach, -aiche, a. Handsome, fair, grace- 
ful. 2 Well-dressed, ornamented, adorned. 

ealachadh, s.m. Garnishment. 

ealachd, s.f.ind. Handsomeness, neat- 
ness 2 Accomplishment, 
sgeimheiche, comp. of sgeimheach. 
seeimheil, -e, a. see sgeimheach. 
8geimhi<-h, a' sgeimheachadh, v.a. Adorn 
ornament. 2 Beautify, make fair, bedeck. 3 

-cad, -eid, s.m. Beauty, handsomeness, 

degree of beauty, 
sgeimhichte, past pt. of sgeimhich. Adorned, 

ornamented. 2 Made fair, beautified, 
sgeimhle, s.m. see sgeimhleadh. 2 (CR) Swa<*- 

ger Perthshire. 

sgeimhleadh, -eidh, g.m. Skirmish, fight. 2 Act 
of skirmishing. 3 Surprise. 4 Bitterness of 
.speech, biting words, bickerin?. 5 Act of 
using bitter language. 6 Alarm. A' s , pr. 
pt. of s^eimhlich. 

sgeimhlear, -eir, -an, s.m. Fighter, disputer. 2 
One who uses bitter words. 

achd, s.f.ind. Habit of bickering or 


sgeimhlich, a' sgeimhleadh, v.a. & n. Sur- 
prise, alarm. 2 Skirmish. 3 Bicker, use bit- 
ter words. 

sgeimhnidh,** a. Clean. 2 Fierce. 
82eimineach,(AC) a. Dignified, 
sgein, seesgeun. 
sgeMn, ''at sing, of sgian. 
sgein,** A-.m. 'Hiding-place. 
sg6ine, r/en.sing. of sgian. 
sijeineach, .see sgeunach. 
sgeineil, see sgeunach. 
sgfiineil.** a. see sgeanail. 
seeing,** s.f. Bounce, start. 

each,** a. Bouncing, starting. 

sgeinm,*.s>. f. see sge'lm. 2**Tidy pi 

each, see sgeilmeil. 

sgeintneichl,** g.f. Garrulousness. 2 Tidiness, 
smartnesj. 2 Nimbleness. 

Tidy person. 

sgeinmeil, see sgeilmeil. 

sgjinn, see sgreinuidh. 2ft see sgcilm. 

sgamne,** g.f. Funicle. 

siidiimi, g.f. Pack-thread. 

sgeinnea lh,** s.m. Eruption. 2 Guhin"- f .rth. 
3 Bouncing. 4 Sliding, sally. 

sgeineadh,** -idh, s.m. Pack-thread. 

sgeianich, v.a. Tie, cord. 

sgeinnidh, . m. Flax, hemp. 9 Thread sm-Ul 
twine. 3 Skein. 4ff Fishing-line. Sgi UM . 
air de s. cliaol, o scourge of tmall cords. 

Jgiir, -e, -ean, s. f. Rock in the sea nearly or 
quite covered by neap-tides and quite oarer* 
ed by spring-tides. 2*Peat-bank. 3**C'liff 4 
Sharp, flinty rock. 5(CR) Covering, ton-layer, 
as on cold porridge, or of fat, soup, Ac. 

igeireach, -eiche, a. Rocky, full of rocks. 2 

Cliffy. 3 Flinty. 4 Unnavigible 
sgeireag, -eig, -an, g.f. d^m. of sg^ir. Litt'e 

roc'.c in the sea 2**Chip of stone, Ac. 3** 

Sharp rock. 4**Sharp splinter of a rock, 
igeireagach, -eiche, o. Full of little sea-rocks. 

2**Full of splinters of stones. 3**Apt to breatc 

into splinters. 
igeireau.(CR) Drops of food, as on clothes, 

arc. Arran. 
igeir-liamhraidh,(DC) s.f. Yarn-winder. [Call- 

e I eachan i:i Argyll.] 
igeirmeis,** Gaelic spell'n; of tkirmigh. 
each,** a. Skirmishing. 2 Like or of 

' h I,** g. f. Continued or frequent 


<jeirmeil,(CR)o Clean, tidy Arran. 
geirnne,* *./ Panic. 2 Skirmish. 

geir-thonn, -ean-thonna, g.f. Breaker. 

ojeith, g.m. Vomit, food thrown up from the 
st >mach. 2 Vomiting, act of vomiting. 3 
Spawn. 4 Fraying of cloth. A' s , pr 
pt. of sgeith. 

;eith,pr. pt. a' sgt-ith & a' sgeitheadh, v.n. Vo- 
mit. [ tuc-its and do^s inPerthslu'r'.] 
2*'Spt wn . 3**Avoid. 4* .Overflow, as a ri- 
ver. 5 Spread, as water. Am an treabhaidn, 
'nuair tho sicheas an talainh ri s. na h-iir- 
ach, the. time foi- plou thing, whm th <jrnun.d to cant up earth after hard frost. 

geith, pr. pt. a' sgeitheadh, v. a. Cutout, r )- 
duce to a sha;)e, as cloth. 2 Cut oh". 3 Fi , 

geith. (OR) *. Sliap<i-P.'rtA.'<(r. 

xeith-an-rdifi.fta.iN), Kind of small jelly-fish. 

^eith-chosg,** s.j/i. Anr,i-ciine f 'ic. 

jeicneach -t-ich-i, a. Nauseous, causing to vo- 
mit, emetic, a-iacathartic. 2 Ready to vomit. 

geithjadh, -idh, r.m. see sgeith. 

^eitheadh, -idh. *. m. Cutting out. 2 Act of 

cutting out or reducing to a shape or form, 

fitting, A' s , of sgeich. 
geitheadh-feithe, g.m. Rupoure of a blood-ves- 

l. vein, [also ssjeith-feith ] 
geith-na-muice-mara.(AF) i.m. Kind of lurgj 

geith-naii-retilta^itt . TO. Glutinous substanca 

vulgularly suppos d to fall from the stars, 
"jeithreach, *. see s^itheadh. 
geithreach, a. s ^ -sgeitheacii. 
feithrieh, -e. /. Vomiting. 2**Vomit. 
xeithrich, v.n. Vomit. 
geith-rionnHig,(DC; A-./. Meteor. 2 ssreir,h-nan- 

reultag. See-blabber, jelly fish. 

eitiite, past jit. of sg^ith Cut out, reduced ia 
, sliap or form. ()l>air ., n tank. 
sgeithte, past p . of sgeitlt. Vomited, cast up. ' 



geo.(AC) gen s^iach, * m. Haze, fojj, vapour. .' 
Dimness Da/ /. Qhn>,ha. 

fHUT<S. *.m. Understanding. 

ue6b."*.t/i. Aperture. '2 Wide mouth. 

jre^blach.'CR) Untidy person or dress - 
A rrin 

jjroc. -eoie. -an, m. Long neck. 2 Neck of a 
bottle or phial. StU'allness 

tseorarh. -aiche, a. Long nocked, as a bottle or 

sqyoc.Tg, -aiz, -an, t.f. Long-necked female. 

s-reoran, -Mn, -an, s. m. Long-nec'-^d youth or 
hov '2 tn dtriswn, Long neck. 3**Neck of a 

d. -eoid. -an, see sgod. 
, see *?<Vlach. 

sg6dag, see s<j6dajj. 

8',' <>>:. see ssebp. 

s;;eo :air, -ean, t.m. Foolish talker. 2* Silly 

aneogaireachd, t.f.ind. Foolish talk. 

s^eoil. g~n.*im. <fc n.pL of sge'il. 

ige61ach, s.m. Th n*m o of one <>f Fionn's cups. 

oMir,(CR)*.Tn. .lull v -fish -Pa .-r. 

8'! eop, -6ip, s.m. Torrent of foolish words. '* 
ft Loud tattline. 3 Aperture. 4 Wry mouth. 

sge^pair. -ean. *.m. Tattler. 

.<g j 6paireachd, t.f.ind. Tattline, prattle. 

g^dpraich see sgebpair-'aohd. 

saeot,** -eoit. t.m. Shield, rarzt. 

sg'iuhan, S'rath, Suth'd for ijeuban. 

sueudaeh, see sgeadach. 

s'jeudacharth. -aidh., see streadnchadh. 

8s*eudaich, a. see sgeadaich. 

sgeudaichte, see sgeadaichte. 

sgeugach, a. Having a physical peo'ilhrity. &'!- 
plied only to the meaning of having 1 a project- 
ing chin, or one that has a bear I of a pecu- 
liarlv strong straight hair Stith'd. 

ggeutrh, >-. <k v. shape. 

8geul, -^il. ^i!* & -eoil, pi. -eoil & -an, .. m. [ f. 
in Bad''>"h.] Narrative, relation, nT-ration. 
2 Tale, fable, story. 3 False or nrilioi ms re- 
port, falsehood. 4 News, information, tidings. 
Innis *.,ttll a talt,rtl*tt a story; sg^nl th nris ! 
channf the subject !Arran ; air aon s., of on 
opinion ; dedo s. ? wha> is your </ s. mu'n 
, a lalf about thf Pfinnf ; droch s.. bad 
; hi air s., br in pursuit rf inform- 
ation : am bheil e air s. ? it he (or it) tn he 
found ? a dh' innseadh sgeoil, tn tell th* result; 
eadar dm s., by the way ; a' deanamh sge"ile, 
inakin-j a tale, telling a tale or falsehood; nir- 
rating, uttering a tpeech ; choigrich na a^eile 
truaighe '.stranger of the mournful tale ! air s., 

Btreula, see sgeul. 

sjfeulach. -aiche. a. Having; many tales. 2 Fond 
of reciting tales or stories. 3 Like a tale. 4 
Tale-telling. 5 News-mongering. 6*Running 
from house to house with reports. 

sgeulachd, -an, *./ Tale, fable, fiction, romance. 
2 Tradition. 3 Telling or reciting of tales, 
fables or tradition* 4 Legend, history. 5 
Archaeology. 6* Vague reports. S^ulachdan 
*hean bhan, ofd wives' talrt , gun aire thoirt 
do sgeulachdaibh. without heednig fables. v.a. Narrate. 

ageulaiche, -an, t.m. Reliter of tales, fictions 
<>r fables. 2 Newsmonger. 3 Promulgator of 
fake reports. 4**Historian. 5**Archrcolngj s t. 
Cha robh 8. nach robh breugach. thrrt nerrr 
wat a tale-bearer that did not tU tome falte- 

seeultach,* -aich, t.f. Female gossip. 

igeultach,* a. see sgeulach 

reultch<l,' i.f.ind. Tradition, legendary lore. 

S. nn'ri Khe'tm, iraiitinn n''""t t'ig Feinn. 8. 

Siieultair.* s.m. see s i: ."iU ,< ,,.. 

sgc'u -rj , ,s m. Seerer,. CM i ^ e, 's fios aig 

triiiir ,iir, it's no s-cr*r .'/ Hire-- kn>nv it. 
sg.'nl-the-tchdair, -em. v.m Tale-he irer. 
sgeiunli. -a, se* s^eimh. 

j sgeuu, -eiu, s in. shyness. wildir-ss. readiness 
i to be frightened. 2 Sadd-n frig it or droa 1, 

causing to start or fly awav su ld-;uly 3 Look 

expressive of fear, dread or terror. 4*S ( uint. 

5**Mad lok, terror, astonishment. 6J Dread. 

Dh'flialbh an i -each air s., th* horse bolted. 

sgaun. se s^ian. 

sgeunach. --licae, n. Shy. skittish, easily fright- 
en a d, wild, mettled, apt to run off in frignt, 
as a horse. 2 Suddenly frightened, flying off in 
f e i r. 3 Having a look of fear or terror. 4 

sgeunachadh, -aidh, s.m. Scaring, act of scaring, 
affrighting or chafing away for fear. A' a , of sgeunaich. 
; jennachas, -ais, s.m. see sgeun. 
gennadh, -aidh, s.m. see sgeun. 
geunaich, a' sgeunacnadh, v.a. Terrify, 
scare, chase away for fear. 

te, past pt. of sijeanaich. Terrified, 

scared, chased away by fear. 

sjeunail, -e, a. Neat, in good order. 2 Pruned. 
3 see sgeunach. 

sgia. see sgiath. 

sgiab, -a, -an, s.f. Quick or sudden movement, 
start. 2 Snatch or pull at anything. 

vjiab, v.a. & n. Start or move suddenly. 2 Pull 
or snatch at anything. 3**Skim. 4(AH)Open 
widely, us die less of a com >ass str.i Idle .m?'s 
lers. 5' AH) Gape, yawn Argyll. S. do ch Asi- 
an, straddle your legs. 

sgiabach. -aiche, a. Moving quickly or sudden- 
ly. 2 Snatching- or pulling at anything. 3 
(ATT) Yawning. 4<Fionn) Blustering. Las., 
a bli'g'ering rfav. 

sgiabadh, -aidh, ft.m. Movin?. 2 Act of moving 
suddenly or quickly. 3 Act of snatoh'ng or 
pulling at anything. 4 see sgiab. 5 Strad- 
dling. A' s , pr.p'. of sgiab. Thoir tuilleadti 
sgiabaidh do 'u fharadh, give more slant to the 

sgiabag, -aig, -an, *. m. Slap given in play. 2 
Hasty touch or snatch. 

sgiabair, -ean, s.m. Sns,tcher, one who snatches 
or pulls at anything. 

sgiadh, see sgiath. 

suial, see sgeul. 

sgialachd, see sgeulachd. 

sgjamh, -^imh, s.f. see sgeimh. 

sgiamh, -a, s.m. Shriek, yell. 2 Caterwauling 
of n, cat. 3 see s^eimh. 4 Yelp. 5 Squeal. 
6* Wild expression of countenance, fs./.*] 

sgiamh, v.n. Shriek, yell. 2 Mew, caterwaul. 3 
Squeal, as a pi-,'. 4 see sgearnh. 

ach, -niche, a. see sgeinaheach. 

ach, -aicne, a. Yelling, shrieking. 2 Mew- 
ing, caterwauling. 

8^iamh,chadh. -aidh, *.m. cfc pr. pt. of sgiamh- 
aich. see sijeimh >achadh. 

sgi mh achair,** s.m. Decorator, 
gia-nhachd, se> s -eimheachd. 

sg'amhadh, -aidh, s. m. Shrieking. 2 Act of 
shrieking or yelling. 3 Mewing. 4 Act of 
mewini or caterwauling. 5* Squealing. A' 
s , vr. pt of sgiamh 

sgiamhaich, v.a. se^ see mhich. 

e, see sj?:eiml>.iche. 

cad,** -eid, see sgeimhicheai. 

sgiamhaichte, past pt. see s^eimhichte. 




Bgiamhail,** a' RgiamHllil, .. Shriek, 

yell, mew caterwaul. 2 Squeal, as a pi a;. 
Hjr'unhnil. *, s.f. <fc of sgiamh. [McL <fc 

Drives s.m. | see sgiamhadh. 
sgiamnaH.** a. Squally 2 Squeaking 3 Mew- 

ing. as a cat.. 4* Seemly, decent. 
iamh-ard.** -aird, s.m. Hisjh bloom, 
sirianih-oradh,** -aidh. s.m. Gilding. 
suiamhas. -ais, s.m. Trimming (of dresa.) 
s;:i imhbich, . see sgiamhail. 
s'ramhnilich.(MS) v.n. Grunt, as a pig. 
sgia-i, i IP & -eine, dat. sgithinn, f>l. sgianan, 

sgianan, sginichean, ssjeanan 4 sge"inichean, 

*.'. Knife. Air son na s^dine, forthrkniff. 
s?ian. see szeun. 
sgianach, -eiche, a. Furnished with knives, 

having knives. 2 Like a knife. 3 see sgeun- 

pgrin-achlais,** *. f. Large pocket-knife, once 

much used by the Gael and put to various 

uss,- it was particularly serviceable in close 


8g'anadair,**s.m. Cutler, 
sgian-adhairceach,** s. TO. Sheep with sharp 



-eiche, a. Sharp-horned, as 

*ijianag, -ail, -an, s.f.,dim. of sgian. Little knife. 

s .'inn v-rach, -aich'. a. Having little knives. 

s;;ianaich, see sgeunnich. 

s,; an -bharrain. *. f . Hedg^-knife, pruning-hook. s.f. Ra/.or. 

sg'an-bhuird, s.f. Table-knife. 

sgi m-cheann, -chinn, s.m. Witless head. 

sgian-cheannach, -aiche, a. Addle-headed, fool- 
Nh witless. f.f Ch ^pping-knife. 

sg -m eorrain,(MMcO) s.f. Knife made from the 
blade of an old sickle - Lewis. 

sgian-f>1a, *. f. Lancet. 

sgian-luthaidh .* s.f. Clasp knife. 

.*gian-ph"ann, s.f. Pen-knife. 

suian-phitu!, s^e s>rian-pheann. 

agian phdca, s.f. Pocket-knife. 

sgian-phronnaidli, *.f. Ch^'p .ing-knife. 

sji'aTsyar, -air, s.m. Side starting, as of a horse. 
2 Sudden fear. 

ach, -aiche, a. Skittish, apt to shy. 2 

Easily frightened. 

sjrian-syathaidh, sf. Bill. 

sgiap,** s.m. see siab. 

sgiap, Gaelic form of scow. 2**Skip. 

ssr apach, se siabach. 2**Skipping. 

sg'arnag.f AF) s.f. Hare. 

sgiatan,** -ain. t m. Dart. 

sgiath, -^ith & -eithe, pi. -an, s.f. Wing, pinion. 
2 Wing of a house or army. S Portion of laud 
iuttinginto the sea. 4 Shelter, protection. 5 
Shield, buckler, target. 6 Bilge-piece in boat, 
see bata, F 8, p. 73. 7 Furrow-board of a 
plough. 8 Top-sides or floats of a cart 9 pi. 
(na sgiathan) Ca't^ness for liaghra, which see. 
10 S'de-wing of a boat, see p. 77. 
S.-mhuilinn : gaoithe, fan of a windmill sm&)\ 
circular apparatus at back to keep the sails to 
the wind ; s. faochaig, th* disc, which forms 
th door f a whelk ; fo d* sg^ith, un<lcr thy 
wing ; le 'sgiath 's le 'chlogaid, with hi 
s*iiflfi and his h*im?t ; feadh bholg a sgeith, 
around th> boss of his shield. 

Sjiiathach. -aiche. a. Winged. 2 Shielded, hav- 
itig a shield or shields. 3 Affording shelter or 
protection 4 Winjed. as a house. 5 (AF> 
Wlme-strnaked. e* White-sided. 

.(AF) -aich, s.m. White-streaked cow. 

(giatliadaich, -e, *. /. Fluttering about upon 

sgiathadair,** s.m. Shield-bearer. 

s^ia'hag, -aig, -an, s.f., dim. of ngiath. Little 

wing. 2 LilMe .shield or buckler. 

a^h. -aiche, a. Having little wintrs. 

sgiatliaibh, of sgiath. Airs, na gaoith*, 

o;i th* winy* of the wind. 
sgiarh air, -ean, s.m. Flutterer. 2 Idler. 
sgiathaireachd, x.f.ind. Fluttering idly about 
sgiathalachadh. -aidh, s.m. Act of fluttering or 

plying of the wings. A' s , of sgiatb- 


sgiathalachd, ./. Flutterine. 
sgiatitalai.-h, a' sgiathalachadh, v.n.Flut- 

ter, ply th? wings. 

.* s.f. Fluttering. 

sgiathan. -ain, -an, s.m., dim. of sgiath. Little 

wing. 2 Twig partition. 3 Portion. 4**Fan, 

see also sgiathag. 
sijiathan, of sgiath. 
sgiath anach. -aiche, a. Winged. 2 Jutting oul 

into promontories, 
sgiath-chatha.** s.f. Battle-shield. 
sgiath-chomhraig. ./. Aegia. 
s^iath-dh^argan.T s.m. Redwing jardus Ufa- 


aMi mh^allta^h, x.f. Bastard wing of a bird, 
ee No. 3. p. 393. 
8':ia'h-mheuracn. a.m. Pterodactyle. 

eifhe. a. Wall-eyed. 
"V'iaf.h-theaghlaich, s.f. Escutcheon. 
tsib, *.f. Hand. fis^. 
t-^gi'), -e, -ean, s.f. Ship, skiff. 
sgib^a^h, -eich*, a. Neat, tidy, spruce, trim. 
Gu sgrideil, a., livltj and tpnic*. 

- -'s. -ais, *.m. Neatness, tidiness. 
sgibear. -eir. -an. s.m see sjiobair. 

- --- na i** - ig, ,/. Hare. 
t. w gibhal, -eil. 
sgibid.** *. m. 

another at play. 2 The game 
sgi^idh. see s,'ineach. 
stid, s.m. Little excrement. 
sgidt-'Hn,* -pin, s.m. Contemptible littlp man. "-. Perta'in<^ to a plash of water 
sgide-1, s. m. Plash of water. Muc sgideil, a 

a.m. K.aves of a roof. 
^lap given by children to one 
" " 


sgig, see sge ; . 

sgil. &' sgileadh, u.ffl.Unhusk, shell grain. 

2 *Loosen PS the pile of a beast. 

sgil, *. m. Skill, knowledge. 2**Addre<s. 3 
Skilfuln^ss. 4 Learning. 5ttLoquacity, gab- 
bling. G**Process of shelling gram. 7*Expert- 
ne-*s, dexterity. 

sgilbhea?, s.f. Chio of "late-Ar^TyM. 2(AH) 
Chip of stone, cloth or leather. 

sgildaimhne,** see sg'oldaimhnw. 

sgileadh. idh, s.m. Shelling. 2 Act of shelling 
or preparing corn bv grinding off the huks. 

3 Corn after the husks are ground off. 4*Bar- 

pgileam,*" *.m. Busy-body. 

sgilear, -eire. a. Skilful. 

sgilitj, s. Shelled grain. 

srili'C. v.a. & n. I'op. 

s^ileil, -e, a. Skilful, knowing-, intelligent, dex- 

fsgille. s.f. Fright, terror. 

sg f lli^ag, -eig, t.f. Small peblbe. 

sgillean, Scales of a fis>i. 

soillinn, -e, -^an t.f. English pnny 2 12 Scots 
penci. 3 Shillii)g-l'ncl. S. meant a fhi-Uiny 
in Scots money when this system of dcnom- 
inat ng land was instituted, but wh**n Eng- 
lish money cam < into use in Scotland, it was 
foun;l that th Knglish penny was of the sm^ 
value as th<; Scots shilling, and so ttriUinn 
came in modern Gaelic to mean a penny ater- 



ling. The old meaning is still retained i 
land denomination. S. Shasunnach, an Enj 
lish shitting ; s. Albannach, a Sc<>ts shilling 
(1* H. in bonn-a-s&, tu<open>:'-ha!jpenny ; gu 
uiread in s., without so much as n -penny. [Use* 
hi the tiny, with numerals requiring plura 

flgilm, see sgeilm. *. m. Mouth made for scolding. 
Gabbling. 3* Razor-lipped month. 4 Expres 
ion of countenance indicating a scolding.perfc 
prating, impertinent disposition. 
Bgilmeil, *ee >g-eilmeil. 

eaehd, see sgeihneileachd. 

sgilp, SP sgeilp. 

sidlte, yrtvt j>t. of sgil. Unhusked, hulled (o 


8C .meach/MS) n. Mucilaginous, 
ssiimheal,** -eil, s.m. Pent-house, 
sgiinilcar, -eir, -an, t.m. Vagrant parasite. 5 
Gossip, intruder, moucher. 8ff Instrument 
for skimming. 4*Mean person that steals out 
of pots. 

ach, -aiche, a. Obtrusive, impudent. 

achd, *. f. Obtrusiyeness, impudence, 

intrusion. 2*Mean habit of popping in upon 

people at meals, living and doing nothing 

a>>out gentlemen's kitchens. 

sgine, g'n.xirvi. of sgian. 

sgineach. -ichean/DMy) i.m. Cutlet. S. feola, 

n meat-r.uttet ; s. <isg, a flsh-wtM. 
Bgineadh,** -idh, s.m. Leap, skip, 
sgineag,** -eig t.f. Flight, 
sgineal,** -*il, t.m. Leap, skip, start. 

ach,** a. Leaping, skipping, starting. 

st'iST. Ridenoch, Argyll & W. of Rots for sginn, 

. S. e troimh, he squeezed th rough. 
sgineideach,** o. Skittish, 
sginiclid.** t.f. Squeezing, pressing, hugging 

with force. 

sginichd,** v.a. Squeeze, press, hug with force. 
Bg-inmeil, see sgeilmeil. 

sgmn.s./. Spring, force. 2 see s;einnidh. Cha 
rhuir s. a mach e, force will not put it (the 
pump) out of order. 

sginn, pr pt. a' sg-inneadh, v.a. <Se n. Protrude. 
2 Spring or gush out, as water. 3 Squeeze 
or force out of its skin or socket, 
sginu, t. Sqneeze. 2 Hardship, 
sginneachadh, -aidh, t. m. <k pr. pt. see sginn- 


sginneadh, -idh, t. TO. Protruding. 2 State of 
being protruded. 3 Gushing out. 4 State or 
act of gushing out. 6 Act of squeezing or 
forcing out. A' s , of sginn. 
sginneag,** t.f. Crack (noise.) 
sginnear,(MS) s. TO. Furrier. Gaelic form of 

nginnich, . see sginn & sgemnich. 

,* t.f. see sgemnidh. 

sginnichd,* v. see sginn. 

sginnichte, pott pt. of sginnich. Squeezed, 

forced out. 
agiob.* t.f. Dutch-built boat. 2 Scoop. 3 see 


giob,* v.a. Man. as a boat. 2 see sgiab. Air a 
sgiabadh le gillean sgairteil, manned icith 
smart fcUmet. 

sgioha, -n, t.m. A: f. Ship's or boat's crew. 2 
Any party or company associated for any pur- 
pose. Fo Ian s., having a full complement of 


sgiobach. see sgiabach. 

sgiobach,** o. Like a ship or boat. 2 Having , 

ships or boats. 3 Of ships or boats. 4 Tidy, 

spruce, trim, 
giobadb, gee sgioba. 


sgiobag, -aig, -an, x.f. see sgiabag & sgiobait. 
sgiobaidh,** a. Tidy, neat, spruce. 2TrimJii 

sgiobailt.* s.f. Touch. 2 The game " touch and 

be one," (Scots, " tit;.") 

sgiobiir, -ean, s.m. Skipper, master or captain 
of a boat. 2 Pilot, a Helmsman. 

e vchd. s.f.ind. Office or business of a 

shipmaster, skipper, pilot, or helmsman, a 
Navigation, art of navigating a ship. 3*Com- 
nvvnd of a ship. 

sgiobal, -ail, -an, a.m. Barn, qranary. 
^ach,* -aiche, a. Having barns or gran- 

sgioball, -aill, -an, *.m. The loose folds or skirts 
of a garment. 2 Mantle. 3 Garment. Cnir 
'nad s. e, put it in the fold of your cocit ; air 
s. na gaoithe, on the skirts of the triad, fs.f.*] 

ach, -aiche, a. Mantled, robad, having 

flowing garments. 2 Skirted, as a garment. 
an,** -ain, s.m. Brush for sweeping cat- 
tle with. 

sgiohalta, -ailte, a. Quick, active clever.agile, 
2 Tidy, neat. 3 Portable. Gu s., tiilili/. 
achd, s.f.ind. Activity, quickness, alac- 
rity, agility. 2 Neatness, tidiness, trimnes-i, 
spruceness, tightness. 3* Portability. 4* 

sgiobarnag,(AF> -aig, t.j. see sgibearnag. 
"gioblachadh, -aidh, s.m. Act of adjusting one's 
dress, or adjusting one's self for work. A' s , 
pr pt. of sgioblaich. 

sgioblaich,* pr. pt. a' sgioblachadh, v. a. <fr n. 
Tuck up or adjust one's dress, truss. 2 Make 
tidy, neat or trim. 3 (CR) Clear away, take a- 
way Ski/e. 

gioblaichte, past pt. of sgioblaich. Adjusted. 
'2 Having one's clothes tucked up or mads 
neat. 3 Having the dress adjusted for any 

gioblan (CR) s.m. Lapful Arran. 
giobul, see ssriobal. 
giod, w. see sgud. 
giodair,(AF) s.m. Medusse (fish.) 
giodar, -air. s. m. Plashing through bogs or 
mire. SftDiarrhoea. 

laich, see sgiodar. 

giogair, -ean, s.m. Jackanapes, impertinent fel- 

eachd, s.f.ind. Impertinence, behaviour 

of a jackanapes, 
giol, a' sgioladh, see sgil. 
gioladh, -aidh, .m. <fe see sgileadh. 
gjiolaid, see sgeileid. 
giolam, -aim, s.m. & f. see sgeilm. 

ach, -aiche. see sgeilmeil. 

giolamail, see sgeilmeil. 

giolan, ain, s.m. Oats or barley with the husks 

taken off, groats. 

giolc, v.a. <fr n. Slip in or out with a sudden 
or unexpected motion. 2 Push in or out sud- 
,denly. 3ttSkulk. SgiolcaHh am b'intata 
SgiaUianach as an rusg gu barr a' chroiun, 
the. 5fc.v potato loill jerk out of its jacket to 'h? 
top of the maxt&. sailor's saying. The Skyu 
potatoes are wet until the end of the season. 
The idea is. that by taking a potato and 
squeezing one part, the jacket rips and the 
tuber is so wet that it bounds away. 

adh. -ai'dh. a.m. Act of slipping in or out 

with a sudden motion. 2 Act of pushing in or 
out suddenly. A' s , of sgiolc. 

anta, -ainte, a. That glides in or out 

with a sudden motion. 2 That pushes in or 

out with a sudden motion. 3 Elastic, i Agile, 


anta<'hd,./.md.Sudden motion or act of 




sliding in or out. 2 Elasticity. 3 Agility, 

SRi'tlcarra, see sgiolcanta. 

gjjiolcarracbd, see .sgiolcantachd. 

sgioldaiiuhne,** s. Miunow. 

s' ; olt,"* v.a. see s-;il. 

s''iolladh,**-aidh, s.m. Decidence. 

,s"'iollag (AF) *. /. Minnow. 2 Small fish. 3 
r Sand->el. 

sgiolmhor,** -oire, a. Talkative. 

8-i >Ha, a. Tidv, trim, n.-at. 2 Active, nimble, 
quick. 8 Small, Blender. 4 see ^gilte. f)tt 
HI iquent. U^Bald. Am buicean s., thr liijht 
itunni buck. 

RgioltRChd, s.f.ind. Tidiness, crimne<s, neat- 
ness. 2 Activity, 'luiokness, lightness. 3 Small- 
ness, slenderne s. iftEIotiuence. 

8-zioni.* s.m. Fa: sticking to dishes. 2 Scum on 
' the surface of water. 

sgiomalair,* -can, s.m. Skimmer, instrument to 
"take suet, <fec. oPF a pot. 2 sea szimilear. 

fac'ud, see sgimilearachd. 

sgionabhagan, s p'. Smithereens Am>ill. 

siotiiiadh,t -ai'lti, s.m. Hearting. 2 Eyes start- 
ing with fear. 

sgionn-shuil, -shula, -ean, ./. Squint-eye. 
each, -eiche, a. Squiut-eyed. 

flop, Gaelto form of scoop. 

fgiopaidh. -e, a. see sgibeach. 

stfiorbha,** s.m. (Jail. 

sgiord, a' --giordadh, v.a. <fr n. Squirt. 2 

2 Purge, cleanse. 3**Spit. 

ngiord, t.m. Squirt, spurt. 2 Purge. 3 Lift. 
siiordach, -aiche. a. Squirting. 2 Purging. 
Bgiordadh, -aidh, x. m. Act of squirting; 2 

Purging, act of purging. A' s-, of 

Bgiordan, -ain, -an, s.m. Syringe, water-gun. 2 


sgiordte, pant pt. of sgiord. 
Bgiorlaich, (CRi n a. Crust), squash, as an or- 

angs Pcrtkshiro. 
so\orr t a' sgiorradh, v.n. Slip, slide, stuin- 

lle. 2 Run a risk. 3* Happen. 
sgiorr,(AF) s. Black spaul, disease of cattle. 
Bgiorrach, -aiche, a. Apt to slip, slide or stum- 
ble. 2 Running a risk, foolhardy. 
Sgiorradh, -aidh, s.m. Act of slipping, sliding or 

stumbling. 2 Act of running a risk, risking. 

3 Accident, adventure, mischance. 4 Sudden 
danger. f> Mischief, harm. A' s , pr pt. of 
sgiorr. Gun s. guu tubaist, without glip or 

-facail, see sgiorr-fhacaL 

sgiorrag,** -aig, s.m. Flatus. 

sgiorradail, -e, a. Accidental. 2 Hurtful in con- 
sequence of an accident. 3 Risking. 4 Cal- 
amitous, mischievous, disastrous. 

saiorrail. see sgiorradail. 

eioorralachd.** t.f. Accidentalness. 

iriorran, -am. -an, s. m. Sturabler. one wno 
slips or stumbles. 2 One who runs a risk 3 
citm. of sgiorra In. 4 Slight accident, mis- 
chance. S^'Slip. 

sgiorr-fhacal, -ail. -an, s.m. Random expres- 
sion, hasty word. 2 Mistake in speaking. 3 
3**Ill-timed expression. 

egiorr-fhaclach. -aiche, a. Using random ex- 
pressions. 2 Committing errors of speech. 

sgiorrta,*" a. Slipped, fallen. 

chd,** s. f.ind. Frequent risking, fool- i 

hardiness. 3 Liability to accidents. 

sgort, -a, -an, s.m. Edge or folds of a garment. ! 
2 Skirt, edge, border. 3 Riding-skirt. 

Bgiort, v. see sgiord. 

ach, -aiche, a. Skirted, having skirts. 2 i 

Like a skirt. 3 Bordered. 

sgiortachadn, -aidh, s. m. Skirting, bordering 
furn ; shiri^ with a skirt or border. A' 8, pr. 
pt. of sgiortaich. 

sgiorradh. -aMh. .-.-.m. <fe see sgiortachadh, 
2**Skii-t, border. 

sgiortaich, a' sgiortachadh, v. a. Skirt, 
furnish with skirts. i!**Border. 

te. pant pt. of sgiortaich. Furnished 

wii,h a skirt or border. 

ulort-onim.** .m. Clyster. 

, K.f.i.n,l. Weariness, fatigue. 2Toil,lahonr. 
l.uig ilo s., r*xt uonrxelf- *z obiir gun s.,n<ork- 
iuf) liuttfatigabty ; cia mor an s. e ? what a 
wa.rt.n*js it ig! ach'ann na s. I yt sons of toil : 
le s., on account, of toil ; is e s. a' chosnaich 
a bhi 'na Ihamh, ttjattynes the good worker to 

sgiosachadu, -aidh, s.m. see sgitheach. 

sgiosaich, pr.p f . a' sgtosachadh, see sgithich. 
-te, see sgith -i-nte. 

s.^iot, a' sgioladh, v.a. Disperse, scatter. 
Fling or throw about. 
>t, -a, -an, s.m. Dart, arrow 

sgioiach, -aiche, a. Scattering, that scatters or 
disperses. 2 Flinging, that flings or throws 
about. 3 Scattered, straying. 

sgiotadh, -aidh, *.m. Scattering. 2 Act of scat- 
tering or dispersing 3 Act of fli'iging or 
throwing about. A' s , of sgiot. 

sgioth,*" -. Partition of wattled work. 

tsgioth. S30 sjiMi. 

fsgiothis, se so;i(H. 

sgiothlfiKM,***/. Haunch. 
, a. Neat, active. 

i':h,. '(/// form of sgioba-r, sgiobajaich or 
giobai an. 

sgirbh,** Kooky ford. 2 Stony bottom. 

sgire, -an, see s.<cirea''hd. 

sgi reach 1, -an, .>/. I'arish. Cruinneachadh s., 
t/if ya'lt -ruif/ of a parish. 

. ad, -e, a. Parochial, of or belonging to 

a parish. 

sgireach'lair,** -ean, s.m. Parishioner. 

sgireil,' MS) a. Parochial. 

sgirt, sea s^iord. 

sgiru-an, S.IH. Disease in cattle, called in Scot- 
land " the black spaul " or " quarter-ill." 

sgisrear,** -an, s. m. Droll, prater, talkative 

achd,** s.f. Prating, drollery. 

sgite, see sgith. 

sgite,** s.f. Mai len-ray (fish.) 

sgiteal, -eil, -an. see sgi leil 

sgith, -e. a Woary, fatigued, tired. 2 Fa- 
tiguing, wearyrig, that wearies or fatigues, 
laborious, oppressive. Seac s., quilt tired, 
utterly fatigued. 

sgith. 'AF) t. Maiden-ray (fish.) 

sgitheach, ft a. 8?e sgith. 

sgitheach. -eich, * m. Whitethorn, hawthorn 
cra(ceg".s oxacantha. 2 Thicket of hawthorn. 
Preas s^itheich. a hawthorn bush , s. an fhas- 
aich,''/'ie thorn of thf wild-mms. (ill. 634.) 

8<?itheach du'^h.J s m. Blackthorn. 

sgith >ach geal.$ *ee sgitheach. Badge of Clan 
Ogilvie. [Alsoc-illed ban-s^ithf-ach.J 

sgitheachadh. -aidh. s.m. Growing weary or 
tired. 2 Wearying. 2 Act of wearying or 
fatiguing. Air s.. fatigued. A" s , pr. pt. of 

sgitheachail, a. see sgitheil. 

sgitheag, -eit;. -an. ./. Stalk or prickle of haw- 
thorn. 2 see sgeach. 3 Diminutive hawthorn 

sgithealacb I, s.f.ind. Irksomenesd. 2 Prolixity, 
3 Tiredness. 




634. Sgithfach, 
ee sgios. 
l. a. Wear some, tiresome, tedious. 2JJ 

sgi hich, fir. pt. a' snitheachadh.p.a. <t n. Weary, 

fatigu-?, tire. 2 Crow tired or fatigued. Na 

s. <!' a sm \rhdachadh, do not weary of hit 

correction or r^iroof. 
te. past pi. of sgithich. Wearied, tired, 


t*giihi'>l, tin. Shei ling-hut, 
egiiicai.,, *.m. The cackling plaintive notes 

of a rn.-or-b.iMi or female grouse. 
6pi "ch.* >/. Activity, cleverness. 
fc'iucha.f.U,') . Burst m*, see sgoch. E61as s. 

f->it he, a, charm /or a burs ing vein. -f. fl. Active, 2 Clever, 
t-gincrnn, see sgiucan. 
iftgan, -ain, * m. Whimper, whimpering. 2 

Habit i>f whimpering. 3**Snubbmp. 
ach, -aiche, . Whimpering. 2 Apt to 

aich, -e, *./. Same meanings as sgiugan. 

Thoisi'-h e air s.. he began to whiinper, 
giiiird,* s.f. The flux. 2 see sgiort. 

ire,* see ssjiordan. 

BgSuirleach,(L'R) Lapful S. endofArran. 
cgiuirt see sgiort. 

Bgiult,* a. SmilC. 

a, se> s:iolta. 

achd,* se.e seiolt.achd. 

giunach, -aich, -aichean, * f. Bold, forward, im- 
pudent or sham ;le^s woman. 2* Charm for 
gettin.' all the fi-ih about a boat or headland 
into one's own boat amidst the amazement of 
the neighbours. 3* Amulet to excel in any- 

isgiur,** v.a. Scour, purge, cleanse, see sgur. 

ngiCirdan, see sdordan. 

fsgiurlong.** -oing, t.m.. Fugitive, deserter. 

sgiurrte, sees^iurte. 

egiurs, a' sgiiirsadh, v.a. Scoury;e, whip. 2 
Afflict, persecute. 3 Chase, drive away, pur- 
sue. 4* 'Scare or scatter suddenly. Sgmrsaidh 
iad sibh, they thall tconrye yon. 

giurs, -a. -an, *.m. Scourge, whip. 2 Scaring. 
3 Scattering, 4 Woe, affliction. 6 Persecu- 

giursa, see sgiursadh, 

sgiurs-a-'h. -aiche, a. Scourping, whipping. 2 
* Afflicuri','. 3 Like a *cour-e or la<h 4 
Cl.asing, driving away, scattering. 6 Inclined 
to \\hip or persecute, persecuting 6**Like 
a p icution, 7 Of a scourge, lash or perse- 
,* see siursach. 

as, see siursachd. 

egiursadair, see spiiirsair. 

egiursadli. -aidh, -aidhean, s m. Scourge, whip, 
ii Scourging, act of scouigiug. 3 Driving a 

way, chasing, act of driving away. 4 Whip- 
ping. 6 Afrlict'ng, lashing, persecu'ing. 
Pain. 7' Persecution. A' s-, of sgiurs. 
Ruitii sgiursadh, running th? gauntlet ; s. n\. 
teau.^iiidh, the scour;}" of the ton<ive. 

sgiiirsa Ih, past pass, uif sgiurs. Was scour<ied. 2 
3rd. sinj. d- p!. imp. of sgiurs. S. e, let liiiit 

sgiursag, -aig, -an, ./. Scourge, whip. 

ach. a. Havin : scourges or whips. 

sgiiirsair, -ean, *.m. Scourge, wiiip. 2 Scourg;er, 
one who scourges. 3 One who chnses or driv- 
es away. 4ttLumbering lout. 5*Whoremon- 
ger. 6 (AH) Uudutiful, wilful incorrigib.e 

sgiursaireachd, f.f.ind. Scourging, act of scourg- 
ing. 2 Chasing or driving away. 3ttLumb*r- 
ing. 4 (AH) Acting like an ill-conducted, 
misguided inaid. 

sgiurste, past. pt. of sgiurs. 

siiiu: t, see sgiort. 

sgiut," v.n. Dart or dash forward. 2 Slip by. 3 
(CR) Perthshire for sgiot. 

sgiut,** v.a. Scatter. 

sgiuihadh, -aidh, -aidh ean, *.m. Lash, strike 
*ith a goad or whip, " cut." 2 Flourish, 
Prov. 3ft Flourish with a whip. 

sgiuthanta.-ainte, a. Smarting, as a lash. Prov, 

sgittt.s, see s^iiirs. 

sglabh, -iibh, *.m. Slave. 

achd,**s./'. Slavery, bondage. 

adh,** -aidh, s./i. Slave, bondsman. 

sgl^bhaiohe,** -an, s.m. Slave. 

sniabhaidheachd,** */. Slavery, bondage, ser- 

sgl ibhair, -e, -ean, *. m. & f. Foul-mouthed 
man or woma;i. 2 Scold. 

s^labhaireachd, s.f. Scolding. 2 Abusive lang- 

sglabtiart, -airt, -an, s.m. Blow on the side of 
the head. 

sglabh irtach, -aiche, a. Giving blows. 

sglaib,* s. Plaster. 

sglaib-deoch, s.f. Drink for nothing, drink got 
through ostentation. 

sglaibeadair.* -ean, s.m. Plasterer. 

sglaigean,** *.m. Beam of a cart, draught-tree, 

selaim," *. f. Questionably acquired wealth, 

sgiaim,* v.a. Usurp wealth or property, mono- 
polize. 2** Seize violently or greedily. 3** 
Grasp. 4**Snatch. 5**Clutch. 

sglaimheach, -ich, s. m. Glutton. 2 Hungry 

sglaimir,* -ean, s in. Usurper. 

sglaimsear,* see sgiaimir. 

Stflamadh, -aidh,s.m. Snapping, seizing quickly. 

sgiamn,* v.n. Eat voraciously, glut. 2 Scold. S 
"Seize greedily, snatch. 4 Grasp. 5 Wran- 
gle. 6 U-urp. 7* Eat as a hungry dog. 8 
Scold suddenly or furiously. 

sglamhach, see sglaimiieacii. 

sgl.imh ich, -aiche, a. Thar, snatches away greed- 
ily. 2 Greedy, snatching, grasping, clutching. 

sglamhach,** a. Abusive, scolding, wrangling. 
2 Pool-mouthed. 

sglamnacha In.** s.m. Engrossment. 

sglilm.'iachd, ***./. Abusiveness, habit of scold- 
ing or vrausili:ig. abusive language. 

s<rl imi-.ach d, s.f. see sglamhad.i. 

sgianihadh, -aidh, s. m. Scolding, abusing,, 
wrangling. 2 Scold, abuse, wrangle. 3 Sud- 
den Si-olumg. 4 Greedy seizing, o Eating- 

sglamha'th, -aidh, s. m. Seizing greedily upon 
anything. 2 Snatching of anything by force, 
clutching. 3 Usurpation, i Greedy gra.sp 



or snatch, clutch. 

8glamhaich,** v.a. Engross to one's self, mono- 

sjilanmaiche,** i.m. Curmudgeon, engrosser. 

sglarnhai'l,** s.m. Glutton. 

sgliimhair, -ean, s.?/i. Sc>hler. 2 Abusive, foul- 
mouthed fellow. 3ttUa.r-<h ^colder. 

Sglamhair, -ean, s.m. One that snatch'-Ui away 
or seizeth greedily. '1 Usu.pjr. 3 VJlutton. 
greedy fellow. 4ft Snapper. 5* Voracious 

sgl'-mhaireachd, sf. Seizing violently. 2 Greed- 
in"S< 3 Usurpation, iftttaupping. 2*Vora- 
cky, glut, monopoly. 

s^lamhaireachd, s. f. Abusiveness, scolding, 
wrangling;, 'i Rid Ian 'ua;e. 

Bglamhrach, -aiche, a. Contumelious, scolding, 
abusive, wrangling. 

sglamhradh, -aidh, a.m. see ssjlanihruinn. 

Bgiamhradh, -aidh, s.m. Clawing, scratching of 
the skin, itch. 

g)amhrnig,(M8) s f. Squabble. 

B^ianihruinn. -e, -ean, *. f. Scolding, abusive 
words. 2jJA.sp8ritf. 3 Wrangle, reprimand. 
4 Ribaldry. 5 Scold, one given Lo scolding. 
6 Raillery. 

Bglimhrufnn,** v. Abuse. 

fg amhruinntach, -eiche. a. Scolding-. 2 Scur- 
rilous. 3 Apt to scold. 4 Abusive. 

glimhrutuneiond, Habit of scolding. 2 
Aptness to scold. 

B^liimhruinnte, pa^t pt. Abused. 

B'.'.lanrachd, see sglam'uruinn'iachch 

Bg airadh, see s-lamhruiun. 

h^lanruinn. .see sglamhruina. 

^aruinn, see sglamhruinu. 

8; lead, see sgleat. Taigh s., a slated houte. 

,p>ea<lach, see sgleatacu. 

sg.eadair, see sgleatair. 

each 1, see sgleat a ireac lid. 

tgleafart,** s. Knock, slap or blow with the 
open hand. 

egieafartaich,** v.a. Strike with the open hand. 

egieamacair,* -ean, s.m. Dauber. 2 Mean, low, 
worthless fellow. 3{DU) Bore. 

Bgleamaeaireachd (DU) *./. Boring talk, act of 

sgleamaic,* pr. pt. a' sgleauiacadh, w.o. Plas- 
ter or flatten outwardly. 2 Daub filthily. 

Bgleamaid,* s.f. Horrid snotter. 

egltamiias, -ais, s. m. Meanness, sordidness, 
vileness. 2** Scroyle, term of extreme per- 
sonal contempt. 

Bgleamhasach, -aiche, a. Mean, sordid, vile, ig- 
noble. 2 Scroylish. 

Bgleauihraidh, -ean, i.m. Stupid, senseless per- 
son. 2 Awkward, untidy fellow. 3 Mean or 
ignorant fellow. 4 Bumpkin 

Bgleamhraidheachd, *./. Stupidity.senselessness. 
2 Awkwardness, untidiness. 3 Meanne*s. 4 

dgieamhsa,** s.m. Mean fellow. 

Fgleap.vCR) s.m. Scoldma;, rating. Thug e s. 
dha, ht qave him a scolding Suth'd. 

s?ieap. (CR) s./. Torrent of speech W. of Rots- 

sgleap, -eip, *./. Ostentation. 2 Meanness un- 
der a plausible appearance. 3 Awkwardness. 
4* Low meanness under the guise of liberality. 
Peochsgleip, a drink at others' expense. 

Bgicap,* v.a. <k n. Flatten, spoil the shape of. 2 
Draw down your under lip. 3 Wag your 
head. 4 Flatter. 5 Stare open-mouthed at 

ach, -aiche, a. Ostentatious, vain-glorious, 
vaunting. 2 Mean-spirited. 3**Awkward Gu 
6., ostentatiously* 

sgleapaid,* s.f. Female who stares open mouth- 
el at one. 

sg.'e ipair, -ean, . m. Vain, vaunting fellow. 2 
Mean-spirited fellow. 3* Foolish, boorish 
starer, applied to children wh > are backward 
through biinj; brought up ia remote corners, 
where thev have seldom seen strangers. 4 
O.stenfa,ti,,us fellow. 5 Awkward, sprawling 

sglSar.aireachl, *./. Habit of .silly boasting. J 
MeaD.'it-ss of spirit. 3* Unminnarly stariogf. 
4 Ostn.tatiouso>!S. 5 Awkwardness. 

sgleat, -a, -an, s.m. Slate. Creag sgleata, a iZat*- 

sgieat, n.a Sin ,t&, cover witli slatM. 

s^leatach, -aiche, a. Of, or belonging to, slates. 

2 Likeal;U. 

,* s,f .Slate-quarry. 2 Granite (?) 

sgleatadh, -aidh. .s.rn, Slating. 2 Act of cover- 
ing with slates A' s . pr. pt of aifleat. 

sgleatair, -ean, * m. SI iter. 2** I\lil!iped. 3- 
" Sgiftter," (not cheslip, asgiveit in the die* 
tionaries MM.) 

s^leataireachd, t.f. Business of a slater, or 2 
ola slate-quamer. 3 Employment of house* 
slatint;. 4 Slate-quarry. 5 Slate-work. 

s^leatar,** a/. Slaty.. 2 Laminar. 

sgluimce (CR) [pron. sglenuichde m long] 
Cajolery, wheedling H f . of Ross-shire. 

sgleiiMiseard, -an, s.m. Kind of scone. 

sgle6,** s.m. Vapour, mist. 2 Shade, darkness. 

3 Idle talk, rodomontade, romance, verbiage, 
falsehood. 4 High-puffing, fustian. 5 Spectre. 

6 Struggle-. 7 Misery. 8 Compassion. 9ttD'Q** 
ness of the eyes. 10* Disease of the eyes, 
glare about the eyes. 11* Amazement. 12* 
Misapprehension. 13*Romaucin<j of one who 
sees imperfectly and consequently misrepre- 
sents facts. lomar sgle6, a contest maintained 
with varyiTHi sucow. 

sgleobach, -aiche, a. Sluttish, slovenly. 

s^leobag, -aig, -an, *./. Slovenly woman. 

sgleobaid, see sgleobag. 

sgleobaideach, -eiche, see sgle6ideach. 

sgK ocach-, -aiche, a. Having bad-sighted larg* 

S2le6cair, -ean, s.m. Foolish starer. 

sgleocaireachd, *,/. Foolish staring or gaping. 

sgle6chaid, -can, *./. Foolish, staring woman. 

sgleochdair, -e, -ean, s.m. see sy;!e6cair. 

eachd, see sgleocaireachd. 

sgleodhach, -aiche.a. Shadowy, filmy, ill-colour- 
ed. 2 Affected. 

?gleodhair,(MS) s.m. Quack. 

sgleo-dhan, s.m. Boasting, puffing, bombast. 2 
Shade, film.. 3 Vapour, mist. 4 Dimness of 
the eyes, produced by looking at anytuing lu- 
minous. 5 Ghost, spectre. 6 Fable, romance. 

7 Misery. 8 Pity. 9 Carcase. 
sgle6.e"iligheachd,(MS) s.f Libel. 

sgleog. -oig, -an, *. /. Saliva, snot, phlegm. 2 
Knock, sudden collision. 3ftSound. 4(CB) 
Slap Suth'd Jc Farr. 5 Drivel. 

sgleogach, -aiche, a Falling like snot or saliva, 
drivelling. 2 Striking suddenly against each 
other, a (DU) Easy-going, imperturbable. 

sgleogair, -ean, *. m. Troublesome prattler. 2 
Lying, flattering fellow. 3 Driveller. 

eachd, s.f. Silly prattling talk. 

sgleo-ghloir, -e, s./. Loud cry, huzza. 

sgleoiceach.(D.My) a. Cearc s., a hen with a 
lamp on each side of its head. 

sgleoid, -e, -ean, s.m. & f. Silly man or woman, 
one easily imposed upon. 2 Slovenly man or 
woman, drab, slut. 3 One who indulges ia 
idle talk. 4* Heavy, clumsy, lifeJess female. 


lebide*ch. -eiche, a,. Silly, senseless. 2 Slo- 
venly, filthy, drabbish. 3 Gawky. Ou &, 

(leoid!*i(, -e, a. see sgleoideaeh. 

kjleoit. 8"e-8!;ld. 

ileep.'.CR) v. Slap, 

gleotha'-h.* -aiche. *ee sgU % 6dhack. 

jrleoihail,* -e, a. Romtncing. 

gl-6 p h;iir,* -ean, s.m. Ronsa'tcr. 2 Swaggerer. 

tjfiiamai-li, -aiche, a ^lij>p.Ty-fac >d. 

tfliamair. -ean, *.?*. One having a slippery face. 

ullftiiihach. -aiche 8eegliamach. 

gli.tmhair, >>e sgliamair. 
see s<*lea|>. 

ircactid. see sgleapaireachd. 
se*i sgleat. 

Sffli.ttach, see sgle itaeh. 

sgliita Ih, see agleatadh. 

sgliatair, see sjrieatair. 

- >achd. see ^gleataireachd. 

r, S-M sgleatar. 

n, -ein, *.. Speckled or spotted crea- 

gii^fan;ich,** nr. Speckled, spotted. 

glimeach, -t iehe, a. Troublesome, as an unwel- 
c >m ; guest. 

sglina^acnas, -.iis, *.T. Troublesoraencss. 

B^liiiii'ar, -ir, -an, s m. Troublesome guest. 

slim-ievr, -ir, -an, t.m. Flattering fellow. 2 

rliinsiHrachd, s.f. Sordid, parasitical flattery. 

v<liobh-ig, s.f. Light blow, 

Bgliofag/CR) *./. Light blow W. of Rots. 

"gliojr.'^MS) a. Box. 

glioi;aist,(CR)*.A Large spit, distinguished from 
s-'titniffiid by absence of colouring matter 

gliomair,* se sgimilear. [lof-h."] 

I, (MS) t.f. Mucus. [splaingeiJ Gair- 
i,',* s.f. Dowdy, 
h, see sgliurach. 
ch, -eiche. . Dowdy. 
-aich, -aich-an, s.f. slut, slattern. 2 
female tattler. 3 Whore. 4 Clumsy 
SJtVoung sea-gull. 6Newly-fledged 
crow or sea-gull. 

gliur.ichd. n.f. Sluttishness. 2 Gossipping, tat- 
tling. 3 \Vh .rishness. 

tflog-iihardacbd, *.f. Bathos. 

sgloid, -e, ./. Filth, dirt. '2 see sgleoid. 

8pl6i leach, -eiche, a. Filthy, dirty, prov. 

lfloidhsu;tch,;CR) . /. Anything broad and 
flaccid, s. mhor arain, a ~bro*d thin, pitce of 
i>r ad -W. ,>f lings- -thire. 

rgoigi?,*' s f. '1'hroat. 

gloisvaoh,** a, (Guttural. 

8gling,** s.f. Snot. 

floin^ean, see sglougaid. 

s^loi'iiieaiiacli, -aiche, a. see sglongaideach. 

Kg'loingeaMachd, see sglongaidttachd. 

sgiong, we sglongaid. 2* x.f. Horrid snotter. 

iglongwh, -aiche, see sglougaideach. 2*Dirtily 

glunuacnd. see sglongaideachd. 

*gl m^aid. -e, -ean, t.f. Snot, saliva, apit, mu- , 
us. -.>*Term of oersonal contempt 

uglon^aid-ach, -eiche, a. Snotty, mucuous, 


sgob, .. Snatch, pluck, pull. 2 Sting, bite. S 
Scoop ont. * Nibble lightly. 5(Dt*) Peck, 
as a bird. 

sgobach, -aiche, a. That snatches plucks or 
pulls. 2 Stinging, that stings or bites. S 
Scooping. 4 Apt to pluck. 

sgooadii, -aidh, s m. Snatch, act of snatching, 
plucking or pulling. 2 Act of stinging or bit- 
msc. 3 Twitch, wound. 4* Short while. 5** 
Pluck, tug, pull. 6* Nibbling. 7(DU) Act 
of pecidng. S. bho 'u bh tile, a little while 
from hom; ; s. d ! ieth, a little white of it. (pi. 
-aicliean ft-] A 1 s . of sgob. 

sgobag, -aig, -an, s.f. Little twitch or wound, 
2 Small dram, small quantity of any liquor to 
drink. 3(i>U) Spoonful of porridge, gruel, 
pudding, 4e. 

ach, -aiehe, a. Twitching or woundinr 


sgobair,** s.m. Biter. 

sgoballach, -aich, s.m. Piece or morsel to eat. 

scobanta, -ainte, a. Eager, voracious. 2ffSnatch- 

end, ../. ind. Eagerness, voraciousness. 

s. f. Snottiness, mucousness. 

. Hnbit >f snivelling. .in. Snotty fellow. 

eachd.ft s.f. Snottiiir-ss. 

>jriorach, Hi^ slattern It lay. 
Hfluim.(CR) s.f. Slattern A irjn. 
gno ,, s. tfr v. see "*grog 
ignoganach, Mull, Ac. for 
\o, , Stray cloud Evjg ot 6'Arj/e. 

2ft Snatching. 

sgobhachan, Pieces Badtnoeh. 

sgobhraa;,** s.f. Fairy. 

sgoch, pr.p'. a' sgochadh, t>. a. Gash, scarify, 
hack, notch. 2(D My) Sprain. S. mi mochas, 
/ tnrainfd m>/ foot. 

sgoch,* s.m,. Gash, incision, notch, cut, slit. 2 
(AC) Bursting. 3 First shot from a still 

sgocha, see sgich. 

sgochach,** a. Full of cuts, slits or incisions. 2 
Causing cuts or slits. 

sgocha. lair,** s.m. Scarifioator. 

afocha-lith, (DU) ./. Sprain. E6las 8., the 
cl-a,i"M by which sprains were hectl-d. 

sgochrai-h,* s. Liver. 

sg6d, -bid, -an, s.m. Corner of a cloth or garment, 
lapn^t. 2 Sheet of a sail (rop3.) 3 Corner of 
a sail. Error, defect, blernisii. 4 Coni-eit, af- 
fectation, pri'le, airiness, coquetry, foppery, 
vanity. 5 Comra ind, lordliness rule. 6** 
Disposal. S. an t-siiil mheadhoin, th main- 
sheet ; s. an t-siiiil thois:ch, the foresail-sh'ft ; 
8. an l-siuil chirm, thf fib-shi > "t. ; ainnir giin s., 
a ina d without conceit ; fuidh d' s., itnd'r thy 
ritle ; cra-m-sgbid, ship-boom ; cainnt gua s^ 
luwfiing-' loithoitt Qijetl&tion. 

sp6dach, -aiche, a. Having corners or lappets. 
2 Furnished with sheets (ropes.) 3 Defective, 
blemished. 4 Trailing, dragging. 5 vCB) 
"RiiggmlSkyr. [ssjebdach in Gairtoch.] d 
Awkward. 7 C. nc.-ited, affect -3d, pedantic, 
beauish. proud, haughty, airy, flashy, 
8 Lordly, having com nand. 

sgbday;, -aig, -an, s.f. Slovenly, awkward wo- 
man. 2 Conceited, vain girl, coquette, airy 
or affected female. 

sgbdaich.(MS) v.a. Eke. 

8:bdail,** a. Big. 2 see sgbdach. 

sg6dan, -ain, -an, s.m. dim. of s^bd. Little cor- 
ner or lappet. *2 Small defect or blemish, ft 
Sheet of a sail. 4 (MS) Patch. 

sgog. -oig, -an, s.m. Fool, idler. 

sgog,* .n. Hesitate, waver. 

Hgogaoh, -aiche, a. Foolish, sensaless. 2 Idle. 

8g6id, proo. e sg'.id. 2*. f. **Neok. 8 gen.sitia. 

of sgod. 4**Shirt. 
sg6i.leacli, -eiohe, .sue xgbdaoh, 
stfoideag, -eitf, -an, see s^odug. 

ach,** a. Vain, airy, us a girl, coquet- 

ti.^h, showy. 

aa, -eia, s.f. Pageantry, vuln show, oateu- 



tation, pride,airiness,coquetry, flirting, vanity < 

[* gives sgoideis for nom.] 
aoh, -aiche, a. Showy, foppish, proud, 

airy, coquettish, flirting, formal, fond of pag- 
eantry, vain, conceited. 
sg6ideil,** -e, a. Vain, airy, conceited, foppish, 

flirting, showy, formal, fond of show or pag- 

sgoideisexeh, see sgoideasach. 
sgoige,** s.f. The throat. 

-ach,** a. Guttural. 

8gij;ne m, -ein, a.m. Fan. 
8goi!,*t>.a. School, teach. 

sgoil, -e, -can, s.f. School. 2 Education, learn- 
ing, knowledge, 3 Science, literature. Am 

bheil s. aige ? it he educated .* a' dol do 'n s., 

going to xc.hool ; eha'n 'eil s. agam air, I know 

nothing of it ; taigh na sgoile, the school-house. 

s.-na-crainne, doctrine of the sphere. 

s.-aitean, topography. 

s.-bh ilbhan, deaf-mute schooling* 

B.-bhasbaireachd, fenring. 

s.-bhuirt, boarding-school. 

.-cnlaidheamh, sword-exercise. 

s.-chogaiilh, military academy. 

s.-chreige, g*olofiy. 

s.-cheair I, m j chaiiics. 

s.-chruinne, geography. 

s.-d in'isaidh, danc.ini-school. 

s.-dindhaireachd, theology. 

s.-iliomhair, nrivate school. 

s.-dorn, boxing. 

s.-dreag, mrt-orology . 

s.-i1reagaireachd, see sgoil-dreag. 

8,-duiih, th black art. 

s.-ea'-h'lraidli, historiography. 

s.-cun, ornithology. 

8.-fliacal, etymology. 

s.-fhairgr, navigation. 

a.-fhearainn, apiculture ; 9* land-turvtying. 

S.-fhryumhaehd, see s.-fhacal. 

s.-fhuaigneil, sewiny-class. 

s.-leughaidh, reading-school. 

B.-lusan, botany. 

B.-mhara, navigation. 

8.-mharcachd, riding-school. 

g.-mharsintachd, book-keeping, 

s.-mniotail;, mineralogy. 

s.-oide, schoolmaster, usher. 

s.-oMhche, a school taught at night-time, 

s.-na<luir, physiology. 

5,-nan-reult, astronomy. 

e.-nau-sian, meteorology. 

s.-na-fairge, navigation. 

g.-reul, astr&nomy. 

s.-8,iriobiiaidh, writing-school. 

Bv-sheinn, singiny-school or class. 

s.-speur, astronomy. 

s.-U'8ga, hydrostatics. 

s.-uisgearach'l, see sgoil-uisge. 
The following given by * are undesirable or 

incorrect, and should not be used. S.-fhollaia- 

each, a public school ; s.-inntinn, philosophy ; 

s.-muulcach, phrenology ; s.-riombail, spnerios 

riomball is a circle., not a sph-'re ; s.-na-cum- 

asg, chemistry ; s.-na h-inntinu, intellectual 

knoicl'dge knowledge is edlai, not sjoil. 
8-oililha,** a. Scholascio. a. Pertaining to a school. 

ig, -aig, -an, *. f., dim. of ngoil. Little 

l. a. Pertaining to a little school, 
goileam, -eim, Loquacity, garrulity, prat- 
tle. i5** luipertiueut garrulity, 
-ach, -niche, a. Loquacious, prattling, 

garrulous. 2 Scolding. 54* Veuumoud iu scold- 
ing. 4**im.'.erGHieialy garruiuu>. 

Shrew, tioulcl, aooidiug 

sgoil eamachd, . /. ind. Habit of loquacity ot 

sgoilear, -eir, -an, .m. Scholar, school-boy, stu 

dent. 2 Scholar, man of learning. beagb 

s., a good tcholar. 
ach, -ait-he, a. Scholastic, learned, li k 

a scholar, academical. 
achd, s.f.ind. Scholarsliip, learning, era 

dition, edueation, intelligence, 
an, of s<ioilear. 

ra, a. Schooled, *ch tlastic. 

sooileil,** a. Acad anicil. 2 Scholastic, 
s^oileis learh.** o. AcadMinical. 

,** a.m. Aca l^mii-ian. 

sgoileisteach, see sgoilcis leaci). 

ggiilra.t*. see sgoileam. % 2 R.izor-bill. 3'Mouth 

or ffce expressive of a scolding disposition. * 

*iligh key in scolding. 

each,** a. s-'e s^oileamach. 

sgoilmeis,* *.f. Biting severe c,)ld. 2 Garrulity. 

eachd, ***./. Garrulity. 

sgoilmrioh.** o. Ctiatier, prate. 

,***./. Chatter, prating. 

spoilt, a' sgoltad'i, v.a. ij- n. Split, c^ave,. 
burst asuivler, break, crack. 2 Gut fish. 
Sgoilfcidh suil a' chlach, an (evil) eye ivdl tplit 
a ; an ti a sgoltas fiodh, he who cleavet 

sjjoilte, past pt. of sgoilt. Cleft, splintored, rir- 
en, burst, cracked. 2 **Abrupt. 3 (DU) Bi. 

ach, -eiche, a. Splitting, cleaving, crack- 

ing. 2 That splits or cleaves. S Causing to 
split, cleave or burst. 4 Apt to split or cleave. 
5** Bursting. 

sgoilteadh, 3rd. sing. & pi. of sgoilt. 

sgoilteau, -ein, -an, .m. Splinter, slice. 2 Cleffc. 
3 Colon in rjram. 4 Half of a square necker- 
chief. 5 Billet of wood. 6 Slit stick, used by 
children for throwing pebbles. 7 Seed-slip of 
a potato. 8* Half. 9(L)My) Parting of the hair 
of the head. 

ach, -aiche, a. Abounding in splinters. 

sgoiltear, -eir, -an, *. m. see *coltair. 2 see 

, fut. pass, of sgoilt. 

agoim, -e, s.f. Wandering or ranging about. 2 
see sgaoim. 

sgoineadh, -idh, -idhean, .m. Keen attack. Z 
Eager longing. S. acrais, a vehtm~nt attack of 

sgoiun, -e, .f. Care, attention, carefulness, mo- 
ment. 2 Heed. 3 Efficacy, power, effect, 
good effect or purpose. 4 Neatness, trimness. 
6 Decency, taste, propriety. 6 Affection. 7 
(CB) Small pool in the rocky bed of a stream, 
in which salmon get imprisoned and caught 
when the tide is low. W. of Kots-ahire. 8 (D 
U) Potential or active energy, force, activity. 
Tha s. air, he is active ; dean le s. e, do it ta^t,<s- 
fully ; rinn e air sgath sgoiuno, I did it fur 
decency's sake ; is beag a. a bhitheas air lio 
ghnotnach, your butin>*t will be dont with lit- 
tit propriety; cha'n 'eiia, air au laimh, they are 
wasteful or extravagant. 

sgoinn,(DMy) U. Hurry. O" ait' am bliell tha 
dol leU an s. seo ? whert art you y<nnn in such, 
haute f 

gguinn,* v.a. Chtok, reprove, soold bitturiy, 

egomueach,* -eiuhe, a. Bitter iu scolding. 

,* -eiche, .f. Buier aoolding fcuiala, 

Hguinuear,** a. Heo.lful, see agoinneil. 

djjoiiineil, -, u, Oaretul, heeUful, d Attentive. 
3 lulicactoua, producing a> ^oo<l otteod, 4 JNeat, 
tr^m, tidy, a *Uooout, tasteful. 6 (DMy) Knr 
ergtrtio, aoiive, buitliug, Duiue a,, 

(//*** HMH. 


goirm. -e, -pan.*,/. The throat. 2 The lowe: 

parts of a hill or heap. 3*Bnw of a hill. An 

droi-h--;in gorm air s. nan earn, the ijrten 

t <i>n .- th' iii-o->c of the cairns. 
tag -U/* '. Shi -Id, target, 
-eh. -tiche. . Qu ick. 

d,s.f.ind. Quackery. 

fsgoi'h. v see s:ath. thing 

B.oithfMn,** *. i/i. The best or prime of any 
*gc'itich, -ean, s m Quack, mountebank. 
agoiH Iheachd, . f. ^e sg>it< j acnd. 
sgoi. pr.nt. a' sgoladh, v a. Rinse, wash, make 

c'eau. 2 Drench. StfScull. 
tsg>l, -oil, >kull -J Loud laughter. 
gl (A 11) * ** Viscous watter usually exuding 

from and covering an ill-dressed wound. 
egol.-ulh, -aidh, x.m. Rinsing. .cleanuBg. washing. 

2 Act of waehi ig. 3 Draugnt 4tt~^' addling. 

5+tSculling. A' s, of sgol. 
sgolag, aig. *.f. Olive-tree. 2 ee sgalaj. 
sgolag-ig,(DC) s. /. Forefinger coigag or sgola 

i>ag in Argyll. 
flgola ; s 1, see 

sgo'ap, G.ielic form of scr>Up. 

agolb. -uilb, -an, t.m. Splinter. 2 Prickle, thorn. 
3 Wooden piu or wattle, used (for fixing thatch 
on a roof. 4 Single floorings (nails.) 5**Skir- 
mi*h or fight with knives or dirks. 6**Doubt. 
7 Split. 

Sgolbtch, -aiche, . Prickly, thorny. 2 Splint- 
tered, spl'ntering. 

,** t.m.. Spray or wattle, used in thatch- 
ing hoilS"8. 

d.uMS) g.f. Prickliness. 

golbaich,(MS^ v.a. Split. 

njrolbauach, -nich, *.m Stripling, youth. 

golba-.)ta,,', a. Thin, slender. 2 Apt to 
break into splint. -rs. 3 *Snarp, prickly. 

' end, t.f.ind. Thiimess, slenderness. 2 

Tnllius*. 3 Aptness to break into splinters. 

sgolgair.** -ean, s.rn. Scold. 

tsgol-gniir >,** ./. Loud laughter, horselaugh. 

g-dl,* v.a Scull, as a boat. 2 see sgol. 3** 
Deplum >. 4 Scold in a high koy. 

goll,* t.m Scum, as on proud fles'i. 

Bjjolla'.-han,* -ai i, s w. Unfledged bird. 

K<>11''.;, -aij, i./. Ming y. s.^e p. 78. 

sgolt.** -dilc,, -an t.m. SplU, .slit, cleft, rent. 

agoltach, -a eh -. a. Sp.iaing, cleaving, slitting, 
rivintj. 2 iiurstin^, breaking 3 Ape to split 
or cieire. 4 Apt to burst or break. 

agoltadh. -aidh -ai.lh^tn. s. m. Split, chink, 
clsft, cracK, sit. 2 Splitting, act of splitting, 
slitting, c'eavi-ig, rending or riving. 3 Burst- 
ing, act of oiirsting or breaking asunder. 4 
Ear-mark on su-i-p. see under comharradh- 
c'uais- 5 Laceration. 6**Burst. A' s , pr. 
pt. of sgolt. A . ch'.-anu. to cleav* h^adt. 

gokair,** t.m. Cl 'aver, splitter of wood. 

8gr<>Uii,f -ain, 8.7/1. Nut-hatch sitta ntropasa, 

iKgoniha.1- .jjaracl..** a. Astride, astraddle. 

fl^onas ich,** a Kag -r, greedy. 

jyjoni\, gg.iin'i ft stfoin .. p^.'-an, s.m. Short 
block of wo> i. 2 Shap-les* m ss. 3 Dolt, 
blockhead, duice, rude, uncultivaLcd person. 
4 Hull-;-alf. ft Tr fl . prar-i-p. (3 Shap-Hs.s 
h'll. 7 K 'S" of a conpl-i imbedded in t!ie wall 
of a hfiis-, biik. t> Large mouthful, gulp, 
giut y Uu ff .., nnsh-ip'ly person. 10 (i)U),:es! ; ce .m of i r .-a. I, ni.-at, &<. S. labbair, 
pra e, iHai>/o<>'>'K'>lij ; s cabair. a '>'ock "/ ivood; 
s cl'iich , o i'1'ick <>J sinn-' ; s. gille, a h.-avy- 
h -a .1 i fg 'In '(< ; s. arrtin a hlvck of hr a<i. 

npun-i,' i.n. Oul.i, f;lut, eat in largo mouchf ills. 

fig >i'in-bhaid (.' >1 i x.jn.>tH>ter. 

toan.icii, -a.ciic, a. Lump.sU, coarsj, 

less. 2 Stupid, s.-nsckss. 3 liud<\ u:j polished^ 

sgonna-lh, -ai ih. .i. Guipin-. A' s-, pr. pt. 
of s^onn. '<;a s. air, '/T//;//n<7 it vp. 

sgomia.-i. s.fdim. of sjonn. Trade (none.) Clacti 
mhor bhun >gounaig, t'te tii/n ih' fluystone at 
thf Las* of thf couple us a partition, t"> urevnt 
cow* injuring on' ana h rSco's, bui-t."g- 
stanes, buitt is the sj ac>i between, uoldinij 
two cows. 

sgonnag, -aig, s.f. Hasty word. 2 Flatus. 

sgonnair. -ean. s.m. Lump sti fellow, ii Dunce. 
3 Hoor. rustic, trifler, wiiifHer, rascahiou 4* 

;oni:ainachd, t.f.ini. Stupidity, senselessness, 
i Ro >rislm 'ss. rusticity. 3"* Behaviour of a 
dunce. 4 Wniffling, prating, trilling. 
;aBuau, -ain. -an, s.m., dnn. of sgonn. Short, 
thick pi. >ci of wood, little block. 2 The peg 
of a cas-chrom on which the right foot i* 
placed. 3 I'lie distinguished fron 
on slwian. the gullet. 4 Haudle of a quera 
by whic.ii it is turned.** a. Trifling, whiffling, prating. 
oniasaciid.** sj.ind. Habit of trifling, whif- 
fling or prating. 

sgonn-bhalach, -aich, s. m. Lumpish boor, t 
Duncti. 3 Trifler, rascallion. 

sgonii-chu, -choio, s.m. Surly or vicious dog. 

sgoan-labhairt, v.a. Prate, blab fooli&hly. 

sgonn-lab oairt,** t.}. Prating, blabbing. 

sgonnsa,** s.m. Fort, sconce, 

sgop, Foam, froth. 

sgopraich, a. Senseless. 

sgor, -oir. -an, s.m. (AF) Stud of horses. 4 
lCR)SHce of bread W. of Ross-shire. 3 V DU> 
Slice of fish, fillet. 4 (OR) Swathe or sweep- 
of the scythe Suth'd. 5ft Cut, notch,*gash. 

sgor, -6ir, -an, .m. Sharp, steep hill rising by 
itself, or a little, steep, precipicous height ott 
another hill or mountain. 2 Peak, pinnacle. 

3 Tail of a bank in the ssa, concealed roct 
jutting into the sea. 4 Asperity. 

sgor, -oir, -an, &.m. Mark, notch or cut, ma l<* 
by any sharp instrument. S. creige, a cleft in 
a rock. 

sgor,* s./. Fork. Sgian agus s., a, knife and fork. 

sgor, a' sgoradh. v.a. Cut, hack, gas. i, scar- 
ify, lance, cut in pieces. 2 Erase. 3 Fork 
peats or hay. 4 Lay out peats to dry. 

sgoraban v (CR;*.w. Little pointed rock IF. of 

igoraeh, -aiche, a. Rocky, full of pointed rocka. 

2 Peaked. 3 Pronged. 4 *Cliffy. 5*Corii- 

cal. 6 Rugged, [storach DU] 
gorach, -aiche, a. Cutting, hacking, scarifying. 

2 Abounding in cuts or notches. a**Erasiug. 

4 Having a buck-tooth. 

gora-cuil,(AC) *. Leaning-rod. Gun s., with- 
out a leaning rod. 

sgonidh, -aiilh, *.. Cutting act of cuttr\g 
hacking, gashing or scarifying. 2 Scoring, 
scratching, erasing, erasure, scratch, spur :. 
3*Forking. 4 Laying out, of peats. Sf^Pi^rc- 
ing A' s , pr. pt. of sgor. Dhjanadh t i 
tora 'dheanadh an toll is sgoradh 'nt bno-ia 
gu shail, Viou wouldsl m'lice an augur that 
would bo/'C thf holts ami cut info his sole to hi$t 
hefl Dnrmairf, p 37. 

g>rag, -aig, -an, /. Piece of turf. 2 Roa-it- % <t 
limpet. 3 Scollop, waving edge 4rt-"5maii u.& 
of stone. 

ach.JJ -aiche, a. Full of small pieces ot 

stone or turf. 2ttScalloped. 

gora: aioh, v a. Scollop, cut the edge of 
&c. in a wavy line. 

jgoranach, -aich, .<.. V'outh, stripling.,** a. Kocky, hilly. 




g6r-bheinn, -e, pi. bbeannta & -eanntan, n. f. 
Rocky, conical mountain. 2 Mountain cliff. 
3 Projecting clitf. 4 Blasted cliff. 5 Cliffy 

fsgor-chailbhe, see sgorn-chailbhe. 

sgor-e"ild,** t.m. Hill frequented by roe-deer. 2 
Upl iud rock. 

sgor-fhiacail, -cla, pi. -clan, t.m. Buck-tooth. 

8gor-fhiacUch, -aicne, a. Buck-toothed. 

sgorn, -6irn, -an, *.m. Throat, windpipe, gullet. 

sgornach, -aicb, see sgdrnan. 

s^ornan, -ain, -an, s.?/. The throat, neck, throt- 
tle, gullet. 2* Windpipe. Tha 'n s. fosgail- 
te uaigh, their throat it an open sepul- 

ggornan, n.pL of sg6rn. 

i ach, -aiche, a. Wide-throated. 2 Bron- 
chial. 3 V MS) Guttural. 

- achas, -ais, t.m. Gutturalness. 

aich, v.a. Gorge. 

sgoru-chailbhe, -an, ./. The epiglottis. 

sg6rr, -a, -an, see sgdr. 

ssrorr,(DMy) v. Secure a boat with two or more 
sticks to bold it on an even keel. 

8g6rrach, see sgorach. 

sgorrach,(AF) s.m. Perch (fish.) 

*gorradh,(DU) -aidh, t.m. Act of propping up a 
Doat on even keel. 2 The props takeu col- 
lectively. (Sgorraidhean, the props taken in- 

8gorrag,(DMK)./. Small bannock of oatmeal 
with a hole in the centre, made for children 

sgorr-bheinn, see sgor-bheinn. 

gor-slmil, -shula, -shuilean, s.f. Blink-eye. 

sgor-shuileach, -eiche, a Blink-eyed, 

sgor-shruth,** -ach, t.m. Rocky stream, 

figorthanach, see sgoranach. 

sgot, -oit, -an, t.m. Small farm. 2 Piece of land 
cut off another. 3 Small flock. 4* Small vil- 

sgot, see sgod. 

tsgot, -oit, s.m. Shot, reckoning. 2 Part or 
portion of a reckoning. Tba s. agam ort, I 
hnvf cappnd your witticism Le^vis. 

ggotan, -ain, s.m Small farm. 2 Small flock. 3 
Small {iroup of persons. 4 Small blemish. 

Bgot-bhaile,* Village. 

Bgoth,** v.a. Pull. 

ggoth, -a, -an, s.f. Boat, skiff, large winter fish- 
ing boat, yacht, i'2 Flower. 6 (AC) Shade, 
shelter.hut for concealing sportsmen. 4**Son. 
5**Ctioice part of anything. 6**Disease. 7 
(DU)Boat with stem and stern vertical sgoth 
in Gai.rloch. Jmich 'nad s., depart in thy skiff. 

sgolh, -achan, s./. (AC) Steep rock, abrupt hill. 
2 (AC) Bank of cloud, overhanging haze. 3 
(CR) The shade caused by a cloud obscuring 
the sun. W. of Ross-thirf.. 4 (CR) Dimness 
on glass caused by breath Strathspey. 

Sgothadh. -aidh, s.m. Pull. 2 Gash, slash, cut. 

sgothap;, -aig, -an, s.J.dim. of sgoth. Little skiff, 
small yacht, cutter. 

sgochaich,(MS) v.a. Overcloud. 

sg than, see sgot. 

Bgoth-loug, -luinge, -an, *./. Yacht, ship's fly- 
boat, seep. 78. 

sgjth-luath, s.f. Cutter (boat) see p. 78. 

8;rab,**v.a. Erase. 2 Scratch. 3 VVrite. 

j8grab,1T s. Great shearwater, see sgriab. 2 Ra- 
zor-bill Barra, see coltraiche. 

sgrabach, -aiche, a. Rough, rugged, shaggy. 2 
Rare, scarce. 

sgrabachan, -ain, s.m. Roughness. 

i;rabachas, -ais, s.m. Roughness, shagginess, 

egrabadh, see sgrobadh. 

sgrrabail.f St. Kilda for stjriab. 

sgrabair, -ean, t.m. Greenland dove, see sgriab, 

sgraban. -ain, s.m. Currycomb. 

sgrabanach, -aiche, see sgrabaeh. 

sgrabanachd, see sgrabachaa. 

agragall, a.m. Gold-foil, tin-foil, gold-leaf, spaa- 

sgragallach, -aiche. a. Spangled. 2 Like tin-foil 

gold-leaf or gold-foil, 
sgraibhseadh, -idh, -idhean, . m. Hand-saw. 

[*sgraii)hse, *./.) 
sgraicheag.fl' -aig, -an, t.f. Jay garruliis glan- 

riariits. 2(AF) Redwing, see sgiath-rtheargan, 

& sgreuchag. 

ghlas,f *./. Missel-thrush. 2 Red- 
wing, see sgiath-dheargan. 

~ g.f. Night-jw, 

635. Suraicheag-oidhchf. 

IgrUd, s.f. Old hag. t Old mare or cow. 

encii, -eiche, a. Shrivelled and ugly. 

sgrai.leach,** a. Diminutive. 2 Of a shabby ex- 

sgraHfag, -eig, -an, g.f. Small morsel. 2 Small 
or ugly female. 3 *Small potato. 4*Any small 

ach,** a. Diminu'.ive, puny. 2 Shabby. 

3 Ugly. 

sgraidean, -ein, -an, .rn. Diminutive, dwarfish 
man. 2 Shabby-looking fellow. 3 Ugly little 

sgraideanach,tt -eiche, a. Diminutive and ugly. 
2 Shabby. 3 Having an ugly diminutive person. 

sgraidht, -ean, s.f. Shrivelled and ugiy old wo- 

each, see sgraid^acb. 

sgraid-sha : )h, s.f. Han>l-saw. 

sgraig, v. a. Strike, hit one a blow. 

sgraigea'lh, -idh, *. m Striking, act of striking 
a blow. A' s -, of sgraift. 

sgraigte, past pt. of sgraig. Struck. 

sgrail.H s.f. Manx-shearwater pufinus anglor~ 

sgraill, v.a. Rail at, revile, sntirize, abuse with 
words, scold harshly. [Usgraill.] 

sgrailleadh, -idii. *.m. R tiling, act of railing ab 
one, sitirizing, abusing wilhj words, reviling. 
2**Offensive language, greatest abuse. A' s , of sgraill. 

sarrailleag, -eig, -an, ./. Sand-piper. 

sgraill ig.vAF) s.f. Dunlin. 

Stfraing-, -e, -ean, s.f. Anj;ry look, frown, scowl, 
gloomy, contracted countenance. 2 Forbid- 
ding a-pact. 3 Nigg/irillinass. 4**Gloom. 

flgraiugeach, -eiche, a- see sgraiugeal. 

sgraiMgeag-, -eig, -an, *./. Surly, sullen-looking' 
woman. 2 Niijzardly woman. 

sgramsealachd, 's.f.ind. Sulleunass, gloominess* 
of aspect. '2 Forbidding look. 3 Nigg irdli- 
ness. 4* Surly morosity. 

sgraingeil, -e, a. Gloomy, sullen, frowning, 
scowling. 2 Of a forbidding aspect. 3 Nig- 
gardly. 4**Having a frowning or forbidding 

sgraingean, -ein, -an, s.m. Surly-looking fellow, 
one with a frowning or gloomy visage. 2 Nig. 


far My fellow. 

tgr a n^--ar ,* -eir, -an, rm.Soowler. curmudgeon, 
grai* -ran, i.m. Sluggard, slothful person. 2 

.- *" " gg ea'ch.** o. Sluggish, indolent, slothful. 
2 SK.venly. 

_ each, t.m. Sluggard, sloven. 

eachd, f.ltruf. Laziness, sluggishness. 2 

Sloven inevi. 
jrraisceas. -eig, -an, s.f. Lazy, indolent woman 

2 Sloven. 3**Slothful youivi female, 
Rra stealachd. see sgraisteach I. 
graisteil, -e, a Slothful, lazy, sluggish. 2 Slo- 
venly. Gu s., tlngnsh'y. 
Bgrau.'-e. pi. -ean & -eachan, s.f. Shred, rag. 
sgraiteach, -eic'ne, a. Shredded, ragged.shabby. 

Gu s., raggedly. 

sgraiteachd,** s.f. Rag-redness, shahbiness. 
Bgraiteag, -eig, -an,.f Ragged female, shabbily 

dressed fern lie. 

ajp-aitean, -ein, -en, t.m. Ragged fellow, shabbi- 
ly dressed fellow. 
Sgraith, see aerrath. 
figraithte, patt pt. of sgrath. 
sgral, *.m. Host, large number, applied to min- 
ute insects, flu other cages sgrbd is used. ) 
Dam I. Ghobha. S. a' hhaile, the children of 
the township (iath*rfd together. 
gram,** t.m. Scotch. 2 Snap, 
agram,** v.a. Wipe off. 
egramain,** *.m. Extortioner, 
grimail. Gaelic forru of srr'imblt. 
Kram-laicli, v.a. Scramble, 
agramalair,** x.m. Sprawler. 
egramalana-h,** a. Sprawling, 
sgrannlanaich,** s.f. Sprawling, 
grain, -a, -an, . f. Outer skin or rind of any- 
thing, hus'<c, peel. 2 Bark of a tree. 3 Coat of 
an onion. 4 Turf, green sod, divot, as used 
for covtri'ig roofVof houses. 6ft Horror, 
dread. 6 Rust. 7 Scale. ** Rough hand- 
ling. 9**Lot,g rhyme. 10 Pull, tug. 11* 
What covers tuj kilu of grain. 12** Green- 
swar 1. 

v.a. Peel, take off the rind or skin. 2** 
ia^p. pnr-i, as a surface. 3 Thatch with 
turfs. 4**l'ug, pull or handle roughly, 
ograthach, -aic ie, a. Having a rin.l or skin of 
any kind. 2 Peeling that peels or takes off 
the rind or skin. H Abounding in sods, divots 
or green turfs. 4**Skiony. having a thick or 
atro<-g rind. 6** Having many rinds, as an 
oni->n. Pilniy. 7 Scaly, crusty, of a brok- 
en ski >i. 
sgr tthacbadh, -ni-lh, t.m. A pr. pt. of sgrath- 

ai'-h, 8"e sgrat'uadh. 

sgrithaih, -ai In, t.m Peelin<r, act of peeling, 
taking o.t the p-iol, rind or skin 2 Thatching, 
act of thatching with turf. 3**Pull, tug. 4 
. Scouring. A' s , pr p f . of sgrath. 
figrat.hHg. -nig. -in, ./.</. m. of sgrath. Thin cov- 
ering, pwl or rind of any kind. 2 Small turf. 
BgralhuMcii, -aichv, a. Having a thin rind or 
skirt of a'iy ki'id. ^It Full of sm ill pielin.^s. 
:i Ab u'idi'-'g m little sods. 
sg. A' h 'in 1 --, p. see grath. 

gratlia oiite, fiaft pt. of sgrathaich. Peeled, 
skinned. 2 Pared, as a surface. 3 Thatched 
with Mirf. 

agrathail, -e, a. Destructive, tearing, destroy- 
ing. 2 Pernicious. 3 Terrible. 4 < *t > eeling, 

agratliair,* -ean, * m. Skeleton, 
sgrathal,'l. Sin ill ones of anything. 2 Re- 
fuse, rubbish Ograthall.] 

a. -an,*.''. >;i-ab, blotch. 2 Mango. 3 
Toe itch. 4 Scurf. 5(MS) Authrax. 61 

*Cnrst. 7 <DU) Thin layer or film of dirt, <tc 

jrreabach, -ai.-lie, a Scabbed, blotched.raangy. 
1 Itchy. 3**Affected with mange or itc'i. 

"gret't.ach'l,', MS) s f. Sca:.biness 2 Scurflaess. 

sgreabair.* -eau, s.m. M-a-i fellow. 

.s_;r . - 'hian, x.f. l>aiiiiru(t 

sgreabha;. -aig. -an, n. m. Omelet. 2 Crust. & 
Harl. 4 MS) Husk. 5**Si-ab. 

sgreabhal.** -ail, >-. m. Favour given by a new- 
ly-married couple. 2 Annu U tribute of 34. 
paid at the command of the monarch by the 
p^tty princes of Ireland to St. Patrick. 

sgreach, -a, -an. s.f. se sgreuch. 

arh. see s^reuchach. 

adh, see sgreuchadh. 

ag, see sgr.-uchau 

azach, see sgreuohagach. 

an, -ain, see sgreuch in. 

sgread, -a, -an. s.m. Screech, shriek, cry. t 
Squall, bawling. 3 Any shrill jarring noise, 
creaking noise, crushing nois^. grating sound. 
* Gnash. 5** Clashing or crashing noise. 

ggrsad, pr. pt. a' sgreadail & a' s, r rea;Udh, v.a. 
Shriek, cry, screech, scream. 2 Make a harsh 
sound, creak. 3 Clash. 4 TSquall. 

sgreadadh,** -aidh, s.m Shrieking, screeching, 
creaking, squalling, squall, siiriek, screech, i 
Creak, grating. 3 Clash ing. 

sgreadach, -aiche, . That shrieks, shrinking, 
squalling. 2 Creaking, making a gratin* 
noise. 3* Argute. 4 Crashing. 5 Clashing. 

sgreadachnn,** -ain, s.m. Little squaller.shriek- 
iug child. 

sgreadag, -aig, -a.n, s.f. dim. of sgread. Little 
shriek. 2 Sharp, sour drink. 3* Acid. 4** 
Shrieking female, shrill-voiced female. 5* 
Anything sour. 

sgreadak-h, v.a. Howl. 

sgreadail, -e, ./. Screeching, act of screeching, 
screamiug or crying. 2 Continued shrieking. 
3 Grating, shrill or clashing noise. 4*Gnasn- 
ing. 5**Loud creaking. A' 8 , pr.vt. of spread. 

sgreadair, -ean. t.m. Hawler, shrieker, screech- 
er, brayer, crier. 2 One wiMi a shrill voice. 

sgreadalach,** a. Shrieking.screamiu<^bawlinjf. 
crying. 2 Creaking, gratia;;, clashing. 

sgreadan, -ain, *. m. Disagreeable sound. 2 
Noise of anything tearing asunder. 3 Creak- 
ing or grating noise. 4 Scream, shriek. 5 
Ba\vler,shri 11- voiceil fellow. Cruaidli a' sgread- 
an air cruaidh, steel grating on steel. 

acli, -aiche, a. Making a disagreeable or 

grating sound. 2 Creaking, clashing. 3 Scream- 

sgreadhadh,* -aidh, .m. Scissure, parchednest. 

agreadliail,* -e, -dhlaicbean, s.f. Trowel. 2 (I> 
U) Wooden trowel used for digging up spout- 
fish. 3 r>l. used iu the sense of Broken bo ir1^. 
Ch*Mh i 'na sgreadhlaioheau, she was smashed 
into fray i units. 

s^reag, a' sgreadadh, v,a. Jc n. Dry, parch, 
shrivel, cause to shrivel. 2 Become dry, pirch- 
ed or shrivelled. 3* Dry the outsi le hurrittdiy 
without entering into the inner part, 
reatach, -aiche. a. Dry, hard, shrivelled. * 
Rocky, parched (of soil.) 3 Stingy, peuuriou 
sjrc-aga !h. -aidh, 5.m. Drying, parching. A' s-^ 

l>r.]>t. of sgr--a'i. 

sgreagag, -aig, -an, s.f. Shrivelled old woman. 
'J Penurious, stinjy woman. 

sgreaj/air, -ean, . m. Shrivelled old man. ft 

Close-fisted, stingy man. 

sgreaga'i, -ain, -an, g.m. Anything dry, shrunk, 
or sliri/elltid. 2**,iarl, rocKf gtxmud.3 (DMv4 
Cord p'a-ed abost a span between the n.,lf 
hitches OH the Lops of lishia^-rod*. ialtuh s.^ 



hard, rocky ground. 

ach, -eiche, a. see sgreagach. 

ta, -ainte, a see sgreamach. 

Sjreagav,** >i. Rocky. 

Bgreamh, -eimhe, A -a, s.m. Loathing, abhor- 
rence, disgust, nausea. 2** Disgusting sight. 
3*1 tiin scum, rhrt or ugly skin. 4** Disgusting 
object. S no sgaoim, disgust or fear.L. na 
Feimif, WS/J 5. v *-fiamb no sgatb); ghabh es., 
he was ditjustfd. 

ach, -aiche, see sgreamhai). 

aohadb, -aidb, s.m. Nauseating, act of 

nauseating. A' s ,, of sgreamhaich. 

aicn, v.a. <fc u.Loathe, turn the stomach, 

disgust, abhor. 

aicbte, pastpt. of sgreamhaich. Disgust- 
ed, shocked. 

ail. -e, a. Loathsome.abominable, nasty, 
abhorrent, fearful, dreadful horrifying, dis- 
gusting, horrible. 2 Apt to take disgust. 

aileaclid. see sgreamhalachd. a Disgusting. 

alactid, s.f.ind. Disgustfuluess, abornin- 

ableness, loathing. 2 Farfulness, dreadful- 

ues*. 3 Readiness to be shocked or disgusted. 
la<lb,* *./. Thick wettish rash through 

the skin. 

Bgrean*ch,tt -aiche, a. Inc'ement, rough, stormy, 
sgroanj, -a, -an, *. /. JjWrinkle. 2 Wrinkled 


sgrean^ail, -e, a. Wrinkled, corrugated, 
sgreaun, s.m. Scowl Dain 1. Ghobha. 
fs^reapal,** -ail, s.m. Scruple (weight.) 

f ach,** a. In scruples (of weight.) 

fsgreastadh,** -aidh, s.m. Destruction. . 
Bgreat, s.m. Disgust, abhorrence, abomination, 
sgreatacbd, s.f. Same meanings as s^reamhal- 

sgreataich,* a' sgreadachsdh, v a. <k n. 

Horrify, highly disgust. 2 Loathe, abhor, 
sgreatakih, -e, a. Sam .3 meaning as sgrearahail 
eaehd, s.f. Same meanings as sgreamh- 


Bgreatas, -ais, s.m. Queasiness. 
sgreath,* see sgreubh, sgreag & sgreumh. 

ail, see sgreamhail. 

sgreig,** s.f. Rocky ground. 
Bgreig,** v.a. Fry. 

eadh,** .v.m,. Frying. 

sgreiteachd, see sgreamhalachd. 

sgreitheil,** a. see sgreamhail. 

fcgieitidh, see sgreambail. 

sgreitidheachd,** see sgreamhalachd. 

sgre6d,(CR) s.m. Group, crowd W. of RotS-sh. 

s^reoth,* v.a. see sgreubh. 

Bgreothainu,** s.f. Straw used in the place of 

hair-cloth on a kilu. 2 Drawn straw. 
Bgreubh, v.n. Dry up, crack by drought, parch. a>- Drying, as by heat. 

ailh, -aidh, s. m. State of drying up or 

cracking from drought. A' s , pr. pt. of 

Bgreuch, pr. pt. a' sgreuchail, . n. Scream, 

screech in a croaking and drawling manner. 

2 Whoop. 3 Cry wim a shrill anil loud voice, 
sgr-iuch, -a, -an, s.m. Scream, screech, shrill cry. 
t^reuchach, -aiche. o. Screeching, screaming, 
sgreuchadh, -aidh, see sgreuchail. 
sgreuchae;, -aig, -an, s. f. Jay. 2 Night-jar, 

screech-owl. 3 Shrill-voiceil tVmale. 
. ach, -aiche, a. Abounding in jays. 2 

Like a jay. 3 Shrill-voiced, 
egreuchag-choille,** s.f. Jay. 2 Screech-owl. 
Bgmichag-oidhche.** *./ Screech-owl, 
.sgreuchag-reilge,** *./. Ovvl. 
Bgreuchail, -e, s.f. Shrieklnflf, screeching, act of 
or screaming, 2* Coucinuous 

screeching. 3 Whooping. [ gives . m. tat 
No. 2.] A' s , pr. pt. of sgreuch. 

sgreuchair,* -ean, *.m. Screecher, squaller. 

sgreuchau, -ain, -an, s.m. Une who screecues or 
screams. 2**Person with a shrill voice. 3** 

sgreuchan-coille,*#m. Jay. 

sgreuchan-craosacri, i.m. Vulture, see fang. 

sgreuchan-iongach.(AF) t.m Vulture., a. \Vet,gusty, stormy, windy -ArgyH 

sgreunach.J -aich, *.m. Shivering A -ran. 

sgreuth,(CR) v a. Shrirel, shnuk wan draught, 
as a tub 6'ky. [sgreidh in Gai >(<*>> -DU.) 

sgrialj,^ *. Greater shear water-^tt/ui >* ina)t>*. 

sgriach, -a, -an, prov. foi sgreuch i' * <n. Scor, 
scratch, streak. 

sgriacbag, -eig, -an, prov. for sgreuchag. 

sgriachail, see sgreuchail. 

sgnachan-criosach, see sgreuchaa-crao.<acbr. 

sgrib, -e, -ean, see sgriob 

sj;ribeag, -eig, s.f. Small griddle. 

sgribh, v. see sgriobh. 

xgribtiinn, -e, -eaii, *./ Rugged, tocky side of* 
hill. 2**Rugged, sloping shore. 

eacb, -eiche, a. Rocky, having rugged 

sides(of hills.) 2 Having rugged.slopi.ij/ shore*. 

eachd,** f. Rocki:ieas, ruggednesa. 

sgribhi-'g,** s f. Notes, comments. 

sgribbie, see sgriobhta. 

sgrid,(,AC; v. Scrape. 2* Breathe your last ia 
consequence of laughing or weeping. 

Sgrul,(Ati) s./. Any small , stuuted livingjthing. 
S. phaisde, s. laoigh, <tc. 

^grid, -n, -eau, s.f. Breath. 2 The least breath "f 
life or air. 3** Voice. 4* Gasp. Cha'n 'eil 
K. aim, there** -not a breath in him, he is. 
quite dead. 

ealachd, s.f. Life, vigour, liveliness. 2 (MS) 


eil. -e, a. Lively, vigorous, active, sprightly. 

sgrilleaji,(AF) s.f. Samlerling, sandpiper. 

sj;rm,** -e, s.f. Shrine. 

each,** o. Havin; a shrine. 2 Like a shrine. 

sgriob, a' sgriobadh, v.a. <ft n. Scrape. rnli 
off the surface. 2 Scratch, tear, mark with 
slight incisions. 3** Carve, engrave, l Draw 
lines or strokes onany surface, draw scratch- 
es. 6 Make a furrow. 6 Scrib:>l,8erape,write. 
7 Sweep off, make bare by rubbing. 8 Carry 
off, take away. 9 Comb or curry as a horse-. 
10 Snatch. 11 Lay waste, m ike desolate by a 
calamity. 12*Drag or dredge for fish or oysters. 
S. leat e, snatch or sweep it away with you ; 
a* sgriobadh 'sa phort, drfdginy tit theharbour; 
a' sgriobadh buntata, scra/jinj potato**. 

sgriob, -a, -an, */. Scratch, track, mark, line, 
scrape. 2 Furrow, as of a plough. 3 Cart-rut. 
4 Trip, journey, excursion. 5 Calamity, be- 
reavement. 6 Itching of th lip, superstitious- 
ly supposed to portenda kiss (s.-p6ige), or s.- 
clibhe (or s. -drama), a dram. 7 Curry-i-'uinb. jj 
Stroke of a whip-saw 9tt Hurt, S. do 'n 
Ghalltachd, a trip to tlip Lowlands ; tlutir s. 
mu 'n cuairt, take a turn rnnnil, 'iiifi-k^ a cir~ 
cmt ; s. an t-saibh mhoir, a stroke t>f the n-hip- 
$aw ; s.-croinn, the furrow of a plough; s. 
bhuntata, a drill of potatoes. -aich, s.f. The itch, mange, scurvy. 
2* Scotch or Highland fiddle. 

sgriobach, -aiche, a. Scratching, scraping. 2 
Prone to scratch or scrap;, .ittltchinjj. 4 
Furrowing, ft Curry-combing. 

sgriobachan.** -ain. Scraner. 2 Wooden 
instrument for raking ashes, wooden rak 
without teeth. S. na luai hre, thf icoodrn frr" 

, -eau, s.m. Scraper. 2 Nutmeg-grac- 




er. s.f. Scrap : n<:. 
griobadan, -ain, -an, s.m. see sgriobadair. 

ggrio v >a Ih, -aiilh, t.m. Scraping, act of scraping 
or scratching. 2 Ace of scribbling, drawing 
lines or furrows. 3 Act of carrying off or ta- 
king away. 4 Laying waste, act of laying 
waste. A' s , of sgriob. 

griobachan, -ain, -an, .nee sgriobadair. 

egrioba<j, -aig, -an, *. f. dim. of sgriob. Slight 

grioba^.(AF) t.f. Cockle, see creachag. a. Ab mnding in scratches. 

sgriobaidh, a. of s<mob. 

s^riobair, -ean, *.m. Graving tool. 2 Scraper, 
scratcher. 3 Grater. 4* Dredge. 5*Curry- 
comb. 6 see sgrioban. 

Bgriobaireaclid,** * f.ind. Continued scraping or 
scratching. 2 Working with a graying tool. 

griobin, -ain, -an, Any kind of hoe, rake 
or scraper. 2 Wool-card. 3 Curry-comb. 4 
Hand fishing-line. 5 Scraping. Dorghadh 
leis an sgrioban, fishing with, the hand-tin* ; 
earba bheas; an sgriobam, the scrapin-i young 
roe Donn.Iian, p. 54. they have a habit of 
scraping with their fore-feet ; gheibh cearr 
an sgriobain rud-eigio, the scratching hen will 
Und something. 

griobanach, -aiche, a. Abounding in rakes, Ac. 
2 Like a scraper, or curry-comb. 

grioban-dorobhaich, (I)JM) a.m. Hand line, 
used in bottom fishing for cod. 

griobar,**/u'. pa.<. of sgriob. 

Bgriobh, v.a. Write, perform the act of writing. 
2 Compose a hook or writing. 3 Record. 4 
*Engrave. S. d' a ionnsuidli, write to him ; 
a 1 ssriobhadh leabhair, writing a, book. 

sgriohh, see s^riobhadh. 

sgriobha, . & v. see sgrobha. 

Bgriobhach, -aioh, -aicuean, s.m. Writer, scribe, 
clerk. 2 "Notary. 

griobhacb, -aich", a. Writing, that writes, com- 
poses or records. 2 Fond of writing, compos- 
ing or recording. 

griobhadair, -can, *. m. Writer, scribe, clerk, 
penman. 2 Notary. 3 Attorney. 

sgriobhadaireachd, s.f.ind. Writing, business of 
a writur, clerk or notary. 2 Attorneyship. 3 

griobhadh, -aidh, -ean, s.m. Writing, penman- 
ship. 2 Act of writing. 3 Composing, act of 
composing. 4 Recording, act of recording or 
committing to writing. 5* Handwriting. 6 
Engraving. A' s , pr. pt. of sgriobh. Fath- 
sgriob'taidh, an appendix. 

Bgri >bha Ih, pant paxs. of sgriobh. 

sgriobh.iiche, see sgriobhadair. 

Bgriobhaichean,** a. pi. Writings. 2 Writers. 

sgriobhainnear,** -eir, Writer, clerk.scribe. 

2 Notary. 3 Scrivener. 
Sgriobhainn,** s.f. Hill, writ, evidence. 
Bgriubhair, -ean, Writer,scribe,clerk,agent, 

penman. 2 Notary. 3 Attorney. 
Igriobhaireachd, se-^ sprriobhadaTrtachil. 
Bgriobham. Ixt. stn-;. ii.ip. of sgriobh. Let me 

write. 21,-'. fut.afT.i. I will write. 
grio!.h;ir, fut. pa**, of s^riobh Shall be written, 
wriobh-lochd, -an, Fault or error in writ- 

inij. erratum. 

griobh thai^'h.* s.m. ^yriter'8 office, 
griobhtach,** a. Writing. 2 Fond of writing. 

3 Writing frequently. 

sgriobhta. pa*t pt. of sg iobh. Written, record- 
ed, registered, composed. 
flgrioljtuir, -ean, a.m. Scripture. 

each, -oiche, a. Scriptural. 

eil>* a. Scriptural. 

sgriobhninn,** -ean, t.f. Bill or evi.lenca. S 


S2;rioch,** s.m. Scratch, score, line, furrow, 
sgrioeh,** v.a. Dash. 2 Scratch, score, uotch, 

draw a line or furrow, 
sgriodadh, -aidh, Shingle, 
sgriodan, -ain, -an, #. m. Stony ravine on & 
mountain side. 2 Track of a mountain torrent. 
3 Continuous heap of small stones on a moun- 
tain side. 

sgriodanach, -aiche, a. Cleft by ravines. 2 
Abounding in continuous heaps of small 
stones. 3 Like a mount via torrent. 4**Kull 
of channels. 5* Like a mountain. 6**Of tor- 

sgriodanaich.(MS) v.a. Streak, 
sstriogalach, s.f. Bare mountain top beyond thd 
line of vegetation. Anns an sgriogalaich seo, 
t?i this barren wild'rn-'xa. 

sgrios, a' sgrios & a' sgriosadh, v.a. & n. 
Destroy, ruin, annihilate, consume. 2**Abol- 
ish. 3 Stumble, slip. 4* Scrape or sweep 
off the surface. 5* Ruin. Sgriosaidh mi an 
duine, / will des'roy man ; a' sgriosadh an 
leathrach, scrap iny the rind off the leather ; s. 
mo chas, my foot slipped. 

sgrios, -a, -an, s.m. Destruction, ruin, annihila- 
tion. 2* Sweeping off a surface, scraping 
rind. 3*Stumbling, slip. Mos., my rain. ' 
bheir thus. oimn,j/ot will annihilate us. [**./.) 
sgriasach, -aiche, see sgriosail. 
sgriosadair, -ean, a.m. Destroyer, pillager, one 

who lays waste. 

sgriosadaireachd, t. f.ind. Destroying, sweeping 
away, annihilation, continued pillaging or 

sgriosa-lhj-aidh, -aidhean.jf.7n. Destroying 1 , act of 
destroying, or mining. '2 Abolition, pillaging, 
destruction, waste, pillage. 3 Act of stum- 
bling or slipping the foot. 4 Cutting or peel- 
ing off the skin by accident. 5 Act of open- 
ing an ulcer by paring off its surface with any 
sharp instrument. 6**Slip, tumble. A* s , of sgrios. 

iio^a^,-aig, -an, s.f. Wreath of yarn on a clew. 
2 (DIT) Small.'ball of yarn. 
s^rio~a rach, -aiche, a. Made up in clews. 
Sitrios lil, -e, a. Destructive, ruinous, pernicious. 
'2** Wasteful. 3** Slippery. 4** Apt to stum- 
sgriosa!ach,(AC) s.m. Cloud. 'Nan sgriosalaicn 

inora, in gri-at clouds. 

sgriosnl;ichd ** s. f. Balefnlness, banefulness. 
sgriosan, a.m. Trousseau Arran. t (All) Tor- 
rent of vituperaiio't. (Jhuir e 'na s. dheth, he 
lfCtur<-d in very o^'ensiv-' ttUtynOfft., fut.pass. of srios Shall or will be des- 
sgrios-na-beithire, (AC) s. m. Destruction by 


*griosta, ; -aitt pt. of syrio.s. Destroyed, riiinsd. 
sgrior,.(OMu) v.a. Xitth'd. for sgriid ( examine.) 
sgriot,(l)U) s.f. Tale uf distress. 
griotachan. -ain, s. m. Squalling creature, in- 

fanr.. -* Child that is li <eiy to die. 
griotal, s.m. Suth'ii for sgriothail. 
grioth.J Gravel. 

}grioi/hail,J . pi. Lot of small items, as sun 11 
potatoes liadmoch. Chuir u sjiri >tal (s^ii (h- 
ail dhoti), h"spnk j a ijr-at man'i "< rd= icitfi 
UK!" xiii-s ance in them. 2trL'rovvd of youug 
griothal,tt-ail s.m. Crowd of young creatures 

or small things, 
sgr obli. see sgr ibha. 
<grisUach, -eich, s in. Tartar. 
sgr6b, v.a. Scratch, scrape wi.h tiie uaila. 2** 



srruf bleach an 


sgrob, -a, -an, *./. Scratch, scrape, line, scrawl. 

sgrobach, -aiche, a. That scratches or scrapes, 
scrawliug, scratching, inclined to scrape. 

fir6badair, -ean, Scratcher, scraper. 

sgrpba'laireachd, s.f. Scr itching. 

Bprobadh, -aidh, t.m. Scratching, act of scrap- 
ing or scratching with talons or nails, scrawl- 
ing, scratch, scrawl. A' s , of sgr6b. 

sgrobag, -aig, -an, t.f. Slight scratch. 

8gr6bagach,tf a. Scratching. 

8gr6baich, see sgrob. 

sgr6bair, -ean, see sgrobadair. 

SjiTobaireachd, s. f. Unskilful writing, scrawling. 

Bgroban, -ain, -an, t.m. Scraping or scratching 
with the nails or talons. 2 Crop of a bird, b 
Dewlap. 4**Uizzard. 

8r6banach, -aiche, a. Scratching. 2 That 
scratches with nails or talons. 3 Of, or belong- 
ing to, a bird's crop or gizzard. 4 Having a 
crop or gizzard. 5 Having a large crop or giz- 
zard. 6 Hanging down, as a dewlap. 

Sgrobha, -a, -acban, s.m. Screw. 2**Vice. 3 see 
sgrath. 4**Corkscrew. 

sgrobha, v.a. Screw. 

sgrobhach, -aiche, a. Twisted, like a screw ,spi 
al. 2 Having screws. 

sgr6b-bhearnaeh, a. Do dheud s., your scratched 
an I distorted tethDonn. ban, p. 133. 

groch, see sgr6b. 

ail,* v.a. Scrawl, scribble. 

ladh, -aidh, *. m. Scrawling, scribbling. 

2 Scrawl, scribble. A' s , of sgrochail. 

jrrod, s.m. Host, large number. S. chloiune, a 
host of children ; s. bhuntata beaga, a quantity 
of small potatoes Dain I. Ghobha.not good 

sgrodha, see sgrobha. 

sgrodhach, see sgrobhach. 

sgrog, -oig, -an, s.m. The head, side of the head, 
in riiiiculf. 2 The neck, in ridicule. 3 Hat, 
bonnet. 4 Bite, mouthful. 5** Skull-cap. 6 
tfBiting word. 7 see sgrogag. A sgrog, his 
nob an expression used in playing cribbage. 

,(AF) s.f. Old cow or ewe. 2ttShrivelled 


grog. v.a. Put on the bonnet firmly, pull on, as 
a helmet. 2 Doff. 3 Cock. 4 Compress, shriv- 
el. 5 Become shrivelled. 6 Do away with. 7 
*Bif,e, as a horse. SftNag. S. e mi, he bit 
me ; s. do bhoineid ort, tighten your bonnet on 
your head ; s. e am balach, he killed tht fallow. 

Bgro-jach, -aiche, a. Shrivelled. 2 Impotent. 3 
Mean, contemptible. 4 Having a hat or bon- 

Bgi'ogadh, -aidh, t.m. Act of putting on a hat or 
Motmet. 2 Shrivelling, act of shrivelling. 3 
State of becoming 1 shrivelled. 4 Act of doing 
away with, finishing. A' s , of sgrog. 

Bgroarag, -aig, -an, s.f. Anything shrivelled and 
contemptible. 2 Little old woman. 3 Useless 
old timber. 4 Stunted "rowing timber. 6** 
Oath. 6(.AF) Old cow or ewe. 7tfLittle horn. 
8(CR) Crumpled horn W. of Roifthirt. 9((J 
B) Mythical a-{uat : c animalSty* 10 (DU) 
Drinking-horn. Lan na, sgroga g, a hornfiU 
(of liijuor); be"ist na sgrogaig, the unicorn in 
armorial b'-ariii'is. 
sgrogaid,* s.f. Old hat or cap. 
sgrugair.-eau, s.w.Siirivellcd old fellow. 2 Biter. 

sgrogan,** -ain, . ra. Skull-cap. 2 (DU) Little 

man, dwarfish person. 

grotfauaetM.m. Short-necked m n. S. de bhod- 
aeh cdir, a thick-set, sturdy, elderly kind little 
titan. Syi-ttl.-nati-r ml, p. 294. 

groid,(A.C; v.a. Sean-h. 

egroidhseach^CR) s.f. Hag, cormorant W. of 

lioss-s fiirt. 

sgrui^.tf -e, -ean, t.f. see sgroigean. 
sgroig. gtn.sing of sgrog. [?jom. in Gairloch 

sgroigean, -ein,-an, s.m. sae sgruigean. 

sgroill, -ean, *./. Feeling, paring, anything torn 

sgroill, v.a. Peel, pare, excoriate. 

sgroille,** s.f. Peeling, paring. 2 Any part that 
is torn off a skinned or coated surface. 

sgroilleach, -eiche, a. Peeling, excoriating, that 
peeis or pares. 2 In peels or parings. b**Apt 
to peel or pare. 

sgroilleachadn,** s.m. Scarification. 

sgrdilleag, -eig, -an, s.f. dim. of sgroill. Little 
peeling or paring. 2**Scale. 3 Any part torn 
from a coated surface. 

sgroilleagacb, -aiche, a. sea sgrdil leach. 

sgioillicu, s j . sgroill. 

sgroingean,** a.m. Barebone, curmudgeon. 

sgroingeanach,** a. Clostf-ha'ide-t, illiberal. 

Hgroingeanachd,** s.f. Illiberality. 
iniifjach, a. Ragge .1 Arran. 

sgroitheacii, -eiche. a. see sgrathach. 

sgroithean, of sgroth. 

siir61,(CR) s.m. Multitude, crowd, great num- 
ber. S. chluiune, a crowd of children W. of 

fsgroll,* s.m. Large wide piece. 

sgroth, -oith, -oil/bean, s.m. see sgrath. 

sgrothach, -aiche, see sgrathach. 

sgrothach, -aich, s.m. Sea furbelows, bulbous- 
rooted tangle laminaria bn'.bosa. 

sgrothachd,(MS) s.m. Scalinoss. 

sgrotha'lh, see sgrathadh. 

s^rothaiche,(MS) s.m. Epidermis, morphew. 

sgrub, t.m. Hesitation, scruple. 

sgrub, v.a. & n. Hesitate, delay. 2 Be niggard- 
ly, act in a niggardly manner. 

grubadh, -aidh, s.m. Delaying, act of hesitat- 
ing or delaying. 2 Act of playing the niggard. 
3 Scrubbishn^-ss. 4 Draught (liquid.) A' s , of sgrub. 

grubail, -e, a. Hesitating, dallying. 2 Scrupu. 

lous. 3 Niggardly, parsimonious, 
sgrtibair, -enn, a.m. Churl, niggard, miser,.scrub. 

igrubaireachd, a.f.ind. Churlishness, scrulibis)-.- 

igrubal, -ail, -an, s.m. Scruple. 2 Doubt. a. In scruples. 2** Hesitating, 

grubauta,* see sgrubail. 

igrud, v. a. Search, scrutinize, pry, examine. 


sgrudach,** a. Examining, catechising, quis- 
tiouing, prying, searching, inquisitive.inva-iti- 

sgru 'lachadh, -aidh, s.m. & of sgrudaich, 
see sy;rudadh. 

grudadb, -aiilh, s.m. Searching, act of search- 
jug, scrutinizing, prying, examining, question- 
ing, investigation. 2 search. 3 Inqiiisitivo- 
uess, curi'js'ty. 4 Audit (of accounts.) Ut- 
most scraping of anything in a dish. A's , 
pr. pt. of Sjfrii'l. A' s. gach ionaid, searching 
evry p?ace. 

gruduich, v.a. see sgru-l. 

grudaichte, past p\ of sgrudaich. Triad, ex- 
amine' t, searched. 

gru'lair, -ean, s.m. Searcher, investigator, scru- 

grudaireachd, s.f. Searching. 

grugaill,:CR) s.f. Neck of a bottle. 2 Neck of 
a lien Sutk'd. 

gruibleacb, -iob, s.f. Refuse, rubbish, 
ruibleachiu,** -am, -an, s.m. Scribbler. 




ruidte. past pt of s-jrud, 

ruige-in,J-ein,-an,*.m Neck of a bottle, or any- 

thing shaped for the hand. 2 The neck, in ri- 

dicuie. 3**Short neck, in ridicul* 4**Short- 

necked person, in ndi<:ult. 5 Hat, bouuet. 

Rug i air au s. air, sht graiprd him by the 


gruigeanach,** a. Short-necked, 
fcruig tllieiridli, *.A Parts of stern post about 

the gunwale, 
sgruig thoisich, *./. Parts of stem-poat about 

the yunwale. 

Bgruimbean, -ein, -an, tin. Scrub. 
Bgrmmbeanach, a. Scrubbed. 
Bgnunge,** .f. Ensign. 

gruit. -ean. s. m. Old, shrivelled person. 2 


seyeral vestiges of his temporary hnts were 
still to be seen in 1785, in the mount tins of 
Atholl. His " dun cow " WHS the wil.l moun- 
tain doe. Macintosh gives xtng'tail (an un- 
known word) for sfd'haidh, which nvik^s the 
proverb meaningless S. means the cutting of 
corn short, as would be don 3 for a lusty sup- 
ply. The MacUillonies belonged to thj Clau 
Cameron, but were originally allied to the 
Macleans. NGP. 

sguabanta, a. Portable, trim. 

s-uab-ghabhaidh** (an), ./. The banner of Os- 
car, .son of Ossian. 

sguabhair,** -bhrean, *.f. Square. 

sguab-lion, s.f. Trawl or s\veep-net, drag-net. 

sguabta, past pt. of sg lab. -Swept, brushed. 

sgu.tib, -e, -ean, s.f. see sguah. 

Thin, meagre, person. 3*"*Old man. 4**N"ig- 

eani. f>(AF) Lean, hard cow. 6**Harangue. | stiuaibte, see sguab'i 

7* OM decayed person. 8**Old hard-featured sguaigeis, -e, *./. Coquetry, flir'ation. 

gruit each, -eiche, a. Old, withered, wrinkled. 

2 Meagre, thin. 3**Ningardly. 
Sgrum, g. m. Shell of the same shape and colour 

Britain, -e, *./. Train of dre-s, tail. 2 Crowd, 

swarm. Gille-s^uain, a train-heir >r. 
sgU'tinseach *. f. Huss.^v, hoyden -Argyll. 
sguair,** Gaelic form of * /tiara or S'/uire. 

as a mussel, but smaller. They are used when j sgu in,(\C) *./. -51m-. si it I >r : >ssi j. 
ground small to entice coal-fish into the bag sguasaiohean,( D VI lt) Long narrow and thin 

strips of wood laid across the thatcU of a 
house Lo keep it. in position Lnchhroom. 
sguch, v.a. Sprain or strain a joint. 

which catches them. 

sgrung,(DMK) *. Ill-conditioned animal, one 
having a hard, skinny, bony appearance 
Jt'>b Do mi. 

grut, see sgruit. 

grutach,** -aich, * m. Itch. 

agrutacb, see sgrui teach. 

B^ruthan, -ain, *. m. Shock of corn Assynt. 

Bguab, -aib, t.m. Besom, broom, brush. 2 Sheaf 
of corn. 3 The plant bealaidh (from which 
brushes are made. ^ 4**Sweepings, refuse. S. 
choirce, a sheaf of oatt : mar leus air an s., 
likf a flamr on the sheaf; s.-aodaich, clothes' - 
bruih ; s.-lair, 8-urlair, floor-bniih ; s.-deann- 
aich, whisk. 

guab, a' sguabadh, v. a. Sweep, sweep 
away, brush. 2**Bind into sheaves. 3**Move 
quickly or with a sweep. 4ft Clean with a 
broom or besom. 

eguab, .ni. Extinguisher, hollow, conical shap- 
ed apparatus fur put ting out a candle without 
smell or spilling of grease. 

Bguabach, -aiche, a. Abounding in sheaves. 2 
Sweeping, that sweeps, brushing. 3 Cleanly, 
cleansing. 4 Moving with a sweep. 

Bguabach, -;iich, -aichean.s. f. Besom, floor-brush 

sguabachan, -am, -an, t.m. dun. of sguabach' 
sea sgu a bag. 

gu.iiiacliail, a. Sweepy. 

s^uabadair, -eau, sae sguab'iir. 

sguabadh, -aidh, s.m. Sweeping, act of sweep- 
ing, brushing or cleaning. 2 Sweeping mo 
tiou. 3** Sweep:n^s, refuse. A' s pr 

pt. of s^uab. Meoir a' 8. na cruit, fingers 
sic'tpinj winbly aton<j tiifharp-ttnn'jx. 

^uabag. -aig, -aii, s./. dun. of s'^uab. Little be^ 
smn. wh'sk. 2 Sm ill shi-af of corn. 3 Sm irt 
breeze of wind. 4*Temale that moves with 
a sweeping gait. 5tt Gusty wind. Tn la 
Sguabag, three day t, the 7th., 8th., and 9th. 
of April. 

Bguabaichean,**upJ. of sguabach. 

B^uabair, -ean, s.m. Sweeper. 

Bguabaireachd, ./. Sweeping. 

Bguabair-luidheir, s.m Chimney-sweep. 

Bguaban aoilaich, * m. Clothe<?'-brush 

g-uaoan st6th ndh, s.m. Resource. Is mairg do 
'n s. bo mliaol odhar MhicGhiU'Eomidh, pity 
him whote resource w MacGdlonu'* hornltig 
dun cow. Macintosh says that '.MacGillonv 
was a famoua huncer in the Grampians, aud 

8,'iich.(UR) v.-. Move, stir. Na sguchaibh.dtin't 
t ttiUSutkd <& Farr. 

sguchadh, -aidh, -aidhean, a.m. Sprain, strain. 

2 Spraiuin ;, *et of spraining a limb A' s , of Bguch . 

sguchta, past pt. of sguch. Sprained. 
sgiid, -aid, -an, s.m. Scout, spy. 2 Cluster. f3 

Ship. 4 Ketch (boat) 

sgud, a' sgudadh, v.a. Lop, prune, cut off 

at one stroke, hew down. 2 Curtail. 3 Snatch. 

4 Abscond. 5**Walk quickly. 
sgiid. -a, -an, s.m. Dirty water, foul drop?. 
sgudach,** aiche a. Walking quickly, or with a 

sweeping gait. 2 Lopping off, hewing down 

at a blow. 3 Absconding. 
sgudach,** a. Spying, apt to spy. 2 Abounding 1 

in dirty water or foul drops. 
sgudachd,**s.f. Espionage, habit of spying. 2 

Frequent spying or scouting. 
sgudach 1,** *./. Continued cutting. 2 Sweep- 

ing g i it. 3 Nimble motion. 
sgudadh, -aidh, x.m. Lopping off cleverly, hew- 

ing down at a blow. 2**Sweepiug gait. A' s , of .sgud. 
sgudag,** -aig,*./". Female with a sweeping gait. 

2 Active, tidy girl. 
sgudal. -ail. an, s.m. Fish guts, offal, tilth. 2 

*Trash. refuse of anything. -aiche, a. A bounding in offal or 


sgudalair, see sguidilear. 
sguga, -n & cuan s.m. <k /. Coarse clumsy 

person. 2ttPerson in a crouching posture. 
sgtigach, -aiche, a. Coarse, clumsy. 2 (OU)Shy 

and awkward. 

sgu^ach,* -aich, s.m. Soft, boorish fellow 
s^ug.ini j ach.(AF) s.m. Useless or worthless 

bird. 2 sde sgug. S. de dh' ian deireadh 

Foghur, 'smairgadh' fheith ri d bhreith ' 

a' Mhart, useless bird at harv'St-'tid, pity those 

who u'aitfd for your birth in M/irch applied 

to workers, more in the way than use- 

ful. -NflP 

sguibhir,** s.m. Squire, esquire. 
sguiblich,** v.a. Tuck up. 

sguich.'AH) s.f Booty, spoil, plunder- -A. rgyll. 
sgui'leireachd, see sguidilearachd. 
sguidileai , eir. -an, t.m. tfc /. Dirty drudge, 


Bga.d.learach I, Foul drudgeay, siuctish 

suu.di, v.a. Thrash, switch, lash. 2 Drive. 3 
Ureas flax. (Scots, skutch.) 

Sguidieach, -ich.-icaeari, s.m. & f. Stripling,pro. 
i* Very tall, slender yoiMsj man. H Prosti- 
tute, prno. ttfl^a ik younu; girl. 

Iguidseadh, -idh, s.m. Switching, act of switch- 
ing, thrashing or lashing. 2 Act of dressi i.g 
flix. A' x, of s;uids. Deireadh mo sgtSii 
mj s., the end of m>/ tat? iviil be whipping. 
i.-?. confess an I be hanged. 

s^uidse ir,** -eir, s.m. Bedtle, thresher, dresser 
of fl.ix. 

Bgaiilseiueaoh, -ich, sm. s<33 sguidseach. 

sguidsich,** see squids. 

sg.iilbasa-h, sea <;uHbneach. 

S4U:1,* s. Tray. 

sjjuiln, sue sgulan. 

sgu liach,** -ioh s- m. Rubbish, refuse. 

sgu i 'an, -ein, -an, see s^ulan. 

:ar,(Ctl) a.m. Mean, c tniamotible fellow 
end of A rrin. 

Bijui tie,** t. m. K'.tcaan-boy. 2 Scullery, 
eguilleir,** *'.m Scullery. 

sguir, a' S'tur & a' s^urachd, r.a.ifc n.Stop 
ceisj, leave o!f, terminate, desist, settle, 'i 
tfCauae to stop. S dhetn, d'sist, br don" with 
it ; inu'u do s. sina, b'fore we stopped ; nach s. 
thu ? wilt you, not xtop ? 

sguirb,** <./ Cassation. 

Bguirbjadh,** -idu, s.m. Condemning, condemn- 

uird, -e, -can, s.f. The lap. 2 Lapful. 3 Shift, 
smock. 4 Apron. 5 Skirt. 

sgiurd, o. see s.;iord. 

each, ft -eiclie, a. In lapfuls. 

8/uird-shoirbheiV N MS; / Mackerel-gale. 

siuiridh, fu'.a/.a. of s^uir. 

Sguirt, -'i, -an, see s.^iord. 

3, sea sgiorlte. 

8guit, -e, pi. -tja.-i & -ichean, *./. Board on the 
bottom of an open boat, fore and aft, on 
which pissen^ers ptaci their feet, foot-board. 
2 Stern-seat in a boat. 3 *Skates. 4(DM 
K) Basket us'd for holding wool, something 
of the shapj of a beetiive and made of straw 
or twigs Lnclibroom. 

sguit, -can, Wanderer. 

Biiuit, loMav of sgou Piece of land cut off aji- 

1, Gajiic -pelling of tcuttle. 
r\e ',AF; s Pig. 
[car,** -eir, s.m. Low, menial drudge. 

ich I,** s.f. Menial drudgery, scullery. 

3, see sg li Is. 
Kg ntse ich s. j e sguidseach 
sgaitse.ulh, see sguid^eadii 
SKUitsear, see s^ui Isear. 
sguH, s.m. see .sgulag. 
Bgnla,' s.f. Littlj person. 

^guiag, -aig, -an, *./. iJasket for holding the Mn- 
nn-Suth d 'I see sgalag. 2 Basket for fish- 
r.ig-lines, -oan, s. m. Large old hat. 
Bguirueach,** s. Skirted, t Having a shirt or 

s nook. 

sgulati, -ain, -an, s.m. Wicker basket for fish- 
ing-lines. 2 Potato-basket. [ short in Arran 
Oft.] 3 Large coarse basket made of willow 
twigs, hamper. 4 Creel. -ain, -an, s. m. Little old man. 2 Old 

ach,(AC) a. Flippant. 

acu,(AC) -aich, *. m. Flippaucy. 2 Evil- 

ep-akiiig. Shallow person. 
ssu an-la'mhe, s.m. Maund. 
sgiim, s .m. Foam, scum, i JJRefase. S. an t- 

sao^hail, the refusf ofimnmnd. 
'sgu in, And so that. Tog brigh do chlniche 
's gu 'm fai^hinn a bin g iraeachd, take thi 
stak' of your jam*, to that I may get away 
W. B 1.1$, 

sgiiinach,** a. Scummy, frothy. 
sgumadair, -can, i.m. Scnmmer. 

-eachd,** *./. Business of scumming. 2 
Continued scumming. 

sgunian, -ain, -an, s.m. Bag formed by tempor- 
arily gathering tip the four corners of a squire 
of cloth, a<id ofL^n us'id as a .strainer. '2 Skirt, 
train tucked up. 3 Tawdry head-dress. 4 
JSa rk of corn. 5 Lock of h air on the fore- 
luad, especially of sheep. 6 IJaling-dish fora 
boat. 7**SKimining-dish. 8 Stack of corn 
McL& I). 

igii'ii fi,, A 1 1)*, m. see sgum^n. 2 Untidy persoa. 
sguinhaii,('VC)-.iin, g.m. Lobe. 
Siiim.iara,"* a. Fat. [dowdy, prow. 

sgumra-i. -aig, -an, s.f. Fire-sh >vi>l 2 Slattern, 
^iiinrag<t<'h, -aic'ie, a. Slovenly. 2**Slatternly. 
gur. a' s'^ura Ih. v.a. Scour, wash, cljau, 
rub up, purge. 2 Purify. 3 Burnish. A' s^iir- 
adli nau larunn, yolishni*) the fii-f-isans. 
gar, DtsLstmg, co;<8ing, leaving off, giving 
over, c.:siacio.i, stopping. 2** rjrmiuatun, 
coiiclusiou. A' s , pr pf. of :sguir. Buidh- 
each-is guu s., thank* without erasing ; gun *., 

S2uracii,**a. Aperient. 2 Scouring, burnishing, 
cleansing, pur^iag, purifying. 

sgurachd, s./. & of sguir, see sgur. 

sgurrxchdainn,* see sgur. 

sgurada T,** s.m. Burnisher, cleanser. 

sguradu. -aidh. *.r.Cle insiug, ac; of cleansing, 
scouring, burnishing, purging, purifying. A* 
s, of sgtir. 

sgiira ; nri, t.f. Wasliing-water, scourings, ley, 
toplash. 2**sVater in which much soap has 
been dissolved i'i the course of c'othes-wash- 
ing, called in Broad Scots, sapptt. aftSeeda. 
4* Any trash of liquor, in contempt. 

sgur-e'ild,** see sgor-eild 

sgurr, -a, -an, s.m. High, sharp-pointed bill. S 
Large conical hiil (<gor.) 

sgurrach, a. Rugged. 
gurt,* see sgiut. 

sgut, see sgud. 

8!<ut. -uit, see sgud. 

sgutach, see sgudach. 

sgutach,** see "gudach. 

sgutachd, see s^u lachrt. 

sgutachd, see sgudachd. 

a^uth, *. Spraia. 

For all words beginning with th, see un- 
-j der *. 

shios, adv. Down, in position 

si.>i Sin, j ea i. A is never used to de- 
note the object after the verb like t. Phos e t, 
he tnarrir I h-r. 

s i, contr (or is, . + i, pers.pron. It is sh. 
'S i rogha nam ban 6g, she in the choice of dam' 
if Is. 

a i, contr. for is, co/v + i, pert.pron And she. 2 
As she a Whilst sue. 
ia, a. see se. 

iab, a' siabadh &a' siabail, v.a. & n.Rub, 
wipe, cleanse by rubbi-ig. 2 Drift, as snow. S 
Sweep aloug, pass by with quick notion. 4 
Skim. 5 Snaccn, snatcti away, tf Breathe 
away dust. 7 Fish, angle. 8(0 R) Cast a line 
in angling, " whip" a steam. 9(l)C)lUow a- 
way, as thatch otf a house in a storm Uut. 




A' cur 's a' siabadh, tnowinij and drifting. 

iab,* s.m. Wipe, rub. 2 Cleansing. 3 Fhuch- 
ing. Thug OB. dha, he gaos il a rub. 

ach, -aiche, a. Wiping, rubbing, cleansing 

by rubbing. 2 Passing along with a quick 
Continuous motion. 3 Snatchi.ig, that snatch- 
eth. 4 Flinching. 5 Sarcastic, cutting. 

adh, -aidh, s.m. Wipinjj, act of wiping or 
rubbing. 2 Cleansing by rubbing. 3 Act of 
passing along with quick coutinujus m jtion. 

4 Snatching, act of snatch! ug away. 5 Breath- 
ing away. tit fS weep ing. 7ttPlying a risiiin^ 
r>i. 8 Drifting A rran. A' s , of siab. 

Biabail,** a. Abstergent. 

Biabail (a 1 ), of siab. Angling IT. of Ross- 

Biabair, -can. t.m. Wiper, one who wipes or rubs. 

2 Hnatcher, one who snatches. 3 Awkward 
fellow. 4 Cleanser. 5 **Sarcastic fellow. 

ii vbaireachd, t.f. Wiping, rubbing. 2 Awkward- 

n --s. 
it ban, -ain, t.m. Sand-drift, prov. 2 Sea-spray. 

3 fHlijfiit shower. The dry sand in which the 
muran (sea-maram) always grows is called s. 
when it drifts in a storm. Toe breaking of sea 
waves in a storm drifts in the same manner, 
and is called " s. nan tonn mora." 

Biabh. -a. -an, Dish of stewed periwinkles. 

Hebrides. 2ff Broth of grouse. 
Biabh,! v. see siab. 

ach, see siabach. 

si'ibh ulh, see siabadh. 

Biabhair,* v.a. Tease, weary out. 

eachd,ft t.f. Skimminsj about like a 

Biahhracn.t -aich, -aichean, s. /it. Fairy. 2ft 

Ghost, [also siabhraich, *. ^.] 
Biabhas, -ais, -an, s.m. Idle ceremony, 
aiabhasach, -aiche, a. Idly ceremonious. 
Bia'tuinn, grn.sing. of siabunn. 
siabunn, -uinn, *.m. Soap. 
Biabunnach, -aiche, a. Soapy. 
siabunn-xruu-hau-sith, s.m.Milkwort Colonsay. 
iriacair, see siachair. 
Biach, v.a Sprain or strain a joint. 2 (OR) 

Avoi 1 Strathtay. 8** Filter. 
iachadh, -aidh, s.m. Sprain, spraininz. act of 

spraining. 2 Scratch on tiie skin. 3**Filter- 

in<^. A' s , of siach. 
sivhair, -pan, s.m. Pithless wretch. 
Biai-hai reach, -elch*, a. Pithless, contemptible. 
Biachaireachd, t.f.ind. Pithlessness, want of 


Biachaireil, -e, a. Selfish. a. Sie se-cu isach. 
Bia-cheaniach, a. se-ch? arnach. 
Bia-chearna.', see se-ciiearnag. 
Bi ich-mntinn, see seacha-iuntinn. 
'a iad, con'r. for is, v. + iad, prs.pron. It is they. 

5 They were the persons. [they, 
'a iad, c'tntr. for is, con;. + iad, pert. pron. And 
Biad, p*rs.pron. This pronoun is another form 

of iad, but it is not. like la I, employed to de- 
note an object after an active verb. 6*. is used 
in such expres-ioni as, Mharbh s. iad, they 
ki'.l'd them. [ I'he ciael never say, mharbh iad 
si id.] 

Bia I. see sebd. 

sill,* v. n. Sheer, po obliquely. 2**Sneak, 

Bia I, -a, -an, t.m. Stink. 2 Laziness, sloth. 3 
JtKilthinens. 4 Fns'.y >m -II. 

Bia lach tf -aiche a. Having a fusty stn -11. 

Bi> Uir. --an. i.m. > 1. '1 Kilthy person. 3 
J.<'.v f-Unv. >hi'H-r. t Siu-akini fellow. 


ti* Sly, 

fellow. 7**3ooby. 

iadair,* v.n. Stink. 

siadaireachd, * /. Filthiness. 3 Laziness. 8 
Slinking, hutting, sly conduct, sneaking. 4 
Meanuess. 5 Stupidity. 

si i-il.'uir, see se-deug. 

8iadha,(AC) lesacle. S. coin-ghearr, the tcstick 
of the wolf. 

siadnail,** s./. Sloth, slu'igishn^ss. 

siadh in, -ain, s.m. State of confusion. 

sia than,** a. Confused, topsy-turvy. 

sia ach, o. Harum-scarum A rran. 

siaman. see siomau. 

siamarlau,** -ain, s.m. Gaeli': spelling of cham- 
berla ; n. 2 Factor. 2 Land-aiient. 

sian, -ine, -tan, s. m. Shriek, scream, roar. 2 
Squeal. 3**Voice. 4 (AC) Soft, sorrowful 
music, generally applied to tha mtuic h i arl 
in a fairy knoll. 5* Driwling scrjaua. 6(DC) 
Appearance S. f ila ran d' shiiilean, on ap- 
pearance of blood about your eyei. 

sian, -a, -tan, see seun. 

, v.a. see seun. 

sian, a' sianail, v. n. Scream, cry.shriak. 
2*Squeal. 3 Yell, bellow. 4 Scream tidious- 
ly, raising on^'s voice gridu illy. 

sian, -iue, -an, f. m. Pile of grass. 2 Beard of 

sian, t.m.ind. see sion. 

sian, -ine, pi. siautan, siantaidh& siautai lhan, 
t.f. Any storm, as wind, snow or r ain. '1 -(-a- 
son. 3 in vl. The elem -nts. A:i dei-lh tairn- 
ean-iicha' gheauihraidh thij aon ch ii'1 si 1 1 ro 
mhath no side nau s -ai-h I suin'.aM, after win- 
ter thitn ler, cmm-t ei'h'r vru g tod wathT or 
the wathsr of the S'vn lin'n # that is the 
roughest weather tnat ould pxsibly oom 
a mixture of wind and riin, snow and u-ost, 
thunder and ligh'iiiaji, and hailstone. 4** 
Blast. 5 (DC) A ;e, period. Gu siau-:i ao>r:uil, 
to th'. world's fnd. 

sianach,** a. Scr.rimin<x, shrieking, yelling, 
roariMfr. 2 Stormv, showery. 3 s^osmnacn. 

sianach ,(AF) *.'/. Monster. 

sianaohd,** s.f.inl. Scrdatning, shrieking, yeli- 
in. 2 Stormiuess, continued showers" or 

siana Ih, -aidh, s.m. fr Prov. for seunadh. 

sianaiche,** s. m. One who shrieks, s^r-am-s, 
roars or yells. 2 (DO) Changeling, fairy-i-hiiL 

sianail, -e, s.f. Screaming, crying, shrieking, 
s juealing, yelling. 2 Act of squealing or yell- 
ing. 3* Drawling, squealing. A s , pr. pt. 
of si in. 

,** a. Screaming, shrieking, yelling. & 

Stormy. 3 Showery. 

sianan, see seunan. 

sia'uar. see seathnar. 

sianar,** a. Stormy. 2 Showery. 

siauas.** -ais, s.m. Hate, hating. 

ach,** a. Harmonious, melodious, pheasant. 

2 Doleful. 

sian-3teu<l,** t.m. Driving blast. A' casg.vdh 
sian-steuda nan speur, calminj the driving 
bia.its of the skit. 

sian-bh'iailte, past pt. Weather-beaten. 

. ach,** a. Exposed to the weather. 

sian-bhaaladh,** -aidh, s.m. Beating of wind or 

si'inn, a. see sionn. 

s'annt, a. see sionn. 

sianntan, s-eiintan. 

aiansidh ** -aidh, t.m. Harmony, melody, t 

siansan.** . Hum. 

si nit, ^po'ti.'.al) of si in. 

ai.uita !,** a. So irmv, rainy, showery, snowy. 
I,** *./. Storininjaa. 2 


gia'itaH'i, of sian. 

, -can, t.m. Hardy man, hero. 

niant-aii, pi. of sian 

sia;.>,* v.n. see seao & siab. 

sia <a^h, see tiiabich. 

siapadh, see s:abadh. 

siauunn, se;siabunn. 

eiar, a. The west, westward. 2 Back, back- 
ward, behiud. 3 Sideways, aside. 4** On- 
wards. Gu traigh s., to a w j *t?rn shore ; ruith 
e s. le tartar, he rushed onwards with a noi8 a ; 
siar ort, to th westward, of you. 

,tt a. Oblique. 

Biar, a' siaradh, v.a. A n. Cast awry, more 
or throw obliquely or awkwardly. 2* Lurch. 
SifWaste. 4 Decay. 5 (CR) Sprain -Skye. 
Sh. mi mo chas, / sprained my ankl>. 

e'arachd, ./. Melancholy. 

siaradh, -aidh, -aidhean, s.m. Casting. 2 Act 
of casdnar obliquely. SftOblique line. 4ft 
Decaying 1 . 5 (MS) Caracole. 6 (DOOblhuity 
of vision Gairloch. A" s , of siar. Tha 
leann duhh air mo sh., melancholy it wasting 
m*. R. 71. 

siaraich, v. see siar. 

siaraidhean.(CR) Rheumatism,*^- contor- 
tions) SwM'rf. 

siarainnich, a' siarainneachadh, v.n. Lan- 
guish, pine away. 2ftTurn, become sour, as 

sia-ramhach, see se-ramhach. 

siaranichadh, -aidh, s.m. Languishing. 2 State 
of lang- iishin,} or plain ; away. A* s , 
of siaranaich. 

siaranaich, a' siaranachadh, v.n. Languish, 
piue away. 

siar-shuil, -shula. -shuilean, s.f. Squint-eye. 2 
**Obli pie or side look. 

-:ach, -eiche, a. Looking awry. 2 


sias, (for sios.) Cha bhi slat a sias (sios) o chrun 
deth, miann gach sul e auns an ffoaidhir, 
not a yarl of it will be les* than a crown, 
'twill bf sought by evryone at the market 
Do/tn. Ban. p. 15-5. 

fsiasar, -air, s.m. Session, sitting of a court as- 

Bia-sulisneach, see se-shlisneach. 

sia-shlisnea-j, see se-shlisneag. 

siasnadh, x.m. Wasting, decaying, fading away, 
Rof) Dimn. 

siat,** s.m. Tumour, swelling, puffing up. 

-,** v.n. Swell, puff up. 

siatai Ih ! int. Puss ! (call to a cat.) 

siatair, s.f. Sciatica, rheumati-tm. 

siathamh, see seafcham 1 !. 

sibeau, see siobin. 'Xuair a chuir iad sinn air 
tir am moasg sib'3in (siabain; is m irain, when 
t'lei/ lind-'d us ' mil ><a>ui-drift and s^a-b^nt 
D ianct>r j ,7l ; thig 1 barr-gh't^ai tairge gu sib- 
ean ^siaban), th- tua n of the set rose to spi/i- 
drift Sg'idalch'-na<i- -aoi, p. 101. 

si"h, p->rs, nron. ?,id. pers. '. Ye, you. [Used 
ins;e,id of thtt, whj-i a I Ir3>siuu; a person old- 
er or of holier s>--ial rin* t.ian th) speaker, 
also when speaking to m )re tlian one person of any a,j;e or rank. [Q Arran, 
th i u <e of thn an I sibh is determined solely by 
num ier. and ne/ar by aje or rink, except 
tua,, ol.l pe 'pie say si'iA to a mi'iisber CR.] 
E:nohnti.c f(jr-n<, sibi-sa, sibi-rein, ynurs'lf, 
ii-mrs'l'j's. 'D^ a \\ sibh ? wkat <.vW. if* do t 

Bibh.- tsf,(Dt)) g/. W.ccof a lam : >-C/t. 

8ibliM(ta -eilte, a. see -dj'ohalr.i. 

-ch I, see siobbaltajhd. 

sibheiiu, see siohhalt. 


si*>hin,J s. Bulri-h, sje luachair-.^hobhlac'i. 

siohn-ac i,*-eich, -an,*.7. Fairy, spect-re, appar 

aib'iroachail,* -e, n. Fairy-like. 

si ibr.-ag. OB) x.f. Fairy. 

sibh-9',, "mv'iatic fo.-in, of sihh. 

sibht,* Gaelic sp.-lling of thift. Plan, contri- 
vance, sub;erf;i :e. 

sibhteach,**a. Full of shifts, schemes or plans, 

giblHealachi,*./ Providentness. 2**Contrivanca. 
3 Cuuning, craftiness. 

sibhteil, -e, a. Shifty, inventive. 2 Provident, 

sic, -e, -can, ./. The prominence of the belly. 

2 Peritoneum. 3 The inner s'cin which is nexb 
the viscera in animals. 4 (AC) see sicean. 
Bnris an t-sic, th? inn*r skin broke ; mam-sio, 
rupture, hernia. 5 see seic. 

sic.(CR) -e, -ean, t. f. Snatch. 2 Attempt. S 
Sudden effort to t ike hold of one. 4** Sud- 
den personal onset, swoop. 5** Firmness, 
strength. 6**Inside of the skull. Rug e la 
s , he grasped suddenly ; thu? an cu s. air, the 
dog snanped at him ; thuj e s. as a dheidh, he 
mad" a snap after him. All from Bertnthire. 

sic, v.n. Dash to, lay hold of. 

tsic, a. Dry, parched, droughty. 

sice, ./. see craobh-shice. 

sicean (AC) s.m. Particle, grain, infinitesimal 
quantity. S. .sil, a smM grain of seed. 

sichd, -e, -ean, *./. see sic. 

sichd,* v.n. see sic. 

siciamin, *. Mulberry, (sycamine in Bible), sea 

sicir, -e, a. Shrewd, sagacious, wise. 2**Acute. 

3 Prudent, steady, firm, sure. 4 Accurate. 6 
**Advisable. 6**Advised. 7**Not easily im- 
posed upon. 

eachd, s.f.ind. Accuracy, acuteness. 2 Man- 
agement. 3 Considerateness. 4 Advisablenesa. 

5 Prudence, sagaciousness. 
si 1,J see sio 1. 

sid, -e, . f. Weather, good or bad. 2 Abate- 
ment of a storm. 3 Abatement of rage, paci- 
fication, cessation. 4** see sioda. 5* Mood, 
humour. (_McL & D gives s.m ] 'Nua'r a ni 
e sid, when the. storm a'tales ; d6 an sil a th' 
ort ? in what humour art you ? am bheil s. air 
a nis ? is his rage abated? sid mhn.lh, good wca* 
thtr ; droch shid, bad washer. 

sid,** s.m. Lair, as of a bear. 

sideach,** a. see siodach. 

d,** *./. see siodarhd. 

fsideadh, -idh, -idhean,.m. Blast, as of wind. 

sideil,* -e & sideilictie, a. More mjJerate, ai 
wind. 2 In good humour, in good temper, as 
a person. 

sidhe,** */. ses sidheadh. 

ach,(AF) t.m. Wolf. 

sidhe idh,** -idh, s.m. Blast. 

tsi lhean, x.m. Infamy. 

tsidhich, v.a. Prove." (suidhicn.) 

sid-aaich, (an), emphat. form of sid Btd'noch 

6 Glsn Urquhart, (siodauai.;h.) 
s ; fliea^,(CR) W. of Ross tor siobhag, (vrick.) 

an,(t>U) $.f. sea sithfeau. 
sifir, ) 

rd, \ (AC) *.m. Male fairy, 
sifreach. ) (sibhr ja -h ) 
. :e icn,* -eich 5, a. Slim. 2 Slimy. 3 (DO) Sly. 
sigoan, -ain, -*n. . m Dim'nuoiva creature. 2 

Silly p srson or thiu^. 3 (*sigaaun) Pleasant 

counten luce. 

;a, -einfe, a. Diminutive. 2 Silly. 8 De- 

ligh;*ul, pleasant. 4* Cheerful. 

.acud, sj.ind. Diin-mtiveness. 3 Silli- 



ness. 3 Deliirhtfulness. 4* Cheerfulness. 5 
Affability, comHacency. 

igh," v.n. 'Glide, skip, dash forth. dart. A' sigh- 
eadh air mullacn n:\rn b^anu. skipping on the 
ton of the hills ; sh. i seachad, she glided by. 

Igh, see sith. 

igheach, see siiheach. 

igheadh,* -eidh, *.w. Gli ling, vanishing, skip- 
ping, see sitheadti. A' s , pr. pt. of sigh. 
Thug e an s. ud. h made such a bolt. 

igheann, see sithionn. 

ighear,** -eir. *.m. Mountaineer. 

ighich, *.m. <f f. see sithich. 

if hideach,* -eich, f. m. Spectre. 2 Fairy. 3 
Person taken away by the fairies. [**./'] 

tsighm, Gaelic spelling of xijn. 

ich, v.a. Sijjn, mark. 

fsigir, t.f. Silk. 

ijCirean.(AF) s.f. Silk-worm. 

ts-gle, t.f. Seal. 

fsignead, -eid, Gaelic sge'ling of riin't. 

il, pr. pt. a' sileadh, v.a. t fc n. Drip, distil. 2 
Drop, drip, shed, let fall in drops 3 Cause to 
drop. 4 Rain 5 Shower. Shil e. it rain'd; 
a' sileadh o 'n taijjh, drippinj from the hotis? ; 
mu 'n s. e, ere it rain ; a' sileadh nan deur, 
thediing tears ; tha e a' sileadh, it is rainingi 
silidh an la, it icill. rain. 

il, -e, -ean, s.m. Drop, see sile. S. nan sul, a 
tear 9. dropping; of the eye'. 

il,** -e, t.f. Shower, heavy rain. 

il, gen.sing. of siol. 

ilc,(AC) see sic 'an. 

ilcean,(AC) see s cean. 

ile. ( AC) s.f. Nectar. 2(AF) Milk. Bias na s. 
'nam bhile, the ta te of nectar on m>j lips. 

ile, -an, t.m. Spittle, saliva 2 (AC) Salve. 3 
** Issue. 

ileach, -eiche, a. Spitting, that spits. 2 see sil- 

ileach,** a. Rainy, showery. Aimsir sh., show- 
ery weather. 

ileachidh, -aidh, s.m. Spitting, act of spitting 
or slavering. A' s -, of silich. 

sileadach, -aich. -ean, s.m. Handkerchief. 

ileadau, -ain, -an, y.m. Spittoon. 

ileadh,(AO) -lidli.v.m. Stem-platform in a boat. 

ileadh, -idh, -ean, s.m. Dropping, act or state 
of dropping, distilling. 2 Raining, dripping 
of rain through a roof during a shower. 3 
Dispensation, economy. 4 Shedding. 5 Is- 
sue,'iing. 6 Drop, drip. A' s , of 

Mar 'adh uisse tha aimhreitean* the continual dropping "f tcat^rs are the 
contention* of a woman; fo sh. au UcoiigQil^im- 
der th>- ifot'ii'l dian-nS i nut ; fo sh. an t-Seanu 
Tiomnaidh, iind'r the Mo*aic dispensation ; 
gach s.. every dr;> ; s. n;i h-o'dhune, n^w ; s. 
n^n speur, rain ; s. nan sul, t'arg ; a siiil a' s., 
h"r t-a' s .'rtl'mjli'. her eyes sheddiug. 

ileadh, 9rd.9en.ting.Jepl.ivip. of sil. 

-iUitn,(l).MK) *. m. Rai'i percolating 

through the sooty thatch of a bouse andfall- 
ing in ;arge black drops indelibly staining 
everyttiinji it comes in contact with Caith- 

ileag. -eig, -an, s.f , dim. of .sil. Little drop. 

ach, -aicue, a. Falling in Mii.Ul dropT, drip- 

il-an,', AC) see sicean. 

ilea-i, -din. -an, s.m.,dim. of .siol. Small single 
grain. 2 The worst part of grain. 3 Stunted 

ach, a. Abounding in small grain. 

ilK-r^um, s-e sile-rnu. 

Ue-ronn,* .m. Salivation. 

silich, a' sileachadh, v.n. Spit, slaver. 

-an, t.m. Spare, meagre, lean, pithltw 

silidu,***. Breed, petligree, genealogy, lineage, 

silidh, fut.a/.a of sil. Shall or will drop. 

M limits;, M'. of Rout for 

si'iin,5 ses craobh-shiris. 

.diueag.CCR) * -f. W. of Rost for seamrag. 

sil-shuil, s.f. Watery eye. 

eich, -eiche, a. Fearful. 2 Watery-eyed, 


silt, -e, -ean. t.f. Drop. 2 Spittle. 3 Issue. [ 
gives S;lte for nun.] 

silte, past pt. of sil. Dropped, distilled. 

aL-h, -eii-ha, a. Dropping, that drops, drip- 
pin,-, oozing, moist,, t Issuing, as matter from 
a s ore, running, as a-i ulcer, a Scroful<)iis. 4 
Tearful. 5**l'hin, fa.lutg. 6* Ofcn raining. 
7* Discharge. Suil sa., a teirful ti/f ; uair 
sh., showery weather ; cnvadh s., a scrofulous 

ach, -ich, -ichean, n.f. Issue, discharg-. 2 

pi. Scrofula. :i**Flowers. 4**Prsou aitlict- 
ed with scrofulous sort-s. .Ma dhiiiuear a suas 
'fht'bil o 'shilteacii, if Ais^-sA tte stopped trom 
hix issue ; laithean a siltieh, the days of her 
menstruation; air son a shiltich, on amount 
i if hi.-t it -itf. 

silteachail, -e, a. Ichorons. 

s Iteachan,** -ain, t.m. Still. 2 Distiller. 

silteach'.l, s.J.ind. Constant dropping. 2 Ulcer- 
uus ha'oit. 3*fiaininess. 

siltichean, . pi. Scrofula. 

siineaftia-gu:iid,(AH> s./. Falseness, fraud, de- 
ceit, guile. 

simear,(DMK) s. m. Long rafter of a kiln 

simi I, -e, -ean, .m. Mallet, beetle batlet. 2 
"Rammer. 3 Rolling-pin. 4 (AK) Beetle 
(insect.)? 5 (DMy) Potato- masher. 6'.l>My) 
Tail-half of fishes. Ceann-sinnd, a tadpole ; s. 
an truisg, the tail-half of the co>t ; s. ua bior- 
aich, the tail-half of the dog-fish. f* ^ives 
nom. siimde & s./.] 

simideach, -eiciie, a. Formed like a mallet or 
beetle, or rolhng-pin. 2 Of a hammer or ram- 

simidean,* s.m. see simid. 2ttTadpole. -ich. -it-bean, s.m. Coward.*'.''. Cowardice. 

similear, -eir, -an, s.m. Cnimney, vent. Gaelic 
form of chimney. Ceanu -imdeir, a chimney* 
statk ; troimh an t-simileir, through the v nt 

similearach, -aiche, a. Of , or beion,;int; to.cUim- 

similearaicb, v.a. Put a chimney on. 

te, past pt. Chinmeye I. 

similidh, -e, a. Cowardly, dastardly. '2, Feeble, 

simisd,(OR) s.f. Beam, of which tnere were 
three, laid across a corn-kiln to support tho 
" sticleau bea^a," s-e sticil. W.iifiivsa-thire, 

simleag, -eig, -an, s.f. Silly 

-im in.tch,** 't. Smvxiiacal. 
d,** ./. Simony. 

4m >n liche,** s in. M!i guilty of simony. 

simplich, 4 ** v.a. Sim : ilify. 

si.upiidh, a. Simple, smgle-hearte 1, artl^s. t" 
SilU. 3**Plain, HIK. mean. 4**LfiiakTL. 

cachd, t.f.ind. Simpleness or sing! ness 

of h. j art, plainness, honesty. 2 Silliness. a 
UiiafteiitrdiK-ss, ineeun-sa. 4 Unalrrtness. ^ 
**Meann -ss. Na bioilh s. oirbh, ist thrr- be 
no unaiefntsa in you. 

sin, demons uron. That, those. Na daoine sm, 
thone irt'/t ; an 'iumu sin. that in'tn ; an t-am 
in, that tim,' ; m u si i, in that manner ; 'so 
am ri radii, that u Lo ay ; au aiu, then, on 




t.'.rt* occasion ; therein that place ; an sin fhein, 
at that very time ; in that very place ; sin mar 
athainig e, it icas in that manner he came ; 
ma' sin sio*, ami so on ; o sin, since. 

Bin ! int. Th^re ! Well don a , ! Sin ! sin ! enough! 
enough ! ; sin th'i, a la >chai'i ! well d'nie, my 
good fellow .' as an sin thu ! \> off ivith you ; 
sm agad sin ! there it is fur you ! Bin thu- 
fhe"in ! veil done yours-'lf ! 

Bin, a' sineadh, v.a. Stretch. 2 Increase 
in 1- ngth, stretch out. 3 Hand, reach any- 
thing to another. * **Prolong. 5* Pursue, 
chas^'. 6**Grow in stature. 7* Lean or lounge 
on a bed. 8 Lie at full length. Qff-Extend. 
10 (DU) Begin, commence. 

S. dhomh sin, hand me that ; s. do lamh, 
ttretch out your hand ; s. do lamh dha, extend 
your hand to him ; drub him : tha e a" sineadh, 
he is g rowing ; ma shineas Dia mo laithean, if 
God prolong my days ; sh. sinu orra, we pur- 
s r '-d them with all our might; an deidh sin- 
idh, having commenced ; sh. i ris, she was re- 
duced by him ; s air, chaxe hem ; tha e 'n shin 
eadh. he it or lonr>vtn'i on fh" be<1;*b as. 
he hurried offW.S. %. 216 ; shininn mo lamh, 
/ would stretch my hand ; sinidh e a laithean, 
he ivill prolong his day*. 

sin, a' sineadh, v. see tbisich, 

eis -e, siantan, s.f. see sian. 

Biudeagaich, v.a. Pace. 

sine,** *./ Age, oldness. A' shine chas-aod- 
ainneach, wrinkled age. 

Bine,* -an & -achan, . /. Teat, dug, nipple. 2 
(AF) Udder. 

sine, comp. <>f sean. Older, elder.. 2 Oldest, 
eldest. C6 dhiubh a's sine ? who of them is the 
elder, or eldest ? 

sine, gen. of sian & sion. 2 gen. of sithionn. 

sine, s.f. Blast, stormy weather, see sian. 

B'neach, -eiehe, a. Having large dugs. 

sineachan, pi. of sine. 

Bineachd,(MS) s.f. Seniority. 

eineach I -inn, (an sineach'iainn) adv. fmphat. 

form of sin Badmoch <fc Gairloch. 
sinead, -eid, t.m. Seniority, degree of seniority. 
Air a sh.. 'et him be, eoer so old ; an s. 's an 
douad,inar a bha cuilean a' mhadaidh ruaidb, 
rhe older th? worse, like the fox's whelp. 

eineadair, t.m. Stretcher, see bata, No. 38, p. 76. 

sin"a th, -itlh, s.m. stretching, act of stretching 
or extending. 2 Increasing in length, act of 
stretching out. 3 Act of reaching anything 
to another. 4 Lying at full length. 6 Pro- 
longing, act of prolonging, prolongation. 6 
Length, stretch, pursuit. 7 Pursuing. 8 
Holding at full length, as of wool when it is 
Iteiny. sptiu. 9 Reclining. 10 Delaying 11 
(DU) Beginning, commencing. A' s , pr. pt. 
of sin. S. laiihean length of day* ; 'na shin- 
eadii dluth dhith, stretched beside her. 

ineag, s.f. (AC) Handful of corn cut at one 
stroke of the reaping-hook. *2 Wick made 
from a rush by peeling off the green covering. 
3 (DC) Wick of a larap-(7t. 4(CH) Rusn- 
Dornoch, Creich. 5 (DU) Teat of a child's 

Bineal -eil, s.m. Stinking mayweed-a>iM>?m 
cflvla. [Not found in the Highlands, but com- 
mon in Ireland. j illusb. 63tt. 

sino m, se : sp>;alt. 

sine- >hog,(AF) *.f. Soft crab. 

Biigii!** v.a. Dress flax, prepare flax for the 
In. tch.-l (s jit il.) 2 Belabour, give a thrashing. 

singil,** v. Swinge. 

hiufjii, a. see simpiidh. 

singilear,** -oir. -an, *.m. One who prepares flax 
fur Uie halciiel. 

sinyilearachd,** *./. Preparation of flix for cbt 

singilte,** a. Single, alone, not double. 2 HT 
iug one pleat. 3 Not m xed. 

,** past pt. of s n-j;il. Drossel or prepared 

for the hatchel, as flax. 

sing'.eadh, -idh, s.m Pr^jjaring of flax for the 
hatchel (seicieadh. ) 2 Belabouring, thrashing. 

singlidh. fut.aff.a. of singil. 

sinidh, fut. a/. a. of sin. 

sinn, p'rs.pron We, us. Emphatic form*, sinne, 
sinn-fein. Binn sinn e, we. did it, we made its 
their sinn, w? shall say ; sian-fhin is siim- 
fhin, Cloinu Cholla (Ioeotiy.Cl.TolU) Ghla-- 
druim, dh' fhalbh am prabar ud^urgelvs and 
ourselves, th? MacColls of Gfasdrum, that ra > 
ble has gone a. saying current in the Appid 
district, and often used to point out specially 
noticeable clannishness ; it is also used as a 
rallying-shout when playing games ; bhuail e 
sinn, he struck us. 

sinne, emphat. form of sinn. 

sinne, see sine. 

ach, see sineach. 

sinneach,** -ich, s.f. Wen. 

sinneach, a. Mammal. 

sinnean,** -ein, s.m. Little dug, teat or udder, 

sinn-seanair, -ean, s.m. Great-grandfather. 

sinn-seanmhathair, -thar, -thraichean, t.f. Great 

sinnseanach, (seann sionnach)(AF) s.m. Fox. 

sinn-seachad-sinn-seanair,* *. m. Great-great- 

sinn-seachad-sinn-seanamhathair,* s. f. Great* 

sinusear, -ir, -irean, s.m.coll. see sinnsir. 

, -ir, -an, s.m. Elder, the eldest. 

achd, see sinusireachd. 

B'nn-siun-seanair, s.m. Great-great-grandfather. 

8inn-sinn-seanamhathair, *./.Great-t;reat-gratid- 

sinnsir, -sre & -e, -ean & -srean, s. [sing, in num- 
ber, coll. in meaning.] Ancestors, fathers. 

sinnsireach, -eiche, a. Patrimonial. 
d, s.f. Right of succession. 2 An- 
cestry. 3 Genealogy, account of families, i 
Customs of ancestors. 5 see sinusir. 6**Seni- 
ority, eldership. 7** Descent. 8**Progeny. 
Mo sh., my ancestry, my fathers; gun s., with' 
out descent. 

sinnsireil, -e, a. Ancestral. 

siunsre, see sinnsir. 

adh, see sinnsir. [across the slugan. 

sinridean.(AF) Pieces of wood in kiln, laiil 

sinte, pait pt. of sin. Stretched. 2 Increased 
in length. 3 Prolonged, exten le-1. 4* Reach- 
ed. 5 Grown in stature. 6 CoOchant, in her- 
aldry. 7*Fetche>l. S. r' a thaobii, stretched 

656. Sineat. 



in;'e. -au, Traces by which ahorse draws 

einu-ach. -ich, ichoaa, *.f s'jesinte. 

( .eichc, a, fe-lra'jrht, long, 6X*6l)dlDfl! 

far. extended, tall. 2 *r*n. strati;. 3 Stretch- 
ing. 4 With long steps. 6**Gvowing fast in 

au'. -eiii. -an ../. Skip, b >und hop. 2 Pace, 
stri.le. b*'Straigiit li< e. 

4 Stepping-stone, ft 

svi>imiHsi. Oha ghibh mi na 
# tA* iva'j of the stepping- 

, or. Skipping, bounding. 
g long strides or paces. 

fts; r'>ke-. in 
shit sa^aa,/ <n 

--- >;ch. -aich 
Str di-'g. maki 


rintemrHici?,** n. Pac. 

Mrueag-fe.'lh, *.f. (star's leap.) Old Highland 

lin.-j.r injure t>qu.l Lo W Knylish feet. 
nidtean , forsian an. n pi. of sian. 
si'\tea'achd, MS) .<. Tractai.ility. 
8ui>,* ". see siab. 
Mobadh. -;vidh, s./t see s'abulh. 
si.'b-ig, -ai, -an, s.f. Blast of the inouth, whiff, 

siob.ii 1,** s.f. Scallion, onion, see uinnean. 2 

The plant cibjl. 
--- ach,** a. Abounding in scallions, onions 

or ci'.Mds. 

sol-ail,* v. s >e *rab. 
siuban, seesiabunn. 

sioban.'AU; -tun, s.jn. Spindrift, see siabau. 
i.iobaun, x. Unum. se uinnean. 2**Cibol. 
sit'bhach,? #. l;arnel rye-grass, see bre6ille;,n. 
siobhax. -&, -an, *.\ Straxv. i:* Pile of rye- 

grass. 2 Wick uf a lamp or cand'.e 

act).** a Ai ouncling in, or like straws. 
si'>bb:'ule, a. Klinhting. 1^ .-ai^hdean s. suibh- 

iat-h '(.'am Ie6n. woiiruiinff me with blighting 

suift ar.-dirs - D*in 1. GUobha. 
aiobbaiU, s.-e .-i>biialta. 
siobnaiit^acM't, >>e^ sio''haltaclid. 
eiobhalta, -aiiu-, o. Civil, courteous. 2 Peace- 

ful, mild, placid. 3 Obliging, kind, urbane. 
iobha! t . \ 
did, s.f.ind. Civility, courtesy, peace- 


--- s, -ais, s.r/i. s^e siobhaltachd. 
siobhas, -ais, r.m. Rage, madness, fury. 
-- ac'i, -aiclie, s, Furijus, frantic, ujad. 
siobbrajc,** s. f. Elf. 
tsiMihraich, -e, -can, *./. Fairy work, magic, eu- 

sioblach,* -aich, s.rn. Streamer. 2 Long person. 

3ftse.- si.jbladh, 4 (1>U) " Cast " of a fishing- 

line or tackle. 
siot.iadh, -aldn, s.m. Fishing with the boat IM- 

der wti-.h. 2 Tim- of tide suitable for fishing. 

atrttf.sult of one's rod-fi hing. A' s , pr. pt. 

.f si -bnii. 4 (1)L T ) by trailing the tlies 

on i.h<- surf u-f- \ tn waier. 
sioc ! t>,. C ail lo a mat - )'. of />'os. 
tsioc, s n. Front. 2 Tne umbilical region. 
tsioc, v.a. Fr;ezp. - Dry up, grow bard. 
t - aclU-', p-is' pt. Frozen, t Dried up, grown 

hart. 3 Obdurate. 
sio'.uiir,** t.iH. Motire, reason. 2 Natural. 3 

Opi> >rtuniiy. 

ofh* c. st-e siacli. 

si.icb,* s.f. Peace, f|nict, repose, comfort. 

Biochadh,* -aidh, s?e siachadb. 

ui )ciia ; ch,** v.<t. Asi;a-.e. compose, settle, calm. 

J Urow compos -d or calm. 
ai<chadh,(C'l) a.m. L'vuciPfrthshirf. 
*ioc ;ai),* -e, a. Peaceful, quit. 2 Causing 

peacrf or quietness. 3 Prs;itTOU-<. Gu 

gl'ichaileacbd, s^e 6i->clial:u.-b.d. 

suu-haiiit, -e, * f. Prfact;, peaccfalness, quiet, 
repose. 2 A*>?Lt. 

; each, -eiche, a. Peaceful, tran juil. 2 

Sili-nt. 3**Silencing. 4*Undisturbed, unmo- 

eachd,* s. f. ii\d. Pe.icefu'n^ss qui'-tii'l-*. 

2 Anpeavi bleness. 3 Happy reoose and p-ac 

siochair, -e, -ean. s. m. Dwarf. 2 Fairy-iiKe 
person. 3 Contemptible fellow, trining per- 
son, brat. 

siocMaiut.Ml,(M8) a. Appeasable. 

siocha'utiche, s.m. P ace-ruaker. 
ochaireach, -eiche, a. Dwarfish. 2 Mean, con- 
tem (tiide. 

siocn ureachd, g.f.ind. Dwurfishness. 2 Con- 
temptible habits. 3 Personal ins.ninVaniv. 
4 Puiilai>imousnes8. 5* Trifliug conduct, 
quantity or cons'derat.ion. 

siociiaire-baic.(AH) s.m. IJoy who, when p^a'a 
are beiu,i cut, lifts on to the bank any tha' u 
may accidentally fall off the p t -ac-.spade. 

siochalachd,* K. /. Peac-iubu-ss, quietude. 2 
Peaceable Mess. 3 Peaoo-makingi 

siocharra.(AC) Fairy dar^s 

s./. Pea'-e, tranquility, abstain- 
meut from war. 2 Silence. 

siod, df^nons. pr^n. Yon, that, there. An siod, 
yonder, there ; s. an duine, yonder is the man ; 
an siod 's an seo, th<>rs ami here ; s. e, yonder 
he is ; siod agad siod, there is your match ; s. 
fbein, for every rfawni, because I thought it 
pro-per ; mar s. 's mar seo, that wan o.'^- 'hit 
icft.V ; s. an t-aito, yonder is the^lace ; 'de ulia'n 
s. ? what wax that ? ; c* ar son s. ? w< ';/ //<; 
way f an teid thu an s. ? ivill you go yonder ? 
chaidh e an s., he went yondsr ; s. mar a dh' 
ioniftiair e 'chluiche, yon, is Vie way he played 
his card* ; an deach thu an s. ? did t/ou no yon- 
d<*r, to yon place .* ; s. an lamh a thogts an t- 
sleagh, there is the hand that can pta..j vf.n^ji - 
ance with the spear ; s. mar a chiteadn an 
Greugach, thus ivaa the Grecian .-seen ; s. uiar 
a tbachair dhuinn, no it happm.'d to us. 

sioda, -cban, s.m. Silk. Trasaau de shioda, ^ 

of silk, 
a. Silken, of silk. 

ch, -aicho, a. Silky, silken. 

chail,** a. Silken. 

chan, emphnt. of siod. 

chd,** s.r.ind. Silkiuegs. 

il,-e, a. Silky, like silk.*\pf. a' siodal, c.a.Milk the last drop. 
1 (DC) Nag, importune Argyll. 

sioda-lus. J*./i. Ragged robin lydinis jlox-^itculi. 

sioda-mouaidh, s.m. Cotton-grass, mountain siU 

siod-chruirah, -e, -ean, s.f. Silk- 
worm, 8<w cruimh-shi id i. 

si.xlh-i/ AC) *. Fay, tairy. 

ei')diiach,(AC) s.m. Fay, fairy. 

siog,* x. f. Cadaverous appear- 

sioga,* s.m. Weakling. 

sioga, s.m. Streak. "2. Rick. 

siogach. -aiche, a. Pale, ill-look- 
ini:, ill-coloured. 

siogacb, -aiche, a. Inactive, 
la/.y. 2 Greasy, slimy. 3** 
Streaked. 4 '** Ill-shaped. 
Eorna s., barley not well-fill- 
fd in the yrain, or reaped be- 
fw it wax ripe. 637.&ioda-monaidh. 

sioga'-h/AF) s.m. Wolf. 

8io^ada-sinu-seanaireach,(AC)a.Sly, old-fashion- 
'iio siogada-sinu-seanaracu ri stonnaca 




na Maoile (Maol Cbinntire), as great-great- 
great-grandfatherish as the fox of the Mull (of 

siogaid, -ean, s m. Lean, dwarfish, weakly fel- 
low. 2 Starveling. 

each, -eicb, .m. see siogaid. 

each, -eiche, a. Lean, cadaverous, famish- 
ed looking. 2 Dwarfish, bouy, ill-made Sar- 

si igaidn,** -ean, s.m. Fairv. 2 Pigmy, 
siogiidh, a. Twining applied to the motions 
ot a serpent, aud hence to music, which twines 
and coils rouud the heart. It is translated 
calming in W . H. Tales. 
fniogail,** a. -Streaky, striped,,** a. shapeless and long in person. 
2 Having long limbs, 3 Tough. 

d,** s.f. Shapelessness of person. 

Toughness. 2 

siogan,** Gizzard, 
siog.achadh, -aidu, s.m. Milking or sucking to 

the last drop Steal. 
siogladh, -aidn, s.m. Sucking an udder to the 

last drop. 

siogar, Gaelic form of cigar. 
Hiogaran, s.m. Cigarette. 

sioi. sil, a.m. Seed of any kind. 2 Progeny, des- 
cendants. 3** Ancestry. 4 Tribe, clan. 5 
Spawu or roe of tish. 6"*Corn. 7**0ats. A 
Bhll uam foun ! children of sung .' i.e. bards. 
[Generally aspirates a proper name following 
it, except one commencing with T.} Siol 
Dhiaruiaid also Siol Diarmaid (iia Duibh- 
iiich.) the Campbells ; Siol Torcuil, the Mac- 
Leods of Lewi* ; s. gruinud, seed for sowing. 
siol ! * int. Mode of calling geese, 
siol, s.m. Sprat (fish) clupea sprattus. 
siol,** v.a. <kn. Sow. 2 Drop, spill, drivel, 
aiola, -chan, s.m. [/. in Badenoch]. Gill, gill mea- 
sure. 2 pi. Wooden hames for plou<ih-horses. 
3**Prow of a boat. 4 Syllable, see sioladh. 5 
(DMy)Miltof male fishes, iu herring termed 
mealg. [** gives n<nn. siol for Nos. 1, 3 & 4.] 
siolach,* -aich, .s.m. Breed, brood, otfspring.par- 
ticularly applied to cattle, birds, &c. '2 Des- 
cendant. S. iluinu nan speur, the beautiful 
offspring of the skies. 

, a. ..aving progeny, prolific. 2 Having 

seed, spermatic, 
siolach, see siolaiilh. 

siolachailh, -aidh, *. m. Propagating, propaga- 
tion, breeding, generating. 2 Increasing in 
number, multiplying. 3 State of being multi- 
plied. 4 Filtering, clarifying. 5 Clarification, 
eolation. A' , siolaich. 
sL-lachan, -ain, -au, s.m. Filter, strainer, colan- 

, pi. of siola. 

sioladair,** -ean, s.m. Sower. 2 Seedsman. 

eachd,** s.f. Employment of sowing 

seed. 2 Business of a seedsman, 
sioladh, -aidh, &i. Subsiding. 2 State of sub- 
siding. 3 Straining. 4 Act of straining or fil- 
tering. 5 Sinking. 6 State of sinking. 7 Pro- 
pagation. 8 Dropping. 9**Breedinii, genera 
ting, sowing. 10*"Race, offspring. A' s , 
pr. pt. of .siolaidh. A' s. a' bhainne, strain 
ing the milk ; tha a' gnaoth a' s., the wind is 
subsiding ; tha 'n t-uisge a' s., the water is 
filtering, the sediment m the watei- are sub 
sidiny ; a' .s. as, pas-sin/ quietly away. 
sioiadu, see -^iiilaidn. 

s.oladh,* -ailh, -aidliean, s.m. Syllahle. 2 Gill. 
3 Prow of a ship. 

. ach, -aiche, a. Syllabic. % 

giolcig, -aig, -an, x. f, dim. of siol. Seedling. 
tjuiall or stunted grain of corn or potato. 

Kreeding-sow Perthshire & Sutherland. 4 
Young pig E. floss. 

siolag,** .aig, -an, s. f. Strainer. 2 Gill (mea- 

siolag.(DC) -aig, -an, s.f. Viper-fish. Suopos<l 
to be the male of the sand-eel or launce -am- 
modytes lanceolatus. This little reptile coms 
to the shallow fords of Uist iu myriads, and i 
largely used as food. 

siolagach, -aiche, a. Abounding in seedlings. 
lag.iC'i,* 4 * a. Abounding in gills. 2 Fond of 
trains, tippling. 

siobgag, see siolag. 

siolagaig, see siolag. 

siolaich, v.a. <fc n. Propagate, 'breed, multiply, 
engender, beget, be fruitful. 2 Spring from. 
as seed. 3 Abound. Sh. iad, thrr/ increased 
or multiplied ; sioiaichibh is fisaibh lionmhor, 
increase and multiply ; o Dhiarmad sh. claim 
nach gann, from D*nnid sprung a numr<ju$ 

siolaich, -ean, s.m. Propagator. 2tfStallion. 

iolaichidh, fut.a/.a. of siolaich. 

siolaitlh, pr. pt. a' sioladh, v.a. & n. Subside, 
compose, settle down, strain, filter, cause to 
subside, cleanse, as a fluid. 2 Sink, lower. 3 
Grow lesa 4 Become composed. 5(MS) Re- 
side. Sh. ansoirbheas-, th wind subsided sh. 
confhadh lot gu sith, tie rage for woitndi sub- 
sided into peace ; sioladh m' anam o stri, let my 
soul subside. from sirugjl"; s. am bainne, strain 
the milk ; leig leis sioladh, let it subside. 

siolaidh, fut.a/.a. of sioladh. 

siolaidh, gen. sing, of sioladh. 

siolaidh,(MS) v.a. & n. Avail. 

si.-laidh,** */. Race, offspring. 3 Stallion. 

siolaigh,(CR) s.m. Stallion Arran. 

siolan,** -ain, -an, s. m. Strainer, filter. 2 see 

siolar,** a. Abounding in seed. 2 Prolific, pro- 
ductive, generative, fruitful, 
iolarnach,** a. Snoring, snorting. 

siolastar, s.m. Yellow flag, see bog-uisge. (sei- 

siolc, v.a. Snatch, seize upon. 2 Pilfer. 3 
Wink. 4ttSlip, bound, 5* Seek. 

ach, -aiche, a. Snatching, seizing upon. 2 

Pilfering. 3 Winking. 

adh, -aidh, s.m. Snatching. 2 Act of snatch- 
ing or seizing upon, 3 Pilfering. 4 Twink- 
ling. 5 Act of twinkling. 6ft Qick motion, 
bound, skip. A' s , of siolc. 

siolcair, -ean, s.m. Rogue, light-fingered fellow. 
2ttOne that skips off. 
eachd, s.f. Petty theft. 

siol-chonnlach, -aich, s,/. Unthreshed straw, gi- 
ven as fodder. 

siol-chuir, a' siol-chur, v.a. Sow seed. 

te, past pt. Sown. 

siol-chur, -a, x.m. Sowing seed. 2 Act of sow- 
ing seed. A' s , of siol-chuir. [**</cn. 

siol-coise, *. m. Footboard on the treadle of a 
spinning-wheel, No. 17, p. 290. 

siol-cuir, s.m. Sowing-seed, seed to sow. 

siol-cura, see siol-cuir. 

siolgach, -aiche, a. Lazy, spiritless, sorry, piti- 
ful, dwarfish. 

siolgair, -ean, s.m. Spiritless, mean sluggard. 

achd, s.f.ind. 

ness. 2 Meanness, 
siol-ghobach, -aich, s.f. Sand-eel. 2(DJM)Pipe- 


siol-ghinidh,** sil-, s.m. Seed of copulation. 
sioll,* s.nt. Turn, rotation. S. mu S.M. h, time 

about, in ro'ation, alternately ; s e seo m > sh. 

sa, this is my turn ; and' thainijj do >a.-sa a 



st:i gh fhatf'RSlP has your turn cow roundyttf 
violin, see si >la, 
sioiladh. -aidh, -ai'dhean, t. m. Syllable, see 

s ol.utl). 

ioilainieach.<MS) s.m Prevaricator. 
Bioila i,** -am, s TH, Skinny, meagre creature, 
niol-iann,** *.wt. CJrauary. 
6i'!ma'i, -MI, -an, s.m. Seedling. 2 Refuse of 

corn, rha a 'eil aim na's raiosa na a., therf is 

no r'.fnst n-ors-- than ihal of the crn-picltlf 

said o( mean nentry. 
i ilmneiau, see si ilmiiuinn. 
sui.nvioire, comp. of siolmhor. 
--- ach<l, see .siolmhorachd. 
Siol-inhor, CR)s./. Eel resembling the sand-eel, 

but growing to a length of two feet, usiialls 

foun I in the compaoy of the gurnet West of 

Jinan. s'lire. 

<or. -oire, 

Prolific, fertile, generative, 
fruitful. > At.oan ling in seed. 3 Productive, 
substantial, as corn. 

achd, t.f. Fertility, fecundity, produc 

tivoiss. 2 Impregnation. 

einhnhniiin, . f. Progeny, stock, race. 2 Fe- 
cundating su'i.stance Ddin I. Qhoblt*. 

siol-oladh, s.m. Spermaceti. 

iolp.(<JR).. slip in or out unperceived, skulk. 
SJeye. 2(I)U) Pilfer. 'Deihathua' aiolp- 
adh ? ///' are you sneaking off f 

adh, CR) s.m. I'iifering. 

air. (CR )./. Pilferer. 

an.(,DMK) s.m. Constable's baton IF. coast 
of ROM. 

siolradh, -aidh, s.m. Breed, race, offspring. 

siolra'ch, v.a. Breed, generate, propagate. 

Hol-ix-icear, -ir, -an, Corn-chaudUjr. 

giiil-roinn,** s. Dueresis. 

siolruin. see siol-roinn. 

sioita, pi. siolt.iidh-ean, ij. Teal, small wild 
duck, see craun-lach. 

-bh;;a^,^ see lach-fiacailleaoh. 

Multach, s^e seamlach. 

mliachan, -aiu, aa, see siolacban. 

Bioitachd, f.f.ind. Propagation, the multiplying 
of a t'.'ck. 

niolta dh-arg.1f s.f. Red-breasted merganser 
* -rrator. 

-can, i. m. Red-breasted merganser, 
Me MkMUh dhearg . 2sc siolaich. a see lach- 
fiacailleach. 4* Stallion. 6 "Propagator. [* 
>i(dtaichefor Nos. 4&5.J 
briiac.lf s.m. Smew msrgux aHicllnt. 
I -ain, x. m. Red-breaeted merganser, 
; siolia (ili'-arg it l.ich tiacailleach. 
ban, IT *."*. Sinew, see sioltaich breac. 

- br ac,^ see sioltaicii breac. 
fltol-tn-iibh** -treibh. <.T. Family. [*siol-triabh.] 
tsiulc-shaileiis,*'* -eis, Kunuing of the eyes. 
fiiumi. AF) .. SVhile. 

aiumagu id, *.n. SliujHe, evasion, subterfuge. 

--- ach,** a. Evasive, shuffling, equivoca- 

--- achd,* .f. Habit of evading or ehuf- 
fl -i^. 

siunia 1. see simid. 

eicn,*' see simideach. 

ii>,* see siraid. 

simnain, see sioman. 

innit!, -ail, m. (J ilinjj. 

8 ouialtacn (MS) a. M^rry. 

siom in, ain, -HII. *.m Rop : of twisted straw or 
nay. 2 Ro, e of twisted heat tier -^'fc'/". 3** 
R.)pe,oord. 4 in derision, Tall, s lapeless fril- 
low. L'orr-shi^main, ln-nt. stick, u*ed for mifc- 
ing 8'rj.ic-rop'x ; cbo nn-ar ri c ann-sioniain, 
as nwry ax a rope's en I. (?icot$, thraw-crook.) 

- -- ach,** a. Lake a rope of siraw, bay or 

hea'.lvr. > Having ropes of straw, hay <,r hea- 
ther, a- a rick. 

"- ai che * s.m. One who makes ropes of 

hay, straw or h -at her. 

barraich. (DU) . t. Rope of twigs. 

withes. s.m. Rope made of straw 
or hay twisted with the thumb Caithness 
Argyll. <kc. 

iomlaeb -aich, -aicheau. . see seamlach. 

d,* s.f. Chicken-heartedness, sheepish- 
ness, cowardice. 

siouilag,* -aig, -an, s.m. Great coward. 

sionalaidh, -e, a. Chicken-hearted, sheepish, 
spiritless, heartless. 

siomlriinti, see s mdear. 

siomlair,* s--e similear. 

siorarag, see s-'amrag, 

sion, -tan, Sura :t\iing, anything. 2 with 
MMtiw, Nothing. 3(.MS) Alora. 4*Climat. 
5 EL-ment. 6 Air, blast. 7 Dritt. Cha'n Vil 
8 agam / hao* nothing ; each s. a th' a^aiu, 
every peu'iide I jwssess ; cha'n 'eil s. math air^